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Description: The Mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one, and down Alba ran. (Moondyne Mouse runs into Alba and Kongou in Downtown Southtown.)

Downtown Southtown at night is... well, special. For a place that had once boasted the lowest rate of crime on the globe, well, it definitely seemed to be false advertising. Humans were pretty good at that, as she had discovered. The level of activity here was still fairly street level, while there weren't large heists on the scale of say... America, well, there was still quite a bit of it. If a gang needed some money they'd just roll up in a forklift and panel truck and steal a whole ATM, right off the ground. A smart thief however was not necessarily interested in paper money, as it was actually deceptively heavy for what it was--duffle bags full of cash could weigh dozens of kilos per each--of course movies portrayed it as light as a feather. It was not--but again, humans were good at that whole lying... false advertising sort of thing.

Moondyne had gotten wise to it long ago, when she was used as a guinea pig by NESTS. She had no great love for humans as a species, but that didn't mean she hated /all/ of them... just, y'know, most of them. On a low-key level.

Which brought her to tonight's entertainment, getting interrupted while casing a place but some nasty street level crime that had gone bad. Most criminals here didn't carry guns, not because they were illegal, but due to the sentences for being caught with them rising so high in recent years. She dropped down from between buildings in an alleyway and peered out over the side, visible since she wasn't afraid of being seen or caught--as a trio of men ran yelling things at eachother from a convenience store down the block. Oh, this was gonna be fun~

Moondyne shimmered, with a queer VHS distortion effect as she disappeared, cloaking herself and running down the street after them--a careful observer could see her boots kicking up dust or making splashes in puddles as she went.

Sent out on more of the Dragon queen's dirty work. This time? Snuffing out a gang that refused Kira's 'Graceful' offer of joining her. These thugs are part of the larger gang, and Alba is planning to interrogate the trio, having them lead him and his group to whatever their base of operations might be, for the sole purpose of running them out of Southtown. 'You don't mess with Kira' and all that Bullshit.

He's been observing them for a while now- and they're now loudly making their escape, convinently in Alba's direction.

The crimson-clad gangster steps out of the alley, positioned right in front of them. And sweeps his arms widly twice to release two crescent blades of wind-like Chi flying towards two seperate mooks. Both are knocked right down, and the final one standing charges Alba wildy with a hay-maker. He is promptly smashed into the cement als the young gangster grabs his arm, turning the thug's forwards momentum against him to flip him on his back.

"Now.. to question you pathetic hoodlums.." After the brief exchange, he menacingly stands over the trio- intending to 'persuade' them into giving them the information he desires.

As the thugs go down, there is a strange shimmer in front of Alba, followed by a disappointed sounding feminine voice.

"Whaaat? aw, you got to them first...?" Moondyne's silhouette could be seen in the shimmering mirage, which began to glow faintly--it looked like the outline of a small person, reaching up to adjust something around their eye--which blinked into view ahead of the rest of her.

Reddish brown eyes, behind what looked like a cherry red visor that flipped up, along what looked like a bob of bluish hair, the face clad in... whitish fur? And large rounded ears?

"Well well well, look at you," the rest of Moondyne faded into view--stepping towards Alba. She was only about 5-feet tall, hardly anything more than that, likely a few heads shorter than he, and even then a few shorter than most people, she grinned, showing large mouse-like buck teeth as she looked up and down his stylish dark attire, and the red hair streaked with white.

"Very stylish," she briefly looked around at the men on the ground--reach down to pick up a paper lunch bag one of them carried, filled with the scant bills they'd managed to 'liberate' from the store down the street. She let the bills drift from her hands in the wind like paper thin leaves, sucked dry by autumn.

"Can't say the same for you three chuckleheads, however," she took a moment to boot one in the side, with an accompanying grunt of pain from the downed man.

He hears a voice- but doesn't see anything quite yet. Until the peculiar Moondyne enters his vision, and away flies his planned approach. She is a unexpected anomaly- a frustrating bump in his plan. He stares at her, taking in her unusual appearance- as she takes in his.

He is wearing a red jacket, with black underclothing and pants. The ends of each of his limbs are accentuated with similarily bright-red shoes and gloves. He is wearing -stylish- shades with red-tinted glass. Looking slightly below that- a curious black collar is strung around his neck. It seems to have a small, black box strapped to it with a faint red light bleeping on and off.

Alba isn't particularly big, but he still stands significantly taller then Moondyne. Alba looks at her uncaringly as she scatters the bills in the wind, seemingly not bothered by the loss of potential revenue. He speaks up, with a slight german accent. "Beat it, freak. I have business with these three. I have no time to play with a rat."

"What, did you want this?" she gestures to the fallen sheaf of bills, not seeming to be interested. "It's all yours, but... oof, I love that LED fashion statement you have around your neck~ was that a gift?" her eyes are drawn up to the collar on Alba's neck.

"I knew those were in style in clubs in certain places, but... why is it flashing?" Moondyne tilted her head, apparently curious about the box and it's beeping red light. Normally that reads as 'bomb' to some folks, since red means danger. Usually. And speaking of danger...

"Calm down, sleek and sexy, I was just seeing what was the matter here," not at all what she was doing, but y'know.

Alba gives a annoyed sigh as he touches the collar. "This shit? I'm being forced to wear it. Thing itches like hell." He looks, towards the mouse-girl. His sunglasses obscuring whatever emotions his eyes might display. "And i don't know why it keeps doing that bloody annoying flashing. It pisses me off." Alba is obviously irritable, more then usual.

He crouches down next to one of the thugs, pulling him up by his hair while talking, his voice seeped in sarcasm. "While i would just be *delighted* to keep talking with you, i have a job to do." He tries to walk towards a alley, dragging the hoodlum as he goes. "The cops can show up at any minute, having to deal with those failures would be a significant inconvenience."

"Forced to wear it...? Huh, that is pretty hot--I mean, uh, terrible!" Moondyne clasps her hands together and nodding, Alba can likely see her nails are somewhat on the long side, looking as if they have circuit board lines going down the blue painted things.

"Oh, right, yeah--" Moondyne gives another of them a swift kick in the ribs before quickly trotting after Alba, following him into said alley. She stepped over the bodies of the fallen thugs carelessly. Down the street sirens were already wailing thanks to the robbery that had just taken place, clearly this wasn't a professional job.

"So, who made ya wear it? Anything you wanna talk about... and do you want it off...?" Moondyne seemingly innocently asks, even though she's likely fully aware Alba wants nothing to do with her, especially right now.

Nothing is ever easy, is it? This was supposed to be a pretty straight-forward and easy gig for them both. Fragile, mortal, powerless hoodlums gaining the attention of individuals far higher then they on the totem pole and suffering for it. A pretty common happening in a crime ridden city like Southtown, let alone Southtown in the chaos it is currently undergoing.

Sadly another common occurance in Southtown seems to be things taking a turn for the wierd when they really should have stayed all mudane and straight forward. One could say Moondyne's arrival is proof of that given her appearence and affiliation. However, there is..another.

A wall at the far end of the wide alley suddenly cracks, splintering and sundering from around the height of the second story of the building it is part of, all the way down towards the ground. Another crack appears and then another, spider webbing out from a central epic center as if some great force was pressing against the wall from the other side..and then *KATHOOOOM*

The entire wall gives way in a plume of debris, billowing dust and a shaking of the ground. The dust cloud rolls out over the alleyway and towards those occupants within before slowly settling down and revealing an absolutely humanoid shape silohuetted by the dust cloud and looming in the distance like some sort of freakish vision of a bodybuilder and wrestler gone wild...even by the standards of the fighting community.

"Hmm.. It took my finger slightly longer then usual to do that.." rumbles an impossibly deep voice, accent difficult to place but clearly..not here..

As the rubble settles and the smoke clears..Kongous outlandish figure can now be seen, standing just outside of a massive gaping hole in what looks to be some sort of abandoned warehouse or storage facility. A huge Kongou shaped hole in the wall behind him and a single hand up with a gigantic finger wiggling back and forth as if he's flexing it. "I will have to keep trying to gain my strength back.." muses the blue behemoth.

Alba stares flatly at her after the weirdly perverted statement. He brushes it off, continuing until he reaches the alley. He throws the man against the wall, ready to get to work.

But this damn mouse just won't leave him alone!

He starts talking with a frustrated, hasty tone. "Look, i'm not telling you who-" The loud cracking of the wall interrupts him however- he quickly turns around to look at the dramatic entrance. And when the dust settles, the hulking form of Kongou reveals itself. Great, Another Weirdo to bother him. But, judging from that form, this is not the kind of weirdo you wanna mess with. At all.

The young Gangster clenches his fist in frustration, why can't nothing ever just go according to plan these days?

The wall slowly splinters as something thunders, muffled, but close by--like the steps the T-rex in Jurassic Park. Appropriately, the puddles of water nearby also shake due to the reverberation. Moondyne somehow does not notice, still fixated on Alba, even as the wall EXPLODES behind her, and a huge cloud of dust envelopes them.

"WHAT? WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Moondyne raises her voice after the huge booming noise, her audio sensors still trying to adjust after that one. After a full beat, she snaps her head back to look at the giant-sized purple man coming out of the hole behind them. She snaps her head back, as if this was nothing to worry about--before actually realizing it.

"Your finger?! I'd hate to see what the other parts of you can do!" Moondyne has a very incredulous and fearful snarl on her features. "And what are you supposed to be?" she raises a hand and finger herself, before pausing midway through. Inside Moondyne's head, a gear finally bothers to turn, reminding her of something else she was supposed to do, causing her finger to curl back, drooping almost.

"Heyyy... you're that blue man," she seems to recognize him somehow.

Beneath them on the ground, the man Alba was carrying groans, resulting in Moondyne kicking him again.

"Well that wasn't very nice." responds Kongou to the kicking of the man. Certainly..a very odd thing to respond to considering everything else going on but what's stopping the wierdness from continuing to ramp up a notch.

He thn raises an eyebrow, curiously considering the rest of Moondyne's comments and clearly looking uncertain on how to answer her. He looks from her to Alba and then back to her again and then to the man and then finally simply concludes, "Southtown. Very strange town. I have not been to other places yet. Is -all- of your world this bizarre and full of chaos and randomness? How interesting! As to the rest of my bodyparts..I can show you if you would like!" He grins, full toothed, affable..but there is some chaos swirling in the soft glow of his red eyes, "..Hmm? I am..'blue' yes.. Does that make me -that- blue man?"

Alba does not know of this 'blue man'. He looks towards him, and decides to take a few nervous steps closer. "Our world is usually quite regular. But not right now with that insane Kira.." Her name slips out, likely due to the anger he feels towards her. "To top that off, any situation you'd enter would be bizarre. You don't exactly mix in, blue man."

He keeps walking closer, until he stands in front of Kongou. The giant's red eyes reflecting off of his shades "But what the hell are you doing here? I was already having enough trouble with the mouse over there." He points and looks behind him, towards Moondyne."And is smashing through walls a common occurence with you? I don't know where you're from, but people don't tend to appreciate that. It's considered to be a lot worse then kicking some thug that's down."

"Yeah, pretty much--and Japan is pretty weird, in comparison to others," Moondyne nods at this, rather clinically. The mouse woman also blinks, looking up at Kongou when he offers to show her the rest of him. "Hnn, I'll hold you to that--but did you say you're not from here? As in this world? How did you get here?" she raised a brow at him, though taking a step back or two to give him more room. She doesn't want to frighten the big blue man off, after all.

"Oh him? He's a piece a shit, and just robbed some place," Moondyne cast a glance down at the semi-unconscious man, not seeming to really care as she looks back up at Kongou and Alba.

"I was just trying to help my new friend here with his friendship collar--it looks like it's bothering him," Moondyne jerked a thumb back towards Alba. As Alba confronts Kongou, Moondyne is just standing there looking innocent, grinning with the big mouse teeth visible, giving a wave.

"Well, at least he's not a giant pitcher of juice! It could be worse!"

"On this world you all value 'things' more then you do 'people'?" muses Kongou, sounding somewhat confused before shrugging lightly, "Strange. Not unlike some other places I've seen but..I did not think that humans would be so immediately callous. Perhaps more like Outworld and The Makai then I first thought.."

The explanation that the guy is a thief and a thug seems to fall on deaf least at first. Kongou inclines his head slightly in consideration of that but says nothing more to it as he listens to Moondyne and then casts his gaze towards Alba to note the collar. At this point he turns and begins approaching.. His heavy footfalls rumbling and thundering the alleyway like the impact of small concussion bombs. Windows rattle and the ground cracks under his feet as he bears down on the trio as if oblivious to the potential impact of his physical immensity.

"What of this Kira? She disrupts matters? This seems overrun with Darkstalkers and others of The Makai freely wander about! I did not expect this.." The bizarreness of his own existence seems to be a non issue to him.

"Do you -want- that off?" adds Kongou, finally, as he lifts a massive finger up and points at the collar around Alba's neck. "I can assist!"

"Kira is some.. shitty mercenary that released all of those darkstalkers upon Southtown." as both of them seem to be hungry for removing the collar- he backs off, looking at the large finger pointing towards him. "Don't call me a friend. And I'm afraid I don't exactly have a choice but to wear this so-called 'fashion statement'" the anger in his voice seems to rise, and eventually boils over into him inflicing some property damage himself- Punching the alley wall with a chi-infused fist "All because of that fucking bitch!"

a large crack appears, and small chunks of stone scatter and bounce around the alley.

After his embarrasing display of fury, he turns back around as if nothing happened. Hiding the hole he created by leaning with his back against it as he looks down at the stone tiles, he speaks up again. "Since you two have already screwed up the goals i was hoping to accomplish by coming to this back-alley shithole, i might as well join in in this all-too *pleasant* conversation. So i'll add to the Mouses question- who are you and why do you speak as if you don't hail from this world?"

"Generally, yes--robbing and terrorizing people is looked down upon, so there's no reason why we can't hurt them," Moondyne waggled a finger back at Kongou. "What, do you want to give the perpretator of a crime more concern than their victims?" Mouse sneered a little. She was being a bit facetious and sarcastic, given her line of work.

"Jeez, I wonder what this guy ranks in on the richter scale--speaking of, what's your name, Blue Man? I'm Moondyne Mouse, and this is, uh," she gestures to Alba, looking back and forth. "Erm... y'know--anyway," Moondyne hasn't had the time or inclination to try and mindjack the shades-wearing man.

"Huh, really? You work for /her/? Damn, no wonder she fitted you with a fancy collar to keep track of ya, you must have pissed her off," Moondyne cups her chin and goes into a 'thinking' stance here, cue dial-up modem noises.

"So she put that thing on you to control you--eh, hold on a second, big guy, lets not /blow/ this out of proportion--aheh, besides yourself, that is," she gives one of Kongou's muscles a gentle poke with a fingertip, as he leans forward to offer to take the collar off Alba.

"It's wired, I assume, with some kind of explosive device, given he hasn't removed it already--or maybe it's a shock collar? That'd be kinda hot--I mean weird," she said without almost skipping a beat.

"You ....are confusing!" This is Kongou's decleration concering Moondyne and he says this rather cheerfully, "As to me? I am a Youkai!" THis is said not only cheerfully but with a tone of 'Well duh' to it, "I suppose ..if you don't know what it just need to know that I am magical..but not like spells and sorcery. I have no mind or interest for that outside of a few personal tricks. My magic is here." He presses a massive palm against his chest, bunching the muscle up there with an audible creaking sound that threatens the distance rumble of another earthquake. He then seems to consider the implication of his gesture and says, "I mean..not that I store magic in my chest but that I am more physical then maybe some of my brethren. I am from a place that is a sort of haven in The Backyard but that is probably meaningless gibberish to you."

He shakes his head and then turns, preparing to enter the streets and trod off on a stroll, "I am curious. I will see more for myself what this Kira has done. wonder the King of the Iron Fist seemed agitated. This Kira is bothering his people!" And with that he begins plodding off.

In his agitation, he said a little too much about his involvement with Kira. Hopefully this thing isn't outfitted with some.. microphone or some crap. Again he sighs, looking towards Moondyne. "Alba Meira."- in response at her attempt at introducing him. "And good job, bravo. You figured it out. 10 points for the mouse."

Raising a eyebrow at the rodent's perverse comment, he respondes with a contemptful tone "What the hell is wrong with you? There's no such thing as far as i'm aware. Simply a tracking device and the risk of being slaughtered by her mercenaries, or those beasts should i disobey her."

He puts both hands in the pockets of his jacket, and kicks a part of debris. Making it bounce across the alley. "So here I am, left to grovel and do all the fucking dirty work she heaps upon me, a pathetic pawn in her insane game of chess."

Alba looks at Kongou's ripped back as he walks out of the alley, and says to Moondyne "Hope that big-muscled freak shows up at her place to wreck some shit up." Another sigh. "You've held me up long enough, Cheese-eater. I have a job to do.." And he looks over to the place he left his intended interrogation-victim. Hoping he hasn't scrambled away in the time the trio was talking.

"Hmm, sounds like lady problems, yeah," Moondyne waves it off a little, half-distracted by trying to think of a solution here to the problem. "Yeah, good thing the police are likely still busy down the street, someone had to have heard him stomping around, though, lets say you and me--hey!" Moondyne begins to chase after Alba a little as he drags away his semi-conscious prize. Clearly Moondyne is not deterred from her pursuit of this fabulous looking hunk of cheese despite the fact they have obviously no interest in her remotely. It pays to be persistent for the ladies. That and it's clearly not as creepy as when the roles are reversed, right.

"Get back here, you! I'm not finished with you yeeeeet!" her voice echoes down the alleyway, to no one.

Alba squeezes the man's arms tightly as Moondyne keeps up her persistant persuit after him. The man whinces out in pain and fear, Alba throws the poor thug to the side- Again. Before turning around, starting to pace towards Moondyne.

He quickly reaches her, and goes to stand uncomfortably close to the much smaller woman- looking down upon her as a attempt at intimidation. He speaks, calm-but threatheningly. "Oh? Lets say you and me do.. what? I believe i've been -very- clear. I have a job to do, and you are interfering with that task. That 'lady' does not take failure as a answer."

The young gangster crouches down until he's at eye-level with the mouse "So go find some cheese to nibble on." he raises his hand to in front of her face, hooking his index finger behind his thumb, and attempts to flick his finger- booping Moondyne's nose.

"Oh you know, little song, little dance--I'm also probably your best chances of getting rid of /that/--" Moondyne's right index finger shoots up, hooking, but not quite touching the band of Alba's collar.

"Or you know, I could wait and see what happens when she's done with you," she grins a little.

But then her nose is booped. This is unexpected.

"Aww--" there is a rise in her voice that starts low and rises to nearly a shriek--it is basically a squeal. A girlish one.

"So you're telling me there's a chance~" she grins even wider, those big mouse teeth showing, and cups her hands together, rearing back with her arms close to her chest.

"Well, next time--that is of the essence, after all, for this city I think, and all of us, bwahaha~" the mouse becomes transparent slowly, fading out of sight, only a heat haze shimmer like that of a very hot day visible in the light as it capers away.

Moondyne almost touches his collar- a moment of silence falls, but nothing seems to happen. "Take it off and I die, mouse." He keeps his eyes on her peculiar visage, until she again starts fading out of view.

"Here's hoping there won't be a next time!" He says, loudly. Fully intending for her cloaked self to hear him. One last sigh, before finally getting his 'Alone time' with the thug.

He approaches the scared man- and lays a hand on his shoulder. Channeling wind around his arm to create a firm breeze- intimidating the man. He squeals a final time, as Alba asks.

"Lets get to it, shall we? Why don't you start by telling me who your leader is.."

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