SNF 2021.01 - Midnight Channel: FRIENDS ON THE OTHER SIDE

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Description: Velvet Blue faces off against Carissa in a Voodoo Town, Haiti in this extra special spookily sexy episode of the Midnight Channel.

Upon arriving in Voodoo Town, Haiti--Velvet instantly wishes he was somewhere else--like, New Orleans, or Louisiana, for any of the day of the dead or Mardi Gras types of celebrations--alas April was a long way off for the latter. This place instead was clearly 'hot' with another type of energy altogether. Sorrow, anger, resentment, insanity--the spirits here were thick with raw power, emotional energy surging through it like a wellspring.

It was almost enough to make someone ill.

Velvet Blue is holding their own for now, and glad they dressed a bit more... conservatively for this place. That being: shorter, flatter heeled boots, dark trousers and a black V-neck shirt beneath one of their usual full-length coats. The Schtick here was they were supposed to be doing their usual 'protector of the night' gig, Velvet didn't like to make it a cliche, but right now they were on the clock and the cameras would be rolling...

Currently, they were perched atop a grave stone in the cemetery area, one of the higher ones, squatting on the edge of it, head down with the coat draped over them. Sure, it looked pretty badass, but inwardly Velvet was just trying to make a cover for how /awful/ the place made them feel.

There's a cool mist wafting amongst the headstones throughout the graveyard and along the path leading between the cemetery and through the streets of the shanty town. A murder of crows perch in the trees and on the crypts and monuments, eaters of the dead lurking silently as their beady eyes pierce the night thanks to the cold light of the moon from above.

From behind one of the tombstones, a blue ghost light suddenly pops up, the ethereal flame hanging in the air as the crows nearby hop away to give the unnatural essence space. Two more lights pop up to join it, causing the scavengers to scatter further, before a pale figure dressed in black suddenly bursts up from beneath the earth behind the tombstone with a cry of "BOO!"

With that, the crows flap away in a flutter, leaving feathers to float to the ground - save for one poor corvid who finds itself in the hand of the woman who's just emerged from the earth.


Carissa uses her free hand to brush a few loose bits of grave dirt out of her flowing turquoise hair as the other holds the terrified bird up to her face. She sports a black outfit that would not be out of place at a death metal-themed burlesque act, equal parts skulls, leather and lace, with a substantial display of pallid skin on show between the low cut of her corset and her leather bikini-style bottoms. Her skin, hair and icy blue eyes seem to practically glow under the light of the moon and the ghost lights that now circle her as if in a celebratory dance. White teeth flash a wicked grin as she brings the crow perilously closer.


The sound that comes from the woman is the sort of thing one would expect of someone savouring an impending meal in their imagination...


She gives the crow a kiss on the head before petting it delicately with one finger before releasing it to fly away into the night, cawing in terror.

Carissa turn a smile over her shoulder to where Velvet is lurking, her eyes gleaming frostily.

"Oh, hi, there!"

The ghostly flames coalesce into the shape of a scythe, its blade glinting in the dark to reveal artistic etchings along its surface, the haft of the weapon - for surely it is not intended for use as a farming implement - made of ornately spiralling dark iron capped with an open-jawed metallic skull behind the blade.

"I just looove this place, don't you? It's a great place to be making my big debut!"

As she addresses Velvet, Carissa takes the scythe in both hands and stretches her arms above her head before rolling the weapon down her back to rest horizontally behind her waist, revealing the double jointedness of her arms by her posture.

"So, you ready to play?"

She cocks her head a little too far to the side before turning around to face Velvet directly.

"I mean, I'm guessing you're my playmate... otherwise, tonight's so not your lucky night~"

COMBATSYS: Carissa has started a fight here.

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Carissa          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

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Carissa          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0      Velvet Blue

"Yeesh, I heard my opponent would be some kind of creepy character," Velvet peers over his shoulder, immediatley putting on his 'game face' and stage persona for the fight to come. This is the Midnight Channel, after all--and Velvet is going to make this look good, regardless of how the negative energies of the site makes him feel.

"This--" he pointed to himself, "Is Velvet, and I must say--are you sure you're not from a cabaret, maybe we ought to take this somewhere else," Velvet drew their shortsword from the sheathe at their side, hopping down from the tombstone, raising a brow. It had looked like she was just going to NOMPH that poor crow for a hot minute, but she let it go.

"I mean, I know we're far from a popeye's, but if you were hungry you just had to ask," as Velvet lands he sends a little ripple of energy out around him, in a circle--the force sending a wave of energy buffeting past the stones and threatening to knock Carissa back.

COMBATSYS: Carissa blocks Velvet Blue's Battle Dance.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Carissa          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0      Velvet Blue

Carissa's ghostly blue eyes widen along with her mouth gaping at Velvet's insinuation regarding her intentions for the unfortunate bird that she mercifully released moments earlier.

"I would never do that! I mean, not again, anyway. Once was enough," Carissa says as she brings the scythe twirling around in front of her with one hand - catching the wave of energy as it does. The force is still enough to send the corpse-pale maiden flying backward, but she manages to land in an upright crouch, one gloved hand digging trenches in the dirt to slow her momentum as the scythe spins free and lands blade-first in the earth.

"This is Lace," she says, pointing to one of the ribbons running between her bottoms and stockings, "and this is pleather," she adds, pointing at her corset, "and these are casting resin~" She taps her fingers against the black skull pauldrons on her shoulders, smiling eerily, then suddenly leaping forward from her crouch.

As she does, the scythe dissipates almost instantly back into the trio of hitodama, and as she passes through them, they seem to attach themselves to her fingertips, becoming a set of spectral blue claws. Landing in close proximity to Velvet and pushing up to the tips of her toes, Carissa spins rapidly forward like a top, arms and the claws at the ends of them both fully extended.

Should Velvet be unfortunate enough to be caught by them, he'd find that the sensation of the ghost-fire was not a hot burn, but a cold one, necrotic energy felt as much in the being as in the flesh...

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue blocks Carissa's Full Circle.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Carissa          0/-------/------<|===----\-------\0      Velvet Blue

"Pleather and lace--supposed to be a lot nicer than this," Velvet hissed as the claws went up against his arms as he strove to block the attack, the claws tearing into the arms of his jacket and tried to force her back away from him with the handle of his wakizashi.

"Yow--" Velvet went-wideeyed as he dropped down to try and roll to get away from the ghost-fire--will 'o wisps, whatever you wanted to call them--throwing his jacket over one of the tombstones in the meantime, freeing his arms and the resistance to the air it provided.

"I might be in for it, if you're able to rock that outfit like that /and/ try your best to kill me," Velvet snerks, he lunges toward her then, trying to give her a slam with the pommel-end of his shortsword.

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue successfully hits Carissa with Quick Strike.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Carissa          0/-------/---<<<<|====---\-------\0      Velvet Blue

Before she's even brought her spin to a halt, the claws on Carissa's fingertips have begun to dissipate and reform themselves back into the scythe from before. Bringing her hands together on the pole, she jams it into the ground, attempting a fancy maneuver wherein she swings her legs up to balance momentarily sideways in the air with her hands on the scythe's metal shaft, but Velvet is quick enough with his pommel strike to catch her in the midsection in spite of her attempt to vault over it.


The murderous maiden falls backward, tumbling away with scythe in hand. Quickly sitting up, she raises her scythe and hooks the blade on the gnarled low-hanging branch of a nearby tree and pulls herself up to her feet, dusting herself off - then casually sidesteps as the branch clatters to the ground beside her. She raises the weapon's blade near her lips and blows away woodchips with a quick puff of breath.

"It's true, death really is my colour," Carissa says as she whirls her scythe vertically once, then steps forward with a near-prancing gait before swinging the scythe back forward, aiming to bring the metal skull crowning it into Velvet's chin and knock him up into the air - after which, should she succeed, she'd shift her grip and thrust the weapon up to try and hook Velvet with the blade and pull him violently back down into the nearest tombstone!

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue dodges Carissa's Funereal Slam EX.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Carissa          0/-------/----<<<|====---\-------\0      Velvet Blue

"Sorry about that hon--I might not look it but I do know how to be nngh--forceful," Velvet has to grunt to get himself back into position and roll--narrowly avoiding the huge metal skull that tips Carissa's polearm--and his face likely thanks for it--as does the rest of him. The attack sails upward and away from him, allowing him to land on his feet in a squat after rolling back, the heels of his hands planted against the ground.

As Carissa comes down from her attempted combo with her scythe, he's able to rear back and kick with one leg--keeping one foot planted against the ground and attempting to use her own momentum as part of the blow as she sails downward!

COMBATSYS: Carissa dodges Velvet Blue's Stiletto Pierce.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Carissa          0/-------/----<<<|====---\-------\0      Velvet Blue

As Velvet lifts his leg up to aim his foot at her face, Carissa lets herself drop backward, bending at the waist to let the kick fly over her as she lands in a bridge. The scythe is on the verge of clattering to the ground when it disperses into wisps that float up as Carissa crab-walks a couple of steps backwards, then shifts into a handstand before putting some extra distance between herself and the opposing darkstalker with a couple of back handsprings. The wisps remain hanging in the air for the moment.

"Oh, you don't have to apologize for being forceful with me. Rough play is the best play," Carissa says with a plastic smile as she tugs at the ends of each of her gloves and cracks her neck with a sideways tilt.

"I was expecting a little pain and bloodshed when I signed up... hope you did too, muffin!"

With that, she thrusts a hand out toward Velvet, causing the hitodama to fly toward him one at a time, each a split second behind the other! As before, the 'flames' would prove chilling rather than scorching, should Velvet fail to avoid them...

COMBATSYS: Carissa successfully hits Velvet Blue with Firefly EX.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Carissa          0/-------/--<<<<<|=======\=------\1      Velvet Blue

Shit, she's fast--things Velvet has only seconds to think as his kick meets only air and he realizes he's now somewhat flatfooted--that is, unprepared as she continues to move against him.

"If you're into that kind of thing--I on the other hand find you can get more flies with honey than vinegar," Velvet looked up, raising a brow to her, and sucking in a breath. Should have known a girl in black lace and leather would be into that, perhaps. Then again he tries not to stereotype.

Suddenly, hitodama, coming atcha!

"Eeghhh!" the tailed, bat-eared performer shudders and stumbles as the dead spirits pass through him, causing what feels like a shard of ice passing through his body--making him feel cold, cold and lethargic.

"Augh--nasty, so those wisps aren't just for show," he hunched over and gritted his teeth, hair falling in front of his face, before pulling himself back up and vaulting towards Carissa--swerving around her as a blast of chi energy comes with him, trying to crashd own on her like a shockwave!

COMBATSYS: Carissa fails to counter Grand Entrance from Velvet Blue with Phantom Bride.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Carissa          0/-------/---====|=======\===----\1      Velvet Blue

"Nothing about me is just for show!" Carissa claims as she tosses her hair back. "Well, okay, maybe a few things are," she concedes, looking down at her costume before looking up as Velvet launches toward her. She crouches down as the wisps fly back to her, melding again with her fingers into frigid talons. She coils, then leaps straight toward Velvet, her body turning briefly to a translucent, spectral blue - as if she has become a ghost.

Just as it seems she might pass through him, though, something goes wrong - a 'glitch' in the phantom transformation that results in her instead colliding full force and being driven back down into a gravestone, shattering it as the shockwave is unleashed, rippling through her.

"Ooh... wasn't as ready as I thought I was," the ghostly fighter groans, back arching as she writhes on the ground, reeling from the impact.

"You falling for Velvet already?" Vel is meanwhile inwardly actually pleasantly surprised that worked, apparently she /can't/ phase through just anything, at least all the time. It would have put him at a serious disadvantage, since he's getting tired. Really bad. He might try to hide it, but he sucks in breath after speaking, just audible enough to hear, if one is paying attention.

"Nobody's quite ready for me," Velvet darts in close for a quick jab, it seems like at first--but at the last moment half-turns and swings their booted foot up, trying to catch Carissa with it as she gets up!

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue successfully hits Carissa with Light Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Carissa          0/-------/-======|=======\====---\1      Velvet Blue

"Nnngh... I'm not really the type to open my heart for anyone unless they let me open up theirs, first," Carissa remarks as she digs her claws and fingertips into the headstones on either side of her to pull herself up. She tries to twist out of the way as Velvet feints at her, but the boot manages to catch her chin and send her skidding back along the mossy ground.

"Mmm, vicous, muffin," the spectral warrior accuses approvingly as her claws dance away from her fingers so that she may safely rub her jaw with her right hand while the scythe forms back into existence in her left. "Not quite as fluffy as I thought!"

Taking her weapon in both hands, she takes a quick step forward before leaping, planting the base of her scythe to vault upward as she once again swings around sideways, this time spinning herself round the pole before aiming to drive both her boots into Velvet Blue's upper body.

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue dodges Carissa's Strong Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Carissa          0/-------/-======|=======\====---\1      Velvet Blue

"I'm sure 'open your heart' means something a little different with you," Velvet teases, blinking as Carissa is able to swing herself around on that pole, ducking and nearly falling flat on their rear as their legs nearly catch them right in the chest. That would have been really bad.

"Whew, I haven't had a fight like this in a long time--usually it's just weirdos or gangsters I gotta beat up, also, love your corset," he gives her a wink there, sucking in a deep breath and settling his nerves a bit, some of the steam visibly rolling out of them as it comes out as hot mist through their bared, ivory teeth.

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue gains composure.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Carissa          0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1      Velvet Blue

When her feet fail to find purchase, Carissa winds up sailing past Velvet to land on the soles of her skull-kneed boots. The scythe evaporates again as she turns around, fingers flexing as the claws reappear.

"Oh, I was definitely being literal, there. I mean, really, it's just a way of saying that even if I'm emotionally available, I'm always up for a one-night murder stand~"

She smiles vainly at the appreciation displayed for her attire, taking a moment to pose and flaunt the outfit with a hand each on hip and neck.

"Thanks! My dad designed it~"

For a comment so laden with questionable content in spite of its brevity, Carissa seems neither fazed nor wont to explain or linger.

"Oh, you're just flattering me to buy time, aren't you? See, if my usual victims were smarter, they'd try that instead of begging for their lives or trying to tell me I'm crazy. Like, duh? I already know!"

The ghastly assassin - one wonders if she remembers that she's being filmed - gestures with an open clawed hand up as she rolls her eyes, then turns her palm over and glances at her wrist.


(She's definitely not wearing a watch.)

Springing forward, she aims to land her boots on his chest and swipe her ethereal claws through him before kicking off and away again into a backflip.

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue blocks Carissa's Evasive Strike.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Carissa          0/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1      Velvet Blue

"Would be fine with les murder, if you ask me," Velvet leans back from the spectral murderess, warily, letting her getting closer for the time being--until they flick of her wrist. It was mis-direction, he knew it was, it was classic--and he almost let them get away with it.

"Oh fu--" he brought his arms up almost too late, the boots thudding into his sternum and knocking the air out of him, but thrashing his head and face away from the claws, the nails raking only hair. Perhaps they'd just pass through, or perhaps some might be cut.

"Time to turn on the juice, here I come--" Velvet reels back from the blow to their chest, and making distance from Carissa--before slapping their boots back down against the soil of the graveyard, leaping and attempting to come down hard with a drop kick of their own!

COMBATSYS: Carissa dodges Velvet Blue's Moonchaser.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Carissa          0/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1      Velvet Blue

Landing after her assault, the turquoise-haired assassin runs her tongue over her teeth as she examines her claws as one might examine their nails, sniffing and frowning faintly. "Mmm, still not bleeding yet, are we? Well, one of us isn't, anyway." She turns her head to the side and spits a small mouthful of blood, splattering an ankh atop a crumbling tombstone. A wind seems to pick up as she does so, moaning its way through the graveyard - it /is/ just the wind, isn't it?

"You can never have too much murder, muffin~" Carissa coos with a wink as she seems to wrench the scythe back into existence from the air. Velvet leaps in again, and Carissa slides sideways, scythe outstretched - a move that would trip her up if her boots didn't pass through the gravestones next to her ethereally. When he comes down to land, she spins hard, continuing the motion of her scythe violently as she drives it backward and aims to smash the skull at the base of the blade into Velvet's head.

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue counters Crushing Strike from Carissa with Spellbound Masquerade.
- Power hit! -

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Carissa          1/---====/=======|=======\-------\0      Velvet Blue

"I don't bleed for just anyone!" Velvet lands, sliding against the loose soil of the graveyard--strange, it almost seemed like the aggressive manuever was designed to put him closer to her, close the distance, perhaps...?

There is a light slap of material, as Carissa might find the tailed darkstalker's hand closing around her wrist, as her arm came down. They had waited until Carissa became solid enough to actually touch... magical energies rushing up from the performer's arm and into Carissa!

"Darling, you were made for the cabaret~" Velvet is of course putting the faux blue blooded sort of accent on for show, as thick as they can without it getting ridiculous. In an instant, the graveyard around them turns into a dark, smoky club interior--the walls, the floor, painted black. Carissa is at the center of it, naturally--so is Velvet. The bat-eared tailed darkstalker is in something very form-fitting and black, along with heeled boots--quite like their normal attire, Carissa, on the other hand...

A black lace leotard, gloves and stockings, covers most of the reaper's body, featuring white lace embroidered 'bones' running along the body, along the sides of the legs, the arms, zipper running up to the heavy gorgeted throat piece. As well as some black heels, of course.

"Second thought... might not have the paygrade yet, perhaps we can start small... as an ecdysiast," Velvet grins, standing a small distance away snaps their fingers, the large metallic skull-crowned scythe that Carissa normally wields rises up behind her--and keeps going, and going, and going--the haft is now a dancing pole, and she might find her hands... magnetically attracted to it. She must dance.

"Lets give it the good old college try, dear," Velvet cackles, meanwhile absorbing the energies from the 'performance' as she'd feel compelled to ramp up, faster and more effort as time goes on, draining her.

Lost and entranced as the graveyard gives way to the smoky black club, Carissa finds herself stepping backward in a daze - only to find the sensation of something cold and hard brushing against her rear end. Her eyes go wide as her hands reach back behind her head to feel the iron shaft steadily growing.

"Oh, hello~" she says in a sultry reverie as her hips start to slide up and down against the pole of the polearm suggestively. She turns around with a flick of her turquoise hair, running her hands along the haft and dipping down with an arch of her back as her hips start to sway in a serpentine manner, presenting her backside for the invisible audience as she puts a dancer's range of motion on display. Limber to an almost unnatural degree - especially with the magic removing what inhibitions she might otherwise be possessed of - she starts to slide her leg up the scythe and twirl, leaning back as she mounts the pole and spins.

It gets more provocative from there - eventually building to an unmistakably innuendo-laden performance as the mystical instigation drives her to bounce wildly and breathlessly against the weapon. Almost abruptly, the illusion finally breaks, and Carissa finds herself wrapped around the upper part of the much shorter actual scythe, mouth hanging open as she gasps for air, a confused look on her face.

"Oh... is it over?" the deathly dancer asks as she slides down onto her bottom on the ground, sounding, strangely enough, disappointed, before her eyelashes flutter a couple of times and consciousness seems to return fully.

"Oh, you didn't!" she suddenly exclaims, pulling herself back up to her feet with the help of her scythe and reaching back to dust herself off with one hand. Oddly, though her voice is breathless and her body barely able to stand in the aftermath of the draining dance, her expression and tone are more typical of someone who's been subjected to a good-natured prank by a friend than those of a cold-blooded killer whose enemy has stripped them of control of their faculties and caused them to put on a ludicrous display for an untold audience present and future.

"That was a cute trick, muffin."

There's a metallic click from her scythe as she lifts it off the ground and grips it low at her waist with both hands.

"But if I were you, I woulda taken the chance to RUN!"

The blade of the scythe ignites with blue ghostfire as Carissa sprints toward Velvet and launches upward and forward, the weapon flipping up and extending over her head as she tucks into a ball and starts to roll end over end through the air toward Velvet, taking on an aspect akin to a burning blue buzzsaw!

COMBATSYS: Carissa successfully hits Velvet Blue with Execution Wheel.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Carissa          0/-------/---<<<<|=======\====---\1      Velvet Blue

"Damn girl--you're better at this than I thought!" Velvet is cheering the femme reaper on from the sides of the 'stage', if that's even what this is--when suddenly the glamour /snaps/ and they're brought back to the graveyard, and Carissa's weapon is whole and her own, once more.

"I know you want to thank me, but--gaack!" Velvet tries to swerve around the suddenly tumbling, scythe wielding ecdysiast of death--suddenly with a large line opening up in the side of his chest and arm, blood spraying first in a cloud, then rivulets.

"Ow--" suddenly spurred on by adrenaline, Velvet leaps from the ground, doing a gainer off one of the tombstones and then trying to crash down on Carissa, actually coming down in a bit of an elbow drop--chi energy wreathed around him!

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue successfully hits Carissa with Beautiful Beast.

[                                < >  ////////////                  ]
Carissa          0/-------/---<<<<|====---\-------\0      Velvet Blue

Upon hitting the ground, Carissa's scythe burrows into the soil, the ghostly head slicing through the worm-ridden earth like a hot knife through butter. Carissa herself lands on her hands and knees, gloved fingers pressing into the dirt as she lifts her head and whips her hair back from her face. Her body shakes uncontrollably - the last of her energy starting to wane, perhaps? No - not quite - she's giggling like a schoolgirl.

"Nice to know I'm one of the ones you'll bleed for, muffin~" she says as she takes hold of the haft of her scythe and starts to yank on it - only to find that it's stuck in the ground, now that the ghostfire has flickered out. She gives it a couple more tugs, trying to pull it loose.

"C'mon, guys! Don't get weird on me over a little dance sh-"

Suddenly, Carissa looks up to see Velvet descending like a comet.


She tries to dive to one side without the weapon, but Velvet is falling too fast upon her, and the elbow drop collides with her body with explosive force.

Such explosive force, it seems, that the lethal lass would seem entirely obliterated - disappeared into a cloud of debris and a shallow crater.

As the grave dust starts to settle, though, a familiar and ghostly form rises from the mist behind Velvet. Carissa is bleeding from the mouth, stooping like a ghoul; one of her stockings now dangles precariously as one of the lace straps suspending it has been snapped.

"C'mon 'n... join me... muffin~"

The spectral slayer lurches forward, claws outstretched, trying to pounce and bowl Velvet over so that she can maul him like one of the undead creatures she has begun to so closely resemble. There's little more to sustain her, though, and whether she captures her quarry or not, she's liable to collapse immediately after her attempt.

COMBATSYS: Carissa can no longer fight.

                                  >  ////////////                  ]
                                  |====---\-------\0      Velvet Blue

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue dodges Carissa's Graphic Nature.

                                  >  ////////////                  ]
                                  |=====--\-------\0      Velvet Blue

"Maybe you ought to stick to the pole, honey--" Velvet pulls himself up after the flying elbow drop and explosion of chi energy, soil raining down on the both of them. As Carissa lunges forward, Velvet rolls onto his back and catches the reaper lady with his boots as she attempts to pounce on him--throwing her over himself and into a line of gravestones some distance away, picking himself up with a grunt. Damn, the slice in his side and arm wouldn't stop bleeding. The lady had a magic scythe... also apparently magic hands. Blood oozed out of the gaps between his fingers as he tried to put pressure on the wounds.

Despite the pain, he was relieved--now he could get out of this accursed place, which he wanted to do far more than just get away from this crazy phase-walking broad.

"Here's to hoping I can find some super glue..." he began to fade out and slowly turn invisible, but the dripping blood left a trail in the dirt and stones as he left...

COMBATSYS: Velvet Blue has ended the fight here.

When the camera pans back over to look for Carissa, she's nowhere to be seen, either - but a deep voice booms out, "VELVET BLUE WINS" as the same words appear on every screen watching at home and the creepy bells of the Midnight Channel theme begin to play...

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