Mitsuru - The Trail of Tokugawa, Finale

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Description: It was the end of a story. The poor Tokugawa princess was kidnapped. And then, the brave white knights of Bob and Steve, the regular Mario and Luigi of Southtown, saved her from the clutches of the Syndicate. All they needed to do is deliver Mitsuru to her butler, and collect the reward, and they would be on their merry way. But a crisis of conscience comes at the worst possible time, as the truth behind Mitsuru is revealed.

The young man fancied his nickname as 'Hachiko.'

He got it from his friends, and later, the Tokugawa family itself. He had studied in Gedo High, with strong focus on etiquette and class. He hated the school. But he wanted to make himself into something better. And he did. He learned rules, and ettiquette, and how to serve. He was a butler to the Tokugawa family now; he was an underling before. But after the Gear Wars, he was promoted to head caretaker of Mitsuru. A somewhat empty title, now that the girl was sent to Seijyun High. But he acted as a driver, a fixer when the time came. Mitsuru was always in trouble, after all. And it was his duty to the Tokugawas to carry out their father's will.

So there was a certain expectation you might have, with Mitsuru being missing.

He would be scouring the city, you would expect. After he had talked to Fumiko, which he almost certainly would have, to confirm that she had left. Call the police. Call the family. Have the entire city torn apart to find the heiress. He would be there with the mercenaries, the investigators to find the girl. To share the clues that she might be headed towards Gedo Street.

And yet, here he was.

Calm. Collected. Dressed in a flawless white suit, paid for by the Tokugawa family. He was seated within the black limo; the very same that he had dropped Mitsuru off in this morning. Now, it was parked outside of Chinetown. He had already contacted the private investigator. The private investigator contacted him. And now, they were meeting together. Mitsuru was found. She was rescued. He would make the payment, and the little adventure would end. A joyous time.

And yet, not even a look of fear, of apprehension.

Just an easy patience, staring out of the window of his car, as his ward was returned to him.

It's a long walk to the meeting point. A long walk in which Bob Richards carries a girl who's been broken down and patched back together by unknown means. Was it a kidnapping? A misfortune of provoking the wrong people? As a private detective, Bob has many questions that he'd like to see answered.

But for now, he has to see this job the rest of the way through.

Bob takes the long way around, cutting through an alley to avoid too many questions as he carries the injured girl to where the car is waiting. His cellphone presses against her shoulder from he had to call the rendezvous with her still cradled in his arms. By the time he reaches the vehicle, he's breathing heavily.

"Mr. Hachiko?"

She was alive.

Every mother and father, with a missing child, needed to hear those words. She was alive. Every second was a screaming nightmare, every minute a haunting ghost. She could be dead, buried, worse. Every time, worse. The horror that run through a family that had a missing child was unyielding, unceasing. Wrapping, binding terror, where every phone call was both a window of hope, and an invitation of dread. Hachiko was the agent of this family. And when he saw Bob come running up?
he calm grace, unfettered by a missing ward.

"Ah! Mister Richards!" He calls out in English as he emerges from the car, with the light air of welcoming an old friend. He was not an old friend of Bob. He clasps his hands together. There was no phone call to parents yet. No updates. "How delightful! You've succeeded in finding our naughty young lady!" He turns back into the car. There was certain levels of payoffs, which indicated concern.

A suitcase was a bad start.

Cash, typically, was not a good look for a rich family. Having made sure to get the suitcase, he stands up. "We have the discussed payment here. Due to legal restrictions with the Tokugawa family on certain personal transactions, you must understand that it will need to be in cash. Naturally, I will also need to inspect the girl; the family expects a certain quality of care..." He looks over Mitsuru, her decency covered up in the rescue. But it was impossible to hide the depth of the injuries, the stitches, the welts, the acupuncture points, and above all, the burns. She would be spending time in a hospital to recover, no matter what. That much was clear. And yet, no worry, no fear. Just a slight chuckle, And glint in his eye, inviting Bob to... explain, exactly, what had happened so far.

"My word, she looks like she's had a rough time!"

Bob has been here before. Perhaps not here, but the location, the very situation is familiar. A kidnapped girl. A worried family. A genuine effort to the two back together once more. He knows much of the stress, the tension involved with this kind of situation. He knows it when he sees it.

He does not see it.

His brow creases, but he doesn't speak on his hunches. Sometimes a hunch has to be more than a hunch. Sometimes, a detective needs more clues.

"That's a bit of understatement," Bob says, "she's stable, though. I imagine she'll to see a doctor, hopefully somewhere cleaner and more comfortable than her last visit." The cash is an afterthought.

"--right. Cash only. Can we, ah," Bob shifts Mitsuru's weight in his arms, aiming for comfort even if she's not awake to appreciate it. "Get her taken care of first. She's been through a lot." A pause. "It seems like she ran afoul of some organized crime, though they seem to have put forth and effort to make sure she safe." A pause. "Relatively speaking."

"Oh, we have doctors on standby already!"

Hachiko assures. His assurances were sincere and truthful. Part of this whole process was preparing the family doctors. And yet, there was no family here now. Just a butler, smooth and detached as he was. "We even alerted a clinic just in case, well, we know how criminals can be with innocent young ladies." He gestures towards Mitsuru's lower half, before turning back to the limo, ready to open the back door. He pulls out a gurney, for transporting injured in ambulances. There was no ambulance. "I can help you place her on there. You look practically exhausted holding her! Believe me," He states, a twinkle in his eyes.

"I can understand how exhausting it is to support her through her mistakes."

He seems to quietly review the incidents to himself, as he places the suitcase of money back in the car. "Organized crime, my my. Well, it looks like she was fortunate she fell into the hands of professionals." Professionals? "Of course, she'll never see it as that!" A gentle chuckle comes from within his throat. The butler touches Mitsuru so lightly, pulling up a single black hair from her head. Hachiko looks up at Bob, eyes soft, the faintest smirk on his lips.

"She certainly looks like she learned her lesson then!"

The whole situation smells. Bob is hardly an expert on Japanese etiquette, but he knows sleazy when he sees it. The idea of handing Mitsuru over to someone like this hangs around his neck like an albatross. Is she really better off here?

"She's lighter than you might think," Bob says. His teeth grind, but he maintains some semblance of professionalism for the moment. It may be only a moment. With each new sentence, emotions churn like bubbling tar. The composure remains, if barely.

"She's had a rough time," Bob says, "gangsters like that are bad news. Always out for a big payout. No honor among thieves, as they say," Bob shifts his grip. "I dunno about any lessons, but my hope is she doesn't run into anyone like that again soon." Bob moves toward the gurney, ignoring the offer of help.

"So have you worked for her family long? Keep the man talking, Bob. ... if you can stand it.

"Oh not too long, I'm afraid."

Hachiko's tone was light and airy, as he backs off from Bob's initiative. "After the Gears War, the Tokugawas lost a lot of vital employees. The family, well, was not included in the Tekken Force cordon of Southtown. After the war, I was hired as a butler. I've seen poor little MItsuru through her middle school. How she enjoyed playing pretend. First she was a sentai queen, then a pop idol like Athena, and then a real Showup Hoedown cowgirl! And now, she puts on a silly hat and calls herself a delinquent. Of course, she's practically an adult now." He gives a penetrating glance up and down the unconscious form of the teenager, a smirk on his lips.

"And now she has a taste of the real world."

He clasps his hands together. "Her parents will be very pleased. You see, they have been very disappointed with Mitsuru playing pretend fighter. You know how the schools in Southtown emphasize their rivalry. THey had hoped to have gotten Mitsuru into Justice, but, well, Mitsuru sabotaged their efforts in her own special way. But she imagines herself as being the only person who is clever enough to spoil plans. Her loss in the Neo-League, and how much freedom the girls and teachers have on disciplining her at Seijyun High. I think this will be enough to get it in her head about how a precious young lady should behave. Once we get her cleaned and dressed of her bruises and-"

And there was a frown.

"What's that?" He states, reaching out to touch the raw, sutured cut, the wound right between the fresh bandages over her chest. Mitsuru, in her unconsciousness, lets out a moaned pain as the butler touches it. The pleasant exterior of Hachiko was gone. "No no no, this won't do at all. When did this happen? I hope this wasn't under -your- watch. Oh you stupid, stupid girl. Why didn't you go to the Gedo Street tournament that I told you about?" Hachiko rubs the top of his eye socket with the knuckles of his hand, worried. "See, she was supposed to have gone to Gedo Street, not Chinatown. This was supposed to have worked out anyways, but- oh her parents are not going to like this at all." And the butler turns back to Bob, a mask of anger spreading over his face.

"How could you let this happen?"

There was a time, barely a moment ago, where Bob had his suspicions about Hachiko's altruism. It seemed like the man might be the worst kind of hired thug--the one who climbed his way into honest work that's anything but really honest. The sort who was hired not to give him a second chance or to help him be a better man...but because he was exactly the kind of man they needed. For a moment, Bob thought that might be the case.

And now he knows it is. With his hands free, Bob's fists clench. His arm trembles slightly. His nostrils flare. Inhale, exhale. He checks his phone wordlessly, the device still in his hand from the earlier call. It's slid neatly into his shirt pocket.

"So you set her up to get thrashes so she'd 'learn her lesson' but now you're blaming someone else that she got hurt?" Bob clenches his fist with a pop. He breathes in again, then breathes out. The whole ordeal starts to feel a bit like someone overwinding a jack-in-the-box. It's as if at any moment the turn will be too much and everything will explode.

"Buddy, I think you've putting the blame on the wrong guy." Bob steps forward, pressing himself up against Hachiko. Bob is a big, big man. Well over six feet, and equally well over 300 lbs. He is practically wall of meat, but no fists have been raised yet. "How much of this do her parents know?"

Hachiko was not a large man.

When Bob stands up to him, he quails, frightened. He could... well, he could fight a little. But usually someone smaller than him. HE was better at hiding, an important trait for Tokugawa butlers. Hachiko was seriously afraid now. Not just for himself. But that Bob might steal Mitsuru away. Kidnap her. That would complicate things, significantly. But he blames -him- for this? It's not his fault at all! He was sure of it. It was other people's fault. And if Bob wouldn't let him blame him... Recoiling back, he averts his eyes, taking a deep breath. And then, like magic, the mask of serenity returns.

"I had my orders from Master Tokugawa himself."

Hachiko states it firmly, the words being enough to lift himself up in the face of an outraged Bob. "They know almost everything; I haven't updated them on the nature of the injuries, as well as the fact she doesn't seem to have been sexually assaulted by her captors. The details of this lesson were left to me, but he was clear: do not supervise Mitsuru, give her the means and the incentive to run off, and see if she does, after speaking to the war widow Abe Fumiko. If she does not, then bring her home, let her have the privilege of coming home, if only a little bit. And if she runs off, well, allow what happens to happens; mobilize the private investigators, find her, and hopefully she will have a lesson she won't forget on what it means to be a deviant, a delinquent." Hachiko knew that his honesty was a form of betrayal.

But he had his own duties to himself.

Hachiko shakes his head, and gestures at Mitsuru. "I suppose, in a way, she did learn a lesson she won't forget. I've seen those kinds of wounds before; she will scar. And that scar will always be a reminder to her, about what happens when you run off and join those street tournaments." Hachiko turns back to Bob, a kind of thin courage building within him. "What would you do, if she was your daughter? Would you want her to run off into those tournaments, hang around those criminals, and squander her legacy by becoming a thug? You know what happens to girls like that, Bob? They end up dressing like men, and act as bouncers in bars! They become prostitutes and thieves! They end up wearing sports bras, and stay unmarried well past their 30s! An untouchable old maid... How many girls have you have had to dealt with in your line of work? Mitsuru craved that lifestyle, and her iron will and stubborn resolve made it impossible to steer her away. This isn't a first resort, Bob. This was a last resort." Hachiko points at Mitsuru. "And the worst part is?"

"There is no promise she wouldn't just do it again, is there?"

"How many times are you going to be willing to rescue her?" Hachiko states coldly. "If you even want to work again. You aren't the first person to be disgusted by this. Disgusted by this family, what this girl does to squander herself. She needs to be broken, Bob. SHe needed to have her spirit broken, so she can be mended, and molded by Seijyun High, so she can grow up to be a proper young lady. So if she isn't broken by this? Then it will have to happen again. And again. And again. Until finally, she surrenders, and admits that everything she's done to disobey her parents has been a gross mistake. She's just a teenager, Bob. She's just a little girl, who hasn't realized she can't be a little girl anymore. Most people can't stand this. But I can." He smirks, glancing back to the private detective.

"And that might be all that keeps my employment after your little mistake."

There's no malice in what Bob does. He may be angry, but he doesn't have the swagger or sheer arrogance that comes with a proper bully. Indignation is a good word. His lips curl into a frown when Hachiko gives his answer. Bob deflates ever so slightly.

"That's what I was afraid of," Bob says. He takes a single step back, looking into Hachiko, then over at Mitsuru. He scratches his cheek. He takes deep, calming breaths. Conflict roils and twists his guts. There's so much anger right under the surface, but inwardly Bob knows that lashing out might only makes things worse. A professional can recognize a difficult situation, he tells himself.

"Those aren't the kind of people you can trust," Bob says, "maybe you already know that. You think you're setting her on the right course, but--" Bob shakes his head, putting it in his palm. "That can be a real dead end. What if she'd turned out worse? What then? You paint a target on her back but then hope for a near miss?"

"They are not."

"They are never the kind of people you trust. We... they were not part of the plan. That was an accident, that went off the rails. A near miss. But, that's why you are being paid, that's why you have done, well, nearly a perfect job. THere was a mistake; the girl stubbornly found her own fight. Who would have guessed there was another tournament?" Hachiko rubs the bridge of his nose. "She... she has heard so many stories. Of young girls, who become fighters. Some of them take up Tae Kwon Do, and feel like they are superheroes, going around the city in their scarves and stopping evildoers. Or they take up Kenpo, and expect that people better hide if you are bad, because she'll get you. Or even how a princess like her became a well-respected gang leader that all the teachers are frightened and avoid. She hears all these stories, and makes believe so hard, that she can be just like them. But she won't. Her destiny isn't to be a fighter. It's to be a princess. She's been deaf to anything, everything that her family, her parents have told. She's been deaf to what her peers tell her. She's been deaf to everything but her own stubborn voice. And now, with her own choices."

"Don't you think it would have been better if she got what she truly wanted?"

He shakes his fingers, held in a circle. "Imagine, she fought in the tournament. Imagine, she fought off the people who captured her. Where she -didn't- need to be rescued by someone like you. Imagine all these things, because those are the same thing she imagined. She would have come back, and proven me wrong. Proven her mother wrong. And above all, proven Master Tokugawa wrong, her own father. That she is as strong as she imagined." Hachiko shakes his head. "But that's just a dream. A fiction. A story, like so many she's read. That is not the reality." And he motions to the teenager, to her wounds.

"The reality is here."

"She has no training; she has no idea how to fight, other than bullying other kids in middle school. She will never have training, no teacher will give her the patience, and she would refuse to give them patience. The only way she wants to do things is her way. And now, this is her reward. Scars, and trauma, and humiliation. That is why he wanted her to talk to Abe Fumiko. Because she did things her own way. And her reward was abandonment from her family, and the death of her husband, dying like those soldiers did protecting her." Hachiko doesn't smirk now. "She knows what her ultimate fate is, for straying away from what's expected from her." The butler says, nodding. "If it wasn't for you... then maybe, maybe her mother and father would be the ones learning their lesson." And then the smile comes back. "But you saved her life, Bob."

"And now, she can learn her lesson."

"So in a way, she did manage to foil your plans," Bob says, running a hand through his hair. He does not make eye contact this time. "Though not in a way that helped her, I guess." Bob takes another deep breath and holds it. He looks at Hachiko, then at Mitsuru.

"That'd have been best. Maybe then she could have gotten what she wanted. Who knows. Maybe there's still hope for her. I don't know her that well." He pauses. "As much as I don't like it, you know her better than I do."

He reaches up and rubs the bridge of his nose. "I'm glad I could help, even if it doesn't feel like it. This --" Bob sticks his hand in his pocket. "It doesn't sit well with me. I feel like there's got to be another way."

And the smirk returns for Hachiko.

"Well," He begins, as he eases Mitsuru into the limo. "You were not hired to have opinions on raising children. You were hired to find her, and return her. I know it is trying, but be content with what successes you have." He pauses after she is in, and then, grabs the suitcase again. "You better take the money now. I wouldn't want to see such a hard worker like yourself get docked on your hard earned pay, because she was slightly damaged." Hachiko bumps the suitcase of cash into Bob's belly.

"Or does your conscience tell you to take the pay cut...?"

Everything was going to be fine, Mitsuru would be returned to her family and she would get the proper medical attention she needs. Steve, Bob and the butler would go their merry ways. He was expected to wait since the family didn't know of his involvement. He was only supposed to come out if Bob were to signal him in case that he was required to give additional information about the events of the past days.

Though, Steve was curious about the nature of their conversation. He did want to make sure Mitsuru would fall into the right hands after all. Nothing weird about that, right?

As such, he decided to eavesdrop, he made his way over to a convinently placed alley, just barely close enough to hear their conversation. He missed the first part, but the words that came out of Hachiko's mouth made Steve's stomach sink. His breathing becomes ragged and unsteady. They planned for her to get injured? All to replace Mitsuru with their perfect vision of a "Princess". That is completely twisted and absolutely unforgivable. They don't have a right to do that! The idea of it is almost unfathomable to Steve. Sure, Mitsuru has flaws, but flaws are meant to be overcome with your own strength, with the guidance of others. Not systematically erased.

After all this, Steve still can't help but feel he got this ball rolling. Without him, she never would have been hurt this badly. Perhaps this is a unreasonable and selfish thought, but he cannot let this continue, he will throw a fat wrench into their plans. Steve steps out from the alley he looks at Bob, picking up on his mixed feelings.

"I'm sorry, but i will not allow you to take her under these conditions." He is attempting to be and sound calm, but a crack in his voice. A twitch in his arms. Small signs signaling a deep anger and unease. He looks hopefully at the large American

"Please Bob. Don't go through with this."

The suitcase smacks against Bob's belly, but it feels more like it hit a sandbag than a pillow. Bob's hand is on it immediately, well-trained reflex responding to a coming blow. In that moment, Bob hestitates. None of this feels right. The Tokugawas may be Mitsuru's parents, but this...this is unforgivable. Can they really be trusted with her wellbeing if this is their idea of making her a refined lady? At the very least, she should know. But the fallout. The further trouble...can he go through with it?

Steve makes his decision for him with the interjection. That's been battered and bloodied rescuing her. Bob was just there to complete the rescue. If anyone has a say here, it's him. He cleared up the mess that they helped make.

"No," Bob says, pushing the briefcase back forcefully. "A cut implies I've been paid in the first place. I won't take your money. Not for this."

When Steve steps forward, Hachiko looks caught.

Eyes wide, he stares upon the boxer with a dawning terror. When he makes it clear he helped Bob, he looked even more nervous. He seems ready to sputter something about splitting the gains, but Bob joins in with the righteousness. Whe he slams the briefcase back into Hachiko, the man looked stunned, and horrified. He looks at Steve, then Bob.

And slowly, a wretched smile spreads across his face.

"It seems premature anyways," He begins, a sneer spreading on his lips. "That it would be premature to pay you anyways. Mitsuru is still in danger, at risk even. I don't know who this man is... But it seems that he won't leave, without the girl, Robert. In other words... another kidnapper." And Hachiko thrusts his finger at Steve. "Stop him!"

"Or has this been your plan all along...?"

Steve walks Closer to the Limo, he has faith Bob will not attack him, so he looks straight at Hachiko "I assisted Bob in rescuing Mitsuru. We all want the best for her, but you and that corrupt family have a thoroughly distorted idea. I will not let her fall from one viper's nest to another."

What he is doing is foolish, idiotic, dang-near sucicidal. But his emotions take a forefront as he takes his stand.

"Mitsuru being twisted into their perfect daughter is even worse then the physical injures she had to endure. If i let them do that, i'd have failed in protecting her." As he speaks, his anger becomes more and more apparent, until he is practically shouting.

"And i will continue in doing that job. So step away from Mitsuru!"

"He's right," Bob says, moving to put on a hand on Steve's shoulder. He keeps his back to Hachiko, practically wedging himself in between them. "Steve was my first lead because he found her at the tournament. Apparently not the tournament you'd rigged for -- what was it? So she'd get beaten up and learn her lesson?" Bob asks.

"But then Steve insisted on helping with the rescue when we tracked her to that--well, he put it well with viper's nest." Bob moves, stepping to support Steve instead. "But he's right. Mitsuru at least deserves to know what happened. You may be right in there being no future for her as a deliquent, but what happened was over the line."

"I mean, what would the authorities say? Or the news? I imagine it wouldn't do for a respected family like the Tokugawas to have that kind of publicity..."

The smug smirk becomes much more nervous, when Bob shows his true colors.

He is still making that grin, but clinging to the briefcase for dear life, he was now scrambling on the safe side of the limo, away from Steve and Bob... and Mitsuru, who was halfway in the limo; he was on the drivers side. He wasn't leaving just yet, but he was opening the door to throw the briefcase in. Bob wasn't going to let him have Mitsuru, and neither would Steve. He was a coward, and a weakling.

But he had his own craven tricks still.

"Blackmail, is it now!" Hachiko spits out, hiding behind the car. "You think you can just keep her? Once the Tokugawa family hears about this, and your threats, why, why, they will bring the wrath down upon you! Private Detectives, Public Detectives, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters! You will pay for your insolence! If you really think you are brave enough to challenge the Tokugawa clan, then you take her back! And then I will drive away safely, to report about your wicked, evil, treachery." He ducks behind the limo.


Steve felt his anger subside somewhat as Bob joined his side. For this brief moment, they had the advantage. The butler was practically grovelling for his safety. Steve steps forward towards Hachiko, backing him into the limo, making sure he cannot run. "Dont worry, i'm not planning on hurting you."

Steve turns his head towards Bob. "What do you think we should do? You tend to be the man with the plan." He continues. "In my opinion, we should get Mitsuru to safety and give her a opportunity to recover and talk. She needs to know what happened."

"That's our best option here," Bob says, "I'll make some calls and hopefully we can get her someplace safe for a bit. At least enough to get her a little recovery time."

Bob sighs. "I didn't sign up for kidnapping, but it seems the alternative is way worse..." Bob turns toward Hachiko. Pointedly. He moves to take Mitsuru while Steve has Hachiko cornered, scooping her back up once more.

"I imagine we can't keep her away from them forever, but at least maybe we can have her in a better state to return home..."

Hachiko squeaks, as he is forced in the car.

"You're right. They will send people after us. I too wish this would've turned out differently, but I believe this is for the best." He gestures towards Hachiko, leaning against the Limo.

"What should we do with butler-man? If we let him go, they will likely track us down significantly sooner. Though I dont particularly feel like taking a hostage or having to hurt him." Steve keeps a close eye on Hachiko, making sure he won't try anything funny.

Bob shakes his head and sighs. "Sometimes that's the price you pay for trying to do the right thing I guess."

"I think he's said too much already considering I've been recording the whole time." Bob says pointedly, "So if he gets a bit too eager about getting his bosses on our tail right away..."

"We can spread around the recording. That was a genius precaution!" Steve exclaims. This was great, they had leverage, ammunition against them. Bob had secured a way for them to have the upper hand for the time being.

He looks at Bob with a warm expression. "Seriously, thank you. I was acting rash and I likely would get myself killed without your assistance and cleverness." He takes a step away from the car and says "Well, I don't think we should linger for too long, you mentioned you should be able to find a place for her right?"

"Hey, that's what I'm here for," Bob says, giving Steve a thumbs up, shifting Mitsuru just slightly to do so. "But anyway." Bob looks left, then right. "We need to get out of here and get to a doctor. It'll be a bit tricky, but I think I may know a way we can handle it."

Bob shifts Mitsuru slightly again, steadying his grip and trying to make it as comfortable as possible considering she's being carred a bit like a sack of potatoes.

"I'll probably need your help though, if you don't mind hanging around for a bit."

"Of course i'll help, lead the way." He starts walking towards Bob after shooting one last look at the scared Hachiko. "Did you hear all that? You should be careful."

He joins Bob, ready to leave. "I wonder, is recording these conversations a usual precaution or did you expect something like this to happen?"

"When you're a detective," Bob answers as they get on the move, "you have to be ready to improvise. You never know who you might run into. Let me tell about this one time in Sunshine City..."

Hachiko, keeping quiet, hears what was being said.

Oh, he doesn't make extra sounds. He was worried that the men would pound on him for fun. But when they take Mitsuru back, and begin to leave, he doesn't waste time. Turning on the car, he drives away... and around the corner. He whips out the phone. Recorded. That was a problem. That was a big problem, and he couldn't hide why the men were kidnapping the girl. He dials on the phone, waiting. "Sir? Sir? No, she-"

"We have a big problem now, Master Tokugawa."

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