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Description: Velvet hears of Tsinghua's DKO against Hayley over Neo League, and decides to invite the boy down to The Gold Lounge for a little tame dinner theater party. However the Half 'stalker winds up getting wind of The Gong Family...

"Dear Tsinghua-chan" the letter Tsinghua might receive in the mail of wherever he is currently staying. "I have heard about your rather daring double knockout to Hayley in the Neo League matches. Please come see me when you return to Southtown. I would /love/ to throw you a bit of a party and see to any injury you might have. Yours truly, the Phantom Queen of Southtown, Velvet~" imprinted against the paper next to the signature is what looks like the imprint of lips in a deep purple/blue shade of lipstick. Also included is a card with what looks like directions in spidery-thin handwriting, which gives vague directions to the outskirts of the Kabukicho district of Southtown, which happens to be the red light district. The address at first doesn't seem to exist, however, the next time he might look at the paper, the writing has changed to give further instruction.

Eventually, he'd find himself in a dark dead-end alley, when the spider-thin calligraphy on the card has turned into an eye, which then winks--and a large door opens on the side of the building closest to him. Into what /should/ be an old abandoned warehouse. But given the door is made of richly carved wood, the handle painted in gold leaf, it doesn't seem as if the interior is 'normal', at all. Indeed, it is not--as there is light and sound coming from it.

Inside is what looks like a nightclub or lounge of some sort, wood paneling walls section out an area of the large space, dotted with small tables--and at the end is a stage with red drapes. Subtly inhuman figures can be seen about.

The boy had recieved the letter, and, not wanting to turn down such a invitation, decided to make a slight detour on his way back home to China. Following the magical directions and keeping his head down while walking through the red-light district. Nervously stepping into the alley- This doesn't feel safe! But, he decides to proceed, trusting his 'phantom Queen'. Looking carefully and nervously around the interior as he steps further and further inside.

"Uhm, Hello?"

"Well well well, look who it is," comes a voice that Tsinghua will probably recognize from across the room, sitting on what looks like a large throne-like wooden chair, the back and seat upholstered in red satin. It has a very 'queen of hearts' kind of motif to it. Velvet is sitting on it cross-legged, of course, wearing what looks like an indigo vinyl... bustier, corset? it has cups, fur-ruff around the shoulders and runs down to about the waist, where it ends in suspender straps connecting it to a pair of similarly-colored thigh-high boots of a similar material. Thankfully he is wearing one of those full-body black spandex undersuits beneath that, this just is apparently what 'flashier' or 'fancy' dress looks like for Velvet. The lithe and tall bunny-eared cigarette girl/waitress steps up, not scantily clad herself, she's actually in what looks like a sweater dress and black leggings, seeing Tsinghua to where the private table has been set aside for them.

"Sorry for the dramatic invitation, I wasn't sure what you'd think--but as always my directions are impeccable, no?" he grins, welcoming the tiny sino boy.

"I.. Managed to find my way here, certainly."

Tsinghua bows to Velvet, and the waitress with a "Thank you very much, ms." as he is seated. He looks around with noticable discomfort. Taking in Velvet's unusual apparel as he sheepishly sits down onto the chair, trying to ignore the inevitable few looks towards him. Not many humans find their way here, and especially not ones so young. "I couldn't deny such a kind invitation, Velvet. Thank you."

Idly, the boy rubs his lower torso- letting out a subtle pained breath from his post-fight injuries. He doesn't bring it up, as he asks a question. "Are you well? I have not seen you since our match with mr. Haggar." He straightens out his traditional beige Hanfu, and runs a hand through his green hair.

"I /was/ going to send someone to pick you up, but I wasn't sure how well you'd react to a strange man with horns showing up at your door," Velvet grins a little, looking from Tsinghua to the bunny woman. "I think he'll start with a soda, or perhaps water? Not sure he is of age to drink, y'see, yet," Velvet shoos the woman away once Tsing is seated, the Sino boy might find his seat being scooted closer around the table towards Velvet, somehow--as Vel's chair turns a bit toward him.

"Yes! That /was/ pretty painful, I must admit, so I thought I might repay the favor since I heard you were in a very arduous match," Velvet uncrosses his legs, the boots clicking against the floor. They're the usual outrageous sorts of things he wears, high heeled--though these seem to be in a solid wedge shape.

"You can tell Velvet where it hurts, if you'd like some assistance with that, I do want you to enjoy your time at my club," he smiles, eyes narrowing just a bit mischievously.

"I'd just like some water, please. Thank you, ms. Waitress. I am indeed not of age yet."

"That is very kind of you to offer, Xiansheng Velvet. It's- It's mainly my arms and torso, and chin. She really hit me quite hard. I.. did not have a good time. In a way, I'm glad to have lost. The other opponents in that tournament really looked scary.. Except ms. Ribeiro. She is nice, if a little weird." He groans slightly, eyes widening in surprise as the table moves on it's own. "I.. I will do my best to feel comfortable here, Velvet. But it is certainly an unusual place. It feels a bit.."


With the waitress getting their drinks, Velvet picks himself off the 'throne' and steps closer to Tsinghua, idly popping joints in his hand by flexing his thumbs with each hand..

"Is she now, I like nice and weird people, as you can see," he grins, clicking his long dark nails together as he might attempt to lay on hands onto Tsinghua's shoulders. He wasn't wearing gloves this time, Tsing might noticed--so when their skin made contact he'd feel a rush of warmth and tingling spread down through his shoulders, arms, and then to his chest. It's like a rather warm and relaxing ASMR sort of experience, especially when Velvet is leaning down from the side and behind to whisper something into Tsinghua's ear--though the words are indescipherable.

There is a conduit of energy running directly from the darkstalker into Tsinghua, the warmth the sort one might feel after sleeping a long time. He might be tempted to sort of melt into jell-o from the sensory overload, however--before he can do so, the hands are removed, and Velvet stands up again--reaching both arms back behind his head and flexing, the spaded tail flicking up behind him, leaving Tsinghua perhaps feeling like he's just come out of a shower.

"How do you feel /now/, Tsinghua-chan?~"


An expression of surprise, before the weird sensations course through his body. The boy relaxes, listening to the voice as the pain fades from his body. When Velvet removes his hands, Tsinghua feels a bit dazed- before moving his shoulders around to feel they aching pain has vanished. Same with his ribs, and his chin.


Discomfort, but relief. "I- That, that was most odd. But, It really did work. I feel- feel noticably better." Quickly, he stands up- before bowing deeply- bonking his head on what for him is a chest-high table."Ow! Aii. Apologies. But, I thank you most sincerely for easing my wounds, Kind Velvet." not even a moment later, he slumps back in his chair. The process seemingly having made him a little tired, from the newfound comfort and warmth. He carefully takes a sip of water, averting his eyes in a bit of a blush.

"And of course it's adult, boy," Velvet snerks a little, looking down at Tsinghua with a slightly weary look. Though it wasn't from answering his questions--the magic that just infused him had to come from somewhere, after all--Velvet is a bit winded from it. "But that doesn't mean I can't invite you to my club, I do however obey the laws of the land and we're not serving you alcohol, is all," he gives Tsing a little pat on the cheek, before returning to his seat, and crosses his legs again. It's about that time that 'Cinnamon', the lapine eared and mocha-skinned white haired waitress returns, handing over a glass of water for Tsinghua, as well as a large pitcher of beer and a mug for the queen. What? Velvet doesn't want to get fucked up while he's entertaining /guests/, after all.

"Mmm, some food might also be in order, though we don't do a lot of it here--will need to fix that later," he waved the waitress away, her stiletto heeled shoes clacking. "Don't worry about how I treat her, I rescued her from a drug lord," he mutters after swallowing a great amount of that mug of beer, and gives a mighty but quite un-queenly belch afterward, looking a little sheepish and covering their mouth.

"Not all of us made playthings by dark forces have the ability to defend ourselves. I trust you are feeling well, now? Splash some of that water on yourself~" Velvet teases.

"Y- You could still be a little more polite. But, I am feeling well, and will be fine.Thank you for the invitation once again." He re-itorates, unsure of what to say as he takes another sip of water. "It is a nice place. I am just not used to it, is all. I surely will adapt in time."

He chuckles, a bit half-heartedly. "That is quite the amount of drink, Velvet. You seem quite experienced ingesting alcohol. I would wager that such an amount would knock me out clean." Tsinghua smiles, trying to ease the mood a little.

"This is the first 'party' i've been too. It's nice."

"I could," Velvet agrees, though he lets the train of conversation drop, giving Tsinghua a little smile, remaining silent for a moment as they both drink and relax. "Never been inside an 'adult' place, then? I can understand that, I suspect when you hit 18 you might get taken out somewhere, though," the entertainer teases again, shaking his head. "Actually I'm a pretty big lightweight, you don't get to keep a body like this--" Velvet drew back in the chair and gestured to their front, as if meaning all of themselves, "When you drink all the time," he sighs a little.

"Well, we're an underground outfit, so we do what we can for our friends, I have a hard enough time keeping the gangs out of the mortal--err, human establishments as it is," he corrects himself, giving a bit of a sly grin. "Well lets not tempt fate there, I don't want to explain why an underage boy passed out at my club to anyone, eh?" he cackles.

"Is that so?" Another nervous chuckle. "Apologies for misjudging, Velvet. I am a novice on the subject. I wasn't planning on drinking any either. That would not be a pleasant situation, now would it?" Tsinghua takes a good swig of his water. "You have gotten me curious, what kind of establishment is this? It seems to function as a bar, but.." He looks and gestures over to the stage. "That seems to indicate song, or theater. Do people perform here?"

"It's a cabaret, also a lounge--you can come here relax, sit, drink, also there is live entertainment, never seen a cabaret show before, boy?" Velvet teases a little, with the 'boy' bit, though he seems to mean it in good fun. "I perform here sometimes, too--when I'm not busy. You can come and visit and watch us sometime, too, if you wish," he grins. "The performances are not always 'adult', but will let you know when something is inappropriate," he leans back in the throne-like chair, cradling the mug of beer against his knee with his legs crossed like that. He seems to be having more fun messing with Tsinghua here than Tsing might be enjoying himself, but then Velvet /did/ heal his injuries. One has to wonder if the half-dark one might expect /another/ favor out of that, too.

"I see. Interesting. I have only been exposed to classical chinese theater, so this is an interesting concept to me." Tsinghua also leans back, somewhat mimicking the motions of his host. Although his legs are straight and pushed tightly together, a very 'uptight' sitting posture. "I will certainly consider visiting for one of your shows, I'm sure it would be a wonderful peformance. However, my availability is guided largely by my tasks as representative and messenger for my masters."

"Southtown is however the most common place for me to operate. There is a large number of important financial contacts here, you see. So there is a high likelyhood a opportunity will arrive."

"Masters, huh? And what sort of things do they have you running around Southtown and back for, I wonder?" Velvet tilted his head and seemed curious, leaning forward a little as if this was conspiratorial, private knowledge. Well, the club /was/ private, semi-private, anyway.

"A fine looking young man like yourself, doing all this traveling back and forth, I hope you get a chance to have some fun and play around a little besides just doing matches--though I hope you tucked away your share of that Midnight Channel we did," he peered over at Tsinghua with a more serious look than before.

"My duties are a honor, Velvet. I appreciate your concern, but it is unwarranted. The Góng Estate pays me with a living space and their wise teachings. That is all I require. What they expect of me is only reasonable." One has to wonder what the source of Tsinghua's obidience is. "I am an extension of the Estate, and I was brought up to be adept at my duties. I meet with financial and political partners to deliver sensitive information, and to officially settle arrangements. And.. I am honored to do so."r
His last statement, while as cold as the rest of his words, gives off a slight hint of hesitation.

"Hmm, interesting, Góng, you said?" Velvet slowly grinned, almost like a cheshire cat, though he feigned polite interest otherwise, he seemed to let the subject drop. Of course he was not going to on the inside.

"Interesting arrangement, either way, I hope you kept that money for yourself, got yourself some new clothes, perhaps, you earned it," he leaned back again, refilling his glass from the pitcher of beer, brushing his long black hair back behind his bat-like ears.

Cinnamon eventually came back around with a tray of some finger sandwiches, which Velvet took a few of--a few were just meat and cheese, a couple were tunafish. Normally these weren't served unless asked, it appeared.

"You'll excuse us, she doesn't cook, much," Velvet snickered a little, with the bunny lady giving a roll of her eyes and a sigh before heading back off.

"Thank you for the food, Madam." Tsinghua is doing his best to give the waitress some recognition as he gratefully takes a sandwich and takes a bit. It was.. edible. Not great, but edible. The Boy however, does seem to be a little off-put or agitated by this conversation. Trying to talk about something else, he swaps the subject. "I can't be too long anymore. My plane leaves early tomorrow, unfortunately. I have a bit of time left, however. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about before I leave?"

"Right, right, do come back anytime you choose--err, keep the card in your... wallet, purse?" Velvet grins a little. "Should you need to find here again it will direct you," Velvet got up and moved over to shake the boys hand, before stepping back. "I think we're good for now, I need to go out on a nightly patrol, anyway, he makes eye contact with the waitress/cigarette bunny from across the club, and gestures for her to come around and see Tsinghua out.

"It was lovely to have you here tonight at the Gold Lounge, I hope you bring with you some of the happiness we inspire," he winks and blows a kiss towards Tsinghua with a 'mwah' noise, gesturing toward the Sino boy.

"Certainly Velvet. It was a pleasure as al-"

"Well, a pleasure as /almost/ always." The boy smiles in reference to the fight against Haggar. "Best of luck with your.. patrol. And, Good night."

Tsinghua would follow Cinnamon, once again thanking her for the 'excellent service' as he leaves the building.

Afterwards Tsinghua would begin the moderately long walk back to his hotel, around the center of Southtown. In front of the place he is staying at, a dull and colorless building- yet a establishment of decent quality, he gets a phonecall. The boy takes out an old flip-phone from an inner pocket- very much designed for function over form. The messenger sighs, looking nervous as he accepts the call. There are a few seconds of silence, as a expression of panick forms on Tsinghua. "Yes- I, I understand. I'm terribly sorry."

Another pause, as the poor boy Swallows.

"Yes. Yes. I stepped way outside of my boundaries, Taskmaster Yáo." he turns even whiter- breaking out in a cold sweat as the phone is held to his ear for a few seconds more. Seemingly the call ends, since Tsinghua sticks his hand back into the Hanfu- stowing the device into his chest pocket.

He stifles a lone and fearful sob; before he is right back to his calm 'normal'. Heading inside after a long night to get some sleep.

Velvet began to walk away once Tsinghua started to leave, though his eyes were peering back and toward the boy's direction even as he turned facing away, waiting until the door closed to speak to his hench bunny.

"Getting some real /slavish/ vibes off our friend's folks--already got our boy tagged and released, long as he keeps that card--for the time being, get me what you can on this 'Góng' outfit, I'm going to go follow him for a little, see where he goes, and do a little private investigation of my own," Velvet gestured to Cinnamon and she nodded and turned away, the queen had the kind of look on their face of someone who has heard things they do not like, and there is a low-burn frustration to it. Velvet even growled under his breath a bit, /someone/ was gonna get hurt--if he was 18, he would have just taken the kid--no, can't do that, can't just kidnap people, that'd be a bit too much like /them/.

"Time to turn on the juice and see what shakes loose," Velvet breathed, alone in a changing room backstage as he swapped the vinyl getup for something a little bit more... rugged.

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