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Description: Velvet Blue saves Tsinghua from a left over makai beast in Southtown Park. (Takes place before the SNF match 'ICARUS FIGHTS MEDUSA ANGELS'.)

It's been a while since the events of the whole 'Black Dragon' debacle, and things have /mostly/ calmed down. NOL and Mishima's mercenaries aren't running around in full force around the city so brazenly anymore, and a lot of the assorted rogue night creatures that were stupid enough to remain were swept out.

At least the ones that NOL were able to catch...

In the woodland surrounding the park something moved through the trees, fast, pursuing something--only a few branches thrashed or swished their leaves, and there wasn't a thing to be seen. Some kind of small animal jumping from tree to tree up there? Anyone in the vicinity inside the park might notice the noise, cracking of branch or rustle of bushes. The park is otherwise dead silent, which perhaps makes the entire scene feel somehow stranger. Birds aren't chirping, there is few ambient noises from cars or trucks, and one can noticeable hear the wind blowing over the grass.

Tsinghua is nestled as deep into the park as possible, as far away from the noise the cityscape causes as he can. Meditating on a patch of grass away from the trails and dog-poop. Surrounded by trees. He had come back from an important, stressful and long meeting with a local magnate. Although the eventual outcome was satisfactory for the Góng Dynasty.

By now, it is just past dusk. Shadows, and darkness setting in to the park. The boy looked and found a place where he a little more comfortable to unwind and de-stress, before he has to go through the hustle and bustle of a flight back to Hong Kong- Followed by a long journey through the chinese lands to reach the Master's Estate, which he calls home. Tsinghua would not be all that hard to spot, wearing his light beige Hanfu as he brings his mind to peace, taking deep inhales and exhales.

Truly, A serene picture.

From the trees above there moves a half-camouflaged shape--a gargantuan spider with an abdomen about the size of a soccer ball (or football, for our euro friends) silent as the grave as it continues to rappel down a nearly invisible line of thread. It had been in the park since around the time of the invasion by Volkov's forces, likely coming over with some of the other dark ones. It fed primarily on small animals, and had gotten fat from doing so--though apparently it was trading up as it descended on Tsinghua from above, a line of thread held like a garrote in it's forelegs...

"There you are--no ya don't!" there is the sound of an almost pig-like squealing after the voice could be heard, along with the sound of something big bonked with something, then squashed.

"Whew--gotta pay more attention there, hon," Velvet Blue was sittng up on a high branch above, slinging the crumpled form of the spider off his short sword away, like one might discard any old dead bug.

Velvet of course is dressed in one of their dark full-body spandex suits, with the white fur ruff around the shoulders and down the front of the chest, and wearing what looked like a pair of long dark thigh-high high-heeled boots with gray platform soles. The boots have a wierd 'starfield' pattern to them with glitter, almost like they reflect space as they move around, it's a mystery as to how he wasn't noticed prior to now.

Entirely focused on meditation, the chi he was naturally channeling caused tiny little saplings to sprout sporadically around him.

But as such, he did not notice what was going on above him until it'd have been too late.

As the creatures screech cuts through the night sky, Tsinghua looks upwards, hand instantly on his Cane as he darts to his feet. Only to be met with the peculiar form of Velvet Blue, with the dead spider at his side. His eyes linger on those peculiar boots of theirs, before their words divert his attention to Velvet's face. In response, he bows deeply towards the slender figure almost right away, with Shaky voice and movements. "Thank you graciously, Sir. I am indebted. And by the Góng estate's offical code of honor for representatives, I am at your service." He does not cease from his bowing position as he faces the stranger.

"I humbly introduce myself as Tao Tsinghua, Envoy-messenger of the honorable Góng family."

"Ooh, you've got powers too--I knew I sensed something here besides that bug," Velvet seems impressed by the small plants that have sprouted up around the rather small young man. The strange bat-eared figure slides his long knife off on the branch of the tree before returning it to the sheath held within his right boot, hopping down. The sound of him hitting the ground is muted, thanks to the soft ground beneath, and it takes Velvet a moment to get his bearings on the grass, his blue spaded tail swishing around him.

"Bowing and curtseying to me though, ooh, I like that, this--" he gestures to himself, "Is Velvet Blue, you can just call me Velvet--and around here is dangerous at night, sweetie," he pauses for a moment, tilting his head.

"You're not bothered by us darkstalker types are you?" he raises his eyes a little sheepishly and grins, trying to look friendly. Velvet isn't wearing a lot of makeup at the moment, so their features aren't as feminine as they could be, the lack of lipstick also means their fanged eyeteeth doesn't pop as much when they grin, perhaps it's a good thing, then.

Stepping closer as Tsing remains bowed, their gait cat-like with one foot in front of the other, they offer a hand to Tsinghua to take, as long as they're down there. Velvet is giving a little mischievous giggle, meanwhile. Like a retainer taking a lady's hand, perhaps?~

"You may rise now, I think."

While Tsing's gratefulness was genuine, he does exhibit a certain amount of fear and nervousness due to the more animalistic qualities of Velvet. He swallows hard, before letting Velvet pull him upwards to a standing position, albeit with his head still looking at the ground... or at the boots? Hard to tell. Now that they are both standing, Tsinghua's short height becomes even more apperant. "I offer you my deepest Gratitudes, mister Velvet, and will take your cautionary words to heart." A look at his face would see it mostly neutral, save for his bottom lip trembling lightly. "If you would be so kind as to answer my question, what was that ghastly creature?" He asks Velvet, as the wind makes his loose dress flow and ripple.

The boots had a slight holographic shininess to them, which made the 'starfield' running down the surface of them sort of move in the dark. Velvet likely fancied this effect, as well as the way it pre-occupied Tsinghua.

"Please, just Velvet, I prefer that, anyhow... Tsinghua, can I call you that? I am sorry if this is your introduction to this place, been trying to get rid of the night-vermin here, as much as possible," he pauses a moment. "The monster kind, anyway, like that big bug--some might call me a 'vermin' of the night too, maybe," he shrugs with a smirk. "I'm unfortunately for them too quick to catch," he walked around a little after helping Tsing up from his bow.

"A Makai-beast spider. You didn't see the 'lost pet' fliers on the way in here?" he raises a brow, but waves it off. "Ehhh, it's not important, the important part is it can't hurt anyone anymore," Velvet explains, lightening his tone a bit.

"You're safe now, y'know, sorry if I make you a little... nervous?" he raises a brow, right lip drawing back in a grin, as if teasing the small messenger boy.

"I feel uncomfortable adressing you informally, but I will adhere to your wishes, Velvet. You have free reign to adress me however you'd like." He finally has the confidence to look Velvet in the eyes. "Truth be told, I have been warned about your kind. But it would be most unkind to display hostility after assisting me in such a dire situation. Though I was prepared to defend myself." the signs of fear subside into just nervousness as the Darkstalker confirms his good intentions. "But I am happy to ascertain that that won't be necessary, miste- Uhm, Velvet. Ridding the world of that creature was a good act."

He can't help but to glance downwards occasionally. To those glorious, shimmering threads. "You moved with such grace and speed as you dispatched of that Arachnid. I only caught a glimpse, but it truly was an impressive sight."

"Well no wonder you've been warned, what with the state of the place," Velvet gestures back behind him to where the husk of the dead creature is rapidly putrefying and melting into the soil, sounding like it's melting. "You don't have to worry about /me/, though, I'm one of the good fairies," he grins a little, returning Tsinghua's look, right back into his eyes. It's about this point that Tsing would likely notice Velvet's are yellow and reflective, the pupils cat-like as well.

"It's not like it was /evil/ necessarily, almost every creature hunts for food, or sport, but it had gotten big enough it was likely about to move onto humans--and you kind of look... well, young adult-sized," he laughed a little, not trying to draw attention to Tsing's small stature so much, but stumbling on it anyway. Velvet also kept themselves a few paces away, just so Tsing would have his personal space.

"And you like hanging out in the park at night? meditating? or just like to be alone?"

"The aftermath Of Kira Volkov's assault, correct?" He says, straightening out his garb. "And I will not. Worry, that is. By now I am well convinced." Giving them a nod and a slight, polite smile.

"I-I see. Just like the predatory animals. That is a logical way to look at it." Tsinghua feels more at ease as Velvet gives him his space, before responding to his question. "I was simply feeling stressed after my duties, Velvet. I wanted some natural peace and calm- away from the noise of the city. And, well, this is not quite a forest, but I feel a lot more at ease here then on the concrete. I grew up rather secluded grounds, you see."

"Yeah, that--I was hunting down werewolves and lizard men for /weeks/, most didn't wanna go home," Velvet sighed. "Was able to coax some of them, others I just had to subdue and find a good place to toss them so they'd find their way back there, demon world is a scary place--and they'd rather be apex predators here than just pest animals there, kinda like that thing," another gesture over his shoulder, before he smiles again.

"Oh! you don't like the city, huh? first time I ever went to a big city I was pretty amazed by it, I guess the novelty wears off quick, huh," he noted the plants that had sprouted up around Tsinghua.

"I think I can see why, geomancy, right?" he crouched down, the material of the boots creaking as he peered at the plants, reaching out with a pointed nail to lightly poke one.

"I understand, you do noble work, Velvet." He crouches down a few feet away from Velvet as he investigates the sapling. "Oh- Yes, you are quite perceptive. Geomancy of a sort, yes. Just wood, and I can't control it very well yet. The Góng family schooled me in a different kind of technique."

Tsinghua demonstrates, grabbing his walking stick and throwing it up in the air- before it freezes, entirely static as the boy concentrates. The stick remains static for a few seconds, before the boy releases the spell- with the staff going down it's original trajectory before the envoy catches it on it's descent. "Usually, the plants I create dissipate right away. If I concentrate long enough, However, they can become permanent. Like these saplings." He uses the cane's silver head to gesture towards the plants.

Craning his neck back and up to see, Velvet watches as the staff froze in the air with amusement. "Huh, so you can just make it hang there, woah--" he crouches a bit lower, throwing arms up over his head--perhaps afraid the staff might tumble and hit him on the head, only putting his arms down when he realizes Tsing has caught it.

"Ah, so you breathed life into them, that's quite a skill--and I figure you're not going to use it on just gardening," he laughed a little, pulling himself up from the crouch, tail swishing about behind him.

"It's a wonderful talent, I'm envious, I'm glad we got to meet, too," he smiles a little more pleasantly now, less teasing than before. "Just sorry this had to be your introduction to the place, usually it's less... deadly, but all sorts of weird things have been happening since Jedah showed up," he nodded.

"You flatter me with your compliments, Velvet. I am sure you have plenty of fascinating talents to go around as well. Truth be told I'd prefer to just use it on Gardening. It is a personal hobby of mine. While It's a useful skill in combat, I do not enjoy fighting. It is simply a unfortunate necessity in this world. Even a humble messenger needs to be able to defend himself, lest valuable information might be extracted." He sighs, slightly pulling up the dress before crouching down next to the plants. "Japan has it's nice places. I have passed some of the more rural places and towns and there are wonderful sights to see. But to me, Southtown is not one of them, I don't think I could ever get used to it's size."

"Makes sense why someone would use you as a messenger, then--so young and yet you have powers to use to defend yourself," Velvet keeps his distance, not wanting to make young Tsing too anxious as he regards him, a hand on his own hip.

"Funny, I kind of like the city, at least, more urban places--I grew up in one, the city is not new to me anymore, but always felt like rural places were too wide open," he shrugs. "This is how people are different, I supposed, it might be the feline in me too, hah--we like to go where the people are," he giggless, walking around Tsinghua a little, as if he might be leaving.

"You going on your way then? If you want a drink I run a lounge... wait, are you even old enough to have a drink?" he turns more around, smiling sheekily at Tsing.

"The honorable estate trained and molded me for my duties, In every aspect. I have much to thank Patriarch Shuren for." Tsinghua elaborates, though his statement is perhaps a little disturbing to Velvet. Hestands back up straight. Then, in response to Velvet's last comment he chuckles softly, a genuine laugh. "I'm afraid not, Siróng. And I wouldn't want to bother your other clients, nontheless."

He sheathes his stick back on his hip. "From our meeting, I want you to take to heart: I am in your debt, and I take this debt seriously. I am at your service, and will gladly repay that whenever you will it, Siróng." Another bow, a standing one this time. His arms put together so that his loose sleeve seem to form a single entity.

"I figured not, your boyish charms haven't left you," Velvet gives a lighthearted sigh, before pulling himself back up to a full stand, after having admired Tsing's plantlife.

"You don't owe me anything, however, a queen does repay good manners and fealty," Velvet seems to be amused again that Tsinghua is bowing to him and all, Tsinghua might feel something brush past his shoulders and hair, if he looks it, he might notice it's Velvet's spaded, leathern tail, the owner of said tail stifling a giggle with a hand over their face, mischievously.

"Do rise, my subject," they announced with an imperious tone of voice, still grinning.

"What is tha-?"

The tail startles Tsinghua as it whips past his green locks, looking back before he does as Velvet says and stands up straight. "Queen....?" The term confuses the boy. But he doesn't further comment, on the matter, as he starts to speak. "Are you quite certain? I'd prefer not to leave a debt unpayed. But as you will it, so it shall be.

"We'll see, if you wish to do me a favor, then you shall," Velvet peered down at his surprisedness, raising a brow. "Do you find my tail disconcerting, Tsinghua-dear? It is very much flesh and blood, I assure you," he smirks a little, gesturing to it dismissively.

"A Queen can't refuse their subjects, you see, I look after the kabukicho area of Southtown, that's where the lounge I run is, I am it's guardian, if you ever have need of me you can summon me," Velvet flicks out a small plain business card and hands it to Tsinghua, the directions lead to what look like an unassuming street address, followed by a cellphone number.

"I.... I don't doubt that." he admits, glancing at the tail nervously. "Apologies, Sirong. It is merely unusual to me." He sheepishly takes the business card- and looks at the letters and numbers, for a extended few seconds. Taking the information to memory before neatly tucking it into the inside of his Hanfu, by his chest. "Thank you Kindly, Velvet. If I ever get an opportunity too, I will gladly come and visit." he sighs with an exhausted flair. "Sadly, time is in precious short supply. My duties for the Góng family have me occupied almost constantly."
%"But I would not have it any other way. I take great pride in my work." With that last sentence, his voice sounds just a little bit colder- almost mechanical voice

"Really now," Velvet notices the apparent iron-clad conviction in Tsinghua's voice, raising a brow, at once a little jealous at their loyalty to another perhaps, but also curious and a little concerned in a more neutral way.

"Well, as long as this is your wish, Tsinghua-dear, then I will honor it also, and I shan't delay you further," he gives a little bow of his own head, this time, though nowhere near the level of bow Tsinghua has just given. The Queenly persona is in full display here, the type they use on stage, against opponents, but also towards those that deserve it.

"Can't have you mesmerized by my boots all night, can we--it's dangerous here after dark, let us be off then," Velvet mutters that first part, as if not quite intending Tsing to fully hear him, before gesturing and turning away. Normally he'd just fade from view, going 'dim' or invisible, but he doesn't want to spook the poor boy anymore than necessary.

"Just follow this path, it will lead you out."


Tsinghua's sharp ears here the comment, and the boy gets flustered. "It's not- I wasn't. Uuuhm..." he coughs his throat, gathers his voice, and speaks in actual words. "Apologies, Sirong. They simply caught my eye. Very.... Noticable." He follows Velvet's gesturing to the path "Thanks for showing me the path, Velvet. I found our meeting to be most pleasant, And I bid you farewell. I hope that our paths cross again." And with a final, short bow, he starts the chilly evening walk back to his hotel. Feeling content about meeting someone outside of the usual circle of influential Góng family contacts he got accustomed too.

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