SLAMFEST 2020 - SLAMFEST 2020 Round 1 - Mai vs Gunloc

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Description: A matchup for the ages as the Florida Wild Horse, Gunloc, takes on the Alluring Ninja, Mai! A modern day legend of the ring takes some of the best that Japan has to offer. Who will win in this, the first round of SLAMFEST!

The crowd's roar fills the CWA arena. The din of the masses rolls in waves and waves as the spectators clamor and cry. A stadium filled to capacity, fans of all sorts pack the seats. They jostle and juggle drink and snack, program and memorabilia, and strive to see the man currently in the ring. The man in the brilliantly gold suit. The man with the patriotic top hat. The man with the megaphone. Don Sauvage.

Backstage, Gunloc finishes lacing his boots. He can hear the crowd. He can hear them calling. Calling for him. He rises to his feet, checks out his look in the mirror, and dons his leather jacket. Each step from the back, to the ramp, the crowd grows louder and louder.

He stops at the curtain. He skips, foot to foot, limbering up as he listens for his cue from Don.

"On his way to the ring. From Miami Beach, Florida. The Wild Horse, Gunloc!"

Wailing guitar riffs blare over the loudspeakers. Gunloc bursts through the curtain to the deafening roar of the crowd. He runs down the aisle, reaching out to clap and clasp the hands of his fans. He dives into the ring, sliding head first before deftly pressing back up. Back and forth he strides, crossing the ring with broad steps and raised arms. To the corner, he climbs up to take off his jacket to give the audience a good look at him.

As his music quiets, Gunloc brings his coat over to pass off a ring hand. And there, he crosses his arms and leans against the ropes with a cocksure grin. Time to see what kind of opponent he'd be defeating today.

"And from Japan, the Beautiful Ninja, The Flower that Bloomed In the King of Fighters... Mai Shiranui!"

There's a totally different sound from the loudspeaker, flashing lights and spot lights shining on the arena. Some of the lights are bright red, and others white. For a moment, they form a shape like the flag of Japan in the center of the ring... before all of them shift into a pink color and explode into shatters of digital cherry blossoms.

After that riff comes the challenger, bouncing her way onto the stage with her characteristic energy. She's been warned that she has to keep the antics reined in a bit during this match, but that isn't going to stop her from wearing her signature outfit.

She gets to the edge of the ring, and vaults over it, leaping with a ninja's agility to her side of the battlefield. She takes out a paper fan, which must have been tucked in her belt, and uses it to wave around, working the crowd a little before leaning over toward Gunloc.

Gunloc hadn't done much research before this fight. He wasn't half aware of who he was fighting, outside of the fact that she wasn't a wrestler with the CWA. Sure, Gunloc had heard that Mai was one of the participants in the recent King of Fighters tournament, among others, but that was just words. He knew, or he felt, that the real power was in the ring.

He was not, however, expecting Mai to be Mai. His interest piqued the moment she appeared up on the stage. His confident grin remaining, but his widened eyes and sudden interest was new. He begins to pace back and forth while the The Beautiful Ninja makes her acrobatic entrance. Even better than her looks was the fact that she isn't Jessica Haggar.

Long gestures and overplayed stretches work out Gunloc, continue to keep the warm up he started before hitting the ramp. Back and forth he paces while watching his opponent. "Hey!" he calls out, stopping to strike a bicep pose. "Hot entrance, but you gotta have more than that to take on the CWA!"

He lowers himself to a ready crouch. Arms out at his side. The referee raises his hand. And the bell rings.

COMBATSYS: Gunloc enters the arena, to the roar of the crowd!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gunloc           0/-------/------=|

"Oh, if you like it hot, you haven't seen anything yet!" Mai says. Though she's heard tell that too much sexy manuevering might get her dinged in the ring, nobody said anything about not utilizing her ninja pyrotechnics skills. So she's cheeky as she gets into the starting position, and looks her opponent over as well.

He seems to be the sort suited for this arena, an actual wrestler with ring experience. And he has a good figure besides, but...

Mai poses with a hand under her chin, arching her back, as she's thinking. No, not as cute as Andy.

Ah well, time for the bout to begin! She hops and then slips into the ready space as the bell rings for the bout to start!

COMBATSYS: Mai enters the arena, to the roar of the crowd!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gunloc           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0              Mai

As this is a wrestling match, Mai decides her best angle is to get in as close as possible... that's surely in the spirit of the thing. Hopefully that won't give the quick fighter a disadvantage against a grappler... so she'll have to be careful, and hit really hard too. Her method for getting in there is pretty simple... but a little unorthodox for a wrestling ring. She leaps up into the air pretty high... then rushes from a downward angle in a shoulder charge, using her upper body to try to score a direct piledriver on her opponent!

COMBATSYS: Gunloc endures Mai's Musasabi no Mai.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Gunloc           0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0              Mai

"The hotter the better, baby."

The woman's got slink and sly movement. She's got all the kinds of charisma needed to be in the ring and Gunloc can read it off her. This little dance is going to be exciting.

He throws himself into Mai's approach. She wants to get in close, he's just fine and dandy getting in even closer. He opens his arms wide and ready to catch onto Mai. She slams hard into him, and his feet plant. A slap of flesh to flesh. He holds his ground when she claps into him.

But the wrestler doesn't go off his feet. "Yeehaw!" he calls out, laughing and making his close in lunge. She wants closeness, he has it for her as he reaches for a tight grapple to scoop Mai up for a running and leaping SLAM back down to the mat.

COMBATSYS: Mai instinctively blocks Gunloc's Powerslam EX.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gunloc           0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0              Mai

Mai gets in close as she anticipated, and she makes close contact with her opponent! For just a second, it's too close for comfort... as he lunges and tries to grapple her and take her down.

She has just a moment to react, and makes a quick decision. When he goes for her, she moves on instinct, blocking the grab by... rolling with it. But then when he grabs her, she keeps moving, and turns all the way upside-down.

Now this is probably not the angle Gunloc hoped to have when he grabbed her, but on the other hand, it's not such a bad place to be. But her skirt flipping over her head isn't against the rules of wrestling. That's just bound to happen! But the crowd certainly seems to enjoy it.

Another thing that is of course bound to happen is the dreaded leg-lock. Mai twists her legs around Gunloc's head, and now with a flip of her own, aims to reverse his throw and bring him down to the mat!

COMBATSYS: Mai successfully hits Gunloc with Shiranui Gourin EX.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gunloc           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0              Mai

Up close and personal. A place familiar for Gunloc. He's a wrestler. He himself is wearing naught but a rather tiny pair of pants. The skirt flip is a welcome, but not a wholly distracting sight for the wrestler known as Lucky Colt.

But he isn't used to the ninjitsu technique of the quick Mai. She wraps up his head and wrings him down to the mat instead! Crashing down hard, he slaps the mat with a heavy huff. The energy from the fall spreads outward as he absorbs the brunt of the blow.

Down. Pinned. The referee counts.



With a surge of mighty strength, Gunloc threatens to turn the tide as he kicks up and puts all of his weight into hoisting the smaller Mai up into the air, threatening to bring her crashing and crumpling to the ground with a devastating Power Bomb!

COMBATSYS: Mai blocks Gunloc's Brutal Powerbomb ES.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Gunloc           0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0              Mai

Mai didn't think she'd get a pin so easily as that! When Gunloc seems for a second like he's going to give up, she's suspicious... and ready. She's not too shocked when, even though the count starts, he pushes her off again...

And she flips backward. She holds her hands out to try to block the incoming grab, and at the last second shifts her weight so Gunloc can't get as good a grip as he hoped.

With one hand grabbed, she smiles at him. "Hey! That's cool waiting just a second; it's so dramatic! Let's be sure we keep putting on a good show!"

With her hand that's still free, Mai pulls out a fan. She whips it open first and waves it at the crowd. Illegal objects in the ring aren't entirely against the rules of this particular show it seems, but she still mugs a little bit for it. This gets a nice cheer from the crowd as even with the pin, she still seems like a teasing underdog against the larger fighter.

"Looks like this is turning into a weapon match-" says the announcer over the loudspeaker. "But it's just a paper fan--"

As its usefulness as a combat weapon is questioned, Mai nonetheless flattens it out, and slams it downward suddenly on her opponent's head!

The fan is in fact surprisingly durable... for a fan.

COMBATSYS: Gunloc blocks Mai's Sayo Chidori.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Gunloc           1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1              Mai

And so the match shifts into "hardcore" territory. A dastardly foreign object brought in by the suddenly heel Mai and brought down directly upon the top of Gunloc's head. Surely, this devastating blow will be too much for the Florida Wild Horse to handle!


Gunloc's stepped into the blow, his arms held high and crossed, taking the brunt of Mai's terrible weapon against his wrists. "So that's how it's gonna be then, isn't it?" he drawls, smiling a toothy grin for Mai. "Hope you're ready for it, pretty lady."

And that's when he drops low with his right arm cocked back far behind him. "Got this little trick from my brother!"

With a whoop and a holler, he swings a heavy right hook. But the blow isn't anywhere near Mai! Instead, there's a loud cracking boom of thunder and a spiraling disc of energized air arcs out toward Mai's belly. A single fisted, booming blast.

COMBATSYS: Mai fails to slow Sonic Fist ES from Gunloc with Kachosen.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gunloc           1/-----==/=======|=======\====---\1              Mai

Mai sees that what's coming in toward her looks like a thrown attack, and she still has her fan handy. In a quick attempt to counter, she throws her fan at it...

She strikes a dramatic pose when she throws the fan, but it doesn't quite work out for her. The energy spiral flies past this defense attempt, and strikes her in the belly, knocking her back. She grimaces, stumbling a little... is this the legendary 'selling'? The audience certainly seems stunned by it. Of course, she's still in the fight, but vulnerable while she recovers.

Right on target!

Gunloc points to the crowd. His hands raise to the sky and the crowd's cheering kicks up into high gear. With a short pacing stride, he shows off his bicep and slaps his arm to work up the crowd.

With one big two fingered point to Mai, he falls back into the ropes and charges headlong into the woman. His arm raises up, cocks back, and comes down with a long telegraphed and yet thundering lariat square for Mai's prodigious center of mass.

COMBATSYS: Mai full-parries Gunloc's Medium Lariat!!

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gunloc           1/-----==/=======|=======\=======\1              Mai

He's coming right for her!

Right for her best part!

Mai, ever a tease, seems to be ready for this one. Gunloc rushes to her, and instead of leaping aside, holding her fans out, or rolling under, she stands ready and happy with her arms wide open. Because she is quite prepared...

To duck at the last possible second, and grab the arm that was thrown at her way with that nice big telegraph.

"Oh, very good! This was part of the show, right? We have to give the people what they paid for!"

She takes a moment to blow a kiss to the crowd.

Then, she turns around just halfway and goes for a surprisingly elaborate throw... Twining her leg around Gunloc's leg, then twining her arm around his midsection, then finally rasing her other leg to the back of his neck...

Ninjas are flexible. Once she has him entirely entangled she goes for the takedown.

COMBATSYS: Mai successfully hits Gunloc with Fuusha Kuzushi EX.
~~ Alluring Hit! ~~

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gunloc           1/--=====/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Mai

A cunning maneuver!

Gunloc's momentum carries him forward, past the swiftly ducking Mai. And while the crowd is taken by her alluring posing and lovely crowd-directed kisses, Gunloc is still in motion.

But he's caught! Twisting and tightening around him, the nimble ninja nooses his neck and brings him crashing to the mat.

The crowd is stunned. Gunloc may be out of it! But not tonight! Cheers rise up as the tangled wrestler pounds on the mat for moral support. Once, twice, a third time as he readies himself and pushes his whole body up and back to his feet.

"Well ain't you something, spitfire," he comments with a gracious grin. "Think you'd ever give a little lesson on how you pulled something like that off?" Even in the ring, he's opening up the lines of communication with the very bombshell that means to take him down and shame the whole CWA!

But, sadly for his current dating mission, there is still a match going on. And Gunloc's move is a simple one. He goes for Mai with a full on lunge. He reaches for her arm, to take and twist it and twist her all the way around, sending her bodily toward the ring ropes.

COMBATSYS: Mai blocks Gunloc's Irish Whip.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Gunloc           1/--=====/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Mai

Mai gets back to her feet, and waggles a finger. As if she's saying no, at first. "My ninja training!" she declares.

He goes to grab her, and again-- "Whoop!" She's slippery. He gets a handle on her arm, and does wrench it a bit. But then she brings her other arm up, blocks this attack, rolls with the grab, and slides out of it. She allows this attack to send her to the ropes anyway... just because it's fun, and as she hits the rope she bounces back dramatically just to keep the kinetic energy of the bout. "All right everyone! Now, it's time for the fireworks show!"

Mai hits the other side of the ring, and this time, as she bounces off, she does a backflip--

When she hits the peak of her arc, her foot ignites in a brilliant pyrotechnic flame. She falls back gracefully with that burning leg in tow, and as the spotlights flicker, she cracks it down toward her opponent!

COMBATSYS: Gunloc fails to interrupt Hishou Ryuuenjin from Mai with Crescent Slash EX.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Gunloc           1/-======/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Mai

With the mighty Mai baring down on him, Gunloc thinks to the world outside of the ring. To a world of Street Fighters. To his brother. That Air Force Ace. He'd show 'em. He'd show 'em all just what he was made of.

With dramatic force, Gunloc takes a knee. His head bows. Like a majestic rising eagle he kicks himself upward. His arcing, backflipping kick angles with force and power to destroy his opposition!

But it only opens him up to being destroyed himself. The fiery kick from Mai clobbers Gunloc's square jaw and down he goes, crashing to the mat. The whole canvas quakes with the devastating might of the blow. And the man lay. Is he out? Time yet will tell.

Mai seems to believe this is all still a grand show, as she turns again to the audience...

With Gunloc on the ground, she has a second more to stunt, of course! She raises her hand, and a firework shoots out of it-- how? Ninja magic --

Streaking like a sparkler and exploding in bits of golden glitter. "Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone else! Are you ready to see a spectatular display... of the art of the Shiranui-ryuu!?"

The cheer from the crowd certainly indicates it, so it's her time to shine bright!

She does a flip backwards with a hand-stand, and uses that to push herself up off of the mat. Then, she seems to hover in the air, as she whips out what looks like a dart--"


And another - "Ni!" She throws another dart, but not at Gunloc. Rather, it's aimed to the corner of the ring--


She drops down, and when she does, puts her foot on the man in a perhaps too-soon victory pose, as if she were conquering and victorious.

Then she raises her fan, and opens it wide... revealing that this one shows off a round red circle, as the flag of Japan.


All of the darts that Mai planted then explode at once, sending off a huge wave of pyrotechnics that blind the audience with light, whistle and screech, and fill the arena with flames!

COMBATSYS: Mai successfully hits Gunloc with #Shiranui Ryuu Kyuubi no Kitsune#.

[                            \\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Gunloc           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0              Mai

All part of the show. The downed Gunloc remains waiting, stunned and moving little more than a slow and steady tapping of one heel against the mat. He opens his eyes and watches Mai sparkle and glow with great gilded power.

Bursts, fires and flares. The crowd explodes in applause. Such a display rolls over he audience with its audaciousness and, barring a few more technically concerned types, their cheers and stomps are deafening along with the crackling fires.

The explosions are bright and blazing. The crowd is held in awe. But then, backlit by the flames and leaving but a shadow of a figure, is the rising Gunloc. With heaving breaths, he seems to rise higher in the air. A run at the ropes. A lifting flight of a jump. A soaring crescent in the air as Gunloc takes on Mai with one final, last gambit high risk maneuver!

It's only as he comes down does he speaks up with just enough voice as to keep things clandestine. "Roll-up!"

COMBATSYS: Gunloc can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mai              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Gunloc successfully hits Mai with Hyper Sunset Splash ES.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Mai              0/-------/---<<<<|

There's one last blow for Mai in this all-out battle! Her victory is not yet totally assured, in spite of the exciting display. Gunloc leaps up...

She looks at him with fire and sparkle in her eyes and a little gasp on her lips. His leap blocks all of the light!

Mai can do only one thing now...

Holding her decorative fan in front of her head, she braces for impact!

Gunloc comes smashing down on her, and collides with her directly. The strike does knock her off her feet, and she hits the mat with a bounce. But the surface lets her bounce right back up...

Shew! She takes a big breath, relieved and just a little stunned from the huge impact of that strike.


In her ringing ears, Mai hears the announcer counting down.

"And that's a knockout!"

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