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Description: After his fight against Mitsuru Tokugawa, a extremely hurt 'Blazing Panther' calls Tsugumi Sendo to help him get home. Much to his dismay- She instead takes him to whence he came.

The exchange of numbers after the initial meeting between the two teenagers might have been a pretty quick, almost an afterthought of an affair. So much so that Tsugumi may have even forgotten that she *had* Daisuke's number-- up until her cell phone lit up with his number and... whatever name she put in for him there. And the message she's greeted with is... simple enough, albeit rather worrying.

"I need... help..."

Just those few words alone come with audible effort and strain.

She gets guided, ultimately, towards the outskirts of the city, in the interceding areas of the less-densely-packed suburbia, and the part of town where, suspiciously enough, Seijyun High resides. And further in, to a small path between a cropping of trees and some townhouse.

She finds him amongst those trees. Laid down helplessly on the ground, in an unfamiliar leather jacket and a red scarf wrapped around his neck... and a half-face-mask of same color pulled over his lower face.

And more importantly, the disturbingly familiar sight of an incinerated right sleeve, and a nearly completely-blackened arm.

Tsugumi had been watching the match as it was broadcasted, cheering Daisuke on from the safety of her own room- Wearing some comfy sweatpants and a simple blue T-shirt. But when she saw him destroying that arm again? Well, she may or may not have huffed and puffed- Grumbling about the boy's self-inflicted destruction. And, when she saw him stumble away from the fight, refusing to let the nurses take a look? Well, It's almost a certainty she would've already stepped on the bus heading in the direction of Seijyun even before Daisuu-Chan (with a dolphin emoji next to it) message arrived.

She followed his directions- eventually arriving at his collapsed self perhaps sooner then Daisuke Expected. Taking in the Teen's current state with her own eyes before stomping over to him, crouching. "Hmmng, this is what I meant! You can't just leave your body in this state /whenever/ you have a fight! Just look at you!" Her voice mimicks anger, but her face displays more of a genuinely worried look. "Why didn't you have those nurses treat your injuries?! Come'on, I'm gonna get you back to Seijyun, Kubo-San. I don't know this neighbourhood and getting you back home will take much too long!" Perhaps to the boy's dismay, Tsugumi puts her hands under him before lifting him up- not giving him a chance to give his say. Holding him in front of her with both arms, face facing upwards while she does her best not to touch his injured arm.

"Nnnhhh...?" There is a non-zero chance that Diasuke had outright passed out in the time between the call and her getting there. It's only once she starts working her arms underneath him that he starts to stir, and one eye weakly cracks open. He... he doesn't seem to be able to open the other one, right now.

"I... hhh... I don't..." Even just talking seems to be an effort in the moment. Under normal circumstances, he would certainly offer protests for getting carried in such a way, but right now he doesn't really get to have a whole lot of say in the matter, does he.

"N-...no..." He manages to utter out weakly, however, when he realizes what exactly she's intending to do, and his undamaged hand reaches, blindly, weakly, upwards, until it settles to her shoulder, fingers weakly gripping at the fabric of her jacket.

"Can't... find... out..." He mumbles from underneath the mask that was concealing his identity as the 'Blazing Panther' during the match, that single open eye peering up at her face in pleading. "Home... please..."

"Are you serious?! No! Why the heck are you so worried anyways. It's not like you're doing a good Job of hiding it- I mean- who has hair like that?! Come on, I'll make sure they don't take off that dumb mask, 'Blazing Panther" And as such, she goes against Daisuke's wishes. Taking the first steps back to wence he came- The all Girls- Seijyun High. "Look- I'm sorry, but you're even worse off then last time. Some simple bandages and painkillers won't be enough, y'know? And I can't just like- Carry you home. That'll be even more suspicious. We'd have to take the bus! Is that what you want?!"

She continues to walk at a steady pace- grumbling /something/ under her breath.

"N-...no, no, no--" Weak as he might be, after that declination of his request, Daisuke does somehow manage to grip his fingers tighter into her jacket again, even if that alone jolts pain through his nerves and forces his opened eye to shut closed again. "Cut... cut open... me..." The words come unevenly, maybe even out of order, in between pants of breath. "Don't... please..." Does... does he actually sound *scared*?

Tsugumi Freezes- Seemingly very conflicted. Looking back and forth to Daisuke and towards Seijyun. "Wh-? I- What do you mean? Don't cut open me... Don't cut me open, please?" She tries to piece together the young man's words. Stress- and the pressure of time start to form in the girl "Look- I- I know that talking hurts- But I don't understand what you mean." Realizing that she can't afford to stay entirely Idle, she still takes steps towards Seijyun- although at a slower pace. "I just want to do what's best for you, you know?!"

Managing to crack his left eye open again, Daisuke's bright green iris shines up towards Tsugumi from below, within her arms. "Best... for me..." He manages to repeat after her words. And for a moment, he seems just as conflicted -- if for nothing else, because he's putting such a weight of a decision on this girl. "They... nnnhg--..." His eye squints again with some jolt of pain, and his hand slips further up onto her shoulder, squeezing on reflexively. "Might... cut me up... open... study... don't... please..." The hand on her shoulder tightens up further. "Don't let... them... hhh... find out... Please..."

"What? Why would they- We're talking about school nurses here! Why would they have interest in studying you?! Like- like- They won't think anything is weird, right? Lots of people use energy! Just- Ghhr!" She shakes her head in frustration. "I'm sorry- but you're being unreasonable. I can't bring you home, I just can't! It's too far!"

And with that decision, her speed increases again. "I -promise- they won't do anything shady to you! And if they do, I'll stop them! I'll be there, just trust me."

"N-no..." Daisuke protests, still, in spite of her increasing speed, in spite of her continued reasoning over this course of action. He even ends up turning his head over to press against her shoulder while his hand still clutches onto it. And steadily, his protests of "Please..." get quieter and quieter...

Tsugumi feels a pit in her stomach at his protests, yet still continues, firmly believing that this is the best course of action for her friend. "I'm sorry- It'll be okay-" Trying to comfort him a little, she finally reaches the large, metal gates of Seijyun High. Pacing over to the accompanying camera and microphone used to Identify non-students attempting to enter the grounds. The girl presses the little red button used to establish a connection- Stepping back so that the camera is able to identify the boy laying in her arms. "I- I have Blazing Panther here! Like, from the fight- Please let us in, he needs help!" A deep, feminine voice rings across from the speaker.
"Wait there."

An excruciating two minutes later; "We'll make an exception. Come in- nurse's office is on the right wing, second floor. Can't miss it." And the automatic gate swings open as Tsugumi hurries herself across the large walkway and square in front of the school's main entrance. Getting looks from Seijyun's all-girl student base. Some recognize the masked figure from the fight prior, looking with either amusement or worry, others just seem to be confused or condescending.

By the time they reach the gates, Daisuke has elected to keep himself quiet now. The hand on her shoulder has been allowed to slip away too, to instead hang limply at his side while she carries him along. Weakly, his eyes manage to scan through the people around him, but... now that slightly-opened eye, too, is starting to show some other signs. Sparkles of energy, perhaps, bringing the iris to glow brighter every now and then. And every time it does, he winces in pain. But no longer does he complain abotu being carried here. ... it'd much too late for that, anyhow.

"Here... We.. Go."

A few minutes later, Tsugumi would have finally reached the nurse's ward after getting lost for just a few minutes. A fairly large room, as intricately decorated with western architecture as the rest of this building- but with a simpler color pallete of light greys, and dark purples. Medical beds arranged neatly with accompanying nightstands, most of them empty. At the moment, only a few nurses are around- dressed in light-indigo uniforms as they diligently prepare a bed for 'Blazing Panther.' Tsugumi nods a quick 'thank you' before laying her friend on the bed. Finally giving him a comfortable, soft and steady surface to rest himself on.

A older woman steps closer- frustration in her pace as her high-pitched, nasally voice starts berating Daisuke for escaping his bed only a few halfhours earlier. "Typical! Just Typical! Leave it to a boy to so rudely deny treatment!" mumbling and grumbling, she starts working on his bruised arm- somewhat roughly picking it up to inspect the blackened skin. "How did you even managed to get it this bruised?! It's not like I want to treat you or anything, Idiot!" Is.. that a.. blush?
Man, this place is weird.
Tsugumi sighs deeply- exhausted as she sits down on a chair next to his bed. "Thank you, ms. Mind the mask. He doesn't want to show his face."

Daisuke would probably appreciate the pure bizarreness of the situation much more if he wasn't in such dire straits in the moment. He may have even blacked out for a while on the way to the nurse's office, and it's from the little jostling that comes as a result of getting settled on the bed that his eyes regain some focus again... and even then, just barely so at that.

"Hhh..." Green eyes flick this way and that, trying to find something to focus on while his heavy breathing runs it's course audibly and visibly and sweat beads over his brow, until it finally settles on Tsugumi sitting there besides him.

"Gh... sorry..." He grunts out. "Guess I... embarrassed... you..."

"Eh? You only embarrassed yourself. I don't care what these girls think about me!"

She shakes her head, looking at Daisuke with a dissaproving look. "Really, what where you thinking? That was like, the worst thing you could've done in that situation. Just sit still, and let yourself be patched up. I'll..."

"Be here."

But as soon as it faded, her smirk is back again. "Someone's gotta watch over you, Iruka(dolphin)-Chan." Followed up by a whisper as she leans closer. "I think everyone here gets weird when there's a dude around here- It'd be like leaving a stranded, poor little baby dolphin in a nest of wolves!" she chuckles softly.

"... I'm not a dolphin..." Daisuke continues his complaint. He's apparently put off enough by that he doesn't even have the time to be bothered by the momentarily closer-in-lean from Tsugumi.

"I... don't really remember everything..." He confesses, quietly, to her, over the chastising. "I... I think it just... happened..." His eye squeezes shut again, while an idle pang of pain urges out a rumble of pain. "I just remember... Getting hit and... then I was... here...?"

"I was watching"

"The broadcast, that is. You were declared the victor- somehow! Both of you put up a great fight. However, you uh, 'exploded' again." She says, catching him up on the happenings. "Same thing, pretty much. Sparks of energy everywhere- a big punch, followed by you ruining that pretty arm of yours."

"So, like I said.."
"You really need to get that stuff under control, Iruka-Chan. I mean, you can't have this happen every fight. Ya got another match coming up within a week or two." Meanwhile, the old nurse finishes wrapping- and raising Daisuke's arm. That annoying voice speaks out again. "Where else does it hurt, boyo? As much as a pervert like you would like that, I am prohibited from doing a full-body examination."

Sheesh, what is up with this woman?

Tsugumi looks disturbed for a moment, before shrugging off the woman's comment to continue her conversation with Daisuke. "*huff!* Well, you leave me no choice, Iruka-Chan! Once your wounds are fixed, we're gonna start training together! /at least/ Three days a week, no excuses. I'll help you get your stuff under control. No complaining, you hear me?"

"Pretty arm...?" Okay, no, that is the wrong thing to be lingering on for sure. Daisuke sighs heavily either way, and sends his eyes turning away from Tsugumi. "I didn't... intend for it to happen. I thought I could... learn to use it better by doing this, but..."

And the nurse is being weird again! REALLY WEIRD! "Uhhhhh..." While he can't quite manage to lift his head to give the wide-eyed look at the nurse, it at least is still *there*. "...No...where...?"

Tsugumi would know that's absolutely not true, but maybe that's acceptable this time around for the sake of getting this bizarre lady away from him.

"W-...wait, what?" His eyes snap right back over to the girl - or, well, the one open eye does - and widens to the size of a suacer. "W-what do you mean? H-hey hold on, that's not--"

"Hmph. Good. It's not like I want to look at you for more then I have to. Here's some painkillers though- just in case." The nurse leaves a handful of large, pink-and-white pills on the nighstand. Before taking one more look at Daisuke.

Is that... dissapointment in her eyes?

No matter, as she walks off to tend to her other business. Tsugumi waves her goodbye with another "Thanks, ms!" before the two are left in relative privacy. "...Like I said. People here are weird. Anyways! Yes! Yes, that is!"

She flexes her right arm, throwing her wrist forwards before making in land into her other hand, taking hold of it. "Did I get stronger just by fighting? No! Will you get stronger just by going in and getting your arm demolished? NO!" She seems worked up, suddenly. Not in an angry way, but in a enthusiastic way, motivational-speaking-esque way.

"Will you get this sorted out by training, sweat, and a partner willing to recieve everything you got?! yes, Yes, and YES!"

"*So* weird..." Daisuke agrees with a vaguely worried look sent over to the door the nurse just left through.

Either way. If Daisuke could physically manage to try and scoot away from Tsugumi rigght now, he might. But as it stands, he's... rather immobile, at the moment, and his only choice is to just stare with growing worry at her. "W-wait, that seems like going a bit overboard!" He protests. "When did you turn into some kind of dojo trainer?!"

"A trainer? Nonono, we will train as equals! Practice Partners! Brawling Buddies! Even though it would be hilarious to be called 'Sensei'. Hmmm...." Worryingly, she seems to consider the possibility as she scratches her chin. "Thanks for the suggestion, Pupil! I will consider it. In any case, nothing overboard about this- you need it!" She leans even closer, most certainly invading his personal space.

"It's for your own good, Iruka-Chan! You'll thank me once we get started. For now though, want some water? It seems we'll be stuck here for at least a few hours!"

"... Why did I have to give you that idea..." Daisuke gives a long, defeated sigh thanks to this, pursing his lips and turning his head over the other way to look away thanks to her getting all up in his grill now. At least the mask hides the blush!

"... And I'm not a dolphin."

"It was a great Idea! Don't sell yourself short~" She chuckles triumphantly, as Daisuke wilts in front of her.

"Oh, you're not? In that case..." suddenly, she raises her tone Signifcantly. "I'll just call you by your real name! Dai-"

add a - after the Dai

The panicked yell meant to cut her off is followed immediately after by a violent set of pained coughs that seem to jostle his entire body as a result. "A-ahck... Damnit... That was... not good..." His teeth grit in together underneath the mask even after the coughing settles down. "God... I feel like... I'm burning up..."

"Oh, crap- I'm sorry!" The worry returns, as her teasing indirectly caused more pain for her friend. "That's not good, Iruka-Chan. Sorry for winding you up like that I'll uh,"

"Shut up for a bit. You should see about getting some rest. I'll make sure none of these weirdo's get their hands on you!" She looks around, after their outburst got them some weird look from Seijyun staff and Students. Is she imagining things, or did a figure just duck away from behind a window? Daisuke isn't being watched, is he?

"The offer still stands though, I'll gladly get you some water- or food, If I can find any. You'll still have to recover for a while until we can handle the trip home."

"N-...no," Daisuke kind of... 'wheezes' out, eye still squeezed shut. "You're... you're fine..." His eye opens after that, to peek sidelong over at her. "...Look... I do... appreciate this still... in spite of everything, you know...? So... thanks."

If there was movement at the window, he unfortunately doesn't get to see it due to his... current limitations and all. But maybe Tsugumi saw it?

"No, I'm... I think... I'll be okay... I just... need to get out of her as soon as possible, okay...?"

"As soon as possible, yes. But that's not now. Give it a hour or two, then we'll see. I'm not letting you move till' then. Gotcha?"

"So it seems you're stuck with me for a little while! How lucky for you! G'ehehe."

"I.. Think. *yawn* I might take a little nap- wake me up if they get all weird again. You better not try to escape!" And just like that, a few minutes later she's asleep in her chair. Thankfully, with much less snoring this time around.

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