Rising Star 2021 - Rising Star Interviews - Angel vs B. Jenet

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Description: In preparation for the Rising Stars tournament, Angel seeks out an interview for entry! When she arrives at a beach resort, a particular pretty pirate princess declares she's there to test her mettle. Flying fists and fanservice ensue.

The Kanzuki Estate has been very proficient with their postings about interviews, invitations, and contact information. If Angel reached out to them, she would have received a response in half a day sending her a contact number to make arrangements for her interview. Surprisingly enough, this interview did not seem to involve casting couches, stuffy offices, or Zoom calls. Instead, she's told to sandy beach resort partly owned by the Kanzuki Zaibatsu. She was even provided with a two-day one night stay, for free.

Presently, there is a curvaceous young lady with long blond hair dressed in a flowing purple dress sprawled out in a beach chair with a very colorful drink decorated with a novelty umbrella. Her legs are crossed and she occasionally taps her foot, her high-heel dangling precariously off her toes. A couple of characters in blue-and-white, gaudy striped shirts are busying themselves with a digging a hole on the beach with several shovels.

She pushes her giant sunglasses up from her face long enough to look over at them.

"Work those shoulders!" Bonne Jenet calls. "Even if the Kanzukis don't have any buried treasure, at least you're getting a workout, huh?"

"Yes, captain!" the pirates call out in unison. They sound a little too eager to please.

The bizarre methodology of the Kanzuki family scion's approach to gathering participants for her little pet project hardly even registers as unusual for Angel. But then, it takes a whole lot of effort to impress her after growing up as the minion of a legit super villain. Many people who find themselves in the employ of the infamous NESTS organization quickly realize just how little they matter to its illustrious leader. Results-oriented is the name of the game and only those who can manage to avoid raising the ire of its upper echelons can expect to have a long and fruitful career within the organization. Those that fail to impress, well... retirement has a far more ominous meaning in her line of work.

And yet, despite her superior's ruthless goal-oriented approach to personnel management, Angel continues to survive to the bafflement of all. She certainly can't explain why her pretty little neck hasn't been put on the chopping block after all this time. Her ratio of doing something actually useful to playing pranks on the nerds back at the labs is heavily skewed in a direction that has landed her in Zero's office more times than she can count. While she never got the chance to attend public school, she assumes that must be what it feels like to get sent to the principal's office, assuming most people's principal's are terrifying monsters who will happily go Temple of Doom on your ass if you step out of line.

Perhaps it's her unwavering loyalty that keeps her from being disposed of. As an orphan who was rescued at a young age by NESTS, Angel's never really known any sort of family other than the strange band of misfits that have accumulated over the years as the result of various attempts by NESTS to create super soldiers. While she doesn't have the heavily desired Kusanagi flame, or any of the other grab bag of crazy super powers her fellow experiments have been granted, she's arguably the most stable and successful of those attempts. Some extra strength, a dash of super speed, unnatural toughness, and a pair of legs that won't quit. Eat your heart out, Professor X.

Of course, her general lack of usefulness combined with said stable enhancements comes with the unpleasant side effect of being the favorite guinea pig of the boys back in the labs. Getting revenge for all the wedgies probably factors into it too. And, ever since the colossal waste of time that was Golden Angel, Angel has been in pretty deep shit. All of which means she's hasn't had a lot of choice in playing along with the latest crazy schemes of the eggheads for the past several months.


The sound of retching loudly emanates from somewhere nearby as Angel empties the contents of her stomach into the foliage for the third time since getting off the plane. While she is no stranger to winding up on her knees in strange and exotic places, the incredible metabolism granted to her by NESTS' experiments means it takes a hell of a lot of work for her to get drunk enough to hit that point. Or drunk at all, really. One of the primary downsides of having super endurance that no one ever talks about. Curse you, monkey paw!

But, more pertinent to the matter at hand, she's pretty sure she hasn't guzzled an entire barrel of tequila lately. Which means she's having a reaction to one of the new tests. It isn't uncommon for her system to reject new additions in such a manner, that's just her hyper immune system reacting appropriately to anything it doesn't like. While unpleasant, it's better than winding up as some kind of bio-horror freak show like K9999. The timing sucks, however, as she's pretty certain what an 'interview' is going to entail when signing up for a fighting competition.

Wiping her mouth off with a random handful of leaves, Angel staggers out of the jungle and onto the hot sands like a zombie. A sexy Latino zombie who looks like she tumbled through an entire movie studio wardrobe and had various pieces of clothing adhere to her at random. Strangely, her bizarre ensemble actually sort of fits in at the beach, minus the leather jacket and cowboy boots, which is admittedly about of what she's weari-okay it doesn't look normal here either!

Closing her eyes, the girl turns her face up towards the sun and inhales deeply, arms stretching wide out to her sides. The taste of fresh air and salty brine mixes into a potent invigorating cocktail that floods through her washing away the memory of long months being cooped up in the cold clammy atmosphere of NESTS' labs. There's never anything quite as refreshing as the warm embrace of the daystar after a long hiatus. Maybe she's powered by the sun. Would that make her more like Superman or a plant? Maybe Superman /is/ a plant. Makes about as much sense as anything else does in the comics.

With a sigh, she pushes such frivolous thoughts aside. Time to get to work. A quick glance around is all it takes to find her contact. Or, what she assumes is her contact.

Attractive woman in fancy clothes, check. Lazily resting on a chair while other people do hard work, check. Colorful drink with tiny umbrella, check.

Angel trudges slowly towards the captain and her gaggle of boy toys. To the surprise of all, cowboy boots do not make for excellent sand-related footwear. By the time she's crossed the wide crescent over to Bonne, Angel is already sweating up a storm. Which is weird because she can literally run for eight hours without breaking a sweat.

"Argh, stupid...nerds!"

Gripping the zipper on the front of her bomber jacket, Angel angrily yanks it open exposing her torso to the cool sea air. She's wearing about as little underneath her top as she is everywhere else, sporting nothing but a skimpy dark blue bra that appears to be made out yet more leather. While the jacket did little to conceal the teenager's incredible curves, the undergarment seems to exist solely to keep her from getting arrested for indecent exposure - and it doesn't seem to take that job very seriously.

Fanning herself with her one hand, Angel rests the other on her hip as she takes up a casual stance next to the reclining pirate. Her eyes wander down Bonne's figure then over to the muscular men digging away for reasons unknown. Her eyebrow quirks up and a lop-sided grin spreads over her face as her mind starts to wander to its favorite resting place in the gutter.

"Wow. I didn't know it was /this/ kind of interview."

Jenet pulls her oversized sunglasses down as Angel approaches, looking up and down the woman for a moment. "What kind of interview are /you/ thinking? Ah, one moment, please."

"BOYS!" Jenet calls out. "Who is on lookout? Didn't I tell you to let me know before the interviewee gets here? Was that so hard?"

"He's on break, ma'am!"

Jenet sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose. "Then someone should have tagged in? You all, sometimes!"

The blond sides the ear of her sunglasses onto the side table and uncrosses her legs with a flourish, slipping her shoe back on before rolling into a stand. She plants her hands on the small of her back and stretches, briefly, before smoothing out her dress and running her fingers through her hair. She gives it a flip, putting her other hand on her hip.

"So you're--" Jenet reaches into her top and pulls out a note. "--Angel, right. You are Angel, aren't you? You're here to be interviewed about the Kanzuki event? How did you like the resort so far? It's pretty nice, huh? Sort of a nice perk even if you don't get in, riiiight?"

Angel wiggles her eyebrows at the fancy pirate, her incorrigible personality unrestrained by her current physical state of suffering. Maybe being a sweaty mess will make her flirting /more/ effective. Judging by the glistening bodies of her muscled-up goon squad the blondie is probably into that.

"The fun kind."

Giving Jenet a moment to boss her crew around, the assassin continues to fan herself. It doesn't do much other than to make her bosom jiggle a bit but not accomplishing anything meaningful besides looking smoking hot is what Angel was put on this planet for - and by God she's damned good at it!

The pirate seems to have her own set of charms going on as well. Angel's eyes follow her hand as it disappears into the valley of her ample cleavage to retrieve the note. Her dopey grin widens a little at that. She uses the exact same trick. Simple but effective and particularly useful when your wardrobe is devoid of pockets.

"Ahn-hell," she corrects the busty captain, sounding out the proper pronunciation of her name. Most people can't tell at a glance that she's Mexican though she can't blame them. One of her parents must have been Caucasian to make her so pasty. That or spending most of her life in an underground bunker turned her into an albino. It would explain the hair too.

"But I can't blame you for thinking I fell from Heaven."

The teenager winks at the older woman, playfully sticking out her tongue.

"Yeah the place is pretty nice bonus. Not quite as fancy as /my/ resort but, you know, it has some charm."

Not that she actually owns Golden Angel, per se, but being the de facto mascot gives her some claim to stake. Naturally, the gaudy golden water park doesn't actually hold a candle to a proper beach-side resort and it's been a while since Angel was able to get out and enjoy a venue like this. She's more used to it than most might assume. Her job as an assassin often sees her spending time in fancy joints way above her social status. All expenses paid for by the cartel, naturally, which makes the fact that this trip is free a little less impressive for the teenager. But, hey, open bar and plenty of attractive and wealthy people to schmooze with so she can't complain too much. But it'd be better if she didn't feel like a sailor with motion sickness riding out a typhoon in a rowboat.

"Ah, right," Jenet says, twirling her hair around her finger. "Ahn-hell. No last name? Sure~ No problem." The pirate captain tucks away the note again. "Oooh, I like you already. But anyway, you're here for an interview, right?" Jenet winks. "I'm sure you probably know what that means since it is a fighting tournament. Though of course," Bonne Jenet bobs, swaying a bit.

"There's no rush if you'd like to relax a bit, first."

Whatever surname Angel might have had died with her parents those many years ago. She's not even sure the name she's been using since her 'adoption' is the one they gave her. The people at NESTS have never seemed like the sort to hand out new names that don't involve a serial number attached so it's a safe bet. Either way, it suits her, in an ironic sort of way. She might certainly look like someone's dream come true but behind that pretty face is one of the world's deadliest sinners.

"That's what it said on the fancy little note they sent me," she confirms, shrugging nonchalantly. "Not often you have to try out for these sorts of things but I guess the fat cats in charge are looking for the best."

For someone of her established fighting cred to be put to the test like this is somewhat insulting. If they'd dragged her out anywhere but a luxury beach resort for this interview she'd be in a pretty foul mood. If she had the choice, she'd probably have just blown off the whole thing but as usual Angel's activities are rarely her own choice. This tournament is yet another of her assignments, a chance for her to try and redeem herself a little for her last screw up.

The goal? Blood samples, of course; more genetic building blocks for the nerds to play with. Their experiments would likely lead to another round of 'failures' resulting in more hapless chumps getting tossed down the disposal chute. A grim fate but not an uncommon one for those who fail to live up to the expectations of a self-proclaimed god.

Not everyone gets to be as lucky as her, she supposes.

"Actually, yeah, I wouldn't mind taking a quick rest, if it's all the same to you."

Plopping down onto the sand, Angel reclines backwards and props herself up on her hands. Shit, she feels awful. Fighting like this is going to be messy. Well, more messy than usual. No one ever accused her particular take on martial arts of being orderly and disciplined. Even she doesn't know what she's doing half the time.

Glancing over at Jenet, the teen tilts her head towards the flamboyant drink resting on the stool next to her.

"Don't suppose you have another one of those laying around?"

The tournament already seems to have its share of eccentricities with the format, the interview process--even the venue. Even so, Bonne Jenet seems to be taking it all in stride, for what it's worth. The pirate queen is a bit of an odd choice for an interviewee, but then again Jenet does try to keep a low profile...usually.

She stretches a little, running her hands through her hair and tossing it back behind her. Returning to a side lean, the pirate puts a hand on one of her prodigious hips. She leans forward, bending at the small of her back, to make better eye contact with Angel.

"Oh, of course!" Jenet straights up and whistles. "I know you only have eyes for me," she says to one of her crew men--a skinnier fellow with long legs--"but could you get Ms. Ahn-hel a drink? Merci beaucoup, monsieur~" She winks at him and he takes off with a slight flush.

"So do you mind telling me a bit more about yourself? While we wait, of course."

Angel gives an appreciative smile up at the pirate. Must be handy having a squad of gophers to cater to your whims. Not really her style though, she's not one to travel with an entourage. Nor is she really one to laze about all day. Maybe it's a side-effect of having super endurance but she never feels comfortable if she isn't up and doing something most of the time. She'd have been perfectly content to fetch her own drink on most days but most days don't see her recovering from what is probably a fatal dose of chemical compounds to the average person. Hurray for science.

"Oh, my favorite subject - me!"

The teen's expression shifts back to her dopey sideway grin to try and hide the grimace that accompanies a fresh wave of nausea.

"Uh, well, starting with the basics. I'm nineteen years old, so feel free to hit on me."

She winks at the pirate again, speaking loud enough that her crew of studs can overhear.

"I like to get down and dirty when I play. No holds are barred, all bets are off, and aiming below the belt -is- encouraged."

"Oh, well. I suppose that's fair game in all sorts of situations then, hmm?" Jenet raises a hand to her mouth to cover her laugh with a surprising amount of class for someone with skulls and crossbones decorating her wardrobe and her shoulder. "I mean, unless the rules say otherwise, where's the harm, hmmm?" She raises her hands in a slightly exaggerated shrug, the wind catching her dress and lifting it ever so slightly. "As for the former, I prefer a little more testerone, but you're certainly a cutie. --ah, here's your drink."

The pirate offers it on a tray with surprising class, hunkering down for Angel to easily reach it. After she does, he takes off again.

"Thanks, sweetheart." Bonne Jenet gives him a wink.

"So what drew your interest to ah, Rising Star, Angel?" She takes care on the pronunciation once again.

Angel accepts the drink, appreciatively wiggling it at the delivery boy. She wastes no time in partaking of the cool beverage, slurping down half the contents of the glass in one long pull. The chilled liquid proves a fantastic remedy to her ailment, the cold spreading out from her core to seep into the rest of her. That should keep her from getting sick again, at least for a little while. And hey, if she ends up barfing all over the beach at least it will be pretty colors.

"Ahhh, I needed that."

The frosty glass is pressed up against the side of her face as she tries to tackle the problem from two directions while mulling over Jenet's question. What would be a good excuse for someone as famous as herself to join a contest designed for up-and-comers? While she isn't quite as well known as some of the big name world champions, Angel's attractiveness and apparent boycott against pants has earned her a significant following among certain demographics. She certainly can't claim to be an unknown, though technically she's never won any tournaments which should mean she still qualifies according to the rules even if she is a bit more seasoned than the sort of people the organizers were hoping to draw in.

"Well, you know... seemed like a pretty good way to, uh, expand my brand. Get some new fans. Really get my name out there, ya know?"

That is, in fact, the exact opposite of what she would prefer to happen. Being so famous that people know you on sight makes the life of an assassin all the more difficult. But when the bosses say jump, you know how it goes.

The delivery boy bows several times before scurrying off on his way. Bonne Jenet herself, however, raises an eyebrow at the sheer efficacy with which Angel disposes of the drink.

"You must have been thirsty," Jenet says with a laugh, twirling her hair around her finger as she does. "But anyway--expand your brand? I suppose that's fair. Marketing is all the rage for fighters these days. I swear, I think anyone can make a name for themselves with the right -- what is, SEO? FightTube really does wonders for some."

"So you're hoping Rising Stars will help you do that. I see, I see." Jenet looks out at the sea for a minute. "So what happened with the whole 'Golden Angel' thing? Did the contract fall through?"

Angel's dopey grin is a little more genuine this time as she wiggles the drink up at Jenet.

"I am a devout follower of the Most the Interesting Man in the World."

Her deep love for imbibing excessive quantities of alcohol is mostly due to her hyper-active metabolism making it near impossible to get drunk, of course. But the desire to be as wasted as possible as often as possible is more to blame on her family. It's sort of hard to go through life sober when you've seen the shit she's had to deal with over the past decade. She used to live every day in abject terror, afraid that she would be the next person to get 'recycled'. But eventually even the constant threat of death starts to lose its impact. Why bother worrying about when the axe will fall when you can be enjoying life instead?

"Social media is the path to the future or so they say."

Like most teenagers, Angel took to the development of new Internet technologies like a fish to water. While most of the conversations that happen on such platforms are little more than high school-esque bullshit, it still offers her the ability to interact with normal people in a way she could never have managed while cooped up in some underground lab. A shame none of her followers will ever learn about her real job - being a legit super villain would probably skyrocket her fame to actual celebrity status.

"Eh, you know how it goes. Fads come and go. The park still does decent business but it isn't like I have time to sit around and pose in meltable bikinis every day to boost ticket sales."

"So I see," Bonne Jenet says, pacing lightly across the sand. "I just hope it won't interfere too much with your interview." Beat. "Though I've heard that it even helps some fighters. What do you call your style, by the way?" Jenet smiles. "That's not necessarily on the questionnaire, but it seems like they might want to know."

"Oh, I've heard that too. I take some pictures sometimes, but you know, sometimes too much publicity just causes trouble. I try to keep it simple. I do have a few fans of my own, of course, but I find it's important to be tasteful about it, of course."

"Don't worry, when it comes to interviews I aim to impress."

As if to prove her point, Angel downs the rest of her drink in a couple gulps and tosses the empty glass over her shoulder. Rising to her feet, she bends down and dusts some of the sand off her legs then straightens up and stretches her arms wide, both motions causing her chest to do interesting things.

Not a lot of point in delaying any further. The quicker she gets this over with the quicker she can go hug the nearest porcelain throne for the rest of the day.

"My style? Uh..."

She's never really put any thought into that particular topic. While she has had some actual training in Muay Thai, she definitely has strayed from the beaten path in regards to how it is used. Years of growing up watching television as her only real pastime in the labs allowed her to assimilate things from various action shows and incorporate it into her own techniques, her superhuman speed and agility making what should have been patently absurd nonsense into actual threats.

Angel rakes through her mind in search of an appropriate name for something that might represent this mishmash of ideas. The eggheads at NESTS like to use big words, maybe she can remember one of them. Mm, no, those are all sciencey words. But there is that one word Zero likes to use... aha!

Putting her hands on her hips, Angel grins at the pirate and rolls her shoulders in a slight shrug.

"Perfunctory! Just, ya know, whatever I feel like at the time."

The pirate captain just watches it unfold. Such displays aren't uncommon in her world, but then again, they usually aren't performed by people of Angel's build. Jenet doesn't linger when Angel stretches, but she doesn't seem flustered by it either. It's a familiar problem for her.

"Perfunctory," Bonne Jenet repeats, letting the words linger in her mouth. "Right. I like your spirit! This should be fun. Now let's see..." The pirate reaches into her top again, pulling out a coin. She tosses it to Angel.

"I'll let you check it first, but I'll call tails."

Angel saunters up and takes the coin, inspecting it for the usual tricks - unbalanced weight that might allow a practiced con artist to determine which side will come down or simply having the same image on both sides. Neither seems to be the case. Either Jenet is one of those rare honorable pirates or her employers are making sure everything is on the up-and-up.

"Looks good to me."

She flips it back at the blonde and takes a step back, not particularly interested in the outcome. Taking the initiative in a fight can sometimes be important but she's never really cared who gets the first swing in. Sometimes just sitting back and letting your opponent come to you is the better play. After all, she's got no idea how this broad fights.

"Ready when you are, girl."

Bonne Jenet catches the coin in her palm gracefully, then places it down on the back of her gloved hand. "Oh! Heads. I suppose luck isn't with me today. She tosses it up and it lands smoothly back in her top without incident.

And so, the pirate shifts her footing, spreading her feet wider and getting a bit of a rhythm going with the sway of her hips. She puts one hand on them, the other gesturing with a pull of her fingers for Angel to come on.

"You are the guest here, I suppose, so it's only appropriate. Let's see if you're a rising star~"

Well, that works too. Getting a quick shot in at the start of the fight might help tilt things in her direction. People always seem to have difficulty dealing with her unorthodox methods so putting the pretty pirate off-balance could set her up for an easy win.

Rolling her shoulders to loosen up a bit, Angel squares off with her opponent as she shifts into her own fighting stance; well, it's probably supposed to be a fighting stance. The teen takes up a loose posture, one leg shifting slightly ahead of the other. Both of her hands come up roughly level with her chest, resting lazily in the air almost like the paws of a cat standing on its hind legs. Her fingers seem unusually animated, constantly wiggling and clutching as if eager to get a hold of something.

Angel's goofy grin returns as she prepares to engage though there is something a little different about it this time. Perhaps it's just a side effect of her current condition but the girl seems to have a glint of malice in her eyes now as the prospect of engaging in violence draws closer.

"Let's play, nya!"

Lunging forward, Angel decides to start things off with a bit of rough play. The faster she can get this over with the happier she'll be. Coming in directly from the front, the teen's approach turns into a half-slide as her forward leg stretches out low in front of her. Bending forward with the motion, Angel thrusts one of her elbows out in a devastating slam towards the pirate's midsection, her reach proving deceptively long thanks to the odd posture.

COMBATSYS: Angel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Angel            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Angel

COMBATSYS: Angel successfully hits Bonne Jenet with Strong Punch.
-* WILD HIT! *-

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/-======|>>-----\-------\0            Angel

Bonne Jenet's eyes narrow, the pirate keeping a close watch on Angel and her unusual fighting posture. She moves, and Jenet's eyes follow. She sways slightly, her dress blowing with a sudden gust of sea breeze.

And then the attack comes, the pretty pirate finding Angel dangerously close and suddenly so. Jenet jumps backward, trying to widen the gap, but she underestimates the distance in a clear misread of Angel's posture. Elbow impacts midsection and Angel's deceptively superhuman strength knocks Bonne Jenet flat, sliding her through the sand on her bottom after she goes down.

The captain wheezes, coughing several times as she holds her belly. "Oogh," Jenet says. "Caught me off guard with that one." She plants her hands in the sand and flips over, regaining her footing with a somersault. "I see the refreshment didn't do much to your accuracy." She rubs her side.

But then, suddenly, she whips her arm through the air, generating a whipping whirlwind of force that scatters sand as it cuts across the ground toward the white-haired girl.

COMBATSYS: Angel blocks Bonne Jenet's Buffrass.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/=======|>>>>---\-------\0            Angel

As expected, Angel's unorthodox technique catches the pirate lady off guard. The teen's unusual flexibility and speed allows her to strike in such a manner that most people wouldn't expect, her long legs providing the perfect platform to propel her attacks at strange angles. Jenet pays for her inability to adapt to the bizarre attack with a gut full of elbow and a dress full of sand, earning a smug grin from the younger girl as she skids across the beach on her backside.

"Oooh, sorry about that. Thought you were ready. Maybe you should get one of your boy toys to tag in-ach!"

Her rude comeback is interrupted as a metric shovel-load of sand gets hurled into the air by a sudden blast of wind. Angel is quicker on the uptake than her opponent, managing to fold her arms and one leg in front of her as a shield against the whipping gale. She ends up looking like some kind of bronze stork trying to ride out an unexpected sand storm - a sexy stork whose bosom flutters in the breeze just as freely as her unzipped jacket and chaps.

Oh, that's just mean. Sitting down on the beach in this outfit already meant she had sand working its way into uncomfortable places. Now she's practically carrying a shovelful of grit in every nook and cranny! What an awful person to send up against someone in a beach fight. Those rich bastards.

"Well, I did say I liked to fight dirty..."

With the threat of being doused in sand already out of the way there isn't a lot of reason for her to avoid using some of her usual tricks any more. As the cloud of wind and sand dies down, the dark silhouette of Angel's body seems to shimmer like a mirage. A blur of black color darts forward out of the dust devil coming in low on the sand. Just moments before impacting with the pirate, the blur reforms into the teenager's body as she home run slides into Jenet with her legs spread apart. Snapping together like a pair of scissor blades, Angel's shapely limbs attempt to sweep the buxom blonde off her feet and send her tumbling face-first back into the sand.

"So let's get down in the dirt!"

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet dodges Angel's Red Sky of Japonesia EX.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/=======|>>>>---\-------\0            Angel

Jenet takes the momentary cover of the miniature windstorm as a chance to get a bit of a breather, during which she dusts out her dress, patting it down, ruffling the folds, and smoothing it out. She slaps her hands together afterward, rid of just a bit more. She reaches back behind her, only to be interrupted by the light buzzing off a small drone flying around.

"Oh, charming," Bonne Jenet says. "I suppose they do want to tape the interview, don't they? Be sure to get my good side." She winks, blowing a kiss at the camera. Suddenly, she is very glad she didn't get caught trying to work the seat of her dress after that backslide a moment ago. She'll just endure the wedgie in the name of class, it seems.

But her mind is taken off of it as Angel slides in low like a baseball player stealing home. The scissor takedown comes, but Jenet bounds backward, soaring slightly out of reach before landing in a backward slide. (It's standing, this time.)

"Oh, I'd rather not get any more sandy than I already am, hmmm? It's so hard to get out of my hair." She sways again, rocking her hips a little. Wind chi starts to pick up around her, the sand blowing a bit unnaturally against the more normal sea breeze.

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet charges her next attack!

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Bonne Jenet      1/------=/=======|>>>>---\-------\0            Angel

Well, that didn't go as planned. Now she's got more sand in her clothes and the pirate is the one making witty quips. Kicking her legs up into the air, Angel kips up easily giving the flying cameras plenty of appealing footage; well, /more/ appealing than usual. Zipping up her jacket at this point would just trap more sand against her skin as well as encase her torso in a leather oven which combined with the fever she's running doesn't sound like good times. Let the voyeurs look, she's never had a problem showing herself off.

The fresh current of wind gathering around Jenet heralds another unpleasant experience in the making. Allowing the pirate to gather up her power for whatever she has in mind doesn't seem like the best plan. Fortunately, Angel is a practiced expert at being distracting, both on and off the battlefield.

"Ready or not..."

The teen grins, flashing her teeth at the older woman as she conjures up her chi. While she doesn't use the stuff herself, she's fought enough people that rely on it to know that it has a few weaknesses. Those that try to gather up tons of power in the middle of a fight have to stop and focus for a few moments, presenting her with an obvious weakness to exploit. Jenet is almost certainly aware of this limitation to her own fighting style as well which means the threat of a sudden powerful strike might be enough to spook her out of it.

Angel's body shimmers and blurs as she leans forward, her super human speed propelling her across the gap between herself and the pirate that she becomes an indistinct smear of color. Rather than charging head first into Jenet, however, the teen translocates a couple of feet behind her forcing her to turn or evade away out of fear, either of which might break her concentration.

"Here I go!"

When she reappears, Angel is already preparing to make her attack. She stands in an almost comically over-exaggerated wind-up, her leading leg pulled up like a pitcher preparing to unleash her best fast ball and one fist drawn as far back as it can possibly go. The punch snaps forwards without any further preamble, driving a doozy of a haymaker straight at the blonde's head.

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet blocks Angel's Full Moon Evening.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Bonne Jenet      1/-======/=======|>>>----\-------\0            Angel

"Oh?" Jenet rocks in place, bouncing a little as she watches Angel's approach. One hand goes through her hair, brushing it out of her face again, and in that moment Angel is gone. The pirate queen tenses suddenly, drawing back defensively. Angel is in front of her, in the next moment, and the blonde finds herself on the defensive.

She brings up both arms against the haymaker, which makes a heavy thud against Jenet's guard before launching her slightly off her feet to land in a dusty thump a few feet away. Even so, it holds--leaving the pirate rubbing her arms and pouting.

"That's a lot of power," she mumbles, "but not to worry! I've got a few tricks too, yo ho ho~"

Jenet jumps forward, swinging a heeled foot up in a sweeping, scything kick. If it misses, she stops there and lands with a splash--water chi dribbling against the sand.

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet successfully hits Angel with Empowered Aurora.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0            Angel

And so, blonde bounces into a spin, launching into several spinning kicks, ascending as she goes. Each trails water-chi behind it, making the whole effect a bit like a waterspout over the sea. Once spin becomes two, which becomes three, each packed by the force of the pirate's strong (and shapely!) legs.

As she reaches the apex she alters her angle, kicking downward to get some distance between herself and Angel. She sticks the landing, giving the camera a bit of a view between her squatting landing pose and the fact her dress billows up just enough to tease at something scandalous without ever quite showing it.

And then, Bonne Jenet blows a kiss. A bright pink heart actually goes through the air as she does, following Angel's trajectory.

"You hit pretty hard, I must say. If I were more into your type, I might even fall for you, you know!"

The heart promptly proves to be, well, explosive chi.

The fact that the slender woman was able to take a punch like that without fracturing something is fairly amazing. Angel's put holes in brick walls and knocked three-hundred pound bouncers out with that swing before. Perhaps all that wind blowing around managed to cushion the blow. Either way, it didn't have quite the effect she was hoping for which leaves the teen in a somewhat unfortunate position.

Normally, she'd still be pretty safe. After all, there's few people out there that can match her when it comes to bursts of speed. Retreating to a safe distance or zipping past the attack should be child's play to someone of her abilities. But, as she had feared, the lingering effects of the toxins being purged from her body has left Angel a little out of sorts.

She reaches for that burst of energy, flexing her muscles in preparation to move faster than the human eye can follow and... nothing happens. Instead of translocating in a flash of inhuman speed, the teen just sort of stumbles forward in an awkward false start like an Olympic runner tripping at the starting line. Needless to say, this does not have the desired effect of avoiding the incoming tidal wave of pain. If anything, it looks like she dives in head first.

The first kick catches her across the side of the head, spinning the assassin around in a full circle. This does nothing to help the nausea she's already dealing with. The barrage of follow up strikes that juggle her into the air even less so. The final blow spikes Angel face-first into the beach where she lands in a dazed heap, her scantily clad backside sticking up into the air. While the drones dash to get a good shot of that, the shimmering pink heart is faster, blasting the helpless teen with a final burst of pain that sends her sprawling onto her back further away.

Angel spends a good few seconds just staring up at the warm sunny sky, her vision spinning like the world was set to tumble dry. While she's certain that the fancy drink in her stomach would like to try and make its escape right now, that would end up ruining her jacket and there's few things in this world that she takes more care to protect than that. Gritting her teeth, she swallows the bile climbing up her throat and pushes to her feet.

"If I said you make me wet, would you take it the wrong way?"

Pushing the now soaked mop of white hair out of her eyes, Angel gives the pirate another forced grin. Being serious is anathema to her existence, doubly so while she's feeling like shit. She takes a deep breath to steady herself and draws upon the nigh inexhaustible vitality lurking within her shapely form, suppressing most of the vertigo with a concentrated effort. At least that still seems to be working at the moment.

"I'm more of a soccer girl than volley ball but... when in Rome!"

Lunging at Jenet, Angel doesn't try to call on her super speed this time, still a bit unsteady from the last failed attempt. Instead, she goes for a good old fashioned street fighting maneuver. Clutching both of her hands together to create a hammer, she comes in from below swinging the double-fisted punch up at the pirate's jaw in attempt to blast her off her feet.


COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet dodges Angel's Fierce Punch.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0            Angel

An elegant lady like Bonne Jenet doesn't let something so trifling as a surface fracture rob her of her grace and poise, clearly! Even as the spinning typhoon of kicks strikes Angel, Jenet narrows her eyes a little at the false start before being lost in the effort of her own maneuver.

And afterward, the pirate queen has returned to her casual, almost dancing bob as the match heats up.

"Oh, trust me, I've heard that one before! But I'll take it the more innocent way, just for you~" She leans forward, hand on the small of her back in an almost taunting pose--before Angel is back on the offensive and leaving the pirate without much room to be sassy. Superspeed or not, white-haired fighter's attacks are plenty fast, forcing the blonde pitted against her to play her cards carefully.

Jenet backfalls as the axehandle comes around, narrowly avoiding it before landing on a palm, pushing herself into a crouch, and then springing forward underneath.

She opens her return salvo with a knee strike, trying to use that to create an opening through which she can transition into a snapping, follow up spin kick.

COMBATSYS: Angel dodges Bonne Jenet's The Hind.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0            Angel

Definitely not performing in top shape today. Angel whiffs the strike, spinning a full circle in place with the momentum of her swing. This time the large gap created by her opponent's defensive backflip offers her enough time to react as Jenet lunges in for a counter strike. She pirouettes like ballerina, slipping past the flying knee and positioning herself behind the pirate. As she does so, her hand swings out to give a quick smack across her opponent's shapely backside while she's busy recovering from the missed strike.

"I guess I see why you have all those meatheads simping after you. Plenty of booty in this treasure chest!"

The teen laughs as she takes another back step, putting a good five feet of space between herself at the pirate. Far enough to be out of reach for any punches or kicks - or is it? Sticking her tongue out at Jenet, Angel leans forward and holds her hands up to the side of her head with the index finger of each extended. She wiggles them a couple of times mimicking the horns of a bull as she taunts the older woman.


Whether or not her opponent takes the bait and comes rushing in, the assassin transitions into her own attack immediately. Already bent forward, she continues to bend her head down towards the ground and leaps into a front flip turning her body upside down in the air.

Displaying a level of incredible acrobatic skill, Angel twists even as she flips turning her forward motion into a sideways cartwheel. Her legs splay apart into a wide split and as she starts to succumb to the pull of gravity she completes her maneuver by finishing the spin, turning her back to the Jenet. This strange, and probably entirely unnecessary manuever, turns both of her legs into falling hammers as they sweep down to the sands. The toe of her hard cowboy boot drives downwards into Jenet from above as the first leg comes down, followed swiftly by its twin which instead comes down heel first as Angel twists about to face the front and stick the landing.

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet blocks Angel's State of Heat Haze EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Bonne Jenet      1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0            Angel

The pirate princess turns just in time to see Angel deliver the smack, which, in Angel's defense, produces quite a bit jiggle. She may be right about the abundance of booty for this pirate.

Jenet swings around with a slap. "Cheeky!" she says, rubbing her backside with her other hand. Perhaps a poor choice of words.

But then, Angel is cartwheeling, hammering down at Bonne Jenet in a line-drive down the middle. The pirate princess shifts, brings up both arms, and intercepts the superhuman blows with both arms. Sand stirs up from the force, but Jenet manages to hold her ground, her thighs tense to generate the force needed to keep the superpowered NESTS agent from smashing her flat.

When they break away from each other again, there's a flourish of purple dress. Jenet launches into an airborne kick, bringing her heel around to toward the top of the white-haired girls head. "I've never tried bull-fighting before, you know. Though I don't think I'd call you a cow, either--that seems rude~"

COMBATSYS: Angel interrupts Medium Kick from Bonne Jenet with Impotence Symptom EX.
-* WILD HIT! *-

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Bonne Jenet      1/-======/=======|=======\-------\0            Angel

Urgh. Perhaps aerial cartwheels aren't the best thing to be doing right now. Angel's stomach growls at her in protest as she completes her ridiculous attack, once more threatening to revolt at her unkind treatment with its delicate condition. The teen's otherwise perfect landing is marred by a short stagger sideways as she rebounds off Jenet's defenses. Anyone unfamiliar with the super-soldier might assume that she had just overestimated her ability to pull of such an absurd stunt and ended with a sloppy landing. But to those who have seen her fight before it would be fairly obvious that she's out of sorts.

Bizarrely, this unintended shimmy sideways proves to be to the girl's benefit. Already half falling backwards, she finds it quite easy to turn her stumble into a retreating hop. But, as with just about everything she does, there is a method to her tomfoolery. Recovering from her apparent tumble with a sudden grin, Angel thrusts one of her shapely legs back to stop herself from falling and instead drops into a low crouch. Leaping forward like a pouncing lion, she hops the short gap between herself and Jenet, diving into a sliding low kick even as the older woman comes down from her own aerial attack. The impact takes the pirate straight in the side of her ankle completely sweeping her leg out from underneath her with a painful sideways wrenching motion.


Clenching a fist low at her side, Angel springs out of the slide into a rising upwards punch that takes the buxom blonde straight across the jaw as she tumbles from the tripping attack. The uppercut is wild and unrestrained, its momentum such that Angel spins a full circle in place as she hops into the strike. The blow sends Jenet spiraling away through the air on a parabolic arc to get herself another face full of sand several feet away.

A punch like that should have taken the fight out of pretty much anyone. Hopefully, she'll stay down and they can call this thing in her favor. Much more of this activity in the heat and even Angel's legendary constitution might start to waver.

As her opponent starts doing cartwheels, much to the displeasure to her stomach, Bonne Jenet blinks several times. "Are you alright? You seem a little--"

She speaks too soon, and Angel transitions from flipping like a maniac into a slipping right through Jenet's defenses like they were an open door. First her feet are taken out from under her. Then the blow hits her chin, and soon she's spiraling across the beach to face plant into the sand, her rear in the air. She was starting to bruise already, but now that really stings.

"Ugh," Jenet wiggles a bit. "No no, I've got this, boys," she says before her crew can make their way over to her. She climbs up, shakily dusts herself off, and takes a moment to get a breather--her chi gathering again.

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet charges her next attack!

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Bonne Jenet      2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0            Angel

Shit. Still fighting.

Angel groans as the pirate extricates herself from the sand, waving away her gaggle of minions before they can rush to her aid. Right now she could use a convenient ally to tag in for her. Things were bad before but with every bit of extra exertion the cocktail of chemical experiments running rampant through her blood seems to get angrier and more aggressive. It's been so long since she was actually able to get sick that the teen had forgotten how much it sucks.

"S-stupid... nerds."

She mutters a curse under her breath that no one would understand even if they heard it. Sweat pours down her skin as she eyes the pirate, mentally willing her to randomly explode or something. To her great annoyance, the cosmos do not deign to grant such a convenient ending to the battle. Stupid universe and its refusal to bend to her will.

The thought of mustering up enough energy to hurl herself at Jenet again makes her legs tremble a little. Diving into her super human reserves, she manages to remain standing but it's an effort. The teen glances around, breathing hard like someone who's just finished running a triathlon across the Rocky Mountains. Beaches unfortunately aren't known for having large quantities of random detritus lying around to be used as weapons. But, as luck would have it, there is one thing available.

Grunting wordlessly at Jenet as she starts to gather her chi once again, the weary teen staggers over to where the large beach chair she had been using earlier lies. Even worn down by the fever, she proves to be strong enough to casually lift the entire thing with one hand. Whipping her arm to the side in burst of motion, Angel frisbees the chair at the pirate sending it spinning at her like a colorful buzz saw. Probably not enough to take her out but it might be enough to throw her aim off for whatever she's planning to do.

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet dodges Angel's Large Thrown Object.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Bonne Jenet      2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0            Angel

The camera continues to circle around, observing wordlessly. Is someone watching? Is someone recording for later? It's unclear, but the little drone is definitely doing its best to capture all the fight for posterity.

The beach chair classy. It has a wooden body and actual cloth seating for that optimum blend of comfort and style. It will probably not survive the impact of being thrown by Angel, at least not very well. Even so, it does make a good frisbee in her hands for its last moments intact, fleeting though they are.

The chair spins toward Jenet, a projectile in sunny colors. Her eyes widen, the chi swirling toward her, twisting around her arms, along long legs, fluttering her dress. The chair draws ever closer--

And she ducks, dropping beneath it. From there she breaks into a sprint, closing the gap with Angel rapidly. She holds her side, wincing, but somehow--almost impossibly--she runs pretty good in the heels, at least. "I'd say it's a good showing!" Jenet calls, "but let's make things a little more flashy, huuuh?" She launches herself like a missile, flying in a kick toward the ill superhuman, her kicks carrying explosive force of chi. There's one kick, then another, then rapid-fire, mid-air explosive kicks in quick succession before she tries to kick off and widen the gap once again.

COMBATSYS: Angel fails to counter Empowered Many Many Torpedos EX from Bonne Jenet with Blue Monday Parade.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/---<<<<|======-\-------\0            Angel

Well, she hadn't really expected that to work. It was more a display of teenage petulance than an actual attack. Whatever horrible things NESTS did to her insides had sapped away more of her strength than she realized. At this point she's mostly still fighting out of stubbornness and so no one can claim she didn't give it her best shot back at the base. If anyone is to blame it's those damn eggheads. Maybe someone will even buy that excuse.

Angel gives the pirate a weary grin as she comes flying at her like a super-charged missile. She's got at couple tricks still lurking up her sleeves, despite appearances. As the first of the kicks swings her way, the assassin attempts to intercept the blow with one leg, lifting her shin up protectively like a shield in front of her torso. The idea had been to deflect the attack to the side, allowing it to slide sideways and lose its impact and thus allow Angel to snatch the blonde out of the air and give her a taste of some old school wrasslin techniques.

That, however, is not what happens because she did not expect Jenet's feet to be explosive.

The first impact rocks Angel backwards, nearly knocking her clean off her feet. The natural reaction to suddenly being able to fall over is to extend one's arms for balance. While this does what it is intended to do, it also leaves the teenager open to the follow up strikes. Several rapid-fire point blank blasts of water later and Angel is both soggy and face-down in the sand. Again.

The pirate needn't have worried about creating distance following her strike to avoid a retaliatory attack. Angel is quite content to hug the beach for the moment. Maybe she'll just stay down here and call it a day. Urgh, but if she does that somehow one of the geeks back at NESTS will get ahold of the footage and analyze it like basement dwelling loser they are. Angel can still stand which means she can still fight. Somehow they'll know that. They always do. And giving up before she's actually lost isn't something they'll take lightly.

Besides, she hates losing, even when the odds are stacked against her.


Groaning loudly, the assassin slowly rises to her knees. A quick glance over her shoulder at Jenet is given as she pushes to her feet, just in case her piratical opponent lives up to the reputation of playing dirty. But if she's allowed, the girl rises to her feet and turns around to take one last swing at trying to turn this fight back in her favor. There isn't a whole lot of enthusiasm left in her but no one can say she didn't go down swinging.

Upon the last explosive kick, Bonne Jenet launches in a flourish, her dress fluttering in a circular arc as she backflips into a perfect landing, heels be damned. Always classy, the pirate queen sweeps a hand through her hair in a dramatic flip, letting the wind--possibly assisted by her chi--blow her hair back like some sort of romance novel cover.

"And that, ma belle, is the power of a pirate~ You're looking a little ill though, sweetie. Do you need a breather?" Jenet says this even while she's got sweat dripping down her, bruises forming, and just a little blood here and there from being knocked through the sand several times by Angel. That's not even mentioning the things that aren't seen from taking heavy hits from someone like the superweapon. She's certainly going to feel it tomorrow, even if she's playing the part of the unsullied maiden right now.

But she keeps up the pressure, even if Angel, sick as she is, is ready to call it a day. Jenet leaps, launching forward into a hop as watery chi surges around, the blonde sweeping her arm through the air to gather energy. She strikes downward at the end of the hop, smashing the energy downward like a wave.


COMBATSYS: Angel blocks Bonne Jenet's Crazy Ivan.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1            Angel

"Nah," Angel says, giving the pirate a weak smile. "I'm fine. Never better. Could do this all day, really."

She can't and has no intention of doing so. This next exchange is going to be the last, one way or another. Despite taking as much of a beating as Jenet, Angel strangely looks far less worse for wear, at least in terms of visible wounds. All of the blasts of chi and violent kicks seem to have left almost no trace on her body save for a few fading bruises and a couple of places where the sand managed to scrape away some of her skin.

Go go, Gadget Healing Factor.

Under normal circumstances, she'd be able to shake off a beating like this in a few hours. Right now, however, she's pretty sure her plans for the rest of the day are going to be to crawl into something fluffy and warm and hibernate until she's too hungry to stay in bed. Which isn't that long, honestly, a metabolism like hers requires incredible amounts of fuel to keep chugging. Maybe she'll pile a bunch of fast food burgers on the table next to her bed and live the dream of being a complete piece of garbage until this hellish concoction runs its course.

But first, she has a fight to wrap up. Lifting her arms up in a defensive shield, Angel staggers backwards as the overhead strike sends a fresh tidal wave of power washing over her. She sputters into the deluge of ethereal water, flipping her head to the side to free her face from her matted down bangs. To her own great surprise, she discovers that the blow failed to wipe out what remains of her strength. That's almost disappointing. But, it does mean she can try one last thing to bring this to a satisfying conclusion.

"You, on the other hand," the teenager says, flashing a wicked grin one last time. "Look like you need to lie down!"

Lunging forward, Angel gathers her remaining energy for one final burst of speed. Her body translocates in a flash of blurred color, reappearing inches away from Jenet's side. The girl's hand is already swinging for the pirate's throat, attempting to grab hold of her as she leaps and use the momentum to slam her foe hard into the beach.

The follow up to her legendary technique is a little sloppy this time, should she manage to net herself a clean hit. Angel staggers back and forth a couple of times, phoning the performance in from outer space.

"And...stay down..."

What should have been an incredible spinning elbow drop ends up being more like a lazy flop. Angel teeters over onto the pirate, swinging her arm down almost on accident seems. The most miserable attempt at that move she's ever done, for sure, but sick or not her attack is still laced with superhuman strength and more than strong enough to bring this to a rather anti-climatic conclusion.

COMBATSYS: Angel successfully hits Bonne Jenet with Survivor's Banquet+.

[                                < >  ///////                       ]
Bonne Jenet      0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0            Angel

For one moment, Jenet is bobbing, almost rhythmically follow the music in her own head. It's like an idle dance, almost, which seems most apparent in her ability to dance right out of the way of some of the incoming attacks through her battle with Angel.

Even so, her luck seems to have run out as Angel manages a final burst of power and speed, Jenet finds herself in high water.

"Wh--" Jenet gets the wind knock out of her in the first pass, then she's struck again, then again as she spins from the impact, tumbling over onto her back.



Jenet gasps as Angel falls on her. She groans, lowly, but does not get up afterward.

"Captain!" one of the pirates calls, moving to pick her up. The drone circles around, hovering near Angel.

"Thank you for your interest in the Rising Stars tournament, Miss Ahn-hel. Your interview has been recorded and will be submited for review. Please feel free to enjoy the facilities while your application is processed. You will be contacted when the review is complete."

The drone takes off again, buzzing away.

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet takes no action.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Angel            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Bonne Jenet can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Angel            0/-------/-------|

Angel puts up no more fight when the captain's crew rushes to her rescue. She slowly rolls to the side, stretching out face-first on the beach like a stranded whale. The buzzing of the drone and its acknowledgement of her victory hardly even registers as anything more than background noise at this point. But some small sliver of her mind is still paying attention, her mental conditioning as an assassin too good to allow her to ever completely lower her guard.

She gives a lazy thumbs up towards the flying camera as it tells her to relax. Definitely no encouragement needed there. Someone was foolish enough to give her free access to room service and that opportunity is not going to waste. She just...has to get to her room first.

Putting her palms on the beach, Angel tries to push herself up right - and promptly face plants right back into the sand. Grunting in annoyance, she tries again with similar results. No dice. That last surge of energy apparently completely wiped her out.

That's actually sort of impressive. She can't remember the last time she was so tired she couldn't move. Probably not since before her augmentations. So this is what it's like to feel like a mere mortal? Who knew her kyrptonite was science? She was always way worse at literature class.

Tilting her head to peer up at the gaggle of goons fussing over her defeated opponent, Angel wags a hand in their general direction.

"If one of you studs could send room service my way with some aspirin and a bottle of tequila, that'd be great, thanks. I'm just gonna... take a little nap here."

COMBATSYS: Angel has ended the fight here.

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