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Description: The Spangles Fast Food Restaurant chain has been abandoned for a long time now. City officials claim that this particular one is standing in the way of progress. Thus, the 69th Location has been zoned off for demolition! Enter Kongou. Enter Maxima. Two of the Fighting Circuits most destructive competitors will be doing the city a favor by taking down the Spangles Restaurant... with each other.

So it's not -exactly- a Saturday Night can the media pass up a show like this!

Demolitions still have to happen and the show must still go on.

A wide berth has been given to the building to provide safety to onlookers and there are onlookers a plenty hoping to get a good look at the rumored blue-behemoth that has been lighting up social media circles and filling up youtube screens with his outrageous presence and gargantuan physique.

They don't have to wait to long. The sound of helicopters fills the air as a series of four heavy lift air-crane helicopters surge into view with massive cables connected to a hammock hanging between them and seated on it gripping the reinforced cables is the immense Kongou the Titan! With roads blocked, bringing him in this way seems the best way and the most spectacle orientated and the blue gargantua seems all to pleased at being ferried in towards the combat zone and then, once positioned properly, he lunges forward and drops down from the hammock to plummet towards the earth.

A loud -KATHOOOM- resounds as he impacts, sending a rolling shockwave out that upends equipment and sends people flying. He seems to take no account of this as the earth sunders around him and instead begins to walk forward, sunlight glistening off of his dark shades - some sort of sponsorship no doubt. "Everyone can be relaxed! Kongou the Strongest here!"

One titan in this battle arrives with quite the grand entrance, but yet there has been no sight of the cyborg known simply as Maxima who is supposed to be the other man involved in this fight and the destruction of the run down Spangles restaurant. Maybe he decided not to show? Or is that sound in a distance growing lounder by the moment sounding for the Canadian's arrival?

It ends up being the latter as the cyborg rides in on his motorcycle with no helmet and just a pair of shades being worn up there instead. Skidding to a halt he quietly observes his surroundings as he looks about then up towards the very large Kongou. It seems whoever decides to always book these fights does love to put Maxima against the big lads and this might be the biggest one yet that he can think of.

He removes his shades and tucks them in the pocket of his leather jacket before removing it and draping it on the bike. "Well surely much more creative way to destroy a building. You're just one big, blue wrecking ball." he says with a smirk and cricks his neck. Maxima is near seven feet himself, but is still easily dwarfed, yet he stays calm and collected as there is the sound of things revving up. It isn't the bike this time, but the cyborg as he prepares himself. "I guess it is time to see what you got."

An almost leather creaking sound can be heard as sinew pulls and stretches and Kongou's monstrous pectorals jiggle, flex and bounce thunderously in independent rolling movements of one another. A sight some might find titillating, others disturbing and others a various combo of the two. He finishes and stretches his arms wide and then flexes one, bulging a bicep the size of a buick and sending the peak towards his curled fingers before stretching that arm skywards and roaring, "YEAH!"

It's all rather show-boaty of course but it is deliberate. This behemoth wants to be a star and is oblivious to any and all implications such an action might have.

He then turns and loosens his gargantuan arms up as he sees Maxima and his big grin widens even further, red eyes glowing behind his shades as balls his gigantic fists up and lets his support pillar dwarfing arms hang at his sides, "Greetings. I have heard much of your abilites. I ask forgiveness now for not operating at full strength. I find your human world still does not agree with me and I feel like I am moving through molasses so I am still rather a kitten some might say. I pray you will indulge my weakness!"

"Is he joking? What the hell?" mutters a nearby promoter.

So the big man is well spoken, and he is attempting to be humble, but it is obviously not working. "Not operating at full strength? You should be sorry." Maxima calmly replies. He is no fool to know this will also be a rare time where he is outmuscled and to the surprise of the crew standing around when they hear his words. "Sorry won't cut it when you lose. Just remember that when you don't go 'full strength' and try to use that as a paper thing excuse."

"Battle systems operational. vapour" he murmurs as he holds out his arms and a large exhale of steam comes from the large gauntlet like contraptions around his forearm and wrist. His gaze flicks from Kongou then over to the building to be destroyed.

"Come on now. We got some demolition to take care of. Do try to keep up if you can there." It is pretty obvious he is trying to rile the big man up. It is a double edged sword. It may cause Kongou to make some mistakes due to be annoyed, but Maxima might indeed feel what it is like dealing with Kongou at full strength at this point.

COMBATSYS: Maxima brings his battle systems online.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Maxima           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kongou has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

"Wait so we are not fighting?" Kongou seems confused at first - and hardly riled up. He takes Maxima's words in stride but also seems to be taking the situation rather literally as well, "And I am simply being honest! And come now, I do not need help with these structures. I am not -that- diminished here.." He starts off after Maxima, "Or do you mean..destroy this structure by...being slammed into and through it!? Ah yes! That is what was explained to me. Very well! You may begin!"

Begin he does.

Maxima just seems to nod after getting a response. Sometimes it is about analyzing personality as well as physical capabilities when going into a fight. Knowing the best way to exploit things does often help him find a better strategy to approach each opponent. In the end right now Kongou while looking like a big brute perhaps isn't as tempermental as others the cyborg has come across.

"Very well." he finished his movements right around where the big 'Welcome to Spangles!' sign is. He reaches his arms around it to uproot the sign and he then twists about to bring it swinging around right at the left side of Kongou. It is nothing flashy and if anything rather unwieldy, but Maxima may as well find out how well the big man can take a hit.

COMBATSYS: Kongou blocks Maxima's Large Random Weapon.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

The behemoth is potentially inscrutable. His motives are uncertain as are his origins. Certainly he can't simply be here to get famous? Is that all there is to him? He takes the verbal jibs and jabs well enough to be certain. Maybe that one hot button topic simply hasn't been found yet. Either way, he plods forward, the earth shaking with his footfalls, as he bears down on Maxima as the cyborg begins to turn and then -- THWAM!!!

The Welcome sign slams right into the side of the gargantua with a thunderous impact and a shower of metal, plastics, glass and wires. The frame bends and warps and then bursts apart as it crushes against the bruisers massive frame..and Kongou barely blinks. In fact he simply keeps walking forward, looking around and turning his head from side to side as he plows through the devestating blow as if it was but a breeze. Then.

"Hmm? Oh? We've started?" He pauses and looks down at his side and then brushes away some remaining bits of debris from the sign as if surprised it's there.

"Oh! So that's what that was!"

He grins, balling a massive fist up and holding it aloft, casting Maxima in shadow as his muscles begin to swell and a crackle of chi and ether ripple its way across his shipping rope sized veins, "Very well!"

WIth that his massive arm comes plunging downward in a devestating strike intending on literally crushing Maxima into the ground and caving the pavement and walkway completely in around him as if he were piledrived into the sidewalk leading up to the entrance.

COMBATSYS: Maxima auto-guards Kongou's Seismic Crush.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

What bits are left of the pole that sign was attached too are dropped to the ground as Maxima smirks just slightly. He knew it wasn't going to do much, but every little test helps him figure out the big man. The way he moves. What openings he leaves. Just how much of his style is skill compared to being him just using his brute strength? The latter certainly will get the big man places no matter what, but it is new fighter to Maxima so gathering as much information as he can is a big deal.

He also shows to show little fear even if he is outsized. He isn't looking to get out of the way of the arm that is swinging downward intent on crushing the cyborg under it. He brings up both his arms and crosses them them to intercept the blow and the result? The ground cracks and Maxima sinks an inch or two into the ground from the force, but he is far from crushed. Now he knows just how much strength Kongou has and it won't be something he can mitigate again like he just did.

He uses this moment of what he hopes is surprise to push the arm away and dash forward. A powerful forward rush with arm extended as he looks to plow into the bigger fighter and go charging right towards the building proper. If he is able to the pair are about to go right through one side of the wall as his vapor cannon charges up to unleash a powerful blast to further try to inflict damage to Kongou

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Kongou with Maxima Press.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Maxima           0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0           Kongou


Kongou's grunted response is less a roar or a grunt of displeasure and pain but more one of pleasent surprise as he's sent thundering backwards into the structure with a thunderous earth shaking impact that sends the walls caving inward and the building enveloped in a billowing blast of debris and dust that roars upwards like an expanding mushroom cloud. A massive trench is dug into the ground from the force of the two giants and this is further exagerrated by the energy blast that billows outward, scattering tables and chairs and sending them hurtling like leaves in a whirlwind.

Kongou eventually skids to a stop, holding his ground and possibly Maxima in place as he blinks a few times. His sunglasses are lopsided now, revealing his surprised looking red glowing eyes. "Oh hoh! That was quite signifigant!" he rumbles before his fist suddenly balls up and then swings around again in a thunderous upper cut that starts low to the ground and then swings upwards like some sort of gigantic trebuchet. The incoming fist of such force that its impact will send Maxima hurtling skyward, through the roof and beyond by a not inconsiderable distance..

COMBATSYS: Maxima barely endures Kongou's Orbital Launcher.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Maxima           1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Kongou

It isn't taking long for that building to get demolished. That first impact already has a good chunk of it taken care of and it probably won't take much more given the rate these two are going at it. Moving a guy that big with the force he used also was not an easy feat for Maxima. It leaves a moment to where Kongou seems to recover faster than he did and that big fist is coming about to swing upwards right towards his chin.

Not exactly left with much room to maneuver he sort of does his best to soften the blow. Once again it isn't an easy feat, but getting his arms up to protect fist to chin does help and the force still sends the big cyborg upwards through the ceiling.

What goes up also must come down and Maxima does his best to redirect himself to come downwards right towards Kongou. His fist extended as he looks to just come sailing downwards with another big blow delivered to the larger fighter. The vapour cannon unleashing another blast as he looks to impact into Kongou once more.

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Kongou with M4 Model Vapour Cannon.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Maxima           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1           Kongou

A flick of his fingers sends his ruined shades hurtling somewhere into the debris. So much for that sponsorship. Kongou then lifts his head only to find himself taking a face full of the Vapor Cannon. The energy blast ripples into and around him, staggering his immense body and quaking it visibly and this is followed by Maxima plowing his fist right into the behemoths face. Kongou rears back slighlty, turning his head to the side and blinking somewhat before raising a massive hand up to reach for Maxima's leg..

"Impressive! I am glad that I accepted this invitation! Quite fun!"

If his grasp is successful, the giant will turn, pivoting on his heels to grind his boots into the ruined floor..and then begin swinging Maxima around wildly and into walls and support beams before finally bringing him down to the ground with his fist behind him for added weight and force.

COMBATSYS: Maxima interrupts Grasp And Pound from Kongou with Bunker Buster EX.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Maxima           0/-------/-======|=======\====---\1           Kongou

Fist meets face as Maxima had hoped and he still kind of lands a bit awkwardly, but at least he has time to get back to his feet after such a blow staggered Kongou at least for a few moments. "This is new ground for me, but I am always up for a challenge." he says in reply and he watches the movements carefully.

That big arm of Kongou comes forward to grasp for a leg, but Maxima is quick to respond. There is almost something like a fire that seems to envelop him at this point and Kongou does get a grasp of the leg, but Maxima surges forward once more and he manages to move so quickly he can break the grip on the leg. He slams into the stomach of Kongou at high power in something an upward arch. THe force enough to lift the bigger fighter upwards a bit before maxima surges forward to bring both downwards again. Slamming into the other side of the building the skid through the wall and once outside again.

The building is collapsing behind the pair as Maxima gets back to his feet and takes a few steps back. The flames die down and he has wisps of smoke coming off of him as brings his arms up in preparation to keep fighting. "Toughest damn kitten I ever fought."

The force of the impact causes Kongou's eyes to bulge and his face to twist into the first look of true consternation in this bout. He explodes backwards through the building walls, skidding for several meters before finally coming to a stop and then straightening upwards after Maxima has dislodged himself and begun to close the distance between the two giants.

"Hmm.." he rumbles while reaching up towards his nose and sensing a trickle of an odd purple hued liquid there. His Yokai blood it seems. "Oh wow!" he exclaims in surprise and good cheer. "Well, very well then!"

Both of his massive fists slam together, producing a thunderous sound that rocks the entire area and this is followed by a continual shaking of the ground as even his slightest muscle twitches begin sending shockwaves into the earth, rumbling and rocking the area with enough force to trigger seisometers elswhere.

His body bulks up bigger and bigger as if some internal engine had suddenly turned on and begun inflating the mammoth into a freakish cartoonish version of what was already otherworldly in its immensity.

He balls up a single fist as he braces his monstrous form and rumbles out deeply: "GIGANTES...."

He leaps forward, suddenly blurring the distance between himself and Maxima in the blink of an eye. For an instant a speedster and not a sliding glacier. All Maxima sees is a monstrous fist filling his entire line of sight as if, in slow motion, Kongou twists down low into another uppercut, nearly balling himself up as he leans into his bent knee, "IMMPPPAAAAAACTTT!"

The shockwave from the fist comes first, spiraling past both giants and roaring into the building behind them to blast away walls and roof as if a tornado had just touched down as for the fist itself---

COMBATSYS: Maxima fails to interrupt Gigantes Impact from Kongou with M19 Model Blitz Cannon EX.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Maxima           1/---====/=======|=------\-------\0           Kongou

Oh wonderful. He's expanding. Probably not the first time something like this has happened in a Spangles restaurant either.

Maxima wasn't expecting something like this and he even does take a few steps back when Kongou somehow finds a way to make himself bigger. His jaw is set and his eyes narrow as he sees the sudden surge forward. Yes Kongou is fast, but Maxima seems to not be fully caught off guard. He looks to be coming forward with a strike of his own when his timing is just off by a few moments.

He is hit hard and the powerful blow sends Maxima flying once more and this time not in a way he can use it to his advantage. He lands hard onto a truck that belongs to the SNF filming crew as the last bits of the restaurant are plowed down by the aftermath. A fearsome display from a fearsome fighter.

There is a few moments of silence, but the remains of the truck creak as Maxima manages to pull himself out of it and stagger forward. His movements a bit slower and a few sparks flying off here and there. His body is already attempting to repair itself, but after a hit like that it is going to take some time to fix things. "Not....bad....oww."

Is the fight over? Someone didn't tell Roid-Smurf if so.

A huge shadow is already enveloping Maxima and the truck and the SNF volunteers still trying to get the heck out of there. Above them all the sky is eclipsed by Kongou's enlarged body descending down towards the prone Maxima, chest and torso first and huge arms and legs splayed out as if the behemoth was descending for the mother of all belly flops. Everthing will be enveloped and in truth the SNF workers just -barely- manage to get clear and will likely be tossed by the resulting earthquakes should the behemoth land solidly on Maxima or no. "INCOMING!!" he bellows.

"He's crazy!" responds the SNF workers.

"I know, it's great!" responds the promoter. Clearly gleeful at the provided footage.

COMBATSYS: Maxima blocks Kongou's Meteor Splash.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Maxima           1/=======/=======|==-----\-------\0           Kongou

Maxima gets very little time to recover. Really as he is emerging from the wreckage there is a big shadow over him. He looks up after making his comment to see Kongou coming down and he lets a light grunt of annoyance. He shouldn't be surprised. He honestly isn't. Doesn't mean he can't be annoyed to find himself possibly being crushed again.

Already hurt and with little time to do much else he.....well somehow Maxima manages to catch Kongou without fully being crushed under his immense weight. The ground spiderwebs under their weight and Maxima is pushed into the ground somewhat again, but it could be far worse.

"Well since you want to be so close...." he grunts and he is finding it hard to support all the weight he has to work fast. His chest opens up and well what looks like a small cannon emerges and seems to be powering up. Maxima doesn't exactly have a lot of energy left, but what he has seems to be building there as he looks to full on blast Kongou at point blank.

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Kongou with M24 Atomic Laser.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Maxima           0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Kongou

"Wha? This is..."

It is indeed a strange sensation to be caught like this. Kongou's massive form is briefly without leverage and as Maxima withstands the force of his fall and even raises him up higher and before the giant can bring his arms and legs down to find purchase on the ground - that energy envelops him and paints his massive body with its incredible force. It's enough to send Kongou up and then backwards, tumbling to the ground into a roll and then a slide as he rights himself and then looks down at his smouldering chest. He seems to have reverted to his more reasonable proportions. 'Reasonable' with air-quotes involved.

And again he moves, lunging forward and trailing smoke and steam behind him from the effects of his previous attack. His monstrous arms reach forward to try and grasp for Maxima. An effort to scope the other giant up into his grasp with a follow up assault coming should the grasp be successful.

COMBATSYS: Maxima fails to interrupt World Crusher Slam from Kongou with M4 Remodel Missile Cannon.
- Power fail! -

[                          \\\\  <
Kongou           0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Maxima has suffered catastrophic damage and fallen offline.

[                          \\\\  <
Kongou           0/-------/=======|

And up the two titans go! Kongou leaps, the ground forming a sinkhole from the force of the jump as he hurtles skyward and up over the ruins of the resturant. When airborn he twists and then comes spiraling downward, upside down with Maxima gripped in his squeezing arms under the force of a bearhug that could crumple buildings until finally the giant piledrives them both into the center of the building.

Ground zero occurs upon the impact. Blowing out the entire structure and sending debris, dust, and onlookers who are to close, flying and fully obliterating anything left of the building as if it were just hit by a bomb.

The blast did its job. It created seperation, but not enough nor did it give Maxima enough time to really prepare because Kongou recovers much faster than he expected.

The larger fighter comes in and grasps Maxima as the cyborg tries one last ditch effort to put him down. His fist thrusts forward with another blast, but the impact made that punch swing wide and Kongou can feel the blast of Maxima's vapour cannon being all to close when hefting Maxima upwards.

The spiraling attack drives both men down into what is left of the building and after the impact there is just debris and dust flying everywhere. The impact was enough for Maxima to find his battle systems knocked offline. He is pretty much having to reroute everything to repairs as he lays there in the crater. "Not bad.....not bad at all...." he manages to say though he doesn't look like he is going to be moving any time soon. Once Kongou rises he will be declared the winner.

"Very good!" responds Kongou, cheerfully and looking oddly..energetic despite the damage he took, as if he were barely phased by all of that despite the obvious destruction and extreme blows.

"I am afraid I must apologize for only having access to a fraction of my full strength. I hope that it proved entertaining for you nevertheless!"

And he seems..sincere. Not an ounce of irony there.

With that, he raises both of his colossal arms and as his name is called for the win he brings them down into a shockwave causing double bicep, and then a freakish most muscular. the ground shaking from the force of his muscle fibers flexing and twitching. He has enough decorum to not hit a third pose and instead just waves a massive arm and steps for the edge of his side of the combat zone.

COMBATSYS: Kongou has ended the fight here.

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