Daniel - Daniel Jack Investigates: The Clash Of Titans

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Description: Daniel Jack has arrived back in Southtown, with revenge on his mind against the vile Scarlet Dahlia. But when a beautiful dame is kidnapped by the cruel and barbaric giant Kongou, the ace detective is quick on the case. Seeking out the brute in a clearing in the forest, the shade swiftly moves to defeat the beast before he has his way with the precious maiden. Will Daniel Jack endure when he struggles in... the Clash of the Titans? (The cover shows Daniel Jack dressed in a pair of overalls, looking up the remains of a construction site for a skyscraper. At the very top is a towering Kongou, leering down as he clings to a poor innocent lady in a strapless red dress. He is hurling barrels down the girders leading up to the top. A barrel of oil sits beside him, and Daniel is reaching for a sledgehammer as a ball of fire is in mid-tumble his way.) (45 cents)

It's certainly an odd sight. A goblinoid looking creature is here at the clearing edge, short and pot bellied with dark hair but dressed like a wanna be hip hop star is sitting in the middle of a tree stump with a laptop on his crossed legs and a drone with an HD camera on it next to him. Surprisingly..uh..modernized for a magical creature. Behind him....

Well, monolithic would be an understatement as would be probably any word play or flourish dealing with immensity and being gigantic or anything of the sort. Needless to say the monstrous Kongou looms like a sequioa attempting to have a conversation with a sapling. A mountain range of flesh that looks like he consumed the entire lineup of super heavy weight bodybuilders the world has to offer and then moved on to a buffet of linebackers, powerlifters and strongmen. He looks..nigh inflexible and yet somehow he crouches down, peering at the laptop from behind the goblin who is busy scratching his head.

Kongou frowns mildly, lips pressing into a look of confusion. "...What does it mean.. 'CG' and 'Motion Capture'?"

"Uh..well boss, champ.. the footage I was able to salvage..they.. I guess these commentors don't think you're real!"

Kongou recoils at that. "WHAT!? You said that I would--"

"I know, I know. I guess you're just..unbelievable and abit to much!"

Kongou looms back up to his full height, muscles sliding and bunching up like the movement of tectonic plates as he settles into a thinking pose, "Hmm..maybe. I mean.. I -am- overwhelming."

"Holy mother of hell, yes you are, scuzzy."

The words come out from the shadows of the trees, out and around the clearing. It wasn't that dark. Wasn't a problem for Daniel. Almost like a breeze, the shape of a shadow is blown from the top branches, landing in an amorphous shape across the ground of the clearing. It stops in -Kongou's- shadow, absorbing in. Before finally, it rises up, in an all too humanoid shape.

In a purple zoot suit, though.

The form of the detective solidifies, as he almost immediately whips his broad-brimmed hat off to scratch his head. "Name's Jack, Daniel Jack, ace detective, shadowman, and part-time exorcist to single lonely ghosts. I was just checking my watch for seismic activity, and uh, scuzzy, I don't know if your goblin buddy's been telling you." Daniel gives a nervous laugh, as he sticks his hat back on.

"You're big."

"Humongous." Daniel spreads his arms wide apart, is if he wasn't being clear, before shaking them in disbelief. "I've- I've never seen so much big. I wouldn't believe it right now, if I wasn't seeing it with my own two eyes. Who -are- you?" Daniel states, now standing next to the little goblin. He looks down at him, on the laptop. "Don't bother with that website, you get the worst kind of girls there." "He asides, gesturing at the laptop. Looking back up to Kongou, hands in his pockets, he curls his upper lip up, mustache bending, as he tries in vain to even see past his enormous pecs. "You must not be around here. You one of those Makai types, Big Boy?" Daniel tilts his head aside, raising his voice.

"Maybe an Outworld guy?!?

The goblin underling blinks a few times and then quickly closes the laptop as it seems that Daniel has seen one tab to many for his liking. He quickly rolls out of the way, tumbling off the trunk to get the heck out of dodge and only pausing to scury back to recover the drone and then get moving again as if ducking for cover. Clearly something about Daniel unnerves him. Might be the emerging out of shadows thing.

For his part, Kongou seems unperturbed by that and instead locks in on Daniel's words while arcing an eyebrow curiously as he processes what he just witnessed. This leads to a slowly growing smile as his eye seem to light up with a combo of curiousity and delight at his ego being propped up by Daniel's words.

"I am not from The Makai or Outworld. But perhaps I am not to different from those who come from there. I am a Youkai! We call our home The Backyard but you may have other names for it."

He reaches a huge fist up, entering showmanship mode as he pounds it against a massive pec, producing a meaty thud that resounds through the area like a hammer thunking against a slab of meat the size of an ox, "I called Kongou! I've heard stories of your Earth and so have come to verify them. Are -you- a ghost, Daniel Jack? I did not think humans could melt into shadows but before the other day I did not think humans could throw lightning, either!"

"We can do all kinds of things, scuzzy."

A Backyard. That was new. Youkai. That's... a lot of information in a little talking. Daniel's lip curl unsmile was enduring, though he tries to clean it up fast as he -winces- at the heavy thump. It just runs right through all his senses. "I'm not quite a ghost, kind of a... shade. I'd like to think I'm mostly human, but there is a lot of opinions on that right now. It's a long story. Had a Mortal Kombat tournament here with a Shang Tsung. Got kinda killed a few times." He pauses, looking over where the goblin was. "Most humans, uh, stay dead when you kill them." He looks back up to Kongou, tilting his head to where the little underling was.

"Little guy really knows his technology."

Daniel backs up a bit, trying to get a good scale of the guy. "So you're not around these parts then. Okay. So people on Earth tend to not have guys as big as you. What the little guy was saying, I think, is that you are unbelievably big. Not in a complimentary way. But a way that says 'we can't believe it.' That's kind of a.... interesting thing though, from what I was overhearing. Not a lot of a... conquering thing. That's kinda rare out here." Daniel sticks his tongue in his cheek, trying to find just the right words.

"You here for business or pleasure, Big Boy?"

Slowly, the gargantua grins. He watches as Daniel moves backwards and he simply inclines his head in thought and then cuts his gaze over towards his goblinoid companion, meeting the eyes of the observing creature with his own and seemingly passing a signal to him as he begins attempting to set up his laptop from that safe distance.

"He is my guide." answers Kongou, finally, "Or..perhaps a better word may be..manager? Handler? He has been here before. I have not! Though.." Kongou lifts a massive arm up and curls his fingers as if testing them. Looking like a man trying to get feeling back into an arm that has fallen 'asleep', "It feels strange here, to me. I feel..surpressed. Less full." He considers this for a second and then contines, "I am here for both! I am looking for the strong and to make a name for myself here. Word travels and Earth has a bit of a reputation! I know of Mortal Kombat but have never participated..."

Kongou then inclines his head, looking at Daniel to assess him more fully, "-You- fought in -Mortal Kombat-? And you cannot die? Or..stay dead?"

Well, the odds of 'wiping out a city' was getting lower and lower.

"Well there's been a great deal of effort on it. Killing me, that is," Daniel says, puffing out his chest. "Loads of folks have tried to kill me. I'm not. You know. Always a runner up, never a champion. But uh, yeah. I wouldn't recommend it. Oh, it -sounds- cool to participate, but you die, and then it's like, oh, you are just gonna have to sit out as a zombie thing. Or worse. Stick to safer rulesets, that's my opinion." Daniel looks over at the 'manager.'

Slipping him a quick wink.

"Now if you're feeling suppressed, it's probably... ?" Daniel shrugs at his own comment. "Maybe you're not used to the climate though. I bet it's the air, or maybe the portion sizes. I feel like you need a... a lot more oxygen for those big lungs." Daniel pats himself on the chest. "And man, what do you ever eat. You probably start off with the whole steer for an appetizer. How is that little guy keeping you fed. Still." Daniel narrows his yellow eyes, a wide, fanged smile spreading across his face.

"You sound like some kind of... professional fighter, am I on the right trail there?"

"He sounds just like my Uncle!" calls out the goblin from the background with a sudden barking laugh. Kongou, for his own part, merely grins and looks over to his goblin assistance before belting out a quick rough laugh, "Ah yeah! There is something 'goblin salesman like' about him, yeah?"

He turns his attention back to Daniel and slowly folds his massive arms in a gesture made all the more difficult by their size and his enormous chest, "Take no offense. Zeeke's uncle is a good guy if a bit money hungry and prone to weaving words in a way to make contracts impossible to get out of..." He squints hs eyes at the pot and then rumbles, "As to your analysis? It's something else. I haen't..attuned to this realm yet...and yes." He grins and rubs his jaw in thought, "I am, what yoy all call, a professional fighter. Earlier I said I am looking for 'The Strong!' and that Earth has a reputation. I seek to judge your strongest for myself ..for various reasons."

"He sounds just like my Uncle!" calls out the goblin from the background with a sudden barking laugh. Kongou, for his own part, merely grins and looks over to his goblin assistance before belting out a quick rough laugh, "Ah yeah! There is something 'goblin salesman like' about him, yeah?"

He turns his attention back to Daniel and slowly folds his massive arms in a gesture made all the more difficult by their size and his enormous chest, "Take no offense. Zeeke's uncle is a good guy if a bit money hungry and prone to weaving words in a way to make contracts impossible to get out of..." He squints his eyes at the question and then rumbles, "As to your analysis? It's something else. I haen't..attuned to this realm yet...and yes." He grins and rubs his jaw in thought, "I am, what you all call, a professional fighter. Earlier I said I am looking for 'The Strong!' and that Earth has a reputation. I seek to judge your strongest for myself ..for various reasons including fame! That is why we're trying to go viral on this thing called Fight Tube!"

He crouches down now, coming to a knee and resting one arm upon it while raising the other infront of Daniel to ball up a monstrouso fist as big as some compact cars. He squeeze, knuckles cracking and producing a rumbling earthquake like noises with occasional epic cracking sounds that give one the impressionof chasms opening up and groups of tree trunks splintering from his knuckles cracking.

"Now you must do -me- a favor. You fought in Mortal Kombat..so you must be a fighter, yes?"

Daniel liked this titan.

Oh, he was a big boy. Oh, he could start to pick up the problems this guy would be, could be causing. But this guy just radiated big fun. Now the Goblin? Daniel kept casting eyes towards him. It wasn't the tourist he was worried about, it was the agent. Of course, he was flattered at the comments about him. But when Kongou comes on down to his level?

Daniel picks up on what, exactly, this tourist would be looking for.

The detective looks eye to eye with Kongou. Well, the best he can. Confidence boils off of the shade, as he keeps the grin. "Why yes I am. Are you looking for a sample of fighters here? Maybe from someone who can take a..." Daniel glances at that enormous fist. "Can take a punch?" Daniel chuckles, as if he couldn't already imagine the sensation of being run over by a truck except the truck a fist. "I must warn you though, I am a trained, professional fighter, which well specializes in using ones size against them. Perhaps you have learned of the style, the world's strongest style in fact." The yellow eyes gleam, as orange energy surges up through him.

"The style of Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu!!!"

It takes one to know one? The Goblin seems unperturbed at any consideration given his way but he grins. almost knowingly, at each glance cast to him by Daniel. The titan, on the other hand, remains single minded and focused and as Daniel continues to speak, his grin simply grows bigger and bigger. His whole expression ultimately lighting up as Daniel not only refuses to back down but instead goes a step further with his bravado.

At mention of the fighting style, Kongou looks fully invested and on board and to look at him, it seems he could not be happier - almost as if the very name of this style is raising up memories of having encountered its legendary uses ---

"Uh..no." his face becomes immediately dull and confused, dropping to it from the prior excitement as he realizes he knows none of Earth's martial art names and hasn't the slightest clue what Daniel is talking about. "Never heard of it."

But this doesn't stop him from standing back up to his full height and taking a few earth thundering steps backwards. "ZEKE! Let's get it going!"

"It's let's get ready to rumble champ!!"

"Oh yeah, that!"

He then gestures at Daniel and grins, fist still clenched and his massive grin contrasting the wild, now rapidly growing dangerous look in his widening eyes. He brings that fist up again, holding it infront of him and clenching it tighter. THe ground itself begins to shake..

"I hope you don't mind being filmed for Fight Tube. We're gonna make you a STAR!"

"Fine time to learn it, then."

Not the first time someone never heard of Todoh-Ryuu. Will not be the last. But Daniel felt a kind of moral obligation to fight the big lug. He was just so friendly about it. A guy like that just wanted to have fun. The problem was that he was big, but it might be very, very important to know just how big is big right now. The ground rumbles at the sheer force of this massive man. When Fighttube is brought up, the detective chuckles. "FightTube? Well then."

"I better put on my friendly face, scuzzy."

Daniel's own entrance into his fighting stance was significantly more quiet. Kongou might even miss it. The shade brings one palm forward, one behind it. He widens his stance, leaning back slightly as he brings up that very Aikido stance, evenly balanced for a defensive positioning. Orange energy flows up, and descends, as the shadows around him seem to darken. "Okay scuzzy, now once the film starts going, I'll be polite, and let you go first. Don't worry about holding back." He gives a wink to Zeke.

"I'm ready for anything!"

COMBATSYS: Daniel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kongou has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

"Whoa! How amazing!" belts out the titan, tone cheerful and sincerely impressed at the bravado before him. "Compared to the King of the Iron Fist whom I fought the other day...you are but a twig and yet you are showing as much confidence as he! Perhaps there is something to this Earth after all.. Very well. I will take you up on your offer but you will have to forgive any sloppiness on my part."

He drops back down into a crouch, bringing a massive fist forward towards Daniel. It's less a swing and more a positioning of the boulder size mass.

"I will try and be entertaining though!" he rumbles with that grin once again on his face. Friendly looking but disturbing in contrast to the depths of his eyes which now look wild and dangerous..very very dangerous.

From his fist, his forefinger suddenly flicks forward, hurtling like a battering ram to try and slam into Daniel's body knuckle first and then the rest of the digit following after seeking an impact that could only be compared to the crash of thunder should it land.

COMBATSYS: Daniel dodges Kongou's Ten-Ton Flick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

"The King Of The Whoosit Now?

The very important question regarding the very important title isn't answered just yet, as Daniel stares into the true bloodlust of the fighter before him. The transformation was subtle, but no less scary. Briefly, the detective considers whether or not he had just made a huge mistake. That question does not get answered yet either, as the massive fighter brings but a single finger down. Daniel's yellow eyes go wide, as it fires straight down.

And Kongou catches only wisps of shadows.

Trails of black and orange chi cling to Kongou's finger, as Daniel pulls together inside and under the massive wrestler. His eyes were still wide, and it looks like he was more than indistinct. "I -tasted- that" Daniel howls in awe, as he steps in, trying to make his approach on the massive entity. He... he tries to figure any way to approach. Rushing in for the legs, he draws back his right, and with all the stunning force Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu has to offer, he unleashes a staggering hand chop with the right, aiming for the thigh.

Before unleashing a driving palm strike with the left, aiming for the opposite thigh.

COMBATSYS: Kongou just-defends Daniel's Fierce Punch!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

Confusion ripples across the titans face at this. His lips purse in thought and surprise and he yanks his massive hand back, shaking it as if trying to free himself of any clinging remains of the wisps of shadow and chi that seem to form this unusual man. He's, perhaps, used to something more physical, brutal, tangible.. Hearing Daniel speak of 'tasting' of the force of the blow is also mildly disconcerting but he's starting to see that humans are rather..bizarre in their own special way.

"Tasted? What of it?" he remarks curiously before settling back into his prior affable grin as the strikes come hurtling towards the muscled pillars that are his inner thighs.

And they may as well -be- marble for all the effect the blows have. While true, despite his size, his humanoid make means traditional vulnerable spots of joints and pressure points may yet exist.. there's something 'more' about him that makes it difficult to get to and to enact. As if for a brief instance there was just to much of him and the attacks were like gnats flinging themselves against a military installation. His leg then snaps out, massive body balancing on one foot as he leans into a gigantic kick that attempts to slam into and fling Daniel away.

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Kongou's Quick Smash.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daniel           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0           Kongou

Oh, Daniel definitely made a mistake.

As he lands the two blows, searching for weakness and gauging his opponent's strength, he gets very clear answers on both. On weaknesses? The answer was No. On Strength? Yes. There was a lot of strength and little weakness, and he was -not- going to make any progress on this front. "Well not literally taste, like, I mean I could feel just how hard-" Those legs move, and the titan was throwing another massive blow out.


Daniel brings up both of his hands, and catches that leg. The shade's form distorts, as it stuggles with spirit and muscle to keep intact from the raw force. Daniel is knocked back severely, forced out from the inner circle of control of Kongou. Long ruts are carved in the ground, as he refuses to fall over. Everything hurt. And that was a successful block. Shifting his hands a bit, he exhales in pain. "That! Good God, you hit so -hard- and fast. Is it just the pure size? What's your secret!" Daniel approaches again, every step shifting his position as he sways and flickers, like a shadow in the candlelight. He eventually steadies out at the man's flank, attempting to reach out and test another defense. He was probing what Kongou could do. Should he get a grip on Kongou's knee? He would attempt to lean in hard, and guide Kongou's momentum backwards, before flipping him and slamming him on his back.
Or, like, try.

COMBATSYS: Kongou interrupts Strong Throw from Daniel with Seismic Crush.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Kongou

"Wow! Impressive!" rumbles Kongou, "You were able to block that even though you look like you would break in a strong breeze! Still..I have to apologize.. I still feel as weak as a kitten. You are undoubtly holding back on me simply because I look so frail and vulnerable. Perhaps that is why our Fight Tube videos need work. I'm still so weak..."

As he speaks he thunders forward, following after Daniel with slow methodical steps that rock the ground with earthquake level force. He seems almost utterly oblivious to the sheer pressure he places on the world, leaving cracks and footprints in his wake as he bears down on Daniel.

And when Daniel comes in for an attack he waits, biding his time until the shadow re-emerges into a solid form against him.

At this he lumbers to a stop, seemingly rooting into the ground like some sort of immovable object. A shadow falls overtop the Shadow Man as Kongou's fist hovers overhead and then opens up into a massive palm that comes descending downward like a falling elevator. Upon impact the ground lurches violently and even craters as he seeks to literally crush Daniel into the earth and leave him briefly entrapped even after the palm dislodges and lifts back up.

He's going down!

He actually was going down!

He was-

"Oh no."

The squeak comes out of the detective as he realizes no, Kongou was not moving. At least, not in the way Daniel had hoped. The Shadow man can only but for a moment look up with big yellow eyes, before that massive palm hangs over him.


There is a black smear in the crater, with no Daniel in sight. There is a brief, pained silence. Was that it? Did Kongou just secure his victory? Was this the best this Earthrealm fighter could do? And slowly, agonizingly, the smear pulls together, as the meaty shape of Daniel pulls together, moaning. His hands were up, as he was drawing out the orange chi. "Well, you got good bulk, and grappling is tough... But let's see how you handle the ultimate in Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu!" Reaching a full height once again, the distorted and half-formed shape of Daniel suddenly slams his arms down. Now, a semi-circular shockwave of energy comes ripping forward, heading higher than Daniel towards Kongou's... Bellybutton? All while he calls out the name.

"Kasane Ate!"

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Kongou with Chou Kasane Ate.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Daniel           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1           Kongou

"Ooh?" begins Kongou, lips pursing in curiousity at the build up of chi. He begins moving forward again and plows right into the attack which ripples into his midsection and then travels up the rest of his monstrous figure in a wave as if his own body was amplifying and carrying the shockwave further before it explodes out through him and behind him.

His face twists into a look of consternation at that and his huge feet are actually dragged backwards several paces. It seems he felt that.

But in he comes once more. His massive hand balls up into a full on fist as his first true punch comes sailing down and then up towards Daniel - the colossus having ot lean down into it to reach the smaller man, almost going into a full crouch as it's akin to a massive grown man attempting to strike a dwarf with a full scale upper cut. A shockwave forms around the fist before it even draws near and should it connect --


The recipient will find themselves hurtling skywards like a launched rocket--

COMBATSYS: Kongou dazes Daniel with Gigaton Crush!

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Daniel           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0           Kongou

In defiance of his comments of his sluggishness, Kongou leaps, blurring through the air to an even greater height to appear behind the flying Daniel, letting the man slam into the expanse of his gigantic pectorals and stomach muscles and then the giants arms encircle him like a vault door closing. It's like bear hugging a toddler at this point. Crushing force is applied as the giant spins and then falls earthwards, at the last second splaying his arms out again so as to literally belly flop atop his opponent, swallowing him from sight as he impacts and the earth violently lurches with another crater forming from the behemoths landing.

So Daniel had a game plan here.

Get some space with the Kasane Ate. Then, in the time it took the big guy to get here, he would have uncratered himself up. The first and second part of that plan was going swimmingly. Then, when the big brute roared right in, Daniel would catch the incoming attack, say something witty, and then slip right in for the counter attack. The punch comes towards him. And he says something. But the sound of the punch snapping through the air drowns out the sound. And being punched in the air? Not part of the plan. The belly flop? Also -not- part of the plan. Slammed flat into the crater, there is that silence again. Shadows all around. He'd come back, right? Well Daniel does.

About 40 feet away.

The shadowy, amorphous form of Daniel is basically a body, a head, and something. The something is hacked up, as a chunk of bedrock come spattering out. The shape ebbs and flows, as slowly, slowly, he brings himself together into one Daniel shape. He staggers backwards. Orange energy mingling with his shadow energy. And he finally mutters a response.

"You call that a big punch?"

Dazed and confused, he finally fires forward, feet leaving the ground as he flies straight for Kongou. Arm drawn back like a lariat, he would try and slam the limb straight into the big boys abdomen. There, he would pivot, bringing the titan down to the ground in a staggering slam, dragging him along the ground to the tree line with a blaze of energy, before the duo comes to a rest.

"... Where am I?"

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Kongou with Fantastic Todoh Punch.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Daniel           0/-------/---<<<<|====---\-------\0           Kongou

The behemoth says...something. But it is drowned out by the roar of the ground being shredded and the blazing fury of chi as the giant is driven backwards with impossible force and the entire area shakes, rocks and chasms from the displacement of energy. Rubble piles up and billows around the colossus along with a rising cloud of dust and shredded tree branches and foilage.

He then seems to literally expldoe out of it, hurtling into the air violently with a sudden leap that dislodges him from Daniel's grip and may even send the man tumbling away as Kongou goes airborne and reaches an apex high above the tree lines. His monstrous shadow seems to envelop the whole of the clearing as both arms raise up overhead and fists able to close round some compact cars ball and tighten.

"Magniituuudddeeee..EEEIIIGGHHHT!!" he roars out. Deep voice nigh unintelligible given just how deep the roar is and an instant later dropping downward, fists arcing around before him to slam earthwards in an attack of pure violence. The area around the giant and his opponent is immediately the epic center of a vast earthquake that sends a cloud of dust and ruin blasting upwards like the mushroom cloud of nuclear blast. The shockwave rolls out, seemingly without end in sight, swamping over the area and caverning in a gargantuan crater that speaks more of researching what killed the dinosaurs then anything else.

Sadly while good ol'Zeke takes cover, he doesn't get to the laptop in time. So much for all that footage!

COMBATSYS: Daniel just-defends Kongou's Magnitude Eight!!

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Daniel           0/-------/---<<<<|=------\-------\0           Kongou

Those yellow eyes go wide, as Kongou returns.

Daniel was still recovering from the impact. The best he figured is that he went down pretty far on the bellyflop. He wasn't even sure he came back up in one piece. He was indistinct now. Another big hit like that, and he wasn't coming back in one piece. He tries to makes new plan. He hears the first word. Magnitude. That gives him one chance, a gamble. He shifts, pouring his center down

And he fixes his feet in the ground.

Drawing in a heavy breath, he exhales. It was more of a practice. Orange energy flows up and down, as he steadies himself. He was connected. He was serene. He was balanced. Anything and everything that passes, he would sail along like a ship on the water. He would not let it break. Only bend. Master Todoh taught that.

And the earthquake comes.

The great seismic impact hammers brutally through the ground. It rattles and shakes, but Daniel holds steady. Eyes shut. Body impossibly tense, as his shape holds steady. Aftershocks rattle and shake, blast cloud blows past him. Energy ebbs and flows, power is lifted and carried. The dust clears. Daniel feels the end. He raises up his hands, letting the last of the energy flow up.

And he catches a small tree trunk with both hands.

"Right back atcha, scuzzy." He states, as the orange energy sudden blazing along the tree, igniting it with raw chi. He fires forward, hurling himself at Kongou. Bringing an empowered thrust right between the legs, he'd rotate, flipping around into an overhead strike, once, twice, before finishing with a wide, slow swing, obliterating the tree trunk in an explosion of energy.

His form falling back into indistinction at the end.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Kongou with Ragtime Riot.
- Power hit! -

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Daniel           0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0           Kongou

"Oooh..what is this!"

Kongou is clearly surprised that Daniel was able to somehow withstand his assault. He touches down with an additional quake and again begins to stride forward towards the shadow man. "That was unexpected--" he begins only to slow and arc an eyebrow as chi infused missile is prepared and then hurtled his way.

He brings a giant arm up to swat at the incoming projectile but..ultimately it's a swing and a miss. The tree trunk explodes into him with a roar of energy and for the first time his body rocks backwards such that he's pulled up from his braced position and instead goes tumbling backwards. He trails chi energy behind him and then slams full force into the tree line, flattening several of them in the process and again sending dust and debris clouding up into the sky as the ground shakes. There he lies, unmoving it seems. He's..down?

COMBATSYS: Kongou takes no action.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Kongou can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/------=|

Daniel waits.

Any moment now, the big guy would come up. Any moment. Aaaaaany moment. Slowly, Daniel's guard drops. He rolls his neck, wiggling his mustache, before he finally, ultimately relaxes.

"Holy shit that was awesome."

"Zeke! Come on!" Daniel calls out, steadily relaxes. Moving was hard, and every step comes with him collapsing into a puddle of shadow, only to reform into an unsteady heap. "That was the greatest fight I have ever done. My God, I cannot wait to go over the footage." He calls back to the Goblin, as he rushes over to Kongou. "This guy is fantastic. Help me revive him, I wanna make sure the big guy's okay. We get him some water, we talk it over, and we look at the footage, and bam. People are going to love him, -and- I am finally going to get some respect again!"

Daniel rushes over to the downed Kong, innocent of the reality of the laptop.

COMBATSYS: Daniel has ended the fight here.

"Bad news boss!" calls out Zeke as he recovers the laptop, "I think you overdid it again!"

"Whaaaaat?!" Kongou sits up just as Daniel begins rushing over towards him. Still seated, just sitting up at the waist with trees falling off of him and debris falling loose. He looks..relatively ..fine? As if he's just decided to concede a loss versus being legitimately unconscious. It is possibly disconcerting and unsettling to see but the brute seems to barely notice or acknowledge it all save for looking somewhat disheveled in his hair.

"Oh noooo! Now we have to start all over again!" He looks over the landscape, seeing how ruined it is now and concludes, "But not here or now. The dramatic opportunity has passed."

At this point he begins to rise, pulling up to his full height and out of the crater he had formed upon impact.

Daniel briefly wonders about demigods.

As Kongou rises up, the detective just stares. Looking at the crater. Him. Collapsing into a shadow. Back up. Looking up at the big Youkai. Yellow eyes big. And you know what.

Those yellow eyes get bigger, when he talks about round 2.

Daniel typically had this problem with women, not towering Titans like Kongou. But to demand another round so soon... well, the time wasn't right. Daniel flashes that grin, before turning back to Zeke, shutting his eyes. "I need to say, I think what you need scuzzy, is a more professional support team." Was that shade at Zeke? Well Daniel was about a lot of shade. He was about to tell Kongou about his idea of dinner and chatting and then-

"Wait, why not Saturday Night Fights?"

The words just slip out of Daniel's mouth.

Zeke frowns at that and looks ready to speak up to try and defend his position less Kongou get any ideas..but the bruiser interjects, curious now and relaxing abit as he rubs his gigantic jaw.

"What is this you speak of..?" rumbles Kongou as e lowrs his hand and places it against his hip, "What is this...Saturday Night Fights?"

Daniel looks at Kongou, and slowly begins to smile.

He reaches his arm out, looking to Zeke, and then Kongou, gesturing to the wasteland they have created. "Come right this way, Big Shot. And I am going to tell the wide, wonderful world of gimmick matches, international fights, and match cards with puns in them "

"With pay, to boot

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