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Description: Nena Memory Archive 102: Today, I met a cat and his girl. I deduced immediately that it was not an ordinary cat. It was a special cat. It told me so.

Edenlith walks to the entrance of the Cafeteria. She looks unhappy to be here. She takes a step inside, and after glaring at her white cat in her arms, as if all the troubles in this world was entirely its fault, she lifts her head and actually sees this is not what one would usually expect of a cafeteria.

After a moment to get out of this surprise, she walks further inside, examining the wall. For a fraction of a second, a sign appears beside her head with the words "This place might look wicked with blood on the walls." But as soon as it appears, it basically disappears. Maybe the cat smacking her chest with its left paw, had something to do with it. The walls forgotten, she looks around to see if anyone interesting is there.

Rafferty is sitting at a table in the centre of the room. With one hand, he's stabbing at a fruit salad with a silver fork and popping pieces of exotic fruit in his mouth. With the other, he's scrolling through his phone's photo gallery. This seems to consist entirely of endless selfies, all of which look eerily identical. Choosing one of the pictures to post to Instagram, he then closes his phone and starts to glance around, looking for anything or anyone that catches his attention. His eyes come to rest on Edenlith. Thankfully for his sanity, he misses the mysterious sign, but he does spot the cat and a grin appears on his handsome face. Abandoning the remains of his lunch, he pushes his chair aside and makes his way over to her. "Your cat is so cute" he almost purrs, reaching out a hand to touch its white fur. "What's its name?"

As Rafferty is speaking to Edenlith, Nena walks into the cafeteria through the main entrance. She has her science and math textbooks tucked under her arms, and she is flanking a blonde teenage girl in a cheerleader's uniform along with a green-haired one wearing a blue cardigan over her school uniform. For her part, the brunette is wearing her usual attire: a sailor-style Japanese schoolgirl's uniform in white, blue and red, colours that align sentimentally with the school's largely American population.

"So, do you think anyone from our school is going to represent us at Rising Star? I heard that some girl from Taiyo got invited," the blonde says to the other two.

"The person running it's from Seijyun, isn't she? So like, there'll probably be someone from every school, other than Gedo, maybe," the green-haired girl says.

"Perhaps Rafferty will wish to participate in the Rising Star. He has mentioned to me in the past that he intends to become a star. I tried to explain to him that such an outcome was scientifically improbable, given the amount of hydrogen and energy required, but he was insistent," Nena remarks as she scans the room with her eyes casually.

"You're so funny, Nena," the green-haired girl says with a laugh.

"Hey, there's your boyfriend now! Looks like he's checking out the new girl's pussy," the blonde says, nudging Nena with her elbow.

"So he is," Nena observes calmly, before breaking away from the group to approach Rafferty and Edenlith.

"Hello. I am Nena Washington, an ordinary teenage girl," she introduces herself to the latter, stepping up beside Rafferty. "If you are a girlfriend, please be aware that Rafferty is no longer in the habit of stealing girlfriends, and inform your boyfriend of this information in the interest of avoiding confusion."

As Rafferty comes to her, Edenlith watches him. He looked like someone from a magazine. Then the question comes, and she ponders. Storm, the cat didn't like it when she did her special thing, but if she does, she might get kicked out and not have to be there. She grins a bit, as all those thoughts run in her head, and then, consciously this time, makes a sign appears to the left side of her head. "His name is Storm." is written on it, then a second one appears on top of the first. "If you think you're seeing things, you are." She pins the cat down, as if anticipating another hit from him, and it... almost feels like a grumble, but then. "Meow..."

When Nena introduces herself, both previous signs disappears. Hearing she's just an ordinary girl, Eden examines her heavily as if looking for something that would contradict that statement. In doing so, she tightens her hold on Storm. He waits a moment, but then can't help it. "Too tight!...Umm Meow!" She chuckles, but does ease up on him. Another sign appears this time to answer Nena. "Edenlith, no boyfriend, just a cat, a moody personal support cat." She sees nothing at the moment that confirms or deny Nena is an ordinary girl, but decides to keep her eyes on her, and her boyfriend, that doesn't steal girlfriends anymore. She starts laughing silently as something hits her as funny.

Blinking his blue eyes several times, Rafferty looks between Edenlith and Storm with confusion."How exactly did you do that?" he questions, then in more hushed tones "Do you have an advertising deal or a sponsorship or something? Are you with an agency?"

His expression switches to one of dismay, as Edenlith gets violent with the kitty."Hey, that's not cool, babe. You could hurt it. Do you want me to take it for you?" He holds his hands out towards her, ready to accept the feline if she should agree to pass it over.

Nena's arrival is met with some relief. "I was just offering to take this girl's cat from her" he explains. "She seems to be having some issues with it."

Nena's green eyes scan Edenlith as well, before sweeping down toward Storm. Her wanton assertion that she is an 'ordinary teenage girl' would likely seem equally difficult to accept as it is to disprove; she certainly has the appearance of one, yet her mannerisms are incongruous, from the fact that the look in her eyes never seems to change to the nearly-monotonous manner in which she speaks..

"I am detecting two experiential inconsistencies in this engagement," she states, her head cocking ever-so-slightly to one side as she stares glossily at Storm.

"First: I am experiencing ocular malfunction, or you are projecting signs in realtime through a means which I cannot determine. Second:"

Nena's eyes turn to Edenlith's as her head straightens.

"I am experiencing audiosensory malfunction, or your cat spoke aloud. To my knowledge, this is not normal behaviour amongst the Felis Catus species. Please explain."

She looks almost offended a moment at Rafferty, when he talks about the kitty, though about which part was unknown, then as his hands come toward her, a sign with big red letters this time appears, it almost looks like blood. "DON'T TOUCH MY PUSSY!?!" But, her anger quickly turns to a toothy grin as she seems to calm down, though the question about her signs remained unanswered at this time, on purporse. She does touch Rafferty's hand, in a sort of high five, just where he had left his.

Then her attention goes back to Nena. She giggles, Nena might or might not be ordinary, but she seems to be pushing all the right buttons on Eden right now to amuse her. The pussy sign finally disappears, and another replaces it. A projection indeed as they couldn't be touched, didn't really exist in any other form then hallucinations so to speak. The sign says "You probably need glasses, there are no signs here." The cat was looking more and more worried, not sure how long they would be allowed here with everything going on. Before she could make another sign, explaining him, he decides to drop the act for Nena. He says. "I am a special cat, it is not a special behavior indeed and normally I try to behave like a normal cat in such a setting, but Eden is making it really hard right now for us to appear normal. I think she might not want to be here, so is trying to do everything to get kicked out... or she is simply bored." At the second option, Eden nods her head, but the smile/grin she had, was showing she enjoyed her two new companions of the moment.

Rafferty nods his head at Nena, as she asks for an explanation. He's apparently oblivious or accustomed to the unusual way in which she seeks it. He seems momentarily calmed by her taking control of the situation, his whole posture relaxing, but this is soon shattered by the surreal and spooky signage display. He points a long finger into the air, where the projection is displayed and then starts to back away, flinching as Edenlith's hand brushes against his.

"What the fuck is going on?" his normally smooth voice asks with a tremble. He seems to be directing this mainly towards Nena.

"Has someone spiked the water supply? First there's words appearing in the air, then there's a talking cat. Oh and for the record, the only glasses I need are sunglasses and today isn't even sunny!"

For her part, Nena is silent for a moment, listening and observing patiently as the sign flashes and the cat takes it upon himself to explain the situation. The blonde and the green-haired girl in the background pull faces before hurrying off out of earshot toward the food lines.

When Storm finishes and Rafferty descends into distress beside her, Nena turns to look her boyfriend in the eyes.

"I have not tested the water supply for the presence of alcohol or other hallucinogenic substances. However, I do not think that there is reason to believe in a correlation between the events you are describing and the consumption of tainted water. It is logical to accept Storm's explanation, Rafferty. He is a special cat."

Nena's head rotates back to face Edenlith as she keeps her books level against her midriff.

"If you wish to be relieved of your obligation to remain in this establishment, I can present your petition to the faculty. However, Pacific High School is rated amongst the top education centres in the country. Also, classes will end in the afternoon, allowing for greater freedom of movement, and I am told that the food is 'sweet' as a descriptor of quality rather than flavor. I would recommend that you take these factors into consideration before seeking ejection."

Her expression remains casually detached as she speaks.

"If you are dissatisfied because you do not have a boyfriend, then you may borrow Rafferty until you find your own, as long as you return him undamaged."

Eden is very amused of Rafferty getting spooked out of her behaviors. The water supply theory brings a quiet chuckle out of her and a bigger grin. At the mention of not being sunny for sunglasses, a sign appears, simply saying "Philadelphia".

Her attention is then brought back to Nena, as she proceeds to very matter of factly answer her boyfriend. The Philadelphia changing to Encyclopedia, as this is what Eden thought of Nena at the moment, so logical and all. Storm then speaks again. "She's going to love you two, I don't think she will want to leave after all. You have 'un je ne sais quoi.'

Then Nena speaks of the school, and Eden listens, the sign disappearing, no longer relevant to the conversation. She makes a confused face for a moment, not sure why Nena would want her to stay. Nena a mystery in more ways then one at the moment. Her eyes light up when she says she can borrow Rafferty, until she is told to return him undamaged, bummed at that. Yet another sign appears. "He tried to grab my pussy, I know it's furry, and in the right condition moist, but I hope I will not have to keep them tightly close, to keep its sanctity safe.". Storm lets out a laugh after reading. "Mwahaha... Seriously stop that, you're pushing it too far." Turning his head to Rafferty and Nena. "I apologize for her, she never knows when to stop, she goes too far, and pushes people away. She does need friends. She's going to stay, I will make sure she does.

The young model looks bothered, bewildered, but definitely not bewitched, as the chaos continues to unfold around him. He brings a hand up, making a stop gesture and repeats the word "No" three times.

"So not cool" he asserts, his lips forming into the same pout that was visible in his thousands of selfies.

"You can't just pimp me out, Nena. I have feelings you know" he continues somewhat sulkily. "Besides, she's clearly crazy or something" he gestures towards Edenlith, quickly adding "No Offence."

He peers suspiciously at the white cat, still not seeming convinced about its special abilities.

Nena listens attentively and quietly to Storm as he speaks. When the sign appears, Nena's eyes scan it, only seeming to need a split second to do so before returning to Edenlith's face. She seems about to speak when the cat pipes up again, and Nena shifts her eyes to the feline's face.

"I see. I find that humans often conduct themselves that is not congruent with their intentions. I cannot claim to understand it, as it is not a rational mode of behaviour, but it appears to be based on fear. I consider it a flaw in human programming. Therefore, I choose not to experience fear."

Nena turns to Rafferty next as he starts to sulk.

"I was not attempting to pimp you out, Rafferty. After all, I did not ask for any money. My intention was to make the new girl feel welcome, because I wish to understand her, and her cat is special."

Her head tilts slightly toward the side.

"I detect from your body language that you are sulking. I will attempt to remedy this situation."

She drops her books on the ground and steps up to the blond boy, extending her arms to wrap them around him and gently hug him, resting the side of her head against his chest.

"There, there," she says airily.

Storm watches Rafferty as he seems to not take any of this easily, but then he says something. "I wouldn't call her crazy. The last person who did, has been eating through a straw for quite a while. I mean technically, you're not wrong, but there are some truths you simply don't talk about." Eden is watching Rafferty as well, and points at her eyes with two fingers, before pointing at him, the 'I am watching you sign'. She doesn't however seems like she is going to attack him and is simply grinning.

Once that's done, Storm listens to Nena as she talks about humans and fears, before piping in again. Now that he could talk rather freely with some people, beside Eden. "Fear in some circumstances can be useful, as a survival mechanic. But Eden lack some of them, like fears. It works for her. I hope it works for you as well..." There is a pause, before he adds. :I don't know if Eden is hungry, but I am." Eden shrugs, then nods, but before they do anything about it, and they listen at the exchange between Nena and Rafferty. Eden can't help but up another sign. "We know who wears the pants in this relationship." It doesn't stay there long.

As the cat continues conversing, Rafferty is forced out of his state of denial. "You could make a fortune from that cat" he decides, ignoring the air of menace in the air, as his business brain kicks in. "The gram would love it for starters. Imagine the likes and endorsements you'd attract." This whole idea seems to have cheered up the tormented teen no end. So much so, that by the time Nena offers her rather clinical comfort, he has a broad smile on his face. "Thanks, babe" he responds happily, running his hand over her dark hair to stroke it.

"Maybe we should get you some food" he suggests to Edenlith. "Perhaps all this is just a case of low blood sugar." He's about to turn away, when he spots the sign and his frown is briefly restored. Catching himself just in time, he forces himself to relax his brow, mindful of future furrows.

"I prefer to speak exclusively about truths. Preferably, analytically and empirically quantifiable truths," Nena says, leaning away from Rafferty once his sulk levels have normalized. "I do not require fear for the purposes of survival. I prefer logic. Self-perpetuation provides sufficient motivation for self-preservation."

It's just a typical casual cafeteria conversation between teenagers. Teenagers, and a cat.

Nena looks up at Rafferty. There appears to be the faintest of positive quirks at the corners of her mouth, her eyes slightly wider than usual. Perhaps she has an endorphin centre in her brain after all.

"You are welcome, Rafferty."

She, too, notices the sign produced by Edenlith, turning her head to look at it.

"If you are referring to the relationship between Rafferty, who is my boyfriend, and myself, then yes, we know who wears the pants in our relationship. Rafferty is the one who wears the pants. I am the one who wears the skirts."

She runs her hands indicatively over the sides of her pleated school skirt.

"However, there have been exceptions to this arrangement."

Storm takes in everything being said, and presumably, Eden does the same. At some point Storm mutters under his breath. "If only low blood sugar was the problem." He ends up chuckling. Then Nena's talk about logic makes Storm comment again. "You are logic, she is Chaos. Controlled to a point. The yin and yang. Maybe you." Speaking to Rafferty "Will be the glue, if she doesn't give you gray hair before your time." Eden grins so widely when Storm mentions gray hair, and her eyes light up, as if she had some ideas, but whatever it is, she does not act upon it."

A short time after, when Storm is done talking, and what was to be said, has been said, Eden shows another sign. "Food! I demand a food offering now, to appease the belly god" As if on cue, her stomach makes a rather loud sound, to confirm that she is hungry. Storm sighs, Eden could be such a handful. "We better take care of that, before she decides one of you looks appetizing enough. Meeting you both has been a delight, for both of us." Eden nods her head, and the sign changes to "FOOD! NOW!" Storm "May we meet again, less you decide to eat with us." Didn't want to be rude.

"Yeah, there was that time I wore the leather kilt for the photo shoot and that other time I found the retro pics of David Beckham and decided to wear the sarong to the beach. That got kinda breezy though" Rafferty recalls.

His hand moves to touch his hair, at the mention of greyness and then he brings it down to take hold of Nena's, giving it a squeeze.

"I'll skip the food, thanks" he responds politely to Edenlith and Storm. "I had a fruit salad before we met. Anyway, I'm gonna be late for business studies and I actually enjoy that class. You ready to go, babe?" he enquires of the fearless female.

Nena tilts her head as the sign presented by Eden seems to give her pause.

"I do not believe that I have heard of a belly god. However, offerings to deities are typically based on superstition, which is a flaw in human programming -"

She is cut short before she can continue any further down that line of thought by Rafferty's question. She looks up at him. "Yes. I am prepared to depart."

Looking back at Eden and Storm, she says, "This has been a positive encounter. Enjoy the rest of your respective days. I wish you success, should you choose to follow Rafferty's advice and monetize your cat, whether by the gram or by another form of measurement."

She gives Edenlith a nod before squeezing Rafferty's hand lightly and turning to accompany him, stopping to pick her books up off of the floor before they leave.

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