Nena - On Edge At Half-Time

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Description: Nena Memory Archive 103: Today, I was engaging in cheerleading maneuvers, but had to abort mission when a public security risk classification B-15 incident occurred.

It's a bright and clear afternoon at Pacific High! The sort that could remind those of its residents hailing from warmer climes like California of home, albeit a little more crisp with the spring air. A fortunate turn of weather makes it an ideal day for outdoor athletic pursuits, which aligns well with the fact that the fields outside of the school have been scheduled for just that.

The soccer field is the highlight this afternoon, with an exhibition game between the teams of Pacific High and Taiyo High underway, albeit breaking for halftime at the moment. So far, it's a tight match, with both teams having scored a goal each. Adjacent bleachers along the side of the field hold both the home team fans and the visiting team's supporters.

Given that Taiyo is, to the students of Pacific, their Rival of Rivals amongst the schools of Southtown, all of the stops have been pulled out even for this relatively light competition. With the halftime break in full swing, the cheer squad - a point of pride amongst Pacific, given the notoriety of a certain blonde member with a great deal of International (read: American) Spirit.

Toward the center of the squad, which is currently prancing back and forth along the sidelines with pom poms at the ready, a certain ordinary teenage girl with the designation Nena Washington is marching, executing the routine with a great amount of precise technical skill and a complete lack of emotional expression.

"Nena!" a cheerleader with green hair behind her hisses, while trying to avoid losing her own plastered smile. "Smile!"

"Apologies," Nena says coldly, before her lips curl into a smile that fails to spread to her eyes.

Rafferty Lawrence Stewart loves a sports match. As long as he doesn't have to compete in it that is. What appeals to him is the buzz in the air, the smell of freshly cut grass and the bare flesh on display. Especially when some of this belongs to his girlfriend. As Nena shakes her pom poms, he lets out a whistle of approval, to the irritation of some girls sat close to him.

"That's so sexist you know. Women aren't just there to be objects of desire" one of them sniffs.

Rafferty appears horrified at this accusation.

"Oh wow, sorry babe. I mean no harm. I'm just supporting my Nena." He points at the petite brunette in the cheerleading outfit and then flashes a dazzling smile to the twosome. The one who has so far remained silent, seems to melt under his gaze, whilst her more vocal companion rolls her eyes.

On first glance Rafferty is dressed like any other high school student on a day off. A simple white polo shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers aren't likely to make him stand out from the crowd. To anyone in the know about such things though, they will recognise that the shirt is Ralph Lauren, the artfully distressed jeans are Celine Homme and the footwear bears the classic red soles of Louboutin.

He nods his blonde head to the half time music, which consists of a group of high school students performing covers of well known pop classics. Their current offering is a much tamer, sanitised version of Smells Like Teen Spirit. As one of the trumpet players blows a bum note, comments about their lack of ability can be heard spreading throughout the crowd.

"Nice job, nice job!" Tsugumi Sendo, had been on the field since the start with a seemingly infinite wellspring of energy. Making up for her lack of proficiency with sheer enthusiasm and her strong physique. Tsugumi gives off a very tom-boyish impression, short brown hair, brown eyes, and with a athelic and fairly muscular physique fitting of a trained wrestler such as herself. She is currently wearing a uniform fitting of the current soccer match, a shirt and shorts both inscripted with the colors and symbol of Taiyo High.

At the half-time break, the girl walks off-field, retrieving her towel on the way to dap off her accumulated sweat, before sitting on a bench- coincidentally located not far from Rafferty. She takes a swig of water, before glancing over at the American with a subtle look of disdain.

Edenlith has been playing soccer as well, on the Pacific team. She wasn't having the time of her life, but it did look like it took some of her boredom away, especially when she earned a yellow card for her 'accident'. She was in the typical uniform, accentuated by her dark blue hair, and blood red eyes. She wasn't that big herself, but had endurance and reflexes reflecting her abilities.

Now with half time, she looked around, noticing Nena, and her eyes stayed on her for a while. She wanted to solve the mystery she was. She thought maybe Nena was dead inside, a smirk coming to her lips as she thought such a thing. If it was the case, she would want to know. Then she looked around some more, and saw Rafferty. Another smirk formed on her lips. She would hurt him real nice, if she get away with it, but again, Nena. She also saw a player from the other team. Damn, she was so big. In other circumstances... During all those thoughts, Storm (the cat) is beside her, it almost looks like he's talking to her, and if someone was close enough, the cat was indeed whispering to her. "Don't you dare get another yellow card, you do and you get a red card, then you're out of the game. It would be stupid." Eden waves her hand dismissively at the cat, but he kept talking, at least he did, until she hissed at him rather nastily. She wasn't in the mood right now to be lectured.


The constant jeering has been coming from up in the bleachers and this time the accuser it making himself even more known. As if anyone could miss the giant hair and the purple outfit that belong to the violent brat named Edge. Who happens to be here out of the sheer fact that SOMEONE needs to represent the only school around here that actually matters: Gedo High.

Or, y'know, he was bored. Whichever.

"YOU BOTH SUCK!" Edge keeps it loud and proud as he cackles after dissing both Taiyo and Pacific High's soccer teams and goes back to annoyingly chewing on his gum. He chews nice and loud to annoying anyone that's dared to try and sit nearby. His wild grin is enough to make it clear that he's here to be a menace.

The whistling from Rafferty reaches Nena's ears as she continues her mechanical execution of the Pacific cheer squad's routine outline. She doesn't turn to look; her discipline is ironclad, and her mission is still underway. Her pom poms shimmer and shudder as she shifts her hips and raised arms in opposite directions with sharp, synchronized jerks, her plastic pseudo-smile remaining pinned on her lips.

As the half-time routine comes to a close, she discards her pompoms and crouches down, raising her hands at her sides to allow the green-haired cheerleader on her right and a blonde cheerleader (but not THAT blonde cheerleader) on her left to each place a sneaker in her waiting palms before rising up and elevating them to form a pyramid alongside the rest of the squad, the petite brunette somehow acting as an unflinching anchor as another blonde cheerleader (which may, in fact, be THAT blonde cheerleader) springs up on top to form the head of the mega-cheer gestalt.

"GO, PACIFIC, GO!" the other cheerleaders shout in crescendo.

"Go, Pacific, go," Nena simultaneously intones.

Rafferty is seemingly oblivious to any disdain shown to him by Tsugumi. He gives her a glimpse of his pearly whites, as she too earns herself a smile worthy of toothpaste commercials. Apparently he is not one for discriminating based on which school girls attend. All are equally entitled to his attention!

As his blue eyes come to rest on Edenlith however, he shifts uncomfortably in his seat on the bleachers. He is only just recovering from the last encounter he had with his eccentric classmate. He leans forward, trying to get a better look at her, despite his better judgement and sees that her ever present white cat is along for the ride.

"Probably giving her a team talk" he murmurs under his breath.

He almost welcomes the diversion of the disruptive purple clad rabble rouser. He raises his dark eyebrows in amusement at his rowdy display and glances around to see the reactions from his fellow sports fan students.

Several of them seem to be booing in retaliation, but as one set of boos can't be separated from another, this just serves the purpose of aiding the interloper's antics.

The performance of Nena and her fellow cheerleaders has the designer clad teen rising to his feet. He claps loudly and with enthusiasm, his loyalty and pride clear to see.

A deep, deep sigh emerges from Tsugumi as she locks eyes with Edge. She wastes no time standing up, and approaching the loud-mouthed teenager- Giving a respectful thumbs up to the cheeramid as she does so. As if to say 'I've got this'.

While she is shorter then him, standing at a non-impressive 5'4'', her mass and physique might still an intimidating presence. "Would you mind shutting it? We're having a fair competition over here. We don't need a punk like you to interfere in our sportsmanship!" She impatiently taps her feet, looking at the punk's outreagous hair. "Who would you be, anyhow? I haven't seen you around before. Different school?"

with everything happening, Eden continues to watch the people, with now a silent Storm beside her. She knew the halftime was coming to an end, and finally maybe things would get more interesting. But when she hears that guy, booing and all his shenanigans, she looks in that directly, with a smirk. She seems to ponder something a moment.

After that small amount of time, she picks up Storm, and looks like she's about ready to throw him like a football, toward either Edge, or Tsugumi, since they were rather close, it wasn't really clear... but the cat in her hand, would have none of that. He wasn't a football, he had four paws like a cat, a head like a cat, hell, his whole body was like a cat, because he was a CAT!!!! "PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT, I SWEAR IF YOU THROW ME I..." He didn't know what he could do to her at the moment, both because of the fear of flying directly into the crowd, or wherever else if she her aim wasn't too good today. What was for sure, Storm wasn't being discreet at the moment, and Eden really looked like she wanted to throw that cat, as if she was trying for the football team, but at the last second, she brings him against her, winks at him, and in what could be considered a loving gesture, kisses his head. With the face Storm had, it didn't calm him down in the least currently.


There's a sneer that comes along with the giving of his name. He even says it like everybody around here should already know. He's leaned back on the bleachers without a care in the world and even goes so far as to cross his legs at the ankles to show just how much he's not worried about Tsugumi being all up in his business.

It helps that he's just pulled out a huge knife from seemingly nowhere. He blows a big pink bubble with his bubblegumm to prove his lack of worry even more.

"Maybe you wanna' go sit your fat ass down. 'Less you want me to show you what Gedo High thinks about sportsmanship." His grin goes from rabble-rouser to threatening-bastard in just that quick of a moment. He even goes so far as to balance the blade on his fingertip just to prove his point.

The triumphant finale of the cheer-amid is somewhat mitigated by a cry from the Pacific side of the bleachers.

"He has a knife!"

The girls on Nena's hands both turn to look over in that direction, simultaneously shrieking. Nena, for her part, turns her head toward where the purple-clad punk is brandishing his blade, the mission protocols of her role as cheerleader overriden as:

"Threat detected. Analyzing."

The green-haired girl and blonde directly atop Nena's hands both decided to bail at the same time, jumping off of her to land on the ground and beating feet toward the school's main athletic building.

"Nena, run!"

Nena doesn't move. At least, not in an especially perceptible manner - there's a slight rotating around her irises that most are unlikely to notice.


There's another shriek from above Nena as the blonde who was at the peak of the pyramid, now lacking either of her direct supporters, succumbs to the whims of gravity and tumbles downward. At the last moment, Nena raises her head and steps a precise half-step backward, holding her arms in front of her and catching the head cheerleader gracefully.

"Come with me if you want to live," she tells the blonde as she begins evacuating her cheer cohort, proceeding at a casual stroll toward the athletic building.

The electricity can almost be felt in the air, as the highschoolers detect the prospect of imminent violence. Impressive as the pyramid may be, it can't compete with excitement on this level! Some of the more eager students leave their seats to get closer to Edge and Tsugumi. Rafferty, for his part, stays well back, happy to observe from a safe distance. He has no intention of being hit by a poorly aimed punch.

He allows himself a brief glance back towards Edenlith, curious what she and Storm are up to, or perhaps checking they aren't about to sneak up on him anytime soon. What he observes, causes him to do a double take. Surely she isn't going to throw that poor creature into the crowd? He's about to head towards her and intervene, when he sees her offering him affection. Satisified it was a harmless prank, his attention shifts back towards the tomboy and tearaway, just in time to see Edge produce the blade.

"Oh shit"

His long legs start to carry him down towards the sports field, heading for Nena.

"There's a knife, there's a knife!" he cries out in his honeyed Southern California tone, his voice merging with the other panicked members of the crowd.

"Save yourselves!"

As he sees Nena and her partner in cheer heading for the athletic building, he decides to follow suit. Perhaps it's to provide her with protection, or maybe to seek it himself!

"Eeeh?" Tsugumi expresses in surprise as she sees the large knife, taking a fearful step back before steeling herself. "What the hell are you doing with that?! My classmates warned me about you Gedo High students, but- but pulling a knife!" she catches on to the panicked crowds behind her, the sheer chaos of it instilling fear in her by simple exposure. "You'll get in trouble for this- Drop the blade and leave."

"Or I will have to restrain you." Nervously, Sendo scans around- looking for a teacher. Conveniently enough, there are none in eyeshot. Meanwhile, the other Taiyo Students are also evacuating- moving off of pacific ground.

"Get the hell out of there, Sendo-San!" A classmate yells, yet the tomboy does not hear- or does not react to the statement.

Perhaps she should have ran away like the others, it seems even Storm would have preferred that. It wasn't his fault, he was still nervous about his previous ordeal, and he wasn't about to calm down as Eden throws him in the air, before running closer to the stand, where Tsugumi and Edge were. Storm lands on his feed, just even more nervous now, it seems he couldn't catch a break right now. A sign appears beside Eden's head. Just a visual illusion, not actually real. "Can I play with you two, that looks like fun"

Awaiting an answer, she looks around, looking at the people. Most of them are running away and this amuses her even more, and it shows on her face.

After a moment, she gets her attention back to the two. Not moving, just interest showing on her face. Storm came closer, at least close enough to be heard by her, even if his face showed he didn't particularly want that. "Perhaps you should leave them alone." Eden simply waves her hand dismissively at her cat.

Edge blows another bubble because of course he does. He's a lover of delicious bubblegum. And of ruining the days of everyone that goes to Pacific or Taiyo High. Which is why the smug jerk looks even more smug when he starts chomping at that gum and looks around Tsugumi at the fact that people are fleeing and running away in terror or whatever. It's just music to his eyes.

Wait, that's not how the saying goes, is it?

"Looks like ya' game's been cancelled. On account of suckin' royally." Edge flashes a grin and makes the knife disappear back into his jacket somewhere.

As Eden arrives nearby, Edge throws his hands behind his head and leans all the way back, feeling ever so validated in his disruption of the status quo. He kicks his feet up again. "Gedo High Wins. Perfect." And with that, Edge is blowing another bubble.

Once Nena and her blonde rescuee have reached a safe distance from the threat of violence, the brunette pauses, letting the cheer captain drop to the ground and turning her neck to look over her shoulder.

"Apologies. My hierarchy of rescue prioritization has been modified. Please proceed to a more secure location."

Turning around, she starts trotting back toward the bleachers, directly into the course of Rafferty. It would almost appear that she's intending to rescue her courageous blond boyfriend.

"Rafferty. Please proceed to a more secure location," she says with a strangely similar intonation to the identical statement that she made a moment before.

And then, she carries on past Rafferty, stalking toward the trio of Tsugumi, Edge and Edenlith.

"Please stand back. I will secure the target," she states as she steps up onto the bleachers, eyes locked on Edge. Strangely, the metal bench seems to protest slightly under her feet, clanging as she places her boots on it.

Tsugumi's bravery goes unnoticed by the platinum locked Pacific student. He's too busy trying to save his own cute ass! This means he also misses out on the visual display put on by Edenlith. This is probably for the best, since his heart is already pounding hard in his chest. Further shocks to the system would be very unwelcome right about now.

When Edge puts the knife away, there's an audible sigh of relief from the crowd, but the tension isn't fully broken. After all he's still present and so are Tsugumi and Eden. Could there about to be a three way throwdown?

Rafferty's chiseled face breaks into a beaming smile as he spots Nena heading straight for him. His heroine is here! He opens his arms out to embrace her, only to find she's heading elsewhere! Even worse, she's going straight into the eye of the storm (not the cat).

This provides the teen with quite the conundrum. Does he tear after his girlfriend, to be her knight in shining armour or does he protect his blossoming career by ensuring he stays bruise free?

It seems self preservation is the order of the day, as he does head back towards the action, but only to find a safe spot beneath the bleachers, where he can observe the action unseen. He curls into the tightest ball he can, which is quite the challenge for a long limbed male, who is six feet and three inches in height.

Tsugumi lets out her own sigh of relief as the knife is stowed- and as she gets backup from two other schoolgirls. Even though they're from pacific, this punk is the bigger worry at the moment. "You see that? I'm not a fan on unfair fights were someone's outnumbered- but I'll make an exception for you!" she boasts and taunts, flexing her arm as she glances between Eden and Nena. "I'm Tsugumi Sendo! Appericiate the backup. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.. or whatever." the wrestler scratches her head as part of the tension is reliefed.

"So you better run, Bubblegum Boy!"

Storm didn't really want to be there either, it showed on his face. When he sees Rafferty going somewhere relatively safe, bu close, he tries to go there as well, but careful, not sure yet if Rafferty will welcome him.

Meanwhile, she frowns when the knife is put away, is the fight done... it didn't even start, despite herself, the first sign disappears and another takes it place. "What the fuck is this shit." But then she sees Nena coming up, and the bleachers seem to hint that Nena is heavy, the most recent sign disappears. She looks at the bleachers, as if saying. "Try that on me, and I will kick your ass."

When Tsugumi speaks, she raises an eyebrow, and this time she makes another conscious sign, with the following words "I am Eden, and I just want to be part of this. I am willing to kick anyone or everyone's ass really. No offense." Though her eyes didn't seem to care if she did offend, and when she ends up grinning, it's obvious she doesn't at all.

"Whoa. Relax, Small Bunyan." Edge actually laughs at his own joke there because he doesn't have his crew around to laugh at it for him. "It's a free country. I can sit wherever I want." More smacking of the delicious gum ensues because he's loving the fact that he's managed to get everyone so riled up by simply, well, existing it seems like.

Gedo Gang got it like that.

"Besides, if any of you losers even try to lay a finger on me? I cut it off and take it back to the Boss." It's that moment that Edge's playfully annoying demeanor shifts to one that might actually be insane. His eye twitches and his grin looks so much more sinister than the grin before.

And then it's gone. He's back to the business of looking smug and pretty much like he's not worried about Nena or Tsugumi or Eden or the Cat. "He likes it when I bring back souvenirs." And Edge blows another content in his verbal victory bubble.

Nena's head turns from Edge as Tsugumi speaks, ocular receptors focusing in on the Taiyo student. Her face remains emotionless as Tsugumi introduces herself, before she responds in kind, her tone clinical and cold: "I am Nena Washington. I am an ordinary teenage girl."

Her head rotates toward Edenlith, a brief glimpse of the ethereal sign caught before it disappears.

"This situation is a public security risk, classification B-15. Evasive measures are advised. If you remain in the vicinity, I cannot guarantee your continued safety. As a fellow member of the Pacific student body, I do not wish for you to be harmed, Eden."

All the while, her tone remains cool and even. Her eyes refocus on Tsugumi.

"You may remain, Tsugumi Sendo."

She turns her head back toward Edge, and takes another step up the benches, then another. The groaning of the metal under her feet is slightly lessened as she approaches.

"Possession of knives on school property is grounds for immediate expulsion. Please relinquish all knives and other weaponry, or expulsion from school property will ensue."

If there's any fear of the threat of a finger being removed in Nena, her face certainly doesn't show it - nor does it show any excitement. It seems as though the ordinary teenage girl is unflappable.

At least Nena isn't going in alone, Rafferty tells himself. The girl from the other school looks kinda tough and Edenlith? Well she's pretty damn scary. He shifts slightly, as he feels his right leg cramping up and then winces as the toe spikes on his fancy sneakers dig into the soft skin of his hand. He's about to curse, when he spies Storm making his way under the bleachers and his first instinct is to reach out to stroke him. But then he remembers, this cat can talk.

"Erm, hey" he says, somewhat nervously. "You alright there? There's just about room under here, if you wanna hide. I mean observe" he quickly amends. "I'm hanging out here to keep a watch on things."

He peers over to where Edge is posturing and tries to hear what's being said. He's just about close enough to and he dramatically gasps when Edge starts to make his threats.

"This isn't looking good, Storm" he sighs. "I really don't wanna have a girlfriend with missing parts. What are we going to do?"

As he continues to listen, his mouth falls open a bit in surprise. "Man, Nena is really keeping her cool. It's like she's had training or something. Or maybe it's just all the movies she's been watching with me."

"Another one with a penchant for fighting, huh? Your attitude is kinda scary, Eden-Chan!" Tsugumi responds towards Eden, intrigued. Before she pulls a large smile and larger thumbs-up. "But we can fight later! When it's a bit more controlled!" On her other side, she glances towards Nena. Lifting up an eyebrow at her unusual robotic-esque mannerisms. "You seem to know your rules, Washington-Chan. But uh, yeah! What she said!" Turning back towards Edge, the wrestler reaffirms Nena's statements. "No weapons on school grounds, and all that! Especially not on a school that isn't even yours!"

"Well I mean, it's not mine either.. but the only weapons I bring are my guns!" Flexing again as part of little joke, she laughs heartily."

Storm comes in the small space, enough to be comfortable without pushing Rafferty away then answers his question. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you're the damsel in distress, and Nena is the hero in this story. She will be fine, and then you can fall deeper for her the way she protects you. Just don't piss her off, or she might removes a body part from you. You're a very nice specimen of a male of the human specie, would be a shame." He smiles. "I also enjoy getting pet, it beats getting thrown like a football." The way he talks about it, there was a time where it actually happened.

Eden meanwhile, she hears Nena's concern, not in her voice, but some concern. Her face shows some confusion, and she takes a slight moment to think, before making another sign. "Ok, if you try to cut a finger off of Nena, then it will be personal at the moment, and I will have to decide to fight you. Bubblehead." Then she looks at Tsugumi, and seeing as she would be willing to fight her another time was even better. She ends up smiling and looks at her big arms, she looks like she loses track of things a moment, imaging something in her head, but that moment passes, and she brings her attention back to Edge.

"Whoa. Wait a minute." Edge pops up from his relaxed position and holds open his jacket which shows nothing at all but the rest of his purple attire. "Knife? Where's a knife?" He actually doesn't have any knives visible. Which is pretty much the cause for no alarm. "You three come up to a random student that's just here trying to enjoy this horrible soccer game and you accuse me of having a knife?!" Edge looks as innocent as innocent can be.

Nobody that chews pink bubblegum can be guilty of such things. Or even someone with that kind of hair. It's definitely innocent hair.

"Especially when you claim to be carrying a..." Edge grins quickly at Tsugumi and then looks as scared as hell. "GUUUUUUUUUUUN!"

It's then that Edge hops up and starts running down the bleachers towards anyone that might still be lingering around because that's the scene he's trying to cause!

When Tsugumi announces that the only weapons that she brings are her guns, Nena's attention is drawn; her green eyes shift in the direction of the other schoolgirl, scanning the teen for signs of the alleged weapons. They turn back toward Edge as he opens his jacket to reveal that his jacket is empty. There is no evidence of belief in his claim on her face.


Nena's head swivels back to regard Tsugumi. Her eyes seem to flash for a brief moment - likely a trick of the light.

"Possession of firearms on school property is grounds for immediate expulsion. Please relinquish all firearms and other weaponry," she says as her left arm suddenly snaps out as Edge is passing - if he isn't quick, he'll find himself getting clotheslined by a surprisingly stiff forearm = "or expulsion from school property will ensue."

Her eyes remain locked on Tsugumi with stoic seriousness regardless of whether she succeeds or fails in her attempts at interception.

"Oh man, there's guns now?" Rafferty panics, before realising that the wrestler is joking.

As the cat tells the boy how things are, the young blond seems troubled. "That kinda makes me sound like a wuss, Storm" he responds somewhat sulkily "But I suppose it's fair. Anyway, I'd rather be the damsel than the dead!" he decides, his expression brightening.

He reaches out a hand to fuss the feline, focusing on it's furry head.

"Thanks for the compliments too. I don't think Nena really gets pissed though, she's a pretty cool customer. That's one of the many reasons I chose her." He smiles to himself, then looks over at the object of his affection to see how she's faring.

Then a very bad thing happens! Edge vacates his seat and starts going on the rampage, shouting about guns. Wasn't the gun thing just a joke? What if he decides to head for Rafferty and Storm's safe place?

"Try not to purr, Storm" he whispers, attempting to hold his own breath to avoid alerting the wild haired rogue.

Looking back towards the trio of girls, he sees Nena stick out her arm, in a bid to stop the Gedo student in his tracks.

Tsugumi's joke seems to land flat, as it seems that it went over the head 1 or more out of 3 fellow students. "Ahre? Guys- Guys, I was kidding! You know like, 'Guns' as in 'Strong arms' It's some pretty common slang here, jeez!" She explains herself to Nena, who reacted most strongly. Before turning his attention to the running Edge- If Nena would fail, she would run after the punk and attempt to tackle him to the floor. "Alright, that's it! I've had enough of your pranks, you Gedo Punk!"

Storm really goes quiet when Rafferty asks him too, though, in his eyes, if Edge came too close, he was ready to put up a mediocre fight against him. Rafferty would see that look in his eyes, if he did look at the cat's face.

Eden wanted to go after Edge as well, as to her, it looked like he was going for Rafferty, which was fine, she would too in other circumstances and it makes her giggles, until it goes to the thought of Storm getting hurt, and her face changed again, into anger as that was unacceptable, but as she saw Nena ready and Tsugumi ready, she didn't add to it, there was only a sign, with this on. "xxx[::(x_x):::>" A warning. She takes a deep breath, something wanted to come out, and she didn't want that.

"Whoa! Watch the hair!" Edge quips as he ducks underneath Nena's stiff clothesline action! Somehow he continues to roll to make sure he gets away from Tsugumi's violent tackle attempts as well. He's up to scramble and stumble past Eden in the next moment and somehow a knife gets thrown from his direction towards something that will shatter to cause even more ruckus and chaos because that's what gang members do!

"Hate to cut and run but... I got places to be!" Edge offers yet another quip before it seems to dive off the bleachers, to tuck and roll towards a gap in the gate. Probably the same gap he managed to get in here through in the first place.

If he can make it, he's ghost!

If he can't make it, he's toast!

With her clothesline evaded by the karma Houdini designated Edge, Nena would naturally be expected to join in the pursuit of the ne'er-do-well. She turns slowly, as if intending to follow Edge, but at a leisurely pace. However, closer reading into her movements would indicate that she's splitting her attention between both Edge and Tsugumi - and with Edge eluding her grasp, her focus centers on the pursuing Taiyo student. And then, she gives chase - suddenly moving at a surprising speed, running after Tsugumi herself.

"Arms of any kind are not permitted on campus," she insists in her clear monotone, reaching out to try and grab hold of Tsugumi with her right hand and potentially ruining her attempts at foiling the Gedo gangster's getaway.

"Please lay down your arms and submit yourself to the appropriate authorities for legal processing."

As Tsugumi threatens Edge, Rafferty edges backwards, till he's pressed against the concrete of the wall. He crinkles his perfectly formed nose, as he sits on a cigarette butt and flings it out of the way, dusting his hands off afterwards.

"Why do people smoke, Storm?" he questions. "It makes your clothes smell and even worse, it gives you wrinkles."

The cat seems to be wearing a fierce expression. Perhaps he feels strongly about smoking too!

Edge's exit is met with relief from the frightened fashionista, but not before he samples one more scare for the road! Letting out a stifled scream, when the knife is thrown, he then buries his face in his hands.

"I only wanted to watch a soccer game, Storm" he whimpers."Just a bit of fun. I'm so opening those chocolate truffles and putting on a movie, when I get back to the dorm. I'm too stressed to get my party on, even if it is Saturday night!"

He watches the pursuit in stunned silence, seeming spent by all the drama. Bringing a well manicured hand up to his mouth to cover a yawn, he muses "Nena sure can move. It's kinda hot."

About to pursue edge- Tsugumi gets stopped in her tracks by Nena's surprisingly strong grip. "Huh?! Did you not hear me, Washington-San? It was a joke! I have no guns, or weapons!" She pulls a few times, but to no real avail as Edge starts to get away. "How are you this strong? In any case, let me go, please! We have a villain to catch! Hngggg." With one last, strong pull, she makes her attempt to escape and run after the Gedo High Punk.

Storm keeps quiet, but lays a bit closer to Rafferty a moment, he doesn't want to move much

Eden can't help but chuckle at all that is happening. Edge running away, Nena getting Tsugumi. She makes yet another sign. "If you hate Tsugumi and want to kick her ass, I won't stop you, but when she said guns, she did meant her muscles, her arms. She didn't mean real guns. It's funny as hell though." She ends up snickering.

As Eden exclaims so, Tsugumi finally manages to break free- perhaps due to Nena letting go, or simply through her /muscle!/. She darts after Edge, at this point with a significant distance between them.

"GET BACK HERE, YOU PUNK!!" She fumes, clearly full of frustration at this turn of events

Nena's grip eventually does relinquish on Tsugumi as she declares that she has no guns or weapons - apparently taking her at face value with the same ease with which she accepted the declaration that she was packing guns before, now that the clarification that she is not in fact packing guns has been made.

"Understood," she replies, before answering the question of her strength: "It is my nature. I am built for strength." Perhaps the response may be as questionable as it is responsive, particularly given her below-average stature. "You may continue your pursuit. It appears that the subject has vacated the premises," she adds helpfully, apparently oblivious to her own sabotage, before turning her head back toward the bleachers.

"I must locate and re-acquire my boyfriend."

Witnessing the struggle between the rival school girls, Rafferty seems more alert. Now Edge is out of the picture, he decides to come out from his hiding place. Picking up the chatty cat, he stretches out his body, dusts off his jeans and then makes his way down the bleachers.

As he gets closer, he sees Edenlith's sign and does a double take. Although he has plenty of experience with them by now, his expression suggests he still finds them pretty baffling.

Observing Nena heading towards him, he gives her a sheepish grin.

"Hey, babe. I could see you had that handled, so I left you to it. Plus, I had to protect Storm from that guy with the knife."

He nods after this explanation, trying to convince himself as much as her.

"Speaking of, I should give the little guy back."

He wanders over to Edenlith, looking somewhat wary, as he holds the white cat out to her."

"There you go. He's a pretty cute kitty." He follows this with a smile, before quickly backing away to rejoin Nena.

Storm was grateful for Rafferty taking him to Eden. "Thanks pal." Eden gets Storm from Rafferty and she smiles back at him, then she looks examines Storm, then her eyes goes on Rafferty pants, as he walks away. Storm sighs. "No Eden, Neither of us soiled themselves over what happened." She grins, and starts walking away. She does give a little wave to the Rafferty and Nena, for some reason.

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