Tsinghua - The Opening Gong

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Description: Tsinghua meets with the Demon Queen as a messenger and intermediary for business talk.

Seeking an audience with the Demon Queen is a roll of the dice, these days. One such seeker had to track her all the way to an unknown tomb in the middle of a distant land. Another had to fight a terrifying duo of young ladies and was denied his request after he failed to defeat them. Yet, new pictures of Lyraelle posing with various fans pop up daily on InstaSlam and Hitter; even with the ever-increasing demand for her attention, the Demon Queen is frequently praised for how accessible and friendly she is. In fact, in the past few months, she's had something of a surge in visibility after a downturn following the advent of the Midnight Channel; it seems that she's had more time on her hands now that things have become more stable.

Currently manning the desk at the Midnight Channel Studio's main lobby is a short, stubby pinkish-coloured imp wearing a pair of black square-framed glasses, reading a copy of Cat Fancy magazine. He's barely visible above the desk counter, even with the rolling chair he's sat in raised to maximum height. There's a typical waiting area in the lobby, with a television up on the wall in the corner with the sound muted. It's currently set to a news channel running a story about the Sydney Opera House being virtually destroyed during a recent Rising Star match, with photographs of the extensive damage to the interior of the building.

Tao Tsinghua had been sent out for a very important meeting- all of the senior envoys or messengers were coincidentally busy. Leaving the boy set on a discussion of terms he is arguably too ill-experienced for. Nontheless, he arrives- Setting foot into the lobby as he scans around. His attention being caught almost instantly by the distinctly inhuman figure behind the desk. He approaches- Perhaps with an unusual lack of shock or surprise as he bows to this imp.

"Good afternoon, sir. I have been granted an audience with Queen Darkheart, on behalf of my master, Gong Shuren."

Perhaps the sight of the boy, dressed in his all white, spotless Hanfu complete with a long dress, would not be entirely unfamiliar- He had participated in an extraordinarily embarassing Midnight Channel match before, after all.

The imp behind the desk doesn't seem to notice Tsinghua's entrance until the messenger greets him, at which point he lowers the magazine to peer over it at the boy.

"Ahh, yeah, I remember you," the imp grunts in a slight Metro City accent. "Rose Red, huh? Good match. You had the Mayor on the ropes, huh?"

The imp sets the kitty mag aside and turns to his computer. "Alright. So, you're auditioning for the audience with Her Majesty, huh? Okay, so, just head down there to Filming Studio One. It's on this floor. A member of Queen Darkheart's staff will join you shortly for your audition. Goes by the name of Zee."

The imp jabs a thumb over his shoulder toward the hall behind the desk.

"Understood. Thank you."

He says, as he follows these directions. Entering the next room, 'Filming Studio One'. As he waits patiently for this 'Zee' induvidual. Once they'd arrive, he'd again bow down in his regular greeting and introduction. "Greetings- It is a pleasure to meet, I am Tao Tsinghua; I come here as a representative for the Gong Estate. Now, if I may ask, what will this 'audition' consist of?"

The studio in question is one that's been seen on the Midnight Channel before - a room full of floor to ceiling screens, with recording equipment across from the studio area to film the action, whether an introduction from Her Majesty or, in one case, a match between a tuxedo-clad monk and two young women in dresses. At the moment, there's no recording going on, and the room's screens are themed in purple hues. Rotating sets of pictures of Lyraelle in profile cover the various monitors like narcissistic screensavers.

'Zee' is seen - and felt - before he is heard.




The demonic silhouette against the bank of screens has to stoop to fit into the studio. Musclebound from head to toe, the figure emerges into the light, revealing his bovine features - and the battle axe held in his hands.

Zee is a minotaur.

He snorts indignantly at the sight of Tsinghua.

"Must I truly suffer this indignity? When a true warrior seeks her audience, the Whore-Queen sends feckless maidens to challenge him; yet I must play gatekeeper to this dewy-eyed waif?"

Grunting with irritation, the minotaur hefts his axe.

"Very well. I suppose I should relish what opportunity to crush the feeble I am granted. Come, yearling."

'Zee' stomps a hoof down, shaking the studio.

"Your destruction awaits."

COMBATSYS: Zee has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Zee              0/-------/-------|

Tsinghua's polite demeanor is challenged as he's faced by this gigantic beast. He swallows nervously. Hard. Before taking a fearful step back "E-Excuse? Crush... me?"

"I- Is this truly required? I simply wanted to meet with the queen, you see. He attempts to avoid this conflict in the face of this colossal creature- Yet does instinctually get ready as he rests his hand on his walking stick.

"I would much prefer a peaceful way of settling this, Sir Zee."

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Tsinghua         0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0              Zee

The minotaur hunkers forward, bracing his axe with both hands and scuffing his left hoof against the ground as he huffs and puffs.

"I have been given this task, and it is my duty to fulfill it; prithee not sully it by grovelling! RAAAAAUUUGGHHH!"

The beastman lumbers forward step over step, a shoulder thicker than most men are broad lowering forward as he charges like the bull he resembles.




"April Fool's!"

Just before Zee can reach trampling range of Tsinghua, the monitor behind the pair suddenly changes to show the winking face of Lyraelle, her black horns tilted to one side and magnificent pink ponytail-mane swishing lightly behind her.

The minotaur stops up, turning to face the screen.

"B-but - Mistress!"

"You heard me, big guy," the celebrity succubus says with a saccharine smile for the surly minotaur.

"It is not even the first of the month!" the beastman protests, rapping the haft of his axe against the floor. "How dare...!"

"Royal prerogative," the succubus says, sticking her tongue out at the minotaur. "Aww, don't have a tantrum, Zanderkins! You and me will have ourselves a little rodeo later. This kid doesn't look like much of a cowboy anyway, does he?"

The minotaur gives another huff, hefting his axe over his shoulder and giving one more look down at Tsinghua.

"It appears that you have been granted your audience, after all," he booms darkly before tromping back off toward the depths from which he emerged.




"My office is just down the hall to the elevator, then the top floor. Oh, but if you need a change of underwear, let one of the minions know and they'll sort you out."

The demon girl winks before the monitor changes back to show the Lyraelle screensaver.

COMBATSYS: Zee has left the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tsinghua         0/-------/-======|

"No- No I'm fine." The boy responds, shellshocked by the scene that just played out in front of him. His hand comes loose from his stick to rest by his side as normal. "Uh- Goodbye, mr. Zee. It was.. a.. pleasure to meet." He sheepishly waves the minotaur as he leaves, straightening his garb. "Understood, Queen Darkheart. I will be there shortly."

But just like that, he seems back to his senses and surprisingly unbothered by the Queen's little 'prank' as he makes the trip up- Outside of this studio, down the hall and onto the elevator up. He comes into the office a few minutes later- And the moment of entering, he bows down almost right away- Deeper then before in a almost perfect 90 degrees. "I thank you for granting us this Audience, your Majesty. My master is glad that this could be arranged on this short a notice. I am Tao Tsinghua, and I serve as apprentice Messenger, and representative of the Honorable Gong Family."

Same old, same old. Another somewhat cookie-cutter introduction as he keeps himself bowed down- waiting for a response of the somewhat Eccentric Demon Queen.

The office of the Demon Queen is purple - very, very purple, from the carpeted entrance, to the hard elevated flooring behind it, to the desk and custom-made rolling chair that sit imperiously atop that flooring. The only other colour in the room aside from the glow of the banks of monitors on the walls and desk is the black accents of the furniture - and the pale skin, green eyes, black horns and pink hair of the Demon Queen herself, sitting in the chair with one bare leg crossed over the other and her leathery purple wings folded behind the back rest of her wheeled throne.

"Hello, minion~" she greets Tao Tsinghua as he arrives, tilting her head and forming a V with her fingers next to it while smiling and winking in her trademark pose. When she sees that the youth is bowing too low to see her greeting, she gets a brief pout on her lips before smiling.

"Aww, you're so adorable! If only I could get help as professional and submissive as that. How would you feel about wearing demon horns and a tail?"

The succubus leans forward against the desk, resting her cheek against one hand and propping herself up casually using her elbow.

"Oh, right - you're not here to get a job, you're here to talk business, aren't you? It's a shame your people think so little of me that they'd only send an apprentice messenger instead of coming to meet me in person - but, then again, I guess it's more effort than writing an e-mail, at least."

Lyraelle sits up and lifts herself off the chair, pulling herself up to sit on the desk - giving a better mutual view between herself and Tsinghua.

"So, what did your master have in mind when they requested this little get-together?"

"How would I..? I would be obliged to comply if your Majesty and my masters entered a agreement. I would most likely be assigned as primary contact with your establishment, you see."

He rises a little- standing fairly straight, yet with his head still pointing downwards slightly as he carefully meets his own eyes with Lyraelle's. "I understand it might seem insulting- But it is customary to send people such as myself as intermediaries. Though I am willing to admit that, under most circumstances, you would get to meet with someone of a higher qualification and experience. This is a meeting of significant importance, after all."

The boy keeps his head down, a gesture of subsurvience as he enters his next sentence. "The Gong family recognizes the influence and power your Majesty resides over. They find it especially fascinating how you present yourself to the public- While still running such a successful organization. And as such, with our deepest respects."

"My master wishes to offer that us enter a official partnership. We believe that such an agreement would be able to benefit the both of our groups in significant ways." More or less, the boy is reading off of a script- recounting word for word what he had been told to say. The somewhat plastic, yet polite smile and tone might make this obvious to Lyraelle."

"Hey, sweetie - my eyes are up here," Lyraelle says with a teasing tone and a wink as she leans forward from the edge of the desk, folding her hands neatly across her knees.

"Now, why don't you tell me more about this Gong family? I run this as a family business myself, after all." She sweeps a hand across to indicate all of the monitors on the walls, which show various projects under way, calendars, and at least one copy of FightTube open to catgirl videos.

"I mean, it's a bit different when you're the last of your line, but the spirit is there. Like I said, though - I want to hear about your masters - and I'm interested in your personal opinion as well as whatever they've told you to say. Confidentially, of course."

She tosses her hair and smiles coyly.

The boy looks a bit befuddled at her comment, but takes it as an invitation to stand up straight- He was already looking her in the eyes, right? "Of course, Queen Darkheart. My master comes from a noble bloodline dating back centuries. The current Patriarch is Gong Shuren. I am a loyal employee; No, extension for him."

"I am not related to the family by blood, most people aren't. But yet, I was raised by and for them. Born into my duties as a messenger, if you will." Depending on your viewpoint, a little sinister. "We have long been content with our influence in China- Especially in Hubei Province. Yet, our grand Patriach Gong Shuren wishes to expand our influence outward, past the borders of China. While we deeply value our ancient ways and traditions, Change is required to keep up in this expanding world- The patriarch is on a path to modernize."

He more or less wraps off this initial explanation, as he still stands straight and at the ready in the middle of the purple room. "And as such, a Partnership with your majesty would help us accomplish those goals splendidly."

"But of course, we have our own services to offer to make this agreement fair for your majesty as well."

Tsinghua says, "Feel free to pose while I am out though, if you want."

"Oh, that's adorable. So, your master Gong Shuren is sitting at home fanboying over me on FightTube, and he's too shy to admit that he digs that cute demon girl, so he sends you to meet me first, is that it?"

She takes a couple of steps closer - looming over the teen by nearly a foot even without the extra height her thigh high stilettos afford her. She rests her hands on her thighs and leans down slightly to Tsinghua's level.

"Oh, maybe I'm being too cynical. After all, I shouldn't be thinking about whipping the messenger. After all, I'm a business lady, first and foremost. So, why don't you tell me about what your master wants from me, and, more importantly, what you have to offer in return. Bearing in mind, of course, that I'm at the head of the first show in nearly two decades to give Saturday Night Fights a run for their money."

Tsinghua can't help but to feel just a little nervous in his current situation- as the demoness is circling him like a shark. Hopefully for him, she does not actually see him as prey. "That's- not quite accurate, Queen Darkheart. But I will have you feel free to interpret this situation however you wish. The Gong family has long since worked with messengers."

Tsinghua's eyes don't follow the Demon Queen as she circles around- Until she eventually leans down in front of him. The boy returns her gaze with his sharp brown eyes. "My master desires your experience and support in navigating the modern landscape. Furthermore, we are under the impression your aspirations lie higher then simply hosting a succesful fighting show. We would like to help you, which will in turn help us, grow our powers. Together. As to what we are able to offer..." Tsinghua swallows- a slight twitch in his polite smile. "We have many specialized agents ready to offer their services- or mentor your people. The aid of me as a messenger would be freely open to you, as well as skilled ambassadors, advisors, agricultural specialists- And so on. Us loyalists of the Gong Family enjoy the highest of educations- producing only the most skilled and loyal members. You will have a team of specialists in all sorts of areas to employ. Agents that won't question you or your authority." He pauses for a moment- hesistating. Almost seeming... afraid.

"But perhaps, what might be more exciting to Your Majesty, is the services our sorcerers are able to offer. Their talents are extraordinarily rare; And I doubt that even one as mighty as yourself has access to their kind of magicks. For instance-"

"Have you heard of the practice known as Oneiromancy?"

Lyraelle cocks her head to one side, arms folding behind her back and eyes narrowing as Tsinghua tells her that she is 'free to interpret the situation however she wishes.' She straightens back up to her full height, but lets Tsinghua finish speaking. She's no longer pacing; now, her emerald green eyes are lazily focused, her head shifting side to side as her neck pops. It's almost a transition from cat to cobra.

"Mmmm... more servants does sound useful, although I'm not entirely in love with the idea of having employees that are loyal to someone else foremost. Not to mention that that essentially becomes a legion of potential spies in my ranks -"

She flashes a tight smile.

"- not that I leave much to the imagination, anyway."

Her nose twitches as the smile fades.

"Agricultural specialists, hmm? That's an interesting thing to be offering a media entrepreneur. Very interesting. Sorcery, though... that's even more interesting."

Her eyes narrow slightly.

"Oneiromancy... is that the one where you read entrails?"

"A fair worry. I'm afraid I have little to say that might put your worries at ease, other then that we do not work in treacherous ways. Once an agreement is made, we will honor it ever. And as for those specialists, well. I was simply naming examples. Apologies. I can understand that that is not where your interest would lie." He clarifies, and bows deeply- but shortly in conjunction with the apology."

Another twitch on Tsinghua's face as he's asked to clarify about this type of sorcery. "Not quite. We would not engage in such barbaric methods, no. Oneiromancy is the practice of reading, and manipulating dreams."

"For instance, our sorcerers would be able to plant idea's in one's mind- or even over the course of a few weeks, subtly change their personality and attitude to better serve your needs. You mentioned something about desiring 'professional and submissive' help, no? We would be able to make it so. We could make sure your more hesitant or wild servants remain obidient or, as you put it, 'submissive'." As he speaks about this subject, his calm, polite voice bears an air of fear and discomfort. A slight one, yet noticable.

"While it is not as aggressive as certain technological or chemical methods that we've heard rumors of- It carries the advantages of being mostly untraceable and it works over a long range. It's not quite a psychological 'override'. It's more a subtle influence on one's psyche."

"Truly, a very versatile tool to have at one's disposal."

The Demon Queen's smile returns as Tsinghua backpedals on the notion of supplying agriculturists for her benefit.

"Oh, I'm sure that agriculture experts would be useful for some of my future plans - not to mention dealing with some of my staff. I mean, you've met Zee, after all."

When Tsinghua starts to describe what oneiromancy actually is - the sort of services that the Gong family would be able to provide - the cagey queen can't conceal her piqued interest. Her tail starts to practically wag, her gloved hands rubbing together. It's almost cartoonish; one could practically imagine a thought bubble appearing over the demonette's head, picturing millions - no, billions of adoring fans all worshipping at her feet - and dollar signs appearing in her eyes.


Lyraelle's skeptical side bursts her own bubble, the words almost coming out of her as a surprise. "That's insanely overpowered! I mean, absolutely, if you can actually do that, then you can name whatever terms you want - but I want proof."

Practically in an instant, she's in the messenger's face - and her demeanour has changed completely. She reaches out to try and hug him tightly, perhaps too fast for him to expect.

"Oh, this is so exciting! Even if it's like, an April Fool's joke that's a week late 'cause they had it shipped over from China, this is totally making my day! You should totally thank them for me."

"Eh?" And just like that, he's embraced- A bit too tightly for his lithe body. He reacts.. surprisingly not all that much. One might see a faint blush on his pale face- But no pulling away or other motion. "I am glad that the idea is appealing to you, Queen Darkheart. Though to set reasonable expectations as to not betray your trust, there are naturally some limitations to such power. A important one being scale- At the most, only a few dozen minds can be affected by the same spell, and the effectiveness is strongest when it's focused on fewer induviduals. Apart from that, targets- naturally- need to sleep and dream, and it takes multiple weeks, or months depending on the scale." Caveats and clarifications, as Tsinghua speaks with that same polite tone.

"I do not possess knowledge of these techniques, as I am practiced to be naught more then a simple messenger. But I would be delighted to arrange a demonstration. If you would send instructions on who, and in what way you'd like for them to be affected- and provide us with a material thing that has a close connection to said induvidual. A hair, treasured possession, or any type of.." He swallows, and scrapes his throat in a little bit of discomfort.

"..bodily fluid would suffice. This is not essential, but it significantly speeds up the process- It helps to establish a strong mental connection. After this has been done, the spell will be cast- and you will see changes within a month, if not less." Lyraelle may or may not notice, that Tsinghua subtly seems bothered by this subject. A drop of cold sweat here and there, or fearful undertone in his voice.

The demon queen releases the captive messenger once he's finished explaining the needs of the sorcery, her expression becoming thoughtful. She raises a hand up to tap at her lips with a purple-clad forefinger.

"Oh, I bet I have /just/ the thing for that," the demoness remarks as a subtle smile twitches at the corners of her mouth. "This sounds like exactly the sort of thing that I could get some mileage out of. I hope your subscription fees are reasonable."

She seems to shift her attention away from her own machinations to look at Tsinghua's face again, tilting her own slightly as she studies his expression. She smiles warmly, reaching over to try and comfort the youth by rubbing her gloved hand patronizingly on his head.

"Hey, hey, honey. You look tense! Sorry, I'm probably coming off a little domineering - why don't you take a seat? I'll text one of my minions to fetch us some tea, or whatever it is you'd rather have. I'm being such a terrible host right now! You can tell me about anything else your masters need from me - do you need a letter or seal of approval or something?"

"Do not worry, Queen Darkheart. It is of none your fault- I simply believe myself to be a little ill, apologies." A unconscious lie- Tsinghua doesn't actually know why he is feeling this way. Strangely enough, the boy seems somewhat comforted by the headpat. "That is very kind of you, your Majesty. I think tea would be nice, if it's not too much of a hassle." He accepts her offer and, after she'd have removed her gloved hand, the boy would sit down on the purple-padded seat in front of Lyraelle's desk. "Official documentation should not be required, unless you desire it so. My Master will trust in the news I bring them through word of mouth."

"He seems a little fiddly, his put-together hands moving around nervously as he falls silent for a few seconds.

"Oh, well, perhaps we'll skip the paper trail for now, then," Lyraelle says as she pulls her own chair around easily and down to the lower area to sit across from Tsinghua as equals. She takes a tablet from a small table next to the desk and, which a few quick swipes and touches, puts an order in - presumably for the tea that she'd mentioned before.

"There we go! Tea will be up in a jiffy. Now, where were we...?"

The demoness lounges comfortably in her modern throne, crossing one leg over the other and leaning against one of the armrests, propping her head up with her hand.

"I guess that's all of our business, actually, for now, unless you've got anything else to add? Otherwise, why don't you tell me more about yourself? I'm always a little curious about people - and I feel like you're the type who doesn't get to talk about what they like very much."

"About.. me?" Her intuiton turns out to be spot-on, speaking about himself is a uncommon luxury. So much that he actually isn't sure what to say.

"W-Well, I like. I like uh, gardening. And uh tea.. ceremonies. I have my own little spot of garden I use for growing flowers, and herbs to make tea from. I stop by there when I'm home to tend to the plants." He lists off his likes as if he's introducing himself to a new class. "It brings me a great deal of peace and satisfaction- Apart from that I also play the Guzheng, or chinese Harp. I also enjoy calligraphy, and.."

He seems to snap free from his awkward mumblings. "Apologies, your majesty- I rambled on about something of ill importance. However.." He hesitates for a few seconds. "I'm terribly sorry for my impudence- But I have a personal question to ask of you, your majesty. Do you know of a man named Crock? or, C-Rock?" His head tilts down, as he looks downwards at the chair he's sitting on. "He approached me- Stalked me back home after my Midnight Channel fight against Major Haggar. The- the /lunatic/ attacked me, beat me up, and humiliated me. Before I could pass out, he mentioned something."

"He mentioned that I should look for a Demoness, or Priest. Is- And I'm sorry, but is- is that you?"

The celebrity succubus smiles a daydreamy smile.

"Oh, I like tea ceremonies, too..."

Whatever thought this has elicited seems to carry her through the rest of Tsinghua's introduction to his pastimes - but she snaps out of it once he changes the subject to the name of C-Rock. Once again, she appears alert - sitting up in her chair, resting both hands on the armrests and drumming her fingers at the ends. Just as he's finished and she's about to reply, there's a sound from behind the door.




The door is flung open, and a familiar, fuming minotaur tromps into the room, wheeling a pushcart with a dainty porcelain tea set with purple floral patterns on it into the room.

"Your tea, Mistress," Zee rumbles darkly once he's rolled the cart over between the pair, before turning to tromp his way back out of the room.

"Thank you, Zanderkins~" Lyraelle says with a sweet smile and a fluttering of her fingers to the minotaur's back. "You're so good at this~"

"Accursed hell-harlot..." the minotaur mutters between flat, gritted teeth before disappearing back through the door.

"Aww, he really loves me," Lyraelle says with a hand on her chest and a heartfelt sigh before looking back to Tsinghua. She leans forward to start pouring tea from the pot into a cup for each of them.

"Speaking of people who are absolutely smitten with me... how was Crocky-poo when you saw him? That's a very impressive deduction, by the way - most people don't realise that I'm a priest, after all."

She has an entirely straight face other than a little smile as she fills Tsinghua's cup.

"Do you take milk or sugar?" she asks, holding up the little jug of milk beside the teapot.

"Ah!" he exclaims in fearful surprise, when the minotaur comes thumping in. "M-Mister Zee. Th-thank you f-for the t-t-tea."

When the bovine berserker would be gone, Tsinghua is able to turn his attention back to Lyraelle. "Thank you kindly, Queen Darkheart. I will have mine plain- I-if that's alright."

Oh- You.. are? A priest, that is. Apologies, your majesty- I had no idea." his eyes widen at the sight of the demoness's recognition of that name. "Crocky-poo? I do not mean to insult your friend, but I could only describe him as a raving lunatic. He hurt me! A lot. He kept talking about- about the 'the spirit of the world' and that- that I was a 'nice clean glass of water; and a pretender! I didn't know what to do, Queen Darkheart! I didn't understand what he was talking about. He pummeled me into unconsciousness- I, I" The boy sobs, tears rolling down his face.

"I do not like him." He seems to shrink- wither as a wave of pent-up feelings come rushing out as he expresses his pain on this subject- Going off track as he is going way beyond how he was allowed to speak with someone of such a higher standing.

"I'm- I'm so sorry, your majesty- Please forgive me. It was entirely uncouth to speak in such a manner." He wipes away his tears, as he awaits what he expects to be a justified angry reaction- Punishment, he expects to be punished for this. After all, that is what he had learnt.

The tea is poured without milk or sugar for Tsinghua, as requested. The queen then pours her own cup, which is mixed with two sugars and a decent splash of dairy before she stirs it with a dainty spoon.

"I'm not /really/ a priest, Tsinghua! I was just pulling your leg," Lyraelle says with the kind of tone that one might expect in an animation for children. Her smile turns into a pitying frown as Tsinghua breaks down into tears while recounting his tale of the encounter with the militant anarchist.

"Now, now, don't cry, sweetie - oh, come here," the Demon Queen says soothingly, setting her tea down with only a sip taken and spreading her arms wide, presenting her chest for the youth to rest his head against, should he take the opportunity. "Don't get me wrong, I know Cranky-pants very well - and I know what a bully he can be. I can't believe he'd stoop so low as to beat up a nice kid like you, though..."

Whatever Tsinghua might have expected, it's certainly not punishment that she seems to be offering - quite the opposite, in fact.

"Huh?" Tsinghua seems to freeze at her reaction- He does not take that uh 'opportunity' but does relax further when confronted with her soothing words. The loose, white sleeve of his garb comes up to dab away some of his tears. "You are so very kind, Queen Darkheart, Truly." The messenger suddenly seems very, very tired. His eyes momentarily blinking shut as he almost dozes off. "Th- Thank you for letting me speak my mind. There are not a lot of people that understand, or want to hear it. It truly means so very much to me." he sighs deeply, letting loose some of his earlier frustration.

"You seem to be a very good person, Your Majesty. I can't wait for this partnership to come to fruition."

"Oh... I don't know if I'm as kind as all that. I'm just not very fond of bullies. You know, Zander used to put the bull in bully - a bit of a mean-o-taur, if you will~"

The demon queen gives a little mirthful giggle at her own pun as she lifts her tea to her lips. Once she's taken a sip, she lets out an 'mmm' before finishing her thought.

"I've just about sorted him out, though. He's a respectable, contributing member of society. I like to think that I'm using my powers for good - helping people become their best selves."

She lets out a contented sigh.

"I'm looking forward to this partnership too, Tsinghua. Hopefully, we'll be getting a lot more time to work with each other - Charisma may be my prime, but I could definitely use a good messenger working under me."

She offers her teacup in toast.

"Here's to the Darkheart and Gong working together!"

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