Kongou - The Arrival of The Champ

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Description: The Mountain arrives an Earth and in Southtown in search for good Fight Tube footage.

It wasn't a great day for Tsutomu. He just out of college and he was going to be late for this job interview -- the opportunity of a lifetime -- when his car was crashed into by the limosuine shipping Heihachi across the city. It was the driver of the limo's fault -- he was too busy speaking to Heihachi about his desire for a promotion, head turned towards the screen that seperated driver from passenger. The driver blamed it on Tsutomu, and now both motorists were in the middle of an argument that -- you guessed it, folks -- held up traffic.

Heihachi had already grown bored with the exchange, and had left the vehicle to go stand off to the side of the highway. The road had raised on a sharp incline, and there was a great view of the city from here. Heihachi's eyes are settled on Mishima Tower off in the distance. It was dwarfed considerably by Geese Tower, and his iron gaze flicked between both buildings, comparing them with an envious twitch of his moustache.

Even with werewolves attacking, monsters running loose and who knows what else in Southtown..there are certain things that just don't change and motorists involved in an argument over 'whodunnit' is certainly one of them.

On the other side of the highway, going in the opposite direction, traffic moves uninpeded for the most part, though gawkers do contribute to some slowdown. Such is there attention that a faint ripple in the air, like a pebble being dropped into a small pool, is almost missed over on that opposite side of the road. Some motorists slow down just in time to see a small...goblin looking creature pop into view out of the ripple wearing...uh..fairly modern looking clothes. Almost hip hop inspired with a big pair of headphones on its head. It lands on a large stone overlooking the road, bobbing its head up and down as it surveys the area and then it turns and looks over its shoulder to wave a hand at...'something' back where the ripple occurred. "C'mon in, champ! This is it!"

The ripple effect happens again. This time enlarging..getting bigger, and bigger and bigger! So immense it looks large enough to engulf an incoming semi truck as the sound of brakes being slammed on begins to occur from peoples surprise at the visual effect.

A surprise that's made even more extreme as the ground itself begins shaking. Thundering and rumbling with steady impacts usually associated with the movement of massive construction machines. At this point a massive arm and chest, impossibly muscled, freakishly huge, begin pressing forward through the ripple into view. Literally slowly emerging into view. Stretching the air as pushing through saranwrap and breaking through into this reality.

The argument dies on Tsutomo's lips as he sees the goblin looking thing pop into view and land on the rock. He just stares while the limo driver drones on and on, and aggressively, the limo driver steps forward to grab hold of Tsutomo's collar and raise his fist, to admonish him for ignoring him. It isn't until the second ripple effect happens that the limo driver actually notices, and his jaw drops as his eyes stare. When the ground shakes, both men (and many other Southtown citizens) begin to scream. Some run for their lives. Others just stare in shock.

Heihachi doesn't even move. Not when the ground shakes, his balance somehow maintained as if he was rooted to the ground itself. His tie does flap furiously, along with his scarf, in the wind, and electricity seems to flow throughout his body, a sure sign that chi use is the reason for his superhuman stability. His eyes slowly drag to the goblinoid creature, then to the ripple itself. He turned, slowly and despite himself, with some effort so as to keep his footing, towards this strange anomaly. After the events of the war, he was taking this very, very seriously.

And so..Kongou the Mountain arrives on Earth for the first time and he is big. Very, very big. It's not so much his height alone, though he clears ten feet, but rather that absurd outlandish muscularity and density that just looks..absurd. Perhaps even obscene. It's quite clear what is causing these quakes as he pulls completely into view, emerging without seeming end to him in sight to finally step firmly on the side of the free way, sundering minor cracks into the pavement under his bared feet like spreading spider webs. Horns honk. People scream. Phone cameras flash and record and the panic continues. Undoubtedly calls to the NOL are being made as well but with the other chaos going on, who knows when they will respond. And yet the giant seems to lack aggressiveness at the moment though the slightest of frowns tugs on his lips. Then:

"Zeke! You didn't tell me this place felt like this! I feel like...I'm moving through tar! Molasses!" The colossus raises an arm and flexes as if testing himself out. A bicep balloons up like a buick under his skin, "I feel like I can barely move."

The goliath begins stepping into the streets now as the goblin responds, "Sorry champ! I feel fine!"

Traffic is still incoming though most cars are slowing to a stop. So naturally as the giant begins moving obliviously onto the road, he steps right into the path of an incoming semi. The crash noise is horrific as the cab barrels into the behemoth. Glass spraying everywhere and the driver flailing against a timely applied airbag.

Kongou doesn't even move. Simply standing there as if he didn't feel the impact. "I feel weak as a kitten! What was Izuna talking about. This place ..it's awful!"

Subtely his eyes shift slightly, eyeing Heihachi out of a corner gaze.

Whatever forces at work brought the goliath here, they are the same forces that likely allow the monster to understand Heihachi when he begins to bark towards him and his runty companion in harsh, growling Japanese. A little less than six feet himself, it is almost comical as Heihachi tries to 'square' up with the massive man, hands clenched into fists, glaring up at him. One of those fists are raised, with the back of it facing the giant, quivering every now and then when his voice is at it's loudest.

The question is said without irony, despite the metaphysical and philosophical implications of it.

"You! Giant! Are you the Devil?!"

He's shouting, because clearly, the bigger you are, the deafer you must be.

With a groan of metal twisting and glass shaking, the semi truck cab, now noticed, is grabbed and dislodged from its moorings as the behemoth hefts it upwards. The driver, fortunantely, had managed to slip free. Bruised but conscious..and so isn't -in- the cab when Kongou begins squeezing.. compressing the metal together like a ball of putty. Oil spraying everywhere and sparks flying as he literally trash compactors the thing between his torso and and then his two hands.

"You see this, Zeke! This would have only taken a few seconds back home...!"

His complaining is then halted as Heihachi's shout thunders through the area even overwhelming the sound of Kongou's massive feat of strength.

The giant turns, swiveling his massive form to face the business mogul while still holding the scrapped semi truck cab, now a balled up mass of ruin in his huge hand. He looks..confused at first and then his eyes brighten. A glowing white as he grins, full toothed, as he takes in Heihachi's bravado.

"I am not The Devil. I am a Youkai, sir! From a place you people call The Backyard!" Which is basically as broad as saying, 'I'm magic!'

He's heard stranger things. Or, rather, hearing increasingly stranger things is starting to lose its shock value to the old man. So when the goliath claims he is a Youkai, Heihachi decides to take the monster at face value. His eyes drop to the balled up car and for a moment, then he looks up and up at the creature's face.

"Very well, Youkai!" He is now pointing with a leather gloved hand up at the brute, still shouting. "Tell me why you are here!" His tone is demanding, a tone only those who have known authority and privilege all their lives can adopt.

Spoiled didn't always mean undeserving, though. He had heard the giant confess he was weaker and slower now that he was here, and not where "back home" might be. Let it not be said Heihachi was an amateur when it came to potential threats.

At the question, Zeke seems to know what's coming and the goblin pulls out...some sort of camera? It seems the goblin has been to Earth before and is well versed in its particular nuances, unlike Kongou. Kongou who merely grins while gripping the metal wreckage with both of his hands now. "Why...I think I am here looking for -you- , sir! Who are you to address me so boldly when all of these little ones are running every which way and staying clear. Not that I blame them. They simply don't know me yet!"

The giant leans forward, still grinning at Heihachi, nostrils flaring abit as if trying to scent the very air around the other man in search of the crackle of power. "..Are you one of the leaders of these ones? Perhaps....a warrior?"

If Heihachi's chi gave off a scent, it would probably be ozone. Heihachi's eyes lift up towards Zeke and his camera, and his brow furrows briefly in deep bemusement. The goliath quickly steals his attention back, however, as the Japanese man's eyes now squint up at the massive man as he speaks. His answer first comes with a visible current of electricity passing through his body, multiple streaks of lightning gathering around one of his legs as he stomps his foot. What comes is a tremor, not nearly as impressive as the titan's own thunderous steps, but perhaps surprising from one of his size.

His gloved hand comes up, thumb jabbing into his chest. "I am Mishima Heihachi! I am King of the Iron Fist. I fear nothing!" It's a bold claim for sure. He certainly is trembling, but his expression is unreadable. "If I am not the strongest man yet, I soon shall be!"

"How interesting!" exclaims Kongou, looking rather pleased. Unlike Heihachi..Kongou is like an open book. He's far from inscrutable and it's quite clear he is eager to see where this potentially leads. "Do you hear that Zeke!? We are fortunante!"

He points at Heihachi now, "So..King of the Iron Fist! Allow me to test you and for you to show me if this Earth is worth all of the rumors it generates in The Youkai and The Makai and The Outworld and the numerous other worlds that revolve around happenings here!"

With that he tosses the the balled up semi over his shoulder, sending it crashing into an overhead pass with a rain of debris and a rocking of the ground.

Oblivious to the damage he is causing, he begins thundering forward in steady methodical earth shaking steps, approaching Heihachi without so much a 'Sure let's' or 'By your leave'.

"Make this entertaining, okay??"

Heihachi's scowl only deepens at Kongou's words. They were button words to him. 'Test'. 'Worth'. 'Entertaining'. His jaw clenches visibly, a muscle in it twitching. His teeth can be heard grinding together by those perceptive enough. His hands pull his gloves off, one by one, and he discards them before tearing off his overcoat, throwing that into the wind as well. His necktie comes next, ripped off and left to fall onto the road as he watches Kongou approach. Then he leaps into the sky, lifting one of his fists up as he tries to meet the titan head on.

This does have him in mid-air. The question now was who was faster out of the two -- who was going to land the first blow, if at all.

COMBATSYS: Kongou has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kongou           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Heihachi has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Heihachi         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

Kongou would seem to lack social cues. He does not pick up on the ire of the King and instead continues plowing forward, crossing through the medium by bursting through the concrete as if it wer but wet twin snapping against his thighs and bursting at his passing.

Heihachi arcs skyward, lunging towards him and Kongou suddenly reacts, lifting his huge arms up and then swinging them around in front of him to clap his hands together and produce a tremendous *KABOOOM* that shatters windows and over turns cars nearest to him.

A shockwave ripples out away from him, distorting the air as it blasts out to race across the distance between himself and Heihachi. The area shakes and rocks violently causing Zeke, back in the distance to topple back and forward a few times before getting stable.

"Go get him champ! This'll be great on Fighttube!!"

COMBATSYS: Kongou successfully hits Heihachi with Thunderous Applause.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Heihachi         0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0           Kongou

Heihachi finds his course immediately changed at the thunderous clap -- the sonic boom sends him rocketing right back towards the ground. He crashes into the limo that he was passenger in just an hour before, crushing the top of it and causing the vehicle to nearly tip over.

The King of the Iron Fist needed a moment, blood and drool trickling down his mouth and off his goateee.

Then he's in the air again, leaping off the remains of the company limosuine to fly right back towards Kongou again. One of his hands are clenched into fists -- the other, it's clasped around that fist. It's a hammer blow, and electric currents rip through his elbows and hands.

Should he make it towards Kongou, he's going to hammer his fists right into the titan's skull -- a hard target if you compare it to the rest of the goliath.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi successfully hits Kongou with Aggressive Strike.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Heihachi         0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0           Kongou

It's a blow that would likely send an RV flipping end over end. Such is the might of the fighters here on Earth or Earthrealm as some call it. It's got a reputation for a reason and Heihachi is the King of the Iron Fist indeed. Electricity crackles and thunder boils through the air and Kongou's head rocks to the side, lips pursing and torso leaning ever so slightly at an angle. And yet he ..basically barely moves. "Hmmm!!"

From beneath Heihachi, a colossal fist comes barreling upwards, hurtling at the other titan and should it impact, Kongou's arm would continue on, carrying Heihachi with it to swing back around and then slam him earthwards with the force of his fist and weight behind him to crashs into the ground.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi endures Kongou's Seismic Crush.
-@- Dazing Hit! -@-

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Heihachi         0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0           Kongou


Heihachi finds himself suddenly caught by a fist. The fist is massive, and he's carried with it through the air -- then his body is whipped down with incredible force, smashed down into the concrete gravel of the road. A sound escapes Heihachi -- his mouth briefly opens and he growls and blood comes out, but then his arms come up around that fist, fingers digging cruelly into flesh.

Heihachi's body is suddenly wreathed in violent currents of lightning, lightning that seems to travel through him, down to his foot. He shoves at the massive fist pinning him to the road with his hands, then tries to drive that electrified foot into it violently. Should it connect, those same currents would then be passing into Kongou instead.

COMBATSYS: Kongou barely endures Heihachi's Heaven's Wrath.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Heihachi         0/-------/-======|=======\===----\1           Kongou

Well now -that- got his attention didn't it. A sudden conduit for electricity, Kongou's body rocks backwards, tendrils of lighting sparking through him to blast into cars, the overhead, light poles. Trees. His internal skeleton even flashes into view as the behemoth staggers and stammers something unintelligible, shaking and smouldering from the force of Heihachi's attack. In the background, Zeke clucks his tongue against the roof of his mouth. Perhaps a litttle disapprovingly. "Deep fried goodness!" he quips.

But then..Kongou recovers. An assault that would have left so many others a charred mess, has the behemoth lunging out of it to again reach for Heihachi with a massive fist that plows downward and then up again in an attempt to strike him so hard he would literally be launched skywards with a thunderous *KABOOOM* rocking the area. The blow so powerful the pain would likely register after the actual birth of flight---

COMBATSYS: Kongou successfully hits Heihachi with Gigaton Crush.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Heihachi         1/-----==/=======|==-----\-------\0           Kongou

In contrast of his complaints of being surpressed and unable to move well, Kongou blurs into movement, leaping up and past Heihachi to actually loom above the man as he hurtles skyward. The King of the Iron Fist slams against the expanse of the goliaths monstrous torso and is then enveloped by crushing arms that squeeze titanically as Kongou spins and then desends back down, belly first, to land explosively into the middle of the freeway with Heihachi beneath him. Dust and debris mushrooms up about both titans as the giant lays on the ground, belly flopped atop the business titan.

For a moment, all the Mishima patriarch can see is darkness. His body felt like it was on fire, but his eyes closed and the pain quickly went away, a form of meditation Heihachi's father taught him -- one of the last lessons he learned before he betrayed the man.

One hand, crushed by the weight above it, curls its fingers. Those same fingers crumple the gravel beneath them as Heihachi finds purchase. His other arm digs into the rock as well to give him some elbow room, and that hand curls into a fist. A low buzzing noise can be heard, one that would be much louder were Heihachi not buried under the immense weight of the goliath above him. Then he throws his fist upward, trying to rise with it in an uppercut.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi dazes Kongou with Demon Uppercut!
- Power hit! -

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Heihachi         1/----===/=======|======-\-------\0           Kongou

Kongou's immensity presses down, down, down. Sinking into the road and forming a crater shaped around his body. He lays there as the force of his impact rebounds and he prepares to bound backwards, off of his opponent while still maintaining that big grin that has yet to be really dislodged despite the previous blows against him.

Its dislodged now as his eyes bulge out and his lips purse together. His entire landscape like physique ripples as the force of the upper cut explodes into him and impossibly sends his body hurtling skywards without any assistance on his part to make it happen.

Cars are flattened as he slams back down onto his back and then rolls forward to attempt to quickly regain his balance and sense of momentum but he staggers..briefly confused and uncertain of what he just experienced. He sees Heihachi well enough though and as he straightens he attempts to quickly whip a massive arm around, the back of his fist incoming like a boulder to try and catch the man with it before he recovers from his uppercut.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi interrupts Swift Backhand from Kongou with Tsunami Kick EX.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Heihachi         0/-------/---====|=======\===----\1           Kongou

Heihachi sees that arm coming now. He's already decided that physically, this creature is stronger than he is, or at the very least far more capable of destruction than him.

And so when that arm comes the Mishima Karate master leaps up and tries to stick the landing -- he tries to hop on the man's arm with one foot so that it would carry him upwards.

The plan half-works, as he finds himself ripped off his feet by the swift backhand crashing into him. He recovers quickly however, even as blood leaks from his mouth, and hurls himself off the offending limb so that he's in mid air again.

Then comes the kicks. Three of them, one after the other, the old man spinning in opposite directions each time a blow connects, aimed hopefully for the titan's head.

Hope is not lost for the blows go slamming into the giants body with so much force that he, still dizzied, stumbles backwards in a loss of balance as the power of the Iron Fist..well foot in this case..goes ripping through his body with wall demolishing force.

He stumbles, staggers and the final blow actually shoves him backwards to send him crashing against the support structure of the overpass, bursting through it and sending abandoned cars tumbling from it to the freeway lanes below. The ground shakes violently dust billowing and rippling upwards as his huge physique dramatically tumbles to the ground like some sort of landslide or train wreck in slow motion.

COMBATSYS: Kongou takes no action.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Heihachi         0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Kongou can no longer fight.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Heihachi         0/-------/---====|

Heihachi lands onto the road next to the fallen titan with a crash, his knee painfully colliding with the ground, as well as the knuckles of his right hand. His shoulders heave and he rises slowly, brushing his forearm against his mouth while peering down balefully at the mammoth creature. His shirt is torn and barely functional, and his hand does away with the remains of it while he takes a look around, trying to get a bead on the strange cameraman.

Ordinarily, Heihachi would try to drag this beast to Mishima Tower and have some experiments done, but he was too big to move practically and his rivals would most certainly see it. "Zeke," he calls the creature by name. "Let it not be said the mighty Heihachi is without mercy. How do you get the Youkai out of here?"

"He can get himself out!"

Abruptly there is a rumbling sound as the ground shakes and suddenly Kongou is sitting back up, that madcap grin on his face. He looks...? Well unharmed isn't the right word. 'Used' is perhaps better but still ready. "That was interesting! Perhaps there is something to this Earth after all!" The goliath rises up, the dust falling from him and his immense frame looking better and better. Was he truly simply holding back? Is he merely -that- strong? Or is this just some really elaborate and well performed 'no selling' and game face. Either way he focuses his gaze on Heihachi and declares, "You indeed possess an Iron Fist. But that is enough for now! Zeke!"

The goblin stops the recording and hops over towards the goliath. The air already beginning to ripple once more.

"We have to post this on Fight Tube! I just know we'll go viral this time!"

"Sure thing, Champ!"

Heihachi's head turns very slowly to the disheveled titan. Very slowly. He stares at the mammoth man as he rises to his full height, then turns to face him again, staring up, up, and up at him once more. His moustache twitches at the sight. He watches as the air begins to ripple, and part of him wants to follow after them -- to go into their world and find the strongest it has to offer.

But thoughts of home already begin to fuzz out such daydreams, and instead he glares after them, promising himself that next time, he'll find a way to subdue the titan and find a way to control such strength.

Next time.

"Zeke has been here before and knows your Earth-Ways. The last video we made to try and announce my impending arrival we did in The Backyard and people kept saying it was fake. I'm sure this one will work!" comments Kongou rather happily and completely oblivious to the power that was just unleashed here or the intensity of Heihachi's stare. If nothing else he's single minded.

"That's enough then. Come on Zeke!"

And with that the behemoth is gone, sucked back into the portal by whence he came and the goblin with him.

It's really to bad much of the footage got corrupted due to the lightning and chi discharges. An unprotected camera, sadly.

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