Tsinghua - Stranger Danger

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Description: A troubled woman tries to find peace in a Rural, beautiful part of mainland China- However, gets intercepted by a misguided boy. But as it turned out, both of them had something to gain from a fight.

Grandmaster Chao wanted some speciality liqour; And needed someone to get it for him.

Indeed, he sent out the young messenger to the neighbouring village of Zhumuqiao. A small, rural village close to the Góng Estate which Tsinghua calls his home. This village, well, it could very well be described as backwards- Outdated. Far away from many modern conveniences. It has a hobbly train heading to and from Wuxue, the closest city. Located in the Hubei Province.

This particular place features little more then a general, and some specialty stores. Including an excellent brewery! However, the neighbouring sights of nature are downright beautiful. Large stretches of steep mountain and forest alike. A truly serene place.

Tsinghua would have just come out of the brewery holding a white cotton bag weighted down by it's contents. The boy is dressed in a loose robe and dress colored a pure white in it's entirety- It looks a little like someone is cosplaying a character from a martial arts film in ancient China. Even for his environment, he looks distinctly out of place. Catching a fair few glances from the local townspeople, even though they're used to him, and people like him.

He steps into the town's square. Looking to the northwards bamboo forest before starting to walk in that direction.

There was another person out of place here. Venus doesn't look like the traveling type at all. Much less finding her way to such a remote village. Yet here she was, wearing a gray hoodie, hood up, hiding most of her features. Her black jeans, while fitting her better than the hoodie, wouldn't be able to be called tight either. White sneakers, which aren't really white anymore, and black gloves complete her outfit. There was no skin uncovered on her, beside her face. She needed to breath after all

Truth be told, she's looking at nature right now. She looks like someone trying to calm down. Whatever it was, something was unnerving her apparently, as she kept closing and unclosing her hands. She's walking around, getting glances from the people. Especially with how close she is to bump into people, as she truly doesn't look like she's paying attention to her immediate surrounding. Yet at the last second everytime, she dodges people, light on her feet.

She even gets closed to Tsinghua at one point, then sees what he's wearing, and she jumps back, going into a fighting stance. But a few seconds later, she bows her head a little. "I am sorry." She backs away, hitting her gloved fists together. ~Stupid Stupid Stupid. he's not here to fight, he's just doing his thing. Look what you did, that's so you~ Her mind attacking her, she keeps her eyes on him. "Sorry" She repeats again.

Tsinghua turns his head towards the tourist- taking in her features. "That is quite alright."- He responds, talking in english.

However, his narrow, brown eyes narrow further as he inspects closer. Suspicion? Curiosity? It's not entirely clear. "What brings you here, traveller?" the boy asks- before lowering in a quick, yet polite bow. "Forgive my manners. I am Tao Tsinghua. Messenger of the honorable Góng Estate. It is good to meet." A courteous, yet robotic introduction fitting of an agent such as himself.

"We do not get visitors around these parts often, you see."

For a short moment, Venus looks like a deer caught in headlights. ~He's talking to you. Idiot, answer him or something~ She messages around with her fingers and at one point a rather loud pop happens, as her knuckles crack. That seems to bring her to her senses. "Venus De Milo." She brings a smile to her lips, though it never quite reaches her eyes, there is sadness in there, and confusion.

She continues after a short moment. "I travel. I was told this is a very calm and pretty place here. I had to see it. It does not disappoint." ~You're weird.~ ~You talk too much~ ~You're going to make him run away, like everyone else.~ ~You're only good to fight anyway.~ She makes a face, as she tries to get it under control. "It is nice to meet you Tao Tshinghua." She ends up looking away, they were right, she was just being fucking weird.

Tsinghua does pick up on the woman's discomfort- His thin lips form into a polite smile. Trying to make her feel more at ease. "You were told well. Welcome. This is an excellent place. The locals are friendly, and the liqour is good- according to my Master."

"Alcohol is out of the question for me." He itorates- Venus would most likely make the connection, considering his youthful appearance, that he is not of age. "Would you care to walk a short while with me? There is quite the magnificent bamboo forest over north- And I am heading that direction anywho."

It was a woman uncomfortable in her own skin, and with her own demons. Doesn't everyone have some? She did find that young man nice. ~Last time you drank, at least then you were fun!~ "I don't drink, but it is a very pretty places. Well worth coming here." She rocks herself back and forth a bit. ~You could make him drink.~ ~Venus the corruptor!~ ~SHUT UP! All of you.~ She winces slightly a moment. "Is it really? ok if I walk with you?" ~You're just going to embarrass yourself more.~ She still ends up nodding her head. "I would like that if it's ok".

In a way, she looks exhausted. Not to go to bed, but something weighing on her. She moves a little closer to Tao, but not too close. "Have you been around here all your life?" ~That's a stupid question.~ ~That's insulting.~

"I offered, miss De Milo." He returns, with that smile as he starts walking. Tsinghua does not find the question insulting in the slightest. "Yes and no. I am a messenger of the Gong Family. Have you heard of them?" Venus probably has not- it's not that well known of a name outside of these parts. "My noble masters reside over these parts. I live on their grounds, but I do travel a lot for my Duties. Southtown in particular."

"Graciously, I have also been granted the opportunity to combat in various places. Have you heard of the Neo-League, or the current Rising star tournament? I have partaken in those before."

Her face goes back to as normal as it can be for her. "You have." She nods her head, and starts walking with the young man. "I heard the name, but not much more. I do not often mangle with people, except for fighting. That's different." She says softly, but makes a face, thinking that sounds weird. She starts idly scratching her right hand with her left. Good thing she has gloves really. "Do you like travelling?" She finally asks, as she continues to follow him

After another moment, she says. "So you do fight. I have heard of those tournaments, never been in one yet. I fight however." She scratches more. "I am going to be on a Saturday night fight thing. If you heard of that."

"I.." for a moment, he seems to struggle to come to a conclusion- But then, his face returns to the perpetual smile. But something about it feels.. off. "As part of my duties, I am more then happy to travel. It is of the essence to complete my tasks for the Honorable Góng Estate." In a way, a non-answer. "And, I see. I have partaken in one of those before. Though, uhm."

"That fight was an embarrassment, and I would implore you to not search for a recording." He requests, was it a joke, or was he serious? As the two come closer and closer to the edge of the town, buildings becoming ever-more sparse as the first bamboo plants come into view. "There we are."

Venus listens to Tao and then to the voices inside her head, needing to always tell her things. She finally asks. "Are you like a slave." But as soon as that comes out, she recoils a bit. "I.. Not.. so..something I.. I should ask." She stays silent when he explains about his fight. It still takes a moment to answer that, but she feels more normal once she does. "I will not look for it. If I watch something, it's usually epic fights, to learn something. Beside that, any fights I had, losing or winning, I learned something. I hope it also was a learning experience for you, despite the embarrassment.

She looks around when he says they are there, and she gives the most genuine smiles she can. "This is really beautiful, and perfect. Thank you." She takes a deep breath, and some tension leaves her body. The voices quiet in her head as well.

"Excuse me? Of course not."

He exclaims, not quite upset- but a little bothered. "I was brought up for my tasks. It's an honor to work for them- I can only thank them, and humble them with my service. It is only fair." He assure Venus, while a momentary flash of doubt crosses his face.

"You are most correct. I always enjoy my walk home- I am glad to share it with a traveller." But then, something changes in his expression- The smile dims, his face seems to exert more coldness- and the boy looks straight at Venus. And the tone of his next words can only be interpreted as being menacing.

"And yet, a Traveller is nothing more then a stranger."

nods her head, frowning a bit. "Alright, it's an honor. It's not my place to judge." She watches him, a little wary for him, and how it probably felt like she was nasty to him, even if she didn't mean to.

She starts fidgeting in place, holding her arms, like she didn't know where to put her hands. She ends up forcing a smile, when things seems fine again. "It's nice of..." But she then sees his expression change and she jumps back a bit, getting into a stance. Her expression flashing between sadness, and her own precised coldness, like a part inside of her wanted that fight. "Do you invaded? You want to punish me for coming here." She takes a deep breath. "I am sorry." With a look of sadness. "Deal with it" With a harsher look.

"I am under strict Guidance to not trust strangers, ms. De Milo. So tell me."

"Why are you really here?"

As he asks the question, his hand moves to his hip- enveloping the shaft of his walking stick- it rests in his hand, it's silver head pointing downwards towards the forest soil. "Since I have the utmost of trouble believing that you are indeed 'just a traveller'." The earlier shift in his attitude is more then apparent- the smile is gone, he talks and moves with cold efficiency.

"I cannot trust strangers, and there's a stranger near my master's home."

Venus says, "I travel the world, because travelling keeps me calm." She breathes, and hits her fits together. "The only other thing that keeps me sane is fighting." She half sighs, half growls. "I can't fight all the time. I can't fight everyone."

After a moment of silent, she continues. "I can never be close to anyone. You and countless others are proof enough of that" Her eyes get harsh again. "If you want to protect your Master's home..." She frowns. "Sure you're not a slave, but you have a master..." She shakes her head. "I digress, but fight me then. Protect them. Might help both of us." She closes her eyes. "I promise to not make you an embarrassment." She felt it inside, the promise of a fight, and all it did to her. Her senses more alert in that way, she wanted this, wanted this so much, yet, she wish.. She wish that wasn't effect she had on people."

COMBATSYS: Venus has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Venus            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Tsinghua         0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0            Venus

The boy tilts his head- his expression shifting from his coldness to genuine worry for but a moment. Perhaps Venus noticed, perhaps she didn't. It however, doesn't seem to matter. "If that is your choice, then so be it. Ready yourself." His stick rises up- being held next to his head pointing towards the woman as he places his legs both forwards and backwards- A narrow, Low stance.

One hands shoots downwards towards... the ground? The boy seemingly grabs a fistful of earth before lobbing it in front of him. Surprisingly, the earth seems to stick together, and more then that, it freezes in mid air. Hardening into a tight clump before Tsinghua raises up his stick to swipe at the clump twofold. Building up momentum on the frozen object, before it's released. Leaving a chi-infused clump of earth to barrel towards the tourist.

COMBATSYS: Venus dodges Tsinghua's Guding Gen (Hu Qi).

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Tsinghua         1/-------/=======|-------\-------\0            Venus

Venus gets in position, nodding her head. She observes Tsinghua rather intensely, to see what he's going to do. She gets surprised at what he can. For her, it's not everyday she sees Earth behaving like this.She doesn't let herself stay in the way however. As if she was fully ready for this, she spins out of the way, keeping her balance nicely.

"Something is odd about you, not quite sure what yet, but I will learn things." She almost seems to glide to his left side as she moves there, and then she punches toward that side, with a straight punch

COMBATSYS: Venus successfully hits Tsinghua with Side effect.
- Power hit! -

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Tsinghua         1/-------/=======|=------\-------\0            Venus

A dodge, a shift, and a punch. A /hard/ punch. A punch hard enough to Sock Tsinghua's temple as he is forced to stumble backwards- His head spinning as pain, and confusion sets in. He keeps standing but- His legs, his legs are shaky. That punch seemed to have a profound impact on his balance and overall energy. But, a little surprisingly, he barely seems to respond. Just steeling himself and watching over Venus with his narrow eyes- Doing his own observing as he tries to get a grip on his dodgy opponent.

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua calculates his next move.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Tsinghua         1/-------/=======|=------\-------\0            Venus

She seems surprised how well he takes the hit, and then he observes her. One might think she should press her advantage, but instead she jumps back, and observes him as well. See if she has missed anything she would have missed at first glance, but could see right now. She wasn't one to usually just plow through.

"You're special." She let out of her mouth. Neither a compliment, or an insult, just an observation.

COMBATSYS: Venus focuses on her next action.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Tsinghua         1/-------/=======|=------\-------\0            Venus

Thankfully, a moment to breath for the boy. And one that was very needed, that one punch already got him winded. He stays silent still, getting slightly closer to venus with a quick dash as he spins around- palms facing eachother in his side. In between them? A whirling mass of wooden splinters, violently twisting around with a noticable lack of control. At the end of the spin, Tsinghua opens his palms towards Venus, leaving a wide flury of small, sharp wood to pepper her- and her immedeate vicinity. The induvidual spikes almost seem to home towards Venus, ever-so-slightly.

COMBATSYS: Venus dodges Tsinghua's Mubo Shi Bei Jian.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Tsinghua         1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0            Venus

Venus' eyes open wider when she sees him come closer, not because of the young man himself, but he has wood splinters in between his hands, and she really didn't want to get hit by that, truth be told. But then again who would. She keeps her eyes focus on them, concentrating, and when the inevitable happens, and he sends them toward her, she starts to twist and move her body around. Her leg up, her head down, a little spin, a roll. Strangely, none actually damaged her, though a few might have been in her clothes. She simply didn't bother to check at the moment, instead she rolled up to him, and reached for his ankle, to grab them and pulls him off his feet. If she manages that, she then gets up and kicks his head. Her body was shaking a bit while doing that, presumably because of adrenaline.

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua blocks Venus' Take a nap.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Tsinghua         1/------=/=======|==-----\-------\0            Venus

Venus janks at his ankle painfully- And he does stumble, but not fall. When the kick comes, he puts his stick in the way, contesting it with his own power- before pushing it away. The strain transfered to his upper arms. The boy holds his stick tight- holding it out straight before swiping it horizontally in a swing that's able to cover a significant area.

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua successfully hits Venus with Random Strike.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Tsinghua         1/-----==/=======|====---\-------\0            Venus

Venus tries to jump higher than the stick to dodge it completely, but instead, it catches her legs, flips her and she falls on her back with an exhale as it makes the air come out of her.

She doesn't stay down long however, she takes her breath back and she rolls back on her feet toward him, using that momentum to kick at him. Not flashy, not great, simply a straight forward move.

COMBATSYS: Venus successfully hits Tsinghua with Medium Kick.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Tsinghua         1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0            Venus

The straight kick comes faster then expected, and while he attempts to intercept it with his weapon- it instead catches him square in the stomach. Tsinghua keels over in pain. "Gah!"

There's a feeling in the air. Something big is coming.

The feeling of chi, being pulled from the bamboo trees all around him. All heading into his palm as it's pulled deeply in the boy's side, building up power for /some/ sort of attack. And eventually, when he's finished- He lunges towards Venus with that chi-infused palm-

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua successfully hits Venus with Closing Letter of Fate, Destiny Conclusion.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/-----==|=======\====---\1            Venus

-And when it connects, it does so spectacularly. From Tsinghua's palm, a sapling forms that rapidly starts expanding itself- Pushing outwards as it forks and twists into varying branches, the main trunk slamming into Venus to push her away until it stops growing, the large tree now sticking out of his palm- before it turns transparent and fades into nothingness.

Venus should have been fast enough. She really should have, but no, she wasn't. The palm hits her scare in the chest, and the tree pushes her away so hard as she flies in the air, and falls down onto her stomach. That certainly would be a learning experience for her. She was whispering something to herself. "Get up dumb bitch, come on, get up." She squeezes her fist tightly, and even with difficulties she gets up.

She seems pissed once she is up, truth be told, she was pissed at herself, not at him, but it might be hard to tell from his perspective. She moves back toward him. Takes left, takes a right, then jumps forward to be in front of him. She aims a punch at his right temple, letting the anger be in her fists.

COMBATSYS: Venus successfully hits Tsinghua with Accelerated pain.
Grazing Hit

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0            Venus

Venus punches left, then right, always in the temples, alternating, left and right, picking up speed as she does, until she finishes with an open palm toward his heart, screaming as she does so.

Tsinghua attempts to dodge, but is only marginally successful. He had adapted to Venus's motions enough to understand the trajectory of her punches- Being able to shift his head around so that the blows graze off with a little less force then they might otherwise inflict. The same counts for that final palm, as he turns to the side in tandem with the blow- making it slip- And shoot past him, but nontheless with signifant hurt. The blows to the temple specifically really dazed the boy.

Is that fear, in his eyes? Fear of not actually wanting to fight?

It seems very clear for a moment, if Venus is paying attention to his guise. Yet, a few seconds later it turns cold again as as stows the cane in his hip-sheath. Before stepping towards Venus with one, large motion. His hands holding one another as he pushes one elbow into her with a concentrated *thrust*.

COMBATSYS: Venus dodges Tsinghua's Power Strike.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/----===|=------\-------\0            Venus

Venus seems to expect that strike, and she moves just enough to be out of the way of his elbow, and as quickly as she did that, she puts her foot behind him, and tries to throw him down to the ground, by pushing him with force.

As the fight goes on, she seems to get more into it, as if to a point she enjoyed giving pain. She was different to the girl she was before the fight.

COMBATSYS: Venus successfully hits Tsinghua with Medium Throw.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/----===|=------\-------\0            Venus

Tsinghua's haziness makes it so he doesn't- or can't react in time. It seems that he tries to make the slightest motion to escape- but fruitlessly as he trips over her leg before painfully getting pushed into the (thankfully soft) forest ground. His once flawlessly white Hanfu darkening with earth and dampness.

He lays still for longer then before, but does get up- attempting to strike her with with a cane-uppercut while he pulls it free from his waist.

COMBATSYS: Venus dodges Tsinghua's Fierce Strike.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0            Venus

She wasn't the cleanest right now either, but that didn't stop her from bending backward slight to dodge that stick uppercut. As it is, she only feels the air as it passes her by. As she comes back she uses that momentum and screams, as she gives a punch toward his sternum. She wanted to hurt him right now. It wasn't done yet, she needed to give pain.

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua dodges Venus' Fierce Punch.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0            Venus

Tsinghua turns his whole body to the side, leaving that big punch to pass by him narrowly while he prepares his own offence once again. He puts his palms together- Almost meditating. The stick being balanced on both tumbs as they're stretched out, pointing towards Tsinghua. A sphere of energy seems to surround him for a moment, before a sudden shockwave of lightly visible, formless chi explodes towards Venus!

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua successfully hits Venus with Dong Gen (Xiru).

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0            Venus

Not to sure of what was suppose to happen, she moves to get out of the wall of the sphere of energy, only for it to explode, sending up, and then crashing down, getting her dirty again. She screams, and she refuses to stay down however, as after a moment, she pushes herself back up. She is the worse for wear though, she's feeling the effects of the fight, not as fast as she would want to be.

But she goes back toward him, grabbing his head. She then jumps. If she has her way, she slams her left knee, and then her right knee into his jaw, before landing back onto her feet.

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua blocks Venus' One, Tow, Take a knee or two!.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0            Venus

His small head gets grabbed, but his hands move to intercept the knees. They make contact with his open palms, blocking them with a muffled /thump/. Even so, Tsinghua looks very, very weak. As if it'll be but another breeze for him to fall. Fear. More Fear in his face. But /only/ a hint in his face, as he moves with the same surgical precision that tells a wholly different story. Another cane-uppercut, yet a much more explosive one this time around. He crouches lower, his arm goes higher, and the cane flies faster and with more force.

COMBATSYS: Venus narrowly escapes Tsinghua's Zhongzi Mucai!

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0            Venus

looks tired at well. It looks like that last uppercut would hit her, but somewhat, she moves just enough to the side, for the uppercut to miss. Hell, from some angles if viewers were around, it would have looked like it hit her. But it doesn't, and she's up, on his side, and she aims a quick kick into his stomach, if she has her way.

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua dodges Venus' Light Kick.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0            Venus

"Ya?!" He exclaims in surprise, as his stick whiffs past oh so narrowly. Venus kick in return? He manages to spin to the side in the nick of time, her foot actually making contact with his loose dress. After the evading spin- Another spin, this time in a backwards flip as he kicks upwards... But not towards Venus.

In tandem with his motion, a shaft wood sprouts from the ground to rise up- Homing in towards Venus in a attempt to collide with her stomach. It would keep chasing, and chasing her- Only some 4 seconds later finally dissapating as Tsinghua is left at a greater distance from Venus. "I Implore you to be defeated! My master wills it so!" A ridiculous request, but one he makes in utter seriousness.

COMBATSYS: Venus dodges Tsinghua's Yajun Bang.

[                          \\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0            Venus

It seems the request as silly as it might have been fell into deaf ears, as she runs, the root coming after. At one point it gets really close, but she uses to a tree, to run up, and then flip backward behind the root, watching it disappear. She looks surprised for a split second having managed that, but she did.

She turns around. "You want it to stop then go down!!" She runs toward him, and then jumps in the air, aiming a punch at his head as she comes down. If that works, she keeps punching, over and over, several time, like someone's possessed.

COMBATSYS: Venus successfully hits Tsinghua with Multiple punches.

[                             \  < >  ////////                      ]
Tsinghua         0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0            Venus

"N-No, This isn't-"

And there it is, the fear has moved from his expression into his voice- right before the woman jumps up, and unleashes that fierce barrage of strikes onto Tsinghua's head. Staggering, and staggering back. Going down, but..

"I can't.. dissapoint them again. I don't want to."

And with that final, fearful exclamation- he strikes. Strikes a chi-infused palm towards Venus as he crumples to the ground- Unable to move anything more, while his head becomes more and more hazy. "No.. no.."

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Venus            0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Venus dodges Tsinghua's Shou Tui.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Venus            0/-------/-======|

Venus dodges that palm strikes, then it seems like she's going to hit again. Her eyes shows she really wants to, but she grabs her left wrist, and holds herself back. "No, it's done." She moves back. "You only fail if you learned nothing from this." She takes a deep breath. "I am sorry." She kept trying to calm down, more and more. Part of her wanting more blood, but it was done.

COMBATSYS: Venus has ended the fight here.

"Not- Again. It's- It's not fair. They- They'll get mad again." In the last moments before he loses conciousness-

There it is again. That energy.

The same energy that surged through him in that 'embarrassing' SNF Match. Earth. The earth rumbles as he lies down upon it, shaking aggressively as it wants to find a release- a target. It ripples around Tsinghua like a wave, yet he is too spend to make us of the sudden flare. "No... no.."

And just like that, the boy's consciousness snaps to a close- Leaving him to lay defenseless on the ground.

Defeated, yet again.

"I am sorry." She says once again, and she sits on the ground. One part of her didn't want to leave him defenseless, and beside the surrounding nature was really beautiful. It would help calm her down.

After a few moment she speaks again. "I hope I am allowed to just chill. I did come here to see something beautiful." She's aware she's speaking to someone who is unconscious. It was easier to talk this way however. Just was a shitty way to get answers though, and getting people unconscious didn't make friends usually. It was her lot, she was no friends. Just a traveling warrior, trying to be normal...

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