Tairyu - Chaos Blooms On The Battlefield

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Description: On a moonlit Southtown broadwalk, two souls find each other, joined together by entropy and chaos, with love forming at first gaze. ... What? NO! THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED AT ALL! What *actually* happened involved Sorcha descending upon Broadwalk to sow chaos and destruction, and Tairyu took it upon himself to try to stop her.

The boardwalk that runs up from Sound Beach isn't very busy during the late evenings even on the better of times. But with the recent troubles throughout Southtown, lately, the food-and-souvenir-stall lined place is even less populated now. Still, even with the prevalent anxiety and fear, some still come braving the outside, and the attractions here, even outside of the less-savory types.

One might consider Tairyu to be among the... less-savory types, at most times. With the black suit and the red, high-collared dress shirt combined with his overall presence. the young man practically screams out the Yakuza airs, or even any other type of mobster. But right now? Right now Tairyu's not much unlike any other pedestrian here. Leaned up against one of the railings facing the shoreline, with an open take-out box of Takoyaki supported within his hands, green eyes staring off forlonly at the ocean, his figure lit up by the orange light shining from a lamp a few meters to his side. Not *quite* brooding, but lost in thought, for sure.

Widely considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country, the attractiveness of Sound Beach is currently somewhat marred by the events of the past few weeks. The devastation unleashed upon the city by a horde of dark stalkers did not fail to sweep across the large crescent of white sands, the evidence of which can be found still strewn across the shore.

Many of the kiosks that once served overpriced foods and beverages are little more than shattered flinders, some still bearing traces of the conflict in the form of deep claw marks or blackened spatters of dried blood. Dotted across the beach, large gaggles of carrion seabirds roost around rotten piles of meat and bone half buried in the sands. Some of the ravaged skeletons bear obviously monsterous features, oblong skulls or joints that bend the wrong way, but the vast majority are distressingly human.

With the Dragon's forces pushed back to her final stronghold, the threat of imminent attack on the populace has lessened considerably. Yet the looming presence of the Dragon's Den Casino merely a couple miles away at the far end of the beach makes all but the bravest of souls reticent to wander beyond the areas officially reclaimed and declared safe by the Librarium. Clealry no one has had the time or inclination to bother trying to clean up the mess yet and with half the city in ruins it's unlike that they'll be getting to it any time soon.

As a result, an omnipresent miasma of decay and death fills the air, warring with the brine-laden breeze wafting in from the sea. It isn't a particularly pleasant combination. However, after nearly a month of constant fear it seems that at least a few people are willing to venture into the maw of danger for a little... well, fresh air might not be the most apt term here. Regardless, there's a few people out and about attempting to regain some semblance of normality despite chaos that still surrounds them, perhaps hoping that the worst has already passed.

Unfortunately for these silly silly creatures they lack the enlightment of a simple fundmental truth of the universe:

There's always room for more Chaos!

"And that's where I come in! Thanks, narrator-person, I got it from here!"

Go get em, tiger!

"Right back atcha!"

A slender young woman emerges from the dim shadows beyond the small cone projected from the street lamp, striding into clear view a handful of paces away from the totally-not-brooding gangster. Judging by her size, she's probably somewhere in the teenage years, though it's difficult to tell as the majority of her body is obscured behind a set of baggy clothes and a hat that can only be described as 'wizardly'. The putrid orange of her attire seems a somehow fitting addition to the vile atmosphere, assaulting the eyes in the same way the reek of decay assaults one's nose.

Yet it is not her clothing that is the most vile thing about the twiggy young woman. Protruding from arm-holes in a sleeveless vest, four limbs extend out into the air from her shoulders in a disturbing mockery of human anatomy. Each of her hands is graced with only a smattering of fingers, no less than three but no more than four digits apiece, each one tipped with a long wicked looking claw instead of a fingernail. That or she's in dire need of a manicure. Her feet are likewise adorned with deadly nails, a feature visible due to her lack of shoes. This also makes it obvious that every inch of her visible skin save what can be seen of her face is pitch black and rubbery looking, as if she has been dipped in tar.

The girl gesticulates at the air as she seems to talk to herself, curling the hands of her upper arms into a pair of finger-guns which she points at no one in particular, mostly because anyone who was stupid enough to come to the BEACH during a freaking INVASION takes one good look at her, assumes she's a dark stalker that's going to eat their gizzards, and bolts in the opposite direction. Ignoring the fleeing civilians, she turns to face the city and holds her arms up towards the sky as if to embrace the scene of ruination.

"Sorcha returns! And Sorcha is MAD!"

The little chaos witch glowers at the distant skyline, jamming a finger at it accusingly.

"Who said you could get blown up without inviting me! All this death! All this fighting! All this chaos!"
%r Whirling around to face Tairyu in the first recognition that she is even aware of his presence, the little mutant scampers at him in a blur of motion and leaps onto his chest. Her fingers dig into the collar of his fancy suit for purchase, her feet resting on his stomach as she clings to him like a wild monkey, screeching in a voice that sounds like a cat being tumbled in a gravel mixer. Her left eye glows with a neon pink light as if she'd replaced the entire thing with a fluorscent bulb and simply being near that ominous gleam inflicts the mobster with a sudden overwhelming sense of dread and the scent of... lemons?


It's the maddened call of the Chaos Witch that first alerts Tairyu to Sorcha's presence -- too lost in thought beforehand to have noticed the offensively orange outfit and bizarre proportions in his peripheral vision earlier. But either way? The sight of the witch floating above, gesticulating and flailing during her rant like some bizarre psychedelic cartoon is enough to break even the stoic presence of the young Yakuza. Mouth slightly hung agape, eyes widening, he's... just so caught off guard by the vision before him that he can't help but just stare in dumbfounded silence, rather than react like a sensible person and vamoose into whichever direction isn't *here*.

"...What... the... hell...?"

That's about where his quiet muttering to himself ends before the four-armed mutant zooms right down to him and grabs on with a yelled demand for answer to... uh... the lack of fire.

Even then, he can't help but merely stare. At least, until... he slowly reaches a hand up and grabs onto the collar of the baggy vest.


And in a complete disregard for all survival instinct, he yanks and pulls with that single-handed hold as if he were removing a cat or a child from his person, rather than... you know, a being of immense eldritch power. Nevermind that the sharpness of her claw-like finger- and toenails both clutching onto his clothes probably results in several spots where fabric tears and rips up with the pull. And after all that? Rather than offering any kind of answer to her question, he instead presents her with one of his own:

"What the hell are you?"

Being compared to a cat hanging from a pair of drapes is fairly apt though perhaps a leech or tick would be a more appropriate metaphor. And like any pernicious little pest, she takes as much of her host as possible with her when roughly peeled away, leaving Tairyu's well-kept outfit in tatters.

Despite that, the little witch is surprisingly light and doesn't put up any fight as she's hoisted away by her collar like a disobedient puppy. Instead, she looks at the ragged scraps of fabric in her twisted hands for a moment then jams them at the gangster's face, squealing at him in an accusatory tone.


Tossing the bits of shredded shirt aside, the girl laughs, which is about as pleasant to experience as a dentist drilling away at a cavity without any anethesia.

"KyaHahaHa! For real though, that looked expensive."

The mutant's baleful gaze shifts down to examine her captor, noting his well-toned muscles through the gaps left behind by his unfortunate decision to try and peel her away with force. Her eyebrows raise slightly and she lets out an appreciative whistle at the fine specimen hiding underneath all of those fancy clothes. Cradling her chin in her lower set of hands, Sorcha flutters her eyelashes at the gangster playfully while dangling from his grip.

"Helloooo, nurse! I'd like to place an order for two all-beef patties on pair of hot buns and make that to go. I wanna take this meal home and eat it all up, rowr!"

Oh *god*. Between the loud squeal and the drill-like laughter from the small chaos witch, Tairyu has to clench his eyes shut briefly in a subconscious effort to brace himself better against the sensory assault. Yeah, his ears are one hundred percent going to have a faint ringing in them for the rest of the evening. Fantastic.

The 'appreciative' words that follow from Sorcha don't seem to improve Tairyu's mood at all, either. Judging from the very distinct lack of a smile, and the presence of a twitch at his brow. What in the seven hells should he even be thinking about something like this?

But even under these baffling circumstances, he apparently decides that continuing to hold onto the chaos witch as if he was holding a cat or dog up by the scruff of it's neck is still much too rude, and lowers her down, slightly further away and down again... until her backside is brought down to be seated upon the railing he was just leaning against, before his hand lets go. Nevermind that he *did* just see her floating about, so he must surely know that getting her stationed on something solid was not in any way necessary.

"It's fine," he grunts, in reference to the unfortunate fate that befell his clothes, while he crosses muscle-thickened muscles over his chest. It's not in an effort to cover up or anything though, mind you; he doesn't actually seem too bothered by getting patches of skin and firmly muscle (and probably one nipple over the broad plane of a pectoral muscle) bared out like that. However... "But you can't eat me."

He probably means that both figuratively *and* literally.

"But really. Who and what are you?"

Continuing to take the path of non-resistance, Sorcha allows herself to be plopped down onto the railing. She immediately leans forward, pushing her face as far forward towards his own as possible without falling off of her new seat. The shift in angle allows him to see the lower half of her face, which had until now been hidden behind the tall black collar of her odd ensemble. Her features appear to be relatively normal barring the Death Metal-esque make-up job she has going on and the ominously glowing eyeball. That is until she gives him a wide smile, her lips peeling back to reveal a Cheshire Cat-sized grin filled with teeth that look more like they would be more at home in a shark's mouth than that of a teenage girl.

"We'll never know unless I tryyyy~," she sing-songs at him in a manner that is cheerfully disturbing.

Whether or not that was an implied threat of some sort is left for the bruiser to puzzle out for himself. Several seconds after her freakish grin has lingered long enough to become awkward and creepy, Sorcha leans back into a relaxed posture, bracing herself on the railing with her lower arms while resting the upper set behind her head. This has the added benefit of obscuring her horror-movie mouth behind the collar again. She kicks her feet back and forth like a child, swinging those deadly toenails around with reckless abandon.

"Who? That one's easy. I'm Sorcha! Renegade, witch, heretic, abomination, monstrosity-demon-fiend-devilbeastharridanharpywretchHELLIONVILLAINSADISTIMPBLACKGUARDANARCHIST!"

The girl rocks her head from side to side as she rattles off a list of things people have called her in the past, starting slow but quickly accerlating until the words blur together into a single non-stop jumble of sounds. It's only a tiny fraction of the names people yell at her, usually while holding pitchforks and torches, but it should be enough satisfy his question. She grins at him again from behind her collar.

"So, you know, a typical teenager. Kyahaha!"

Spreading her upper arms out in front of her with a slow dramatic sweep, she shifts her tone to a mysterious warble.

"As for what? Now there is the true mystery! What am I? What are you? What is anything?! And more importantly, why is it not on FIRE?! For the answers, stay tuned at eleven. Crrrkt!"

Even before he sees the shark-like teeth, Tairyu finds himself leaning back instinctively when she leans in towards him. And when he does see that toothy grin? He actually ends up taking a step back to increase the distance between himself and her. He's trying really hard not to show it, but he is, in fact, rattled by this witch. He doesn't seem to relax much at all after she's leaned back away, either; muscles still stiffened and feet subtly shifted towards preparation for quick movement if the need for it rises.

"...Eeeh..." Mouth goes agape again at the rapid-fire listing of names and titles and insults she goes by, and his eyes narrow. He probably didn't catch all of it, but it's enough for him to get the general gist, in combination with everything he's seeing for himself. And then...

"There's nothing typical about that!"

That's the first time his tone properly shifts away from his usual stoic deadpan, giving more way to instinctive expression of surprise and bafflement, in that disagreement over her own concept on herself. Heaven forbid this being how a teenaged girl is normally and him having to deal with Miku being that way in a few years.

The break in his stoicism goes further, with one hand slipping up to rub his palm over one side of his face before pressing over his mouth to muffle a frustrated groan. Only for him to calm down again in time to tell her, in complete deadpan, "...I assume it's because generally being on fire isn't good for most things."


The chaos mage hops to her feet with a nimble bounce, somehow shifting from a relaxed reclining posture to balancing on the railing in a single confusing twist of motion. She points one of her black fingers at him, glowering disdainfully at the fool who would dare question the will of CHAOS! Okay, okay, Chaos doesn't /require/ things to be on fire but /comon/ it's FIRE. Who doesn't want to se things go up in a violent conflagration of noise and heat every five seconds?! LOSERS, that's who!


Shifting her aim slightly, Sorcha points at one of the kiosks nearby that had managed to avoid being smashed apart in the frenzy of dark stalker murder. A bolt of oily black flame erupts from her fingertip and zips across the street, spitting sparks in a crazy shower behind it while letting out a shrill shriek as if she'd just unleashed a firework from her hand. The darkflame blast slams into the side of the wooden shack and bores a hole straight through, detonating within its interior with a loud pop.

Several seconds pass and nothing happens. Sorcha remains posed dramatically, finger outstretched towards the kiosk, but after a few moments tilts her head to the side in confusion. Frowning, she holds the tip of her finger up to her face, inspecting it like a tv remote that refuses to change the channel. She wiggles the digit a few times, shakes her hand in the air, and blows on the tip. Nothing happens.

"What in the..."

It isn't until she snaps her fingers that there's a reaction. The kiosk goes up like a miniature nuclear bomb, simply evaporating in a cacophonous blast of putrid black flame. A shockwave washes out in all directions flattening most of the other huts that were still standing and shattering the glass of every building within a mile's radius. Half the sand on the beach seems to get thrown into the air and the milling crowds of sea-birds still feasting on the bleached corpses get completely annhilated by a wave of tiny sand bullets that hit them at a few hundred miles an hour.

Sorcha seems to react on instinct, flipping backwards over the side of the small wall she had been sitting on. That or she got bowled over like everyone else. Either way, she fortuituously avoids the worst of the explosion, holding onto her hat with two hands to keep it from flying off in the rippling torrent of force.

The blast fades away after only a couple of seconds leaving a vile mushroom cloud slowly billowing upwards from the blasted crater of what used to be a hotdog stand. The top of the cloud writhes and twists about as if the smoke is alive, shifting from a formless mass of sooty cloud to the image of a human skull it's mouth open and screaming with soundless fury.

The witch makes up for the lack of audio by cackling like a maniac. Still stretched out on her back in the grass, she barks out peals of shrill laughter while rolling back and forth, reveling in terrible glee at the destruction unleashed by her magick.

"Yes yes yes yes YES YES YEEEES! KyaHahahaHahaha!"

The fact that Tairyu still isn't fully acknowledging the actual threat within the teenaged chaos witch is evidenced by the fact that he doesn't so much as attempt to dodge or even flinch when Sorcha sends a black bolt right past his head. It's only a few seconds after she's fired it out to the sound of... no explosions at all, that he sloooowly turns his head to peek back to the still-standing hot dog stand, and then back to Sorcha again.

"... Are you al-" he actaully has the nerve to start asking of her, before an ear-deafening BOOM!


He doesn't even have time to fully register what just happened before the shockwave and wind pressure slam into him from behind. His hand brace himself against the railing, first, but the sheer strength of the blastwave is enough to ultimately send himself off of his feet entirely. But unlike Sorcha, his flip over the railing *definitely* isn't a controlled one. And that much would be clear enough to all onlookers if the sheer volume of the explosion alone didn't drown out the sound of his panicked yell.

At least he isn't flung too far. He ends up landing on his back with a resounding thud and a grunted "Ugh!" almost right next to the cackling chaos witch. He doesn't seem much too worse for wear, either, although... the whip of the shockwave did end up ripping a the already-formed tears in his clothes some more, and now one sleeve of both his jacket and shirt has gone mostly missing to expose one muscular arm from halfway down his thick bicep, while a chain reaction took place from his collar downwards, destroying buttons on his shirt and leaving it hanging entirely open around his torso.

Why does this always seem to happen to him? For once he'd like to go a day without something tearing up his jacket and shirt.

He stays laying there for a good moment, staring at the starry night sky up above, to just contemplate and process everything that just happened.

And once his brain has caught up, a bead of nervous sweat gathers at his brow. The sense of dread and danger from the four-armed witch is starting to take hold.

"...For heaven's sake," he groans out once that moment has passed, and he's pushing himself up to sitting, first, and then up to his feet. "I meet plenty enough weirdos in this city, but you really take the cake." A hand swipes over his shoulder to wipe off some of the gathered dust there, while his bright-green gaze seeks out Sorcha. A voice in the back of his head may be screaming at him to just get the hell away from this small demon... but the rest of him is unfortunately much too stubborn. Damned principles.

"You know, I'm in a bad enough mood as it is today. Don't suppose I can just *ask* you to not blow up anything else in this town right now?"

Even he must know on some level that there is almost zero chance that that will actually work.

Sorcha's mad laughter persists well into the gangster's attempts to reason with her. Eventually, she seems to get it out of her system, wiping at her eyes with a pair of mutated hands. However, his request that she refrain from unleashing her special brand of explosive love upon the already devastated city sends her into another fit of giggles. Well, that's his answer.

After another minute or so of laughing at him, the witch kips her legs up into the air and nimbly rolls backwards thrusting her multitude of hands down at the ground to propel herself into a backflip that launches her back to her feet. She regards Tairyu with a mischievious grin, waggling a taloned finger at him.

"No can do, stripper boy! I got a job to do!"

Rolling one of her hands in an elaborate circle like a stage magican revealing something from their sleeve, Sorcha produces a fist-sized ball of black flame in her palm. The orb of arcane fire flickers silently in her grasp but tiny tendrils of oily black flame constantly extend and probe the air around it as if it is a living thing attempting to gain awareness of its surroundings.

With another equally elaborate flourish with the opposite hand, the witch conjures forth another ball of dark magic. This one, however, seems to not realize that it is supposed to be made of fire. Thick droplets of liquid flame dribble from the surface of the orb, plopping wetly onto the girl's hand and the ground around her like running wax. Wherever the gooey substance touches the ground the land around it immediately begins to warp and mutate. The grass changes color to a bruised purple as the ground around it blackens in a slowly expanding pool of corruption, each invidivdual blade growing at an alarming rate until a small patch of foot-long tentacles writhe and wiggle at the mutant's feet.

"Ya see, I'm a sensitive lady. I got a lot of pent up love just /burning/ up inside of me!"

Her ominiously glowing eye flares up even brighter for a moment at that statement, seeming to gain an even more wicked gleam. Merely being in the presence of that vile light makes the gangster's skin start to itch and his stomach quiver with instinctive revulsion at the unnatural power being gathered.

"And third degree burns are how I show my affeeection~! KyaaaHahahaHa! And I'm betting there's a WHOLE lot of people just /dying/ to spend a bit of quality time with my tender mercies! And if they aren't yet, they wiiiiill beeee~!"

"Stripper b-?!" The Yakuza gives a look down at himself, and his unfortunate state of wardrobe malfunction. Eyes narrow at the bare vision of his chest, first, before getting directed to the witch whose target of mocking he's become "You're the one who did this, you know!!"

A huffing breath taken in after that burst of emotion that broke through his stoic facade-- but the reformation of that doesn't last for very long under the sheer pressure that emanates from Sorcha. Not to mention the spreading pool of dark corruption around her feet -- that in particular urges the gangster to back up by a few steps. Whatever the hell that is, he's sure getting the sense that he shouldn't be touching it under any circumstance.

"...I think you might be severely overestimating how many people are into that sort of thing. I mean, I know people who have some seriously weird kinks, but..."

A shake of the head, and he takes to slowly stepping along the perimeter set around her by the pool of Something Dark And Wrong(tm). Considering the circumstnaces (and the sheer sickening sensation that permeates the air now), it's not easy to keep one's cool, but Tairyu's making a damned effort of it, at the very least.

"So your plan is to go burn up, explode, or do any other number of lethally wicked deeds to the people around here. After all the suffering that's already come down?"

A scoffing click of a tongue against the roof of his mouth. Fingers slowly curl up to form closed fists at his sides. That voice in the back of his head and the shiver along his spine both are still yelling at him to forget about any and all prospects of fighting here. But...

"... You are positively, absolutely insane."

Running away doesn't really seem like a valid option now, either.

"Pretty much!"

Whether she's confirming her plans to inflict mayhem upon the populace or the fractured state of her mind is left for Tairyu to interpret. Probably both. If we're being honest here, this girl fell out of the crazy tree, hit every branch on the way down, went back for a second ride, then built a nest at the top. You should visit, it's quite lovely in the summer.

The gangster's shift from incredulously trying to decipher her antics to heroically preparing to throw himself into harm's way on the behalf of a population that probably thinks he's utter scum elicts another bark of laughter from the bizarre witch. It's amazing how quickly the so called 'bad guys' get all pro-humanity when coming face-to-face with an agent of true Chaos. Buncha amateurs!

Sorcha leans forward an inhales deeply, closing her eyes as if savoring the scent of something delicious.

"Can ya smell that? That's the pungent aroma of HYPOCRASY!"

The two hands that aren't currently cradling balls of pure entropy lift up to flip Tairyu the bird in unision. Sorcha sticks out her tongue and blows a raspberry at the gangster for good measure.

"Why don't you go break some kneecaps or commit sudoku or whatever it is you painted-up meatheads get up to? Momma's got a town to paint RED!"

"Find that funny, do ya?" Tairyu rumbles out with another click of a tongue, head briefly tilting backwards to direct his gaze up towards the night sky, before tipping back forward again.

His feet continue their slow step, circling around the wicked, four-armed witch. "See, here's the thing. You don't really know me. But..."

All the way up until he's completed the circle, and he's set himself standing with his back turned towards the rest of the city proper while he's still facing her.

"For better or worse, the town's still my home. And it's already much too red for my liking. If you're gonna try to treat it like your plaything anyway?"

One foot shifts slightly, with a subtly bending knee, and one fist lifts up, nearly parallel in height to his own chin, and his green eyes focus with a fierce concentration on Sorcha. This is a terrible, terrible idea.

"I should at least make you pay the price of admission. COME ON!"

"Pfft! Who pays for tickets? What kind of CRIMINAL are you?! Ahaha!"

The witch seems thoroughly unimpressed by the threat of imminent violence. Destruction and mayhem are pretty much her entire gig as an avatar of Chaos. Whether it be through her own twisted love for inflicting violence upon a world that made fun of her in highschool when she was but a wee delicate flower of innocence or the feelings of hostility and outrage she engenders in others through her mere presence, Sorcha EXISTS to make everything fall apart. The universe is inclined towards entropy to begin but it takes soooooo long! Why not give the cosmos a little helping hand?

Or four, as the case may be!

"Man, I remember when mobsters used to be /cool/! You look like a reject from a 50's musical! Why can't I ever fight anything awesome? Like a dragon! Or an ogre! Or your MOM! Hah! Sorcha spittin fire and the fight ain't even started!"

Rather than immediately hurl herself or one of those disturbing spheres at Tairyu, the teenager seems to be biding her time, throwing insults and taunts instead. Is it perhaps that she's actually intimidated by this greased up goon? Is she perhaps in awe of his MANLY physique? Doth she tremble in her non-existant boots at the prospect of a bout of fisticuffs?!

Nah, she's just charging up her batteries. Magick (with a k!) actually requires a bit of a warmup to get the old juices flowing - or, whatever it is Chaos decides her powers are made of today. Probably fire.

COMBATSYS: Sorcha has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sorcha           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Sorcha gathers her will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sorcha           0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Tairyu has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sorcha           0/-------/---====|-------\-------\0           Tairyu

"...How old are you again?"

The instant he's presented that question, Tairyu immediately realizes he's most definitely going to regret asking that. There's no answer that she could give that wouldn't be considered awful in these circumstances.

Either way. Even if some part of Tairyu's brain acknowledges that he could easily be out of his element here, he's been in enough tussles in his time to realize when someone is stalling. And usually it's for a reason. Eyes widen subtly with the redirection of his focus, and--

"I see what you're doing!"

He's not really making the first move, technically, but he is the first one to go closing the distance. Posture slightly lowered in the rapid pounce forward, he's quickly brought one foot stomping down onto the ground just in front of Sorcha herself, and driving a fist up high in a fierce uppercut, aimed to send the little witch off of her feet if it connects -- and to clear the way for an opportunity to grab onto her leg while still in mid-air, to swing over his own head with a turning motion and slam her down onto the ground on the other side!

COMBATSYS: Sorcha blocks Tairyu's Rise and Sweep.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Sorcha           0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0           Tairyu


What kind of a jerk asks a declicate young lady about her age! Or any woman for that matter! Someone cruising for a bruising, obviously! Can he not tell from her supple and flawless skin and dainty curves that she is but a flower of youth yet to blossom? A pearl still forming within the oyster? Some other vaguely suggestive metaphor about puberty?!

"Funny you should phrase it like that," the witch says as her muscle-head of an opponent finally gets with the program. Anyone with an inkling of sense knows you don't give a mage time to cast their spells! THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS TACKLE! Far too late, he realizes his error, attempting to make up for it with wild aggression but the little mutant proves to be prepared for his lunge into melee.

Bringing her two unoccupied arms forward, Sorcha crosses them in front of her to catch the rising uppercut on her spindly little forearms. Using her body in such a direct fashion smarts like crazy but pain is just another one of those bits of background radiation that swirl around in the girl's head at this point. She acknowledges the suffering with an 'oof!' and a couple of staggering steps backwards but immediately moves past it, focusing all of her attention on the violence about to be inflicted in return.

"Because I've got all my eyes on you!"

Thrusting all of her magic-laden hands forward, Tairyu is now witness to the fact that each of the dark-skinned mutant's palms are home to a large bulbous eye. Glowing with the same disturbing neon pink energy as the witch's own ensorcelled peeper, they shift their gaze towards the gangster in unison, pinning him with a piercing lidless stare.

"Comon, fella! SHOW ME A GOOD TIME!"

A veritable wall of sickly black darkfire erupts from Sorcha's outstretched hands, a miniature tidal wave of raw destructive power crashing forward to engulf him hungrily. The grass beneath its passage simply evaporates on contact leaving a wide trail of bare blackened dirt in the projectile's path. Might also be a hint that getting run over by this particular lawn mower would be exceedingly unpleasant!

COMBATSYS: Sorcha successfully hits Tairyu with Darkflame Cannon.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sorcha           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0           Tairyu

The sight of the eyes on her palms... well, that visibly unsettles Tairyu. He even growls out a baffled "WHY?!" over it.

He has way more concerning matters to be focusing on, however. Namely the wave of energy brought on by eldritch magicks descending upon him. Why is it that everything he fights lately assaults him with something like that, anyway? Gah!

Unfortunately for Tairyu, his continued attempts at closing in on Sorcha do mean that energy wave starts at significantly close to him in the first place. So when he makes the leap to try to get over it...

...It's not early enough. He can't get enough air with that delay. And in the end, the destructive dark magick envelops him almost completely.

It leads up to him not so much landing gracefully at the end of the leap, but ending up smacking gracelessly onto the ground The first smack sends him bouncing up off the ground with a roll, before flopping down onto his stomach rght in front of Sorcha. Steam rises from practically every part of his body hwile he lies there, from the sheer burn of that energy again. Is that it? Is he already done?

"Hhh--!" Apparently not, no. In a sudden shift, his palms press down into the ground, and one shove at the ground with his other leg sends him suddenly sweeping up, with one foot rising up-- and aimed for the eye in the center of one of her lower palms. Sure, sense might dictate that he should be trying to get some distance from her again, but maybe he figures he can get around the ranged spells more easily if he maintains his proximity?

COMBATSYS: Sorcha dodges Tairyu's Improvised Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sorcha           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0           Tairyu


The dastardly little witch yanks her hand back before Tairyu's swift counter strike can attempt to blind one of her baleful eyes. She hops backwards a couple of steps, fully aware of the power dynamic between mage and monk when it comes to close combat. There are a few little tricks she can pull to keep people out of her grill but shouting 'NOT THE FACE!' has a track record of about negative thirty percent because people actually start /aiming/ for her face when she screams that. It's weird, maybe they don't understand English. Stupid foreigners with their moon speak! Get on board the Freedom Train!

"Get wreeeecked, sucka!"

Despite her previously mentioned aversion to close combat, the mutant is actually uniquely suited for getting in the odd scuffle due to her wonderful CHAOS gifts. It's a lot easier to slap fight someone when your nails are two inches long and you have four arms with which to inflict said slaps. Of course, she has absolutely zero actual martial skill so when she hurls herself at Tairyu like a pro-wrestler delivering a drop kick to a 'dazed' opponent the display is less than impressive. Still, she has toenails that could snatch fish out of a river, so not getting kicked might be the appropriate play here, just to be safe!

COMBATSYS: Tairyu counters Strong Kick from Sorcha with Dragon's Clutch.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sorcha           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0           Tairyu

Tairyu can't have actually expected to be able to get his foot in on it's mark there. Though he does still seem vagely irritated when his rising foot finds itself just whiffing in empty air instead of an alien-like eye placed where it most definitely should *not* be in.

When the kicking foot comes back down, the momentum with it is in turn used to bring him swinging fully upright again.

Just in time, too, to see a claw-nailed foot coming straight for him. Oh yeah, those would definitely tear at more than just his clothes.

But, rather than his abdominal muscles getting torn up into a bloody mess, the Yakuza sidesteps around the dropkick-- and with his step around her, immediately transitions to his knee and arm rising up. Knee slamming into her midsection, and arm swinging back down again in time with that impact to slam against her back to further push her into that point of contact.

His knee drops back down again almost instantly after that solar-plexus-disturbing hit, and guides his foot sweeping back down along the ground, starting a steady circling maneuver of rapid footwork around the girl.

"God I really hope my sister doesn't turn out like you when she's your age..." Well, apparently he's making *some* kind of guess on the years behind her, at least.

Well, that ends about as well as anyone expected. This is why everyone picked on her in gym class and never got to pursue that dream job of being a performer wearing a silly outfit saying goofy nonsense while beating up other clowns! I mean, she still /does/ that but no one is paying her! Life just ain't fair sometimes, I tells ya.

Pulling her thoughts back to the present, Sorcha voices her discontent at being folded up like a lawn chair with a gurgling sound. She drops to the ground, lower arms clutching instinctively around her stomach while the upper pair slowly hoist her face off the burned up dirt. She lets out a wheezing sputter but the few moments of glorious silence are quickly replaced by her voice as she starts to cackle once again, though her efforts at melodramatic laughter are interspersed with the occasional cough as her diaphram protests the abuse.


Sorcha's manic laughter turns into a loud screech as she begins to shout words loud enough to make the gangster's ears ring. Popping back to her feet she throws her upper hands into the air, like she just don't care, ya'll! But, secretly, she /does/ care! PLOT TWIST! Also her hands are on fire now, seething masses of darkfire dancing merrily around her blackened skin.


Whirling around, the witch turns to face Tairyu once again, shuffling in place to keep him squarely in front of her as he circles like a pit fighter waiting for a chance to pounce. Her eyes are open wide, her expression one of ecstatic glee behind the high collar. The noxious light in her Chaotic eye swirls with rainbow colors like light shimmering over an oil slick, managing to make her stare even less pleasant to experience.


The witch's lower hands press together, her mismatched fingers weaving into a complex series of movements. It's like Naruto ninja magic, only not lame or full of cringey fans! The air in front of her arcane gestures begins to waver and shift as if the air is suddenly made out of jello and the unmistakable scent of lemons wafts up to burn at his nose. Attempting to stare at the bizzare display immediately inflicts him with the worst headache he's ever experienced - like, TEN THOUSAND ice cream headaches at once. The raw stuff of Chaos, never meant to be experienced by mortal eyes, has quite the kick.


Thrusting all four of her arms forward in unison, Sorcha unleashes a vortex of entropic power. Her fingers press together to create a small uneven square and inside of that small gap reality simply rips itself asunder. Colors, smells, and experiences that don't even exist wash out like an aura to engulf everything nearby, kaleidoscopes of impossiblity and absolute certainty intermingling into a baffling mixture of nonsense.

The most horrifying part, however, is not that whatever is beyond that gateway to madness is trying to get out. No, no, no - it's MUCH worse than that! That portal into the infinite expanse beyond the veil is trying to SUCK HIM IN. A tornado of incredible force yanks at Tairyu, siphoning at not only his flesh but his very essence. The girl's fingers shift as she belts out another ear-raking peal of laughter, turning her multitude of interlocked hands into a finger-puppet completely with big eyes and a mouth full of jagged teeth. She flaps her fingers together and then apart, making the monstrous hand-creature chomp down at him menacingly as the vortex continues to pull him inwards.


COMBATSYS: Tairyu blocks Sorcha's FEED MEEEEE!.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sorcha           0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1           Tairyu

Would Tairyu know about any of the ordeals the girl went in her past, he might actually sympathize with her. But as it is, all he sees is some abomination breaking several different rules of nature itself.

One letting out an ear-piercing scream that is threatening to rupture his eardrums through sheer overstimulation.


The girl's voice has reached such levels now, in fact, that he is forced to press his palms to his ears in a desperate effort to at least partially muffle it. Unfortunatley it doesn't help much at all. Even LESS so when a hole is torn in the fabric of space-time, and replaced with the essence of pure chaos. And as tough of an act as Tairyu might put up with his stoic presence, he is still human. He can't, he simply physically *cannot* look directly at it, and is forced to avert his eyes before his eyes are burned out or something equally horrifying.

That doesn't help much with the whole 'getting sucked in towards it' thing, however. His feet do stamp down, and he does his damned best to lean his weight back, to slow his momentum towards it. He still ends up sliding along the ground towards it. Slowly. Feet scuffing through dirt and sand, and even from a distance, he can feel *something* getting pulled away from insie of himself. "Gggh-...!"

He's just about to get pulled off of his feet, too, before one foot stamps itself against a larger rock on the grassy ground, dug firmly enough into the dirt that he's actually able to brace himself against it. Even then, the pull is strong to threaten him-- but with it, he manages to hold out just long enough for the portal to fade away before he is provided with front row seats to the spaghettification effect.

And the instant it does fade away, he immediately bounces over that bracing stone, leaping through the air towards the witch with a flying kick aimed straight for her center mass!

"You are TOO LOUD!"

COMBATSYS: Sorcha blocks Tairyu's Diving Kick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sorcha           0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1           Tairyu

Sadly, Chaos does not get to feast on this big slab of beef today. Tairyu's quick thinking spares him a fate beyond imagining but the warping influences of that brief brush with raw entropy have left him less than he was... or perhaps more? Either way, it's a really freakin unpleasant experience and he's noticably less vigorous in the aftermath. Whether or not the Chaos Fairy leaves him a surprise in the morning remains to be seen. Maybe if he's reeeeeally good! Fingers crossed!

The vortex lasts but a handful of seconds, winking shut just as rapidly as it opens once the magicks empowering it are spent. Sorcha's shimmering eyes remain infused with vibrant chaotic energies but whatever channel she was able to briefly open has been broken, apparently satisfied with the offering they have received.

"Now you know how I aaaalways feel! Isn't is GREAT?!"

Throwing her spindly arms up in a make-shift shield once again, Sorcha intercepts the flying kick meant to crush her ribs. The impact sends the little witch flying backwards onto her ass but she recovers with nimble roll, gleefully cheering as she tumbleweeds several rotations before poping back to her feet.

"What's that? YOU CAN'T HEAR ME?!"

Honestly, what did he expect to come from that complaint?"


Turning her head to the side, the witch fixes a smouldering gaze on the imaginary camera capturing their fight. Her eyebrows wiggle in a suggestive manner as she points a pair of finger guns at the 'lens'.


Innuendo delivered to her adoring fans, Sorcha turns back to the gangster, pointing her 'guns' at him as if they are loaded firearms. Her thumbs pull back, hammers cocking in a gesture that would be playful if he hadn't already witnessed the danger those little digits represent. And, sure enough, a barrage of small but still deadly bolts of darkflame start to burst forth from each hand as she does her best solo re-enactment of a saloon gunfight.

"Zip bop bip blap bow!"

COMBATSYS: Tairyu dodges Sorcha's Chaos Magick!.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sorcha           0/-------/------=|=======\=------\1           Tairyu

"Not even a little!" Tairyu responds indignantly while he's bouncing back off away from the blocking arms, skidding backwards along the dirt a few feet after landing.

And of course she has to keep screaming, too! At this point Tairyu isn't even *trying* to keep up the stoic face; his expressions speak of nothing but pure irritation. ... And then no small amounts of confusion when she addresses the.... uh... audience?

"Who are you even talking to?! Ah! Whatever!"

After the backwards slide, he was left into a slightly crouched posture, and he uses that to spring himself into rapid motion to go running and weaving through the barrage of gunfire. Er. Chaosfire? Chaosbullets? Something like that. He does keep his arms up in instinctive bracing in case his rapid dodging and weaving during his advance ends up going wrong -- but miraculously, he makes his way all the way there with just a scrape upon his clothes!

You know, in addition to all the others.

There's no taunting or complaints once he gets there, either. Both hands lifted up in front of him, he leans his weight forward, and assaults the witch, in turn, with a series of punches lifted straight from a boxing match. Jab, jab, straight, hook, jab, uppercut-- and then, of all things, a rising sidewards kick that speaks much more of karate rather than boxing. And when that leg comes back down, he uses the stomping of his foot to drive his body downwards and then forward, to direct a quick jab towards Sorcha's already-abused midsection.

COMBATSYS: Sorcha dodges Tairyu's Soaring Assault.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Sorcha           0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1           Tairyu

Tairyu's impressive footwork manages to carry him through the onslaught mostly unscathed which is totally off-script and super rude. It clearly says right here that he's supposed to get demolished and burst into flames! And then, just as Sorcha is about to deliver the finishing blow, she has a change of heart and realizes that she's totally into him! And they go on DATES and fall madly in LOVE and have all sorts of dirty s- STOP READING MY JOURNAL NARRATOR! WE TALKED ABOUT THIS!

Ahem. Yes, well since none of that actually happened, the filthy little witch abandons her position once it becomes obvious that the gangster isn't going to be stopped by her chaos fire. Dropping into a low crouch that makes her profile almost non-existant, she skitters back and forth on all six limbs, darting madly back and forth to avoid being socked in shnozz. The way she moves is just as disturbing as pretty much everything the mutant does, her body bending and slithering in a way no human with actual bones in their body could ever manage.

"Ya got a lot of guts for a street punk," she says, rolling to the side to avoid his powerful stomp and the jab that follows. "Let's see what they look like!"

Hurling herself from her cat-like crouch, Sorcha attempts to repeat the scenario of their first encounter and cling to his big manly chest. Only this time he doesn't have a shirt to sacrifice to those wicked talons she calls fingers.

COMBATSYS: Sorcha successfully hits Tairyu with Random Strike.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Sorcha           0/-------/---====|=======\===----\1           Tairyu

Oh, crap.

Tairyu sees it coming. Just half a second too late. And his reward for that briefest moment of delay is pain, and a couple quarts of missing blood.

"--Drrraaagh!" The young Yakuza's hands do manage to grab onto the witch's arms when she comes in, but unfortunately for him, she has exactly twice the amount of them that he does. And thus, he has two arms two few to fully stop the claws from her remaining two hands grabbing on and digging into the flesh of his chest, cutting bloody gashes through muscle with a splatter of blood that leaves a trail of red on the ground underneath the two of them when he wobbles on his feet.

But, he's still up on his feet regardless. And he's determined to make damned good of that fact still. And now it comes in the form of his head rearing back, first, possibly coming across as a the beginning of a scream to the skies resulting from the overbearing pain -- only to get swung forward again, forehead aimed for the witch's nose. Hoping to daze the girl long enough from the impact for him to push her off of himself and send her in a slamming toss down to the ground. And hopefully without pulling his intestines out, for that matter!

COMBATSYS: Tairyu successfully hits Sorcha with Combo Grapple.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Sorcha           0/-------/=======|=======\====---\1           Tairyu

The impact of caveman forehead against dainty nose makes a satisfying crunching noise. Sorcha recoils from the unexpected attack, black blood spraying into the air as she tumbles away onto her back. The random splatter of her vital fluid turns whatever it touches a dark black, staining like ink and leaving an intense tingling sensation behind where it touches exposed skin. Getting too much of that on you probably isn't healthy! Fortunately for Tairyu, his wild assault sent the crazy little teenager flying away from him so he only gets a light dusting of the vile liquid.

Fighting chaos witches is a lot like fighting xenomorphs, actually. Both are horrible monstrosities that lurk in dark corners, bleed deadly poisons, and want to chew on your delicious brainmeats and/or lay their eggs in your craw!

Having her brain box rattled that intensely causes Sorcha to stagger drunkly when she flops over onto her stomach and pushes to her feet. Thick droplets of her foul blood dribble onto the grass, the viscous goo sending all of the foliage around her into a flurry of wild mutations, constantly chaging colors and size or sprouting into entirely new forms of flora that don't look like they below on this planet. She whimpers, holding a pair of hands against her smashed-up mug.

See?! They always go for the /face/!

"Waaahaaa! This suuuucks!"

The witch's voice changes in tone becoming disturbingly closer to that of a normal young girl who's just been socked by a bully. The pitch is still somewhat nasally but that may have something to do with the forehead-shaped indent where her nose use to be. Getting your nose broken is unpleasant, even for chaos mutants!

Of course, Sorcha ain't no helpless damsel, no sir, not any more! While she blubbers over her wrecked snotlocker, her other set of hands try to remain out of sight below her torso. There her hidden fingers are hard at work weaving together in a rapid series of random gestures meant to draw fresh Chaotic energies into her body. There will be a reckoning for this, oooo-ho-ho-ho yes!

COMBATSYS: Sorcha gathers her will.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Sorcha           1/---====/=======|=======\====---\1           Tairyu

Of course, Tairyu doesn't really have all that much in the way of sympathy to give for the girl. Not just because of the fact that she did just try to claw his heart out through his ribcage!

He wobbles in place for a few steps even after she's managed to send her off of himself. After everything, the sudden exit of a not-insignificant amount of blood from his body does leave him out of his senses for a hot few seconds.

However, it's not long enough for him to just leave SOrcha sitting there. Oh, no, he's gotten enough of a sense of her by now to know that he shouldn't just let her just focus her magicks up. At least not without taking a tax from her.

Even under all the gathered damage, he manages to carry himself on over through with rapid footsteps to close the distance, and--

One knee drops down, nearly all the way down to the ground to lower his posture, in one rapid motion. And with one fist drawn back at his midsection's level, knuckles pointed down towards the ground -- a furious punch is launched with that lowering motion.

It's not quite the same as the punches he threw before. With that unorthodox motion of carrying his own momentum forward, that punch is inexplicably launched at lightning speed towards her midsection, fist spinning back around to facing the knuckles up towards the sky again to add further force to it before stiffening and pulling back in the instant of perceived impact.

COMBATSYS: Sorcha blocks Tairyu's Tiger Drop ES.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Sorcha           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>-\-------\0           Tairyu

Looks like her little ploy isn't going to work on this HEARTLESS jerk. Proving himself to be the sort of vile SCUM that would attack a DEFENSELESS girl, Tairyu attempts to scoop the little witch right off the ground with a doozy of an uppercut. Having roughly the same weight as a box of styrofoam, the mutant is swept up in the whirling strike and launched skywards as the gangster thrusts his fist towards the heavens!


Sorcha lets out a squeal of surprise and pain as she's flung skywards by the thug's martial might, arms flailing wildly as she tumbles ass over tea kettle. Clearly a punch of that magnitude will have finished off such a flimsy opponent! Mages aren't exactly known for their high durability. You can only do so much with d4 HP per level, okay!

But, perhaps predictably by this point, the chaos witch cares little for your rules and probabilities! Her girlish scream quickly starts to shift back to its former lovely tones of rocks in a blender as she starts to laugh maniacally.

"AaaahaHahahaHaaa! Againagainagain!"

Defying the laws of gravity, because she's already breaking so many rules of the universe why not flaunt it a little more, Sorcha throws her arms out and simply arrests her momentum in mid air. Thick insectoid wings of black flame erupt from her shoulders adding yet another set of custom limbs to her growing collection and yet another brain-raking noise to the mix.

"Hey," she calls out, screaming over the buzz. "Look up and open your mouth so it'll bake your intestines!"

What is /it/, you ask?! Why, just another fresh dose of horrific Chaos magick fresh from the ovens! The witch's hands all lift into the sky as she cackles gleefully. Overhead the very fabric of reality churns and purples like an ugly bruise as a massive sigil of obsidian power takes shape above him. It expands rapidly into a circle roughly twenty feet wide, the interior filled with a dizzying array of eldritch symbols and interlocked runes of power. He has absolutely no idea what they might says but their meaning is quite clear - YA DONE FUCKED UP, SON.


A solid vertical beam of raw black power erupts from the bottom of the sigil. It slams down at Tairyu with the ferocity of a thunderbolt, shattering pavement and dirt apart in a cacophanous explosion. It even does that cool anime special effect where little bits of debris slowly float up into the air while everything turns white and evaporates into dust! Chaos has a great movie budget!

COMBATSYS: Sorcha successfully hits Tairyu with Let The Galaxy Burn!.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Sorcha           0/-------/---<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1           Tairyu

With immensely destructive force like that, Tairyu does not physically have time to get out of the way. Again with that magnificient downside to maintaining close distance, if the timing is just wrong by *that* much.

Though, perhaps he might have had time to avoid it in spite of all that, if it wasn't for the fact that the destruction was simply so *all-encompassing*. All he can do at that point is to instinctively jump back and hold his arms up crossed in front of him, in some vein hope of holding o-...

Everything goes white.

The grass on the grounds outside of the broadwalk proper has all but burned, leaving but a barren landscape of death behind. Smoke and steam both rises up to obscure visibility.

And in the middle of it all... stands Tairyu.

The sheer burn of Sorcha's final attacked has all but annihilated what remained of his clothes, and steam rises from every pore of his body where heat is annihilating perspiration. Amidst the vapors, green eyes glare blankly at the witch while his feet take a step towards her. Another. A third. A fist raised up...

But that motion alone took all of what he had left.


Unceremoniously, the Yakuza falls down over flat onto his face, just inches away from Sorcha's toes. Left unmoving by the utter and complete loss of consciousness. The only defiance left to offer is in the eyes of the inked japanese dragon on his back. Though the effect of that divine beast coiled around a sun is very much lessened by the fact that the tatttoo is incomplete -- it's not colored in, only holding outlines right now.

And thus another falls to the inevitable clutches of Chaos! Of course, most people probably think of the heat death of the universe when things like entropy are thrown around but Sorcha's a much more literal proponent of hurling discord and mayhem like cosmic frisbees of death.

Yet, despite the HORRIFIC destruction unleashed upon the gangster who had been unfortunate enough to cross the path of Chaos's personal avatar - he survives! And in mostly the same condition too! Well, ain't that special. Maybe the little witch has a soft spot in her cold black heart after all. Or maybe Chaos just wanted to let this one live! Who knows? Who cares?! It's the will of the cosmos or some shit.

The landscape around him is not nearly as lucky. What hasn't simply been annhilated by the finger of a capricious eldritch god gracing the Earthrealm with its entropic touch has been mutated into something completely unrecognizable. A three foot crater precisely as wide as the beam of energy has been carved out of the ground with clinical precision. Nothing else around the impact point has been affected at all, yet within that hellish circle the blasted earth has taken on completely new properties. Thick wriggling vines of slimy tentacles slither about in writhing masses of turgid purple flesh. The ground itself seems to be alive now, possessing a slick leathery appearance that heaves and pulses with grotesque motion. Bulbous pustules of sickly yellow bile marr the surface in thick diseased clusters as if the newly born...thing is already dying of some horrible sickness. Buzzing clouds of flies seem to spontaneously generate out of thin air and begin angrily swarming over everything, eager for the taste of fresh chaotic filth.

Sorcha's own insectoid wings are annhilated in the outpouring of magickal energies. She drops to the ground in a low crouch, her taloned toes tearing open one of the blisters which spills a digusting yellow-gray fluid all over her feet. The witch looks down, not in digust, but a amusement. She hops in the puddle of putrid fluid, shifting from one foot to the other which creates a rather revolting series of noises.

"Squish squish squish SQUISH! Haha!"

Growing bored almost immediately, she turns her attention to the fallen Yakuza. Her gaze drifts over the elegant tattoo on the man's bare back, then a little bit further down to admire his freshly denuded backside. Bow chicka wow wow! Sadly, she doesn't have time left to play with this chump any more. This place has been graced with the touch of Chaos and there's soooo much city left to burn that it would just be selfish of her to bogart all of the attention onto one person.

Kneeling down next to Tairyu, who's currently face-down in the puddle of pus, the witch flips him over so that he doesn't drown in filth. For whatever reason, the gods saw fit to spare this poor sap, so maybe he has some greater purpose to play in the future! Or maybe entropy gonna entropy. Either way, she had plenty of fun teasing him so more chances to do that again are OKAY in her book!

"...I miss you already..."

She whispers at him, stroking a twisted paw over his hair affectionately. Turning away with a sharp bark of crazed laughter, the mutant fights her way past the tentacles, which try to get very friendly with her on the way to the edge of the pit. NOT THIS TIME, JAPAN! Scrambling up onto the street, she scampers away into the night, off to unleash more horrors upon Southtown's aleady thoroughly abused populace.

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