Tsinghua - An Ordinary Evening Walk.

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Description: A young Tsinghua walks back from a meeting with a sleazy mr. Ming. He has a train to catch, but a certain Dark-stalker looking for a meal wants to have some fun with the boy first...

As the afternoon passes into evening, it has been raining almost for it's entirety--though it seems to be getting lighter now, almost non-existent. And night in Southtown is quite a spectacle of lights and people all it's own, the light rain only enhanced it. Perhaps someone might be on the lookout for a bit of 'authentic' Cantonese cuisine in the Chinatown area, or looking for a gift for a special someone... or more often than not they're trying to pick up a date at a local bar or club of some kind. Or maybe even something less on the level. In either case, someone caught walking alone at night might be in for a very different kind of surprise, if they're not careful.

Standing high above on the ledge of a roof, following the arch and wet-looking red vinyl of a high heeled shoe along a white-furred leg--is Echo. She stands looking out over the street below, keeping as out of sight as she could--while her magic caused cameras to capture blurs or create errors, she still avoided such things by habit. As her long black dress fluttered in the gusting wind of the night, she lazily applied a fresh shade of rouge to her lips. At least it wasn't the other kind of rouge--no pink heart bustiers tonight, thank you.

No, she had something else on her mind entirely tonight, as she flicked the tube of lipstick closed and capped it, returning it to a pouch on her belt. She was using a small pocket telescope to actually watch people at street level. She wasn't looking for something refrigerated or mixed with chemicals tonight...

"Thank you very much, for your time, mr. Ming. The Góng family hopes to do business with you again soon." He bows and says his goodbyes to an overweight chinese gentleman, just having closed a deal with the man- The Góng family purchased a strip of land near their home that was still owned by this man. Mr. Ming's eyes linger on Tsinghua for a bit, before the boy is sent off with a nod. Having completed the day's task, he steps outside on the currently dark streets of Southtown, Chinatown. Thankful at the fact that the rain is waning, after having dug through his handbag looking for his umbrella. He sighs once deeply, seemingly being stressed and frustrated- before starting a brisk evening walk to the train-station, which in turn goes back to Ota City- and his hotel, close to the airport.

His pace is a bit quickened, not eager to meet those who lurk in the alleys looking for people to assault, rob or exploit. Master Chao had warned him about people like that. The boy is dressed in a Hanfu garb of thick cloth suited for the cold evening, accompanied with a scarf, and gloves. All colored in a variety of browns and greens.

While the very large man currently eyeing up the boy like a side of beef might have been something a little easier for Echo to catch, at the sight of someone coming down the alleyway has gotten a certain bat's attention.

As Tsinghua travels down at the dark street at a quick pace, he might suddenly notice that there seems to be a queer, thick fog coming in... and what had to be the sound of someone coming... walking towards him, in what sounded like ladies's shoes...?

"Nnnh... My my my, what do we have here?" it's a sexy lady's voice, alright, or what might sound like one to Tsinghua, anyway, clearly enunciated as what very much looks like the silhouette comes toward him out of the fog. Tsinghua is young, yet even he might not be able to throw off the charm that's being employed here and might find himself transfixed as the figure draws closer, and closer, the wiles of the shape ever more apparent, until they're nearly within arms reach of him.

Is it just the suggestion of a young lady, or actually some kind of supernatural effect? It's... hard to tell. And might depend entirely on Tsing's ability... or inclination to resist. As she gets closer, he'd be able to notice the black dress, milk-white pale skin of the lovely figure and chest... but upon further inspection, that's not skin, it's fur, like a great big white wolf. But as the woman's face finally comes into view, it's not a wolf, but something else...

"Chin up, sexy, lets have a good look at that throat~" Echo grins, peering first at eye level to where she thinks Tsinghua might be, after coming through the fog, but then looks left to right, trying to find him--before looking down, and spotting him. The look of surprise is apparent as she blinks.

"What is...?"

The boy warily moves his hand to the stick, as the fog and voice draws closer- Tsinghua looks, frozen and mesmerized as he watches the feminine figure draw closer- For a moment, it looks like he might be entirely under the Darkstalker's spell- but just before Echo can reach him he manages to resist the allure and cartwheels backwards. Walking stick in hand and pointing towards a now visible Echo. He quickly takes notice of her fur and "Wh- wha-hat is it that you want? What did you do?" the boy is panicked. Scared, even as he prepares to defend himself. He tries to control his breathing, to calm his nerves, but to little avail. "A- A Darkstalker?! I kindly request that you- you back off, I would appericiate it if you'd stay away from my throat." The spooked messenger responds.

I just want to be on my way, Madam. Please let me go."

Echo frowns as she looks down at Tsinghua, not so much annoyed or disappointed at his being startled and not falling under her allure, if that's what it was--but moreso another factor entirely. She actually draws a roll of what looks like measuring tape from a pouch on her belt, letting it unravel as she pulls on either end and uses it to size up Tsinghua, tilting her head curiously as she hums to herself, pulling the tape back in and rubbing her chin, brows furrowed. Tsinghua is obviously not what she had expected. She had expected someone... taller, larger, older.

She had gone looking for the main course, and instead wound up with a Mcnugget!

"You don't look very big, oh well..." she finished putting away her roll of measuring tape, drawing herself back up. Due to being closer to 6 feet, especially in heels, Echo was likely a head or two taller than the young boy, and apparently he didn't look like a sizeable enough sort of snack. And she wasn't going to try, it would appear.

"Oh, you can see me? hmm... the robes did look a little queer, are you a sorceror, young man?" she raised a brow at that, peering down at him with a cocked head, sighing a little. "I guess Echo is striking out tonight, in more ways than one~" she gestures to herself, her wings unfurling from her back as she stretches them a little. "Your vision poor? What's with the walking stick," she teases.

"This- This stick is the honorable symbol and weapon of us Góng Family Messengers-Envoy. My vision is well!" The trembling young man takes another step backwards, as he's being measured. "Of- Of course I can see you, you're hard to miss, Madam." The boy lowers the staff slightly, swallowing loudly as he sees the wings unfurl. "Are- are you going to eat me? I have been informed that malicious darkstalkers revel in activities such as that."

"I assure you, it is in your best interest to let me pass. I.. I..

"I need to be in time for my train! It's the last one tonight, this is not a place I yearn to be stranded in."

"Anyway, boy, I am something of a sorceror myself--a spirit user, you might say," Echo used the word for it in Japanese, which Tsinghua might not recognize, and one that was still somewhat alien to Echo herself. "You should take care of walking these streets alone at night, it was not so long ago it was raided by forces of the dark, brought here through a gap into the other world," she raised a hand and it glowed faintly, most of the fog beginning to dissipate. "I've no interest in you, at least until you grow another foot or two," she laughed a little, teasing still, but apparently being sincere.

"I /was/ looking about for someone to perhaps have a little bite to eat from, but eh, I thought you might be someone else," she folded her wings again, taking a moment to scrutinize her nails. "I fear a nibble might put you too far into dire straits to attempt, alas," she poked a finger at him, smirking a little.

"So- So you are Malicious. I- I should, should, turn you in or- or the like. It's not very kind to prey upon those that walk the streets. I'm no 'sorcerer' but I do know how to manipulate the flow of Qi." He keeps looking at her focused, but the fear in his eyes is clear. "I ask that you stop your taunts, spirit user. I for one, am very comfortable with my height." the boy sighs, putting the stick back on his belt.

"I thank you for the warning, sorceress, but I can handle myself. Now, if you don't mind-"

Tsinghua tries to walk away, in the opposite direction of Echo with a steady pace.

"What, you don't think I'm entitled to a hot meal once in a while?! Hey--" Echo's voice can be heard from behind Tsinghua as he turns, but as he begins to walk around, he'd soon come face to face with Echo, standing directly in his path, hand on her hips, like the homeroom teacher is scolding him.

"Evening squire--as I was saying..." he grinned momentarily, displaying those pearly white teeth and fangs, before continuing. "I wasn't going to hurt you, if you hadn't noticed, please give me a /little/ credit," though it would also appear teasing him is turning out to be perhaps a bit too much fun for her to want to end prematurely. "Hmm... where's that fat man you were talking to, I usually don't go for ones like that--can make my cholestorol a little high," she snerked.

"Huh- How did you get-?" the young man looks confused. He sighs deeply. "I am going to miss my train, Drat.

He looks up towards Echo- staring into her eyes. "A hot meal can also be obtained by going to any nearby restaurant, miss." he tilts his head sideways, a questioning expression over his face. "Or is it so that you can only survive through absorbing Qi? Like the ancient tales I've heard of the Jiangshi. Terrifying creatures."

"You are talkin about Mister Ming, correct? He went back inside. I heavily discourage that you go after him. He is quite well guarded." he looks downwards, mumbling under his breath. "..though I wouldn't mind if something happened to him."

"Ah-uhm, don't mind my muttering, Madam. Apologies for the poor manners." The nervous boy bows deeply, seemingly having accepted the fact that he'll have to deal with this person a while longer. "My name is Tao Tsinghua, Envoy-Messenger of the honorary Góng estate. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." the introductory line feels rather robotic, as if it's a sentence that he has repeated many times over.

"Oh, well, why didn't you say so!" Echo turns and unveils the way, as her wing had folded outward for a moment, but now she pulls it in, like a dancer with a paper fan. "Hmm, well then, if that's the case, then I suspect I'll be having some Chinese food after all tonight, bwahaha~" Echo grins and removes her folding makeup mirror from where it is kept--which in this case apparently happens to be 'down the front of her dress'. She inspects her lipstick and face before snapping it shut and stuffing it back down in there.

"And I am the elegant, eloquent and oh so lovely Echo Lacroix, I will see you again, little man--maybe by then we can make a proper date of it, mwhaha~" she disappears into the fog that seems to roll in out of nowhere, and apparently back the way that Tsinghua came.

Has Tsinghua been reprieved for another night...? It would appear so.

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