Gen - Youkai Noodle Dandy

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Description: A vampire and a youkai walk into a restaurant owned by a master assassin, and... have you heard this one? No? Well... it goes like this.

Sunset draws long shadows across Southtown as the daystar dips into the sea, its skyscrapers' dark relief cast vast distances from certain vantage points, the shortest and stoutest man looking for a moment like he might be an impossibly tall, lithe alien of a thing. A rather unremarkable dinner "rush" clears out of the Genhanten in Chinatown, and a short span later, twilight draws its shade across the world.

sheen of silvery blue is cast by the brilliant enigma of the waxing gibbous moon, tilting the palette in which Chinatown is drawn in a way that seems quite compatible with its traditional architecture and ornate facades. The Genhanten is open until nine, tonight-- but the only customer still inside at quarter-past eight is an elderly lady enjoying tea and noodles in one corner of the well-appointed establishment.

Marketing outside the door declares in attention-grabbing font, coiled with the shop's signature dragon art: << Best food, best fighters! Beat our staff-- eat free! >>. There's fine print about the liability issue under that, and valid hours clearly posted in larger numerics over the fine print. These hours are not those hours. The only "staff" currently on duty seems to be one tiny old man working at (largely cleaning, at this point) the expansive cookstation dividing the kitchen from the dining room, and allowing patrons to watch Gen at work. Or one of the lesser chefs, if their standards are low.

A goblin who looks like a Warcraft goblinoid escaped to the real world only to have fallen in love with hip-hop, suddenly pops into view a few feet above the roof of the establishment and then drops down to land atop it with a noisy clang. It tilts its baseball cap up to look over the signage with sincere curiousity before reaching for its oversized Beats head set to remove them from its ears and to let them dangle around a nearly to think neck.

"Hey, hey, hey! This is the place! I told you, champ! Now come on in so we can go Liiiiive!!!"

Infront of the resturant, down by the streets, a sudden ripple occurs as if a strange localized heatwave had decided to stroll its way into the area and roll across the land like some sort of fog. It enlarges in size, swamping over the roads and sidewalks and then the ground begins to shake with the rumbling force of something vast incoming and getting closer and closer and closer.

The distortion bends and warps and suddenly pushes outward as if it were but saranwrap attempting to hold back an incoming semi truck. The ground rocks even more violently and then..Kongou arrives..pressing into view from elsewhere with his immense feet thundering against the earth with all the delicacy of a herd of elephants attempting to gingerly walk through a crowded mall.

Horns honk and cars screech to a halt as the goliath begins to make his way across the streets with little fanfare or interest in the disruption he is causing as he draws nearer to Genhanten with clear interest spelled across his face and curious eyes. "Ah hah! Zeke! You are right indeed! Alright! Time to get some views...! Make sure you get my good side this time and don't lose the footage or I am leaving you back in The Backyard again!"

"Aw.." complains the goblin, "That wasn't my fault though.."

Goblins on the roof, ogres in the street. They arrive with no shortage of fanfare, but short of a prick of one eyebrow as it all begins, the old man responds little at all to the commotion outside. Not yet, at least.

No, Gen does what he was doing, wiping down a serving platter with a clean towel and tucking it away, continuing the laborious process of preserving today's prep overflow for tomorrow's soups and dumplings. Horns honk, Kongou stomps, the elderly lady savoring her tea looks up, concerned, then looks over to Gen. The tiny chef lids some bbq and slips it in a fridge, just nodding to the woman.

She then continues to eat and drink, abundantly calmer all of a sudden; odd, that. Whistling a quiet melody, Gen takes down a wok and flips it in one hand, settling it to the burner in thoughtful preparation. Might as well be a best case scenario fellow-- it serves to amuse the jaded elder assassin, at any rate.

"Hello! Hello!"

Kongou's massive fingers wiggle and his huge hand waves as he steps through the street and onto the walkway approaching the diner. He swivels his head from side to side, looking over those present and noting the..unusual reaction.

"Hmm..this is strange."

"Maybe they are getting used to you finally, champ? I mean, you did fight in the SNF right? And your Fighttube subscriber count is up.." offers Zeke.

"I do not think these people watch Fighttube." offers Kongou, "They seem....old."

He seems momentarily flustered as if the lack of reaction to his immensity is something he's not sure how to deal with or process. But that doesn't last to long. It is shrugged off as he gets a good look at the sign and he begins to approach it, heading right for it and the entrance to the place. An entrance that looks entirely to small for him and yet despite that he shows no signs of slowing as if intending on plowing his way right in.

"Ah..I am here for this." he declares, pointing at the challenge as he moves past the sign and for the way into the diner. "Where does one sign up?"

This question is posed to the world at large although Zeke, the goblin helper, hops down from rooftop perch to assist the youkai behemoth. "Hey gramps! You work here?"

Those outside the restaurant may be alarmed-- but within there is serenity and safety. At least, until Kongou barrels from without, to within. As the meat mountain speaks, the diminutive old chef looks up at him with dark, intent eyes. "Too late-- that promotion is for busy hours, and to pull in audiences who //buy food//." The customer is not necessarily always right, in Gen's estimation. Nor does he pretend his servers are, in fact, the BEST FIGHTERS. They lose. They lose more than his poor dumpling supply can take.

"The special is not to satisfy the nighttime appetites of Ogres!!" It's not spoken with the fear and derision Kongou might be used to, nor the mix of awe and intrigue espoused by ignorant fans and fight afficianados. No, Gen just calls it like he sees it, like Kongou is something he's used to, like nothing about this is particularly odd.

The old man looks the youkai up and down once, then nods. "You want Chun-Li. Who knows when she will be in next-- terrible help." Gen shakes his head. The young woman remains a horrid disappointment, clearly. "If you want dim sum tonight, if you cannot resist our Lo Mein..." Gen chortles almost gleefully, then the old man drives the chef's knife he was drying into its block without looking, in a motion almost too fast to follow. "You pay."


Kongou looks..wounded! Zeke blinks a few times and then can't help but attempt to hold back a laugh at Kongou's reaction. The blue behemoth looks downright pricked.

"! I, good sir, am -no- mere ogre. Do you mistake me for Makai? Some random Darkstalker? No! I am a Youkai from a place that I am learning so many of you and yours know and understand little of!"

A Youkai basically boiling down to 'magical being' in essence he might as well be some form of ogre.

"I am no mere oni or denizen of the demon world. My reputation shakes the very foundations of Outworld and the Makai!" A slight exagerration but he seems to be getting into performance mode as when he speaks he brings both of his fists up, balled up and then pounds one onto a meaty pectoral, producing a loud thwacking-thump that resounds through the area.

"And I -have- some of your puny Earth Realm money..and I -will- pay. Besides..I am shackled by the strange ways of this world and imposed with a limiter on me so you people should stand a fair chance as I am weak as a kitten!"

Kongou then turns towards Zeke, who is filming, and grins to the camera phone, "Oh..are we Live? Yes..always pay for your food."

Gen applauds lightly. The old man chortles with even more merriment. He seems to consider more or less every word of Kongou's little speech something of a joke; which, to be fair, it somewhat is. Particularly if one understands its more in-joke elements.

"As you like, Youkai." It really doesn't seem to fuss Gen either way. Whatever the large fellow prefers to call himself, really. "Yes, yes, weak as a kitten." The elderly fellow doesn't seem to buy it, muttering on, "One's channel to the Universe varies with the Realms, I read somewhere." Beat. Oil is retrieved. "That is why you might be a match for that particular useless girl." Maybe; juuuust maybe.

It's also why the not-Ogre would be wasted against the likes of Yun, Yang, or Hotaru; but Gen leaves out the more complimentary part. "What would you like, my giant blue friend with the obviously not a goblin tagalong, to forestall my one star review?!" Gen's eyebrows do a little dance; one, then the other, back and forth a few brief spans.

"What I -want-.." Kongou grins, creaking his monstrous physique with a rumble of a distant earthquake occuring deep in his flesh, "Is to find the strong, test them and perhaps even learn from them as I build a society worthy of their prowress!"

There is a pause as he lets that hang in the air and then he settles down abruptly, "...But some of your good food will do. Uuuuuh..whatever is delicious. However.." He pauses to point at the sign, "I came here for this! Not to simply buy the food under normal circumstances for I could do that any time! Quite unfair, unfair indeed. I will have to consider a poor review of your facility on the...ah..internet." He rubs his jaw, scratching lightly at his red beard in thought, "Hmm..a 'review bomb' isn't it?"

"Sure champ! Something like that happened to that one video you put up..."

"Those downvotes were from robot accounts!!" exclaims Kongou with a petulant fury.

"Well then maybe you shouldn't threaten to review bomb.."

Zeke's response is muttered as the giant glares at him and then looks back into the kitchen, "Good food. Yes."

If destruction to the building was left in the youkai's wake, one of the world's oldest men surveys it with a lofty brow, one hand adjusting his monocle before he goes on to step through the rubble. If none was left, he'd still make his way inside. The sight of Kongou does give the fellow pause, but the clothing this gentleman is in happens to be very out-of-fashion, albeit not nearly as out of place as the mighty Youkai. And while the monster perhaps doesn't know the man behind him's name, the man himself does seem to know his -- he says it aloud, at the very least.

"What on Earth is Kongou doing here?"

Never mind how many ways the question works. While he might think aloud, he doesn't do anything more to interrupt the proceedings -- in fact, he stands behind the giant as if in line.

A review bomb. Gen's eyes narrow. His thick, wrinkled brows knit with intense, ominous tightness. For the briefest, blink and it's long missed moment, the entire restaurant seems to grow a level dimmer before light works properly again. "In decades past, entire clans would be extinguished for such dishonor." The Tiny Old Man's voice is quieter, but far more forceful than their interactions to this point.

It would be impossible to convince almost anyone-- possibly even Kongou-- that the diminutive, elderly chef was threatening not only said rather large ogre, but his entire supernatural bloodline; but Gen said what Gen said. Because this is a moment for subverting expectations, not only does Kongou agree to pay for whatever Gen doesn't have to haul everything out again to cook (it's ALL good, thanks!), but they're further saved by the arrival of a very old, very dapper, rather powerful vampire.

Slayer murmurs his rhetorical questions-within-a-question, and Gen's features flicker in less than a frame back towards the whimsically enigmatic. "You're in luck, not-Ogre seeker of culinary delights and combat." Slayer's probably worldly enough, Gen-familiar enough to see what's coming next, but it would be hard to stop it short of abrupt display of preternatural speed and acuity!

"-That- dapper fellow behind you is among the //strongest// in this world, or so they say." Someone must say that about Slayer. Gen just said that about Slayer. It's self-fulfillingly legit. "I will fill you both with dim sum after your struggle!" Gen's a little too gleeful about this; it's probably amusement at how clever is his wit to offer a vampire his cooking.

It's about that time that those lights dimmed for a half-instant that Zeke's signal started going a bit haywire on the livestream, though.

"Hey! What gives!!" Zeke's complaints at the interference with the broadcasting flickers into the air as he starts struggling with the recording equipment in clear confusion as to the what, why and how of what's going on.

Kongou, however, seems much more in tune, so to speak, and at Gen's anger he arcs an eyebrow and allows a big full toothed grin to creak across his features. Nevertheless he continues his own rhetoric and makes his offer of an exchange of finances for good food.

Slayer's arrival does come abit unexpectedly, however, and the huge youkai pauses and then turns to look behind him and down to the dapper fellow. "Oh hoh..a fan!" he rumbles cheerfully while stepping slightly to the side and turning around completely to give Slayer a good look. At Gen's prompting he blinks a few times and then allows a rumbling laugh to bark forth from the depths of his massive chest and wide belly.

"Oooh! From grouchy cook and dangerous entity to instigator! You are crafty, old man. Hmm." He pauses, nose wrinkling now as he leans forward to try and give Slayer a good examination, "I have learned to be slower to judge on appearences though.. Since coming here I have met another old man, a King of the Iron Fists, who had considerable power as such things are measured here. And also a confused young lady who..was quite angry about the destruction of fake horses and unicorns and generated a strange and strong aura due to it..."

When Gen introduces Slayer as one of the world's strongest, the vampire has the humility to at least look over his shoulder. Delight crosses his face afterwards, and he turns warm eyes on Gen, a smile finding his face easily.

"Well, I /am/ dapper," he boasts, revealing that to be what he's taking as the compliment, turning that smile onto the massive giant as well, whom he looks up and down. "I never thought I'd see the mighty Kongou up close and personal, though," he adds as an afterthought, head tilting way back to appreciate the size difference between the two.

"While I do admit I too enjoy fine cuisine and fine combat, I would not want to damage this shop any further," he stresses, despite the fact the building might see routine combat.

As Kongou inspects him, Slayer does puff out his chest, if only in an effort to appear even more gentlemanly. "I am indeed a fan -- though I think you could do with some self-control." The vampire's eyes shift about briefly. "You tend to leave quite the mess."

"Instigator." Gen huffs the word. "/You're/ the gigantic blue creature repeatedly bellowing that you came here for a fight!" Kongou may not be wrong, that wily not-Ogre, but then-- neither is Gen! There's a positively dour, lingering attention paid to Slayer's reaction to Kongou; how often -does- an old vampire sound a little like Yun?

"Date later--" Gen advises Slayer and Kongou, gesturing dramatically back towards the finely decorated entryway, "-- Outside, now!"

Slayer makes a very valid point. The fights typically hosted in this "arena" are hardly on the level of either of them. The elderly chef doesn't bother acknowledging this, however. He just gestures thrice more, that much more insistently. "I will bring food." It's a measurable compromise, admittedly. "... and teach this lumbering ego what his foolish curiosity seeks to know!!" Kongou's standing //right there//, Gen.
"Instigator." Gen huffs the word. "/You're/ the gigantic blue creature repeatedly bellowing that you came here for a fight!" Kongou may not be wrong, that wily not-Ogre, but then-- neither is Gen! There's a positively dour, lingering attention paid to Slayer's reaction to Kongou; how often -does- an old vampire sound a little like Yun?

"Date later--" Gen advises Slayer and Kongou, gesturing dramatically back towards the finely decorated entryway, "-- Outside, now!"

Slayer makes a very valid point. The fights typically hosted in this "arena" are hardly on the level of either of them. The elderly chef doesn't bother acknowledging this, however. He just gestures thrice more, that much more insistently. "I will bring food." It's a measurable compromise, admittedly. "... and teach this lumbering ego what his foolish curiosity seeks to know!!" Kongou's standing //right there//, Gen.

"Self" Then Gen chimes in as well and the behemoth grows flustered, "But.what..the...but.." protests Kongou, caught in a difficult spot now. "You are the one that had the sign out! Why is this all suddenly my fault!"

Also, Slayer indeed raises a good point. Kongou's mass destruction seems to be more a result of being made oblivious to it being wrong or being caught up in his antics as opposed to him being out to wreck other peoples things and cause difficulties. Plus there's the problem of simply being a gigantic ogre-creature-thing in a world not made for such beings. A problem only a percentage of percentages of the locals can relate to.

As he gets shooed back out into more open spaces he does comply though he comments, "You know..if you are worried about damages..I am afraid that this will not be enough... Do you not have what is You have mastered throwing flames, and aura and leaping over buildings. Certainly you break things in your matches..?"

It doesn't seem like Gen is leaving the vampire much choice -- though Slayer looks Kongou up and down as they move back through the entryway out into more open space. It's there that the vampire notices something is off -- his eyes briefly flick to Gen -- though he realizes the human man probably doesn't have the experience with the Youkai as Slayer does, and might not see whatever it is he sees.

"Your gait is a little off, Kongou," the vampire remarks once outside. "Perhaps it's some sort of transdimensional weakness. Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone -- maybe I can help you recalibrate yourself." He might as well be rambling at this point, before he suddenly realizes his manners. He bows to the giant at the waist. "I am Slayer," he tells the Youkai. And then something occurs to him, and he looks over towards Gen.

"The loser gets noodles as well, doesn't he?"

"Look at you, an otherworldly titan haranguing an aging restauranteur for free food with intent to destroy my livelihood!!" Gen just deflects it all back on Kongou's addled shoulders as the pair return to the Outside World-- where of course, property damage is perfectly fine, since it's not Gen's. Never mind how insured he is! "Losers get //special// dragon rolls, to enhance toughness!" Gen promises; or threatens.

Naturally, the little old man prepares enough for quite the appetite, just looking at Kongou and knowing Slayer is one of those rare left... unliving in the world who actually appreciate a bit of politesse and hospitality. ... Even if he is getting punched in the face for it, these things balance out; that's the way of the cosmos. It delays him in the kitchen for some span of minutes, enough time for the other two to get warmed up-- and perhaps OHKO themselves out of his hair for the evening, who knows.

"-- fool youkai can't tell he's the one out of touch with his power, and the might of -our- realm..." the little old man mutters as he returns to heat up a pan, and gather together everything that's Good Cold possible.

"But..but..the sign!" protests Kongou to Gen, pointing right at it as his goblin friend, Zeke, just films it all gleefully - with the big brute having totally forgotten they'd gone Live for this.

"The sign!" he repeats, completely confused on what he seems to have misunderstood. Or at least being manipulated well enough to feel like he misunderstood it all.

Slayer seems to be the saving grace here as Kongou whips his attention back over to the ancient being and just blinks a few times in surprise and then seems to be attempting to peer at the situation with his own sense of 'second sight' so to speak. This causes him to draw back slightly as if finally getting the picture that he is indeed in the presence of some considerable beings here.

"Hmmmm?" he rumbles before finally nodding his head rapidly, " you can see that! How embaressing. I am so embaressed.. Yes! I am a little off. So unsightly. It has plauged me since I finally came to this realm and I haven't been able to quite shake it off or figure out why." he rubs his jaw in thought, "You can help? How generous! I would not know how to properly repay you for such an act!"

"I can /try/ to help," Slayer corrects Kongou gently, as he straightens out his cuffs, eyes shifting towards Zeke nearby. "I should warn you not to stare directly into live video feed of me, my little green friend," he calls out gently to the creature, before looking up and up at Kongou again. And then he steps forward, trying to do things to correct the giant's stance -- it's all probably a futile effort, but he moves nimbly about, checking the huge blue creature's hands and elbows.

"It might be beyond my expertise -- you'll have to widen your stance to compensate for some strength loss -- perhaps bend your knees a little, like you're ready to lunge..." He gets lost in thought for a moment, before his eyes close and he begins to pick up the scents from the kitchen, stopping his light and somewhat lengthy futile examination of the titan. "Regardless -- I must insist you try the lo mein after all this," he thinks to bring up. "It's to die for."

Gen's brows waggle in smug satisfaction as Kongou (and Slayer) ponder what the hell is even going on here. He whistles while he works, a jaunty and reflexive old melody to the bubbling of stock and the quick sautee of various spiced ingredients to add to said boiling concoction. It's a challenge to teach technique over just "being stronger" to not an ogre, but Slayer is left to do it without the acerbic old man to further prod Kongou to a reactive state wherein he might be unable to use his thinky thinky parts properly.

Indeed, it's going to take the aged chef some minutes to complete his alleged masterwork, and it's only then that the little fellow re-emerges with a wheeled cart, its stainless expanse bearing several burners, on which simmer two stock pots-- garlic vegetable and spicy beef.

These savory broths are surrounded by various raw ingredients, a big bowl of sauced noodles, and a platter of dumplings. There is also a single, tiny egg roll. Gen rolls this out and surveys the pair wordlessly, simply watching the prompted confrontation develop; at first.

Oh no good sir. He may be blue. He may be big. He may lack wisdom but he's not exactly dumb either and has enough craft to now when someone is attempting to play him.

He also tends to speak his mind, clumsily perhaps, but he says what's on it and he clucks his tongue a few times before wagging a finger in Gen's direction while rumbling in slayer's, "I think he just swindled you into fighting me instead of doing his due diligence. If his place of business is is not my fault! Breaking things is part of my technique!"

He does consider Slayers words and attempts at assisting him and he purses his lips in thought before noting, "Mmm..I am afraid that I do not think this will help but perhaps I'm wrong. Time and further training will be of use on this matter. I will attempt to do as you suggest..." He seems to relax, settling into what could be considered a combat stance of some sort as he beckons to Slayer, "Very well..let us begin! But do not hurl me in the direction of the resturant hmm?"

When Kongou wags his sizable finger in Gen's direction once he wheels the cart out, Slayer's eyes drift between all three items (both the other two men and the cart), though if he feels swindled -- or holds it against the old man that he was swindled -- his expression remains as warm as ever, and he takes a moment to take in the smells. When Kongou declares the match a start, Slayer looks up at the giant, before reluctantly taking his hands out of his pockets. This was after all a more formal affair, and not some ruffian attacking him.

"I don

When Kongou wags his sizable finger in Gen's direction once he wheels the cart out, Slayer's eyes drift between all three items (both the other two men and the cart), though if he feels swindled -- or holds it against the old man that he was swindled -- his expression remains as warm as ever, and he takes a moment to take in the smells. When Kongou declares the match a start, Slayer looks up at the giant, before reluctantly taking his hands out of his pockets. This was after all a more formal affair, and not some ruffian attacking him.

"I don't have any intentions of hurling you anywhere, Kongou. I do humbly request we try to keep collateral damage to a minimum -- however, I understand if it can't be helped."

He'll just have to try to minimize the damage during the combat, he supposes. Oh well. It couldn't be helped.

"Well then. Let's be about it!"

Rather than assume an actual combat stance, Slayer begins to approach Kongou slowly, spreading his arms as if in invitation.

COMBATSYS: Slayer has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Slayer           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kongou has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Slayer           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

Oh my. Well then. Kongou scratches his head briefly. It's entirely possible he has no techniques that do not involve at least -some- form of property damage. He's an not-ogre after all! What do people expect!

"Very well!" he decides, eventually just giving up. It's all Gen's fault after all so..serves him right!

"Begin we shall!"

With that decleration, the giant brings his massive arms back, huge chest swelling, hands tensing and then swinging back around again to collide together producing a loud *WHOOOOM* that shakes the air and rocks the ground. Dust and rocks are blown away as a visible shockwave tears through the air towards the approaching Slayer. Pure force that sets off nearby car alarms though, wisely, most people have cleared out to give the combatants plenty of room.

COMBATSYS: Slayer blocks Kongou's Thunderous Applause.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Slayer           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

When Kongou claps his hands together, Slayer's eyebrow lifts too late. He's thrown backwards by the violent shockwave -- thrown backwards through the air, his body flipping rapidly head over heels -- and then he lands in a convertible. It's an important distinction that he lands in it -- not on it. He lands in the back seat, in a seated position no less, his arm draped over the back of the seat.

The car alarms going off does have him lift one hand to rub briefly at his ear, and then he hops out of the vehicle, straightening his clothing. "Well done! Even without your full strength, to be capable of such force!" He has to call out, so far he was flung, and he looks behind him briefly as if to gauge the distance.

And then he's a shadowy blur -- someone with very keen eyes might be able to make him out, but he moves with incredible speed, then launching his fist forward -- the strike is aimed directly at Kongou's stomach.

COMBATSYS: Kongou blocks Slayer's Weakened Dandy Step.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Slayer           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Kongou

The impact slams against Kongou's vast belly like a sledgehammer against a fortress well. All no doubt can sense the impact and feel the shockwave and even see it as it ripples through the behemoths belly and up along the expansive over-muscled torso.

The giant just more or less stands there, still grinning.

"Oh hoh! Very good! Though I do apologize for not operating at full strength. I mean no insult!"

A massive fist lunges forward again, hurtling at Slayer only to pause at the very last instance..and then send a single finger flicking up and outward like some sort of battering ram for the smaller fighter.

"I will do my best!"

COMBATSYS: Kongou successfully hits Slayer with Ten-Ton Flick.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Slayer           0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0           Kongou

When Slayer's fist connects and Kongou doesn't budge, the vampire looks at where he hit, then up at the blue giant's face. When the fist lunges towards him -- and then the finger flicks out, the vampire is once again thrown off his feet -- this time crashing against a different and wailing vehicle, one that raises a little briefly before it settles back on its tires. Still, even despite that -- Slayer seems to lounge in the dent he made like a makeshift throne, pushing to his feet again afterwards.

"...No apology neccessary, Kongou. I assure you you'll do quite well here, regardless of your handicap."

And then he's a blur again, throwing a jab with the same hand, wind rippling around his arm.

COMBATSYS: Slayer successfully hits Kongou with Pile Bunker.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Slayer           0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0           Kongou

"Ohhh.." rumbles Kongou in a sort of non committal rumbling grunt as he continues to bear down on Slayer, following after the smaller fighter with heavy plodding steps even as the other man recovers and then comes launching in again.

The giants eyes flicker, attempting to catch some sight of the vampire but it is to no avail as suddenly Slayer re-appears before him and that first comes lunging in towards him powerfully.

This one seems to have more of an effect. The giant, perhaps, unable to tighten his body up to blunt the force of the blow as before but it also doesnt' push him back or cause him to indicate any sort of true damage has been done. One can feel the blow is more successful but Kongou merely blinks and keeps that same friendly look on his features.

A loud *WHOOOOSH* occurs as his massive arm swings down and then up again like some sort of catapult being launched and aiming for Slayer's whole body. The shockwave can be felt before his blow would even land, as he attempts to literally launch Slayer high into the air from the impact.

COMBATSYS: Slayer fails to interrupt Orbital Launcher from Kongou with Crosswise Heel.
-@- Dazing Hit! -@-

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Slayer           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Kongou

When his last punch doesn't move Kongou either, Slayer's fist unravels and he looks down at his hand -- and then he's smashed by Kongou's arm -- the vampire is rocketed up into the air, and while he tries to kick Kongou on his way up, it doesn't work. He's airborne -- but despite that, he seems remarkably calm -- in fact, he seems to be taking about as much damage from Kongou's strikes as Kongou is taking from his -- although his much smaller body is being thrown about like a ragdoll.

This fact has not gone unnoticed either. Kongou's eyes squint slightly as he observes Slayers flight. It's as if he's ..beating up on some sort of training dummy, so to speak. It just sort of takes the hits and goes on about its business. It's certainly a first time for this and he actually takes a moment to look at his massive clenched fist as if trying to see if anything is wrong.

Eventually, he shrugs and by now Slayer is undoubtly on his way which Kongou crouches and then lunges skywards to meet him. His very launch causes seismometers to trigger as he blurs into the air, past Slayer and then back down again this time splaying his huge arms and legs outas if he's about to bellyflop right into the concrete..except as he bears down Slayer is under him for the behemoth intends to crash right atop the vampire and crush him..and probably a few other things unfortunante enough to be in the impact zone, beneath him.

COMBATSYS: Kongou successfully hits Slayer with Meteor Splash.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Slayer           1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1           Kongou


Whatever the case may be, as Kongou leaps into the air, he and Slayer bypass one another -- he might see the vampire looking at his face thoughtfully -- and then he flattens Slayer underneath him.

Under the weight of the giant, Slayer does wonder how many fighters would be able to survive underneath the Youkai. It wouldn't do if he accidentally murders a few people looking to give him the sport he craves, at least not in the vampire's eyes. It's this very reason that he decides to push up -- and push up he tries to do, launching his fist upward in an effort to knock Kongou off him -- and into the air, the same as he was moments before.

COMBATSYS: Kongou barely endures Slayer's Big Bang Upper.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Slayer           0/-------/-----==|=======\=====--\1           Kongou

Indeed, with that impact it's a minor miracle that nobody has been crushed already. He is one lucky creature - or perhaps he's not as clumsy as he lets people -think- he is.. or he's just lucky. Or rather, the people nearby are lucky.

At anyrate if Slayer wants him off - then he's off. The blow forces the blustering "WHOOLF!" from the goliath before it sends him tumbling skywards in a display of force that only the likes of Maxima and Heihachi have managed before and not with such casual gentlemanly flair.

To his credit, he recovers well enough and he twists in the air to land upright and though he stumbles backwards he doesn't trip or fall over onto anyone. This has to be the least damaging fight he's had!

"Hmmm.. You are -rather- resilient.." he muses, "I do not see a speck of dirt on you!"

That said, Kongou goes lunging in again. HIs massive hand reaches out, grasping for Slayer's legs in an attempt to start slamming him around repeatedly and at least get those dapper clothes in need of a wash if nothing else.

COMBATSYS: Slayer just-defends Kongou's Repeated Slams!!

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Slayer           0/-------/-----==|=======\=====--\1           Kongou

That just simply won't do for Slayer. He takes great pride in keeping his clothes spotless -- if Sharon saw even the smallest tear, she might worry, and Slayer can't have that. So when Kongou's hand reaches out Slayer -- who swiftly rose up to his feet after the last punch he threw -- lifts one hand to catch hold of one of Kongou's fingers before it makes it to a limb to wrap around.

"Only /two/ other men have ever threw me so far, you know. Never let anyone say you're weak, Kongou."

Despite the compliment, Slayer throws yet another punch -- this one aimed towards the massive arm that was hurtling towards him just moments before.

COMBATSYS: Slayer successfully hits Kongou with It's Late.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Slayer           0/-------/---====|=======\=======\1           Kongou


Kongou's arm is caught just like that, by the fingers no less..and then just batted away with a not insignifigant blow. He is confused but it is a confusion that quickly passes for he is no neophyte to the supernatural and has seen much in this strange realm he's been tromping through.

"Impressive! I would say even in my weakened state it would be difficult for most to attempt to halt my arm with such ease! You are a mystery..I must know more!"

Which includes getting those clothes dusty because, for goodness sake, at least a smudge would suffice.

"You compliment me and play very fair and so because of that I will refrain from a technique which would certainly destroy this entire battle field. Instead I will do something that will only destroy the area we stand in!"

With that he suddenly lunges forward - briefly blurring from view in a move not unlike Slayer's own casual movements from before. His is accompanied by a shaking of the ground and a rending of the earth from the sheer force of his dash which ends with a monstrous fist suddenly appearing right infront of Slayers face, filling up his entire world view with the immensity of Kongous incoming upper cut--

COMBATSYS: Slayer blocks Kongou's Gigaton Crush.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Slayer           0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0           Kongou

Slayer would voice his surprise at Kongou's speed beforehand were it not for how fast the giant came rippling towards him -- however, the blue behemoth is too fast and Slayer can only instead lift his arms up to try and catch the massive blue one coming towards them.

In this he succeeds, but the very force of the blow sends him into the air -- however, he seems to stop mid-flight, before his body is launched back at Kongou, one foot out in a flying kick.

COMBATSYS: Slayer successfully hits Kongou with Footloose Journey.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Slayer           0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1           Kongou

The kick meets Kongou head on as the behemoth was lunging forward into a leap that was attempting to follow up his attack with a finisher. Alas it is not meant to be as he blinks in surprise as Slayer simply rights himself and then comes launching at him full force to catch the giant straight across the face and then to pass by him as Kongou tumbles and then slams into the ground violently. THe ground shakes and the earth is upended as he slides before arresting himself and launching back to his feet with the use of his strength and momentum to help vault im upright.

"Hmm." he rumbles while rubbing his jaw before then bracing his immense body and twisting back slightly.

He waits, timing Slayers movements until the right moment comes and his body springs around and a gigantic fist is sent towards the earth. A thunderous *KABOOOOM* rips through the area as the earth violently heaves in a directed earthquake of such force that the locals no doubt are quite familiar with the sensation given Japan's history. This, however, is more focused. Directed. It launches across the way, widening its scope in an attemp to slam full force into Slayer and once more send his body flying and into a vulnerable state. Well, that last part isn't likely.

COMBATSYS: Slayer dodges Kongou's Megaton Hammer.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Slayer           0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1           Kongou

Once Slayer lands, he turns around to face Kongou, tugging at his cuffs and then the lapels of his jacket before the earthquake happens. As the earth violently rips towards him, he sighs, a long suffering sigh -- lamenting the destruction of the road. Still, the wave of rocks and shrapnel just won't do -- they might cut into his clothes, and the vampire goes airborne, leaping high into the air and landing in the path of destruction left in the attack's wake.

"I'll have to leave a very large anonymous donation to the city, I think," Slayer supposes, looking over his shoulder to take stock of just how much damage the Youkai has done to the street. He turns to face Kongou again, before...


The vampire bursts forward so quickly he breaks the sound barrier, as he sends a fist careening directly towards the massive blue giant.

COMBATSYS: Slayer successfully hits Kongou with Mach Punch.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Slayer           0/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1           Kongou

"Donations? Well, I, er.." begins Kongou as he straightens up and begins to walk forward..

Only to plow right into that fist. This he cannot no-sell and indeed his eyes bug out as his body heaves backwards and a thunderous *KABTOOOOOM* ripples through the area from the sound barrier being broken and the impact against Kongous seemingly invulnerable hide.

It's quite the blow and Kongou is actually sent sliding backwards, digging the earth up with his heels as he teeters and reels like a drunken sequioa in an attempt to regain his senses and recover some semblance of balance and self control.

"Oooh.." he rumbles, blinking a few times before suddenly bouncing up and down on his heels like some boxer ready to enter the ring.

"I have something similar!" he declares, almost gleefully, seemingly as if he'd just been given permission.

There's a sudden flaring up of chi. A sudden dense aura that billows around the giant as his muscles begin to engorge, enlarging even bigger and his huge frame seems to slowly grow in size. The ground cracks. Rattles. Rumbles as he crouches low and then *BOOOM!*

Again he vanishes, this time exploding into view infront of Slayer to skid to a stop just as his body twists and his huge arm comes hurtling around in a violently destructive punch. The very ground caving in from the behemoths sudden and brief removal of whatever had been limiting his strikes before.

COMBATSYS: Slayer blocks Kongou's Gigantes Impact.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Slayer           1/------=/=======|==-----\-------\0           Kongou

Slayer felt the punch coming before Kongou threw it. Hell, anyone sensitive to that sort of thing probably did, with that flare up of chi. Slayer's all-too calm expression never breaks, but his brows do furrow thoughtfully. This was going to be huge. When the giant vanishes, the vampire braces himself for the impact and decides there's really only one thing to do against such inexplicable force -- try to meet it head on.

And so when the big blue giant explodes back into view before the vampire, Slayer brings one foot back and pivots one fist forward -- it's one of the same jabs as before, but this time it's thrown with much more force and speed. The giant's massive fist and Slayer's fist both meet violently -- there's at least another shockwave for you.

COMBATSYS: Kongou fails to interrupt FB Pile Bunker from Slayer with Gargantua Fist.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Slayer           0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0           Kongou

That whole thing about property damage seems to be going out the window - although to be honest it could be much, much worst. Kongou has indeed been restraining himself but after the past few could one resist?

Unfortunantely things do not go his way this time and by some means he cannot quite explain or justify, Slayers fist is able to meet his punch and defy logic by deflecting the force violently into the air and into the earth and away from the vampire. The two supernatural juggernauts struggle for a moment before Kongou leans into the attack even more so, throwing in another surge of strength to try and force the fist closer and closer to slayer..only to sudenly slip and give way with his massive fist ultimately surging past the vampire to slam violently into the ground while Slayers' fist brushes against him to add additional force and send the giant plowing into the earth.

When Kongou breaks their deadlock, Slayer spins on his heels to face him, expecting another unorthodox technique from the massive Youkai. When none comes immediately, Slayer doesn't take advantage of Kongou's moment of vulnerability -- if one could even call it that. Instead, he steps towards the giant and sucks his teeth slightly.

"I think for all of our sakes it's a good thing you weren't at full power there," he tells the giant conversationally, reaching into his jacket and pulling from it a pipe, which he lips. Gen had prepared all that food, and the truth was while Slayer enjoys the taste, it would be better served in the stomachs of the living then in the stomachs of the long dead. "Well. I'm done for, I think, and glad of it. Quite the fight."

In other words, Slayer is forfeiting.

COMBATSYS: Slayer takes no action.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Slayer           0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0           Kongou


Kongou's head pops up out of the pile of rubble and dirt and then the rest of his body slowly lifts up and rises to its full height.

" interesting! I feel...winded!" He considers the situation and then nods his head in agreement and then gives Slayer a grin and a nod, "Well done then! You have taught me and shown me much! Very intriguing indeed! But you are correct.. We made an agreement to not cause to much damage, mm? So perhaps you are right and enough is enough. You have my gratitude!"

Mind you, there are craters, shattered windows and turn up streets but could have been much worse indeed.

COMBATSYS: Kongou takes no action.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Slayer           0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0           Kongou

COMBATSYS: Kongou has left the fight here.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Slayer           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Slayer has ended the fight here.

Truth be told, it wasn't the devious old man's intent to swindle Slayer into the fight -instead- of him. The fight, however, doesn't go at all how Gen expected it would! First, Slayer is so hard pressed to hold his own that Gen -has- to watch. Then, well-- just look at the damn street. Throughout the exchange, the diminutive master does an almost supernatural job of keeping his cart out of the way, of keeping a perfect vantage point on the violently mobile battle...

...of shouting "HOOLIGANS!!!" and shaking his fist with impressive believability and vigour when disturbed neighbours stick their heads out windows or doors to see what the hell is going on-- and either gawk in spectacle or quickly retreat back within.

This is exceptional even for -this- street of Chinatown, but it's a... particular sort of block. Does anyone remember the movie Kung Fu Hustle? Everyone should love Kung Fu Hustle. Instead of adding to the already spectacular, Gen spectates, and Gen snacks.

By the time Slayer throws in the towel, the hot pot is even more fragrant and flavorful for the chunks of meat and vegetable cooked and savoured by the world's deadliest chef. "You!!" He points at Slayer, first, and then the singular, deceptively tiny fried dumpling on a plate by itself, "Get THIS!" The Dragon Roll. Slayer needs toughening up. //Enjoys the taste// does the vampire? Gen will just see about that!

There's theatricality to the hostility, likely even more clear to both Slayer and Kongou than Gen's initial manipulations. Kongou, however, gets the carrot this time; literally, and figuratively. "Youkai!" Gen then summons, "Eat! Speak to me of your purpose in this realm, now that you have fought our fiercest fop." It's a hard invitation to ignore; the runty assassin has /all/ the food.

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