Lyraelle - Fashion Smash: Lyraelle vs. Victoria

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Description: Tonight, in this very arena, the DEMON QUEEN faces the VALKYRIE in a Heaven-or-Hell battle for nothing less than... a cover spot on WOMEN'S WORLD OF FIGHTING magazine! Featuring your hosts, Tom, Lou, and Red Mignon!

"Hello there fight fans!" Roars the loudspeakers as an announcer speaks up. "Tonight we got quite a surprise for you! Not only is the match being held at this arena, but it's being live streamed all over the net!"

Another announcer chimes in as well, "That's right Tom, we got quite a show for our audience tonight. It seems that two models are going head to head, for a contract of all things! Though is it being done through boardrooms and talent agencies?"

"NO!" Tom roars, cutting off the other announcer, "It's being done in the arena! NOT ONLY IN THE ARENA, BUT TIED TO A BRIEFCASE THAT IS SUSPENDED ABOVE THE RING!"

The Stage lights kick on to reveal a square ring with two catwalks leading up to it. Though the lights focus on the suspended case in the center of the arena.

The second announcer pops up, "That's not all folks! There isn't going to be any ladder reaching up to this case! Our contenders are going to fight for me see if Im reading this right, FLYING?!" The first announcer can hardly contain himself, "That's right, Tom. Both parties agreed to -FLY- after the case!"

The stream feed cuts to a close-up of the announcers' desk, showing two commentators - one a stereotypical moustache-sporting man in a suit, the other a stout man in a black short-sleeve button-down shirt with sunglasses. The stout man is the one to speak next:

"Let me get this straight, Tom. We're going to have a fight between two flying models? I feel like I've died and gone to heaven!"

"Not heaven, Lou! Valhalla! Or is it, perhaps... The Other Place?! Because tonight, it's Armageddon on the Catwalk, a battle between angels and demons! The Valkyrie versus The Demon Queen! Ladies and gentlemen, fashionistas and fighting fanatics alike, welcome to Fashion Smash!!"

The cameras cut to a zoomed out view of the arena, allowing both catwalks to be seen, a flood of dry ice fog concealing the entrance leading from the backstage area onto each.

"And by special request, we have a special guast with us to provide colour commentary! And that colour is Red, because it is none other than Red Mignon!"

The camera cuts back to the table, but now it's zoomed out a bit more to show the third commentator - a squat pinkish-red imp wearing a headset, his head barely visible above the desk while he's seated in his rolling chair. He clears his throat as he adjusts the microphone on his headset.

"Actually, Tom, it's pronounced 'Minion.'"

"Thank God it is, Red. When I saw the crew list, I was worried that someone /else/ might have been sharing the announcer's table. I guess that's a... boodgie-whoops on my part!"

The arena lights flicker ominously for a moment, and Red Minion gives Tom a worried look. "Careful, Tom. I know I serve Her Infernal Majesty Queen Darkheart, but them's some dark powers you're invoking..."

As the three commentators do their thing, the arena's light slowly transition to a light bluish colour. The fog created by the dry ice seems to intensify, as the left side of the arena gets spotlights put onto it. Using the lights to illuminate the backdrop of the stage, a shadowy figure can be seen through the smoke. It's not enough to see the fine details, but it's enough to notice that it's quite the attractive woman within it.

"Looks like we have our first arrival!" Tom speaks up, turning his attention towards the shadow of a woman. "Staring in her first official -fight-, we have VICTORIA!!!!!"

As Tom announces her name, Victoria flares her wings outwards. The fog quickly splits open, revealing the woman in all her glory. The lights turning now from the backdrop and down to her, illuminating her magnificent form. Her wings quickly furl back, the rest of her body leaning over on a large battleaxe. It's just short enough to have her bending over, and revealing a good bit of cleavage for the audience.

"Look at that! Could you imagine seeing something just so beautiful!?" Tom says to Lou and Mignon. "Also, that axe is pretty nice..." He then adds on, trying for a small comedy punch. Shuffling some papers, Tom begins to read from them. "What we're seeing here is Victoria Ollisdottir, a girl that seems to already be amassing quite the sizable group of fans." He squints at a word, "Her fans apparently calls themselves the Eh....Eijin...." He coughs and then adjusts his throat. "Well, they have a rather unique name for them. REGARDLESS, Victoria seems to be making quite a few waves lately! She's been in a few photo shoots that are lighting up the internet, coming from out of nowhere!"

Lou then adds, "It's Einherjar Tom, apparently thats what Vikings call their warriors when they have been chosen to goto Valhalla? Seems pretty appropriate if you ask me!"

As the commentators continue to ramble on about Victoria's stats and growing popularity, the woman stands up to her full height. Slowly putting one heeled foot infront of the other, Victoria sashays her way up to the ring. About halfway, the woman just carelessly tosses the axe off to the side with a flourish. Her arms slowly returning to her side, as she presses both her hands to her hips as she walks.

As she nears the ring, small little circles of light appear to her sides. One after another, a -viking- looking warrior pops out and bends over. This happens just enough to the point that they make a -staircase- for her, allowing the woman to walk up onto the ring. Turning around, she blows a small kiss towards the men before they return back to the lights and disappear. Victoria then takes her place in the center of the ring, waiting for her opponent.

Tom roars, "What was that! Did you see that!?" He asks the others, "Apparently the woman is sparing no expense for effects!"


"Oh my god! Did you see that, Dodge?"

A spindly green demon (who, judging by the pitch and timbre of his voice, is in the midst of a difficult battle with puberty) peeks from behind one of the backstage curtains, gawking at the display from Victoria. A moment later, a second demon's head pops out from the curtain below the green imp - this one yellow, with a white beard and ram's horns.

"Mistress, you've got to see this! She's using her minions as - ack!"

A yellow hand reaches up to grab the green minion's throat before he can draw anymore attention.

"Y-you're right, Dodge. Better not to give her any ideas," the green imp whispers, his voice quavering as he rubs at his neck. A moment later, though, a third head pops through the curtains - this one half as demonic but twice as kawaii, with the face of a fallen angel, two twisted black horns on either side, and a majestic pink main bound in a ponytail.

"What are you two drooling over and why isn't it me?!" Lyraelle demands, her green eyes narrowing, then growing wide and envious as she watches the end of Victoria's ring entrance.

"M-mistress, can I remind you that we're not -"

"There's no need to remind me of anything," the Demon Queen says confidently, her briefly jealous expression becoming a fierce smirk. "ZEE!"

A fourth head pops out from behind the curtain above Lyraelle's - this one huge and bovine, belonging to a very irate-looking minotaur.

"What ho, foul temptress?" the minotaur asks with thinly veiled dejection and naked contempt.

"Get ready for your part," the Demon Queen demands, "And don't call me a ho."

==*== BACK IN THE ARENA ==*==

The arena lights dim once more, the colour of those that remain lit shifting to an ominous, baleful green hue.

"Uh oh, ladies and gentlemen! Better hold onto your souls tight; it looks like the DEMON QUEEN has arrived!" Tom announces, to the roar of the crowd - whether or not the Demon Queen is the heel in this match, most of the audience are cheering.

"Ooh, I can't wait for this, Tom. Queen Darkheart is as spicy as - wait, what the hell?!

The catwalk rattles as a massive figure emerges from the mist - the towering minotaur, and straddling his shoulders, the Demon Queen Lyraelle herself, winking at the crowd and forming a sideways V with two fingers next to her head.

"What the hell indeed, Lou! I don't remember anything about a Man-Bull in the production notes! Ha ha ha! For a minute there, I thought the Demon Queen had had a growth spurt!"

Lou is caught out a bit trying to talk to the production crew as the conversation shifts back to him. "I think the word you're looking for is 'minotaur,' Tom. The only time I've heard about them is, well, terrorizing the streets of South Town!"

"That's Zander," Red pipes up. "We call him Big Zee. Queen Darkheart has been, uh, reforming him," he offers in a dubious tone.

Tom and Lou look at each other nervously before Tom pipes up again.

"That's, uh, very reassuring, Red," he says with a nervous laugh. "I can only admire her!"

"So can I, if I know what's good for me," Red mutters, forgetting to turn off his microphone.

Meanwhile, Lyraelle is blowing kisses to the crowd as she's carried to the ring, the catwalk rattling violently as the minotaur tramples its way forward with a haste born of a clear desire to get this business over with. He then stoops down so that the demoness can dismount easily, and she does so, raising her hands to invite adulation from the audience.

A moment later, her eyes go wide and she stumbles forward as the minotaur takes the opportunity to headbutt her mightily in the rear end, causing the audience to burst into laughter.

Lyraelle turns around, her eyes blazing momentarily as she rubs her sore hind quarters, but the minotaur is already stomping off to the backstage area. The fire in her eyes and outrage in her features disappear, replaced with a smile as she plays it off as an intentional joke to the crowd.

"I wonder how many orphans I could feed if I sent him to the butcher's," she muses to herself and Victoria as she moves toward center ring.

As Lyraelle moves into her position, the lights slowly dim and draw inwards from the outer parts of the ring and drawing towards the center. Both women are illuminated in bright white light, everything else is dark within the arena, with the exception of the glowsticks and batons of the fans. The crowd also seems to die down, as a man emerges from the shadows from between the two. It's a man in a power suit, hair slicked back, and evoking the image of a power player in the business world.

Tapping the collar of his shirt, the man tests the lapelle mic before speaking. After the initial crackle of being touched, the man smiles. "Ladies and Gentleman! It's my pleasure to host this rather unique event, that, if statistics are to be believed, WILL BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST EVENTS THIS SEASON!" The crowd goes nuts, as traces of the neon colors trace back and forth in the darkness. Raising his right hand up, he motions to the ceiling in a 'Come here' gesture. Slowly, the aforementioned briefcase lowers down and into his hands. Quickly clicking the two latches on it, he pulls open the top of the case. He presents the case towards both the woman, showing that it contains a large stack of papers and a golden pen, both held in place with foam. "This, my beauties, is a contract for the summer shoot of the 'WOMEN'S WORLD OF FIGHTING' cover! Whoever reaches this case first, and signs the papers....WILL GET THIS OPPORTUNITY to be that Covergirl!"

The roar of the audience is deafening, as this man presents the prize for this match.

Closing and relatching the case, he slowly ushers it back into the air. "The rules are simple, as stated before. First to sign it...." The crowd rumbles a bit at that. "OR THE LAST ONE STANDING!" This is what pushes the crowd once again to cheer! "There are....NO LADDERS. NO ROPES. NO HOLDS BARRED! This will be ONE of you lucky ladies night to SHINE!"

Victoria shifts her weight to one side, smirking as he speaks to the crowd. Once the man finishes speaking, the Valkyrie leans in close that it almost looks like she's about to kiss the man. Her hand running along his face, before drawing down and drawing his collar closer to her mouth. "Oh, you won't have to wait little Einherjar. As only the worthy can be my fans, but my fans will DEFINITELY want me to win...." Moving her hand up, she slowly slides it under his chin and away from him once again.

Moving back, her wings begins to unfurl like before. This time though, the smoke from earlier springs up from the sides of the stage. Those strange lights seeming to draw it from nowhere, causing not only a fog, but frost to gather about her side of the ring. "No one defies the will of the GODS, not some LITTLE DEMONESS!"

Gasps of awe are heard, before Victoria's fans begin to chant!




"These fans sure are fired up for Victoria, and so am I!" Tom enthuses from ringside.

"I guess that makes it my job to be the impartial one, then," Lou says, sitting back in his seat. "And I don't mind, because either of these ladies would be great choices for that magazine cover."

"Queen Lyraelle is superior to insert opponent's name here in terms of not only beauty, but also intellect and fighting prowess. All hail Queen Lyraelle," Red recites in a near-monotone, peering at something under the table as he does.

"Is that a cue card?" Lou asks, turning to look at what Red is focused on.

Meanwhile, in the ring, the Demon Queen allows the chanting to slowly die down, her expression a tight plastic smile thinly concealing her jealousy at the reception that her opponent is receiving. She can't allow herself to be outdone - in any regard - by such an obvious counterpart and counterpoint to her own aesthetic and demeanour.

She won't, will she?

Sauntering over to the other side of the man with the microphone, Lyraelle leans against his shoulder, draping her gloved hands over him - a clear case of attempted one-upmanship. Her bat-like wings flutter behind her and she lifts one heel as she poses for the fans.

"Hello, minions~"

The signature greeting of the celebrity succubus is in itself enough to draw a huge pop from the Demon Queen diehards. She raises a hand to give the V salute to the audience once more as she arches her back, pushing her tail up into the air, drawing an even bigger reaction.

"I think that my opponent is forgetting one small detail..."

The demoness holds her thumb and forefinger barely apart to indicate the size she's describing.

"Valkyries are only /servants/ of the gods..."

She turns a sweet smile toward Victoria as she sing-songs the 'reminder.'

"And I..."

She taps her forefinger against her sternum.

"Am a /QUEEN/ among /DEMONS!/"

As she says so, Lyraelle stamps her foot, her entire posture stiffening with rage as her hands ball toward the floor as fists and her tail stands quivering on end, and green fire erupts furiously from the Demon Queen's body. The businessman staggers backward, stopping, dropping and rolling out of the ring to put out the flames clinging to his suit as a familiar yellow imp runs up with a fire extinguisher to assist. A few moments later, the fire disappears just as quickly as it appeared.

"So, remember... root for royalty, minions~"

Lyraelle bounces in the ring, flapping her arms to rouse her fans.

"I can't believe she just did that," Tom says, still leaning back in his chair from the fiery display.

"That's 'cause you don't know her, Tom," Red says, grimly.

"I thought those were some nice special effects," Lou remarks.

"That's 'cause you don't - nevermind," Red says, before going quiet.

Victoria watches as Lyraelle sends the businessman scrambling, her perfect smile cracking just a bit to a sneer. While it is short lived, it definitely is very noticable at first. With a breath, Victoria regains her confident facade again.

"What is a queen to a WARRIOR!" Victoria exclaims, as more fog and ice surround her. Any lingering flames that Lyraelle left in the arena are quickly snuff out, as the air is literally ripped from them.

Tom 'Oh ho ho's.' at Victoria's statement, "We got one that is FIRED up, and the other is as cold as ICE! Talk about a match up, right Lou?!"

Lou can't help but nod, "That's right Tom, we couldn't ask for a more perfect matchup! I think we're in for one Hell....Heaven? Supernatural matchup!"

As the camera's move about the ring, focusing on each woman. Security presses up against the audience gates, making sure they don't try to spill into the arena during this match.

"Now...." Victoria smirks, shifting her eyes to one of the cameras, "Let the fun begin...." Moving her hands up and over her face. She drags them down across her neck, and then just over her chest so that she gives everyone quite a nice capture of her form. Though it isn't just for show, the multiple tattoos about her arms and face begin to glow. The smoke begins to circle about her as if she is somehow able to control it, and her eyes flair in an icey blue light. "Also, your 'majesty', I don't just choose any -trash- to follow me. ONLY the WORTHY may serve!" Swinging her right wing forwards, she swings it back out and drives the cold mist towards Lyraelle.

"Are you guys getting this?" Tom asks some of the stage hands, before getting a thumbs up from one of them.

COMBATSYS: Victoria has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Victoria         0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Victoria         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Lyraelle

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Victoria's Aggressive Strike.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Victoria         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Lyraelle

As the icy mist is driven toward her, Lyraelle leans forward, opening one of her own leathery wings to act as a shield against the oncoming assault. The mist dissipates as it hits the wing, leaving behind a patch of frost that quickly melts, then sizzles - apparently the pink-haired hellion's inner heat extends to the leathery appendages as well.

"Wait, aren't those wings props?" Tom wonders aloud.

"The, uh, internal servomotors generate a lotta heat," Red says after shuffling through something under the table.

In the ring, Lyraelle's wing lifts away from her face, and a neutral expression shifts into a smirk. "That's where we differ, then. See, as far as I'm concerned, all may serve me... or be INCINERATED!"

The Demon Queen's green eyes come ablaze with infernal green energy as she hops up into the air, letting her wings hold her aloft as she rises above the ring. Then, with little more than a split second and a flash of green, twin beams of intense heat shoot from Lyraelle's eyes, sweeping across the ring toward the Valkyrie!

"Did you see that? She's trying to give Valkyrie an early tan for that summer cover!" Tom says.

"My God. It's the Balefire Gaze," Red drones as he reads from beneath the desk.

COMBATSYS: Victoria blocks Lyraelle's Balefire Gaze.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Victoria         0/-------/----===|=------\-------\0         Lyraelle

Victoria's eyes go wide as the frost simply melts after contact with Lyraelle's wings, it's almost as if....

The Valkyrie doesn't have time to really make the connection, before EYE BEAMS are sent towards her. A quick gasp of realization hits Victoria, as she shuffles back slightly. From off the stage, something is sent flying towards the woman. Just before impact, Victoria spins and is able to catch and raise a shield infront of her form. The spin itself allowing everyone to see her beautiful form in action. She even gives a little raise of her hand to her mouth, giving the crowd a cute 'Oh no' face. The beams are refracted away from her form, but not before heating the metal up and causing it to glow in a red hot manner.

"Where did that come from!?" Lou yells, pointing towards Victoria. "That can't be leg...." Tom interrupts Lou, "That's where you're wrong, Lou. This is a no holds barred match, EVERYTHING goes!"

The crowd is just eating up the spectacle! Not only do they get to watch two models fight each other, but they get to have a smoke and mirrors show! far as they know.

Victoria tosses the shield back off the stage, where it strangely doesn't seem to make a clatter against the floor. "That's rich!" Victoria says, shaking her arm to cool them off. "Didn't anyone tell you it's rude to stare?" She pops a rather confident smile at Lyraelle. "Don't worry...." She says, looking at the camera. "My fans can stare all they like..."

Without missing a beat, Victoria spins around again, and is somehow able to produce a bow in her hands. Her tattoos flair a bright blue, before an arrow of pure ice is shot towards Lyraelle.

"Where is she getting these things, Lou!?" Tom asks, "I don't know, but the crowd is eating it up!"

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Victoria's Valkyrie Arrow ES.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Victoria         0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0         Lyraelle

The fires fades from Lyraelle's burning eyes as abruptly as it appeared, leaving trails of smoke rising from them like the barrels of two guns before the demoness waves her hand in front of her face to disperse them. It's only a moment later that the icy arrow comes flying at her. It seems bound to strike true - until, at the last moment, the winged demoness whirls, striking laterally through the ice-arrow's haft with the purple-gloved palm of her left hand, dispersing the frigid chi with the impact - though a thin layer of ice-dust remains coating her fingers.

"Holy cow! She snapped that arrow in half like it was nothin'!" Lou declares.

"Nothing? I think she might have frostbite under those gloves right now! That looked like it hurt!" Tom retorts.

Lyraelle looks at her rime-coated palm, quirking her lips. She shrugs once, then runs her tongue along the rubbery surface, causing steam to rise off of her handwear.

"Cute trick. But I've got cuter ones," she says, tilting her head and winking down at Victoria.

"She's not showing her opponent much respect here!" Lou declares.

"I dunno. She did say she was cute. That's probably the nicest thing Her Majesty's ever said without lookin' in the mirror," Red remarks, pulling himself up on the desk with his elbows and standing on his chair.

Then, swooping down next to where Victoria is standing in the ring, Lyraelle spins, swinging her right thigh-high up heel-first toward the Valkyrie in a sudden kick that shows off the succubus' sculpted legs and hips - and might have enough force to take the winged warrior off her feet!

COMBATSYS: Victoria blocks Lyraelle's Medium Kick.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Victoria         0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0         Lyraelle

Victoria isn't quite sure what to make of Lyraelle, as she didn't expect that her opponent would have EYE BEAMS and WINGS. She was thinking this was going to be a quick match against a regular fighter, but what she got was much more than that!

Regardless, Victoria doesn't take her eyes off her opponent for even a second. Even as she takes to the air, the Valkyrie keeps her gaze locked on her.

"It seems that Victoria can't keep her eyes off of Lyraelle. Though who could blame her?" Tom asks his fellow ring side peanut gallery.

"I'd be doing the same, Tom." Lou adds.

"Oh, you do...." Victoria asks, but is interrupted as Lyraelle sends a pretty powerful kick at her. Raising her hands up, Victoria moves to catch the other woman's attack. She's struggling a bit, but was able to grab the heel and top of her boot. "Okay, Ill.....hnnn....admit." Victoria tries to speak, even as she strains against Lyraelle's foot. "That you got some strong legs. However, lets see how strong you really are...." That's when the Valkyrie pushes forward, and attempts to literally pin Lyraelle underneath her. This was done for twofold reasons.

One: It's to see if Victoria can get Lyraelle in a grab.

Two: There's no way a normal human could overpower the Valkyrie!

COMBATSYS: Victoria successfully hits Lyraelle with Combo Grapple.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Victoria         0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0         Lyraelle

With all the effort that has been made by 'Demon Queen Lyraelle' to debunk the various elements of her arsenal and aesthetic as props, costume pieces and special effects on her FightTube channel, Victoria isn't the first to find that the Demon Queen is more than she signed up for. However, despite the preternatural power behind Lyraelle's legs, the Valkyrie does manage to catch the demoness out - and drive her down to the mat on her stomach by unbalancing her before pinning Lyraelle beneath herself. The succubus cries out in surprise and pain as her leg is trapped by Victoria.

"A classic strategy by the Valkyrie - take your opponent's leg out and she won't have a foundation to fight from!" Tom remarks on the action.

"Yeah, but how's she going to stop her from reaching the briefcase? She should be tearing her wings off!" Lou replies.

Lyraelle reaches out to try and grab onto something to pull herself out of the leg hold, but only finds the mat. Still, her purple-clad fingertips actually manage to gouge the fabric covering the surface as she tries to claw free.

"I feel sorry for Lyraelle. I think the Demon Queen's going to need a new manicure after this one," Lou says.

"I feel sorry for me. I'm probably the one that's gonna have to give it to her," Red comments.

Finally, the slippery succubus manages to squirm through Victoria's clutches, rolling over on her hips and snapping a kick out to try and knock the model off-balance and create space before kipping up to her own feet. Then, darting around behind Victoria, Lyraelle lunges to try and trap the Valkyrie around the waist with her arms.

"Let's see if you can really fly," she remarks as she goes for the waistlock. If she manages to trap her, she'll leap up toward the ceiling, taking Victoria with her as her wings help her soar right into the rafters - and then, she'll flip upside down, bringing both herself and Victoria headfirst back down toward the ring in a death spiral - aiming to piledrive the Valkyrie headfirst into the mat, accompanied by an infernal outburst of chi!

Or some really cool green pyrotechnics, depending on how you look at it.

COMBATSYS: Victoria just-defends Lyraelle's Demondriver!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Victoria         0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0         Lyraelle

Victoria is grabbed by the demoness, Lyraelle's arms quickly locking around her waist and taking her up towards the rafters! The Valkyrie doesn't have much time to think, she has to fall back on instinct if she's going to get out of this. It wasn't long before the Valkyrie is flipped upside down, is and quickly being spun towards the mat at incredible speeds.

Victoria then notes there is one thing that is before the ground....

The rope the briefcase is attached to!

Using all the strength she can muster, Victoria flaps her wings with all her might. Her efforts seemed to have paid off, as the two are just close enough that she is able to quickly grasp the rope. With a mighty pull, the Valkyrie is able to just narrowly alter the momentum of Lyraelle's dive. Bringing her body sideways instead of straight up and down. In this way, the woman is able to take the hit to her side instead of straight to her head!

"OH MY GOD!" Tom yells, watching this all unfold. "Victoria was able to grab the rope! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!"

Even Lou quickly rises up so that he can get a better vantage point. "That was pretty quick thinking of her part!"

Quickly kicking her legs back, Victoria is able to free herself from Lyraelle's grasp. She just narrowly escapes the exploding flames that follow the strike to the mat! This didn't come without a cost, however, the woman pressing her hand against her shoulder. If she was a human and attempted to do this, her arm would have been completely dislocated.

"Can't keep your hands off me, can you!" She yells at Lyraelle, patting at her numb arm. "Though what can I say...." She strikes a hip cocked pose as best as she is able. "Even hell wants me...." She passes a wink to the demoness, looking to agitate her. If she's just able to keep her tilted enough, she might be able to keep Lyraelle off balance.

Swinging low, Victoria flaps her wings, and dives at Lyraelle. Bringing her knee up, she's looking to smash it right into the demoness' stomache!

All the while, the briefcase has fallen to the mat and slid near the edge of the ring.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Victoria's Falling Star.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Victoria         1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1         Lyraelle

With her opponent having escaped her grasp, it's too late for Lyraelle to adjust course - down she goes, head-first into the ring mat, her horns stabbing through the wood beneath moments before the conflagration - leaving her bottoms-up in an inverted fetal position. The view is enough to draw a few whistles from the crowd - and even one of the announcers.

"Looks like that high risk maneuver turned into a high-risque finish," Lou remarks.

"Well, whether or not she ends up on the cover of Women's World of Fighting, I'm sure her picture'll end up somewhere after that," Tom replies.

Lyraelle plants her hands on the ring floor, swing her legs down in an impressive feat of flexibility, and rips her head away from the mat, sending splinters everywhere as she straightens up before shaking bits of the ring out of her pink ponytail and smiling for the crowd.

"She actually don't look too embarrassed about that," Lou says.

"That's 'cause Her Majesty knows Her Royal hit count on Google for tomorrow just went up," Red comments as he stuffs his hand into a bag of popcorn.

The Demon Queen swings her arm down to intercept Victoria's knee as the Valkyrie crashes into her, driving her back toward the edge of the ring but not taking her off of her feet.

"Looks like you kneed me more than I need you~" Lyraelle replies to Victoria's taunt with a grin that shows a glint of her questionably-pointy incisors. Then she's suddenly lunging for Victoria again - this time, trying to simply wrap her arms around her midsection, pressing chest to middle and locking her in a bearhug and squeeze - a straightforward move that relies on sheer power.

And Lyraelle has a surprising amount of that, for her size.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle successfully hits Victoria with Power Throw.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Victoria         2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1         Lyraelle

Victoria repositions herself, her attempt to knee Lyraelle being an utter failure. Thank the gods that she is able to balance herself in heels, or this fight would've been over LONG ago. For now though, the valkyrie can only stand there and admire how strong Lyraelle actually is.

Then once again, Victoria is being held in a bearhug. Her eyes now lock onto Lyraelle, "This again, I thought you would have...." The valkyrie is immeadiately cut off, as electricity begins to surge through her form. At first, Victoria simply grits her teeth and bears it. Though in mere moments, her will breaks and the woman screams out in agony. This momentary lapse of pain gives Lyraelle the openning she needs to REALLY squeeze the woman. Victoria throws her head back as she is both electrocuted and crushed by the Demon!

You think the fans mind, NOT AT ALL! In the background, you can see cellphone flashes going off, getting pictures of the two embraced women.

"Now this is becoming ELECTRIFYING!" Lou pipes up, casting a glance at Tom. "That right!" Tom agrees, "I dont think Victoria was expecting that."

Indeed, the valkyrie struggles as the pain doesn't seem to abate. She doesn't have many options open to her at that moment. Thats when her own demons break loose. Her face twists into one of utter rage, as energy bursts forth from her form. Her tattoos blindingly bright now, as she draws from her deepest reserves!

"GET OFF OF ME!" She roars, and turns her head to the side. A small lightsource appears, and cold wind begins to blow through it. Within moments, a viking warrior charges out of it like before. However, this one draws and axe and leaps at Lyraelle with everything he has!

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle endures Victoria's Einherjar.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Victoria         0/-------/--<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2         Lyraelle

As the sparks of electricity dance through Victoria, they seem to also surge through the Demon Queen herself, who grits her teeth as she locks the hold in.

"She can't do that," Red says, looking shocked himself at the shocking display.

"Of course she can! This is a no holds barred match, Red!" Tom yells.

"I didn't think it was your place to tell Queen Darkheart what she can or can't do," Lou adds.

"No, I mean... ah, nevermind," Red replies, before stuffing popcorn into his mouth and watching with interest.

As the axe-wielding ice viking leaps into the ring, Lyraelle tightens her hold, gritting her teeth.

"Hey, isn't that outside interference?" Lou wonders, pushing a hand up against his forehead in wonder.

"Three words, Lou. No... holds... barred," Tom repeats his mantra.

"Is that really what that means?" Red wonders.

The frozen warrior's axe bites into Lyraelle's back as she tenses for the blow - something that looks like it could potentially have been fatal against an ordinary opponent. The Demon Queen, though, is not an ordinary opponent - and while she bleeds, the attack doesn't dig deep enough to rupture organs or sever her spine. The flow of blood is even suppressed by the frost coating the wound.

"Oh my god. That icy lumberjack just hacked into the Demon Queen like she was a tree!" Tom cries out in disbelief.

"And what's even more shocking is - she's still standing! And she looks pissed!" Lou answers in turn.

"I got a feelin' somebody's about to get the tail," Red remarks grimly, looking left and right. "'Least I'm over here this time."

"The what?" Tom asks.

Meanwhile, the Demon Queen releases her grip on Victoria, flying up and away from the mystic double-team. Her eyes search for the briefcase where it was hanging, then find it on the ring below.

"Aha," she says, a fierce smile crossing her features. Swooping down, she lands on her feet next to the briefcase and bends full-over to daintily lift the briefcase off the ground. She turns her head over her shoulder toward Victoria, not bothering to straighten up as she holds the case off to her side to flaunt it.

"Look what I've got~" she says, wiggling her hips.

"She's got the case!" Tom shouts.

"It ain't over unless she signs that contract, though!" Lou reminds everyone.

And then she flits up into the air, hiding the case on the other side of herself as if she were opening it up to sign the contract in mid-flight, back still turned on Victoria.

"It's a trap!" Red yells, clapping his hands to his cheeks. "She's gonna hit her with the D-Q-T!"

"I don't know what that is, Red, but it sounds like ice cream!" Tom says.

Lou just stares at Tom.

It is indeed a trap - using the uncanny sense of hearing provided by her elf-like demonic ears, Lyraelle will track Victoria's position behind her. Then, when the moment is ripe, she'll suddenly launch herself backwards with a beat of her wings - aiming to slam ass-first into the Valkyrie and knock her to the ground, using her as a makeshift throne! If she manages to do so, the demoness' serpentine spade-tipped tail will seek to slip around whatever part of Victoria it can reach, restraining her further and executing the less-humiliating but more dangerous and insidious element of the attack - metaphysically latching into and sapping the Valkyrie's essence like a lamprey, feeding it into the Demon Queen herself.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle issues a challenge!!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Victoria         0/-------/--<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2         Lyraelle

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle successfully hits Victoria with Royal Requisition - Dark Queen's Throne.

[                           \\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Victoria         1/--<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>\-------\0         Lyraelle

Even as the axe bites deep, that attack disappears as quickly as it came. The light within the icey warrior fades, as it leans back and starts to crumble away into dust. There is no look of pain from the strange looking warrior, only a look of disappointment as it is removed from the fight itself.

"Gotta admit, didn't see that coming." Tom says, looking directly at the camera.

"Gotta agree with you there, Tom. These two women have spared no expense it would seem. The fans are just...." Lou stops talking, as Lyraelle grabs at the briefcase. "Looks like we're in the endgame now, boys!"

Indeed, Victoria seems a bit taken off guard! She didn't expect for Lyraelle to go the easy way!

"Oh no you don't!" She yells towards the Demon Queen. This plays against her, as it gives away Victoria's position for the Demoness. Not like she would need to know, Lyraelle's back end is built like a dump truck! Both it terms of how much junk it carries, but also how much pain it brings!

"OOH!" Tom yells, as Victoria is unable to escape becoming a makeshift thrown. The Valkyrie crumbles behind the Demoness, her own momentum in combination with Lyraelle's wing beats, she is completely crushed right up into the Queen.

At first it isn't too painful, but then comes the tail.

It's most likely covered up by the cheer of the crowd, given the amount of flashes seen from the seats. That and the fans are enjoying as the two women literally SANDWICH themselves together for the world to see.

Victoria in the meantime, cries out in utter pain. Her body collapsing backwards as she is drained away, and forced backwards towards the end of the ring. She doesn't really have much she can do.

She opts to go all in as well! In a last ditch effort, the woman reaches her hand out and summons a massive Waraxe to her hands. The blade like all the other weapons comes flying in from outside the arena. It lands in her hands just as Lyraelle is about to smash into the end of the ring. Raising it up, Victoria aims to bring it down right at the same spot that her Einherjar had hit!

COMBATSYS: Victoria can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lyraelle         0/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Victoria successfully hits Lyraelle with Waraxe.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Lyraelle         1/----<<</<<<<<<<|

"That's it! She's locked it in! DQT! DQT!" Red yells into his microphone. For some reason, the use of Lyraelle's signature move seems to have awakened a genuine mark in the reluctant shill.

"DQT! What does it mean, Red?!" Tom shouts back at Red.

"It means the end," Red Minion says, shaking a fist.

"Look! Valkyrie's not giving up!" Lou calls as the axe flies into Valkyrie's hand.

Lyraelle's ears flatten as she detects the danger, but she doesn't give up her grip - instead, she drinks deeper. A faint coat of what appears to be frost starts to spread up from her tail over her back as the axe drives into her, sending a spray of icy chi in every direction!

"My God. That axe was so cold the Demon Queen's back froze before it even hit her!" Tom says, his fingers pulling at his hair in bewilderment.

"That's a very plausible explanation for what happened, Tom," Red replies, already back to his near-monotone as he eyes his co-commentator sidelong.

As the frost dissipates, steam rises off of Lyraelle's back, leaving behind what looks like a rapidly fading scar from the assault. Her wings fold up to hide the wound as she shifts on top of Victoria, her posture becoming lazier as she feels the Valkyrie's ability to resist starting to siip. She holds up the briefcase for the audience to see before setting it down on her lap and clicking it open.

"It looks like she's signing it! I think that the Demon Queen has won!" Lou calls, leaning forward in his seat.

"It certainly looks that way," Red confirms. "Hopefully that means lashings - I mean, morale building exercises will be down this week."

The succubus takes the golden pen out of the briefcase, clicks it, licks the tip to make sure it's working, then finds the relevant paper in the contract pile and scrawls her name on it. She then gets a thoughtful look and starts to tap the end of the pen against her lips.

"What's she doing?" Tom wonders.

"Scheming, probably," Red states bluntly.

The Demon Queen looks up out to the roaring audience questioningly, before pointing the grip end of the pen down at Victoria, scooting the paperwork close to the Valkyrie's hands and mouthing the words, 'Should I?'

"It looks like she's asking if she should let Victoria sign it, too," Lou says. "Can she do that?"

"No. Holds. Barred," Tom says, thrusting his palm down on the desk and speaking in a mix of barely-contained enthusiasm and dead seriousness.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle exercises her royal prerogative of non-action.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lyraelle         1/----===/=======|

Victoria struggles as best she can, the axe coming down in an attempt to support her weight. Though like it's Einherjar brothers, the axe quickly crumbles into nothing bit icey bits before disappearing completely. The Valkyrie buckles as Lyraelle doesn't budge an inch off of her.

"Gotta give Victoria this, she is really giving it her all." Tom comments.

Though in one last act of defiance towards Lyraelle, Victoria looks at the paperwork is pushed towards her. "A warrior does not need pity!" Is all she can muster, before trying to push it away.

"Did you see that, she rejected it!" Lou narrates for the audience. "I can't believe it!"

Before Victoria's arms give out, she shoots a knowing smirk at the Demoness. Then....


Victoria's reserves are depleted by the demon, causing her to fall flat on the ring floor.

Instantaneously, the crowd roars in excitement. Arms being pumped into the air, fans waving neon coloured batons in the air, and millions of flashes of pictures being taken of Lyraelle.


"Majesty!" The chant Lyraelle on!

Lyraelle looks genuinely surprised as the paperwork is pushed away by Victoria, eyes going wide and mouth opening for a moment at the response. Composing herself, she twirls the pen and flicks it away.

"Suit yourself, then," she says primly to the warrior-model, before childishly sticking her tongue out at her.

"She's done it, then, folks! Queen Lyraelle has won!" Tom lets the audience knows, though the noise in the arena suggests that they're already well aware.

When Victoria gives out, Lyraelle finally rises up, stretching her arms above her head and lacing her fingers as she works the kinks from the fight out - while posing rather provocatively for the cheering crowd. The slick-haired man in the business suit from earlier returns to the ring - this time with a different jacket - and hesitantly approaches. He looks down at the paperwork on the mat, then up at Lyraelle, who offers a sweet smile before tipping her chin at the papers indicatively.

Reluctantly, the businessman slowly gets down on his hands and knees, smiling nervously at the succubus. Then, as he looks down at the paperwork and starts to pick it up, Lyraelle lifts her right leg up and plants her shoe daintily yet dominantly on the man's back, tilts her head slightly to the side, and raises her hand up to make a sideways V next to her radiantly smiling face before winking at the audience.

Her blog article about the match will need a good photograph, after all.

"It looks like that's all for the match tonight, folks, but I for one hope this isn't the last we see of these two in the ring together," Tom says.

"I hope so, too, Tom," Lou says back. Both commentators look at Red Minion.

"Hold on a sec, I gotta take a picture," the squat imp says as he raises a comically large Nikon camera up in front of his face.


COMBATSYS: Lyraelle has ended the fight here.

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