Moondyne - A Game of Cat and Mouse

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Description: Moondyne Mouse runs into Taokaka, yes, of the Kaka Clan--as she attempts to raid downtown of it's restaurant delights! After an attempted mind reading of the feline, Moondyne is in for a big surprise...

The Business district, a place where...well, business is done! High stakes trading, world class food chains, and even some more unique but necessary shopping stores. Everything seems to be running like it should. If 'running' were to mean utter chaos! People are screaming and running away from something, some of the more knowledgable people calling out "Crazy Kakas!" Though beyond that, not much more can be gained by vocal cries!

Indeed, there is a 'crazy' Kaka causing trouble. Though it would seem that her -attacks- are focused near the resturants. At first, she leaps down from a wall infront of a high scale Tai place, and stands up to look at it. "Nya~. This smells really good!" She proclaims, moving her paws up and pressing them together. "I can see it now...." While you can't see it, she's imagining just stuffing food down her gullet in droves. "Heeeeeee~" She smiles her toothy smile, while rubbing her cheek against the paws.

As quickly as she landed, the Kaka rips through the front of the door. The normally quiet and serene inside of the establishment stops, all attention now focused on Tao. Throwing her paws back and against her hips, she pushes her chest forward in a very proud fashion. "Im Tao, and I was being sent by...." She stops and ponders, raising her left paw up and looking to the ground.

"Who was Tao sent by...." She asks herself. A minute almost passes by as it finally dawns on her.

"Oh nya! Tao was sent by KIRA MEOWKOV!" She swings the paw she pondered with forward, "I DEMAND THE FREE FOOD YOU OFFERED!"

It wasn't long before the Kaka was ripping through the Tai place, shoving random dishes of the customers into her mouth. Needless to say, the name alone caused people to stand up and quickly vacate. The panic set in the moment that the Kaka started just to randomly lunge at different tables!

Speaking of free food... well, Taokaka will probably be a bit surprised when Moondyne Mouse of all creatures uncloaks from invisibility and lands behind her in the street, obviously hearing of some commotion that had transpired. But Moondyne herself was about to get a surprise of her own as her white armored form fades into existence. While she was invisible one could still notice a rather short blurry silhouette running around--if they paid attention and it was still moving--which made it easier to see.

"Kira, huh? She's the one who put the collar on my man--" Moondyne brushed her light blue hair back and suddenly stopped, realizing just what kind of creature this was.

"It's a ca--... it's a cay... it's a--"

It was in fact a Kaka.

"CAAAAAT!" Moondyne just got here and already she's freaking out, even has a terrified expression on her face, her arms drawing back in closer to herself. Sure, she was a robot made by scientists who worked for NESTS, but somehow the aversion to cats was mysteriously there.

'Slurp, monch, cronch'!

Plates are turned over above Tao's head. Bowls are sipped dry, heck even the things like Soy sauce and seasonings are being devoured by the Kaka! No bit of food is left untouched by the ravenous creature. She's making an absolute mess as the indulges in utter gluttony.

The only thing that really brings pause to this utter show, is when Tao hears a scream. Noodle still stuck between her razor sharp teeth, she looks up at Moondyne. Blinking those little dots that make up her eyes, Tao brings a paw up. "Nyaaaa~ Hello! Are you here to bring Tao more food?" Having asked that, the Kaka then slurps that wayward noodle up, part of it flipping up an smacking the top of her head before it is consumed, "Tao was told, that Tao would get UNLIMITED food." A small crack noise can be heard, as she also remembers something. "Oh, Kira MEROWKOV sent me?" She pulls her raincoat like clothing forward, flashing a badge that was pinned to her. It clearly marks her as Kira's subordinates.

Something seems a bit odd though, as the Kaka doesn't seem to really be -attacking- anything, just emptying any dish she is close to!

"What? Noo--I'm not food, err, I mean..." Moondyne steels herself for a moment, chest seeming to be rising and falling quickly despite the dubious nature of such respiration. What did she use it for? Ventilation? Likely.

"She's eating all the soy sauce and Thai food in sight, she won't be hungry..." then Moondyne's armor clicks as she looks back up after having bowed her head in relief.

"Wait... all that MSG, she's going to be hungry again in a half hour! Shit shit shiiii--" she is silenced again when Taokaka speaks up, taking a small step back, but no more as Tao mentions Kira again, snapping Moondyne back to attention.

"Oh right, Kira Volkov... she's been a very naughty girl lately, hasn't she?" Moondyne still sounds a little uneasy, taking a step further into the store, likely broken glass from where the door was ripped off crunching under her boots.

She looks around at the mess and devastation of the interior, not seeming to really /care/, just amazed by it.

"Can cats really eat this much..?" her tail flicks about behind her, nervously. Kira was of interest to her organization, clearly.

"You were sent by miss... Meowkov, yeah?" Moondyne's expression turned to a little hesitant grin, noticing Kira seemed to be much more interested in all the Thai food.

"Nyaaaaa~" Is all that escapes the Kaka, before just tossing a plate behind her without a single care in the world.


The Kaka looking about herself, bring up a paw in contemplation. "Tao think this place is all out of food...." A small lines draw down from her eyes, making it look like she's crying. "That's too bad....." Apparently the Kaka doesn't even think of going to the actual kitchen, she's just more focused on her immediate surroundings.

A slow look right.

Then to a slow look left.

"Yes, Kira Nya-owkov." Even Tao can't seem to keep the name right! "Tao was told that Tao would get a special discount on unlimited food!" She throws her arms up, the end parts of her jacket leaning over as she does so. "Guess Tao will have to goto another place for it to work!" Before Moondyne can probably even think of a response, Tao is already happily bounding to the exit of the restaurant!

"Well, in a way you are, when you steal everything," Moondyne nodded a little, seeming amused by this. She seems a lot less concerned about the crimes that have been potentially been committed here, or the poor people that got chased away. Moondyne obvious doesn't give a shit.

"Woah, woah--where ya going, Miss, uhhh... Tao!" Moondyne has to quickly get out of the bouncing cat's way as she bounds out like Tigger.

"Hey it's good that you're getting a move on before the red and blue get here--but what about Kira Meowkov--err, damnit now I'm saying it..." the mouse-bot's tail is buffeted by the wind as she tries to run after Taokaka.

"What's Kira doin' out here--did these guys not pay protection money or something--hey!" apparently Moon has to work to try and keep her new feline friend's attention.

"No no!"

Tao spins around as she continues to bounce up and down, "Tao was told to flash badge. Badge means Tao get free food, Mousey Lady!" She wags a paw, "Tao Know most people are not lucky! They don't get special Kaka discounts like this!" Taokaka spins back around so that she can see which way she is going. She comes up on a random shaved ice cart, poor guy was probably trying to make some decent money given he's parked right next to some pretty high profile business buildings. The Kaka quickly grabs at a -free- sample that was -left- after she arrived. "Mmmmmm, Banana flavoured!" She proclaims, before looking around for more.


"Why isn't there anyone to give Tao more FOOD!" She stomps her boot onto the ground, her tail frizzing up as she gets a little annoyed at this fact. Moondyne probably is gonna have trouble getting any more information out of the Kaka.

"Well, it's simple, they thought there were monsters coming so they ran off--the city was just attacked by a horde of them!" Moondyne pauses. "And y'know, Kira's men--but yeah--that's why everyone took off. Silly humans, am I right?" Moondyne grins a little, edging a little closer to the Kaka-clan Kitty.

"So she sent you down here just to make a statement, huh? That's... interesting," there is a whine that perhaps only mice--and cats and dogs can hear as Moondyne's solid hologram generator powers up, poofing the mouse woman into what looks like... an ice-cream seller's outfit? It consists of cook whites and a cloth cap! The cap also has the cart's logo on it.

"Lemme help," she grins, grabbing the cups and beginning to fill Taokaka out some of the shaved ice, getting out a rainbow stream of the stuff, right into a cup.

"Kitty wants food, huh? Moondyne has lots of food, just let her know what Miss Kira wants..." her voice is calming, almost a little seductive--though the mouse is likely not thinking about anything like that--she tries to center her gaze on the glowing Kaka eyes in that hood, apparently able to look her in the eyes now that she has her wits back about her. Of course, looking back at Moondyne's eyes would just make her want to stare into them more...

Quickly the cup is snatched out of the solidgram's hands, "NYAAAA~" Tao excitedly yelps out, before she dives right into the cup of rainbow goodness! If this was some sort of documentary on Kakas, then it would be quite the graphic display! Bits of ice and rainbow sauce going all over the place, as she 'NYOMS' it all down in a few bites.

"Yummy yummy!" Tao happily sighs out. Before putting the bowl back down on the counter near the solidgram. All seems to be going to Moondyne's plan, as those little orbs look up at her. The Kaka seemingly transfixed on Moondyne's eyes....

That when Moon possibly has a striking pain shoot through her mindscape. Tao throws both her paws to the sides on her head, her face becoming a contorted shape of teeth and pain.


Taokaka just spins about in pain, as she tries to find any type of relief from the brain piercing pain. All the while, she probably looks like a complete joke infront of the mouse woman. "MOUSEY LADY, IT'S TOO COLD!!!!"

Moondyne is still wearing her red-tinted visor along with the cap and ice-cream stand attendant outfit, which is fortunate as hunks of shaved ice come flying at her, randomly. Moondyne is grinning a little creepily as she can feel her mental probe begin to succeed... and then...


"Hrrnnghh~" Moondyne's right eye begins to wince shut, her jaw set hard as her mouse-like front buckteeth dig into her lower lip, her right hand rising up to brace against her temple.

"Ahh... oh god--" the mouse-bot spasms, shuddering, right along with Taokaka--her right thumb actually bending the metallic scoop she was still holding all the way to 45 degrees toward the wielder.

"S-Stop eating s-so much... ice cream..." she realizes it's shaved ice, of course, but right now she's in blinding pain as the psionic probe is suddenly giving her a metric-truckload of painful feedback from the catgirl's ice cream migrane! She stumbles off to one side, apparently under the same amount of pain as Taokaka!

Taokaka continues to dance about in her ice induced headache. "NYYYYYYOOOOOOW!" She continues to cry out in pain, her paws pressing hard to the sides of her head. Her ears flicking about as she rides out this utter hell she has put herself in.

Before Tao had put herself in pain, Moondyne was able to glint -some- information out of her mind. Though it's incredibly fragmented, shaking, cracked, and just generally disorganized. This was BEFORE the ice-cream headache hit too!

Though if she is able to sift through the most recent set of events, she starts getting bits of a red haired woman talking to Tao.

A flash of the Southtown mall.

Then of a fish cart that Tao was standing next to. Then on. Then the Kaka was bounding off with said badge. The rest it simple static, it has a form, bit it's still indecypherable at the moment. It might take some concentration, but with enough, Moondyne may be able to dig deeper into the Kaka's mind.

In the real world, Taokaka somehow has ended up crouched on a wall, her paws finally coming to rest on the lip of the wall. "Owie.....Tao needs to be careful of that...." She says to herself, before taking in another breath. "Nao, Tao needs a nap....." She turns on her foot, as if about to hop away. Moondyne will need to be quick, or the Kaka will be gone!

"You can't... eat cold stuff... that fast..." Moondyne is trying to tell Taokaka how to avoid this sort of thing, however she's already trying to take stock of the insane shotgun blast of memories and mental data she was just hit with--causing her knees to look like it's buckling.

Then Southtown Mall. Fish cart. And a badge.

"N... Nyaaaa...?" Moondyne's knees were bent while her elbows went slack a bit, mimicking Taokaka briefly in pantomime, before she began to realize that Taokaka was taking the heck off!

"H-Hey wait..." Moondyne staggered, before she started to bound after the catgirl--trying to keep pace with her--and oddly also mimicking her style of movement as she ran as well.

The mouse-bot's mind reading and HitBit tech were to blame, but this likely wasn't obvious to anyone observing this obscene shenanigans. Moondyne's ice cream cart vendor outfit de-rezzing and fading off her as she moved.

There's one things that Taokaka is, and that's FAST. Moondyne may even be having trouble keeping up with the Kaka, as she bounds over the wall and lunging towards a wall. With some rather graceful movements, the Kaka kicks off the wall and comes to a roll in the alleyway the wall had blocked off. Then while still in the roll, the Kaka leaps foward and back onto her feet. One might even think she would continue running? No, Taokaka just starts to bounce forward. He long, pawed sleeves just swaying back and forth as she hops towards her next destination.

If Moondyne is still connected in even the slightest, she may notice the now -blank- feeling she is getting. It's almost as if Tao has completely moved on -mindwise- from her previous encounter. To say she has the attention span of a fish....well, that would be a brutal understatement.

"Nya ha, Nya ha!" She happily muses, her headache completely forgotten at this point. "Tao gets free food!" She says to herself, even as Moondune LITERALLY told her to the contrary no more than minutes ago!

Moondyne took a little longer to recover from the ice cream headache than Taokaka, also the jarring psionic feedback at attempting to probe the Catgirl's thoughts of Kira when she was struck by the aformentioned malady--but she is able to start running after a bit. And right now she is getting a fatload of nada from her brief link with Taokaka--felines, man. The 'mind' in mind-reading was a little subjective, she thought--as she attempted to mimic the Kaka Cat's bounding and lunging.

...And speaking of fish, some of that sounded really good to Moondyne at the moment, oddly. She shall have to hit up a Long John Silver's or the like after this.

"Come back here you--nyaaa--damnit!" she has to try abd suppress that speech tic now!

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