Mitsuru - When Daisuke Made Mitsuru Cry

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Description: Daisuke, the savage street thug with an equally savage tongue, not only ruins Mitsuru's day by fighting people she wanted to fight, but also made her cry. Seriously. He went an just hurt Mitsuru's feelings. What took the combined efforts of the awful demoness Lyraelle and the cruel Heihachi months of work to pull off, Daisuke spat out in literally one monologue.


It's a bit of an unusual sight. See, Daisuke had chosen, today, to try a slightly different tactic when he found himself walking upon a bunch of color-gangers attempting to mug someone... again. If only to try and prevent himself from getting immediately pummeled while still providing an escape route to the original victims. Turns out pissing the lot off works pretty well, too!

...Unfortunately, he did not plan ahead much further than that.

For see, it is now that the red-haired teenager in an unbuttoned light-gray-and-black jacket reminiscient of a certain school's uniform finds himself running across the streets of Southtown, with four punks in dark-blue vests and bandannas chasing after him.

In a quick bid of trying to shake his pursuers off, Daisuke makes a quick turn into an alleyway... only to find much too late that rather than the alley cutting through the buildings properly, it instead leads to a dead end.


In another quick display of wits, though the Taiyo student quickly reaches to grab the metal lid of a nearby trashacan (how convenient that those are still a thing in some places in Southtown!), spins himself around and sends the lid flying down the alley like a frisbee.

A big, metal frisbee that reaches the corner of the alley just as one of the punks rounds it, to sock him RIGHT in the teeth with enough force to knock him over... and probably give him a pretty urgent need to see a dentist, for that matter.

But that still leaves three other very angry gangers closing in to corner him, and no other improvisable weaponry in sight. Welp.

"THis is dangerous, MItsuru."

THe chubby, short girl squeaks as she follows behind the thin, lanky muscled girl in the banchou outfit. Next to her was an even shorter and skinnier girl, with big eyes and a small mouth. ALl three of the girls were dressed in her own banchou outfit, dressed in slacks and sandals and a long black jacket. They would almost be gangsters; that is, if the two others weren't looking so scared. "THis is really dangerous, and I don't want to be part-" "We're not going to fight anyone." Mitsuru declares, as she strides down the alleyway where three gangsters were cornering the poor boy. "I'm just going out for a walk, and-" The chubby girl lets out a strained moan as she saw the men and Daisuke. Fear, real fear. THe littlest one gives the tiniest squeak, before crossing her knees. But Mitsuru?

Mitsuru looked -really- excited.

She gives a squeak of a giggle, before turning it into a growl. "Stand behind me girls." SHe declares as the chubby girl moans. "YOU SAID THERE WOULD BE NO FIGHTING!" She whines as the little girl manages to hide perfectly behind the bigger one. Mitsuru crosses her arm, chewing on her stalk of straw. "Yare yare daze." SHe snarls, looking down at the gangsters. "Have you ever seen so many pri- punks Asuka?" She shakes her head. "You three better help your buddy, before you make me real ticked off." She rolls her neck, cracking it loudly as she loosens her jacket. Her bindings are revealed across her chest... with the ooze of dried blood right across it. She seems to be imagining that she looked extremely tough as she exposed her undergarments, before she shakes a fist at one of them.

"Maybe I need to teach one of you jerk about this Kabedon trick I learned, you understand me?!"

The appearance of the three... banchou girls appears to confuse not only the three remaining punks, but also the boy they were chasing, what with all four of them staring quietly at the collection of them - Mitsuru in particular - in silence. It's a few seconds that passes after Mitsuru's threat, too, before...

"Oi, what's with this weird flat girl?"

The conspirational whisper is meant from the tallest of the blue-clad gangers to his compatriots, but it carries unfortunately well through to everyone present, still.

"I dunno... she definitely ain't my type though."

"None of them are."

"They might have money, though?"

"Yeah, may-"

Amidst their little exchange, the thugs don't appear to notice the rapid sound of feet beating along the curb -- until the one standing in the middle of the lot suddenly get struck hard by two feet diving through the air to be sent stumbling over -- not quite falling down but uncontrollably wobbling towards Mitsuru.

And before Daisuke can even fully fall to the ground from that sudden diving kick, he yells out, "GET OUT OF HERE!"

Stupid boys with their hero fantasies.

The redhead doesn't have enough control of his own momentum to land down in any way that isn't entirely ungraceful, and he even grunts with the impact of his body down on the ground-- only to receive a vicious kick right into his stomach that sends him across the ground all the way to smacking against a wall lining the alleyway.

"Little shit--!" The punk that delivered the debilitating kick growls out. "Don't think we forgot about you! Sit there for a minute!"

To be fair, Mitsuru wasn't much better.

As they called her a weird flat chick, her posture loosens. Jaw tightening into a grimace, her whole body tightens up. Her friends weren't hiding behind her now. And worse, before she can say anything, the actual weirdo she was going to rescue was now taking away her thunder? She stamps her foot as a thug kicks him. "YOU IDIOTS! DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?!?!?"

And she jumps.

Flailing her arms like she was throwing a tantrum, she flings out shimmering balls of silvery energy, bombarding all around the alleyway with a barrage. She wasn't actually aiming too well, and she was probably just as likely to hit the gangsters as she was the redhead. Or was that the other way around? Landing back down, her two companions were quivering behind a dumpster, shutting their eyes tight.


"...Are we supposed to?" Asks the one thug who isn't caught up in either levelling kicks at Daisuke or recovering from the divekick he'd just received to the back.

... He never really probably gets that question answered to him properly, beyond 'some girl who can fling balls of energy'. But then, in that instant, that's really all he needs to know, anyway.

Not that that knowledge helps him escape the assault of energy bolts, regardless. They rain upon the alley, creating little craters on the curb and bringing dust rising up. Like hail, they pummel all three of the thugs and send them flying down along the alley into limp piles of limbs.

And Daisuke? After his assaulter has been knocked away by the energy, he maanges to settle his coughs of pain just enough to rise up to one knee... just in time to be pelted on the side of his face by another orb and knocked down by it.


Mitsuru flexes an arm as the aftermath scares them away. "Did you see that girls!" The teenager brags eagerly, snickers as she sends those dudes tumbling over each other. She actually jabs at the air, unaware or uncaring that she just blasted the person she was trying to help? Was she trying to help him? The two girls didn't want to come out from behind the dumpster. "That's how STRONG I am! Beating up thugs in the alleyways! That's what they do at Gedo Street all the time you know. But I'm better than them!"
R"That's why I should have WON my stupid Rising Star match!"

Mitsuru's joy fades as she breaks into seething frustration. She stomps her feet as she heads towards the downed Daisuke. "That stupid cheating Blazing Panther! STUPID CHEATING WINS BY DECISION! WHY CAN'T I WIN BY DECISION!?!!" Silver energy floods in her arms, as she seems to be ready to pull apart the downed Daisuke like a roast chicken. The tiniest girl pipes up, trying to save the redhead at the last minute. "But Kaicho said you didn't do anything to prepare for your opponent, that's why you lost!" "Yeah, if you had just come to the club, she had a strategy and everything for Blazing Panther!"


Mitsuru howls as she reaches down to grab the red haired boy to lift him back up on his feet. "Oi! You! I saved your life! You better be grateful!" She growls, still angry and sore. "I'm Mitsuru! You better tell me your name, because I'm not going to let you be stuck here! Dorks like you can get kidnapped!" She might be shaking Daisuke if he doesn't resist enough, the anger about the Rising Star still lingering. "Why were these jerks after you anyways? You're not some kind of thief or..." Her arms and legs tense up in rage.

"Or some MONSTER GIRL LOVER, are you!?!"

Between the pummeling he received from the thugs, and the bolt of energy he got smacked with as collateral damage, Daisuke's... not exactly in a huge hurry to get himself back up on his feet. Or is it that he's not really able to? Either way, it certainly leaves him on the ground, groaning, long enough for Mitsuru to make her way all the way to him before he's even able to react.

He can hear some words, though. Rising STar? She's talking about Blazing Panther, she soudns angr-


Caught, assumably, by the collar of his shirt, the redhead's brought up, and he finds himself staring with widened eyes at Mitsuru. Oh. OH. She knows that face! That's--


The inevitable shaking jostles him and keeps him from giving any kind of protest right away, but finally, he does manage to utter out--

"W-...why m-monster girls?!"

Bright green eyes blink rapidly at her. The realization of the lingering anger in her fully hits him, and he quickly adds in, "A-aah, I just-- I just cut in when they tried t-t-to harrass some girls down the street! They were gonna kidnap them or something!"

He can worry about all those things she said about the Blazing Panther later, right now he needs to just hope he can provide satisfying enough explanation for his *current* situation to prevent another case of collateral damage.


She almost screams at him, and Mitsuru instead snarls. "You know, like that awful awful Lyraelle lady with the lash!" Mitsuru explains, as she tightens her grip. "Monsters girls are the worst! They are Darkstalkers that steal the hearts of men! ANd dumb boys like you! I bet if some foxgirl with fluffy tails tried something like this to you!" Mitsuru shoves him against the wall, pinning him there slightly. "You'd be all ooey and gooey about it until she ate your LIVER! But no, you aren't one of those dumb horny boys who go goo goo gaa gaa over a pair of scaly thighs and fangs!" And she actually releases him.

"Yare yare daze, you think some dweeb like is some kind of hero!?"

Mitsuru sizes up the redhead. Something looked familiar about him, as the two girls -also- were looking at him. "Did you save them already!?!" Mitsuru asks directly. The littlest girl squeaks up. "Oh! Thank you! You are a hero!" And Asuka adds in. "Yes can we go now Mitsuru there might be more of them!" But Mitsuru wasn't interested in that. She slams both of her hands hard into the wall, cornering and trapping Daisuke as she stares straight into his eyes. "Well come on! Admit it! You're some do gooder from a rival school! What school are you? Gorin? PAcific? Gedo!?!?!" She actually seemed excited about the last one, wiggling her hips before the scowl comes. She digs her nails into the brick wall of the alleyway.

"You better not tell me you are from Taiyo High!!!"

"How would I even know a foxg-GUH!"

The protest is cut short by him getting pushed up against the wall, and for a good moment, he's just left there to... stare at her silently. Letting her run through her tirade.

At least until the questions come.

"O-oh, I, uh... they ran away, so..." He offers in explanation, only to let out a little yelp of surprise when Mitsuru's hands slam to the wall on either side of him, and he finds himself instinctively backing up against it all over again.

"W-w-why is it bad for me to be from Taiyo?!" He asks, with some color subtly fading away from his face.

And when he admitted it?


"I KNEW IT!" Mitsuru says in a very lady like way as she pulls away, stomping her feet furiously. "Those Taiyo High losers are always going around helping people! Always being heroes and not staying in their side of the city! I could have saved those girls, and can you imagine how they would have reacted?" She turns back over to her friends. "I said, CAN YOU IMAGINE. HOW. THEY WOULD HAVE. REACTED."

The girls gasp and quickly roleplay.

"Oh Mitsuru you are so big and strong!" Asuka says, as the littlest one adds to it. "Wow you definately saved us from being kidnapped or worst, molested!" Mitsuru scowls at them, and looks back at Daisuke. "So it's BAD, you fluffy tail petting freak, because it means that you are being so hot blooded and burning guts about helping people, that there are none left for me!" Mitsuru throws up her fists, almost glowing in rage. "I ought to be punching you to pieces right now, for having the audicity for meddling in my territory!" Mitsuru holds back, and snorts. There was a wicked bullying gleam in her eye now.

"But you look like you are going to pee your pants, cause you are so scared of how much of a tough girl I am!"

The redhead flinches visibly from the sudden ear-piercing scream! But when Mitsuru does pull away for the moment, he doesn't try to make his escape. Not just because that would, obviously, make things just that much worse for him.

But no, he does watch her. Watch the wayh er friends react with her, and he frowns ever-so-subtly, head cocking sidelong subtly in a further gesture of curiousity.

And once she's adressing him again... those green eyes of his look straight at her. Into her own eyes.

Strange. Wasn't there someone else with eyes that bright...?

"But," he says then, much more calmly now. "You did save me."

Something clicks in her head.

That red hair. That build, that stance. Little details, that was growing more and more obvious. Even the voice was a tell, and the littlest of the ladies was now whispering to Asuka. As they nod, Mitsuru tenses her jaw, as the boy tells her that she saved his life. "Yare yare daze! So what? Are you gonna give me a kiss as a reward? Gross!" But she looks into those eyes, and it clicks. "What a minute- I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!" She thrusts a finger at Daisuke.
"You're one of Lyraelle's simping minions, aren't you!"

The littlest lady facepalms as Mitsuru looks the redhead up and down. But Mitsuru seemed ready to explode. "I KNEW IT! This was a set up! YOU ARE JUST TRYING TO LURE ME IN A TRAP! You'd be all like 'oh Mitsuru you saved me here come with me to behind this dumpster and I will let you have your reward my queen!' JUST LIKE IN ONE OF THOSE DISGUSTING JOJO STORIES WITH JOTARO AND KAKYOIN! Well I know that not even Taiyu High boys lay eggs, only freaky Darkstalker boys! And if you are one of her beastly little freaks, then there is an easy way to figure out! And that's if you have a tail! Turn around, and take off your pants!" Mitsuru flashes with silver energy, her brow furrowed furiously at the boy in the alleyway.


Oh no. She does recognize him afterall. Daisuke winces and prepares fo-


Oh. That weird demon lady that all the other guys at school seem crazy about for some reason.


Daisuke's eyes just keep getting wider and wider, somehow, with every little thing htat comes out of her mouth. But what really reaches the apex is that... that *demand*.


Daisuke's face quickly turns just as red as his hair, but he doesn't back down now. What he does do is yell right back at her!

"Like I would ever want to kiss an uppity bully like you!!" He shoots right back at her, complete with an accusatory finger-point! "A cosplaying bully at that!! Would Jotaro act like this, huh?! Like some, some-- dumb no-brain entitled princess?! Look at you you're even dragging those two into this!! AND!!"

HE actually takes a step forward now! He might still be blushing fiercely, but that doesn't stop him from leaning in for the continued accusations. "And who just goes around telling boys in alleyways to drop their pants?! WIth such a dumb excuse too! WHAT KIND OF WEIRD PERVERT ARE YOU?!"

Mitsuru was expecting Daisuke to be squirming like a worm at the end of a hook.

So when Daisuke actually stands up at her about how he would never kiss an uppity bully like her? It was like Daisuke had taken a baseball bat, and slammed it straight into her gut. The teenager's eyes bug out, as that smug smile fades. When he mentions the Jotaro stuff, she almost could get her composure back with RAGE. But the comment about calling her a dumb, no-brain entitled princess? She even manages to ball her hands into fists. But the coup de grace was calling her a weird pervert. Her whole body tenses up as she shuts her eyes. Her face was trembling, and then.

Her arms go limp.

Mitsuru doesn't open her eyes, but she lowers them as she turns away. Her trembling expression doesn't change as she starts to walk away, walking past her two friends. "... Mitsuru?" Asuka asks, as Mitsuru storms out of the alleyway. "We're going back to the school! We're done." Mitsuru says with a stilted tone. Asuka covers her mouth, gasping. Being so short, the duo could look up at Mitsuru and... No. Asuka shakes her head. "Is she-" But the little one nods her head solemnly, as she looks towards her chubby counterpart.

"She's -crying-, Asuka."

The two girls look at Daisuke, and immediately is at him. Asuka's whole round face was squished into a gaze of utter disgust and outrage, her lips furiously pursed at she glares. She was scowling at Daisuke, nose turned up. "She saves your life, and you go and make her cry!? She's had a very hard time..." She tut tut tuts, shaking her head. It was a pretty bad expression.

But the face the littlest one was making.

The way she was -looking- at Daisuke. The way she was just looking at him, the expression she was making when she realized that it was the words that the red haired boy said that made Mitsuru cry? About how clearly she recognized that those words were words that he made the conscious decision to make, the words that were his sole responsibility! That face she was making at Daisuke?

It was best to leave that to the imagination.

Truth be told, Daisuke himself was not expecting himself to react like this. So in turn, he had no idea what he was expecting Mitsuru, in turn, to respond with...

tBut this was definitely not it.


The realization of what exactly has come to pass hits him before the Tokugawa Banchou's min-- companions spell it out, and Daisuke's own shoulders and arms slump visibly with it. No matter how justified he might have potentially been in saying some of the things, he... still feels guilty. He didn't want to make someone cry.

Asuka's accusations don't help matters at all, and before the smaller girl besides her can say anything, the red-haired Taiyo student is already off, pushing past the two girls to roudn the corner, and--


The boy jogs after with just enough speed to catch up, and slows down again with his approach, face flustered with some color and eyes... not quite managing to look straight at her back.

"Wait, I... I, uh..."

"Wait! Come back here!"

Asuka calls out as Daisuke escapes, rounding the corner. Mitsuru wasn't that far. In fact, she was leaning against a lightpole, hugging herself. She seemed kind of limp.

Until Daisuke calls out.

Her posture straightens immediately. Her body language tenses up. And then, she turns around. Her face was very red and wet, and her eyes very puffy. And her lips were curled up in a nasty sneer. "YOU!" She snarls as she strides forward. Asuka and the smaller emerge from the alleyway, but it was too late. Mitsuru was surging back at Daisuke, almost blinded. "LEAVE ME ALONE YOU BAKA!!!!!!" She repeats again as she suddenly lunges back at Daisuke, drawing her leg back into a wind up, before unleashing a massive punt.

Aiming it squarely between Daisuke's legs.

Oh god. The sight of her like that just makes Daisuke's heart sink even further, and he continues his approach even against the warning calls from Asuka behind him.

"H-hey, I'm..." He starts, only to find the girl stomping angrily towards him. His posture quickly stiffens up and he holds two hands up in front of him!

"W-w-w-wait, I just wanted to ap--"

But she's already lunging in. And he notices the direction of that winding leg just too late.



The impact made, the red-headed boy's body is left effectively frozen in time for a few seconds with his eyes bulging out from the truly indescribable pain that must be running through his body. And when Mitsuru makes her predictably turn away from him... he promptly collapses onto the street, groaning in pain in a completely useless, limp pile of oh-god-the-pain.

Mitsuru looks at the boy, giving a singular, pathetic sniffle.

Before turning away, trying to pretend she isn't crying.

Asuka and the smol one are there to help Daisuke up. They are... well Asuka looks to be a little more forgiving now than the perpetually unforgiving counterpart. "I'm sorry, Mitsuru is- well she's very sensitive Sometimes." She apologizes. "She's had a very hard time, and well, we thought that maybe if we let her go out a bit, and we keep with her, she would feel a lot better. She's been kidnapped and hurt, and-"

"And you're the Blazing Panther, aren't you."

THe smol one interrupts Asuka, who looks shocked. "Blazing Panther? Him? No way Rei, he's way too weak and wimpy! No offense!" She quickly adds to Daisuke. But Rei shakes her head, still giving that unspeakable stare at the boy. "It is, he has the hair and the body shape, and the way he breaths is the same." Asuka rolls her eyes, as Rei leans in. "Tell the truth." Rei states coldly.

Leaning in to Daisuke's face.

Daisuke certainly needs the help after that. And even after the two girls have managed to bring the boy up to his feet, he's still wobbly, and his eyes are glazed over. For very much understandable reasons, hopefully.

"Wh-..." He does manage to blink his eyes slowly at Asuka. "What do you mean she's-...?"

But Rei interrupts with that armor piercing question. Daisuke even winces visibly. It's Asuka who ends up making the first rebuke to that theory, though, and he finds himself muttering, "... none taken..." to her.

But it's Rei he stares at. His lips purse and crimson brows knit together, and he mutters, "Don't be ridicilous..." just before she comes leaning in to the point he's forced to turning his face away.

"...The truth..." he sighs out. "...The truth is I'm sorry, okay?"

Rei doesn't seem sastified with that answer.

"We want Mitsuru to be our friend again." She says softly in a teeny tiny voice. "She's not acting normal anymore." Asuka adds. "More not normal. Kaicho's doing her thing and she thinks she has a way to make her go back to normal, but... I think Mitsuru just needs get out more!" Asuka was trying to be nice about it. But not Rei. Rei was shaking her head now, not pulling away. "Not good enough. I don't care if you are sorry." And she points after the distant, brooding Mitsuru that was still at a brisk pace far down the street.

"You need to make her feel like your sorry."

"You are going to apologize to her. Like a boyfriend who cheated on her. Flowers, gifts, pleading and begging. And if you don't." "I'll tell her that you are Blazing Panther. You can lie or whatever, but she trusts me more than you. If you think she hates you now because you called her an unkissable pervert and a princess?" Rei shakes her head, as she begins to walk away from Daisuke back towards Seijyun High.

"Think about how much worse when she thinks you stole her win away from her."


The further insight on Mitsuru's situation as provided by these two hurts, honestly, more than the threat of getting his secret identity revealed (even if he still refuses to admit to such a thing to these two).

Head drawn slightly down, and the hair of his that usually is messy to begin with, now mussed up further ends up sliding to concealing his eyes underneath the shade of red locks.

The boy falls into silence, with little more to offer, at first, than to just stand there in shame while Mitsuru's friends turn to walk away.

"...Hey, uh..." He manages to eventually get out, and his posture straightens up some so he can look back after them before they're out of hearing distance.

"...What kind of food does she like?"

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