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Description: Heihachi Mishima hires outside help from NESTS to assist with his latest project...

It was perhaps to no one's surprise Heihachi had contacts with the yakuza. He paid them absurd amounts of money to keep him well-informed of the going ons in the underworld, and to deliver messages when he needed them. It was one of Heihachi's few honorable relationships, where both parties took each other at their word and provided what they promised. So when Heihachi paid them to let it be known he was looking for an engineer to be paid, on retainer, it wasn't very long until the NESTs Cartel got wind of it. Crazy as the old man was, he invited interested parties to meet him at his own estate, in the cherry blossom garden.
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Heihachi wasn't dressed in business attire, but he wasn't dressed casually either. Today the Mishima patriarch wore an elegant hakama, and sat at a low table in the garden. He himself sat on the floor despite how expensive his clothing was, but a pillow was provided for whatever guest would show. There was security, but it was very light, here only to ensure only one person is allowed with Heihachi in the garden at a time. They're competent, but perhaps not competent enough to a ninjitsu-practitioner like Moondyne, should she have the desire to sneak past them.

Dressing as a member of the gokudo was not difficult, this one knew how to play the part--a leisure suit, fedora, red ascot--the suit and hat black with charcoal gray stripes all along them. Of course, one might wonder why they sent someone so... diminutive in stature, and apparently a woman at that. Drag king? She looked human, with curly white-blue hair sticking out from around the brim of the hat. And black leather dress shoes with spats, mustn't forget those.

Once they had been granted an audience with the big man she would stand before where he was seated, giving a bow at the waist before introducing themselves.

"Greetings! I am the associate you called for, Moondyne Mouse, you may call me Mouse-san, or whatever you like," as Moondyne doffed her hat in respect, the illusion of being human faded away. What had looked like hair-buns hidden beneath the hat were in fact large white conical ears, and the suit was not really there, it faded away--revealing white armor that looked to be made of shiny flexible metal of some kind, black spandex full-body covering beneath that. Yes, she was a mouse indeed, and likely not one he'd ever seen before.

"If this appearance is disconcerting of course, I can look like whatever you want me to be..." she grinned with an air of scandalousness, and one could see the ivory buckteeth in plain view.

"I will call you Nezumi," Heihachi decides immediately, his eyes closed until she speaks. They open and settle on her, his upper lip twitching as he regards Moondyne critically. When her clothes fade away to reveal the armor she wears underneath, his eyes briefly scanning over her before they rise to her face. He doesn't invite her to sit, despite the spot he had laid out for her, and instead he stands, one of his aides stepping forward to put on a white robe for him. "Your appearance is of no consequence." When he speaks, he speaks in Japanese, his voice a natural, low-pitched growl, regardless of whatever emotion he displays.

He turns and begins exploring the garden, walking at a pace that implies he clearly expects the synthetic to follow. "The ability to produce the illusion of clothing," he monologues for a brief moment. "The world is changing. My tailor does excellent work. Soon such work will no longer be appreciated." His hand moves to pluck one of the petals from the cherry blossom tree closest to him, and then he drops it into the wind, watching after it for a moment. "You are not human," he then says, an air of accusation in his tone. "I wonder, Nezumi, were you built by one?"

"My body contains a solid-hologram emitter, now praytell sir--what might you require my services for...? I will warn you are seeking cooperation with NESTS, my organization is... well, aheh," she grins again, but quickly it falls away from her face, becoming more fixated on him, serious.

"Not human, correct--I was built by disciples of Dr. Bosconovitch, Dr. Leblanc and Dr. Mehta, however, this is not about me, this is about the work you sent for, yes?" she grins again.

"As long as you're aware you're associating with dealers of warcrime level shit, well, and you pay what we ask--well, there's likely no telling what we /won't/ do," she does not sit, since he's standing now anyway. At 5-foot nothing, she probably is towered over by him, anyhow. No real need for her to sit, anyway.

"But... you don't care about that, do you?" the smile slowly returns to her features, as if she can sense on some surface level what he wants to tell her.

One of those names do draw Heihachi's attention, and his head turns, the Mishima patriarch's brow furrowing even further, if possible, his jaw tightening slightly. "Bosconovitch -- I have not seen that weakling in some time." Still, he does look all the more interested now, and his hands fold behind his back as he turns fully towards the synthetic lifeform. "I know of NESTS and the work it does," he then remarks, waving her concerns away. "As long as NESTS' ambitions do not directly clash with mine, I have little concern what crimes it commits. Money is no issue to me."

His eyes shift over towards the robotic woman, and his hands clench tightly into fists. "The Darkstalkers -- creaturs your creators no doubt modeled you after, they are active again, and growing in number. If the world wishes to tolerate the existence of these creatures, then I will find a new purpose for them. I will turn them into weapons. I will join this soon-to-be arms race before it even starts. To that end, the V-Gage machines Violet Systems produced -- I wish to produce more of them. I want them to be improved on, made better."

"We're a bit, ah--understaffed at the moment, but my abilities should be able to meet your needs," Moondyne listens, rocking a bit back and forth on the heels of her boots, keeping her arms neutral and at her sides. "Just... darkstalkers?" she frowns a little bit. "There are dark hunters if your problem is of the 'dark' variety, sir..." those large ears then pick up at the mention of the machine the very large, very powerful man wants.

"Oh? That technology is elusive and prohibited, several models were seized by the government following the raid on Violet Systems, I believe a few wound up in government hands... as well as others," she seemed curious.

"What might you need with something like that? You want to twist the minds of your follows and victims, darkstalkers and humans alike... turn them into more useful servants and playthings?" the grin she has is starting to reach the corners of her cheeks, becoming quite broad and elated.

"Ohh--oh my, I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was going to be this much fun--" she clasped her hands together, nearly hopping now.

"I think.. I think I might be able to build one of your very own, as long as you realize the expenses and the... well, crimes against humanity such a machine constitutes," she grins again, this time more subdued, more smug. "But I'm sure you're aware of that."

"Dark hunters," Heihachi echoes Moondyne's words, and then a snort of derision escapes the old man. "Were these dark hunters at all competent, the Darkstalkers would not be such an issue, would they?" His expression shifts further, his scowl deepening. "The technology is rightfully mine, regardless of what anyone else says," he then growls. "I will be the judge on whether it is prohibited or not." He takes a deep, calming breath and his eyes close for a moment.

"I will not use the machine on those willing to follow me. Should they be bold enough to fight my battles, they will be rewarded. Nor do I have any desire to use the machine to create playthings -- my main interest is to turn those I wish to into weapons." His eyes snap open, and they flick down towards Moondyne to simply watch her. "Money is no issue. Morality is no issue. There will be adequate compensation."

"Well sir, in the west we have an expression--'If you're good at something, never do it for free', you see--it's not as if those kinds of bounty hunters are a nationalized service, at least not yet," Moondyne shakes her head with a little smile, reaching up to readjust her red-tinted visor.

"Oh, that's right--didn't you take over Violet Systems before it was raided, and those machines seized? So they /are/ yours, technically, aren't they," Moondyne put a finger to her chin, tracing it with the longish nail at it's tip.

"I can download the necessary schematics from NESTS mainframe, and whatever I can't build myself I'll just steal from the UN, then," she shrugs, as if this was no big issue. She does this all the time.

"Well, what you do with it sir, is up to you--I hope to impress you with my results, either way, my original design was for repair and technical work, so any maintenance of the device can be undertaken by me... and if you require an operator, well," she grinned again, her right eye gleaming.

"One of my... finer features is the ability to scan and intercept the brainwaves of humans, it's experimental chi-based tech, as a result a device like this is part of my field of expertise."

"Regardless, I will believe in the skill of these hunters when I see it for myself," Heihachi remarks coldly. His head shakes, and he looks over his garden while his hands clasp together behind his back once more. "I will pay you a small percentage of the promised pay for now, until I see your skills for myself. Should they appear to be what I'm looking for, I'll give you half of what I promised in advance, and the remainder once the job itself is complete." His eyes turn back towards her, and they fixate on that single gleaming eye for a moment.

"There is another thing I wish to bring up -- should you require someone with my resources to help you in your own endeavors, as long as you're under my employ I will be willing to have my men assist you." His scowl deepens for a moment. "Though do not expect much from them. Since then my men have grown incompetent, weak." He shakes his head, banishing that line of discussion for now. "Are the terms agreeable, Nezumi?"

"Fair enough, I wouldn't expect you to pay before you got to see the product and know that it works," Moondyne raises her arms and her suit and more human disguise--complete with flesh over white fur--reasserts itself over her body, hiding her tail in the process.

"The terms are agreeable, you will have the device that you wish for, if I have to break into Fort Knox to get it," she bows again, reaching up to readjust the dark-colored fedora afterward, and nodding to the man.

"I will be off now, preparations to make, information and parts to gather, you know..." she gives the man a friendly wave, hand swaying at the wrist as she raises her arm, before turning and heading out.

She was actually excited for once in a great while--this was going to be fun!

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