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Description: Taokaka likes food! But the Mall is closed! How can she find food if the mall is closed! But then she meets Zsa Zsa! She has food! Taokaka just has to do something extra special for food!

The mall was usually a place where there was lots of food.

So much food, that the dumpsters were almost always full of them. Pizzas, sandwiches, cheap chinese food; the endless buffet of dining ranged from the exotic to the plain. For choosers, you could choose. For beggers, the begging was hardly work. And if the hot food was not your liking, the stores themselves had countless dry goods and candies, chocolate stores being the most popular for those with a sweet tooth. Food, food, food, that was the unspoken creed of the Southtown Village Mall.

But not now.

No, with the violence of Southtown, the mall was a practical ghost town. The stores were shuddered, the crowds were gone. The mall was technically not closed; but no one was crazy enough to keep their shops open. The dumpsters had gone dry. The leftovers were over. There wouldn't be easy food now, with the fryers still and the grills empty. But the smell wasn't gone. No, the smell of food was still enduring, between the fountains and the gardens, the food court still carried the unending smell of food. It would take a good cleaning and weeks for it to clear. But there was no one to clean. So, the smell of food keeps.

Hopefully, there was nobody hungry around.


A wail of pure agony can be heard throughout the entirety of the mall, piercing the almost deafening silence of the surroundings. In the food court, there can be heard a small patting against a metal shutter. The distinctive sounds of the segmented bars of the shudders shake, as someone seems to be pushing against it. These sounds can be heard a few times, moving about as if to test each of these shuttered business places.

"Nyoooooo. not like thisssss~" Another wail comes.

Finally coming to a stop. One can make out the shape of a person that is literally leaning against one of the walls of the food stalls. It appears like a woman in a raincoat. From a distance, there doesn't seem to be anything really out of the ordinary. That is, until you draw closer....

Turning her head to the side, Taokaka's face, or lack of one, can be seen. Basically a dark sphere with red eyes, and a normally toothy grin. However, the grin is replaced with a small dot og white, and a small dribble of saliva. Her large pawed hands press to the shutter. These loog like overly large, and long sleeves, but have three slits at the end and a paw print of the front.

"Tao just want's food, please...." She begs to the empty stall, as if something will just magically open it. Comedically, she drags down the side of the shutter. It's humourous in the fact that it appears to look like a single frame of animation, that the edittors just dragged lower on the screen.

There were reports of the cat girl.

With the cat girls working under Kira, attacking the poor innocent people of Southtown, it wouldn't be surprising that they were sensitive about stray kakas lurking around. Of course, Taokaka could almost pass as a human. Almost. And yet, nobody would approach her; not even the NOL was sparing a moment to stop her. As Taokaka paws, there was nobody there to drive her away now... but no one to offer her the tasty, tasty food. But the word reached ears. And when her call is heard? Then a sentry, well hidden, would begin to make her play.

There would be a fresh rush of a smell, as a far away stand is opened.

The red-haired woman would be dressed as a waitress, with a striped uniform and a four-cornered hat. She was smiling softly, her eyes nearly completely black, as the only thing out of her uniform was the red sash around her waist. It was an older, wooden stand; it must have been in storage a long time, considering the dust. And it shows a poorly drawn fish sign on it. It would be very unusual, and suspicious, for any food stand to be opened now. To say the least one that was preparing coal-barbecued fish and sweet potatoes, both roasting on a stick, positioned over the grill carefully. Clearly, it was some kind of trap.

Would Taokaka fall for it?

You bet she would!

No sooner does the fresh smell of food enter the air, the Kaka leaps back to her feet. Her -face- becoming nothing but three dots now, and her making a literal 'Snfff, snfff' sound.

"Tao smells food!" She exclaims excitedly. Leaping she turns to one side, then leaping again to turn 180 degrees in the other direction. Even if the cart was infront of her, it's almost like she's THAT oblivious to it. Then she completely lines her body up to it, and throws a big pawed hand as if to point.

"Ah ha! You thought you could hide from Tao!? Tao is a master of smelling! NYA HA!" She proclaims proudly.

If anyone is watching this, this may have second thoughts about how intelligent this Kaka must be.

Regardless, the Kaka gets down on all fours and begins to pounce towards her intended destination (prey?). All the while, she happily goes, "Meow, meow, meow!" With each bounce.

It wasn't long till she was at this old stand, already pressing her pawed hand to her face and trying to decipher if there is any menu for her to read. She doesn't even acknowledge the woman that runs the stand at first, completely consumed with the thoughts of delicous food!

The black eyed woman with red hair just smiles, her eyes narrow, her lips tight, as the Kaka arrives.

"Oh! Hello!" She states brightly, her tone chirpy and cheery as if this was a perfectly normal customer and occurrence. "Welcome to the Fresh Fish Market!" Which was an unusual name, since the sign said 'Grilled Fish Market'. The red haired woman just smiles, at the bouncing hungry cat. The menu was simple. Fish. 500 yen. Potato. 400 yen.

"Would you like to buy any fish!"

There is a pause.

"Or potato?"

Taokaka continues to gently bump the side of her face with her paw, as she ponders the options the lady gave her. Then in true fashion, almost as if on beat, "Ill take three of everything there is!" There is no hesitation or consideration of the price, as the Kaka just blurts out her demands. Her paws hands then go up, and she lazily lets them hangs to the side as she bounces happily in place. The Kaka seems to be celebrating her victory over hunger!

"Tao is going to get yummy food! Nyaannn~" Her face becomes takes the form of (=`w=)

"Three of everything?"

The strange lady smiles ever so sweetly, as she prepares the food. It's the strangest thing, but she almost seemed to slow down for every precise step of preparation. From pulling the sticks off the fire, to wrapping them in tinfoil, it was like every moment was specifically to taunt and deny Taokaka, to make her wait until the final glorious moment. She was even putting funny things not on the menu in the bag, three of them! They were round and looked chalky. Where she has it all in a brown bag, ready to hand it over until-

"That will be 13000 yen~" She chirps brightly, pulling the sack away right out of her reach.

Taokaka reaches for the bag, nearly about to grab it...

When it's then pulled from her reach! She acts as though she lost her balance, even though there is nothing causing her to fall. Only to go, "NYAAAAA?!" Quickly switching to positions, she becomes a blur as she puts both her paws and chin on the stand, looking up with a very sad looking face. "13000 yen? Tao doesn't have that much meow-ny...." She looks around for a moment, as if in search of a magical cache of cash that may have appeared. "What can Tao do? Tao is hungry...." She seems utterly dismayed at this turn of events. This Kaka could easily take what she wants, but she looks completely hopeless in this situation.

"Can't you give Tao a discount....?" She asks ever so sweetly.

The woman's mouth goes agape, as she gives a gasp which is in shock!

"Not enough meow-ney!" She says in surprise. She places the bat at her side, so the smell oozes out right for the Kaka to smell. She looked so heartbroken, that she might cry! "Oh no, I can't sell these to if you don't have any meow-ney" She shake shakes her head. "Oh dear, and I can't resell these either, so that means a surcharge as well. You are in a lot of debt, young kitty! You might have to be sent to prison- to purrrrrson!" The black eyed girl shakes her head sadly. And then, she places a hand on her cheek.

"... Unless..."

Taokaka does face freezes in a yelling fashion!

"Tao can't go to prison! NYOOOOOOO!"

That's when that faithful 'UNLESS' comes up. There is almost an animated -snap- image that pops to the side of her face, as she squares her vision at the woman. The Kaka then quickly jumps up and crouches down, her whole body now positioned on the stand itself. "Unless!? How can Tao not goto prison!" She leans in UNCOMFORTABLY close to the red haired woman. "PLEASSSE. Tao doesn't want to goto prison!"

If here eyes were more than simple dots, one could tell that they had shifted to the now strategically placed bag. The smell causing her to drool just a bit.


The woman is calm, as the cat is in her face.

In fact, her hand slips to the side, leaning the bag over. And with a puff, it sends the savoury smell of fish and potato awash at the Kaka. The woman keeps smiles sweetly. "Why... You could work off the debt!" She says warmly. "Yes! Yes! Like doing dishes, or cleaning the stand, or destroying public property! Some hard work could help pay your debt of bells- of yen! And best of all?" Another puff puff comes.

"You could eat all the food you want, with a special deal!"

"R-Really?!" Taokaka asks sheepishly.

Following that, a flash appears in her eyes as she stands up! She's still very much on the counter as she does this! Throwing one of her paws back, she pumps the others one up in the air. "Tao is great at ALL those things!" She seems completely oblivious to the fact of destroying property, but hey, she's a hungry Kaka! "Tao will pay off all debt, and eat the food with the Meow-ny!"

Before any details can be laid out, Taokaka bounds off the counter and dashes around the corner. She is INHUMANLY quick, so it might be hard for the server to say anything to Tao before she has already disappeared. Almost as if written as a comedy sketch, Tao pops back from around the corner.

"Nyaaa? So....what did Red Lady want Tao to do?" She pulls a paw up to her face, as if pressing a finger curiously to her cheek.

"Yes, all you have to do is."

She stops short, when Taokaka runs away. She shuts her eyes. The red haired lady draws in a long, slow breath. And slowly, she draws out a knife from below the counter.

She puts the knife back when Taokaka returns.

Opening her eyes, she smiles again. "Yes! First stay put! And then! You eat this bag of food!" She pushes the bag of food towards Taokaka. "And you eat the food while staying out here! And then, I will give a special badge to not only help you remember what you need to do! But also!" She holds out a hand aside, to the closed dining places. "Unlimited food access anywhere!'

The red haired lady's right eye twitches.

The Kaka had already ripped open the bag, mere seconds after it was pushed towards her. The massive blades extending out of her sleeve, as she slashes it open, sending random bits of food flying! Though none of it goes wasted, as Tao's large mouth opens up to reveal deadly jagged teeth. Almost like a fish leaping out of water, she catches each falling morsel.

"Num Num NYAAAAAUMMMMM!" She excitedly exclaims, just MONCHING down on all the food.

"Nmmmot ettt hrer?" She asks, catching a cooked fish and holding it in her mouth. "Sowwwy, Tao wsss hngry...."

She looks down, appearing a bit sad. Tao is definitely a bit too gung-ho on things, BUT SHE TRIES! However, the Kaka just continues to hold the fish in her mouth, as the lady explains things.

Then it's said, "Unlimited food access..." A small beams shoots behind Tao's head, here eyes going huge. SHE EVEN NEARLY DROPS THE FISH!

"UNLIMITED FOOOD!?" She roars out!

The woman takes a deep, deep breath.

She exhales.

"Yes. Unlimited. Food! Access. Where you find food. All you have to do is show them this badge, which you will wear so people can see it." The red haired woman pulls out a badge. Now, to someone who was very well versed in the matter, might notice that the grim, batty scythe symbol was the Dohma insignia, seen at the Majigen Embassy. But the woman herself didn't seem to notice. "You just explain you are on official Kira Volkov business. And if anybody gives you trouble over it? Well that's illegal!" She places the badge on the counter of the stand, and pushes it towards Taokaka. "And if someone is doing something illegal, like not letting you have food?"

"Then you have every right to clobber them!"

The Kaka raises her paws up and starts punching at the air, "Taokaka is best at clobbering, nya!"

She keeps throwing punches for an....annoying long enough time, maybe even enough to push the red haired woman over the edge. If even just a little....

Then turning towards the woman, Taokaka smirks her toothy smirk. Only to drop it. "Who am Tao doing this for again....?"

She lets out a 'Hehe...." Sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head with a big paw. "Tao....forgot...."

She almost lost it at minute 2 of shadow pawing.

Zsa Zsa only had so much patience as an assassin. And the thing was pushing it. But finally, finally, the thing that would not understand ceases. The red haired woman relaxes, as the catgirl stops. She almost lost her patience there. Then the Patriarch would have been furious that she failed another mission. Especially after that time with Lotus-

Taokaka asks her a question.

The red haired woman straightens up. She smiles so hard, her jaw cracks. Her eyes are wide and black, her right side was trembling and twitching. Small pools of blood were beginning to ooze around her side. Murder. Murder was screaming in her head. She takes a deep breath.

And exhales.

She looks like she's about to say something.

She shuts her eyes.

She takes a deep deep breath. So deep, that it nearly makes her lungs explode.

She exhales.



She explains with a smile so taut, it nearly shatters her teeth. She holds up the badge to Taokaka, which was also not picked up. Tears were streaming down her cheek.



"Wear Badge...."

Taokaka takes the badge, and actually smells it at first. She then bites the badge with her massive teeth, seeing if it was food as well! Who knows, it might promotional! That's when the heavens align, the planets sync, and the chosen one is chosen! She puts the badge on herself!

"Get food..." Taokaka continues on, possibly giving Zsa Zsa a small glimmer of hope.

With a thrust of her paw forward, Taokaka gives a proud 'NYAN'! It looks like she's actually giving a thumbs up.

"Taokaka will wear this badge, and get food! NYA HA HA!" She then brings up both her paws, "Tao working for Kira MEOWKOV, Yes!" She says, and looks off in the distance. "KIRA MEOWKOV!"

With that, the Kaka leans down on all fours, and jets off! This time, there is no return from her. The only indication of her is the sound of a trashcan getting pushed over, most likely her searching for more food.

Zsa Zsa waits until she stops hearing Taokaka. She just smiles, and waits until she doesn't hear her anymore.

She waits a long, long time.

When finally, finally that wonderful, merciful silence comes, she takes several long, slow breathing cycles. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. And she stops. She pulls the knife out from underneath the counter.

And she begins to rip it apart.

Board by board, piece by piece. She imagines it is the catgirl, and it feels amazing! The coals are spread around like organs, the fish are gutted and torn. Finally, she is stomp, stomping on the sweet potatoes, smashing them under her heel. And it's gone. The stand, everything is gone. Her smile is still there. She takes a deep breath in. And exhales. She succeeded.

And she never wanted to succeed like this ever again.

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