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Description: Kongou Learns: DO NOT MESS WITH THE PONIES

Normally, the Dream Amusement Park would be lit up even in the darkness of the late night. Right now, though, it's eerily dead and silent. The roller coasters are out of service; ferris wheels tower as motionless black silhouettes against the night sky. The tourism industry in Southtown has been hit hard by the Darkstalker invasion and subsequent gang warfare; this would normally be one of the liveliest spots in the city, but for now, the only sound is the occasional howl of the wind and other things passing through.

That is, with the exception of the clattering of one of the fences cordoning off one of the ferris wheels from casual entrance and egress. A small-ish figure in a red and white hoodie and butterfly-sporting blue jeans is swinging her legs over the fence, boosted up to the top of it by the assistance of a strange figure - a man, some seven or eight feet tall, sporting a cape and a military uniform.

The strangeness lies in that it's not actually a man - it's more like a hologram or ghost, translucent and pinkish-purple, but evidently tangible, as it boosts the girl's feet - then hops the fence in a single jump, landing weightlessly on the other side to catch her as she drops off the fence's top.

"Thanks," the girl says, turning her bright blue eyes up to the pink 'man' and offering a sunny smile in exchange for a tip of the construct's distinctive hat. The figure winks out of existence as Emma turns around to survey the park grounds warily.

"Now... where do they keep the cotton candy?" she wonders, pulling her hoodie tight about her and shivering a little.

The park may be shut down but that doesn't stop there from being wonders galore to explore! How enticing such a place must be to a young mind and body willing to explore locations and examine places normally kept out of reach by adults during the height of activity.

Get a close up look of the rollercoaster cars and tracks and perhaps attempt to walk the tracks yourself to experience the dizzying heights and tremendous drops.

See the Ferris Wheel in all it's glory, looming over the landscape like some silent circular sentinel.

See the giant blue man standing in the middle of the Midway, examining one of the games there, looking like some nightmarish bodybuilder's fever dream of the ultimate superheavy weight monstrosity.

Witness the---well wait, back to the giant blue man.

Yes, there is a colossal blue behemoth standing in the Midway with his back to the arriving girl and his hands on his hips. He's still as a statue and perhaps might even pass for one until the creaking sound of his muscles bunching and sinew stretching fills the air and the impossibly huge titan reaches up to rub his red bearded chin as he studies what looks to be one of those games that involves throwing a baseball or some equiv at a target for a prize.

"Hmm." rumbles the monstrous man before turning and beginning to walk further up the midway towards a nearby Carousel. His very steps shake the ground, cracking the earth and leaving imprints of his vast weight behind his movements. He is, indeed, very much alive.

Along Emma comes, her arms eventually unwrapping as the walk starts to build up warmth inside her. Her eyes fall to the path in front of her as she starts to notice cracks in it - and begins carefully toeing her way around them, stepping lightly to avoid letting the soles of her red Vans cross one of the imperfections. She's more engrossed in the childish mini-game than she is in where she's going.

"Step on a crack, you'll break your mother's back. Step on a line, you'll break your daddy's spine. Step in a ditch, your mother's -"

The blonde teenager comes to a halt as a nightmare web of cracks crosses the asphalt in her path, leaving almost no hope of crossing with her parents' vertebrae intact. Her eyes lift up as her head does, the red hood falling down to her shoulders to reveal unkempt golden blonde hair spilling down to her back as her mouth goes agape at the sight of the blue giant in front of her. At first, her face is a mask of stark terror.

Fortunately, Emma realises that she knows exactly who this is. She met him before, when she was a very small child on a trip to Florida, and she's seen all of his movies.

She can barely get the words out.


The look on Emma's face turns from wide-eyed fear to wide-eyed elation, her lips curling into a toothy and still-slightly-agape grin.

He's totally oblivious. He might not even know what a genie is! Either way he doesn't respond. Perhaps the sound of his own movements and the rumbling of the ground drowns the girl out. What happens next certainly might!

There's a horrendous wrenching sound of metal twisting, plastique rending and the earth giving way as Kongou seizes the edge of the carousel and heaves backwards and hefts it up mightiliy. The entire contraption rends free violently, horses flying everywhich way and music playing out, twisted and rent from the fury of the destruction.

Hauling back, the titan rolls and balls up the machine into a massive spherical wreckage. A violent display of hyper-strength and brute force which the behemoth exudes with about the same amount of ease that someone might use in slicing a loaf bread.

"Okay!" roars Kongou, grinning as he turns around slightly, tossing the scrap metal up and down in his massive hand and turning to face the Midway once more.

And then he sees the girl and he blinks a few times. Freezing really. The ball of scrap hits his huge hand and sits there as he stares at Emma. The giant and the girl.


When the blue giant turns around, the brilliant smile has been missed - instead, the short young lady is awestruck and agape again, her body leaning back a little and twisting, hands curled up against her sternum when Kongou spots her. There's a sharp little intake of breath as the titan turns his attentions on her.

And then, her big blue eyes start to well up with tears, and her lower lip quivers, and her voice quavers as she shouts, her voice breaking:

"You squished them... squished them all! All of the horsies... they're all gone now!!"

And within seconds, she's a sobbing mess, throwing the sleeves of her hoodie over her face to hide the shameful display of tearful emotion as she sinks down to her knees on the midway.

This causes the goliath to recoil in horror. "The what??!" he exclaims, completely missing the catastrophe he just caused. "There is nothing else living here! You are crying. Do not cry little..uh..girl? Do not cry."

This, naturally, doesn't help and Kongou purses his lips in mild frustration before he looks around the area in consideration of just what could possibly calm her down.

"Ah hah!" he rumbles, as if recalling a commercial he once saw when getting used to the humans way of viewing entertainment.

A moment later and he's plucked up the decapitated head of one of the carousel horses and has approached the girl to set the busted piece of equipment down by her, pinching it between two massive fingers.

"There! I believe you girls call this a unicorn, here on Earth. I met one once. Here, enjoy!"

The head of the creature promptly falls over.

At first, just one cerulean blue eye, rim stained red from crying, peeks past the tear-stained red sleeve of Emma's sweater at the offering from the giant. The arm lowers, her body turning to face the unicorn's head as her arms drop to her sides. She stands, sniffling, her unzipped sweater draping apart enough for the pretty pink and blue unicorn depicted in profile across the front of her white t-shirt to be seen.

Slowly, her lips steadies, her slender brows set and her expression hardens - though without losing any of its girlishness. It's the look of a disappointed child, but on the face of a mature teenager.

"Y-you've got to fix it! Now!" she demands petulantly, her hands balling into fists at her sides as her body starts to tremble. "You shouldn't break things! It's not allowed!"

Still tearful, but now defiant, the girl looks up at Kongou's face.

"You're a genie, so fix it!! Or else you'll get in trouble!!"

"Hmm?" Kongou frowns once more, seeing that his gift hardly solved the problem. He brings the giant ball of scrap around and grips it between his hands, squeeinzg softly and sendng pieceso =ofit falling loose and scattering across the ground.

"Genie!" He finally exclaims, "Genie..do you mean Jinn? I am no Jinn or Genie! I am Kongou!" he considers the girls request again and reaches back down to pluck up the unicorns head, "Sadly, reaking things is what I do! Besdies..I thought this park abandoned... I do not think anyone cares about its status Come now, cheer up. No more tears!"

The distressed teenager visibly cringes at the sound of the wreckage of the carousel falling to the ground in pieces. She looks down at her feet, at the pieces of metal and plastic scattered about like broken bits of a child's imagination. She lifts her reddened eyes back up to meet Kongou's as she draws her sleeve slowly across her face, wiping away the emotional leakage. The determination on her face doesn't fade.

"I care about it Mister Kongou!!" she insists, as she lowers her arm back down to her side. She steps boldly forward, her posture still rigid with anger. "And so does my friend! And if all you do is break things, that means you're a bad guy! And my friend beats up bad guys!!"

"You are..a very strange girl." concludes Kongou, looking confused, "..You speak as one much younger then you actually look and now.." Kongou squints his eyes and looks around, "..There is..nobody else where! Who now is going to beat me up, hmm?" He raises an eyebrow, tilting his head slightly and looking mildly amused, "And..I do not just break things and breaking things is -not- bad! How else do you people place things where old things were? Someone has to -break- those things, yes?" He then reaches down, leaning closer in as he moves to reclaim the unicorn head, "Well..I suppose if you do not want this then I shall take it back.."

"I-I'm not strange!" Emma declares, recoiling as if she's been struck at the comment. "I... I talk like a normal person!" she insists further, raising her clenched fists into a more aggressive posture. "A-and don't think that I'm just here by myself! My friend can be here if I want him to! I'll call him right now, even!!"

The girl's eyes shut tight for a moment as she gets an intense look of concentration on her face, her teeth clenching. After a couple of seconds, she calls out to the darkness, "Alright! Come out and play, my Prince!"

With those words, a glowing translucent simulacrum appears, the image of the tall, caped musclebound man winking back into existence like a shell around the much smaller blonde girl. When her eyes open again, the irises have taken on a matching magenta hue. And as she shifts into a clearly novice, but determined-looking fighting stance, the image shifts with her, matching her movements.

"Don't touch that unicorn!! That's stealing!" she shouts, pointing a finger accusingly at Kongou, the image that envelops her sharing her judgment silently with a simultaneous and similar gesture.

"We're going to teach you a lesson about not being bad!!"

COMBATSYS: Kongou has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kongou           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Emma has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kongou           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Emma

"What the..how..interesting!"

Kongou blinks and recoils and then with a flick ofh is wrist sends the balled up carousel hurtling into the air over his shoulder and crashing back to the ground some distance away with a spray of more debris. Probably less destructive then what he was actually planning on doing with it.

"Is this your friend?" he questions and then he points at the construct curiously, "Or..is this some type of projection? Strange, girl. Another unusual human element! You are quite different and unique. There is nothing wrong with it, your strange way of talking aside.."

He leans forward, jutting his massive jaw out as if daring her to strike it, "You don't -really- want to fight me though, do you? I am quite strong and prefer only fighting those who want to prove they are strong.."

Kongou pauses and does tap his fingers against his jaw, "Although I suppose with these limiters on me...it is not as terrible a proposition..still.."

The psionically-encased blonde teen stands her ground as Kongou leans down toward her, her lips pursing in an attempt at stoicism. "This is my friend! I don't know his name, but I know he's a handsome prince 'cause he rescued me once and he looks like this and one day I'll find him again for real!"

The words seem to spill out of Emma in the tension of the moment. She swings one arm back, the guardian-projection imitating the move. "And he is strong and we're not afraid of you!!"

Then, both the girl and the construct lurch forward in a rather clumsy, but resolute haymaker punch aimed at the target that Kongou has presented - the giant's jutting jaw.

Should it connect, Kongou will likely discover that the construct is both tangible and much stronger than its petite blonde pilot appears!

COMBATSYS: Kongou blocks Emma's Fierce Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Kongou           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0             Emma

The blow slams with all the force of a car impacting at full speed into a wall. A resounding *BOOOM* rocks the area wildly. Glass shatters and debris form the ruined park ride goes tumbling wildly in all sorts of direction.

Kongou's head jerks slightly, pushed back as the haymaker slams against his chin and shoves, causing his neck muscles to flare out and his torso to wobble visibly from the force of the impact.

He doesn't move. He does blink a few times and then rumbles in surprise, "Oh wow! That was...not -to- bad!"

A sudden shadow falls over construct and girl as the behemoth arcs an arm up and then sends a fist plunging down to try and crash it into the duo and force them down and crush them..even pin them..into the earth itself as Kongou cheerfully rumbles, "Perhaps I will use just an itsy bitsy bit of strength to test you then!"

COMBATSYS: Kongou successfully hits Emma with Seismic Crush.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Kongou           0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0             Emma

Emma's eyes are squeezed tightly shut as her psychic man-suit crashes into Kongou, her senses rattling with the impact and the resulting psychic feedback in her brain. When they open up again, they turn up toward the massive arm raised over her head, and her mouth hangs open a little bit. She lets out a squeal as the arm starts to descend, her arms wrapping over her head protectively - the towering construct's mimicry of the defensive maneuver appearing almost comically cowardly at its scale.

The attempt seems to serve little to protect the girl - though the psychokinetic barrier provided by the projection seems to afford a fair amount of resilience - as the blow smashes through the defense and clobbers the construct and its passenger, pounding both into a crater in the ground.

"Oww..." the youthful blonde groans as she lies in the Emma-shaped imprint in the asphalt for a moment. Aside from the bruising that's beginning to form across her body, a small rivulet of red is running from her left nostril as she stares up at the sky.

She wants her mother.

She's a big girl now, though. She can't go crying over boo-boos. She'll have to show how grown-up she is.

The girl lifts off the ground as the construct places its palms on the pavement and pushes the entwined up pair to a sitting position and then on to their full height. Emma stares up at Kongou as she licks the blood off of her upper lip, her simulacrum, oddly, imitating the gesture.

"I'm not scared..." she insists to herself as a look of focus crosses her face. Then, as she peers intently at the space between herself and the blue behemoth, a door as big as Kongou, made of the same psychokinetic energy as Emma's projection, winks into existence. It looks like a typical modern wooden closet door, though it's scale to the giant's size. Then, after a moment, the door swings open with an ethereal creak, as something within it stirs, about to emerge...

COMBATSYS: Kongou endures Emma's What's In The Closet?.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kongou           0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0             Emma

"I do not think continuing this is wise. You are young in body and younger in mind. This is clear to me. And while you have amazing powers I do not relish the idea...of.."

The door appears infront of the blue titan and Kongou blinks a few times, "What is this..?"

When it swings open, a set of pale blue, mottled, almost zombie like dilapidated arms come lunging forth attached to a body of similar sort. Emancipated, worn, weak, drained, dying.

Kongou's eyes widen with a sudden, "Oooh!!!!" at the sight of this as the zombie creature, equaling his own height but a pale scarecrow version of himself, claws at him and sets horribly to him on mind and body.

The giant flails, falling backwards and attempting to ward off what seems to be a vision of a corrupt, weakened and sapped version of himself. His eyes are wide as he swats at it and then he suddenly lunges forward. A massive arm swings low and then hurtles upwards like some sort of piston launching for the sky in an attempt to slam into and through the creature and aim for the construct itself to try and launch it and pilot sky high.

COMBATSYS: Emma Toughs Out Kongou's Orbital Launcher!
-@- Dazing Hit! -@-

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Kongou           0/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1             Emma

The hideous, frail imitation of Kongou disperses as the giant plows through it, the door it came from winking out of existence as the big blue man charges toward Emma and her Prince. The blonde lets out a yelp and shuts her eyes tight as that huge arm slams into the construct-suit - and for a moment, the unstoppable force seems to meet the immovable object, as the sheer force of will from the young psion shows its potency. Though the blonde cringes, the construct stands stalwart, its chest puffed out to receive the attack in a surly display of might.

Then, a second later, it goes flying anyway, though in more muted fashion than one would expect - flopping a single time like a flipped pancake before splatting onto the ground, Emma and all. It bounces off the asphalt and up to its feet, spinning around dazedly as its punch-drunk pilot tries to regain her senses.

"Where are you?! I'm gonna get ya!" Emma shouts as she staggers toward the two Kongous in her vision, lurching at one, then the other, before finally splitting the difference and heading toward the middle. "We're gonna play the superhero game!" she adds threateningly, "and it's your turn to be Supergirl!!"

She heaves forward, her construct attempting to grab Kongou by the arms, before spinning around - and if she and her psycho-suit are successful, she'll heave her opponent in a circle a couple of times before releasing him.

COMBATSYS: Emma successfully hits Kongou with Let's Do Spins.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Kongou           1/-----==/=======|=======\=======\1             Emma

"Enough! You will cease this!"

This is the first time Kongou has felt true aggravation when in a fight here in this Earth Realm. Clearly a nerve has been touched and true disinterest in continuing this fight and beating this girl up has arisen. He points a huge arm at her while his expression grows stern, "I will entertain this no longer. What you do is invasive and---"

He is promptly cut off as he's grabbed by the construct and then yanked forward with surprising brutal strength being applied. A moment later and he is hurtling through the air. Something most would have considered an impossiblity but not here and not now. His body tumbles, cartwheels and then slams violently back into the midway, crashing through abandoned and locked down tents and sending prizes and games scattering in every conceivable direction.

The earth shakes as a plume of dust billows up, briefly hiding the gargantua. And then a loud *FWHOOOOM* occurs as he lunges and leaps, exploding out of the crater to lunge high overhead. His arms and legss splay out as if he was about to do the most monstrous of belly splashes..and then down he comes, hurtling for the girl and her construct like some toppling skyscraper.

COMBATSYS: Emma blocks Kongou's Meteor Splash.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Kongou           1/---====/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2             Emma

In her dazed state, Emma seems unable to hear or respond to Kongou's demands that she cease and desist. As the goliath goes flying into the amusements, the girl and her construct stagger a couple of times, each putting the back of an arm to their forehead and inhaling deeply before the blonde lets out a puff of breath. She still has her arm across her head when the shadow appears in the night sky above her. She and the projection both turn their heads up, then raise their hands, fingers splaying. The construct manages to catch Kongou, but the sheer size and weight of the blue behemoth cause both projection and passenger to crumple a little - the solid psychic hologram buckling under the weight, while the girl seems to be suffering an intense headache, her nosebleed getting worse at the psychic pressure of levitating the monstrous man until she and her Prince can slip out from beneath him. She backpedals several feet, panting for air and wiping her nose with the back of her hand.

"It's okay..." she murmurs quietly, before invoking: "Glitterhoof! We need you!"

As she concentrates, the blood starts to trickle more intensely - and after a moment, she and her construct are lifted into the air as a projection of a magnificent, pale purple pony with a spiral horn crowning its head spawns into existence beneath them. It paws the ground a couple of times as its riders lean forward, holding onto its mane - and then the psychokinetic death horse charges forward, aiming to crash right into Kongou!

The horse seems to grow larger as it approaches - perhaps bolstered by the girl's will and need to confront such a massive opponent as the blue titan.

Emma suspects she's about to get smashed, whatever happens

COMBATSYS: Emma knocks away Kongou with Unicorn Death Charge.

[                                < >  ////////                      ]
Kongou           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>---\-------\0             Emma

"I said CEASE!" demands Kongou as his feet touch down again and his body straightens up to its full height. "I do not wish to hurt you unnecessarily, fool girl."

But she is not listening and Kongou frowns, pressing his lips together tightly and then peering at her as the unicorn forms and begins hurtling at him with passenger and knight astride it. Ironic.

He begins to brace his body once more..and it is not enough. The impact is horrendous as pyschic energy goes erupting everywhere in a flashfire of light and psychokinetic energy. THe behemoth goes skidding and then tumbling backwards, eyes wide from the shock of it and a massive groove digging up in the ground from his feet as they lurch backwards and rip the earth up from the overwhelming violent force.

He reaches forward, lunging his gigantic hands to try and grasp for the burning construct despite the fury that is racing into him. An instant later and his fists come plummeting upward once more, attempting to knock horse rider and more skyhigh with the force of its blow..

COMBATSYS: Kongou can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Emma             0/-------/---<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Kongou knocks away Emma with Gigaton Crush.

[                                <
Emma             1/--<<<<</<<<<<<<|

She is launched sky high. Horse, knight girl. The ground rocketing away from them and surely the blow must be capable of sending them out to sea..but for the sudden appearence of Kongou -behind- them all. They slam into his vast torso. All enveloped by the behemoth sho seems even -bigger-. Big enough to bear hug unicorn, knight and girl all at once. There is a crushing grasp as his massive arms fold around them and then they begin spinning and spiralling downard like an incoming asteroid.

The impact is thunderous and horrendous. A massive dust cloud and earthquake ripples through the entire park and beyond as Kongou lands with them all beneath him and then vaults upwards and out of the blast zone, rebounding violently through the air to come landing on his feet some distance away. The earth settles and the goliath grimaces and frowns..

"Hmm..I seem unable to continue for now. Very well.."

The unicorn-riding psychokineticist tries to weave away from Kongou's enormous fists as they fly up at her from below, but for all the durability and force the psychic constructs may provide the young blonde beyond what her small from naturally possesses, they don't do her many favours when it comes to evasive maneuvers. Horse, rider and rider are all sent sky-high, then swept up and embraced.


Dizzy and light-headed from the blow, Emma seems to come to mid-descent, held by the Prince who in turn is held by the giant in... an enormous hug?

The state of affairs seems to please her, a half-stunned smile quirking at her lips, until she realises that neither gravity nor Kongou are on her side in this moment.


And then comes the thund'rous crash as Emma and her constructs are crushed beneath Kongou - Glitterhoof sparkling out of existence as the strain of maintaining it becomes too much for the young mind to handle. Her Princely projection, in the meanwhile, seems to flicker on and off, as though it were shorting out. The girl's fingertips clutch at the cracked asphalt, trying to find purchase. The construct may have saved her body from much of the bone-crunching force that Kongou brings to bear, but the toll it takes on her in doing so is nevertheless a heavy one. She tries, doggedly, to push herself back up to her feet and will her projection back into being...

COMBATSYS: Emma takes no action.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Emma             1/=======/=======|

COMBATSYS: Emma has reached second wind!

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Emma             1/=======/=======|

"I am not pleased but I am forced to admit that I must allow you this victory." declares Kongou, frowning as the girl pushes back up to her feet gradually despite that last blow. Strangely enough he looks..and speaks..rather normally, as if despite the punishment he took he's basically just decided that this is enough fighting and that is that.

He holds up a massive hand and rumbles, "You -are- strong. Capable. You have uniquely pierced me. But I do not like your abilities to peer into ones mind. And your maturity and lack of self control.." THough look whose talking .. "..Concerns me. You will cause humans to misjudge and mistreat you. I hope you are ready for that.."

The blue behemoth turns, as far as he's concerned, the match seems over.

...and finally, like a replaced bulb, the projection remains, and Emma and the construct return to their feet, turning to face Kongou wearily. She raises both hands, as if ready to fight again.

"O-okay. I don't think we should fight anymore, either," she says, wiping her bloody nose on her hoodie's sleeve as her hand retreats into it and her projection mimics the motion. "Sorry for not listening very well," she says as the hologram flickers again and finally vanishes, along with the purple light in her irises a moment later, returning back to blue.

"H-hey! Do you want to get some cotton candy?" the girl calls out as Kongou starts to turn, running to catch up with the blue titan - it seems that her mobility is relatively intact in spite of the pummeling that she took within the psychokinetic encasement. "Or maybe some ice cream and funnel cakes, if there is any!"

COMBATSYS: Emma has ended the fight here.

At first Kongou appears disinterested. Unamused even. But he pauses in consideration of it all. "Hmm..how bizarre. After all that, that's what you want to do? With me?"

He considers it in more detail and then finally decides, "ALright! Let's go!"

The bizarre is the new normal after all.

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