Nena - 'My Girlfriend Is A Terminator'

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Description: Nena Memory Archive 105: Today, I assisted in the preservation of an inferior life form, because I am a good neighbour.

Unfortunately for a lot of people, Southtown is still stuck in a state of being where gang activity has risen to unusual levels. It's not as if though the city was ever particularly safe when it came to such things in the first place, but now especially, after everything that happened few months prior, much too many lowlifes are trying to take advantage of the shifting power structures throughout.

And along a particular street near the boardwalk, two women are seen running away from an alleyway. It might not be too difficult to guess that they're fleeing from a potential mugging, but--

In the alleyway itself, something much more violent is already taking place.

Gangers in yellow colors have gathered within -- though two of them are slumped down on the curb, one writhing in pain and holding onto a bleeding nose while the other lays perfectly still in unconsciousness. But beyond the two of them, five more stand there, still -- along with a certain teenager forced down onto his knees, held up by one ganger by a tight grip on his distinctly-red hair.

"I think I recognize this kid--" One of the thugs growls out while ducking down besides the kneeling teenager, even while rubbing at the side of his recently-bruised face. "Yeah, that's it-- he was playing hero the other day, too!"

The red-haired teenager manages to turn his head just enough to peer at the speaking ganger, through one bruised eye that manages to keep itself just barely-open, grunting indignantly.

"You really didn't have enough last time, huh?"

The red-head... flashes a smirk, of all things, in answer. "...Ya didn't get your marks this time either, did ya?"

This response doesn't exactly please the goon, seeing as he's quick to stand up, and-- send a kick right into the side of the teenager's face, with enough force to force the other ganger holding onto his hair to let go when he recoils back violently. "You little shit! Don't think you're gonna get saved by your girlfriend this time!"

The ability to protest on the exact nature of the person who saved him last time has, unfortunately, left Daisuke in that instant-- and all that comes out is a loud, pained groan when his body slams down against the curb.

Rafferty Lawrence Stewart is loving life. School is out for the weekend, he's got the last of the early evening sun on his face, the gentle breeze in his blonde hair and a girl either side of him.

"So I said to Ryan, there really was a woman in my room, man. He's still not buying it though" he explains casually, following the words with a shrug of his shoulders.

Tonight the teen fashionista has gone for the monochrome look. An expensive looking black leather jacket is teamed with a plain black t-shirt, white stretch-denim jeans and a pair of black and white sneakers. He's strutting down the boardwalk, like it's a catwalk and flashing a smile to every female he sees, regardless of age, or levels of attractiveness.

Most of the shops are now closed, but there's still places serving food and plenty of people are out for a stroll to work up an appetite.

As the trio of Pacific High students turn off from the main stretch though, they are met by a scene with a very different atmosphere. It takes a moment for Rafferty to register what's happening, but when he does, he starts to back off, making a grab for Nena and Edenlith's hands to pull them with him.

"Let's get out of here fast" he suggests, with more than air of panic in his honeyed voice.

Eden manages to be there with Nena and Rafferty again. It's like they are friends. Storm her cat, would say they all were friends. Edenlith would never admit it, but she did appreciate them. Storm was really fond of Rafferty personally, staying out of fights what totally fine with him after all nowadays.

%Anyway, it is one of those days, Eden are sticking around with them, keeping an eye on Nena from time to time, because Nena is Nena, and that perfectly ordinary teenage girl obsesses her sometimes, in a totally not sexual way. Rafferty on the other hand, if she could only get him in a dungeon or something...

%So yea, they are all walking together, she's in her usual dark blue dress, school girl looking, but not quite outfit, and she's... having fun while being bored at the same time. When suddenly Rafferty says something, and reaches for her hand, and she gets that 'What the hell' look on her face, and she has to peek in.

When she sees someone getting beat up, by other people. She looks at Storm. There is now sign around her head, but Storm already knows what she wants.

The cat, literally the cat, starts screaming, as soon as Eden removes her hand from Rafferty, and starts running toward the fun people, and she simply jumps into the fray, literally so, jumping to fall on at least one of them. If she had her way, she would starts biting whoever she landed on. That was her kind of picnic.

She didn't particularly care about the young man right now, but maybe they would try to beat up on her too, and make a nice day, even more awesome.

By that time, Storm (the cat) has stopped screaming.

"Would you prefer that I refer to you by the 'Prince' title in the future, Rafferty?" Nena asks as she walks alongside him in her usual sailor-style school uniform before raising a mango-licorice smoothie that she has in hand to her lips and sucking intensely through the straw.

The fair-skinned brunette has, as she is often seen, an almost inscrutably neutral expression that's matched by the tone of her voice - one that seems a little off; the rhythm of her speech is slightly monotone, with minimal rises and falls in pitch, timbre or volume. She seems somehow stoic and carefree at the same time.

It's with this same neutral expression and stoicism that Nena greets the sight of the yellow-clad gangsters surrounding the red-headed youth and engaging in violence. While Rafferty panicks and grabs her hand and insists that they leave, she stares blankly at the group, standing there and holding the transparent and now-empty smoothie cup in her other hand while Eden runs ahead.

"Negative, Prince Rafferty. Simon says that we must follow the example of the Good Samaritan, assisting those in need, including our political enemies."

Nena withdraws her hand from Rafferty's and bank shots her smoothie cup into a nearby open dumpster without looking.

"Therefore, I must assist this boy, even though he is an agent of Taiyo, and therefore lacking in personal hygiene."

Leaning forward, she cocks her arm back, bending her elbow as she curls her left hand into a small, feminine fist.

"Please be advised: I am engaging emergency threat dispersion measures."

And then, suddenly, she's rocketing forward - in the most literal of ways possible!

Previously-hidden vents in the heels of Nena's boots open as blue fire ignites from small but powerful thrusters hidden within, sending her hurtling forward and into the melee. She lands in a crouch at the feet of one of the yellow-clad thugs, who hesitates, wide-eyed, at the display. This hesitation proves his undoing, as a failure to recognize the wind-up frames of a traditional rising dragon punch results in him receiving one right to the chin - the clenched fist driving upward, propelled by a re-ignition of the rocket boosters, electrical energy discharging in a blue crackle as Nena flies up into the air with the thug's forcibly-shut jaw stuck to the sparking knuckles of her fully-extended left arm, schoolgirl outfit fluttering as the ordinary teenage girl's stare remains completely expressionless.

Tsugumi had been walking alone- While her and Daisuke, by now, are well acquainted- She had not expected, or was planning, to meet up with him.

But, when she saw that ever-recognizable plume of red hair between a chaotic mass of thugs.

Of course, she charged straight in- barely even noticing the familiar faces of pacific high students Nena and Edenlith as she clothe-lines one of the burly gansters- flipping him on his back before wrapping him up in a crushing chokehold! "I- I can't leave you alone for -1 second- or you do something Stupid, Daisuu-Chan! How did your arm even heal so fast?!" She grumbles out towards her friend- finally noticing her pacific rivals. "Oh, Eden-Chan! And.. Washington-San." The latter name, she says with a measure of contempt after their rocky introduction at the sport's event. She struggles keeping the larger man restrained- but barely manages to do so as she makes an attempt to elbow him in the temple.

"Hng- Grrr. Why are Adults so resilient?!"

One of the gangers had already stepped in towards the slammed-down teenager, with one foot raised upwards with the obvious, potentially-disturbing intention of stomping it down on him.

Only to get suddenly assaulted by-- a teenaged girl leaping on him? ANd biting down!

"GAH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" The man yells and flails in panic over this sudden turn of events. Predictably, this takes all his friends by surprise, too, and they're left to simply stare in pure surprise at this crazy girl latched onto their compatriot.

And that lasts long enough, as it turns out, that Nena gets to quite literally rocket herself onto the scene before anyone has time to notice her imminent approach and the following uppercut that sends her and the unfortunate goon that ends up being her target flying up.into the air. The goon's landing will predictably be much less graceful than the Regular Schoolgirl's.

"What the hell?!" The ganger that had just kicked Daisuke a moment earlier yells out in bafflement while he watches this unfold -- including another one of his companiens getting clotheslined down and locked into a tight and powerful chokehold by *yet another* teenaged girl! "This is ridicilous! Do you have an all-girl army or something?!"

WIth a grunt of frustration, the apparent 'leader' of the group thus slips a hand into his pocket. ANd when the hand comes out again, it comes with a distinct metallic *click* and a gleam of sharp metal. A switchblade! "Fine, you asked for i-bwugh?!"

Apparently the redhead on the ground wasn't entirely out of the equation, either. He hasn't quite managed to push himself up, no, but he did manage to brace one foot against the ground to prop his lower body slightly upwards -- and thrust the other one out to the back of the now-knife-wielding thug's knee with enough force to send him buckling over.

Nevermind that even that is apparently enough effort for Daisuke to have to grit his teeth together in pain.

When Storm starts to scream, Rafferty joins him. It's debatable which one is higher pitched. When he finally regains the ability to speak, it's to protest "No Eden, no!" The blue haired girl is too fast though and before long she's in the centre of the fight.

"Eden is so crazy. It's like she has a death wish" he sighs, turning towards Nena for support in his judgement. Only to see that she too is gone. First he checks behind him, hopeful she's already began to flee. Seeing no sign of her, he nervously turns his blue-eyed gaze back towards the alleyway of doom, just in time to see his ordinary teenage high school girlfriend fly into the midst of the violence. Well she did warn him.

The blond stands speechless as he witnesses Nena in action. He grabs on to the wall for support, trying to stay out of view. "I don't think I like this Simon" he mutters.

He is so in shock, that he barely registers Tsugumi's arrival till she too is getting her brawl on. "Oh great, the gang is all here. All we need now is some Gedo students to show up."

As the thug produces the blade, he cowers further into the shadows. "Speaking of Gedo students..."

Eden bites, and bites, and keeps biting like a... cat, and she even starts clawing at the man too like a pissed off crazy cat, but she was having fun.Even thought her teeth are very human teeth, her nails are sharp, enough to make some cuts.

This last for a while, and someone would probably have to pull her off that thug, or the thug himself would have to at least kick her off, but that might piss her off more than help. She just didn't know when to stop really for this unplanned play date. There was no one around to declare her a winner/loser and that it was done.

Storm in the meantime, looks at Rafferty. "You're the only sane person around." He turns his head back toward the "fight" if one could call it that. "Would you fight though if Nena was in real danger? I think you would, you're a good man Rafferty, even if you're full of your look. Can't blame you." He would almost say respect, for the scream of Rafferty, but he didn't.

There's a hiss of air from the soles of Nena's boots as the flow of heated propellant cuts off and the ordinary teenage girl starts to descend.

When the brunette lands - fully upright on both feet, without the usual bending at the knees that one would expect - it's with an audible *FUNK*.

(It's like a clunk, but muffled by boot soles.)

Her head immediately swivels to lock onto Tsugumi, and she addresses the other student's query with a nonstop matter-of-factness.

"During the maturation process, humans accumulate additional muscle mass, bone density, and scar tissue. Training can accelerate these processes. Thus -"

Even as she's speaking, when the switchblade is pulled out and the newly-armed ringleader's knees are buckled by the blow from Daisuke, Nena's leg extends upward with a sudden combination of grace and impetus reminiscent of a ballerina amped on caffeine and cocaine (if there were someone capable of reminiscing on such a thing) - and then, angled perfectly, the extended boot is spun round.

What happens next is slightly unusual.

The brunette's lower half spins on tip-toe - completely independent of the upper half. The slightly baggy sailor shirt and skirt conceal the mechanics of this sudden disconnection - one that would surely snap the spine and eviscerate any ordinary teenage girl - and yet, Nena doesn't even bat an eyelash, or stop her explanation. She keeps her head turned toward Tsugumi and torso facing ahead.

"- adults of the species tend toward greater resilience to physical trauma."


The rapidly rotating heel smacks into the thug's face, turning it to one side as Nena's foot swings back down parallel to the other. Seamlessly, the other leg snaps up in its place.


IF the first kick put the lights out, the second one cuts the power lines. Heartlessly, Nena snaps her leg back down beside her, still standing at a slightly strange angle -


- just as the first thug she attacked hits the ground.

Nena's head turns back to face the fallen knife-wielder as her right hand clasps her left at the wrist.

"Following the implementation of a ban implemented in two thousand and nine..." Nena recites dispassionately as she calmly twists her left hand before detaching it at the wrist. The empty metal socket left behind starts to glow blue and crackle as energy gathers inside it.

A bizarre as this action may be, as the ordinary teenage girl levels the artificial stump that is now her left arm, one thing is obvious: that arm is a weapon.

"...the unlicensed possession of double-edged knives with blades longer than two point two inches is prohibited under Japanese law."


As the flash of blue energy fires, a pinpoint beam of energy issues from the arm cannon - and as it fades, the results become clear.

The stainless steel of the switchblade has been neatly severed, precisely 2.1 inches above the hilt.

"Nice kick, Iruka-Chan!"

Tsugumi says, with her somewhat demeaning nickname for the young man. She finally manages to K.O her thug, with uh, a less then elegant solution of repeatedly elbowing the side of his head as her arm is wrapped tightly around his neck- Asphyxiation and blunt trauma is not a healthy combo- "Sorry for the potential brain damage!" She takes a glance at Eden; observing that borderline maniacal fighting-style that she had been on the recieving end of a few weeks prior.

But then, A Nena Happens.

"What in the?!" The ordinary schoolgirl's impossible physical feat does not go unnoticed- as her lower torso starts to spin. Tsugumi stares wide-eyed- Afraid, almost as she lets go of the unconcious man- Darting towards the prone Daisuke before very presumptuously attempting to scoop him off of the ground. A glance back, and

The ordinary girl is twisting off her arm?!"

Yes, Tsugumi would run off with or without Daisuke as she sees Nena's arm-cannon building up. Ducking behind the corner of a connecting alleyway, too look over at this crazy turn of events from a safer distance.

The thug still getting assaulted so maniacally by Eden continues his helpless flailing and running -- though eventually he does get the thought to slam himself against the wall. Or rather, the side of him that has Edenlith hanging off of him, in an effort to get her unlatched from him and get some kind of respite from the biting and clawing.

The knife-wielding thug, after getting sent down onto one knee, gets duly and properly assaulted by the Ordinary Schoolgirl and her PERFECTLY ORDINARY KICKS. At least the hits jostle him enough that he doesn't really even think to consider why or how there might be something wrong with the particulars of her technique.

"I'm-- ugh--" Daisuke manages to groan out when Tsugumi comes over. He doesn't so much let her scoop him up, really, but he does drape one arm around her shoulder so she can at the ver least provide him with support to get him up to his feet -- and *keep* him on his feet. "...Fine."

The redhaired Taiyo student's eyes widen too at the revelation of the-- armcannon?! And not only does he allow Tsugumi to drag him off, he does the best effort he can in working his feet quickly, too.

The ringleader, left laying on the ground, does get to see the laserbeam disintegrating most of the blade he never even got to properly menace the Highschool Brigade with. He might be conscious still, but... yes. Now seems like the perfect time to not be trying to get up."

The blond model sniffs and nods his head at the cat, grateful for a sympathetic ear. "I know, Storm. I'm glad you can recognise that. I just don't see the appeal of violence at all. It's ugly, it's brutal and it can mess your face up!" He brings a hand up to his face, fingering the carefully moisturised skin gently. It's as if he thinks just being close to the fighting could bring on a bruise!

"As for helping Nena out, if she was in trouble, well just look at her! She doesn't need help at all. Infact if I was in danger she could save me!" He appears luminously buoyant at this idea. "I think I may have found the perfect girlfriend."

He watches in wonderment as his own personal action Barbie kicks butt. "Maybe she can be my bodyguard, when I'm famous" he muses breathlessly. "Maybe she can..."

The screaming starts again, as he witnesses his perfect girlfriend's hand come off. He bends over double, heaving like he's about to vomit there and then. He starts to pant heavily, trying to regain his composure, but his long legs buckle and he falls to the ground, landing on his white denim clothed backside.

"Holy hell, Storm. My girlfriend is a Terminator."

It seems to be a wake up call for Eden, as he slams himself in the wall, and her by the same occasion. She would have held on to him, but what she was biting on last, a part of the guy's nose, decided it had enough, and she ends up on the ground, with that part in her mouth. But it she gets to see Nena, doing a nice impression of the DeathStar at a small scale, and she looks, standing up, the bit of nose still between her teeth, nails a bit blood, as well as her face. A sign appears beside her head. "Woah, Nena is so weird..... COOL!!!!"

%At the moment, if there are other thugs remaining, Eden didn't care about it, unless she ends up getting hit by one of them, or if they try to take what she had in her mouth away.

Meanwhile Storm looks at Rafferty "Did she just? Like laser the knife?! From her arm? What the hell? Can you hold me?"

As if some other thoughts caught up with her, Eden finally makes another sign acknowledging Tsugumi. "Hi wrestler girl!!!!" Now if that sign could be seen by Tsugumi was a completely a different matter. It's not like there was a narrator speaking her signs outloud. Storm was in no condition.

As the half-obliterated switchblade sizzles in the freshly blackened and bubbling patch of asphalt, Nena calmly starts to replace her left wrist - which, one can now see, has a definite steel interior, with a grooved protrusion at the base to allow it to screw and lock back into place.


The fingers of the hand seem to reanimate immediately upon reconnection to the ordinary teenage girl's (?) body. She seems nearly oblivious to the reactions of those around her, even as Tsugumi and Daisuke dive for cover, Eden spits out a thug's nose and Rafferty and Storm compete to establish which is superior at behaving like a pussy.

Nena looks down briefly at her hand before raising her head with a slight jerk.

"Six of seven targets accounted for."

Without looking, she swivels her torso forty-three degrees to the right and extends her right arm.

The single remaining yellow-garbed gangster, having conquered his fear of survivor's guilt, is currently in the midst of scaling a chain-link fence while simultaneously fighting off a panic attack, cursing up a storm and praying to a God he didn't previously believe in.



The thick-set thug's eyes bulge out as something hard latches onto his backside and, like the unluckiest bear in a teddy picker, he finds himself suddenly pulled violently through the air.

Nena's right hand grips the unfortunate miscreant's posterior like a vice as the thin cable that anchors it to its socket rapidly retracts, the azure glare from the miniature rocket boosters in the wrist winking away.


As the wrist clicks back into its socket, the rotund (and yet surprisingly speedy when retreating) gangster finds himself dropped back on his feet. His hands move to the seat of his yellow pants as he whirls around to face his abductor -

- to find the ordinary teenage girl cocking back her left hand with a sound of pistons firing and a hum of electricity.

Before he can find out what comes next, he lets out a scream, faints, and falls backward.


Judging by the dark stain on the front of his trousers, he'll likely consider himself fortunate to have been wearing yellow trousers at some point in the future.

"All targets accounted for," Nena remarks coolly as the tar patch at her feet slowly smoulders.

"Please contact emergency services if you require medical assistance. I am an ordinary teenage girl, and am not qualified to provide medical care."

Tsugumi just watches the insanity unfolding in front of her- non-conciously trying to put an arm around Daisuke's torso to pull him closer, like a teddy bear. She comes close to squeezing /too/ hard, but her grip shouldn't hurt so much as feel like an uncomfortable pressure- That is, assuming he doesn't have any cracked or bruised ribs!

"She.. his nose.. It's- Eden..." Mumbling out in disbelief and pulling pale white when seeing that Eden still has the chunk of flesh between her teeth. But the poor, fifth thug perhaps has it even worse- Getting reeled in and pummeled by the not-so-ordinary schoolgirl. "Gah-" She looks at Daisuke, back at Nena, and back to Daisuke. "Are- are you.. alright..?" She asks, trying to distract him- and herself from the mutilation.

"I- I think we might want to.. leave."

Between one thug getting left laid down on the ground to writhe in pain and hold into what remains of his nose after Edenlith's... uh, efforts, and the not-at-all-ordinary displays of fighting prowess from Nena, Daisuke too is left staring with widened eyes as the final thugs are dispatched. He may well have even forgotten about the numerous bruises on his own body, and his arm's subtly squeezing around Tsugumi's shoulders, too.

"I'm, uh... I'll be fine..." He assures the wrestler-girl in a quiet whisper, even if it comes with a wince -- for once, not for his own condition. "But, uh... yeah, maybe... Do... do you know these people?"

Rafferty picks the cat up, cradling its white fur to him like a comfort blanket. "What's Eden doing, Storm?" he asks, his voice now trembling and a tiny bit hoarse from all that screaming. "Because it kinda looked like she bit that guy's nose off."

As he sees his blue haired schoolmate open her mouth to reveal the flesh between her teeth, he can hold back no longer. He retches hard, spewing what's left of the smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese bagel he ate earlier on to the sidewalk. Thankfully for his furry friend, he is polite enough to lift the creature away from the sick stream.

"Ew, gross" the platinum haired poser splutters, fumbling in his jacket pocket for some breath mints.

Finding himself successful, he pops the fresh treat between his lips, just in time to see Nena Blitzcrank the burly bruiser. The candy shoots out of his mouth, as it drops open and his arms start to flail wildly in the air.

His blond head turns sharply in Tsugumi's direction, as he hears her utter the golden word "Leave." He starts to nod it frantically. "Yes! Let's all leave! We should all do that RIGHT AWAY" he cries out in a strangely manic fashion.

He doesn't seem to register that those leaving with him would probably include some of the sources of his terror.

Enjoying the show Nena is doing, Eden keeps watching a moment, but that nose doesn't leave her mouth yet. When she does the refered blitzcrank trick, she gets even more impressed, and happy. Nena might have just become her new best friend now, if she was able to have such a thing.

Storm was about to answer Rafferty, when he asked, but then he starts too... oh no "Oh please not in my furr, please not in my furr!!!" He closes his eyes, and just prays

Meanwhile, when all the thugs have been taken out, and the fun has slowed down, she makes her way to Rafferty, smiles at him with an open mouth, showing the part of the nose she has again in, some bloody salive, before she drops it at his feet, like it was a gift for a him. A bit like a cat dropping a dead mouse in front of it's owner's feet.For that, Storm would have said something, but he had his eyes closed still, and not seeing it at all.

Nena's head cocks to one side as her body mechanically reorients itself, resuming a more appropriate ordinary teenage girl posture.

"Threats neutralized. Diverting power from battle systems to behavioural processing core."

Her head straightens and turns to look over her shoulder - in a natural manner, at least, not an imitation of an owl - toward Eden, Rafferty and Storm in turn.

"Yes. This would be an appropriate and opportune moment for a tactical withdrawal. Let us depart."

Her head turns around toward Daisuke and Tsugumi, and she begins to walk toward them at a leisurely pace, stepping casually over the groaning, fallen masses of battered flesh.

"Tsugumi. Hello."

It's all the greeting that Tsugumi receives as the ordinary teenage girl follows after her, oblivious to the fact that she may actually be what they are fleeing from. She is, after all, an ordinary teenage girl.

"I calculate that this route will provide the shortest travel time to achieve a safe distance and also smoothies."

Her head turns toward Daisuke in turn.

"My facial recognition capabilities indicate with ninety-five percent certainty that you are Daisuke Kubo, student of the maligned Taiyo High. In spite of my social obligation to address you as my social, genetic and academic inferior, I hope that you are relatively unharmed."

"What- You weren't included in- Geh, whatever." Tsugumi exclaims towards Rafferty, before turning to Daisuke again to explain. "...Well. I know Edenlith- The blue-haired girl, I know Nena Washington..." She can only point, having a lack of words to give a more detailed discription of referring to. "I uh, she stopped me from chasing some bully few weeks ago. It was the weirdest misunderstanding..."

"And, pretty-boy over there- I know only by face, pretty much. The cat, he's Storm. He talks, don't ask." She refers to Rafferty with some contempt in her voice- yet looks at him with pity as he gets that piece of flesh dropped in front of him. "Poor guy. I had no Idea they were /this/.. just, odd. I got along with Eden-Chan fine, but..."

"I don't know what to think anymore, y'know?" the wrestler whispers those last few sentences- she doesn't want to cause any ill-will. At that moment, Nena approaches the two. Tsugumi returns the greeting. "...Heya, Washington-San. Uuuhm, thank you?" Said with uncertainty, the tomboy lets go of Daisuke to hopefully make this situation slightly less uncomfortable for him. "I- Yeah, I could uh, go for smoothies.. I think."

Daisuke's left to just stare, wide-eyed, even while Tsugumi is... introducing the Pacific Trio. His eyes blink slowly once, twice, three times over. What is he even supposed to think about what he just witnessed?

THough when Nena starts approaching, the redhead narrows his green eyes at her. And no matter what Tsugumi's intentions might be, the instant she lets go of him... well, at least it turns out he is able to keep himself standing after that beatup, but...

He takes a step forward. It's a decisive stomp of a step at that, and one that angles just enough to the side that Tsugumi will end up realizing she's staring at the boy's back while he, in turn, facing the 'Ordinary' schoolgirl from Pacific. He doesn't say anything, he just stands there, keeping frowning focus on Nena with one arm spread slightly outward on the side that leaves Tsugumi slightly more exposed. As if he's expecting to need to place himself as some kind of protective barrier there.

Nevermind that his legs are barely holding on to just enough strength to keep him standing.

The look on Rafferty's face as Edenlith approaches him, is one straight out of a high school horror movie. For the purposes of which, he has been cast as the distressed damsel. "Why?" is the single word that escapes his lips, as she drops the gruesome gift at his feet.

He staggers to a standing position, his gait swaying slightly as he seeks to gain his balance. He walks towards the other teens, as if in a trance like state, still carrying the chatty cat in his arms. "I think I will skip the smoothies" he wisely decides, casting a brief glance back to the puddle of puke he's left as a stinky souvenir.

"I'm Rafferty, by the way" he informs Tsugumi and Daisuke.

Everything now done, except for Rafferty asking her why. In answer, she touches his chest over his heart, and taps there a couple of time. Hopefully he didn't take it as a threatening gesture.Then she gives her attention for a bit to Tsugumi and what seems to be her friend. She moves toward them, and waits until their conversation dies down. By now she has swallowed the bloody saliva she had in her mouth and now has cleaned saliva, not that it matters much.

When she can, she again greets Tsugumi with a sign. "Hello. Wrester Tsugumi. You seem well." She seems calmed down now. She looks at Daisuke, who seems to have his attention on Nena, and that makes her cock her head. She makes another sign, the previous one disappear."More fighting." That part looked like it was for Nena, and there was another part, unsure if the young man would see it. "Hello Daisuke." Having heart Nena mention his name.

Storm finally opens his eyes, and answers Raffery's question further. "That's a gift Rafferty, she likes you... like you know?" He sighs a bit, and says louder. "Yes I am a talking cat, it's Eden who doesn't talk." As if that explains everything, but it actually explains nothing all.

"Yes. In light of my currently elevated body temperature, a smoothie would be welcome at this juncture. We could alert the local authorities regarding the criminal activities, then return with our beverages to observe the proceedings. That would be fun."

Nena's declaration remains as emotionally tepid as ever. She turns her head to look at Daisuke, returning his gaze silently for a long moment. Her head tilts to one side for a moment before returning to its original position, somewhat like a pigeon, but with a better poker face. Her eyes swivel to glance at the 'More Fighting' sign that appears before returning.

"I conclude from your aggressive posturing that you identify me as a threat. Please allow me to assure you that I do not intend to cause you harm, and will constrain my attempts to establish dominance to sanctioned school competitions, such as cheerleading, badminton, and the consumption of hot dogs."

Though Daisuke may not see it, Tsugumi actually smiles warmly at his attempt to protect her; unnecessary as it may be. While the urge to throw out a tease is strong, he lets her friend have his moment while she adresses Eden. "Its uhm- Good to see you again, Eden-Chan! I saw your Ristar match- Savagely awesome as always!" She speaks with the smallest hint of hesitation, yet decides on staying on the girl's good side. "Ah, so the scaredy-cat has a name!" The wrestler says, with a wink to indicate that she's only teasing. "Nice to meet you, Rafferty. I'm Sendo Tsugumi, Gorin High! But you knew that, didn't you?" Sendo smiles awkwardly at this whole.. unusual exhange.

"Oh! You should try to beat her at cheerleading, Daisuu-Chan! Establish your dominance, and all!" Her teasing nature re-surfaces again, as does her potentially annoying habit to laugh at her own jokes.


As it turns out, Daisuke does not appear... very convinced by this notion of 'not being a threat', seeing as he stays standing firmly there in front of Tsugumi, and the slow clutching-closed of one hand into a fist. He keeps watching the girl, as if he's expecting--


And just like that, all tension leaves him when Tsugumi suggests... *that*, and he instead turns to send an exasperated look at her.

"Wh-... *WHY*? Do I really look like a cheerleader to you?! At least make it like baseball or something! Something manlier than that!"

"I'm more of a chocolate truffles or white roses guy" the tortured teen responds to his feline friend. "I suppose the thought was there though." Which thought in particular he doesn't dwell on.

Turning his attention to Nena, his posture seems to lack its usual ease. "I don't think that's a good idea. The returning bit, I mean. It might be smart to get them some help though, yeah."

Tsugumi's words have him glancing at Storm, but then he realises she's referring to him! The slight smile on his face, suggests he doesn't object to the teasing. Even if he did, he wouldn't have much of a defence.

He allows himself a quick glance at the brutalised bodies and then hands Storm back to Edenlith, before starting to walk away, heading back towards the relative safety of the boardwalk. "I'm gonna go watch a movie. Anything but Terminator."

She smiles at Edenlith, that she saw her match seems to please her. "I will see yours, and you better win, or I will to take care of your opponent." She grins, kidding with that sign, but it might not be so obvious to others she is indeed kidding. The sign disappears "I need to go get Storm cleaned up now, thank you for the fun! Hope there is more of those guys in the future, whoever they were!"

just as she says she needs to get Storm cleaned up... as if she didn't need to clean up too, Rafferty hands her Storm back, and she nods her head gratefully. When he mention a movie, she makes another sign. "Watch Eve of Destruction!!!. Goodnight all of you."

Then it's Storm who speaks. "Goodnight, trying to all stay alive, and healthy until we meet again. You all seem like nice people, in bad situations. Nena, you're a scary ordinary teenage girl."

"Yes. The cat is named Storm," Nena informs Tsugumi, before turning her eyes toward Daisuke and looking him up and down. "There are males as well as female members of the cheerleading squad at Pacific High School. Darren and Kentaro are integral to the execution of the Cheer-A-Mid Formation. I am certain that, with effort, you too may one day possess the capabilities of a cheerleader."

She cocks her head.

"However, if you would prefer to compete in baseball, then I will accept your challenge. Please contact me to arrange a time and location when you have formed your team."

As Rafferty starts to leave, she turns, watching for a moment before pursuing in an attempt to walk in stride with him again. "Rafferty. May I watch the movie with you? I wish to spend more time in your company."

Turning her head over her shoulder, she calls to Storm - though not too loudly - "Thank you, Storm. You are a frightening special cat."

It must be a compliment, like 'sick' or 'wicked,' and so the sentiment is mirrored in similar shape, the ordinary teenage girl bidding farewell to one pussy before wandering off with the oth- ahem. Her boyfriend, rather.

"Sorry, Daisu-Kun! I couldn't resist~"

She waves Rafferty off with a quick swipe of her hand. "Byebye, Rafferty-San, Eden-Chan. Y'know...."

A pause, followed by a excited statement. "You should train with us sometime, pretty-boy! A man aught to know how to defend himself, y'know- you can't be a scaredy-cat forever!" A very unlikely offer- Yet one not lacking in enthusiasm.

"Totally! Can't wait- I won't lose. Take care, Eden... Storm."

"That's right, Daisuke! Cheerleading can be totally manly, if you make it! We'll have to move the Smoothie Idea though, I'm gonna have to help this Aho (idiot) home!" She says, while putting her arm around Daisuke again for support- As if getting him home is a given. She's gotten used to it, is all. "Cya later, Washington-San."

And finally, she has said goodbye to everyone. And It wouldn't be too long until she'd be left with Daisuke. "Alright! On a scale from 1 to 10, how well can you currently walk?"

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