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Description: Slayer makes an appearance at The Gold Room, Velvet's 'private' club in Southtown for Darkstalkers and the like.

The Gold Lounge is a semi-secret club and cabaret place hidden in the heart of Southtown's old theater district, or red light district, depending on what you prefer to call it. Kabuchi-cho was the old name for it that stuck. Of course, that doesn't mean that there aren't legitimate places here, it does however mean there's a lot more neon signs and teeming with life. The exact alley the Gold Lounge is located down doesn't look very lively, however that's by design--once down it, those of the Darkstalker or magical persuasion would notice a naugahyde-clad door with a gold leaf painted handle, with a slat in it--like an old '20s speakeasy.

Entering would find the place was a combination of oppulance and classy gentleman's club chic and makeshift construction: a converted warehouse space now outfitted with partitions, red drapes and brass fixtures wherever they can be--including a stage, a sea of tables in front of it, and an assortment of strange characters mingled at the tables. Some of them have horns, or strange eyes, while the waitress and cigarette girl on call isn't just dressed like a flapper bunny girl--her lapine ears are for real. It would appear the proprietor has been busy getting the place more... presentable, especially for tonight.

Slayer forgot how quickly time passed for one so old as himself. For him, it felt like only just yesterday he visited Kira Volkov, and while he knew that realistically wasn't true, he couldn't help but be in shock at how peaceful Southtown was -- at least relatively to his last tour.

And while he regretted this meant he had to all but restart his mission that caused him to part from his beloved last time, it was best to always ease yourself into things, and sample the local culture. After all, one wouldn't want to be too out of fashion, especially one as seasoned a gentleman as he. Much to his surprise, it wasn't difficult for him to follow some creatures of the night to the Gold Lounge.

And again, Slayer found himself delighted to be taken off-guard once more, because it seems like tonight is a special night, if the actions of the patrons and staff were anything to tell by. Having taken up a table at the very front of the floor by the stage, the old vampire had decided to use some of his special tobacco for this occasion, and he was packing his pipe with it while his eyes reflected the hustle and bustle of what the night will soon bring.

It is true, it has been a bit of time since Volkov and her werewolf and catgirl army descended on the streets. It had taken the SDF and police a while to clean the rest of them out, after NOL had dealt with most of them. Now the streets were more or less creepy crawlie free... except for a few places. For the more sentient and civilized dark ones, however, the Gold Lounge operated as a haven for their kind.

Right now on stage there is what looks like a sort of vaudeville musical number going, which might make it hard to hear over the singing and music being piped in. Several figures clad in corsets, garter-belts, and stockings are done up in makeup are currently putting on song and dance number. A few of the ladies don't appear to be ladies, however.

They are energetic, the performers--likely the proprietor wouldn't settle for anything less--fan dancing and a bit of mischievous leg work can be observed. As the number nears it's climax, they line up at either side of the stage and make way--each one whipping a fan out of the way as the 'center piece' of the show comes out--what one might find a bit curious--or strange, but that seems like the idea. The figure with long dark hair, bat-like ears--yellow cat-like eyes, with a long blue spaded tail. They're dressed in what looks like an indigo lace corset teddy, framed with fur ruff around the chest and shoulders--a pair of suspenders reaching down to dark stockings and long pale blue boots, reaching up to about mid-thigh in length.

Slayer is an immediate fan! How mordern! How absolutely dandy!

Pipe in his mouth, Slayer might be the only one who stands, the others not wanting to draw attention to themselves in the wake of the performance. Still, even those sitting clap as he does -- though he claps loudest -- and when Slayer looks around and realizes most patrons are still seated, he clears his throat and quickly takes a seat again, though he still looked inordinately charmed by the performance.

His only regret was he did not bring his beloved with him. But she's been wanting to sleep more and more, and while he wanted to join her, there was work to be done.

Those thoughts didn't trouble him for too long, however. After all, the show's still going, and his pipe smoke joins the rest of the narcotics hazing the air as his eyes fixate on the stage.

Slayer is getting quite a show, at that--while the other performers were mainly human, though one seemed to have elven ears--and it was not one of the certifiably female ones--the one in the purple-blue outfit seems to sport definite exotic traits, non-human, darkstalker to be sure--bearing a mic as the song rose to the climax and strutted right out to the front of the stage. Apparently the refined gentleman's presence was noted in the club, as this figure--very much Velvet, paid them extra special attention: locking eyes and giving a mischievous grin as they bent down over the edge of the stage and gave a playful blown kiss. Pink glamorous energy radiated off the tailed one then, seeming to energize the other dancers, as well as whoever got too close to it at the front of the stage. Some kind of... desire influencing magic, though minor and gentle--stoking the general mood of those around it.

Finally handing the mic off to another dancer with a rightous grin, the figure disappeared back behind the curtains, which were now just about closing on that particular performance.

Well, that might have been unexpected, so was the undeniable feeling he might not be alone at his table as Velvet appeared, gently fading into view from one of their disappearing acts, for real.

"I never thought I'd see a big shot like you at my club," they were still wearing the same costume, though giving a bow of their head, in turn.

"I am pleased to make your acquaintance, and have your company here sir--I am Velvet, Velvet Blue," they smiled.

These cabaret folk weren't the only ones who could be mischevious. When their eyes meet, Slayer takes a puff of his pipe and then blows smoke into the air -- the smoke forms into a pair of hands clapping vigorously, and when one looks back down at the vampire, his hands mirror their own and create the noise that joins the other applause at the performance. When the perfomance is over, he's the first to stand, this time joined by the rest of the audience in his applause, and then he's taking a seat again, ordering a brandy from the creature carrying a tray of drinks past his table.

When Velvet joins the vampire at his table, Slayer gives a bow of his own head in response, and favors them with a pleasant smile, putting his pipe out and setting it aside.

"Oh, you don't have to call me a... big shot, as it were. I am who I am, and in these modern times, that person isn't particularly important," he assures. "Let me say it is my privilege to meet you, Velvet Blue. I go by Slayer these days, but I assure you I'm anything but!"

"Ah, Cinnamon, the /special/ brandy, for our very special guest--or would the gentleman require something darker, or more red?" The very tall and lithe mocha-skinned bunny lady looked a little impatient at being called over like this, but they did seem to answer to Velvet directly.

"Ah, my apologies, sir--I realize you may not hail from the Makai--however I did spend some time there myself, showing proper respect is very important there--ahh," Velvet seemed a fair bit relieved to be sitting down, Cinnamon already coming by with a tray of glasses and the brandy.

"Oh, when I heard you were in the club tonight I decided to give a special performance," the performer grinned, leaning back in the chair as drinks were poured, crossing their legs. "So, what brings you out tonight? enjoying the quiet now that Volkov's henchmen are gone?" he leaned a bit closer, reaching up to fix his hair back behind the large ears.

"Well," Slayer says, looking graciously towards the bunny lady once she brings their order, "The brandy should be fine. I try not to partake in my other favorite drink unless absolutely neccessary -- or when I am alone with my wife," he explains, taking the bottle and insisting on being the one to pour it, rising to his feet to do so with the elegance of a gentlemen's gentleman. "Well, I had some business here in Southtown with Miss Volkov, but I'm afraid something even more pressing called me away. I am, I must say, a bit disappointed i missed the conclusion to all that."

Drinks poured, the vampire takes a seat again and lifts his own glass, briefly bringing it towards his face and inhaling its scent. "Ah, special brandy indeed," he compliments, before taking a sip.

"I must say, despite that I do not hail from Makai, I am surprised our paths haven't crossed before, Velvet Blue."

"Of course, of course," Velvet is quite understanding of the man's proclivities when it comes to sustenance, it would appear. God knows he's been around enough other darkstalkers--vampires included--to understand their feeding habits can... vary.

"It's the oldest, highest quality stuff we have on hand--we have been able to expand a bit since the troubles, there--not sure what else people might call it," he looked back at the very finely groomed beard and face of Slayer, raising a thin brow of his own.

"Surprised we haven't met before? do you frequent cabarets and gentleman's clubs often?" Velvet tilted their head, the head of their blue spaded tail flicking curiously. "Velvet, please--but you are too kind sir, I did not know you were a fan" the dark-half performer grinned, elbows against the table as they leaned further toward their guest.

"Oh yes--the fighting was very bloody, I myself took a few months to heal after the siege on the power plant, I don't like having to kill other dark ones, either, but," they sighed, leaning back a bit. "My interest was mainly to restore peace."

"I'm a worldly man -- in fact, I daresay, at the risk of my humility, that I'm one of the most worldly individuals there are," Slayer boasts but with an air of polite bashfulness to it, letting out a merry but mild 'ha' before lifting his glass to toast Velvet and then take a hearty drink from. "Most art forms interest me one way or another, however, Velvet." He tries out the name by itself with a satisfied nod.

"I'm sorry you felt the need to kill during those days," he then says apologetically. "I can understand if such a thing weighs heavily on you. You just have to accept that it happened and try to take it day by day, my new friend." He leans back in his seat, crossing his ankle over his knee and draping his arm over the back of his chair.

"Would you say you're a well-informed individual, Velvet?" Perhaps changing the subject might give some levity to the sudden sombriety of the conversation.

"No doubt, I've only ever been to Europe and America--where I was originally born, plus the Makai, where I had my... becoming, of sorts," Velvet gestured to himself by holding up that leathern tail, before letting it drop again. He lifts his glass and toasts Slayer with the glass of brandy, before taking a sizeable pull from the glass itself. Velvet nearly sputters, though he manages to avoid letting any droplets escape his mouth. He is able to wave down Cinnamon again for something lighter and refreshing to use as a chaser, clearly a bit of a lightweight, unused to strong liquor.

"Aheh, my apologies again, I tend to leave the strong spirits for special occasions," he is able to compose himself after a short while, however. "I appreciate the sentiment, though Volkov--dastardly menace she is--had most of them under her control anyway, there was little to be done about it," quiet for a moment, before nodding lightly.

"I would say I try to listen as much as I can, rather than speaking first, yes," he considered that. "I know a lot about my kind, and the business you see around you, and how it portains to the human world--I use what I can to deal with trouble."

"Ah, well -- at least now you're in Japan, yes? Though I do suppose Southdown is diverse enough it might not feel like you're in Japan sometimes -- still, this town has its charm, doesn't it?" The vampire lifts his glass and gestures about with it, while watching in friendly amusement while Velvet sputters a little on the brandy.

"It's alright -- not everyone partakes in this sort of thing," he says amicably to the Darkstalker. "As per my earlier question, what is happening around Southtown now that she's gone? What were the ramifications of the chaos she's caused? And are you feeling the ripples of whatever those ramifications might be yourself?"

To show he isn't all business however, he finishes his glass, and once the chaser is delivered, insists on pouring that as well.

"There was a spike in anti-darkstalker sentiment since then, but it's mostly been relegated to Saturday Night Fights splitting into that and the new Midnight Channel, some division among the popular televised sports--not that I especially mind, but I was spending most of the time exterminating several makai-borne insects and animals that the authorities hadn't been able to find, so I've been busy--calming down now though," Velvet nodded. "She was defeated and her stronghold at the casino was overrun, I'm not totally sure what happened to her after that, news said she was killed," Velvet experimentally sipped at the liquor again after that, managing to handle it seemingly, this time, with a grimace.

"Ah, thank you sir--you're too kind," Velvet doesn't seem to mind Slayer pouring for him, even if the former is supposed to be the special guest this evening. It seems to befit the queenly aura that the performer has constructed for themselves in the club.

"Her hideout was destroyed, the NOL saw to that, but I don't think anyone found a body, so..." Velvet seems to not believe she's really gone, by his tone.

"Ah, not a competitor then?" Slayer allows himself a brief once-over of Velvet, remarking, "You have good form, Velvet -- you'd probably do rather well for yourself if you also fought professionally, but I could understand one's reluctance to." He takes a seat after pouring the next glass, flashing a warm smile to the Darkstalker while once more taking on that leisurely pose. "I do hope she's not really dead," he says of the absent, evil woman, his glass lifted towards his face again.

"That's neither here nor there, though. There's others who require my attention as well -- is NOL still operating heavily in Southtown, or have they more or less left after the battle with Volkov and her forces?" Velvet had already proved a good source of information, but Slayer decides to push his luck a little; after all, one mustn't waste a resource when they find one, doubly so when the resource is so friendly and willing to assist.

"I'm always a competitor, especially when a performance is involved, as you can see," Velvet gestures to the stage behind him. "I suppose it just lacks a little something from when Darkstalkers were allowed with the other competitors--the normal ones, I mean," he rolled his eyes a little, and sighed--slipping back into the chair. "I haven't done it in a while, been on the show, I mean--suppose I should, we could always use some insulation in this place... and some better appetizers," he grins a little, finally finding his gaze drawn back to Slayer's eyeglasses.

"They were here in force before, not now... you have business with the library, then, I suspect? It's none of /my/ business, of course," the tailed performer loosened the collar of fur-ruff of the top they were wearing, the alcohol probably affecting them just a bit. He seemed to relax more and more, despite being in the presence of a very reknowned and powerful darkstalker.

And today Slayer is wearing eyeglasses, rather than his typical monocle, ones of which he removes briefly, a handkerchief slid from his jacket and used to clean off the lenses idly while his eyes follow Velvet's to the stage. "Do you have much competition in the cabaret circuit, Velvet?" The question is asked genuine -- perhaps somewhere along the way cabaret became some sort of competitive sport. The ancient vampire has seen stranger things.

"I don't know if I have business with the library as a whole," he confesses to the younger Darkstalker. "I do have business with certain members, as well as people the library has decided to align themselves with," he remarks. "Something's always afoot, and well, I have some loose ends to tie up here on Earth before I..." He trails off thoughtfully, putting his spectacles back on and lifting his glass to have a ponderous sip of it. "Well, that's not important," he supposes more to himself.

"It's more I like to give others a chance in the spotlight, that or I'm out on business, but I was made to be one of the best," Velvet wasn't really thinking when they mentioned that last bit. 'Made'? The hell does that mean, one might wonder--though it's probably a clue as to their... transformation.

"I am however known around the club and cabaret circuit around Southtown, if that helps," Velvet grins a little, perhaps flirting a little. "You're always welcome here if you'd wish to see me, of course, Sir Slayer--and I can send an invitation if I'm appearing somewhere else," Velvet nodded, tipping back some of the juice that he was using as a chaser. Orange juice, naturally.

"Returning to the old country, so to speak? I can't really go back, wouldn't be much for me there--I like it here, anyway," the performer shrugs.

"Made?" Slayer is exactly the one who might wonder, and he's one of those people, his brows lifting with abject curiousity. He does take a drink from his own orange juice, then gives it a queer look afterwards. "It's been a long time since I've drunk anything with fruit in it," he confesses to the other Darkstalker, setting it down afterwards and looking back towards Velvet.

"I would love to see another one of your shows -- especially if there's some sort of competition event that you're privy to and even more especially if you're appearing in it," he says amicably.

"Ah, no, I'm not going to Makai -- especially after all the nonsense that's been happening. No. There's... another place, where my wife and I live when I'm not gallavanting across the globe." He smiles fondly into his glass. "She'll want me to join her soon -- and then I... don't know when I'll return."

If ever. He doesn't say that. He's not ready for if ever yet.

"Hmm?" Velvet at first looked up at the seemingly older man--which he was, by great amounts, only just realizing what he'd done with letting that slip. "I... err, well," Velvet looked at first a little like a boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar, but he eventually took in a breath and seemed to calm a bit, especially after another pull from that glass of spirits.

"Myself and several others were taken as property of a noble woman in the Makai--much like classes here, there are high born nobility--born with all of their abilities, and the lower ones or commoners that tend to learn or gain their abilities. She was called the Menagerie Queen, most like to call themselves the 'lord' or 'lady' of something, Lord of Time, Lord of Blood and what have you--especially among the bloodsucking clans. She gave us 'gifts' to be her special ones, before we escaped," Velvet took another drink, swirling the liquid around in the glass.

"I was the only one that made it," he looked down. "I don't think my handler was rewarded very well for letting me get away," he laughed a little, almost a bit sadistically. "I remember I had saved up a great bit of wine and shared it with him--all at once, people can't chase after you if they're that wasted, right?" he looked back up at Slayer, puffing his chest out a bit.

"It's been a while since then, big part of why I do what I do--sorry if I... overshared there," he slid back in the chair a little, resting his glass against one of his knees.

"Ah, yes, the Menagerie Queen," recalls Slayer with a degree of familiarty, his hand coming up to stroke at his chin.

"I do not envy your fate," he then tells Velvet, looking the younger Darkstalker in the eyes, his own shining with sympathy. Is he about to cry? No, no, of course not.

"Very clever of you," he then compliments Velvet. "Lubricating your escape with wine," he remarks, nodding his head slowly. "I have done a similar tactic, though it was to get into a place rather than leave it."

The puffing of Velvet's chest is pointed out with Slayer taking his pipe up, and poking the mouthpiece in the Darkstalker's direction. "You should be proud you survived such a crisis. You don't mind if I smoke, do you?"

He's already packing in the good tobacco.

"So you know of those, then," Velvet tilted his head to the side, a look of concern on his features, that soon drifted into curiosity. "I knew you were old and experienced, sir, but did not know /how/ old, or how experienced," Velvet cleared his throat, sitting up again and having another long drink of the juice, trying to clear his head. "Part of why I don't drink very often, but I'll spare the issues with it for you," he made eye contact with the older man again, sounding more serious and sincere now.

"You said you might have to go away someday, right? Well, I hope you're able to find something that might keep you here," he shook his head at the question of wanting to smoke, apparently not bothering.

"My nose was one thing that was not enhanced, thankfully," he grinned, apparently still able to tease.

"I've been around the block a few times," Slayer says in a foppish manner, lifting his hand up and making a big show out of giving his wavy hair a ruffle through. "Regardless, my new friend, it isn't a matter of wanting to find a reason to stay, you see. It is a matter of being there with the one I love, you see, and Earth is no longer home for her."

He adjusts his necktie after a moment, then smooths down one of the lapels of his too fine coat, before flashing Velvet a warm smile, opting not to light his pipe and instead tuck it away into his jacket.

And then he's rising to his feet once more, giving a rather elegant bow. "I am afraid I should get going. There is much to do, and while I have time, I should explore this era as much as I can before I return to her."

"It was truly my pleasure meeting you, Velvet Blue. I hope we meet again soon," Slayer promises.

"And with /excellent/ fashion sense, I might add," Velvet grins, gesturing to Slayer, then to himself. "Giving me some very hard competition here, Mr. Slayer," he remains grinning. He nods without too much melancholy in his face or factions, once Slayer explains his reasons.

"Oh no doubt," Velvet slides up from his chair, not tipsy or stumbling, even--despite the alcohol that's been ingested. Poise and balance seems to be a gift, one of many, indeed.

"I shall be on the look out for your most excellent company again, in the future," Velvet gives the well-dressed man a bow, before he and the bunny lady see him out.

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