Moondyne - Mall Rats

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Description: Moondyne Mouse strays into the convenience store where Daisuke is working and messes with his head. Figuratively. (This time.)

The winter is steadily passing, so the scenery of Southtown is steadily taking to change the way it looks. In more ways than one, at that. The destruction caused by the Darkstalker Crisis is steadily getting rebuilt over, and the city is growing back to it's normal way of life. Most streetside businesses are open by now, including a certain small convenience store. One of the many that line the japanese towns, a small corner store that provides for the quick, easy access to simple groceries and other daily goods for the city-goer.

"Daisuke-kun!" the middle-aged man running the store calls out, while throwing on a light jacket. "I'm making a run for some more change. You can look after things here, right?"

"Eh?" From amidst the shelves, a red-haired head of a japanese teenager pops out, sending a wide-eyed look at the owner. "Wait-- I've never been here on my own before, I haven't even run the register--"

"You'll be fine, you'll be fine! You've been doing okay with the register so far!"

"But that was just in practice mo-"

"Just remember to ask the customers to pay in exact change or with card until I get back, okay? See you soon~!"


Before the red-haired boy dressed in the store's employees' uniform can offer any further protest, the owner has already slipped out, leaving the boy staring helplessly at the automated sliding doors while they close up.

"...Sheesh, he's way too laid back..."

The doors of the convenience store slide open, and to the security cameras--which might see a slight VHS style warping effect as someone enters, it's clearly some kind of short girl or lady--who then goes about their business, what Daisuke-kun notices might not be quite that. The woman glances about the store briefly, before going over to one of the drink machines which eternally stir some kind of corn syrup-based fruit cocktail that will be infused with crushed ice, leering at it briefly before noticing an arcade game in the corner and approaching it.

Of course, when Daisuke glances over, he might see none other than a mechanoid meece with a rather type A personality, clad in her usual polished looking white armor and black lycra undersuit and thick Nike-lookign sneaker boots, her tail swaying about lazily behind her, the white cylindrical multi-tool pod resting at the end. The light blue hair she has frames the small white-furred face and very large rodent-esque ears, wider and more subtly curving than say a bat's. She stands with a hand on the edge of the machine with a hand against it, peering over at the boy behind the counter.

"Rough day at the office?" she grins, showing mouse-like buck teeth.

Daisuke's inexperience in handling things on his own in this store is evident enough in the way he scurries through the store proper and get himself settled behind the counter. So busy is he in trying to ensure everything is working order and that he remembers the basic functions of the register that he doesn't even get to pay much attention over to the new customer when she comes stepping in first.

But when she comes closing in on the arcade cabinet, he does hear her movements, and promptly perks up to attention. "Ah, good evening, dear custom-eeeeh?"

He sees a mouse. Or a woman with mouse features? An armored mouse?! Some part of Daisuke's brain is already telling him that it's rude to stare, but... he can't help it. He's just left to observe the mechanical mouse with a long look of surprise.

"Huh? Oh, uh--" Snapped out of that by the question she presents, he shakes his head and tries to regain his focus all over again. "Uh... Something like that? It's, uh-- my first time like this here!"

Perhaps realizing that Daisuke can see her--or perhaps she's doing this on purpose, Moondyne Mouse smiles and grins a little, waving at Daisuke.

"I'm your imaginary friend, don't worry~" holding a finger up and giving a 'shhh' look. She then raises a brow, walking around the counter and leaning against it, a little. Due to how short she is, her head likely comes over the counter by just a bit, along with the tips of her shoulders.

"What, don't you work here?" she keeps that smile plastered on, leaning against the edge of the counter, picking up a candy bar and briefly inspecting it.

"Yeesh, how do you humans /eat/ this stuff, it's like all sugar," she sniffs at it, before turning it over to read the ingredients on the back. "Hmph, partially hydrogenated soybean oil," she pops the whole thing in her mouth, wrapper and all, somehow, chipmunk cheeks popping out as she rolls it around, before swallowing it.

"That's putting it mildly, lot more in that thing than just that," she rolls her eyes.

"Imaginary... friend..." The redhead squints down at her... or at least, the ears peeking up past the edge of the coutner, if nothing else, before he leans himself over so he can actually get a more full look at the Mouse without her being mostly obscured.

"...There is *no* way that is true. And I *do* work here! I'm just... new." Eyes narrow after that bit of huff in his voice, carefully keeping a constant eye on her now.

"..I mean, it's not like it's really healthy for yo-" The explanation on the candy bar comes to a screeching halt when she just pops the whole thing into her mouth without even unwrapping it. Another few seconds of wide-eyed staring go past.

"U-uhm... You're supposed to take the wrapper of..." He points out, quietly. "...And also supposed to pay for that first."

"Yeah, too lazy," Moondyne replies, shaking her head dismissively, before raising a brow again. "Whaat? I've seen people start eating stuff in supermarkets all the time," she slides a 100 yen coin over, before giving a little belch. "Don't worry, I'll be fine--I can digest anything," she assures him, before peering about the other stuff on the counter. All convenience stores had the same kind of bullshit on their counters--including stuff behind plastic or glass cases on the sides. Full of 5 hour energy drinks, lightning cables and micro usb charging cables, plus the even more expensive and mischievous things.

"Oh yeah, there we go, packets of aphrodesiac pills, gonna need those for the ladies, right hon?" she grinned cheekily, clearly teasing the man. Well, scratch that, boy. She seemed to be having fun with this--her tail flicking up behind her and lilting back and forth.

"That... that doesn't mean it's okay to do..." Daisuke points out, his tone carrying the distinct note of someone who, frankly, has no idea how to properly deal with this particular situation. Or even someone who isn't even entirely sure what he is really looking at, when it comes to Moondyne Mouse.

At least she has the decency to slide the payment over, and DAisuke is dutiful enough in ringing her up... though he does need to snatch another of those bars over to read the barcode on it, since the one for the one she actually bought... well. In her stomach now. "Thank you for your patronage-- uh, would you like a receipt" Hey, turns out he managed the register just fine. Though maybe the pure absurdity of this situation is forcing his body into automation mode with that.

His eyes narrow at her following words. "...Aphrodesia-...? Ah?!" The realization of the actual meaning behind the term hits him in right after, and the poor boy visibly recoils, with his cheeks flushing with a hue awfully close to that of his hair. "I, er, uhm-- I wouldn't, uhm..." Eyes flick from side to side rapidly while he stumbles over his own words. "...Know anything about that kind of thing..."

"No," Moondyne replies when asked for a receipt. "We're losing sight of the real question--why is it not okay to eat something if you're going to pay for it? Is that some kind of weird organic custom or something? Tradition? Ritual? Why does anyone do anything??" she looks genuinely perplexed there. She does seem to get amused when he recoils with a blush at her teasing him about all the Spanish Fly related items located behind the counter. She herself had been exposed to Kagura's mind at one point, so she knew full well what kind of weird obsession humans had with Tab A into Slot B.

"Pshht, what're you like, 15 or something--" she frowned a little, before her pupils grew rather large as she looked him over. Internally, she was actually doing a more indepth scan of his size, physiology, and other features--and those seemed to provide her with the answer she was looking for even before he replied.

"Oh, you /are/ around that age--okay, checks out," her eyes returned to normal as she grinned a bit sheepishly, laying off for the moment.

So fiercely is Daisuke's face burning red that he doesn't even quite manage to bring himself back to the point where he'd be able to fully explain the intricacies of human society as they pertain to shop etiquette!

Or even clarify his age to her before she's already scanning him out to figure it out for herself. The question of wether or not this intrudes on some measure of his privacy doesn't seem to even cross the boy's mind.

...Or the fact that she would likely end up sensing something *else* in there besides normal human physiology. TOo much energy packed into the nerves and the leylines that run through him -- though bizarrely enough, she's not able to get a clear measure of it beyond that. The boy ain't right, to put it bluntly.

"... Seventeen this summer, customer-san," he sighs out, eventually, calming down some, even if a hint of red still remains on his face.

"Moondyne, or if you prefer, Mouse-san~" Moondyne nods with a little correction there. "There's something else too, hmm... no wonder," she probably was able to pick up whatever weird chi-levels the boy has, but doesn't comment on them anymore than that.

"No wonder you thought up something like me!" she is still enjoying teasing the boy and playing this game of 'imaginary friend', it would appear. "I'm glad we could finally meet, you repressed me for so long~" she giggled, skipping about the store now and checking out all the things. Thankfully no one else happens to come in during this time. Though if they do, Moondyne likely acts pretty normal until they leave, returning to this 'Dropdead Fred' kind of schtick she has going on.

"You don't even have a girlfriend right now anyway, right?" she slyly asks, peering over the edge of a magazine--hey, how did she get over to the magazine rack so fast...?

"Mouse...san...?" Daisuke rolls out the name she gives along his tongue, and then squints at her. His english is at least good enough that he recognizes the meaning behind that.

And the squinting look just continues with her insistence on the act, and he inevitably lets out an exasperated groan. "You're still going on abotu that...? Come on, there's no way I'm going to believe that." Because apparently a humanoid mouse-robot is much more believable, apparently.

"Bwh--?!" The redhead practically sputters when she drops the G-word. Ignoring the speed at which she brought a magazine up to conceal her face, slaps one hand on top of the counter. "What does that have to do with anything?!"

"What, can't ya tell?" Moondyne points to ears, then to the tail--even the large buck teeth she has. "I'm clearly a mouse," she says, as if he should have known this, matter of fact-like. She folds the magazine back up and places it back on the rack, not leaving any fingerprints, of course, since she never had any to begin with.

"Oh nothing~" she mutters casually, walking close enough to the door that it slides open automatically as she passes back towards the counter, letting in a gust of sweet, if a little chill, Spring air. Well, some places it might still be feeling Winter, but...

"Never saw a 5 foot tall mouse woman before? more of a cat person?" she tilts her head.

"I mean... I *can*, just..." Daisuke shakes his head again, and folds his arms over his chest, lips slightly pursed at the mousegirl.

"... Haven't personally, no," he says, with a sigh. "So... you're... a Darkstalker or something, then? Or, no-- a cyborg? You keep talking about organics." Perhaps wisely so, he elects not to say anything on wether he's mor eof a cat person or not. Especially since... well, nevermind, that's not important.

"Darkstalker? Sheesh, I'm hurt there, hon--no, robot," she winked and smirked, lightly shaking her head, and it was about this time that Daisuke's manager came waddling back, which Moondyne turned and noticed long before he got in range of the door.

"Anyway, I think I'm going to be going now, don't be going and getting into any bad boy things, over there, god knows there's plenty of that to do, heh," she chuckled darkly at the back of her throat, and then her form began to grow transparent, before finally disappearing entirely--the door opening apparently for no one, before finally closing just as the manager stepped back in.

Curiously, if one checks the security camera footage around this time, it's been mysteriously corrupted. Weird!

"A robot," the teenager repeats, with a slooow blink of his eyes. "...Alright, fine. So according to you I have an imaginary friend who is... a robot mouse girl." One finger scratches lightly at the side of his cheek while he considers her, green eyes drawing up and down along the Mouse's figure to properly take count of her small frame.

"Sounds like some anime nonsense, alright..."

But apparently the time for her to leave comes, and with it, an... apparent accusation. "What-- what's that supposed to mean? What do you think I...?"

His words are left trailing off much like Moondyne herself as the cloaking takes hold. And poor Daisuke is just left... staring, dumbfounded, while the manager steps inside.

"Hey, you haven't burned the place down yet, Daisuke-kun!" The manager laughs out on the way to get to the other side of the counter, jacket shedded away on the way. "You didn't get into any trouble while I was gone, did you?"

"Uh... I... guess not...?"

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