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Description: Felicia heads down to Las Vegas Nevada to scout out the casino biz down south and runs into a drunk punch boxer.

The past several weeks for Felicia can vaguely be defined for Felicia as 'Fuuuuuuuuuuu--'

It wasn't that she was ungrateful or anything for the progress she'd made post-Violet Systems, she had damn sure proud of that--getting critical documents that had allowed her to setup a more 'civilian' persona and identity, get an agent, and further her plans on setting up her orphanage program.

Problem was, she didn't have the bread. Yet. That is, bigger and bigger amounts of money. And there was only a few industries she knew of where such capital could be gained very quickly--one, she was already in, that is, showbusiness--the other, drugs, and crime--which she didn't want to try and get back into. Not after her humble beginnings with such. She was kind of through working with some of those people. However... there seemed to be a kind of half-way point.

Las Vegas. Vegas meant stage performances, cabaret, it also meant casinos. Casinos which made lots and lots of money.

As she sat at the bar on the strip however, she seemed to be currently drowning her sorrows, to an extent, at her current lack of a good foothold in this new prospect. She was wearing a large thin coat over some sportswear beneath, likely sports top and spandex pants--along with a pair of running shoes. It was easy to maintain her other features as long as she rolled around in something she could move around in, easily.

It perhaps did look a little odd with her sitting at the bar, however, downing screwdrivers with the occasional jagerbomb, though, chatting with the bartender and folks next to her, if boisterously.


The call comes from a an arrival to the bar so recent that he's only just bringing himself up to the coutner and settling himself down onto the stool next to Felicia's. A man in a leather jacket over a blue-striped button-up shirt, black hair all in purposefully-messy bangs above vaguely asien features.

"Get me a double of the most expensive whiskey you have back there," he declares in request with a cheerful slap of his open palm against the top of the coutner, grinning all the more widely for it. "It's a good day and I need to celebrate! Oh, and--"

Without any hesitation, he lifts one hand up and jerks a thumb towards Felicia, with the briefest peeks sent to her from just the corner of his eye. "Give the lady there the same, yeah?"

His boisterously-declared order made, he leans himself against the counter with one arm, and turns just enough to at least half-face the blue-haired woman. "Kinda seemed like you were in need of a good one there."

"Well, look at you, ordering the top shelf stuff," Felicia turns toward the man who just sat down next to her, her tail beneath the hem of the coat stuck out and hung down beneath her, waving slowly back and forth. One should know that when a cat's tail is doing that, it either means they're curious, or anxious, or annoyed, or perhaps a combination of all three.

"So what brings you here, you looking for the champagne room, maybe?" Felicia of course likely means with the company of strippers and or prostitutes, likely, though the man may not know that. He didn't look like someone there to park themselves in front of the poker slots for hours on end.

She reached up and readjusted the scarf she was using to try and tie back some of her great mane of 80s-esque blue hair, grinning at the man with a slightly glazed look in her eye. In truth, Felicia had a hard time getting drunk, due to the werecat regeneration. Hard liquor worked, though she disliked the taste of most of them. The buzz she had now was due to several smaller drinks, though it faded faster than in a normal person.

"Hey, I just won big, and I'm losing my buzz, sooooo." The man gestures to the glasses that the bartender is pouring out for them, filling with some very peaty, strong, incredibly expensive scottish whiskey. "Celebrations!"

The man nudges the other glass over to her before drawing the remaining one up, taking in the strong odor of single malt whiskey in... before wrinkling his nose at Felicia's words. "Eeehn... I was never one for champagne, honestly..:"

Yeah, he definitely didn't get the double-meaning behind what she said.

"This place just looked nice, and I'd never been here before. I like to explore, you know. And it did bring me tooo..." He holds up the glass in faux-toast, grinning. "A very beautiful woman, at that. So I call that a victory for exploration."

"Yeah? you were at the poker tables, maybe?" Felicia looks the man over, perhaps thinking that he might have been doing a little more than just gambling.

"What do you mean, there--you were perhaps doing some kind of fighting, then?" she looks a little more interested now. She didn't know a lot of folks from around here that were into that, and it could potentially be some exploits to be had there, at least money wise.

"Thanks," she takes the glass from the bar top, and bringing it to her nose, she sniffs at it--oooh, firewater. This is going to... hurt, and also be quite a thing on the throat. She tipped the glass back before getting like half of it down, and desperately scrabbling for one of the mostly gone jagerbombs she had sitting in front of her. Her eyes were likely bugging out and tearing up, and she had a look on her face like she just inhaled turpentine, and for her, it probably was a lot like that.


"No, no, not poker... though honestly that kinda sounds fun now that you mention it..." The half-chinese, half-american man rumbles with a light rub given to his chin.

He doesn't answer the rest of her line of questioning right awya, though. For she's reaching for that scotch! And he can't just *not* drink it in time with her. He's quick to draw his own glass, and... in contrast to her, he just takes a little sip of it.

"Whoa-- whoa, easy, easy...!" He urges after that little taste, reachign out to pat the catgirl's shoulder. "If you ain't used to it you gotta take it easy! 'Sides, you're supposed to just sip the reeeaaal good whiskey anyway, you know?"

He turns further on his stool now, so he can fully face her -- and extend one hand in offer to her. "Name's Vin. Vin Ren. And to answer your question? I miiiight have been in a fight ring earlier, sure."

"Agh--yeah, I can see that," Felicia croaks a bit in response, looking like she jsut got a punch to the gut as the burn of the alcohol starts to wind it's way through her, and begins to subside. She was however glad she had that chaser of one of her unfinished drinks, because she definitely felt the burn of the alcohol.

However, something wonderful was happening

"Oof, that stuff, man, really hits you--hnnn," she clears her throat, looking around now, already feeling the stuff starting to take hold of her, perhaps in more ways than one.

"Ah hello, sorry--I'm Felicia," she reached out with a hand to his, which of course was clad in fur, though it could have been a glove... do many gloves also have fingernails? It could be some kind of kinky cosplay or dressup, sure, but... somehow didn't seem like that.

"Hey, I can order you a soda to help balance it out if you want, I didn't realize you hadn't had that stuff before," Vin offers, with a faintly apologetic note in his tone even as he gives another pat and squeeze to the bluenette's shoulder. "You alrigght?"

And then, the handshake's finally accepted from him, and he gives a firm squeeze to her... furred hand. He looks at it pretty curiously, but he doesn't seem terribly alarmed. "Well, would you look at htat," he murmurs, souding a bit more serious while he stares at her hand... only to turn his eyes up to her after, and offer a wide grin. "You're even cuter than I thought!"

Oh, good lord. He's one of those types.

"Your face lit up when you made that one guess thoooouuugh," he chimes out, leaning his side against the bar again, with an elbow propped on the coutnertop and cheek atop his palm. "You're interested?"

"That might be good," Felicia said blinking, the healing factor that she possessed seeming to be having a hard time dealing with that amount of alcohol in her system, which she was still sipping from, carefully. She almost didn't realize when the man realized that wasn't a glove she was wearing. That was a cat hand, baby.

"Hmm? Oh! sorry, aheh, yeah--I'm a little different," she grinned back at the man, apparently not finding this too much of an awkward situation.

"Yeah? it's true, I was looking for some people that might be in that circuit," she nodded a little, looking over at the man leaning into her, with a little grin. It didn't hurt to have guys be friendly with her, at least--even if this guy might be a bit of a kook.

"It's cute kinda different, ain't it?" Vin suggests with a toothy smile, chuckling a bit after the handshake breaks off.

He considers the catgirl curiously over her response while he sips at his own drink. Much slower than Felicia, but certianly taking pretty well to it. This one's used to drinking booze, clearly.

"And any particular reason you're looking for folks like that?" He asks, head tipping to the side slightly. "Interested on hiring people, or-- participating?"

"Well, some might think of it that way," Felicia gives his hand a gentle squeeze, showing a bit of her grip strength, but is also careful not to let her clawed fingernails dig into his skin in the process. She lets her hand slide back after a bit, not in a hurry to take it back, even if Vin here seemed to be a bit of an over-friendly goof. Those could be gotten used to, under the right circumstances.

"I guess the ears and my eyes also were a bit of a tip off," she gestures off-handedly to the sides of her head, and her face. It remains to be seen if he's noticed her tail yet.

"I am on SNF a lot--or well, was, it's Midnight Channel now, for people like me--you ever watch it? I do fights for money, at times," she nods.

"The Midnight Channel..." Vin repeats the name with a low, rumbly little sound, and his brows knitting up together in thought. "Ooooh... That like... the other thing. Because... oh... Oh, right..."

That overly friendly smile dissipates some, and in a rare moment of self-awareness, the man actually winces. "Sorry, I didn't even think about that, really. But, well..." He eyes the glass inhis hand, and takes a quick sip out of it before continuing. "I'm probably not aaaas big of a name as you then. I've never been to any of those afterall, you know? I've just been doin' small time. EAsy money out of mall karate kids who think their overly choreographed moves can get them wins in the real ring, you know?"

"Yeah, you know, it's the fighting ring television network," Felicia says, as if she expects him to know that. "Because... yeah, that," Felicia grins a little, as the man starts to get it--the alcohol already starting to waft over her like a warm, fuzzy blanket--it was actually pretty nice, even if it had felt like drinking lighter fluid.

"Why're you apologizing, hon? I don't mind it, I'm a friendly one, don'tcha know," she laughs a little, trying to hail down the bartender so she can get a soda so she doesn't wind up getting utterly trashed on the scotch.

"Not that big, huh? It's no problem, I'm just new in town, is all, thinking about trying to go into business around here," she nods.

"I'll pay for that too," Vin offers when she makes the order for the soda, making a vague gesture for the bartender's benefit.

But it's what Felicia says that has his interest. For once, he's not completely and utterly drunk, so he can actually focus on things like this. His lips purse while he considers the cat girl for a good few seconds, before asking of her, "WHat kind of business, exactly? Somethin' related to the fightin'?"

"Aww, you don't have to do that, I might be trying to get more money raised here, but I'm not--" Felicia paused, stopping herself, then gestured to Vin that it was okay. She had to stop herself and remember to be polite, the man was trying to be nice.

"Was actually looking to see if I could somehow start up one of these casinos, maybe someday--get into that kind of business, but fighting has always been one of my main jobs--that and acting," she grins. "I do theater work too," she seemed proud of that, it was at least more something to be proud of than just fighting, or some of the stuff she used to do for work.

"Ooooo, a casino~." Vin's interest perks up quite a bit -- so much so that he even straightens himself up from his previous lazy lean against the bar. "Coming here to learn the trade? I imagine someplace else might be better to start out at than here, though, considering the... oversaturation, if you will."

He leans slightly over on his stool then, towards her. That overly friendly smile has returned now (possibly helped along by the alcohol on his own part). "You act on tv or movies? Or just in theatre? Anything big I'd know about, maybe?"

"Yeah, but where else would someone start one? It's not like there's lots of other places," Felicia thinks about it. He is right though, competition here would be tough. Unless... she had some kind of angle. "Theater, plays! Theatrical stuff, like Street Car Named Desire, Rent, all that stuff," she looked at the man and gave him a mischievous smile.

"I bet you were expecting me to say 'cats', right? Ehhh--it was one of my favorites when I was younger, I admit, but not after that movie version they put out," she of course means the CGI-packed nightmare-fuel version. Shudder.

"You sure you're not scared of girls like me, by the way? What if I bite," she grinned, giving him a square look in the eyes, her eyes narrowing just a bit to seem mock menacing.

"Uggghhh even I wouldn't suggest Cats after that," Vin insists with a visible flinch and shiver -- and a finger raised up to get the bartender's attention. "Hey! Jägerbombs, real quicklike!" Oh, apparnetly that's an image that needs bleaching out.

"I don't really know what to do with like... businesses, though," he confesses, with a shrug. "I'm no businessman. I just.. you know, travel the world, make money where I can."

THe catgirl's last comment makes him blink once, twice-- and then smile a bit wrily at her. "Oh I dunno~," he chimes out. "That kinda soudns like it could be a party~."

"Yes, yes, I know, it definitely gives my kind a bad name--so I've been trying to work around that and do some other things, you know, bit of a change of pace--and well, because I like to keep working," Felicia coughed a little politely after that, realizing that 'humanoid cats' were probably the last on people's list of fun things to wanna see after that movie. In a way she didn't mind it, though--she could do /more/ than just that, no actor liked to get typecast, after all.

"Well, unlike werewolves--getting bit by a catwoman doesn't turn you into one, so sorry to disappoint you there, if that's what you were going for," she teased, meanwhile having sipped on a good bit of that soda--she goes back to the scotch, her gaze getting a bit more watery..

"That's nooooot really waht I was thinking of, but good to knoooow." Vin lets out a little laugh of amusement, and leans himself back away from her so he can slouch sidelong against the bar counter again instead. "I won't have to find an exorcist or whatever if you do end up biting me."

His lips purse slightly while he watches her reach for the scotch again. "Just easy little sips," he reminds her. "GEt yourself used to it fiiiirst."

"Too late!" Felicia giggled, as she downed more of it--she was actually having a fun enough time, though she was getting even tipsier, and the stuff still sorta drank like a combination of window cleaner and cinnamon gum. Vaguely.

"Never tell a cat how to enjoy her food and drink, mister--woooh!" she was tipsy enough at this point that she literally almost tipped back too far and lost her balance on the stool, but she was quick to reach out and clasp a hand against Vin's back, stopping herself.

"Whoops--het, lets say we get something to eat later, huh? I'll pay this time," she laughed a little, giving the man a grin.

Looks like this was going to be an interesting evening indeed.

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