Alexis - Killasaurus Orphanage in: Golden Angel Tsunami!

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Description: The Golden Angel Waterpark plays host to a swimsuit shoot for the latest issue of Southtown Style featuring teen model Rafferty and VIP Honoka Kawamoto. Meanwhile, the Killasaurus Crew enjoy a pleasant poolside lunch, featuring the debut appearance of its newest member. Alexis winds up half-dressed and under arrest. Overall, it's a typical Tuesday.

While the Golden Angel product is no longer its selling point (and a memory some would probably prefer to forget), the Golden Angel Waterpark persists, a shiny glass edifice along the boardwalk. It's been repaired since the recent darkstalker invasion, and in hopes of bringing a bit of sunshine back to the city (and drum up interest), local magazine Southtown Style has hired a section of the place out for the day. It's not quite summer yet, but the indoor waterpark is up and running and plenty warm enough for a swimsuit shoot, which is exactly what the rag is up to; a number of scantily-clad young models are in attendance, drawing attention from other visitors to the water park. There's some hubbub that a local celebrity of some kind might be planning to make a guest appearance, which has drawn even more than what one might expect to be the usual crowd on a weekend.

It's a sunny afternoon, and the glass dome at the top of the Golden Angel water park building allows the shining rays to wash over the space of the interior.

Away from the majority of the crowds, on the south side of the park, a group of what appear to be Canadian tourists sits around a table, sharing a meal together. Amongst them are a pale young woman with her hair in a braided orange ponytail, a pierced young man with brown hair and a goatee, a baby in a high chair with a tuft of blue hair, a man with a green mohawk and sunglasses, and a man of Pakistani descent with an enormous pompadour. The latter two clearly have not been in the water, given the state of their hair.

"You can't tell me there's for sure no such thing, Benny!" the orange-haired girl says indignantly.

"I'm saying that it's impossible because it doesn't make sense, Kim! Are they mammals or are they fish? Are they warm-blooded or are they cold-blooded?" Benny retorts, before looking up as a young brunette woman in sunglasses and a t-shirt that says 'VIOLENT SYSTEMS' on the front and 'Official Corporate Whore' on the back approaches, a pair of baggy grey cargo pants barely hanging onto her hips. "Hey, Lexi! Are mermaids real?"

"You sound awfully incredulous for someone who's literally chilled with Sasquatch, Benny," Alexis says as she slings herself into an empty seat, peering out across the park toward the business going on at the other end. She snorts disdainfully, then looks around at the group. "'Sup, bitches?"

"Thup, bittes!" The tot at the end of the table parrots gleefully. The brown-haired man frowns, while the orange-haired girl smiles broadly. "Aww, did you hear that? He's so clever!"

Honoka Kawamoto was not in the best mood -- and she hadn't been for well over a week. And... her closest confidants decided to take matters into their own hands.

Which is how she ended up here in a pretty one-piece swimsuit, a wide-brimmed sun hat, a pair of designer sunglasses, a Hawaiian lei wrapped about her shoulders. She carries a translucent lifesaver-style float around one arm.

And she's fighting the urge to give the finger to the annoying brunette brat in khaki shorts and a bright purple shirt who decided to intercept her for an impromptu interview. Though it'd be hard to tell, because Honoka Kawamoto is a consummate professional who is an ace at looking good on camera.

Or so it is said, anyway.

"And, Miss Kawamoto, what brings you out here to the waterpark on such a lovely day?"
The intrepid internet reporter with no obvious press credentials shoves a slender microphone in Honoka's face.

Honoka smiles cordially, taking a half-step back to give herself some room. She clasps one hand in front of her face, swinging the float about idly with the other, while the brunette's companion gets a wider shot with his phone.

"Well, the awesome weather, of course! Thanks to the dome here at Golden Angel Waterpark, it's a treat to come out here and soak up the rays year-round!" She laughs, flattening her hand and leaning towards the camera and her interviewer in a mock conspiratorial tone. "Though, really, my agents? I'm here for a photo shoot, actually."

The intrepid internet reporter is unfazed. She's on a mission. And without missing a beat, she steps forward again, prodding the microphone once more into Honoka's personal space.
"So what's this we hear about you and your Twilight Stars teammate Zach Glenn being on the outs?"

For a moment, Honoka's eyes go wide.
And then in the next, she's back to PR-normal offers a saccharine smile, nudging the microphone away with her first two fingers. "No comment."

And with that, she calmly steps back and turns away from the microphone, striding over towards the scantily-clad models. It's hard -not- to.

The intrepid reporter had -started- to follow at nearly the same pace. But after four steps, she seems to slow down. And question her role in life. Which seems to be a shock to her boyfriend-slash-cameraman, who starts to wave his hand in front of her face. Weird, that.

And for some reason, Honoka now has a bright, effusive smile to go along with her sunny attire.

Rafferty Lawrence Stewart is currently getting his pose on. He turns this way and then that, succumbing to the demands of the photographer from the Southtown Style magazine.

"Look at me, Raff. Yeah, that's right, straight down the lens. Act as if you wanna make love to the camera."

There's a brief quirk of his impeccably groomed dark eyebrows from the teen model, but he's soon back in professional mode and trying his best to do exactly as the middle aged man in the Hawaiian shirt and fedora suggests. Which is how he comes to be imagining a Canon camera is actually an ordinary teenage girl.

He's been dressed for the shoot in a pair of YMC swim shorts. They are indigo in colour, with a rather splendid pattern of lounging white tigers. On his feet are a pair of leather and canvas flip flops in complimentary tones and on his head, pushed back amidst his platinum blond locks, are a pair of silver-tone Ray-Ban Aviators. He's perfectly dressed for a day at the beach, or indeed, the local waterpark.

The photographer fires off several shots of Rafferty on his own, before capturing some of him with his arms draped around two female models, a situation he appears more than comfortable with. As the magazine fashion editor calls for a break, the blond grabs a bottle of water and starts drinking it as if he's still on camera. Trickles of water drip down his oiled up skin as he lets out a sigh of satisfaction, when his thirst is quenched.

His little display is only interrupted by the sight of the woman being interviewed. His celebrity sensors prick up, as he watches the reporter pursue her.

"Any idea who that is?" he questions the model closest to him. He's only lived in the city since earlier this year, so is not up to date on all the local gossip.

"That's Honoka Kawamoto. she's kind of a big deal" he gets in response.

No sooner has she said this than the woman in question is heading towards him. He matches her bright smile, with a dazzling one of his own. After all, anyone with fame has to be worth knowing.

Really, Honoka wasn't -ready- to deal with reporters just yet. She wouldn't even be here if her confidants weren't deadset on distracting her from the all-consuming topic of "Zach." And with her willpower at nearly legendary lows, she didn't have the heart to continue fighting their wishes. She'd only agreed to show because this -was- more or less a private party, with -most- of the paparazzi staying away out of professional courtesy.

And the professional acrobat-slash-juggler-slash-fighting-sensation just so happens to need to check in with the team, as it happens. One assistant recognizes the distinctive pink highlights in her hair, and rushes over to coordinate with her. After delivering easy answers to the easy questions posed to her, Honoka lets her attention drift -- and it's not long before she spots Rafferty smiling back at her. Smiling amicably, she offers a small wave to the assistant, and ambles over towards the young model.

Flip, flop, flip, flop. The fancy footwear has a brand name associated with it, but the Red Master Belt holder has people to worry about that for her. It's flat-footed, that's all she cares about. Her focus, though is on the charming young blond man before her -- and her eyes widen in what appears to be a pleasant surprise for her.

"You know, it's funny..." she starts, with a slight tilt to her head. "And don't take this the wrong way, I'd always thought artists were airbrushing that in," she continues, tousling her forelocks by way of demonstration.

The slender acrobat stops at a comfortable distance, brushing her forelocks back into proper position. "I mean, I figured for -sure- no one would have hair that angelic in -real- life. But here's the proof, right?" With a warm smile, she covers her mouth coquettishly. "My mistake." And then a she offers a warmer smile, baring her teeth. "I'm Honoka, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Honoka's words are music to the ears of the self absorbed soon to be supermodel starlet. He runs a hand through those angelic locks and leans in close to the woman, whispering in her ear in honeyed California tones.

"Truth be told, I do have a little help with it. It's just from a hairdresser, not an airbrusher."

As he pulls back, he places a well manicured finger on his lips, warning her to keep quiet about this little disclosure. There's a definite hint of mischief in his striking blue eyes though, so it's unlikely there's any real threat.

"May I say, I simply adore your outfit. The hat is a triumph and those shades are the perfect shape for your face. Of course, you'd no doubt look good in anything" he flatters.

"I'm Rafferty Lawrence Stewart, by the way. I hear you're somewhat of a star around these parts, Miss Kawamoto. Or are you going to break my heart and tell me it's Mrs?"

Meanwhile, the two lady models that were hanging off of Rafferty before are sharing a moment on one of the park benches for the benefit of the camera. They're giggling at something shared between them, or that the photographer has said - it actually comes across genuine, despite the fact that they're working together in a professional capacity.

Alexis scowls faintly as her eyes drift back toward the photo op, her cheek resting against her palm as her elbow rests on the table. Her aquamarine orbs steadily slide over to the dazed amateur reporter and cameraman standing over to one side.

"Thup, bittes!"

Alexis turns her head around to the smiling face of the toddler, sitting with his arms in the air and waiting for her reaction. Even the bitchiest Canadian in punk rock can't help but crack a smile back. Leaning down, she whispers something into the toddler's ear. The kid's eyes go wide, and he nods conspiratorially.

"Gonna take a piss," Alexis informs the table with a sweet, tight smile before standing up to wander away.

"Okay, Lexi! Have fun!" Kim calls after her with a smile before turning back to the others.

"Go'a take a pith!" the blue-haired tyke shouts, throwing his arms in the air again.

"Good boy," Kim says, reaching out to stroke the child under the chin and causing him to gurgle happily.

Honoka's eyebrows lift with understanding as she absorbs the confidential intel. "Ahh," she comments, before raising her finger to her mouth in mutual understanding.

When she's complimented though, Honoka's hand goes to her glasses, removing them to take a better look at them -- and also providing a less-tinted view of her light brown eyes to Rafferty. "Why, thank you! I have to admit though, my promoter put together a fantastic selection to choose from." She lets the sunglasses hang from their decorative strap, smiling beatifically.

The Ainu-Japanese woman's English is ... a little puzzling, with a small touch of a Wild West drawl. She seems comfortable enough speaking though, with little of the hesitancy that normally comes from someone learning a second or third language. "Oh, aren't you a charmer? It's only 'Miss Kawamoto' if you're fine with me calling you 'Mr Stewart.'" She smiles, though her eyes cast over towards Rafferty's water bottle. "It's a small miracle our paths haven't crossed till now."

And then Honoka makes a realization, looking around. "... Hm, I did forget to bring a bottle. I s'pose I'll need to pick something up..." And that's when she takes note of a certain Canadian star, who just so happened to earn money off of fighting her so many ages ago.

She glances back to Rafferty, with an innocent grin on her face. "Hey, do you like music? Have you ever heard of 'Killersaurus Orphanage?'"

"Oh please, call me Rafferty" the California charmer insists. "After all, we're practically best friends, now you know my most closely guarded secret."

His gaze shifts down from her brown eyes, to take in her fashion ensemble again.

"As for the clothes, we all have a little help sometimes. It's not like I styled myself for this shoot" he laughs, tugging at the fabric of his shorts.

"I think I might see if I can keep these though, the tigers are super adorable."

As his currrent companion spots Alexis, Rafferty looks over at the Canadian woman with interest.

"Hm, Killersaurus Orphanage. I can't say I have. Are they big around here? I'm more of a Bowie fan myself, for the music and the looks. Such style" he sighs.

Should Alexis happen to look his way, she too would be rewarded with a flash of his pearly whites.

The brunette does happen to look Rafferty's way, and for his friendliness is rewarded with a sardonic smile accompanied by an extended middle finger. The punk rocker is on a mission, though - presumably looking for the little girls' room. Strangely, she's going the wrong direction, though. The blue-haired tot is gazing after her expectantly, his entire tiny fist stuffed into his mouth along with the bit of baby biscuit he's been allotted.

Soon, the punk disappears amongst the crowd of parkgoers on the north side of the structure - the side housing an enormous and convoluted waterslide that descends down into a massive pool.

The models, in the meanwhile, have been moved to a pair of chaises in the central area to catch some sun rays - while the photographer catches the 'action,' so to speak.

Kawamoto laughs in commisseration. "Rafferty, then. It's so nice to get out into the sun, isn't it? When I'd heard this was a shoot I was terrified it'd be indoors. I'm fine with that, normally, but the lights for photo shoots are so -close-..."

When Rafferty takes to admir her attire again, she sways slightly, the pool float in her arm bobbing just so. She's put a lot of work into maintaining her trim figure, so she's not -shy- per se -- but home-grown humility is baked into her country-girl persona. Thankfully, she's rescued from speaking on said figure when Rafferty mentions the tigers on his shorts. She arches her eyebrow with a grin. "They are rather cute. So ferocious, but still big fluffy cats at heart."

It seems, though, that Honoka momentarily lost track of Alexis. To Rafferty, she shakes her head. "Not as much -lately-, a bit niche. ... I did have a -bit- of a Bowie phase, though. He's got such a good eye for fashion, mm? If it weren't for his pioneering work, we'd never have ended up with Shazna, or L'arc-en-Ciel, or even X Japan..."

Her attention drifts over to the lovely models on their chaises. And the photographers. "... Oh, they've left us alone for a bit." She adjusts her hat. "If you don't mind my asking, how long have you been modeling?" She smiles, her eyes twinkling with charm. "You're something of a natural."

Rafferty holds a hand to his heart, as if he's been wounded, when Alexis responds to his friendly gesture with a rude one.

"Well who's peed in her soda?" he mutters, rolling his eyes. The punk's antics are soon forgotten though, as the subject returns to his favourite one of himself.

"I'm fairly new to modelling actually. I've been doing it just over a year and working in Southtown for the last few months. It's a pretty sweet deal. The agency pay my school fees, as well as lining me up with work."

"This shoot is a pretty cool one, as they go. I like the sun, though I'm factor fiftied up on every single inch of me" he grins, gesturing to his pale skin. "I'm in no hurry to get wrinkles or sun spots."

He watches her sway and laughs at her comment about the tigers, ever the attentive admirer. "I imagine you've done lots of these shoots yourself. You know, with your fame and beauty."

The fedora wearing photographer starts waving at his male model and celebrity guest to attract their attention. "Looks like duty calls" Rafferty comments, nudging Honoka lightly.

"Haha," comments Honoka, "It's adorable." Yes, she's talking about the extended middle finger. "I wouldn't take it too personally. I mean, it could even be -me- she's mad at."

There is a moment of silence, as Honoka realizes she'd never made the connection. "Oh. Well, anyway, that was Alexis, headliner for the band 'Killasaurus Orphanage.' It's more of a punk thing, and well... image can be a package deal, y'know?" Bared shoulders shrug, as if that's all to say on that matter.

"That sounds like a pretty sweet deal," she comments, nodding amiably. For the most part, Honoka keeps her tea-colored eyes fixed upon Rafferty's baby blues, though she occasionally -does- get distracted by other things for a moment or two. "It must be tough, juggling a professional life with an active school life. Pacific, right?"

She seems to agree with the idea of a high SPF -- "... Your skin's everything in this career," she notes, one hand going self-consciously to her cheek. "It's great that you're taking such good care of it."

Though, when Rafferty notes her career, Kawamoto is quick to dismiss the notion with a shake of her head, one that stirs her black-and-pink forelocks into motion. "Oh, no, not me. This is the first actual shoot I've been to in..." She considers for a moment, before dismissively adding, "A long time. I'm more of a performer. And fighter."

She tilts her head towards the direction that they'd last seen Alexis. "Like her. Though I'm far less... =spontaneous= than her." She offers a chuckle, offset slightly by the vinyl of her pool float creaking.

She's happy to start walking upon being nudged. There are other responses she could make, but this one's better for her new 'best friend' as he so kindly suggested. "Gotta earn that pay, I suppose..." she notes with a pleasant smile. "Though, it's been a while for me.... er." She coughs lightly into her hand, her cheeks darkening slightly. "I used to be in a circus, and all our shoots were, um.... in-house. So if you have any pointers, I'd appreciate them."

"Is there a bit of history between you two?" Rafferty wonders, as he starts walking and talking at the same time. Apparently he's not just a pretty face!

"I'm more of a fan of honey than vinegar as a rule, but I suppose attitude can take someone a long way, in the right circumstances."

He's also managing to maintain steady eye contact, as he continues to converse. "Yeah, Pacific and I'm not a natural student, if I'm honest. I still wouldn't swap it though, I'm having a ball" he laughs joyfully. "The kids are mostly cool and the money I'm earning is awesome, so..." He shrugs lightly, a broad smile staying on his handsome face.

"Your skin is exceptional, for the record. I'm surprised you haven't been snapped up for a beauty campaign, let alone a water park photo shoot. I wouldn't think you'd want to risk your looks fighting. I'm not one for it myself." His expression darkens at the very thought, but the sunshine soon returns. "I have been known to perform, when the mood takes me though."

As they reach the Southtown Style snapper, he positions Honoka and Rafferty as he wants them, before starting to set the scene.

"Miss Kawamota is the most important person on this shoot" he explains, producing a filthy look from one of the other female models. "She's the one who our readers are gonna recognise, rather than just being eye candy. Raff, I want you to look at her like an adoring fan, who can't believe he's able to get so close to her. Miss Kawamota, or Honoka if I may, you look like you're used to this kind of attention. Basque in the glory of his gaze. Pose like the superstar you are." Apparently he's been attending the same charm school as his model.

Rafferty doesn't bat a long lashed eyelash at the directions. He moves up close to Honoka, slipping a hand around her waist and then fixing her with a gaze of such intensity and awe that it seems she's the first woman he's ever laid eyes on. It may seem he's a natural, being able to create such emotion on demand, but it's the same look he gives his reflection in the mirror each morning!

"You don't need no pointers" he whispers to his partner in fine. "You've totally got this, babe."

Meanwhile, at the Killersaurus Orphanage table, the debate rages on.

"No, way. You can't just make a 'versus' movie and then suddenly claim that both series are the same series, eh?" Benny the pompadour-haired guitarist says with pure geek outrage.

"Why not? I thought that making the crocodile fight the anaconda was like, the glue that ties their narratives off," Kim the orange-braided bassist responds to Benny's assertion.

Okay, apparently it's a different debate now, raging though it may be.

"Wook! Aunt Wecthi!" the kiddie announces, pointing up at the top of the water slide.

"Looks like Lexi's been working out," Matthew the mohawked drummer remarks, looking up at where the tot is pointing.

"What do you mean - oh, wow," Kim says with a look up and over her shoulder before covering the blue-haired boy's eyes with one hand a moment before a strong breeze (how it got into the building is anyone's guess) blows a white t-shirt with the words 'Official Corporate Whore' on it into Benny's face.

About the same time, a pair of baggy gray women's cargo pants land on the ground near where Honoka and Rafferty have made their way to, while two black boots land nearer the base of the waterslide.

Anyone looking up to see where the suddenly-discarded clothing has come from would be treated to a view of Alexis Lovell down to a black thong and bra combination - one that doesn't look like it's meant to be a swimsuit - having just made a show of stripping down to them. She's just been giving a wave to her 'nephew,' now replaced with sticking her tongue out at Kim when she interrupts their ability to communicate nonverbally.

A member of the lifeguard staff, upon spotting the exhibition, stuffs a whistle between his lips and blows furiously on it, signalling for the Canadian miscreant to get off of the slide. Rather than complying, she flips the lifeguard the bird, then swings herself into the tunnel.


The Canadian anarchist is, it seems, singing nonsense as she's travelling down the slide - and the sound, along with the whistling from the lifeguard, seems to be echoing through the maze of plastic pipe, a loud hum building up as, rather than fading, the sound waves seem to only reverberate all the more.

"What's she doing?" Benny asks as he pulls the shirt off of his face.

"Having fun, I think," Kim replies, staring.

"Oh, no," Benny laments. "The only thing worse than Lexi being sad is Lexi having fun!"

The sound builds and builds, signalling the path of the punk until the noise is loud enough to render her location indistinct. Then, finally, she's spat out into the pool, the sound reaching crescendo before suddenly becoming completely muffled as she drops into the water with a *SPLASH.*

There's near-silence, then a deep, rumbling bass sound that fills the park, and then -


- a noise like one typically hears in blockbuster movies seen in theatre when a dramatic moment is happening, accompanied by a titanic shockwave emanating violently through the pool. Those who don't escape the water in time are swept to the sides as a wave like a tsunami tumbles forward, droplets spraying everywhere. For a brief moment, there's even a trail of empty air like a parting of the seas behind the wave.

And then the wave itself crashes onto the central sunbathing area where the shoot is taking place - even travelling so far south that Kim throws up both arms to protect herself from the spray, causing the blue-haired child to clap his hands and giggle like a maniac as drops of saltwater patter his face and hair.

Benny and Matthew look less pleased with the wettening of their own carefully sculpted coiffures.

Alexis, meanwhile, is left panting for breath, chest heaving as she straightens slowly, the water of the pool reasserting itself around her knees where it was chest-deep before.

"History, yes -- we've met. And fought. ... In costumes, though I'm not sure that helps the explanation much at all." She smiles pleasantly enough, suggesting that any antagonism could easily be one-directional. "Some audiences go wild for an anti-hero, with something to prove and an axe to grind against the 'system'..." She punctuates this by raising her free hand to suggest 'scare quotes.' "It's all well and good, but as you say, honey and vinegar."

Kawamoto flashes an amused grin at the way the photographer seems to be beckoning them to move more quickly, confiding in a low tone, "That's cute and all, but running, in -flip-flops?- I'm not risking my tail for that."

She does seem to be interested in the school though. "Pacific is a fantastic school. My last teammate is likely a classmate of yours... Koto Mukai. I wonder what he's been up to lately."

Though, when Rafferty starts to mention her looks, Honoka does put on a very slight frown. "Well, there's truth in that. I've certainly... risked my appearance for my craft." A hand self-consciously brushes across her thigh. "You're very kind, though, thank you." Her expression brightens considerably, though: "But you only live once, right? And I've planned to live a life without regrets."

And with that, she snaps her fingers -- triggering a small burst of explosions from her fingertips, the motes of light rearranging themselves into the shape of a purple lily.

"I'm determined to leave the world a brighter place than I found it, Rafferty," she notes with a wink and a broad smile.

And now, in front of a bossy director type, Honoka shows her true professionalism. It's aided by the fact that he treats her with top billing -- which she's quick to downplay with her trademark (false) humility, shaking her head with a faint pink blush across her cheeks. "I'll try not to let any of this go to my head," she offers i reply. And -- while she -might- like to refute the claims, to put the models at ease, she abstains -- respecting his vision is an important part of the process, after all!

She beams as Rafferty offers her encouragement. "Thanks." And to the others, she notes with a clap of her hands, "Alright, everyone, let's all do our best!"

She looks down, then at the others. And then she steps forward, taking note of the chaises and the surroundings -- and leans on her mental map of the waterpark as she notes the huge waterslide behind her. There are whistles -- but she ignores them, burying her irritation under the veil of professionalism. She strikes a pose -- classic contraposto, with the pool float around her arm, one hand on her hip, while she lifts the sunglasses -- as if she'd just removed her sunglasses to get a better look at the person taking the photo. She dons a coquettish smile, showing that she's -aware- of the other models, but she's sure the spotlight's on her.

It's a look that could melt hearts.
And it lasts for all of half a second before she hears the sound of a...
Honoka's face tenses, her eyes expressing a sudden, abject horror, even while keeping -something- of that look. ... And then she hears that -other- stuff is starting to break loose. There is time to react to a tsunami, after all -- the impending doom certainly doesn't happen all at -once-.

Honoka glances over her shoulder. Even as the models start to panic. To Rafferty: "It's 'hang ten' we say now, right?"

She then shrugs, and puts her sunglasses on, as she turns back to the photographer.
"Think fast, buddy, you only get one take of this."
And she turns to sit on her pool float, falling back. And just as she would be able to land -- the tsunami of water will be there to catch her. If the photographer is quick enough to snap a shot, he'd capture a look of complete, assured confidence as she winks back to the camera.

Right before -everything- gets swept away in the surf.

"Ah, I don't think I know him" Rafferty responds to Honoka's mention of her teammate. "If he's a jock though, that ain't really my thing." His eyes go wide as she produces the flashy flower, his face lighting up with delight. "Talented as well as beautiful. I'd say you're for sure brightening the world up" he murmurs. Yeah, this guy is for sure honey.

It's not enough to distract him from his purpose though, which is getting the shots to look as awesome as possible. Things seem to be going swimmingly, even the other female models appear to warm to Honoka, as they realise she is acting professionally. The quicker they can make things work, the sooner they get to be off duty and have fun in the water park!

The photographer circles the group, trying to line up the perfect shot. This is the one he plans to have as the centerpiece of the shoot, so it's got to look flawless. He's so focused on his craft, that he fails to notice the impending doom that is heading his way, until the star of his story gives her warning. He panic snaps a picture and then starts to flee the scene, falling over a floating sun lounger on his way. The femme fashion models follow his lead, letting out shrill shrieks. Rafferty, for his part initially seems calm, as the wild wave whooshes towards them. It takes every ounce of will he possesses to hold his pose right till the final second, then he lets it all out, in the form of an ear piercing scream!

His hands move up to cover his ears, as he registers the supersonic sound and then shift to his face, as he realises the damage such a powerful force could do. Any signs of chivalry are gone, as he abandons his new found friend to her fate. He tries to swim against the tide, but it's to no avail. The swimsuited supermodel wannabee is swept away!

It's true that the juggler's senses may have provided her a small advantage in awareness -- but that doesn't mean she has the power to rise above the tsunami or anything. For right after she falls onto the pool float -- she too finds herself covering her ears, no longer able to block out the sound with sheer force of will alone. ... And to block out -Rafferty's- scream as well! The water splashes all over Honoka, crashes into the float, and pushes her up, up, and away!

And as she sails through the air on her float, Honoka is pushed into a quick 180 by the waves -- at which point she's able to get a better look at the -cause- for her predicament.

She flashes the stripped-down punk rocker a glower -- and sticks her tongue out, for there's not much else to do with her hands covering her ears.

And that's when the airborne pool float lands safely upon the top of the snack hut, Honoka landing with a small *whump*.

"I know -someone's- amused..." she offers with a faint grin to no one in particular.

The salty tidal wave sweeps through the park. While it wreaks havoc on make-up jobs, cameras, and hairdos, ultimately, at least no one is seriously hurt - although there are likely more than a few ringing eardrums, and re-balancing the water level in the slide pool may take some doing. The lifeguard is already having to suspend the queue, shutting the slide down for business due to the danger posed by the shallowness of the water at the bottom.

Meanwhile, Alexis struts her way out of the pool with her head held high, dripping from head to toe, a smirk on her lips as she reaches back to wring water out of her undies while they're still on. The amateur cameraman gets a smack in the arm from his girlfriend for his diligence in capturing the moment, though she may thank him later for the hits the clip will later garner for her FightTube story.

"You! Out of the pool!" the lifeguard yells at Alexis, his face reddening. "Pool guests should be wearing appropriate swimwear! And shouldn't be... be splashing the pool everywhere!" he adds, struggling to find the words to describe exactly what Alexis just /did/ and why it's not allowed.

"Already on my way, eh?" Alexis says, casually flipping him the bird with her free hand. The livid lifeguard scowls and starts murmuring darkly into his walkie-talkie, and security staff are already on their way toward the troublemaking Canuck as she pads up the steps and onto the concrete.

"Hey, any of you guys see my pants anywhere?" she asks of the security workers, leaning left and right to try and peer past them.

"Big wata!" the blue-haired kid shouts happily as the Killasaurus crew rise from the drenched table and Kim scoops him up in her arms.

"'Thup, bitteth!" the kid shouts over the carrot-haired woman's shoulder at Rafferty and Honoka as they wash near, holding up a pair of what appear to be devil horns.

Honoka, for her part, has cosmetics that don't wash away in salt water -- so she doesn't look -terribly- put out by the tsunami that washes past. Though she did lose her flip-flops in the process -- not something she seems terribly concerned with.

She grins, standing up from her 'beached' pool float, and then hops down with the float in one arm. With a splash, she lands on the ground level, amused to watch the briny water as it seeks out the nearest available drainage.

"They're over here!" she calls out, pointing to the pair of gray cargo pants, as they sail past a tastefully-decorated garbage receptacle -- not far from one of the lightweight chaises which had gotten carried away with the current as well.

She looks back at the carnage through her tinted lenses, and soon singles out Rafferty. Who seems to be able to swim. "Hey, Rafferty! You need any help over there?"

Somehow Rafferty emerges from the crest of chaos with no injuries. Even his hair is perfectly in place, like he's just stepped out of a salon! He exits the water, doing his best Daniel Craig in Casino Royale impression and closes his eyes, as he shakes himself off, opening them just in time to see the toddler of terror.

"Who is that kid?" he shudders "and why does he have blue hair?"

Hearing Honoka calling out to him through the panicked population, he struts his way over and flashes her a megawatt smile."I'm all good, thanks! Was that the punk babe?" he asks, once he's up beside her, his glance following the direction of the racily robed rebel rouser.

When Rafferty seems to take notice of him, the tot suddenly becomes shy, burying his face in Kim's shoulder, though he still seems to be smiling and giggling.

"Eh? Oh, this is Gordie! He's ours!" Kim says, turning around to face Rafferty and indicating the brown-haired fellow with a side-tilt of her head. "He looks just like Steve, doesn't he? Except for the blue hair. We're gonna put him down for a nap, he gets wound up by Aunt Lexi and her antics."

She quirks her lips, then laughs. "Or more like aunt-ics, eh?"

The others groan.

"At least Lexi kept her underwear on this time," Benny remarks morosely.

Meanwhile, Alexis is just bending down to pick up her waterlogged trousers when the security guards apprehend her and start dragging her off of the premises.

"Hey! At least let me get my pants, asswipe!" the girl shouts as she's manhandled - or lady-handled, in this case, as the male of the guard duo keeps his hands respectfully away from the Canadian.

"Get mah panth, athwipe!" Gordie instructs his father jovially. Steve sighs and shakes his head before smiling at Kim.

Honoka looks Rafferty up and down, her eyes widening as she sees he's... basically unhurt in any way whatsoever. "Wow, I thought for sure I heard someone screaming there. I'm glad you're alright!"

As for the queries, Honoka looks over towards the sound of the indication. Kid with blue hair? Check! "... I haven't the faintest idea," she starts... until she realizes that they're a package deal. And she -has- seen the rest of the band before.

"... His name is Gordie," she explains ex post facto. And she smiles, even as the tide laps away at her ankles.

"And yes -- that was Alexis. And I am not sure if Gordie here is part of the band yet, as he's neither a killasaurus nor an orphan." She gestures to the rest of the band with an open hand. "Here locally, they're known as 'Dino Daycare.'" she states with a barely-repressed grin.

She chooses not to comment on Gordie's -excellent- role model.

"You must be so proud" Rafferty responds to the punk band parents, with what appears to be a sincere smile, though he is an aspiring actor.

The model watches in amusement, as Alexis is escorted from the premises. Several of the braver observers clap the security guards, as they whisk her away.

"Dino Daycare hm? Catchy. I'm glad the kid isn't an extinct species, or without his parents, even if he does seem like a handful."

Reaching into the pocket of his swim shorts, Rafferty produces a bone colored business card, with silver lettering in a Garamond Classico font and hands it to Honoka. Remarkably, like its owner, it shows no signs of water damage or smudging.

"So we can make sure our paths cross again" he smiles at her, his head tilting to the side. The text gives the teen's name and the contact details of his agency. On the back of the card is his personal cell phone number, scrawled in black ball-point pen.

Honoka glances over as Alexis hauled away, scratching her temple. Her hair is... well, a -bit- of a mess from the splashed water, but it doesn't seem to bother her too much. Really, not much -did- bother her. It's just water, after all! Maybe just a little salty.

Whatever the reason, Honoka's sure it'll make for a good story in the magazine. She smiles back at Rafferty, though she does raise an eyebrow at the impeccably unsmudged business card. It's... unusual, but that doesn't stop her from accepting it with both hands like a polite Japanese person. "... Thanks. I'm sure they will." She bows her head to Rafferty -- and to the happy parents.

And then she glances back to the poor photographer. And the other models.
"... Well, I hope this wasn't a complete wash-out for them."

The next edition of Southtown Style is the best selling for years. The perfect photo that the fashion photographer was trying to capture before the flood, was a masterpiece. Not only did his subjects all maintain their pose beautifully, but readers commented there was an extra element of emotion to their expressions, that was sometimes lacking in other shoots. Only those that were present that day, would be likely to recognise this emotion as terror. The whole magazine was given over to the events at the water park. Some of the highlights were a photograph of Alexis angrily flipping the bird to a livid lifeguard and a motion shot of two female models, with the tidal wave veering up behind them. The highest honor though was for the cover star, who was none other than a certain blue haired toddler. A full page image of him holding up devil horns stole the show and the hearts of many fashion fans.

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