Neo League 0143 - NL#0146: Tairyu vs Jezebel

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Description: The Yakuza Operative Katashi Tairyu faces off against the advertising might of Lightning Spangles in a Neo-League showdown! (Winner: Tairyu)

Lightning Spangles loved the theater!

The mousy brown-haired, blue-eyed real Tae Kwon Do Showup Hoedown star was out on the stage. She was dressed in her real American outfit. Her bottom begins a pair of soft leather boots. From there comes the blue jeans, tight around the waist and hips, but flared out towards the ankles. Over these, she wears a white chaps, studded and sequined with lighting patterns. Around her waist there are two belts; one is for her jeans, bearing a wide silver belt buckle of a bull's head. The other is a tan leather gun belt, bearing a pair of fake pop-gun revolvers for show. Her top is a stunning half-vest of a red wool and polyester. Not only is it sequined with studs and rhinestones in a lightning motif, it is also frilled at the edges, and flared with a white trim. Covering the upper portion of her torso, it is tied together underneath her chest, highlighting it. Underneath that vest is a blue blouse, peppered with white metallic stars, providing the 'star spangle.' Upon her head is a white, wide-brimmed cowboy hat. And on her face?

A big, broad smile.

"Boy howdy, those Japanese folks can really put together a real stage show!" She says with her rich texan drawl. Stomping the heel of her boot on the stage. "I heard there do all kinds of crazy stuff with their makeup. Course, I don't think they'll be doing that for this here Neo League!" She chirps brightly, turning around to the man dressed up as an anthropomorphic armadillo that was similarly garbed in a bandanna. The dilloman plays a few notes on his fiddle in response. Lightnin Spangles slaps her knee, laughing. "Well, we are gonna put on a show as well, pardner! We just gotta wait for our opponent to show up! Now where the heck is that there Tie-roo coming in at?" She sticks her fingers in her mouth, and gives a high pitched whistle as the audience fills into the seats.

"Tie-roo? Y'all seen Tie-roo?"

It's strange. The only reason Tairyu was even on the board in the League in the first place was because someone with Syndicate associations wanted to get a good fight for someone much more famous. To boost ratings, gain tractions and what have you not. The only arena fights the would-be-hair of a certain Yakuza family has ever been before have been the types that weren't advertised to the public, afterall.

And yet, there he is now. Right on cue with the whistle.

Thus, from the hall that leads up to the stage in the theatre proper, steps up... well, a sight that might be considered irregular for this kind of place in most other cases. Most folks don't come into a fight dressed up in a black suit and a red dress shirt (even if the top three buttons of it are left opened) like Tairyu does, afterall. But... apparently the japanese man himself finds the sight of his opponent before him much more bizarre.

"...Eh." With one hand still stuck ni his pocket, he stops halfway through the stage, to give a long, bemused stare at the cowboy-dressed woman and the... fiddle-playing man in an armadillo costume. A long, silent stare, brought on out further with a slightly gaping mouth and brows furrowed down.


"There you are Tie-Roo!" Lightning Spangles says brightly, yelling loudly in the theater as the gangster strides out on the stage. Chest puffed out, she looks at him with big blue eyes, bouncing her hips side to side for a moment as she lets him stay dumbstruck at the display."I'm your opponent right here for this here Neo-League match! Boy howdy, aren't you a tough lookin character! I'm not racist or anything, but I would sure be scared to meet you if I came into a dark alleyway!" She salutes a man in the audience, a well-dressed figure who was facepalming desperately. She turns back to Tairyu. "But I'm sorry don't think we've had formal introductions!" She blinks quickly, as she strikes a pose, hand on her hip. "I'm Lightning Spangles, the High-Kicking All-American Hero! I'm here with my animal friend, the Hoedown Dillo!" She recites as the Hoedown Dillo fiddles a little bit, energy pouring out of her chest metaphorically. She salutes Tairyu, as one would salute a flag.

"Can I get a yee haw?!"


The Yakuza's left staring, dumbstruck, for a moment longer before he lets out a low sigh. "...I suppose everyone has their own way of doing things."

Having said that, he takes a few more steps towards her, and the hand that had stayed in a pocket finally withdraws itself, to grasp at the shoulder of his jacket.

In one, sweeping pull, that same hand is drawn to the side, and inexplicably, the jacket has come along right with him, flowing theatrically in the air as it leaves the red shirt behind before getting tossed aside.

"Tairyu Katashi," the man declares afterwards, in his own returning of the introductions, in the japanese manner of naming oneself - regardless of wether or not Spangles might actually realize he's giving the surname first - followed by a lean into a formal, japanese-style bow directed towards her for a few seconds. "Pleased to make your acquintance. And..." With a snapping motion, he straightens up from the bow, and his feet shift slightly along the floor during the same movement -- knees bending slightly to prepare for sudden movement, and one fist rising up nearly parallel to his chin while the other is held down, knuckles pointed diagonally down towards it's opposing foot.

"May you fight well."

Lightning Spangles seemed unaware of how stunned she was making the gangster.

That quickly changes when he begins to take off his jacket. When he introduces himself, she actually laughs. "Daw, you are making me blush!" She says, her freckled face going flush. "Gosh, you are sweeter than honey on the bee's behind!" She adds, after Tairyu makes the bow. Wiping her cheek, she looks at the dillo, and the audience. "Now folks, what he's doing is considered polite in Japanese culture! The Japanese people have their own special ways of manners, that's different from yours and mines!" The Japanese audience stares blankly at Lightning Spangles. "Now if I was Japanese, I would bow right back, but I am not, because I am American! But I will definately tell him right back, that I sure hope you fight well too pardner." She claps her hands twice, and then eases into her own stance; legs straddled apart, hands up into fists as guards. A standard Tae Kwon Do stance, bouncing on her heels as she readies her kicks.

And the bell rings.

"Okay! Here I come pardner!" She cries out, as she bolts in at Tairyu. No hesitation. Pure martial spirit. Dashing in, she swings her long bejeaned leg into a driving straight kick, the woman moving almost recklessly as she throws herself at Tairyu. She was moving stiff though, clumsy. Almost unfamiliar with her own style. But no less powerful, as she already tries to bring her other leg around.

Preparing for the next attack.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Tairyu has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Tairyu

COMBATSYS: Tairyu blocks Jezebel's Broken Arrow.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Tairyu

". . . You know you are in japan, right, Spangles-san?" Tairyu mutters, even while he's still holding himself in the readied stance.

But whatever dubiousity he has left over, doesn't really matter just then and there. For the bell rings, and his opponent has come in to close the distance!


The American's kick is met with Tairyu turning his side to facing her, first, as his arm turns to set itself into the way -- taking the heel of her foot right into his forearm instead while he leans his weight back subtly to further lessen the force of the impact to himself. "Hh-!"

Despite the pain to his intercepting arm, the Yakuza still takes it in stride, and he's already leaning around the leg that made the initial kick while it was going down, keeping himself on the opposing side of her while she's turning he ther leg to follow up-- and driving a fierce uppercut towards her from there, with the full intention to drive her off of her remaining foot while the other one is coming up!

COMBATSYS: Tairyu successfully hits Jezebel with Rise And Fall.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Jezebel          0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0           Tairyu


With Tairyu's fist colliding into the side of Lightning Spangles where her foot was already off the ground, he manages to send her balance off, and sending her knocking over if not outright up into the air from that remaining foot. But he doesn't stop there.

With his right fist left up in the air after the uppercut, his left winds itself up down low on his other side-- and with a forward step of his left hand, he turns and carries himself after the flying opponent, arcing his left fist high up with it, first, before crescending right down upon her again, smacking into her while she's still in mid-air to send her down to the floor!

"When you think about it, every place is like America!"

That's Lightning Spangles' response as she slams in the kick. It's caught cleanly in the forearm. As she brings the other leg around, she suddenly finds the counter-attack already coming in. She quails, bringing her guard in as she tries to abort the follow up kick. It doesn't work, and she takes the uppercut cleanly. Punched, it's childs play to forc eher off-balanced, and she is sent tumbling. Intercepted out of the air with a quick punch, she is spiked right into the stage to the cheering of fans. She is stunned, battered, and dazed. "Wow!" She exclaimed. "You really battered me good! But when Ithink of battering, I think of how I can go and digest bread!"

And suddenly, the Dillo is holding a loaf of bread.

Stepping just on the side of the stage, the Dilloman presents the loaf as Lightning Spangles rises up. The actress flashes a thumbs up, face swollen, bruises already on her cheek. "That's why I use Spangles Choice Bread Like Substitutes. Now in easy to clean plastic containers, when I batter my fruit and vegetables, I know I am digesting my bread, and have that savoury after-taste that you know only comes with Spangles Choice. Spangles Choice! Now With Extra Gluten!" And while the advertising sinks in, the actress jumps into the air, letting out a slow, heavy aerial roundhouse as she attempts to send the gangster spiking down to the stage as well.

All with a smile burned on her bruised face.

COMBATSYS: Tairyu counters Strong Kick from Jezebel with Dragon's Tail ES.
CSYS: This exciting moment brought to you by Spangles Choice Bread Like Substitutes - "Now With Extra Gluten"!!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Jezebel          1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Tairyu

Tairyu doesn't follow up once Spangles is down on the floor-- instead sliding his feet back right after to grow the distance between the two of them so. Too many people in his past have come up for a counter right after being sent down to the ground, afterall! Further, some sense of honor in him demands to wait for her to get up on her feet before he does anything else, too.

But then... the bread.


Probaly much like the audience, he's left staring, utterly stunned at what turns out to be a mid-fight commercial. "... Oi... What do you think all these people came here to watch?" He rumbles out along his throat with a shake of his head before she finally moves in for an attack!

The baffled expression on his face disappears just as quickly, and he... actually steps towards the incoming roundhouse? Sort of. In the same motion, he moves towards the outer side of her, and his own hand comes up to slap against the incoming leg. Just a subtle nudge is enough to send it careening further forward, and past his swaying head.

His advnace doesn't stop there, however. With his hand still pressing into the swinging leg, he takes another step to carry himself around Spangles while he, himself, spins around-- and guides the elbow of his other arm to slamming right into the center of the woman's back, forcing her to stumbling on forward again while his spin completes and brings him facing her from behind, this time around.

"The purity of the fight shouldn't be ruined by product placement, don't you know?"

How could it be ruined when it was so good.

Lightning Spangles had opinions on what they had come to watch, but those opinions were currently getting snatched out of the air. The woman suddenly finds herself taking a heavy elbow to her back, knocking her flailing and flying straight across the stage in a dramatic tumble. Too dramatic, in fact: she was definately overselling the fall, using it to help her roll with the impact. Staggering back up, hand on her aching spine, her voice rises up. "Everyone loves fighting! And tasteful, non-invasive advertising is an acceptable way for businesses to fund such high quality fights. That's the purity of fighting!" She turns around, and there is now something in her hand, between her thumb and her index finger.

"And when I think of purity, I think of what I need to do, to keep my oil clean, filtered, and pure!"

"And what better way to take care of your oil than with Spangles Choice Purity Rings!" It's not clear, but it looks a little bit like a latex ring with something in the middle to cover. "By using the specialized device to cover your oil, you keep your oil ready for that special moment when you are ready for it to come out!" As if to help communicate the visual, she breaks out a banana, and rolls the purity ring out over the banana. Bringing it up, she shows out the seal work. "See! All the purity is purely pure now! It works on essential oils, as well as edible oils!" She then pumps a fist out as she whips the purity ring off. She then peels the banana, and takes a bite, sticking it deep down her throat, before she swallow hard. "MMMM! It's sooo good! Yee haw!" Lightning Spangles begins to flash with red, white, and blue energy, the sheer advertising power filling her up to the brim. Bracing herself, she gives a thumbs up to the audience, and then Tairyu.

"Spangles Choice Purity Rings! Now in Standard -AND- Extra Virgin!"

COMBATSYS: Jezebel burns with the darkness of her sins.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Jezebel          1/---====/=======|====---\-------\0           Tairyu

Oh dear god.

Now it's Tairyu's turn to facepalm, as it turns out, while Spangles is doing a *second* commercial now. And... the thing... with the banana.

"There is nothing pure about that..." He mutters against his palm.

But the pure capitalistic commercialism on display that causes the woman to outright glow out makes him flinch with surprise, and briefly use that facepalming hand to shield his eyes. Until his bright-green eyes focus on her again anyway.

"--I see what you're doing!" He growls then, and rather thn waiting any further, he goes running right towards her. "You trickster!!"

A leap up halfway there, and a leg raised up with it carries the heel of his foot right towards the walking advertisement's head!

COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks Tairyu's Diving Kick.
CSYS: This exciting moment brought to you by Spangles Choice Purity Rings - "Now In Standard And Extra Virgin"!!

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Jezebel          1/=======/=======|====---\-------\0           Tairyu

Suddenly, she begins to shiver.

It begins as the gangster takes to the air. Lightning Spangles feels a cold knife in her heart. Frost comes over Lightning Spangles, as the banana suddenly goes cold. The fire of pure American light chills, as rime begins to cast in the air around her. Lightning Spangles smiles, but she was getting nervous. She didn't like this. She braces herself, as she squeezes out the banana. Tairyu was bringing the kick right for her head, right for the back of it.

But her smile does not fade.

She slams her arms brutally into the kick, the first limb taking the worst of it, guiding it to the second. She was turning, twisting. And pushing, shoving him away. She didn't do punches. But that just let her arms do most of the defense. "I... wasn't ready to pitch ice cream this time!" She admits, as her arm burns in pain. But her legs were okay. Her legs were -strong-. Covered in the rime, she suddenly explodes back at Tairyu the moment he would hit the ground.

And she would begin the kicking assault.

A straight kick, a low kick, a round house. The chain of kicks would be relentless and hard. Another round house, another round house. She would swing around for a back kick, each kick bringing an aura of ice on impact, frozen fireworks bursting in red, white, and blue, before collapsing into icicles on the floor. Until finally, she would finish with her own heel drop. The rime would cling to her. Her breath would feel so cold. But the smile was still there. No more fear. No more insecurity.

Just Lightning Spangles.

COMBATSYS: Tairyu blocks Jezebel's True Grit.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Jezebel          0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0           Tairyu


It's fortunate that Tairyu sees the immediate counter-assault coming, at least. ANd his arms are coming up in preperation to brace himself evne before his feet have fully hit the floor.

THe first furious kick she sends in comes mere inches before he actually lands properly, and even with his held-up arms intercepting it, the force of it sends him back, and sliding a a few feet when his feet do hit the floor.

But she keeps coming. Likely chasing after him, pushing him back with every kick that he just barely manages to hold off with a well-timed block and parry. It's so rapid and fierce still, that he can feel the bruises building up in his arms, and in his shoulders when feet manage to slip past his defense.

He manages to maintain his guard, however. ALl the way until he has to reach his arms up to catch the dropping heel.

"That's better!" He growls in spite of it all, and with his arms still braced against that upraised leg, he sends his own leg swinging up and towards her midsection in a straight kick-- also conveniently meant to help grow the spacing between the two of them again, if only momentarily.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel fails to interrupt Improvised Kick from Tairyu with High Noon EX.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Jezebel          0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Tairyu

Don't lose your rhythm.

Every kick, every attack, was honing something inside Lightning Spangles. The frosty energy burned inside her. It was all strange to her, as it should be. She was only Lightning Spangles. She was the only Lightning Spangles that was only Lightning Spangles. But not really. But it should be. Under that smile there was nothing, because it was made that way. She was made that way. She doesn't lose her momentum, when the heel drop comes. As he catches the heel, she is rebuffed. She was already turning, ready to meet his kick. His straight kick bursts out, and hits that layer of rime. Her follow up kick surges up and around.

But doesn't meet him in time.

Tairyu earns his spacing, as Lightning Spangles is launched across the stage into a tumble. She was staggering, she was slow. But she rises up just the same. The same smile on her face. "Better?" She says brightly. "That's great! You really are awesome, Tairyu!" She was able to pronounce his name right now, because he said it out loud. She listened. Lightning Spangles always listens when she needs to listen. Standing up steady, she turns around. There was a glimmer, a flicker of horror. Not from her face, no. But because of the smile, specifically. And the eyes, the pretty blue eyes. They were casting to the Hoedown Dillo.

Who was already preparing the next advertising prop.

Tairyu slides back briefly after his foot lands into Spangles' midsection-- only for him to spring right back to lunge towards her all over again, since she's left jostled.

"Don't stop to think about some advertisement again, woman!" He calls to her in insistence, right as his hands go to grab onto her arms-- leveraging his own weight against hers to guide her to be slammed against the nearest wall in a violent motion.

"Focus on just your opponent! Give me what you've got!" And the instant she'd get slammed against the wall, his knee would come up to slam against her midsection as well before he retreats again.

Tairyu says, "+where"


COMBATSYS: Tairyu successfully hits Jezebel with Combo Grapple.
CSYS: This exciting moment brought to you by KAWAMOTO Honoka, The Candidate For Change!!

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Jezebel          1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0           Tairyu

"Oh, I don't have to think about them!"

Lightning Spangles says sincerely, as she struggles to bring up the guard. The Hoedown Dillo was moving. Everything was moving. It was too late for Tairyu. There was no escape. Lightning Spangles struggles to bring her guard back together. For all her purposes, she was taking hits better than even hardcore street toughs. As she hits the wall behind the stage with a gasp and a sickening snap, she groans as she falls to the ground. Slumping down, she rises up into a stand, body in true agony. "Because I know in my heart, what the people of the world, and Japan, need to know!" She suddenly salutes, hand to her brow.

As 'America The Beautiful' swells in canned orchestra glory.

"With the future uncertain, Southtown needs a leader it can count on." She begins, as behind her, a banner unfurls. It was the logo for the Kawamoto Campaign, in full display. Once again, Lightning Spangles begins to flash with red, white, and blue energy cascading around her. "Honoka Kawamoto is the Spangles Choice of Mayor for Southtown, and that woman! When you think about a bright beacon over the Rising Sun, think Honoka Kawamoto!" The cowgirl breaks the salute, as she leaps high into the air. Spiralling, she dives at Tairyu, attempting to blow right through him like a drill, as waves of red, white, and blue energy flows over her. All while she cries out.

"She won't Red, White, and Blow It!"

COMBATSYS: Tairyu counters Where Eagles Dare from Jezebel with Tiger Drop ES.

[                          \\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Jezebel          1/-======/=======|=------\-------\0           Tairyu

"Eeeeh..." Still with the advertisements. Non-intrusive my ass. Though... At least there's the subtlest of upward tugs in one corner of Tairyu's mouth now. "I still think you shouldn't be treating this like some over-sponsored syndicated tv show. But..."

Seeing Lightning Spangles glowing with energy this time around, Tairyu doesn't even make an effort to prepare to avoid the attack he's sure is about to come. He merely holds his left arm up, as if ready for bracing, while the right is wound back, with the knuckles pointed down towards the floor, like a karateka prepared to make a punch that spins his fist around 180 degrees to build up more force. "That might well be right. I might not be fully convinced you're genuine, but all those feelings, all that energy..."

She launches for him, and he still doesn't move. Bright-glowing energy seeming to envelop his body...

"I'll receive you."

There is a myth, in a small part of Southtown. Of a Yakuza Patriarch who fashioned his self-taught fighting style as that of a dragon. And in buddhist symbology, a depicted in a ying-yang esque positioning with a tiger, locked in endless battle of forces constantly cancelling themselves out. And so, the legend goes, this old Yakuza who associated himself with dragons, developed a punch that would drop even a tiger.

And in that moment in the fight between Tairyu and Lightning Spangles, what followed happened in an instant so quick it was barely perceptible with the naked human eye.

Tairyu's right knee dropped down, suddenly, to lean his weight subtly towards his left, bending leg while his posture lowered down in a quick, blurry motion. An unorthodox maneuver for certain, it still served to help him carry momentum from every part, every joint of his body as he met the spinning projectile that was Lightning Spangles herself, launching that his right fist with explosive force.

And when that fist collided with the Spangles, in the middle of her assault, a loud sound resounded through the theatre, as if though the sound barrier was broken.

It was the only way Lightning Spangles could do things.

There were people who had other senses, other motives than advertising. But Lightning Spangles existed to sell things. So she did. So she would. As she launches at Tairyu, descending with full force... he was receiving her. He takes her, catches her, and then, there is a flash. There is an impact, as she is suddenly struck with the crack of a sonic boo-


I feel the helmet over my eyes.

Hot wires begin to stir in me, the astral worms coiling, their fangs slicing slits in my membranes as they burrow in deeper and deeper. And I still see the masked man. I try to tell him. I try to beg him. I tell him I will forget. But his mouth opens, as he is over me, around me.

"Do not worry" He says.

"It will all be over in a minute."

And I open my mouth to explain. I open my mouth to tell him as they burrow to my soul.

"The cats-"

The masked figure touches me on my thigh.

"It's all right. You will enjoy your new life. You won't have to worry about your secrets in your head anymore."

"The cats-"

"The cats-"

And the lightning flows through me, as my senses are destroyed forever within the sands of time.


Lightning Spangles is on the ground.

She was launched right back, hitting the banner, bringing it down. It was all around her. She wasn't supposed to be getting up. But after a moment, after a long delay, after a call was made, Lightning Spangles stands up again, a smile burned on her face. Her steps are heavy, staggered. Stomp. Stomp. It was the warning, as she strides on her boots. But they are faster, accelerating. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Faster and faster. Fast. She was moving right to Tairyu, upon him. She winds back her leg.

And she brings her foot aimed right between Tairyu's legs in a punt.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel can no longer fight.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tairyu           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Tairyu blocks Jezebel's A Few Dollars More EX.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tairyu           0/-------/---====|

Lightning Spangles staggers back, eyes wide. Smile burning on her lips.

"Don't forget... to use your ticket stubs... for a 1000 yen discount for the hit Andrew Lyold Webber production Cats, right here next weekend. Cats! It's Furtastic!"

And Lightning Spangles collapses backwards, unconscious.

Smile still burned on her lips

With Spangles knocked back away from her own attack by the explosive punch, Tairyu smooths himself back to standing upright, with a heavy breath let out. Body still tensed and taut, he watches her there on the floor for a good moment -- until the call is made.

He relaxes then, and allows himself to drop his guard, and--

Wait, why is she up on her feet now? Wasn't she just--



The hit might not be one born of extravagant or precise technique, but it still sends a sharp jolt through Tairyu, all the way up his spine, and even makes him double over and while his legs shake involuntarily from the impact to the most important part of a man's body.

Down to one knee he goes, but he manages to gather enough sense into himself to stop a further bucking with a palm smacked down against the floor to help support himself upright. Eyes staring up at her while she makes one final pitch...

And falls over.

"...Oh good grief..." Mutters Tairyu, with a quiet cough of pain let out. A few more seconds pass before he fully composes himself again, and thus brings himself standing up-- with a fist raised up towards the skies in sign of victory.

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