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Description: Felicia runs into Tairyu in the red light sector of Southtown, shenanigans ensue.

The area is just getting over some of the monsters and rioting that the area had undergone, which was why Felicia had kept her furry butt over in the states for a good part of it. Not that she didn't wanna help people, but--it's not like there weren't people over there that didn't need help, either. Most of the human run places here were sorta empty, except in the red light district, which is we find a particular werecat this evening. Sure, there were all manners of issues here--massage parlors, adult theaters, hotbook stores--the worst was the drunk people, however, a few surly customers she was dealing with now.

"Hey baby, where you goin'--let me get a piece--" a rough male hand darted around the corner where a few of them were standing--but instead of pulling some pretty young thing out--he was pulled /into/ it, with a resulting yelp.

People were already a bit jumpy about monsters, since it wasn't too long ago there were werewolves and all sorts of other things running around. Police and NOL had dealt with a lot of them. The second tried to help his friend while the third just cut and run, being already done with this shit.

Red light districts are bread and butter places for Yakuza-- both for the purpose of work and pleasure alike. Unfortunately for Tairyu, he's here for work rather than pleasure. And not even particularly pleasant work, at that. Ever since figures from Southside Syndicate took out the patriarch and overtook the Family, he specifically has been made to undertake rather unpleasant endeavours for them. Like debt collecting-- very violent debt collecting, at that. A few blocks down, the owner of a video store lies bloodied and bruised now, too, in the store's storage area. All for a collection on one loan. Because Tairyu was told to make an example.

IT sickens him. But that part of his pride he just has to swallow, if he doesn't want his sister to get hurt. But it still pains him-- and that frustration and disgust is painted well enough over his face while he wanders down the street.

His scowl only deepens further when he spots the two drunks there. Harrassing some girl around the corner, most likely, he figures. The initial idle stride meant to just get him home is brought to pivot into their direction; he figures he can at least take some frustrations out with a somewhat-justified act of violence and get these punks off of the person around the corner.

...What didn't expect, though, was the violent yank that brings the drunk around the corner well before he gets there, however. For just a few seconds, he stops in his tracks to stare there with surprise, before setting into a jog over to the corner-- where he peeks around. WHat the hell happened?

Felicia, who'd been wearing a sportsbra and jogging shorts and sandals had probably looked like she was wearing some form of lingerie beneath that, even--in the right light, due to her furred arms and legs, however, that is not quite what had happened. She currently had the first man pinned to a wall via sheer strength alone and was tracing her red nailed fingers along his cheek and chin.

"I kid you not, he turns himself into a pickle... and he calls himself... Pickle Rick," Felicia has her claws EXTEND almost a half inch as she uses the tips to play out along the man's upper lip, exposing his teeth and gums. She's got a grin on her face, and is apparently having a lot of fun with this.

"It's the funniest shit I've ever seen, won't you watch it with me?~" she cooes with a smirky grin on her face, before the man's cohort darts into the alley after him--he's met with a very large, white-furred and sports sandalled foot, right to the stomach--doubling over.

"Oooh, that looked like it hurt," Felicia winced, whipping her tied back hair around as she shook her head. Hearing footsteps coming, she lowered her hand from the man's face and tore his shirt off--turning him loose out of the alley, yelping and screaming.

"Men, they never stick around very long," she blinks, seeing the well-dressed Yakuza that is heading right toward her. "Mrrowl..."

Tairyu isn't much the type for hiding, anyway. So it wouldn't have taken terribly long after the initial peek for him to fully step around the corner and set into an all-too-casual step towards the men and the... werecat. Well, just the werecat now, what with the two drunks tearing ass right past him.

He doesn't seem too fazed. Surprised, perhaps, to see someone like Felicia walking around here, sure, but not at all bothered. He just continues on to taking slow steps towards her with a single hand stuck into a pocket, though not at all in a hurry with it. Plenty distance between them still.

"And here I thought I was going to have to introduce one of their faces to the curb," he muses out, voice all rumbling baritones, while his green gaze slowly studies the woman over. Having said that, he comes to a full stop finally, with a couple paces of distance left between him and the blue-haired and -furred werecat, his brows slightly knitted together.

"But you look very well like you could be plenty trouble too, if you wanted to be."

"What? Nahhh--I didn't wanna hurt them, just scare them a little," Felicia lets the scraps of the man's shirt drift from her splayed nails. "Just a buncha drunk dickheads anyway, sure they could have hurt someone, but there are ways to stop 'em without tossing them on their heads," the werecat smiles, looking up at him.

"And how about you? why aren't you running and screaming? aren't you afraid I'm gonna bite you, and turn you into a were-catwoman too?" she grins, having too much fun again. "I'm sure there are some guys that'd be into that," she rocks on the heels of her sandals, shaking her head.

"Wouldn't work, before you get your hopes up--Catwomen aren't /that/ kind of lycanthrope," she puts a hand to her chin. "More... therianthropic? I guess?" she shrugs.

"Not really in the habit of running," Tairyu insists, still considering the woman from a few paces away with his brows furrowed into an idle scowl.

"Not really in the habit of running," Tairyu insists, still considering the woman from a few paces away with his brows furrowed into an idle scowl. "You saying I should be running? You gonna try to do something to me? Or you got something to be hiding?"

He's awful casual about it regardless. Hand in one pocket still and all. Though... when she goes on the tangent about bites and lycanhropy, his scowl recedes a measure, for the sake of a significantly... unamused look. "... I'm... sure there's a place you can go to or any kind of thing," he mutters. "I even got tricked to going into a some club where women dressed like nurses treated the customers like babi-... erhn... Nevermind..." He shakes his head with a shiver. Not a memory he wanted to trudge back up, perhaps. "...But. No. I'm not trying to get bitten."

"Pfft, you wish," Felicia snerks and shakes her head at the mention of 'doing' something to him. "Not really, I'm not really looking to fight, I'm more of a lover, not a fighter, hon," she waves it off, turning to start to move down the street at a lackadasical pace.

"Ewww, infantilism, but hey--not gonna judge if that's your thing," she snerks, letting her arms swing at her side lightly as she walks, her long white tail swaying about behind her.

"I wouldn't bite ya anyway, if it helps?"

"......It was very much not," Tairyu grumbles in protest. "Believe me, that was... not what I thought it was going to be."

He doesn't really go straight to motion when she does, though he does draw out that hand from his pocket finally when she passes him, eyes tracking her.

"You ain't worried someone's gonna try somethin' worse on someone like you?" He calls after her, then. "I've heard some of the stories, you know."

"I've got no interest myself, I like more... uh, adults," Felicia looked back at the man, assuming he was following her. "What? trying to grab me, or do worse? They can try, then they'll probably get my claws," she waggles her otherwise furry fingers, which bore the pointed red nails at her tips. Of course, they look rather benign now, but she just had them almost fully extended earlier in the alleyway--where Tai couldn't see. At their full extension, they curved nearly at a right angle, more like meathooks. This was possible due to shapeshifting, largely.

"Stories about what? weird diaper clubs?" she teases.

"....Why exactly are you hanging on that part?" Tairyu lets out a grunt and a displeased shiver all over again. Ugh. He really did not want to think any more about that. "But, no. Stories about folks like you."

He does inevitably turn to following after her, if only out of sheer curiousity over her. "WEll, not that it seems to matter. You're clearly determined enough to handle yourself either way."

"I kid, babe, jeez, do all you yakuza types have no sense of humor?" Felicia looked back at him with a raised eyebrow and a bit of a grin. Yeah she could tell from the outfit what /he/ was, just as much as he could tell from the ears, furs, eyes and claws what /she/ was.

"Storis about my kind? We're from Makai, originally, though a lot of us settled in the human world, here," she gestured around. "A lot of the makai creatures are bigger and meaner things than us, and we like the easy life, I figure," she nodded, slowing so that she can keep pace with him.

"I absolutely have a sense of humor," he promptly protests. Though that he has to protest like that in the first place probably doesn't make his case very convincing, does it?

He gives a look down at himself, then, with his arms briefly spread. "...I'm that obvious though, am I? Feh. I did kept getting told I 'look the type', but..."

His hands find their way back into his pockets, and he considers Felicia all over again from the pace or so behind her. "You're definitely not as off-putting or violent as the stories people kept saying lead to believe, though. Goes to show how bias works, huh?"

"You totally do, unfortuantely however I'm not afraid of you," Felicia turns her head to him with a smirk, apparently pretty brave for a catwoman all by her lonesome. She waves it off, however. In a very 'fuggedabout it' kind of way.

"It's no big deal, I've honestly run into a lot of you, kind of hard not to in Southtown, the Italians might be a lot smaller than before, but you 'chivralous groups' ain't exactly going anywhere, I don't think," she clucked her tongue.

"Do I look like I'm wanting you to be afraid of me?" Tairyu asks this with both of his brows lifting up. He does stop briefly at her following words, and then scratches briefly at one of his cheeks with a single finger. "...I don't know about 'chivalrous' these days," he grumbles, with a returning scowl. Something in his thoughts is certainly bothering him, relating to that. "...But, I don't have any issue with you either way. Ain't need to be trying to get you scared or anything."

"Most Yakuza /do/, they like scary things, tattoos, weapons, weird dangerous exotic pets..." Felicia shrugs. "A lot of the older ones anyway, a lot of the chimpira are a lot more subtle about it, until they get made, I suppose," her sandals slap against the sidewalk as she walks, sounding a fair bit quieter than one might expect from a lady of such a muscley stature.

"Name's Felicia, then, hon--put her there," she extends a hand, as if to shake--but if the man offers his own hand, he'll find her tail wrapping about and shaking his hand instead. She cackles, apparently loving that joke.

"The intimidation is for people you need to take you seriously," Tairyu claims, shaking his head. "That kind of shit ain't how I'm meant to live. I ain't going to be some third-rate drug lord from South America."

He slows to a stop again when she turns to offer her hand. He looks a bit bemused at it , though he does understand the gesture. Just... he's more used to the bowing thing. Regardless, he does reach his hand over in turn. "Tairyu Katashi," he offers in returned introduction, stating his name in the typical japanese manner. He twitches a bit in place, too, when he finds a tail grasping onto his hand instead of... well, her hand, but he doesn't get fazed enough by it to try to escape the grasp. Instead, he looks curiously at the blue tail itself, and... then brushes his fingers through the fur covering it. "...That's soft."

"Well, no, you can't be, you're from Japan, silly," Felicia gives the yakuza a friendly poke with her finger in the bicep, as if to emphasize her joke. Meanwhile, her tail unwraps from his hand after shaking it, pulling back behind herself.

"Of course it's soft, I use a good shampoo and conditioner, Tairyu-kun~" she grinned at him, apparently not being tired of being playful with him.

"Course, feel around and higher and you'll have to pay for it, buddy," she snerks.

"That's not quite the point I was making." Though Tairyu might protest, one corner of his mouth does twitch up briefly. He doesn't even try to swat her hand away when she pokes at his arm (and the hefty, firm muscle there) through his sleeve.

He does, however, lift his brows up in bemusement over the use of '-kun', though he elects not to make a fuss about it. But his eyes do narrow, then, at her last comment. "...Somehow you don't really strike me as the kind of woman who would... do that kind of business." THe most polite way of saying that he can come up with anyway.

"But.. You're saying the tail's free estate, then?"

"I don't, used to dance in strip clubs back in the day, to make ends meet, didn't stick with that long, though," Felicia waggles a finger. "Sure, if you are brave enough to play with a cat's tail and all that, it doesn't end well for everyone, especially if it's a strange cat," she giggles, pausing at a shop window to peer at something for a hot minute.

"You seem pretty curious all of a sudden, is that the reason you didn't run away?~" she teases.

"Well, I don't judge either way, it's not like most people do that because they *want* to." Tairyu shrugs his shoulders in a slow roll. When it comes to the subject of her tail again, he hums a quiet little chuckle within his throat. "Told you I'm not one for running away, right?"

He comes to a stop right besides her, so that he can get a look at what exactly she's peering at through the window while noting, "Ain't like that. You were just an interesting figure to begin with." And for that matters, he needs people to talk to who aren't with Aizawa-Gumi and the Syndicate, but he's not going to admit to that.

"It was one of the few 'legitimate' lines of work I could get into back in the states, and that was /before/ Metro was attacked," Felicia sighed. "It did however lead me to a lot of business connections with... well, I wouldn't say a lot of /you/, because it was with more American and uh... continental types," she turned and started walking slowly again.

"It went from niche exotic stripping to rubbing shoulders with some underworld types, you know, the usual catwoman business," she rolled her eyes.

"Then I got a job at Violet Systems, and things got better."

"That's considered normal for catpeople?" Asks Tairyu with a faintly amused tone in his voice, hands sticking down into the pockets of his pants all over again when he turns to walking with her. Alongside her now, rather than a pace behind her. "Not that I would know, though. You're the only catperson I know."

A tilt of his head guides a sidelong look to her, curious all over again. "So what're you doing 'round these parts now, then?"

"Didn't think we had one, I've heard some rumors of types like me around--besides some of the horde that attacked Southtown a few weeks ago. Most run with different performing acts--you know, circus here, a sideshow there--I hear a couple might be in the hands of some 'exotic' pet owners, gonna look into that pretty soon," Felicia grimaced. "Humans like to keep big cats like cheetahs and leopards sometimes, I guess it's only a natural progression from that to things like me, huh?" she made a 'really?' sort of face.

"Was trying to find an old friend of mine, plus I heard about the violence here, so decided to see if any of the old haunts were still around."

"...'Exotic pets'." The repeated words come with a tinge of disbelief -- but the look on his face that comes right after is one of realization. No, he really couldn't put any of that past some of the people he knows about, could he? "...That just sounds like another form of slavery more than anything. Well... I am in... a bit of an odd situation, these days, but I know about plenty of places around here, so if you need help looking for something specific, I can see what I can do."

A sideward look sent towards her tail then. "I won't even ask to rub the tail again in return."

"Why's that so surprising? What do you think marriage is," Felicia snerks, giving the Yakuza man a wink. "Tell you what, if you buy me dinner we can talk more, how's that sound?" she nods a little, pausing to half-turn toward Tai and smile a little.

"I do warn however, I don't eat that light," she pats one of those Capcom-girl hips of hers. It's clearly substantial.

"I am almost positive that is not the same thing," Tairyu points out in near-perfect deapdan. Though after a whole two seconds of considering that, he adds in, "At least not most of the time."

Then, the offer? He arches one dark brow up, and folds his firmly-muscled arms loosely up over his chest. Considering it... and letting his gaze follow the path of her hand to the pat to her own hip. His eyes might linger there for just a bit longer than entirely necessary.

"Yeah, alright," he ultimately decides with a decisive nod and an unfolding of his arms. "I know a couple good places that are still open at this hour."

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