Neo League 0143 - NL#0162 - Yun vs Xolo

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Description: A Kempo prodigy with a smart mouth. A prizefighter who smells like drinking. The arena explodes.

That annoying clackity sound of wheels and pavement marks the arrival of the Twin Dragon of the Wind and Clouds: YUN LEE. He is, for once, completely not at work today so there's no Genhanten wear. Instead, he's rocking his usual Character Select attire with the kung fu street stylings between the long gi, the soft-fabric'd pants and then there's those stylish street sneakers of an urban nature. To top it all off, there's a baseball cap with the 'Neo-League' logo etched across the front of it.

A kickflip and an ollie later, Yun grinds down the railing of some random stairs to put himself into the makeshift area that there will be some punching and kicking going on. After all, he's here for the Neo-League. And so is most of this crowd. It looks almost like one of those underground street racing gigs.

2 Fist, 2 Furious?

When skateboarding, Yun no doubt passed by the truck out front, of the beat-up-pickup variety. Perhaps not totally out of place here, old and rusted and far more expensive than it should be.

The owner of that truck was was sat in a metal folding chair, his legs propped up on an old table even as he chomped a cheap mostly spent cigar. The figure was dressed far more outlandishly than the stylish teen Kempo fighter. His outfit was bright garish spandex-type material, except the sort that molded to musculature like a second skin. This short-sleeved ensemble was a mixture of orange tan and muddy reddish brown, mixed with jet black every so often. Beneath a belt the spandex became a pair of classic 'strongman' tights, and those were tucked all the way down into a pair of fancy looking cowboy boots. Up top his face was mostly hidden behind a tan and brown Luchador's mask that came up in a pair of stylized 'ears', or were they horns? It was tough to tell what this entire motif was supposed to be. But with his eyes hidden behind white mesh netting, the only expression that was visible was the wolfish grin on this squat little powerful man's unshaven face.

"Glad ya finally showed up. If ya didn't, I was just gonna whoop every last sucker who showed up an' call it a day."

Even sitting, he was slightly woozy, and the numerous crushed empty cans of cheap beer showed why. In fact, hanging from his left hand was a six pack, although one was missing and currently in his left gloved hand. To emphasize this, the masked fighter let loose a powerful, eye-watering belch. Was this REALLY his pre-fight ritual?

"Dude. Gross."

Yun made sure to skid that skateboard to a halt and hop off of it with way too much style. In almost the same motion, he drops one sneakered foot onto the back of the board, it flips up and into Yun's waiting palm. He gives it a bit of a twirl before it gets tucked under his arm as if this was something that he does all the time. It kind of is.

It's all done while he keeps his eyes on his opponent for this here match as well.

"Don't worry. I'll make this quick." Yun flashes a grin to show off just how cocky he's feeling today. Or every day if the swagger-flavored demeanor is to be believed. "I can see you've got uh..." Yun makes some kind of waving motion of his hand at the beer and person attached to the beer situation. "... uh, stuff, to do."

Yun curves his lips down into a smirk coupled with the rolling of his eyes. This guy.

COMBATSYS: Xolo has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Xolo             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Yun has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Yun              0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0             Xolo

As Yun put his own little flourish on everything he did, the wild dog Xolotl just sat and watched as he wobbled and tried not to fall off of his chair. The whole time, his grin slowly fell into a snarl as he showed off his pronounced incisors. And while the kid in the hat continued to speak, the masked man spat out his cigar as it arced through the air and landed at Yun's feet. Not even a moment later the previously still Xolo was a blur of movement as he ran toward the Kempo fighter screaming at the top of his lungs. Seconds later he was trying to bring the kid down with a running NFL tackle that would make the best players proud even as from that position he threw wild mounted punches, forearms and headbutts at the kid. While growling through grit teeth, as if he really was a dog like his namesake.

"HRRRRRNNNGHRAAAGH!", he quipped cleverly.

COMBATSYS: Yun dodges Xolo's Grasp And Pound.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Yun              0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0             Xolo

The cigar hitting the ground in front of his sneakers is enough to have Yun ready for the tackle that comes in his direction. It's almost too late when he leaps but somehow he manages to time it just right as he goes up and somersaults over the snarling doggishness of his opponent.

Yun lands on the other side and turns around with a wagging of a finger. "Bad dog! Bad!" Yun grins to himself as his skateboard drops to the ground next to him and he steps towards Xolo with both palms up and thrust in his direction. "Sit!"

Oh, these dog command quips are going to get old very quickly.

COMBATSYS: Xolo endures Yun's Kobokushi.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Yun              0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0             Xolo

Xolo's style was wild and raw, but it wasn't exactly 'untrained'. When the tackle didn't connect, the brawler rolled with the momentum and sprung up to his feet, spinning around and preparing to rush in with a full head of steam when he got snapped out of his rage by a sudden impact, and a crashing against his lungs and ribcage. Xolo wheezes out and staggers backwards a step and a half even as Yun chides him. Those clever 'dog' retorts turn the masked man's sneer into a deepening scowl.

And probably inspires this next attack: Xolo suddenly stepping closer to launch his foot in an almost pitch perfect field goal kick, the tip of that pointed cowboy boot aiming between the Kempo's fighters legs. If this worked, the fighter might find it difficult to make those little quips. Might find it hard to do anything but vomit.

COMBATSYS: Xolo successfully hits Yun with Yarble Crusher Kick.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Yun              0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0             Xolo

Oh the Smugness of Yun Lee! It gets kicked right up between his legs and it comes out of his mouth with all the pain and anguish that should come from pointed cowboy boots making short work of that witty banter that he probably should've never actually started with in the first place.

"... my bad." The sopranoness of his voice is a very apt description of how things are going for him now.

As Yun drops to his knees, the pain subsiding even though it is still coursing through his body, one of those knees drops onto that skateboard and the damn thing rolls up and over his shoulder, dropping down into his hands. Yun's movements are quick and fluid as if he's used his skateboard as a weapon before, giving it a quick twirl and a swing to see if he can't catch Xolo with a quick two-piece combo, one skateboard smack to the gut and one more to the face!

COMBATSYS: Yun successfully hits Xolo with Improvised Smack.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Yun              0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0             Xolo


His clever retort toward Yun's pain was truly ingenius, but he didn't have time to pat himself on the back because a skateboard was being rammed into his breadbasket. The little bigman doubles over which makes the crack across the face hit flush. He spun around and straightened up in one fluid motion, and when he next turned around his mask was slightly ruffled and blood was trickling down his nose and along the side of his mouth. And the sneer was replaced by a bloody, toothy smile as he practically cackled.

"Haw haw haw! Awright kid, now we're cookin'!"

Instantly he lunges forward, to invade Yun's personal space as he threatens to throw a left hook to the midsection...but that's a feint, that attack is never going to happen. The -real- attack comes in a right kick that is aimed for the Kempo fighter's thigh. Muay Thai and MMA fighters throw this style of kick all the time, and it is a serious wake up call when one is landed.

COMBATSYS: Yun full-parries Xolo's Random Swat!!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Yun              0/-------/=======|===----\-------\0             Xolo

Yun's in the middle of tossing his skateboard to the side when the rush from Xolo is headed in his direction. That personal space of his gets viciously invaded just as Yun's getting to his feet and he can't do much of anything but get his hands up... and he sidesteps that feinted hook and brings that leg up right towards that kick that comes at his thigh. Yun's foot works with the kick in a manner that just kind of slides it off to the side as Yun follows through with his own movements.

"Special delivery!"

Yun extends a hand behind him for balance as he leans into the forward striking open palm strike that's aimed right for Xolo's chest!

COMBATSYS: Xolo blocks Yun's Dakai EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Yun              0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0             Xolo

The kick doesn't have the effect he wants it to, but there's no dwelling on this fact for him. With fighting as with everything else, Xolotl exists purely in the moment. So when Yun shoots out a palm in a repeat of his earlier offence, he finds himself giving the world's most violent high five as his hand collides against Xolo's open palm. The impact is enormous, running up the brawler's arm and sliding him back slightly from the impact, but it means that he's right in Yun's space, waiting and grinning.

Xolo's fingers immediately engulfe in bright blue energy, almost blinding electrical claws as the little man slashes wildly out with them. Not just once or twice, this is a barrage of offense even as he rushes in and almost tries to run -through- the stylish urban fighter in the hat. Not only that, but behind him, as he runs he leaves a trail of fire from sudden heat and friction that comes from nowhere.


COMBATSYS: Xolo successfully hits Yun with Guarding The Sun.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Yun              1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0             Xolo

Yun actually hops a half-step back from that high-five block that almost shatters the bones in his forearm. There's even a bit of a wince that comes with it but before he can actually react, or even quip, the explosion of Xolo Powah is gored into his soul by way of those energy claws of shocking value. Yun is clawed from side to side as he backpedals with each strike and ends up down on one knee while Xolo's barrage leaves him gasping for breath and trying to push through the pain that's now pouring through his twitching body.

Almost as if he's trying to learn from his past mistakes, Yun launches himself upward and into the air! Pushing off from his downed position and into the sky! He angles his body in Xolo's direction, arms raised up over his head and he even bends his other leg at the knee to make a more Crane styled motion of his kicking descent towards Xolo's face!

COMBATSYS: Xolo fails to interrupt Raigeki Shu from Yun with Rising Claw.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Yun              1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0             Xolo

Xolo watches Yun take to the air, and the wildman leaps to meet him. Springing into the sky, those claws still awash in powerful energy as he slashes both of them upward in a vicious double-handed uppercut that could disembowl any man or beast in seconds flat. Unfortunately, his timing was off by just that much, and a foot crashed into his face that sent his attack wild. As he flung backward, smashing and crashing through table and chair and rolling on the ground as dust gathered across his fancy fighting costume. No more claws, no more lightning or fire, just writhing and twitching fingers. He's not completely out, as he's almost instinctively trying to work up to a sitting position. But he's in bad shape.

Yun keeps a close eye on Xolo as he makes his own descent to the ground. There's barely any pause in Yun's movements. The instant those sneakers hit the concrete and asphalt below he's already leaping and leaning forward in the direction of Xolo. Yun's fist leading the way as he crosses the distance with an acrobatic stride that's intent on keeping the pressure on his opponent for this here match. Clearly, Yun's aiming to try and take advantage of the opening in this here battle. No witty banter seems to be coming to mind at this particular juncture even though Yun's wearing a smile on his face as he advances on Xolo!

COMBATSYS: Yun successfully hits Xolo with Zesshou Hohou.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Yun              0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1             Xolo

Are Xolo's eyes even focused? It's impossible to tell, but his body language suggests a man who's moments away from passing out, from reaching his limit even before the fist hurtles in and flattens his nose beneath that ridiculous mask. Blood goes flying even as he hits the ground from that sitting position, the back of his skull hitting against floor in an ugly sound.

But even then, it seemed he was dangerous. Rolling backwards he grabs at the waist of Yun, and arches backwards in a vicious, somewhat ugly looking suplex. But instead of leaving it there he rolls to his feet in an attempt to bring Yun with him, in yet another suplex with even harder impact.

He rolls a third time, bringing Yun up again, but abruptly interrupts the suplex parade so that he can launch his right hand out in a sudden palm strike. These were popular in MMA back before padded gloves became mandatory. A palm strike like this could easily concuss or even break a man's jaw if he wasn't ready for it, and being so close to unconsciousness, Xolo threw it harder and faster than he probably needed to. Well, that's a lie, he probably needs to throw it even harder to stand any kind of a chance.

COMBATSYS: Xolo blitzes into action and acts again!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Yun              0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1             Xolo

COMBATSYS: Yun blocks Xolo's Repeated Slams.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Yun              0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1             Xolo

COMBATSYS: Xolo successfully hits Yun with Palm Smash.
- Power hit! -

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Yun              1/-----==/=======|=======\===----\1             Xolo

Yun was not ready to be grabbed in some sort of vicious suplex formation. In fact, it's not until Xolo arches backwards that Yun twists and brings his feet down to try and stop this madness train before it can really get started. There's a wince of pain, though, as one of his ankles twist and he stumbles. It's enough for him to not be ready when that damn palm strike comes sailing at his face.

Yun's world might as well be in slow motion at this point as the collision has him sailing backwards and crashing hard onto the solid ground that doesn't budge. There's a crack that either comes from the concrete or Yun's back, it's hard to tell which, but he's definitely in all sorts of pain. And let's not even get started with the blood that's pouring from his face and the fact that his nose is completely busted.

Yun wobbles up to his feet and points off in Xolo's direction. "I'm sendin' you back to the pound, dude!" There, some more witty banter for the road.

Yun drops his arms to both of his sides as his chi energy swells up around him in a flash that materializes as pair of after-images flanking behind him. "GO GENEI JIN!" seems to activate the power within before Yun rushes across the distance towards Xolo and aims a pair of kicks at his face, only to be followed up by a spinning hook kick to send Xolo towards the ground. Except, Yun's dropping down as well, hoping to catch Xolo in the face with a violent leg sweep. His body continues from that sweep into a full rotation that brings his shoulder back towards Xolo's body to try and strike it back upwards into the air for a little juggling action as he tries to finish this all off with a violent Twin Dragon Fist aimed to plant both of his fists into Xolo's chest for good measure.

Yun's blue-hued chi-flavored after-images follow this custom combo every step of the way as well. Y'know, for style points.

COMBATSYS: Yun successfully hits Xolo with Genei Jin.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Yun              0/-------/-----==|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2             Xolo

True, the banter was very witty, but with Yun's broken nose, understanding that banter was a tall order for everyone gathered around to watch this fight. Who knows, if any footage was recorded of this fight, maybe someone could helpfully add subtitles but for right now, that didn't help the masked man one bit. The man who looked like he could barely stand, the man who doesn't even react to the kicks until the second one smashes across his mouth. The hook doubles him, the sweep sends him sprawling and before he knows it he's launched into the air, coming down into a pair of fists trying to bury themselves into his midsection. There's a cracking sound from the second impact, and it might very well be the sound of a man's sternum, when it's taking on more than it can withstand.

But he's on his feet, and instead of falling backwards and wheezing and curling himself into a ball, Xolotl reaches up to grab both of Yun's ears so that he can rocket his head forward in a massive headbutt. A split second later he's trying to bite Yun's cheek even as the claws erupt into life once more. He's slashing out wildly again, even as he tries to wrestle Yun to the ground with his own strength. That's a place Yun does not want to be, on the ground with a desperate cagefighter, a man eager to smother the taller more graceful martial artist, a man all to happy to mix ground'n'pound with claws and his own teeth. If this succeeds, it's going to be a horrible mauling.

COMBATSYS: Xolo has reached second wind!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Yun              0/-------/-----==|>>>>>>>\-------\1             Xolo

COMBATSYS: Yun dodges Xolo's Tooth Or Claw.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Yun              0/-------/-----==|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1             Xolo

"Not the face!"

Yun can see that headbutt coming at such a violent speed that he almost tears his own ears off as he shoves at Xolo's arms just enough to loosen their grip so that he can slip down and roll out of the way of that headbutt led mauling. It gives him a chance to breathe and right himself.

And to actually thank the heavens above because he just dodged more than a damn bullet and he knows it.

Yun lunges forward with hopefully the right amount of timing to grab Xolo about the thicc shoulders and quickly leap up to plant a foot into his chest and kick himself off with a violent thrust to send himself into a stylish somersault and hopefully put this dog to sleep!

COMBATSYS: Xolo blocks Yun's Ento Shugeki.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Yun              0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>>>--\1             Xolo

Right now Xolo is hunkered down, both hands embedded up to the knuckles in the concrete floor, blue electric energy crackling as he removes them from the ground slowly. As such he has nowhere to go when Yun makes his attack, running up and kicking off of Xolotl so that he can make his graceful, very flashy escape. The wild dog is looking up in the sky, watching his opponent descend from the heavens and it's like he's watching the whole thing in slow motion. His rage increases as his hands are ripped out of the ground, and behind him fire swirls and gets brighter, and brighter, and brighter and brighter. The masked man is screaming right now, his costume ripped and torn in places and now catching on fire as behind him that flame swirls and forms into a sphere in the air behind his head. It gets brighter and brighter and hotter and hotter, the birth of a miniature sun in front of everyone's eyes. In fact, it is so much like a sun that a mass panic starts, the audience realizing they are way too close to whatever the hell this is, and are all currently running away.

But Xolo only his eyes for his prey. As Yun is still descending, still in the air Xolo breaks into a running sprint in an identical motion from his earlier running slashing attack. But this hits harder, hits faster. Those claws are sharper than before. And as Xolo attempts to crash into poor Yun, that sun directly behind him explodes in a napalm fireball. This makeshift arena, it's a goner, it's done for. Let's hope Yun fares a little better...

COMBATSYS: Xolo can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Yun              0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Xolo successfully hits Yun with The Setting Of The Fifth Sun.
- Power hit! -

[                          \\\\  <
Yun              1/-------/=======|

Here's the bad news about being the Twin Dragon of the Wind and Clouds. You get caught in the air all the time. Granted, this time, it's by a freaking vicious fighter and the damn sun that comes along with him.

Yun's all but slashed to hell and back because there's faster, harder claws in his direction and the blood that splatters make it very obvious of this fact. And Yun's body goes slack from the attack!

Which only makes him the perfect candidate for the sun flavored napalm fireball of an explosion that makes short work of the arena, the surrounding area and, of course, Yun.

Who knows what's going to become of this location after such a powerful assault. All that really matters is that when the smoke clears, Yun Lee is crispy, unmoving, breathing and that's pretty much all she wrote.

The 'NL' logo from his cap flutters towards what's left of the ground as the final piece of this Neo-League puzzle.

COMBATSYS: Yun takes his cap off and twirls it on his finger.

COMBATSYS: Yun can no longer fight.

Parts of him are still on fire, and his costume is mostly ribbons and threads at this point. Thankfully the strongman tights aren't completely gone, which means footage of this fight won't have to be censored.

Xolo is unconscious unmoving on the ground, half of his mask completely gone. It's no big mystery who he was, as the mask was never meant to conceal his identity, but it's still surprising to see. The occasional rise and fall of his chest is the only clue we get that he isn't dead, amongst the rubble.

All in all, his second professional fight has gone a lot better than his first. He might have a promising career on his hands. And really, isn't that the important thing?

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