Neo League 0143 - NL#154: Tsinghua vs Olivia

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Description: 2 Cultures clash as the colorful brazillian kung-fu practioner Olivia faces of against a Rookie in the fighting Scene, a timid Chinese Envoy named Tsinghua. (Winner:Olivia)

Yokohama, perhaps not the same level of hub as Southtown, but a marvel in it's own right. Packed with people and activities for locals and foreigners alike. And today, one of those activities is a scheduled Neo-League fight. One first- and another second-timer for matches of this nature. This particular Arena is located on a industrial section of the port-district, a pocket of empty space between the brightly colored-Cargo Crates, with a backdrop looking out over the Ocean. It is a clear, but cold and breezy day- as typical of the colder seasons.

One of the combatants arrive at the scene, flown in from China. A short Boy, Announced as Tao Tsinghua, rookie fighter and practicioner of Góng-Style Tai Chi, employing a walking Stick as a weapon. He is wearing his Usual Beige Hanfu, his hair and clothing styled neatly. He looks around, eyeing the huge concrete buildings deeper into the city, seemingly looking a little impressed or intimidated by them. He audibly sighs in nervousness and Frustration, before Bowing towards his opponent while greeting them. "It's a pleasure to meet, Ms. Ribeiro. I wish you the best of luck in our fight. May the most skillful one win."

It's Olivia's first time overseas! The Restaurante Ribeiro brand ambassador is taking her quest for commerce to a truly international level.

The momentous day began with her arrival at the Yokohama international port terminal, where she immediately found herself lost. Wandering around the terminal, and then through the streets of the city, she'd found a number of people willing to help - typically at the expense of taking a picture with the local who was helping her. She had, after all, been in her carnival-style scarlet macaw costume, headpiece carried under her arm.

None of this has bothered her - the buxom bird-loving Brazilian is always willing to make a new acquaintance - but it has resulted in her arriving at the very last minute to the portside filming location, a few newfound fans with cameras trailing behind her as she hustles up to the arena.

"Bom dia! Tudo bem?"

Olivia beams brightly at Tao Tsinghua as she shifts from one foot to the other and waves a wing-strapped arm in greeting. "It's great to meet you, too!"

The brunette lifts her macaw headpiece onto her crown and settles it firmly into place. The way that the wings are attached to her arms gives the impression that the bird she's dressed as is putting its own head on.

"The most important thing is to have fun! I'll do my best to put up a good match, though! For the honour of Restaurante Ribeiro!"

Olivia claps her hands together, squatting into another crane stance before pulling her left leg up, bending it at the knee and twisting, raising her wings up as she adopts her fighting stance.

"Oh! Should we play Pedra Papel Tesoura to decide whose music we use for the fight?"

".....Music?" The boy looks rather confused "I'm afraid I did not bring my Guzheng." He shakes his head, before asking. "I certainly do enjoy a game every now and then. But I can't say I'm familiar with that one, unfortunately. Would you care to Enlighten me?"

He straightens his Garb as he continues. "It could certainly make for a nice distraction before the fight. Truth be told, I am not particularly fond of being here. My Shifu willed it so. I reckon he wants me to build experience in Actual Combat." He pauses for a bit, then coughs his throat. "Apologies for my Ramblings Ms. Ribeiro, It was a tiresome flight. Not quite used to them yet." Tsinghua takes a few steps back, before grabbing the Stick from his waist with his right hand, before putting it above his head facing Olivia, his other hand in an open palm and outstretched in front of him.

"Nevertheless, Please continue with what you were saying. I am ready to start when you feel comfortable in Doing so."

The Brazilian brunette tips her head a little to one side with an apologetic expression.

"Oh, desculpa! I mean, Rock, Paper, Scissors! Have you played it before? You shake your hand, and then you pick rock, paper, or scissors..."

Still balancing on one leg, Olivia demonstrates the three different signals, making a fist, then an open hand, then a closed hand with index and middle fingers extended and apart.

" the same time, I pick one. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock! Nobody knows why paper beats rock, though."

Olivia lifts her beige shoulders in a shrug, then smiles reassuringly.

"I think it's fun seeing new places. Your shifu probably knows best! I know mine always did!"

She stretches her wings out, her tone becoming sympathetic.

"I know all about tiresome flights! My arms are still sore from my last one!"

She flaps her wings indicatively, then says, "Anyway, if you forgot to bring your music, we can play mine! Unless you're not in the mood for samba!"

She slips onto both feet to shimmy and shake in a manner suggestive of the style of dance. Finally, she lifts her leg back up, resuming her fighting stance.

"Pronta! I'm ready to go if you are!"

"Oh, oh yes. I'm familiar. I believe it did originate from China." He loosens his position somewhat, lowering his right into a more comfortable position. "I also like seeing new places, although oftentimes It's a little overwhelming. Especially with a big city like Yokohama."

I'm ready to start, anyhow. I don't particularly care about the music, so do as you will." Tsinghua gets back into his previous stance.
"Best of Luck."

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tsinghua         0/-------/-======|

Olivia's bird-capped head bobs in response to Tsinghua's remark about the overwhelming nature of big cities.

"That's fair! It's on the water, like where I live, so it's not too different - except it's a bit chilly!"

More so, likely, for someone dressed in an outfit that bares the legs, arms and midriff in the way that Olivia's currently does. She raises a wing and gestures grandiosely.

"That just means we need to get moving, get the blood flowing! And all we need for that..."

She sweeps her wings abruptly in the opposite direction, pointing indicatively at the production table and speaker system.

"...e a MUSICA!"

She bounces on one leg for a couple of seconds as she waits for the music to kick in... and waits... and waits some more.

Finally, after about ten seconds have passed, an upbeat samba soundtrack kicks in, and Olivia turns back to face Tsinghua with an awkward smile before raising her arms back into her crane stance.


The bell rings, and Olivia leaps forward off of her single foot, managing to close a fairly surprising amount of distance.

"Combo numero sette!"

As she declares the content of her impending assault, she's already engaging in it - thrusting her raised leg into a high straight kick that, on a taller opponent, might aim for mid-chest, but against the slightly shorter teen, winds up aiming around the throat and jaw. As she carries forward, she spins around, landing on the other foot and twisting her hips to deliver a reverse kick with her other foot toward Tsinghua's knees, wings raising to keep her balance. She carries on spinning into a full revolution, aiming the back of her wrist where the wing attaches to her arm at Tsinghua's chest as she ends up facing him. Her right foot balances on the ground again as her left leg snaps upward with tremendous force, the point of her toes aimed toward Tsinghua's face - potentially launching him into the air if he doesn't defend himself appropriately!

As her leg extends to the point that she's nearly doing the vertical splits, she snaps a winged salute toward her opponent.

"Extra Spicy!"

The declaration is accompanied by a wink given toward the nearest camera.

COMBATSYS: Olivia has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Olivia           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0         Tsinghua

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua blocks Olivia's Combo #7 - Golpes de Pe e Pulso ES.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Olivia           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0         Tsinghua

Tsinghua Lets Olivia have the first move, as he traces her motions carefully, trying to predict where she is going to attack-

Neck, Ankles, Chest- He follows the motions of her attacks, using his empty hand to redirect her legs and arm so that his arm will be the only thing that gets strained. The last kick, comes from an Angle that is difficult to defend against, And he has to clumsily interpose his stick with the foot. The impact is certainly lessened, but her sheer strength still pushes the stick against his chin with a non-insignificant amount of force. The boy Stumbles back after his defense, coughing and trying to regain his breath.

He holds out his Cane again, taking a low position- The top pointing towards Olivia in a position akin to a fencer. Perhaps surprisingly, he still doesn't attack. Remaining in his defensive stance and watching the brazillian like a hawk.

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua calculates his next move.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Olivia           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0         Tsinghua

The barrage of blows is weathered well by Tsinghua, and Olivia quickly brings her leg back down into hooked position and hops back from Tsinghua as he menaces her with his cane, her wings fluttering to keep her balance.

"Hey! Be careful where you point that thing, amigo!"

She hops to the left and to the right, searching for an opening to get past the stick and continue her attack. Her dark brows set, lips pursing, and she puffs up her cheeks with a look of intense focus. Then, as a sudden breeze picks up under her wings, she pushes both feet into the ground and leaps off of the ring floor, flapping her arms wildly as she's carried toward Tsinghua with a deep, swooping dropkick - managing to achieve some rather impressive lift and airtime thanks not so much to her costume as to the subtle manipulate of wind chi to support her flight.

"Ataque Numero Onze, Chute Sem Nome!"

The girl cries out as she aims to strike Tsinghua in the chest with both of her golden high-heeled sandals.

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua interrupts Diving Kick from Olivia with Zhongzi Mucai.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Olivia           0/-------/----===|=======\=------\1         Tsinghua

Tsinghua Follows her with his cane as she tries to find an opening his brows furrowed in concentration, deep breaths in and out. She soars through the air, both legs outstretched. The green-haired boy gets even lower to the ground, having his staff point backwards as he holds it at the ready.

And when she gets in range, He rises.

Pushing up his entire body, he balances on one leg as his cane flows upwards, in a crescent-shaped motion, The silver head colliding with Olivia's back forcefully right as her legs graze his chest. "Zhongzi!"

Olivia's eyes go wide as the cane snaps upward, the metal head striking hard against her flesh and robbing her descent of power and direction as her left wing reaches reflexively to cover the stretch of her skin where the cane has just hit. "Ai!" Rather than kicking off of Tsinghua's chest gracefully, as intended, she drops to the ground on her backside, grimacing, then rolls herself backward and up onto her high heels. Her wings stretch out at her side again as she regains her footing and stance.

As soon as she's back on her feet, though, she's back on the attack!

"Combo numero!..."

As she hops forward and spins around, her leg swings up toward Tsinghua's upper body in a roundhouse motion - but rather than following through with the strike, the kick is a feint, thrown with controlled force and intending to put Tsinghua off-balance for what comes next.


The follow-up is a reversal of the motion, pivoting onto the opposite foot as she aims to push her left leg into Tsinghua's midsection and bring the other leg up to scissor his body from behind and trip him hard onto his back as she drops onto her own.

"Extra Spicy!" she would declare if she succeeds, rolling onto her side and saluting the crowd with a wing and a wink as she applies extra force by squeezing with her legs.

COMBATSYS: Olivia successfully hits Tsinghua with Combo #4 - Chute e Tesoura ES.
? Strange Hit! ?

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Olivia           0/-------/--=====|=======\===----\1         Tsinghua

Blast, does this woman every stop to think about her attack?

Nary a moment had passed and Olivia is preparing her next attack. He blocks high, fooled by Olivia's feint- The real, straight kick into his torso soaring past his defense and connecting cleanly, as the Brazillian Hooks around her second leg around him- Removing all semblence of his shaky balance while he is slammed to the ground by the grab. "Hnng!" he grunts out while being squeezed by the larger Woman.

In the grappling-struggle, he would attempt to wrench free his arm- before attempting to forearm-chop her exposed knee, desperately trying to get her to let go.

COMBATSYS: Olivia blocks Tsinghua's Quick Strike.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Olivia           0/-------/--=====|=======\===----\1         Tsinghua

Being a girl of five feet and three inches (not including the foot and change of macaw-shaped headdress and plume that she normally wears while fighting), Olivia may not be the smallest of fighters, but she's also not one to typically have the advantage of size relative to a given foe. With Tsinghua captured securely between her shapely thighs, she finds herself at an unusual sense of control, and with her confidence thusly bolstered, she relinquishes her focus somewhat to wave a wing at the cameras as Tsinghua struggles in her trap.

"Ola, shifu! E como voce me ensinou!"

(Subtitles, for those at home: "Look, shifu! It's just like you taught me!")

As Tsinghua manages to get an arm free - not an especially difficult task, between Olivia's lack of focus and a loophole in the technique where it's primarily the midsection that's trapped - Olivia's attention returns to the other youth.


She tenses her knee in response to the forearm chop against it, covering the leg with her wing protectively. The impact is deadened by the layer of shimmering feathers interposed. It is enough to convince her to relinquish her grasp, however, and she pulls her legs loose of the scissoring grip and rolls backward and up to one foot, quickly regaining her stance and presenting her bare, bent leg toward the teenager.

She waits for Tsinghua to start to stand before whipping her foot toes-first at him with three rapid kicks, aiming the first slightly higher - "Combo!" - toward the stomach, if he can make it to his feet quickly, though perhaps higher if she's faster - "Numero!" then a second toward the groin, and a third - "Um!" - toward his shin.

COMBATSYS: Olivia successfully hits Tsinghua with Combo #1 - Tres Patadas.
?!? Weird Hit! ?!?

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Olivia           1/-------/=======|=======\====---\1         Tsinghua

Tsinghua is being completely overwhelmed! Even though his strategy was defensive, he simply can't keep up with Olivia's non-stop assault. As he is standing up, he is focusing his Chi on his torso and legs, molding his energy into an Armor made of shimmering Bark. His concentration comes a cost, however. *thmp-thmp-thmp*. Reacting too late, the kicks colide cleanly with the bark across his body, shattering the wood into splinters as the boy reels backwards.

Determined to go on the offensive, he fervently scans the ground- before seeing and picking up a piece of concrete rubble that got created him getting smashed into the ground earlier. He throws the piece in front of him- Lazily with an under-handed motion, before something peculiar happens. It freezes in mid-air, glowing with Chi and spectral roots seemingly growing out of it before dissipating into the air. Tsinghua holds still for a moment thinking, his Cane held next to his head pointing towards the rock, other hand used to aim.

Suddenly, he seems to make up his mind- And hits the suspended rock diagonally from the bottom! It is still frozen- Until Tsinghua tenses up his palm in front of him, releasing the spell of chi he put upon it. The rubble soars through the air, embedded with chi in a curved motion towards Olivia.

"Hu Qi!"

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua successfully hits Olivia with Guding Gen (Hu Qi).
- Power hit! -

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Olivia           1/---====/=======|=======\=======\1         Tsinghua

With her continued success in striking out at Tsinghua, Olivia's confidence seems to grow - even as the display can't help but look more festive than brutal as she flaunts flesh and feathers with her carnival crane kung fu combat style. Her leg tucks back like a flamingo's and wings flap once while Tsinghua reels, and she tilts her head, smiling.

"Tudo bem?"

(All good?)

It could be taken as a taunt, if it's taken at all, but her enthusiasm and friendly demeanour suggest she may well be displaying a genuine albeit unusual concern for the well-being of the boy she is contractually obligated to try and beat into submission.

Olivia's hazel-brown eyes widen, though, when Tsinghua receives an intervention from an unexpected partner.

"A Rocha?!"

(The Rock?!)



The Rock is looking more wooden than normal, but his presence and energy is undeniable as he launches toward Olivia in an arc, and Olivia can smell what's cooking. She throws her wings up to try and shield her face, but that doesn't help when the Rock catches her right in the tummy, lifts her off her foot and checks her candy bunda into the smack-down hotel - or at least, sees it smacking down to the ring floor. She wraps her feathered wings around her bruised stomach and groans and grimaces.


She rolls over onto her wings and knees, sucking in air and pulling a face. And then, she hears the music playing - a lighthearted carnival beat - and she forces herself upright with determination.

"Don't worry, everyone!"

Olivia forces herself to beam at the audience even as one eye remains squeezed shut in pain. Her wings wrap around her chest, and her fingers fish inside her cropped feathered bodice.

"Even if I lose, everybody's a winner... at Restaurante Ribeiro!"

With that, she flings her wings wide, scattering handfuls of coupons to flutter around the ring. Unfortunately, the lightweight scraps of paper don't manage to travel far, drifting down around her foot as she smiles and poses in her kung fu stance again. Their descent draws her attention to the parrot headdress that has been dislodged from her head by the Rock's assault, now lying on the ground.

"Desculpa," she says with an awkward, apologetic laugh as she bends down and sweeps the headdress up in her arms.

"Get your free coupons..." she promises, lifting the headdress back onto her head, "...after the match!"

COMBATSYS: Olivia takes a moment to appeal to the audience!

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Olivia           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=======\1         Tsinghua

Tsing dashes after his rock- Seeing her performance to the crowd as his one opportunity to carry through his brief moment of advantage. Cane in his right hand, tucked into the opposite waist, He rises one one leg, knee up high as he stretches out his arm straight so that the Cane comes up diagonally towards Olivia's Throat. "Jiu!" following up the first strike, he spins while lowering himself to the ground, front leg stretched far forwards as he swipes the walking stick towards her stomach with a straight arm, his other hand facing backwards with an open palm. "Sú!" Finally, he launches himself upwards with his front leg, jumping high in the air while spinning Counter-Clockwise. His weapon coming in from the top right towards the Brazillian's crown. "Ba!"

COMBATSYS: Olivia counters Teshi Baji from Tsinghua with Combo #5 - Surra de Bunda ES.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Olivia           1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\=======\1         Tsinghua

Though her appeal to the crowd would suggest that her mind is not fully in the match, there's a look of sudden focus in Olivia's eyes as they snap toward Tsinghua and his cane. Her left wing whips up at the last moment, diverting the initial strike at her throat in a circular motion with her palm.


As Tsinghua spins into the follow-up, she brings her other wing around in a rounding twist in the opposite direction, again parrying his attack with her wing -crossed palm.


And then, as the third blow from the stick crashes down toward her crown, she brings both wings up to intercept and deflect it.


With the push of her wings toppling Tsinghua backward, she throws in a spinning low sweep with her ankle to take his legs out and put him on the floor, the twirl leaving her facing away from Tsinghua with her wings on her knees. She gives a shake of her tailfeather, looking over her shoulder to the crowd.

"Combo Number Five!"

For whatever reason, she calls her attack 'em ingles' as she drops smoothly down onto her palms, wasting little more of the opening she's created before she hooks her ankles around her seated opponent's shoulders. Her headgear falls off again as she holds herself horizontal, and by some sheer coincidence, the track playing in the background changes to a certain late-nineties Lou Bega cover song.

And then, the Brazilian girl begins to bend her knees, pulling Tsinghua forward and thrusting her hips backward so that his head collides with her bunda repeatedly, the colorful tail plume on the back of her dress adding to the ridiculousness of the assault while doing little to dampen the impact.

Then, pushing herself upward with her palms against the ground and ankles against Tsinghua's shoulders, she hops up in the air, tilting her legs forward and snapping a winged salute.

"Extra Spicy!"

Dropping hips-first down onto Tsinghua's body, she gives a wink toward the nearest camera.

With all the elegance of a Kung-fu master, Olivia wonderfully dances around all three of his strikes. Tsinghua has no time to be impressed however, as he gets caught in yet another grab.

And this attack, would be considered far from Elegant.

Over and over, the Boy's head is pushed into her backside. Who knew that this could be such a painful technique? When it is over, Finally over, he can only fall backwards and onto his back, going from crouching to lying straight down, panting. The Humiliation doesn't even end as she does her adverstising Shtick before flumping down onto him. "How..... uncivilized."

In a final attempt at gathering some of his pride back, he gathers all of his chi into his palm as it still lies limply next to him- before he thrusts it up towards the woman, attempting to strike her chest. Whether or not his hit would succeed, A large, rapidly-growing sapling starts growing out of his outstretched hand- Bursting outwards towards the Brazillian while it expands, forks and bends like a growing tree. If Olivia would not dodge succesfully, it would likely be able to push her far away! Right after his attack, however, the tree dissapates into nothingness. Leaving Tsing lying motionless on his back. Very much still conscious, but lacking both the energy and will to continue fighting.

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua can no longer fight.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Olivia           1/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Tsinghua successfully hits Olivia with Closing Letter of Fate, Destiny Conclusion.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Olivia           1/--<<<<</<<<<<<<|

Olivia rolls off of Tsinghua, propping up to her feet and leaning down with her wings apart as she turns to face him.

"Tudo bem?"

It is at this point that Tsinghua begins to gather his power into his palm, her glittering blue faux-feather-covered chest presented as an easy target. However, by the time that he thrusts it up at her, she's turned around, posing on one foot with one arm raised in victory.

"Obrigada, todo-!!"

Her haste to celebrate her presumed victory leaves her exposed to the retaliation of Tsinghua's pride against her weapon in attacking it, and the girl let's out an "Ai!" as the palm strikes her in the tailfeathers.

Olivia's eyes widen as the sapling springs up and starts to lift her in the air, and she snaps her wings down reflexively to try and protect her bunda from Tsinghua's revenge. It's to no avail, though, as she's lifted off her feet, golden high-heeled sandals kicking, and launched into the air.


The Brazilian girl grimaces as she lands, teeth clenching, and she pulls a face as she gets back unsteadily to her feet, rubbing her backside from the impact. She turns around to face Tsinghua again and starts to raise her leg up into her bird fu stance once again, but upon seeing that Tsinghua is down for the count and hearing the bell signalling the end of the match, she stops and blinks a couple of times.



She raises her wings in celebration.


As the audience applaud, she bounds over on her high-heels to where Tsinghua is laying and bends down to offer him her hands - or wings - up.

"That was a good one, minha amiga! Are you okay?"

COMBATSYS: Olivia takes no action.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Olivia           1/--=====/=======|

COMBATSYS: Olivia has ended the fight here.

Tsinghua Gratefully takes her hand- Lifting up Tsinghua likely wouldn't be all that difficult with his rather measly 92 lbs. "Thank you, Ms. Rebeiro." He lets go of her hand, almost tripping over his bruised body while doing a deep bow towards Olivia. To say the least, it is taking a toll on the boy to keep standing.

With a neutral face and plastic voice, like this is a sentence he has repeated many times over, Tsinghua, "Thank you for this opportunity, Ms. Rebeiro. And with Courtesy of the Góng Family, I wish you the best of luck in your Future Endeavours." When raising back up from his Bow, he loses balance and falls backwards onto his Bum.



Olivia smiles sunnily at Tsinghua as he bows to her. Her eyes light up, and she raises a finger.

"Um momento!"

She reaches into a spot on the side of her feathered skirt, then pulls out a slip of paper with a photograph of some buns on it and the words 'Pao de Queijo Gratis' on the front, along with a logo for Restaurante Ribeiro. She's just about to hand it over when Tsinghua falls onto his bottom, and her eyes go wide with surprise and concern.

"Hey, are you okay? If you're feeling faint, we can go look for somewhere to get lunch!"

Tsinghua seems to consider the offer, before his neutral face betrays some hint of dissapointment. "I thank you graciously for the offer, but I'm afraid that I'm forced to decline. My masters will want to have me back home as soon as possible, More duties to attend to, you see." the boy Sheepily accepts the paper, looking at it with a bit of confusion. Before neatly tucking it into one of the pockets on his loose dress. Grabbing the walking stick, pushes himself back on his feet. Using the walking stick as intended by relying on it for additional support.

Though the smile continues to shine on Olivia's lips, it does so just a little more dimly, her eyebrows betraying a little of her disappointment as her shoulders and wings sink just a little. Her hands move to lace her fingers together as she bends further, giving the impression of the wings pressing together at the tips.

"Awww, sem problemo! I understand, I think!"

She straightens up as Tsinghua finds his footing with the aid of the walking stick, folded wings resting against her waist.

"I guess I'll see you some other time! It was nice to meet you! Oh, and if you ever come to Bahia, come visit Restaurante Ribeiro!"

She gestures with one wing at the coupon.

"Free cheese buns!"

Nevermind that the cost of a plane ticket to Salvador in Brazil might be in the thousands of dollars; there are free cheese buns!

She salutes with the extended wing.

"Va com Deus!"

Then, resting her wings in the folded position again and looking over her shoulder toward the audience, a look of confusion comes over her face. Her brown eyes fall down to the coupons still lying on the ground, uncollected.

"Hey! Don't forget your free coupons! It's okay now, the match is over!" she shills to the dispersing crowd. As they start to go, she kneels down and starts picking them up one by one and stuffing them into any part of her costume she can fit them.

The envoy picks up on Olivia's expression, and feels a little guilty about rejecting her. He has no choice, however. "If my duties ever find the me there, I will gladly pay a visit. May we meet again." And with a final short bow, he starts to leave the scene slowly but surely. Finding the nearest road and signaling for a Taxi.
The next day, Manor of the Góng Family.

Tsinghua is sitting on his knees, head facing downwards in an apologetic bow. Facing a tall man, hidden in the shade behind his desk. The room is spendidly decorated, the walls made from smooth, reddish Rosewood. The windows shining light into the room have intricate grid-like designs overlayed on top of them, with furniture in the same style. "I offer you my deepest apologies for my peformance, Master Góng. I will make sure to represent the estate in a better light in the future." Tsinghua says. 'Master Góng' sighs deeply, before waving him off. "For your sake, I hope that you will, Ertóng. I trust that you understand the importance of keeping our name to be respected and trusted. You have permission to rest in your quarters, expect to be called upon shortly for your next task." The boy stands up, in a bit of a panicked hurry. He bows once more to the man, before leaving the room with his head down. Exhaling in relief and frustration.


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