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Description: Moondyne shows off her new and improved V-Gage device she created for Heihachi, with the results in the form of a familiar test subject...

It's been over half a week since 'Nezumi' met with the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, who wanted a very particular set of machinery. The space that Moondyne occupied was crammed full of stuff by now, tons of electronics parts strewn around, along with tools. She had worked day and night, only taking time to 'slow down' while she was working on soldering and hammering on a keyboard here and there, typing at incredible speeds--when she typed at all. She never truly seemed to 'rest,' save for a few hours here and there while awaiting parts and supplies. This was a perk of not being an organic creature.

And now, the stage was set for a grand reveal of the fruits of her labor--which was to take place wherever there was enough space on the estate. Moondyne, for her credit, had something of a showman streak in them--appearing in their dark suit, cravat and fedora and spats--this time not bothering to alter their base appearance to that of a human, however, they were all mouse right now.

"Ladies and gentleman, I bring you--the V-Gage Mk II!" Moondyne had created a holographic representation of red curtains being drawn back--revealing the floating image of a large chair-like device. It was something like a large dentist's chair, but made from a reinforced titanium skeleton and fitted with large padded conical restraints that seemed to fit over the entirety of the hands and feet, complete with a large goggle-like apparatus near the top of the back, vaguely where the hair curler dome on a hair salon chair would be.

"Also introducing--my lovely assistant test subject, Zarina!" the hoodie and skinny jeans-wearing image of the girl's 'before' look appeared next to Moondyne.

"A former anti-fascist protestor, going by the name 'CzarinaB' on social media--lets give her a hand!"

Ushered in from the side of the room by two private security men in black was a woman in a purple and white traditional Japanese kimono, tabi socks, and round colorful geta--her blue mohawk unstyled and hair combed back along her head. The hair was still shaved on the sides, but the color had also been removed--leaving the blue shock of hair now black.

As this was the estate, once more Moondyne saw Heihachi in a hakama and robe -- this one a different color than the last. He's accompanied by a Japanese man who carries himself with a different air than most of Heihachi's underlings -- he follows the man closely, opens doors for him, and does it all stoicly, rather than out of fear or ambition. He's dressed to the nines in black suit and tie. Heihachi stares at the holographic images with his signature scowl plastered over his face, his gaze finally shifting towards the woman Moondyne has brought in.

"She seems more docile now," he does observe, speaking in Japanese, as always. He moves towards the woman, arms folded behind his back, circling her briefly. "However, this does beg the question, Nezumi..." He trails off for a moment, before turning to the synthetic being.

"What use does this woman serve? Is she just proof the device works? I have no desire to use the device to silence my enemies. Fear itself is a powerful motivator for that." It is clear that the head of the Zaibatsu doesn't yet know the full picture.

"As the device requires disassembly before being moved, I've provided these as visual aids," Moondyne briefly shows off the arcade machine-style computer terminal that are attached to long braided cables running down from the back of the chair--which likely also plug into the headset assembly.

"Was getting to that," Moondyne moved over to the girl that was brought out, grinning as she pinched her cheeks and was apparently able to do this without any real fuss from Zarina.

"Tell us what you like to do now, Brody-san," she stood aside the girl and the two private security men, as the girl stepped forward and bowed in a traditional style.

"My hobbies are cooking, pottery and bonsai gardening," she said in a demure feminine tone that was just loud enough to be heard.

"Very good, now kill them," Moondyne commanded as she took out a clove cigarette, stepping several feet away as the girl looked up again from her bow--now her face set in a horrid mask of rage.

A hand shot out and landed against the neck of the man to her right in a chopping motion--turning and raising her left leg to kick out at the man at her left--doubling him over with a full force kick to the gut.

"You see, you wanted weapons more than just giving people attitude adjustments and mental makeovers, so I decided to make sure they'd be some of the best~" Moondyne gestured to the commotion to the side of her, the girl continuing to lash out with strikes--having not only caught the two men off-guard, but was able to push herself far beyond what she'd be capable of normally. They say mental patients could rip radiators out of asylum walls with their bare hands--well, this was something quite like that.

Heihachi watches those men, likely either his own employees or people NESTS sent over, as they are assaulted without expression. He does eventually turn his iron gaze on Moondyne, arms unfolding to clench loosely into fists at his side. "Did she have martial arts experience prior to this?"

The new underling, the man Moondyne hasn't seen before, he too watches without expression. His hands do clench into fists as well, and while it's obvious what's happening has gotten an emotional response out of him, he does seem skilled enough to keep those emotions schooled. He does step aside as one of the men come crashing towards him, and he and that man make eye-contact for just a moment before the expressionless underling looks away from him.

"Tough crowd--but there's nothing saying these results cannot be used on Darkstalkers, chi users... psi users--though those might be more resistant, depending..." Moondyne lists off as cracking noises can be heard over where the fighting is taking place--finally the girl pulls herself up again from the two downed men and smooths out her robe and hair, folding her hands over her front.

"She did not, she's a bit of a sketch, I abducted her from the streets of Metro City, she proved to be a useful test subject--physical fitness and build was average for a woman of her height and weight, mental resistances were nothing to speak of," the mouse looks up and takes another puff off their dark-rolled cigarette, her white buckteeth showing from her grin.

"So, do you like it?"

Heihachi steps forward towards the girl, stepping over the fresh corpses without giving them a second glance. One hand moves out and clutches the experiment's jaw, forcing her head upwards so he can make eye contact. He's not clutching too hard. It's clear as his eyes search hers he is looking for some kind of response from her.

"How was she able to kill them so efficiently for someone so...weak?" That's his next question. His henchman is still staring down at the bodies, but he manages to keep his face carefully schooled.

"She has been run through a few rounds with the machine, she believes she's also a martial arts assassin," Moondyne looks over, the girl seems conscious--her eyes react when the larger, older man steps over her, though right now she seems almost timid.

"Instruction can be programmed into the machine, you see--it was originally conceived as a teaching aid, as far as I understand it--before it's more... subversive side-effects were discovered," Moondyne laughed a little, it was not a kind sound, but definitely energetic.

"So she has received an amount of virtual training, this can be increased, of course--depending on the time and effort investment one wishes to make with a subject, along with regular maintenance that must be administered," Moondyne walked alongside the big man, putting a hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Right now she'll do whatever you tell her to, humans are a lot more agreeable when they're like this, I find, don't you?" she grinned, looking up and over at Heihachi.

"Were you stronger, this would not have happened to you," Heihachi growls towards the brainwashed woman, keeping hold of her face. "Break free of this compulsion, and I will teach you such strength. Until then -- I will find another use for you," he promises her icily, before he releases her, looking over now towards Moondyne, his head slowly nodding. "You have done well, Nezumi," he allows at the very least. "The results were more than I expected."

His eyes shift over towards the underling he brought in the room with him. "Nakatomi. Mobilize the Tekken force and capture a Darkstalker. Bring it to me alive."

Afterwards, his attention draws itself back to the synthetic organism that made this all possible. "And make sure NESTS is paid," he tells the black-suited man on his way out. "I have another task for you," he tells Moondyne. "A few days ago, I encountered a Youkai and his companion. Reality itself rippled to allow them into our world. Is such travel possible through technology?"

"Ahh, I'm so glad," while coming from some others this might have seemed sarcastic, there was genuine glee in Moondyne's voice, as she exhaled a cloud of thick smoke from the cigarette, taking out a metal tube which she dropped the clove cigarette into, before replacing it in her suit pocket.

"Correct, Darkstalkers have to be able to come into our plane of existence somehow, from theirs," Moondyne nodded, taking off her hat and resting it against her chest.

"Though what you saw might have been supernatural prowess at work that made it seem like they did, I would need to observe them myself, before I made any conclusions," she looked up at Heihachi.

"You want more data on them, yes? for your next project...?"

"I did not learn their names. One was the side of a child -- the other, larger than any living thing on land I have seen," Heihachi remarks to Moondyne, his arms folding behind his back once more. The words 'supernatural prowess' make his moustache twitch in displeasure, his cold eyes studying the wall as if there was something there only he could see. "After our fight, he seemed to recover near instaneously, despite the strength of my blows."

His eyes trail to the machine. "The small one had a camera. He spoke of Fight Tube. That is that video website on the Internet, yes? I remembered some people of interest to me using it as a platform for communication. Perhaps this will lead us to them."

"More than a few of those creatures possess the ability of regeneration, as well as superhuman stamina, robots aren't the only ones with those qualities," Mouse gestures to herself, then a grin slowly breaks out over their face.

"What, really? One was recording for upload on a website? Ohoho," Moondyne laughed at that. "It looks like I have some internet surfing to do," she gave the man a little gesture, as if waving goodbye.

"I will find out where they might be uncovered, if there is video data then I can potentially triangulate a position along with satellite imaging," she paused before she left, her tail flicking.

"Unless there's anything else...? Anyone you want me to toss into the V-Gage before I go," she snickered.

"I have trained my body to heal quickly than any other man's," Heihachi remarks, though there's no heat to his words. On the contary, his words are cold, unfeeling at the moment. His head shakes for the time being when Moondyne asks her question, though he doesn't look at her now. He's trapped in his own thoughts. "On the way out, tell Nakatomi to clean up this trash."

A geta-sandal wrapped foot abruptly lifts, and one of the corpse's finds its skull crushed underfoot -- it's messy, and such a cruel indication of what he means by trash. "Keep me informed of your progress with the Youkai when you find the time."

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