Rising Star 2021 - Ristar 2021 R2 - Tsugumi vs Fumiko

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Description: Iajutsu practitioner Fumiko Abe faces off against rookie Shoot Wrestler Tsugumi Sendo in the Heritage Museum. What ensues is a frighteningly close, bloody dance.

"Woooh, this place has some awesome stuff!"

A Tsugumi Sendo says, as she enters the Southtown Heritage museum. This place bears all manner of historical artifacts, dinosaur skeletons, and much, much more depending on the current exhibit. The whole exterior is made up out of glass panels- creating a sleek, modern look and fantastic lighting when the sun is shining. The building's third floor, normally reserved for seasonal exhibits, as been rented out by the Kanzuki Estate- A large space had been cleared and set up as a arena. A small handful of artifacts, seemingly in the theme of medieval japan, had been moved to the edge of the large room; as far as possible from the incoming bout of tv-sanctioned violence.

The young teenager had come in dressed in her usual combat garb. A tight black bodysuit over her torso, cut off quarterway her legs and arms. Above that, she wears a blue-and-white short sports jacket, with sneakers of a matching color. The thick, padded fingerless gloves on her hands pull attention towards them. The girl herself, while of a fairly short height, still has a imposing, muscular build fitting of a athletic wrestler like herself. This with her shoulder length brown hair gives her a distinctly tomboy-esque appearence.

Tsugumi would have arrived just on time- minutes before the fight, in fact. A little bit winded from what can only be assumed to be her hurrying towards the museum in a sprint.

When she would see Fumiko, whether she'd already be standing at the ready- or arrive later, the wrestler would have approached her excitedly. "You're Fumiko, right? I watched your match against Himeko like- a dozen times! I can't wait to get started. Those sword skills are so coool!"

Fumiko Abe had arrived early. Now, however, she is busy finding her focus in a cloth chair in a small partitioned area set aside for fighter's semi privacy before the fight. She had fought here before, she recalls while looking over the skeleton of the big Tyrannosaurus. She didn't approve of the foreign influence of the NOL over the JSDF when it came to Darkstalker incursion, and thought the show of generosity from the organization to be a crass and gaudy display of power and wealth. She still thinks those things now. But it is the venue chosen for the fight, and she may as well enjoy the attempts to educate.

After all, she has a demonstration to put on today.

Fumiko puts on her support gloves as much as she puts on a faint and distant smile. Standing, she is a little taller than her young opponent, and a little more fine built. She moves with a lightness around from the partition and passes the very annoyed staging and set up fight crew. "I am. It is good to hear you've studied. I hope that you have seen more than just one example of my art. Few performances are the same over time. To see the development, is to know where it is going."

She nods to the manager, and she makes a gesture to the cleared space for the fight. "Ms. Sendo, do you need a moment to catch your breath? I would hate to fight someone who is not at their peak. It would not look well for the next generation to have less breath than their elders," she offers, and she gives a small laugh. Nevertheless her left palm wrests on the hilt of her second blade, just in case things happen quickly.

"Phoo... Phoo... I think that might be a good idea~ I should only need a minute. I did look at some of your older fights as well! You're awesome, Fumiko-San." She plops down onto the ground, catching her breath for just over a minute.

"Alright! I think I'm ready." She darts to her feet as she moves back into her starting position- Spreading her arms in a combat-ready stance, hands opened and ready to take hold of whatever comes her way. "Good luck, Fumiko-San. I ain't gonna go easy just because I'm a fan!"

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/-------|

A shift in position brings a shift in demeanor. Fumiko Abe slides her feet apart and rolls her shoulder, hand left just over her top blade. "If I may inspire you to go beyond my failings, then perhaps there is future yet for Japan's defense." She flicks her head, brushing a stray strand of hair aside. "But if you go lightly, then you shortchange us both. So do not hold back. Give me everything you are!"

Fumiko's movement is sudden. She surges forward, her hand slips from the top hilt to the smaller lower hilt. She runs past Tsugumi but she doesn't make the draw. Not at first. Rather, she waits until she's deftly behind the wrestler before flipping her hand under and drawing her shorter blade out with an inverted angle. A held back slash, but one meant to put her into a position, to keep the young woman she fights at optimal range for the weight of her blade.

COMBATSYS: Fumiko has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Fumiko           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo blocks Fumiko's Positioned Strike.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Fumiko           0/-------/-----<<|=------\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

"Alright, come at me- Huh?" At first, the tomboy is caught off-guard as the swordswoman dashes past her without making a strike- She turns with her, just in time to see the smaller blade shine upwards. Tsugumi's hand moves to cut the blade short just before if could reach her body- Gripping Fumiko's wrist while her blade slightly digs into the wrestler's forearm- A few droplets of blood beginning to drip out. "Nice try- But here I come!"

Tsugumi crouches down, her gloved hands seeking to gain grip on Fumiko's lower legs. If she could find it, Tsugumi would pull the upwards- Making the older woman trip and fall on her back, before she's jump on her opponent's stomach bum-first, all of her weight falling on top of a relatively small surface area. If she could manage, she'd roll forwards and back onto her feet from there.

COMBATSYS: Fumiko interrupts Tsugumi Hip ES from Tsugumi Sendo with Flashing Blade EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Fumiko           0/-------/-<<<<<<|=====--\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

There are times when, in order to achieve, you must expose yourself to danger. Fumiko Abe learned such things the hard way, and she lives by that lesson. The same one she hopes to impart on this young woman. "Good!" she calls when Tsugumi moves in and puts a stop to her blade.

"And good!" she calls out again when Tsugumi moves in close to take a hold of her legs and take her down. It's there, she lay for a moment, but only then, because Tsugumi's leap leaves her exposed. It's in that hip drop that Fumiko finds her moment to strike. A rising slash that cuts Tsugumi from the sky to bring her straight to the ground. All captured in a shining moment when fumiko's blade flashes off the lights of the sun streaming through the glass facade of the history museum.

The blow carries Fumiko up and through, until she stands near a row of fossilized feather imprints, a list of ancient treasures. There she sheathes her sword and straightens what hair was disheveled in the strike, retying her long ponytail. "Next time, do not leave yourself so open. Your strength may not always be so much greater than your opponent."

The blade slices past Tsugumi with terrifying smoothness- A large, but thankfull surface-layer cut running from her upper leg to her shoulder, a splash of crimson accompanying it as Fumiko gracefully lands behind her.

"Owowow, that hurt more then I was anticipating!" Then she was anticipating? Was that planned? Certainly, if it was it might not have been worth it for the wrestler. "Thanks for the advice, Abe-San! Now here I..." As she speaks, her arm is being spun around somewhat comedically, quite literally winding up until she throws herself at Fumiko with a powerful, lunging straight punch.

COMBATSYS: Fumiko endures Tsugumi Sendo's Wind Punch.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Fumiko           1/------</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

"You've done well," Fumiko says as she turns back around to face her young opponent.

She moves forward. Planning to hurt? That was a method of combat Fumiko had taken well to heart. And she does now as she throws herself forward into Tsugumi's oncoming blow. The compromise of sweet stinging pain for the chance to lance through is what Fumiko Abe is waiting for. She has timed her moment and now steps into the fray for the strike.

Tsugumi's fist drums hard against Fumiko's breast, but still the slight woman steps through with all the determination of a hurricane unbidden. A flinch of pain, but it's a moment that passes when Fumiko grips her blade and takes a triumphant, drawing strike close in and through Tsugumi. She is putting her body on the line for the strike, but she does so with her own calculating risk.

COMBATSYS: Fumiko successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with Scattered Petals.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Fumiko           0/-------/------<|=======\====---\1    Tsugumi Sendo

"Oh, Cra-" Tsugumi witnesses it in slow motion, Fumiko stepping into her attack gracefully, yet with unyielding determination as she braves her powerful blow- Before her blade flashes out of it's sheath, carving a deep, bloody gash in the wrestler's side- The girl cries out in pain as blood starts flowing freely, seeping on the pristine white floor and into the tomboy's bodysuit.

"D-D-Darn it.." She exclaims, a sudden wave of nausea forcing her to fall down to one knee. The determination seems to flicker for a moment...

But comes back, stronger then ever as she pushes herself beyond, and back onto her feet- The flowing of blood becoming less severe as the blood begins to clot. "YOSHHAA!!" She roars out, louder then ever.

"This isn't over yet, Abe-San! Prepare yourself!" Tsugumi pumps her arms as she shouts out her challenge.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo gathers her will.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Fumiko           0/-------/------<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2    Tsugumi Sendo

Fumiko Abe cleans her sword with a deft flick of her wrist, spatting the pristine floor of the heritage museum. "Wrestling is old as the exhibits here," she says, "It will take just as long to master its flows and styles. But if you continue, you will be able to show your art to the world and they will see who you truly are."

She sheathes the blade and closes her eyes, one deep breath, to feel the flow of air around her, and to center herself in this place. She again turns to face her foes challenge, and nods. "I know we are not yet done, Ms. Sendo." She laughs lightly, and she opens her eyes. "I would not expect someone who claims to be a rising star to be so soon out defeated. But I've only warmed you up. Come then, show me your spirit."

COMBATSYS: Fumiko enters a meditative state.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Fumiko           0/-------/-----<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2    Tsugumi Sendo

"HNGGGG-" She doesn't really seem to register Fumiko's words; the adrenaline clogging her mind as she rushes straight at the Iaijutsu-practitioner with her arms wide- seeking grip on the lady's back, and front leg. If succesful, Fumiko would be lifted up at both points, and subsequently slammed down over Tsugumi's back, pushed into the floor face-first by those muscled arms.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo successfully hits Fumiko with Medium Throw.
- Power hit! -

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Fumiko           0/-------/--<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2    Tsugumi Sendo


Crashing to the floor, smashing to the ground, slamming down upon the clean and well maintained museum floor, Fumiko feels the wind escape her. Words escape her with the sudden pressure upon her back. She feels the strength of her opponent feeding into the force of her conviction to compete and to win. The same conviction that squeezes the breath from her.

But she isn't out yet. A moment, a pulsing, and Fumiko seizes the beat. She whips upward, spinning and sweeping with her short blade bearing heavily upward and toward Tsugumi's torso. Fumiko had her world rocked, and she was certain to pay Tsugumi in kind. As was only fair for true competitors.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo just-defends Fumiko's Second Blade Strike EX!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Fumiko           0/-------/--<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2    Tsugumi Sendo


That second blade gets wholly stopped, the sharp metal's momentum gone as it now rests in between Tsugumi's pushed-together palms. "Ha-ha!" She exclaims, pushing her opponent away, peforming a double-cartwheel and kicking her opponent with each handstand- before erupting in a non-stop barrage of strikes, turning around fully with punch, kick, elbow and knee before attempting to launch her opponent into the air with a well-placed uppercut on the chin-

-and jumping after if she succeeds; enwrapping her arms around the swordwoman's stomach- Coming down in a suplex-esque motion that has Abe's head crash into the hard floor. After the attack's end, she does not remove her grip as she struggles to stay on top of Fumiko, restricting her movement with her own weight.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo successfully hits Fumiko with Flying Tsugumi Drop.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Fumiko           1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\1    Tsugumi Sendo

Crack! A blow to the chin. Fumiko Abe stumbles back from the blow. A staggering hit to a slender jaw. She is open, clear and readily gripped by Tsugumi. A lift, and a follow up crash dashes Fumiko Abe against the ground. She makes a 'herking' sound as she bounces off the ground and held tight in Tsugumi's grip.

But that close in, Fumiko does what she can to fight back the best as she can. She squirms, she grips the two sheathes and shoves the hilts both upward, close in, and deep into the breadbasket of the woman gripping tightly onto her. A heavy blow that normally would be a gutting slash, but this is to draw all the wind from Tsugumi's sails.

COMBATSYS: Fumiko successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with Goryo's Wrath ES.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Fumiko           1/----===/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1    Tsugumi Sendo

"Hssshhh-" Tsugumi hisses in pain, losing breath as the both blades shove into her stomach. However, she manages to keep hanging on to her strong grip. She stands partway up, while still holding on to the still proned Fumiko-.The blades sliding out of the wrestler, as she pulls up the swordswoman with her under the assumption she'll attempt to return standing. All the while, energy is building in her right arm- It sets ablaze in a fiery burst of Chi. The other hand still gripping Fumiko, Tsugumi pushes her away- hopefully making her stumble as the shoot wrestler follows up with a dashing lariat; The inside of her arm risking to collide with Abe's Neck in a violent release of force.

"Take... that!"

COMBATSYS: Fumiko interrupts Burning Lariat from Tsugumi Sendo with Kamae Tachi.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Fumiko           0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

A blazing torrent of energy. A bright display of chi. A brilliant artistic delight. And a clear opening. Fumiko Abe does rise to her feet. She does get her stance back up up under her. But as Tsugumi clashes against Fumiko, it isn't only her neck that Tsugumi finds.

The first cut is swift, faster than sight can see. But it's just the first. Fumiko's force in her drawing slash brings her around again and again. A whirling dervish of slashing. A fan of her snow white hair splaying out behind her as she cuts, moves and cuts again. The whipping wind of a war dance that leaves the swordswoman resheathing her sword and holding poise before she slumps, staggering forward, falling to a knee and panting. She cannot bring herself to find the strength yet to see if her young opponent had fallen to her daring assault.


And just like that, her torso is further torn to shreds. Deep, red carves into her pale skin- Staining the light surfaces of both Fumiko's blade, and that once pristine white floor.

But, she still stands- If only just barely. "Not... Yet." The unsteadiness of her posture is a clear tell, the girl is on her last legs. "NOT... YET!" But she still roars out with that endless wellspring of energy, looking even more fatigued- yet ready for a final exchange as the spilling of blood halts with surprising speed once again. She lurches for her opponent's neck, aiming to envelop Fumiko's neck with her forearm before /squeezing/ the air out of her lungs.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo successfully hits Fumiko with Choke Hold.
- Power hit! -

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Fumiko           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

'Not yet!'

The combative intensity of Fumiko's young opponent is thrilling. But it's not enough for the moment as Fumiko is wide open to be gripped and strangled.

Fumiko goes tense. She can hear the rush of blood as it pulses through her body. The drumming, steady heartbeats as her breath is choked out of her. She sees the corners of her sight go black. She can feel the fatigue spreading through her body. She could sleep. She could fade. She could fall.

But to do so would be an insult to Tsugumi Sendo. No, Fumiko knows she must give her all. She must not give in so readily when it would be so sweetly to.

She exhales. She breathes. She steadies herself. She tilts her head to grab a moment's breath. She will not be done yet.

COMBATSYS: Fumiko gains composure.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Fumiko           0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

The chokehold turns into an attempt to fling Fumiko over the wrestler's back, Tsugumi's gripping at both the neck, and between the swordwoman's legs in a simple toss- Tsugumi is panting, exhausted, bloodied, and nauseous. And just like her opponent, the desire to go down is ever so sweet. Her body however, keeps up it's struggle to keep these wounds shut- For the tomboy to keep up the fight.

COMBATSYS: Fumiko fails to interrupt Strong Throw from Tsugumi Sendo with Left-Handed Draw EX.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Fumiko           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1    Tsugumi Sendo

A beat and a breath and Fumiko has reclaimed herself. She surges forward when Tsugumi comes for her. Her left hand dropping to slip out a deadly undercut. But the focus and power of the young shoot grappler is enough to overcome Fumiko's planned strike. She tosses Fumiko aside, up and over, slamming her to the ground. The base gone from underneath Fumiko Abe. The plan dashed. The hopes growing more dim. It is time, the Rookie champion is on the needed defensive.

"*cough* Hngggg!" Tsugumi's lucky opportunity keeps growing as she chokes and flings her opponent- And it seems as if she'll get another opportunity for a blow. The girl rushes after Fumiko as she's getting up. The grappler tries to get behind her, and force her to stay in a crouching position while she envelops Abe's stomach with both arms- Limberly bending backwards and suplexing the Iajutsu-practitioner's back onto the bloodied floor. If she manages to get to this point, this hold is maintained as she puts further, painful pressure on Fumiko's ribs.

COMBATSYS: Fumiko dodges Tsugumi Sendo's Rainbow German Hold.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Fumiko           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

Tsugumi closes in on Fumiko. Her arms reach to get a hold of Fumiko. But she finds nothing. Fumiko Abe swings to the side, slipping away from Tsugumi. She moves with an easy flow, falling aside, and twisting on the ball of her foot. A close in position, a final moment, she grips her blade.

No more dance, no more dashing here and there. She draws her blade. The swing she makes is wide, slashing, cleaving through the air. Her all put into a brutal cut.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo blocks Fumiko's Bamboo Splitter.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Fumiko           0/-------/----===|=======\=------\1    Tsugumi Sendo

"N-No way-" Tsugumi utters as she grabs only air- Fumiko's heavy slash coming in from her side. In a Pure reaction she puts the side of her forearm in harm's way- And the blade just /digs/ into her skin, hitting the bone. She can only cry out in pain once again. Thank /god/ that slash didn't carve into the intended target of her side.

That is, what the wrestler thinks before jumping straight towards her opponent, a wide swing of both her arms seeking to grip Fumiko's sides before turning her upside-down, putting the lither woman's head between her thighs, and jumping up to pile-drive it into the floor. With the move's end, she'd struggle to roll forward- and back on her feet, one of the wounds re-opening due to the strain as more crimson splashes on the floor.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo successfully hits Fumiko with Tower Drop Driver.

[                            \\  < >  /////                         ]
Fumiko           1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1    Tsugumi Sendo

Close in, no escape. Grabbed, lifted, and spiked into the ground. That is the end of it. Something cracks. Fumiko remains on the ground for a moment after. Laying, down, defeated.

But then her eyes open.

What comes next is a wild strike, wide eyed and vicious. A carving, curving dual slash charge that sees Fumiko Abe sail toward, past Tsugumi, and to stumble forward before weakly crashing into the far wall.

COMBATSYS: Fumiko can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Tsugumi Sendo    1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo dodges Fumiko's Soul and Steel.

[                           \\\  <
Tsugumi Sendo    1/------=/=======|

That's the end of it, right? It has to be.

And it almost was- But by some miracle of determination, even after that frightening impact on Fumiko's neck, she makes a final lash for Tsugumi. A final strike that would've knocked the wrestler unconcious, had it hit.

Yet, in her last-ditch effort, She rolls to the side. An inelegant, and slow evade- yet it works. This time, it works as the swordswoman sails past her- and into the wall. Tsugumi falls to a knee, and then to both- As she hopes, prays for the swordwoman's relentless pursuit to have ended.

And thankfully, that seems to be the case- as this exhausting fight is finally put to a close by the jury- The spectators seem stunned at the finale of this graceful, yet undoubtedly bloody battle. Tsugumi looks at the camera, and with a knowing smirk says;

"I'm coming for you, Da- Uh, Blazing Panther!"

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