Rafferty - Lessons In Love

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Description: Edenlith and Storm give Rafferty some home truths and offer advice on how to be a model boyfriend.

It's a Saturday afternoon and the main hall of Pacific High is fairly quiet. The vast and stylish looking space is currently home to only a handful of the school's population. A solo strawberry blonde locked girl, with mutiple freckles and glasses is sitting cross-legged on the floor and reading a book, whilst a group of four are chatting on some chairs arranged together, at the opposite end of the room. Most of the other students have chosen to go downtown to the mall, or are pretending to do homework in their dorm rooms. And then there's Rafferty.

The normally sociable, young blond is relishing the relative peace. It's been a strange few days for the teen model and he's feeling somewhat shell shocked. Normally at times like these, he'd escape into social media, seeking comfort in the online love shown to him from the many followers on his Instagram account. But that was before. Before he ducked out of the Rising Star tournament, after some horrible confusion and let his girlfriend, Nena take his place. Before the whole school and most likely the rest of the schools in Southtown found out he was dating a robot.

The comments have varied from the amusing, to the downright insulting. The most common theme seems to be accusing Rafferty of being a "Robot Fucker", which seems unfair, since he's never actually got that far with her!

All in all, he's feeling pretty sorry for himself. He's still made somewhat of an effort with his appearance though. Despite being dressed in loungewear, it's of the luxe variety. An olive green sweatsuit is combined with a spotlessly clean white t-shirt and immaculate white sneakers and there's an enticing scent of rosewood, clary sage and narcissus in the air surrounding him. A stylish pair of gold-tone Saint Laurent Aviators provide him with at least the illusion of some anonymity.

Storm comes flying inside the hall, literally in the air, sort of screaming, half saying. "I didn't do anything!!." He finishes on the ground, sliding, until he hit the chair of Rafferty, and disturb probably everyone trying to have some quiet. The talking cat must be one of the worse kept secret ever.

Soon after Eden comes in with a sign for Storm. "DON'T EVER SAY THAT AGAIN.". At least that was quiet, but her steps were heavy. She walks to Storm, who hides under the chair. "Rafferty, protect me!!" He then lets out a whining meow. Eden looks up and another sign appears. "Hey Rafferty, your ordinary teenage girlfriend was awesome in the fight. Good thing you pulled out. You always pull out?" Even though she usually enjoy teasing him. She didn't seem to tease him about dating a robot. She does look like she's angrier than usual, even though she kept nice to him at the moment. Too bad Storm didn't have the same luck.

Looking like bending down to pull Storm from under the chair would be too much of a bother, she sits down near Rafferty instead, without any invitation. A third sign appear, in bigger characters. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

When the cute white cat arrives on the scene, Rafferty can't help but drop his pouting persona.

"Hey Storm, where did you come from, buddy?"

He reaches down to pet the chatty cat and gives him a look of concern.

"Did you make Eden pissed again?"

As the girl in question makes her own entrance, he gives her a cautious look. Although they have become friends of sorts in recent weeks, he is still wary in her presence and he for sure doesn't like the way she treats her pet pussycat.

"Give the little guy a break, huh?" he suggests, running a hand through his platinum tresses. "He's terrified here."

His smooth skinned hand moves down to stroke the feline again and he offers cooing sounds of comfort. He continues this for a moment or two, before looking up to focus his attention on Eden. Slipping down his shades, he gives her a nod.

"I heard she was amazing, yeah. I've heard about pretty much nothing else since it happened" he sighs. "Im proud of her of course, but it's caused me no end of trouble. As for pulling out, no, I don't, because only a dumbass would use that method of protection."

He rolls his piercing blue eyes and then shrugs his broad shoulders.

"I'm not really doing anything currently. Nena's busy with Simon and online is a no go nightmare. I'm so depressed I don't even feel like shopping!"

Storm purrs slighly and cautiously when Rafferty pets him. "Thanks!!". Then after Eden is sitting down, she looks at Rafferty, as he whine and she shoves one of her signs right in his face. "Give Storm a break? Give Nena a break!!! Oh, she's not a girl, she's a Robot. Now I have some trouble because of it. PFFFT!!!! She got damaged in that fight to protect you, you got nothing, except someone who loves you, and some stupid little bitches who I am guessing are giving you a hard time. Hell, I got stabbed in the chest, and I am here to talk about it. You will survive sitting on your ass, while having some 'Online troubles'. Have you even been defending her at least? Fucking hell." The letters on the sign appears one by one, getting written before his very own eyes.

It seems like she consider Nena has some feelings for some reasons or other. It might even look like she feels sorry for the girl, for one reason or another. She had heart rumors going about, could it be part of why she is angry right now? At least she doesn't try to hurt Rafferty at all, though she is starring at him intently. It also has the effect of giving Storm a break.

Storm speaks up. "You don't want to piss Eden today, though I guess it's already too late. She's not the same since that second round fight she lost." He stays under the chair. It was safer, and it seems like if someone will get hurt, it will be Rafferty, so thinks Storm, and right now, it was better him than himself.

Rafferty seems stunned by Eden's outburst and he has the grace to look somewhat sheepish, as she scolds him via sign.

"You're right, you're right, I know you're right!" he sighs. "So is Simon. I know I'm being selfish and it's worse for Nena and for you. I'm sorry you got knocked out of the contest. Did you really get stabbed?"

His gaze moves down to look at that area of her body, as if expecting to see traces of blood.

"And no, I haven't been defending her really" he admits. "I didn't want to feed the trolls and with the kids here, well it could get ugly. Do you think I'm a bad boyfriend?"

The usually confident teen appears uncharacteristically vulnerable, as he asks the question. His eyes shift back up to Eden's face, bravely meeting her stare, as he braces himself for her response.

Suddenly Rafferty is met with Eden's breasts encased in a black bra, and a scar actually below her chest, on her abdomen, as she removes her shirt, and even throws it to thes side. The scar on her abdomen, is a pretty big scar considering a naginata made it, but it seems to have healed real well, and rather quickly.

Another sign comes out. "You either love Nena, or you don't." She frowns, and more text get added to the current sign. "I should be acting bad toward Nena, and you should be the one defending her!" Why wasn't she, and why did she care what Rafferty was acting like. It would be easier to just leave him alone.

She takes a deep breath, another sign disappearing, another taking it's place. She had a lot to say to Rafferty apparently."You're as crappy as you think I am with Storm.Just not physically." That makes her silently chuckle, the image of Rafferty trying to be physically abusive to Nena being funny to her. More words still appears. "I don't know if she has any feelings truth be told but she's my friend, but why are you with her, if you can't even give her support in her bad times."

She frowns and leans down to grab Storm.He shakes at first, but then she shows him a sign, and he nods, before speaking up for her. "If any of you fuck with Nena for what she is, or decide it's funny to fuck with her boyfriend! Edenlith has no qualm bashing some heads into the walls around school, to see if the building is structurally fit. Make sure you all pass the word around." That gets some looks from the few people who are around. Eden smirks at Storm and strokes his head. She still in her bra only on top, as she didn't bother to put her shirt back on.

Eden baring her bra clad breasts doesn't seem to phase Rafferty, but the severe scar on her stomach leaves him visibly shaken. He can't help but grimace, as he sees the damage done to his friend.

"That's insane!" he almost shouts. "See, this is why I don't like fighting. People can get all kinds of messed up. For that reason I'm kinda glad Nena is a robot. I mean, at least she can be put back together, if she's damaged."

He keeps staring at the blue haired girl's shirtless frame, but not for the usual reasons a teenage boy may.

Eventually, forcing himself to look away, he leans back in his seat and starts to play with the arms of his shades.

"We haven't talked about love. That's kind of a serious conversation to have with someone I've been dating two months. I for sure care about her though and there's no way I'm gonna break up with her or anything. If that means I have to step up, then I guess that's what I'll do. The idea you think I'm abusing her..." He shakes his head in disbelief.

"She does have feelings by the way. I know that for sure. Maybe not like me or you, but there's something there" he insists.

His pity party is disrupted by Storm's outburst on behalf of his owner. He can't help but grin, as he sees the reactions from the quartet of students on the chairs. The strawberry blonde bookworm seems too engrossed in her story, to pay much attention to the threats.

She looks down a moment, still idly petting Storm, who has gone silent now, simply purring at the attention. A sign appears for Rafferty. "I am so angry and emotional since that fight." She has a tear slowly come out of her eye, sliding along her cheek, and falling on Storm's fur, turning it slightly red, as if the tear was tinted slightly by the color of her eyes. Apparently that's all she is willing at this time to add about the fight.

She does however look up when he speaks of how difficult love can be. Well to her it did sound like that anyhow. A light trail of red from her left eye to her left cheek, where the tear traveled can be seen, as the sign stays there, but the text gets replaced. "Then don't take one of the only thing away you can give her. Your moral and emotional support. She has feelings, how you react will affect those feeling."

She then ends up, a bit too late, hissing silently at the quartet, and then snapping her teeth together, finally making a sound with that.

Storm purrs come to a stop, and he too looks at Rafferty as he speaks. "I don't understand you know? Even though I am pleasantly surprised." What he is talking about right now, is probably unclear, but he doesn't add to it. Perhaps with a question, he will.

"Are you crying blood, Eden?" Rafferty enquires incredulously. The eyes that were previously fixed on her torso, now lock on her red stained face. "Do you need a doctor or something?"

He shifts uncomfortably in his chair, as she resumes the lecture on his love life.

"I'm pretty sure I do support her" he states defensively. "I know I didn't go to her match with that crazy girl and I haven't spoke out for her at school or on Insta and I let her do the fighting, if we get into trouble, but..."

A look of realisation appears on his handsome face. "Damn, I've been shitty, haven't I?"

He pulls his Pacific Blue iPhone from his sweat pants pocket and keys in his passcode, before pressing on the Instagram app. Searching through his phone's extensive photo gallery, he finds a picture of himself and Nena, amongst the thousands of posed selfies there and uploads it to his feed, with the caption "So what if I'm fucking a robot, deal with it!"

He shows the post to Eden and then quickly puts the phone away, before he can change his mind and delete it. Laughing nervously, he comments "That's not strictly true, but at least it might keep them quiet. They might give up, if they think it isn't bothering me" he adds hopefully.

The four students that Eden hissed at decide they have other places to be and exit the hall, throwing nervous looks at the girl, as they pass her and Rafferty.

She takes uses her bare arm to wipe way the red on her face, which becomes the red on her arm, and she shakes her head to Rafferty, before her words are made on a sign again. "I am fine. I am always fine. I got stabbed to the chest and all I got is that lousy scar." A grin comes back to her face. She has mood swings too apparently.

Once he speaks of how he is an amazing boyfriend, she listens. She hears all he doesn't do, without giving any words, but she does raise an eyebrow, until he's hit with enlightenment, and she can't help but nods her head in agreement. Storm adds a little to that. "At least you've realized it. You can make it better.

Eden peeks at the phone and she gives her thumb up. Then and only then does she seem to realize she is still shirtless, leans down to get that shirt, while Storm tries his best to keep on her, without digging in his claws. He knew if he did, he could lose one of his nine lives.

Once she has her shirt back on, and Storm can settle again, he says. "Count on Eden to clear a room." Then a minute later. "You're a good man Rafferty, even if a bit of a coward... I am happy you're going to treat your girlfriend like she should treated." He coughs. "Also nothing wrong at being a coward." After all he could be too. "There are just some fights you have to stand up for..." He lays down on Eden's lap, curled up, while he can.

"Well I'm still not going to be fighting" Rafferty insists, his tone sounding slightly panicked. "I mean, obviously she's built better for that kind of thing."

It appears the self absorbed model isn't quite ready to mend all his ways.

He fails to match Eden's grin over the grim situation of her injury, but he doesn't keep on at her about getting help. As she covers herself up, he relaxes a little, pleased not to be seeing the results of her violent battle.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Storm" he says, with a grateful smile to the cat. "It feels like everyone has been against me lately, except Nena I guess. She's always loyal."

His expression goes a little dreamy at the thought of his girlfriend, only broken by the sound of numerous notifications coming through on his phone. He switches the device to silent, resisting the urge to look at the response to his post. That little situation can wait till later, when he's got some champagne and sugar in him.

When Rafferty says he will not be fighting, Eden nods her head vigorously. Truth be told, if she was asked, she believe Storm would have a better chance at fighting then Rafferty, but right now she doesn't say that tidbit 'outloud, she simply looks at Raffert.

Storm "Of course. Remember, if you stick with her, when others don't, you're fighting a moral battle." Now Eden makes a sign about that. "Moral battle, you can win!" Then a bit of text is added. "A battle of wits on the other hand..." But it only stays there a couple of seconds before that text gets erased from the sign. Storm saw it, and he's either holding back to not scold her, or he's holding back to not laugh. At this point it's hard to tell. Storm adds "We're not against either, just want you the best you can be, not just another asshole walking campus."

Eden looks at the two of them, and then points to her mouth. Storm says. "She's hungry apparently. It feels like she's been eating like a sumo wrestler, ever since her injury too." Eden frowns, not liking the comparison to a sumo, she wasn't fat damn it, and the sign that appears, shows her thoughts. "I AM NOT FAT!!!!"

Rafferty's face briefly brightens at the encouragement from the eccentric duo, but his smile dims, when he catches the insult. He may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but there's nothing wrong with his eyesight!

"Thanks for the lessons in not being an asshole" he says cooly.

"And no, you're not fat. There's nothing wrong with a healthy appetite. Especially since your body is healing, it will need to do extra work, which needs more energy."

His eyes flit around the almost empty hall, before returning to his friend and her feline.

"I've decided I'm going to watch Nena's next fight. It's against some Finnish guy called Tarmo. Apparently he's pretty brawny and has even wrestled bears" he frowns, before quickly smoothing out his furrowed brow, with the pads of his fingers.

Eden nods her head, and leans in, before she kisses his nose, and pulls back quickly. Storm speaks after that, unfazed by the display of Eden. "We love you. Yes, even Eden does in her own weird way. I assure you, in different circumstances... no you don't want to hear it." He shivers a bit, and there is a moment he is quiet.

Eden does smile, when Rafferty says she isn't fat, and Storm confirms. "Never said you are fat, I said you eat like a sumo, you don't look like one. Please never look like a sumo, it's not a look for you." She ends up snickering quickly.

When Rafferty mentions looking at the next fight, Eden eyes light up, and she shows to Rafferty. "I hope bullets will fly all around the place, like that match. Bullets everywhere!" Storm on the other hand. "Oh god, I hope not. It's a one on one combat, not target practice for psychopaths." He shivers on his Mistress' lap.

Rafferty rubs at his straight and symmetrical nose, somewhat startled by the display of affection.

"Thanks guys, that's sweet of you." He doesn't return the words, but he seems pleased about the positive attention.

"I don't think the guy is a shooter" he ponders aloud. Although, I guess he could have a gun to deal with bears. Damn, I hope not. I've seen enough bullets this week to last a lifetime."

Since the blond boy wasn't present at Nena's previous fight, it seems an odd statement to make.

"But whatever this guy is into, I'm gonna still show up and cheer her on" he asserts firmly. "She's showed up for me, so it's time I showed up for her."

He puffs his chest out proudly at his decision, appearing rather pleased with himself. His self worth meter is back to its usual max.

Eden gives a smile to Rafferty, although it's a little predatory too, but so far she never hit him or such, so it should be fine.

Storm talks about the bullets some more. "It was going everywhere, and like it's so not fun because we're not part of the fight, and I certainly don't have any body armor of any kind with that fur, but it's ok Eden protects me anyway... Do you often see a lot of bullets? You sound like something more personal happened." He gives the best shrug a cat can give.

When Eden hears he still plans to make the fight, she gives two thumbs up to him, and makes a sign that doesn't seem related to anything. "Unicharm. The largest selection Adult diapers selection in Japan, for all your leaking needs. When you need to be somewhere, and it's not the bathroom." She then push off Storm, so she could stand, pointing to her mouth again. She really wanted food. Storm looks at the sign,not to sure what she was referring to, and then looks at Rafferty. "Feel free to join us for food if you like. You're always welcome."

Leaning in closer to Eden and Storm and speaking in hushed tones, Rafferty reveals "I helped take the bullets out of Nena, after her fight."

He shudders slightly at the memory. "It was the least I could do really and Simon showed me how. That's her uncle, well, not really her uncle, but...it's easier if we call him her uncle."

His perfectly groomed eyebrows shoot up, as what appears to be a commerical pops up in sign form.

"Are you being sponsored now, Eden? Or are you just trying to suggest I might pee my pants, hm?" Although he's accusing her, his tone seems light. He appears to be more amused than annoyed.

"Let's hope not, for all our sakes. There's not enough designer aftershave in the world, to cover that up."

"Thanks for the offer of the food, but I'm gonna pass this time. I've got a bottle of champagne and some chocolate truffles with my name on. I'm gonna have them while I watch Almost Famous in bed. I can think of better ways to spend a Saturday night, but not too many."

Both Eden and Storm listens to Rafferty hushed tone. Eden's eyes light up when he says he removed the bullets, when Storm looks more horrified about it. A sign shows up "Lucky you!" just as Storm says. "That most have been horrible. I am sorry." He makes a pause. "Uncle is fine, as long as it isn't her pimp or something you know? But it doesn't sound like he is." Storms says that in a concern way, not in a mocking way, and Eden bops his head lightly.

She honestly lifts up two fingers, to show it was the second option, thens he pats his shoulder, because apparently she likes sending mix signals, or to be a friennemy. Storm also has to add something. "I think you will be fine, because you will be there for Nena." He gives a cat smile.

Storm nods his head after, when he says he has his own plans. "We totally understand!" One last sign appears. "Champagne is a pale yellow liquid, and chocolate truffles are brown chunks, go figure. Bye Rafferty, enjoy."

With that, she takes Storm left front paw into her hand, and she forces him to walk on two paws in what could be considered comical, if it didn't look also cruel in a way. At least she wasn't walking too fast. Soon she's out of the hall, as her hunt for food takes them elsewhere.

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