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Description: Tairyu meets Lilith, who'd been stalking the impure souls of Southtown. Deciding to toy with him--the junior succubus gets a surprise she wasn't expecting. Co-starring Blanka Plush.

It's been a few weeks after Lotus had assassinated the mayor of Southtown to gain their freedom--which would be information that Lilith was privy to, not many others--not that it mattered. He was dead--and by the hand of a darkstalker, which no doubt led to even more unrest considering the state of things. There were likely already folks training themselves up to be Van Helsing-esque motherfuckers--and not even the more venerable Dutch Dracula hunting type, no--think more the awful Huge Jackedman version!

"Sonnuvabiiiitch--so bored..." she sighed, walking down the street, just wearing a small raincoat on this somewhat rainy day in Southtown, not really doing much else to conceal her identity. Not that she had to--girls wearing weird cosplay shit in Japan was anything new. She also didn't have any trouble completely changing her outfit, or appearance, for that matter--that was one of the perks of being a succubus, and Morrigan Aensland's 'sister'. Speaking of, where was old blimp tits at this hour of the day--probably crawled into a gym full of hunky guys for a midday brunch. Least that was Lilith's best guess. Maybe she could find an arcade somewhere, or better yet, some older human with WICKED IMPURE THOUGHTS she might be able to play with in a different sense. Hmm...

Now where to find the latter.

Wicked impure thoughts? In Southtown? Surely not!

Speaking of arcades, though, there's a certain SOuthtowner who is more than likely on his way to one just now. And very much regretting not bringing a raincoat or umbrella of his own along.

And so, Tairyu's trademark suit and shirt are getting dampened from the light rain, dripping over fabric and sticking red cloth against his skin underneath the jacket. But the Yakuza trudges on regardless, with one hand in his pocket, down the street on his way to wherever today decides to take him...

And that happens to be on the exact opposite direction of the curb Lilith is walking, setting him on an intersecting course with her.

Lilith is in fact holding what looks like a cherry red umbrella up above herself as she walks along, though it's lilting back and forth and looks more like she's got it as an awning of sorts, it also had a strange sort of... scalloped appearance to it? Making one think less of an umbrella and more like... a bat wing?

Well, not that Tairyu was not familiar with those, by now! But as Lilith sidles alongside Tairyu, she looks up at the man, tilting her head.

"Hello there mister, didn't bring an umbrella?" she asked, holding hers up around the both of them. Only a very careful might notice the handle of the 'umbrella' wraps around her wrist after she clenches it in her palm, going along her arm and disappearing under her raincoat.

The umbrella itself might look rather curious, but Tairyu has seen enough people around Southtown with... eccentric fashion choices, so he doesn't elect ot make much of a big deal about it.

He does, however, slow his step down when the girl speaks up, coming to a complete stop right on time with the umbrella getting interposd over him.

"Rain kind of caught me by surprise," he murmurs while his green gaze turns down upon the raincoat-clad girl herself, with a faintly curious tinge in his eye. "Shows me for being out and about for so long, right?"

"Eh, I don't let the weather bother me," she had a kind of skipping manner to her step, as she walked along--he could likely hear the heeled boots she was wearing clipping and clopping as she sauntered along, very carefree and girlish--though he might wonder why she's also wearing cherry red 3" heeled gogo boots and what look like blue nylon tights under the raincoat.

"Where ya going? work nights or somethin'?" she asked, innocently enough, though something about her seemed not quite so innocent--but it was hard to pin down /what/. Sure she had the manic pixie haircut, a bob and dyed hot pink, it looked like--but also perhaps the way she didn't seem to be afraid of or cautious around him, when other people likely were, considering the style of dress, and the way he spoke.

"...Awful curious, aren't you?" Tairyu points out with a quet snort -- not that he seems to take much of an offense at her. "Most people don't really make a habit of getting up cozy with strange men on the streets. But... Mmh. Not working anymore. I'm just... feeling out the city, if you will."

It's not really an untrue statement. It's just a roundabout way of saying he's killing time.

"I do appreciate the cover from the rain, though..." With a grunt, he tugs lightly at the lapels of his jacket, trying to shake some of the water off of it now that he isn't constantly pelted by rain. "After that I am obliged to ask, too; Where are *you* going?"

"What's to feel out about it?" Lilith, who still had the mentality of a child in some ways, wasn't really getting the more philosophical viewpoint here, she's a bit more ephemeral in how she looks at things, it seems like. Kind of like a kid.

"Oh you know, just looking for some place fun to go too--might go to get some food after that, kinda hungry," she yawns, even if it's kinda early in the evening. Did she just get up? Above them, the different points of the umbrella move a bit as she yawns, like fingers flexing.

"Is that weird, or something? It's my hair right, everyone thinks I'm some kinda raver chick, or something," she grins.

"I don't find that too weird, at least," Tairyu notes with a half-shrug made in a roll of one broad shoulder. "Cities like these, lot of people around who live mostly at night. I don't make a habit of making assumptions of people, otherwise."

He leans into taking one step forward, slowly, but not without keeping his eye on the pink-haired girl still. "I was going to hit up an arcade. If you were looking to kill time, too."

"Sure, sure--I understand what you mean..." Lilith blinks a little and looks back up at Tairyu. Arcade? Huh. Looks like we got a live one here!

"Arcade? you like going there too? Or you just trying to ask me out on a date?" Lilith giggles a little, clearly shining the man on. She doesn't mind teasing him at all, it would appear.

"Maybe we can get burgers after--ohh, I want a whopper~" surely there was no double entendre there at all in her speech, either. The happy skipping she did as she walked increased there, as if she was getting more excited.

"Oh wait--what's your name, I was told never to talk to strangers," she winked. "I'm Lilith," she replied.

"I was going there anyway," Tairyu insists with a low, rumbling chuckle, tossing a peek back towards her as he does -- all the while she's practically skipping there besides him. He seems... a bit amused by that, too. "I don't usually just ask random girls I walk into on the street on a date right off the bat, you know?"

A finger scratches over his cheek briefly, and he shrugs. "Sure... burgers too. Why not. I'm not doing anything too urgent in a while anyway."

"And you already *did* talk to a stranger," he points out with a faint hint of a smile. "But that's easy to fix... Lilith-san. I am Tairyu Katashi." Japanese naming order from him, because of course, and it comes with a dipping of his head -- as much of a bow he can manage while walking. "Yoroshiku."

"Yeah? some guys do!" she says this matter of factly. Likely she gets a lot of propositions from guys around here. "

"You look more like a curry or tempura shrimp sorta guy myself, actually--but eh, if you're buying I'll go for anything," she nodded happily, skipping ahead of the man, as she looked down the street--and around a corner, she could probably tell which one the man was going to.

"Oh yeah, that one--a lot of the older guys go there," she grins widely, teasing Tairyu again.

Now Tairyu squints his eyes at the girl. Not so much smiling now, as he is just looking at her suspiciously. "...Either that or you rope guys into implied dates so you can freeload on food and other things."

"I'm more a ramen, udon and takoyaki kinda guy," he points out then. "But I appreciate good food in all of it's forms."

Coming to a stop just before the entryway into the arcade, he's hit by that particular acucsation, and-- he actually flusters a bit. "Look-- there's just something charming about those older games, okay? I'm not as old as them!"

"Hey, you might be right there," Lilith grins a little at him, her reddish brown eyes wide with excitement. She was definitely having a good time with this one--and while she might have gotten the idea that he was a bit of a perv from feeling out his aura or whatever, he was turning out to be definitely a lot more 'purer' than he thought. Which for her meant 'not food', unlike a lot of the actual predators she prefers to snack on.

"Udon huh? you like that stuff? huh, well I'll try anything once," she stops by the entrance, reaching up to fold up her 'umbrella', which does so with an appropriate 'whoomp' sound, tucking it under her arm.

"After you, big-brother Tairyu~" she waves to the door.

"You haven't been around these parts too much yet have you?" Tairyu guesses with a more assessing look given to the girl. Southtown is pretty much a hotpot of all cultures, even if it leans a bit towards the japanese, and she definitely looks western. Maybe he thinks she's a tourist?

With a roll of his eyes given over the way she calls him, he turns to open the door-- and actually step to the side to let her go inside first, to the den of flashing lights and the beeps of old-school video game cabinets. "You know, my actual little sister... She's younger than you, and she *loves* these things too. So it's obviously not just an old people thing!"

"Some parts of it, I don't live around here, really," Lilith shook her head, following in behind the yakuza. Of course, her umbrella is not under her arm when he looks at her next.

"Hey, I didn't say I didn't like them, I just was surprised you did, you uh, kinda don't look like the type--I see a lot of guys in those fancy suits and they tend to hang out in the really adult bars and clubs, y'know," she shrugs. "Drinkin' that firewater, grabbin' waitresses asses, that kinda thing," she follows Tairyu now, unbuttoning her raincoat--and yeah, she's wearing the same sorta red strapless corset-teddy thing her sister does, though with a diamond cutout over the chest, not a heart. Was there a playing card suit theme among Succubi??

"Who's to say I don't like doing those things too?" Asks Tairyu in a completely, utterly deadpan tone, right as they step into the place proper. "I just like this stuff a lot, too. Gotta try to enjoy all the little things in life."

When the buttons on the girl's raincoat start coming undone, he peers curiously at.. the corset that comes revealed out from underneath. "... I take it a lot of people *do* try to get a date off of you right off the bat, huh?" He mutters. "Lotta guys around these parts who get more than a few ulterior motives from that kinda thing, you realize."

"I dunno, you don't seem like the type--oh my god they have a UFO CATCHER GAME--" Lilith is immediately distracted by the rather fancy and stylized crane game and runs over to check it out, trying to see if there is anything she wants in it. Oooh, plush Blanka toy.

After slotting in a few 100 yen coins, she is already trying to catch the thing, still speaking with Tairyu, despite being quite distracted at the moment.

"A what? oh nah, a lot of guys are just pervs," she answers back, the crane slipping off Blanka's red mane of hair and coming back up empty-handed with a sigh from her.

"I can smell them," she mutters under her breath.

Stoic as Tairyu might normally be, he can't help but smile warmly at Lilith while she's scrambling for the ufo catcher. "You really like those, huh? My sister used to want so many toys out of those too so I kind of... ended up getting a lot of practice with it."

He sets to standing up just behind her and to the side so she can watch her work the claw in the machine in her quest for the Blanka plushie, bent over slightly. "That's kind of what I meant. Lot of guys get a lot of ideas about things that aren't really there, you know?"

He doesn't... quite hear what she mutters then, but he could swear he heard something really weird, so his eyes snap away from the ufo catcher down to her with a quirk of a brow. "What was that?"

She was pretty bent over the thing, so when Tairyu came up from behind, she frowned a little and looked back conspiratorily, brow raised. She hadn't expected him to get that close so soon--but then she realized--ohhhh, wait, it was due to the crane game.

"Oh, they can think what they want," Lilith doesn't answer his question on what she said, at least not at first.

"I said, are you any good at these?" she asked, turning back to look at him and scooting out of the way a little, as if to ask him for help.

Whatever it was that Lilith might have thought Tairyu's proximity was about, he himself seems entirely unconscious of it.

The delay on her answer makes him frown a bit, with some suspicion-- before she comes up with that question, and he chuckles faintly. "I did just say I've had a good bit of practice with it."

With her scooting aside, he moves in closer again, and reaches for the controls. "Which one were you trying to get?"

"The green one, with the red hair," Lilith all but pouted, trying to make sure Tairyu knew which one she was talking about--she pointed at it with a finger. She had short, but pointed nails--which had polish on them, which seemed to be on it's last legs. It gave her a sort of 'active' or tomboy-ish look.

"Maybe you can help me then, come on then big bro," she grinned at him, giving him ample space to try and get the one she was trying to get. This was Tairyu's big test with her, apparently--she wanted to see just how honest he was.

"Yeah, yeah," Tairyu murmurs in all-too-casual attempt at assurances that he does in fact understand what she speaks of. "You're not all that different from my lil sis. She likes soft snuggable toys too and all that."

THe controls on the claw machine are maneuvered with an intense focus in his eyes. He considers the positioning and shape of the Blanka Plushie for a few seconds while he sets the anchor points for the claw-- and it's lowered.

It latches on! Coming up again, Blanka is brought back up by the neck of him, all the way to the dispenser where it falls into reach for the customer. Tairyu's hand, in this instance, then held up to Lilith in offer. "There you go."

"Who doesn't?" Lilith watches the man work, handling the controls of the claw machine, finally catching 'Blanka' down there by the neck. Along her right arm, her 'umbrella' had snaked out again, though this time it was shaped much more like a hand--one that gripped the side of the crane game machine, looking as if it flattened out against it--ready to tip the machine if the toy got caught on the edge of the chute.

But it didn't. Lilith was honestly surprised when Tai was able to make it drop down into it with no problems! She thankfully caught herself before she pulled her secondary 'hand' there in full view--jumping up and down in excitement as she reached down and got the thing from the prize compartment.

"Hey, you're pretty good at that, thank you!" she grinned, holding the toy with one arm as she hugged the man with the other.

"Hey now..." Tairyu manages to rumble out just as the girl came up with that one-armed hug of gratitude. He... tries to keep himself steeled up, but he ends up smiling faintly again with some measure of sincere warmth. Weirdly familiar, this.

"Big brother duties, am I right?" He tells her then, with a hand reached up to give a light, affectionate ruffle over the hair on the top of her head.

"Though I imagine this was your plan the whole time, huh? Get the attention of a UFO CATCHER master to get a toy for you?"

The man's hug was warm, and there was hope in his eyes--this made him, from a soul-sucking standpoint to Lilith, who definitely preferred the more wicked--about as appealing as a twinkie to a bodybuilder. Course, he did have other traits which she found adorable--and she was gonna need someplace to tuck her new friend here, El Plush Blanka.

"Hey, it's a nice plush toy, but no--I am a creature of spontaneous... ness," she gestured dismissively as she tried to come up with the exact word. She probably meant to use something else, but that was about the same meaning.
5r"Opportunism! That's it--" she grinned, decoupling from Tai, nodding. "So... what kind games do you like to play at this place, anyway...?" she looked up, curiously.

"An opportunist," Tairyu repeats while pulling away from the brief hug -- and though there is some suspicion in his eyes still, it's slowly being overtaken more by amusement than anything else. "I can't really blame you. Cities like these, it's a perfectly valid way to live your life. As long as you're careful about it, anyway."

He turns around from her entirely with her following question, gesturing vaguely to the rest of the hall. "Pretty much everything, honestly. It depends on my mood, but I guess... I mostly end up playing Space Harrier--that shoot'em'up game over there--or Outrun. They're nowhere near as fancy as modern videogames, but..."

"Cool, show me 'em," Lilith turned on a heeled boot and walked toward OutRun first--for some reason the aggressively neon and 80s look of the graphics and cabinet and the shape of the chair reminded her of a real racecar--sorta. She had wondered what it might feel like to be in a car that go that fast. Not that she hadn't flown before--and gone at really high speeds... it was something she enjoyed. She might like to ride in a car that could go that fast sometime.

She had an adventurous sort of attitude and spirit, and Tairyu might just feel like he was leading a kid around an arcade. Which well, she was.

The question of just how young Lilith is, exactly-- that lingers in Tairyu's mind... but it's still not exactly something he should be asking right now, is it?

"Go ahead and sit down there," he directs the girl while he digs out a coin to slot into the machine. Apparently she gets to try it out now, on his dime. "The thing's made with the appearances of a real car-- or as much as they could back in the day anyway. See, you got the accelerator and brake pedals there... you got a stick with two gears..." He goes on to explain then, pointing out the various controls to her. "You just have to get to the checkpoints before you run out of time.

"Sure big brother Tairyu-san--lets do this~" Lilith seemed pretty stoked, though she was not without wanting to tease Tai again, her hands finding the steering wheel and boots against the pedals down below. It was one of those cabinets shaped like a carseat, after all.

Reaching up, she put an arm around his shoulders and pulled him down against the seat with her--wanting to take the both of them 'for a ride', so to speak.

And of course she was cackling the whole time, having way too much fun with that. And likely would be for a bit, much to Tai's chagrin~

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