Moondyne - A Bad Influence

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Description: Breaking into Kagura Mutsuki's Southtown home proves for Moondyne to a bad idea--in more ways than one!

The densely populated island of Japan offered a huge sea of people to get lost in. With a population of over 120 million, while not even a quarter of the landmass of the USA, one can see how this is easily possible. Sure, it had it's rural eras--woodlands and mountains that were still relatively unspoiled by man, Moondyne wasn't here to scout out those parts--as interested as the thought of wandering around such a place might be. Tonight she was much more interested in checking up on the newly resurfaced commander of the Southtown branch of the NOL. Her previous exploits in Sunshine city had led to a lot of conflict, and she'd had to go to the 'shop' several times thanks to that. Right now she was glad to take a less hostile scouting job.

Her hologram system cloaked her for the most part, people and cameras did not see her, unless she wanted to be seen--standing on the ledge of a building a few dozen feet up, watching to see if her subject of curiosity might show up...

While Kagura Mutsuki spends almost all of his time within the confines of the NOL base within Southtown, he does maintain a personal residence for those few times where he can proclaim himself truly off-duty and just pretend for a few moments he's not the head of one of the most influential and powerful families in all of the world, nor the Chief of the Duodecim.

The man also loves to pretend that is infact, not the leader of the Japanese Brance of the Novus Orbius Librarium. That one is the best one of all to forget about during these very rare and brief moments. His private residence is extremly unimpressive and easy to overlook. A two story modern japanese home with a small gate and entryway. The only real luxury this home seems to have is the fact it has a drive-way with a large garage at its end.

Nothing else of this home remotely stands out, and does everything in its own power to deny the fact that Kagura is one of the worlds biggest movers and shakers in his own right.

The loud roar of a motorcycle can be heard as the closed gate at the end of the driveway starts to open, the low squeel of a moving chain driving the fence. It doesn't take long for a rather tacky looking motorcycle to pull up, only for the gate to close behind it.

Standing still, it'd be difficult for even night-vision or infrared to detect something like Moondyne, she merely looks like a blur against the scenery--and that largely only when she's moving rapidly. That doesn't mean she insteads to stay 'invisible' or cloaked forever, of course. She strolls in once the gate opens and the rider of the motorcycle arrives, standing aside from the cloud of dust and particulates that the motorcycle kicks up--then as Kagura moves to put his motorcycle away, she'd just move around back and find a way into his house--likely through the second story. Typically windows would be left unlocked or open in such places, it was fairly common--this was also how second-story men operated. It was not difficult for her to climb or try to force the lcok on a window, either, however...

Time to see what he had in here, and wait for her new favorite librarian.

It doesn't take long for Kagura to put his motorcycle away in the garage. The sound of jingling keys can be heard as he enters the house from the rear, the sliding glass door opening with a quiet 'ksschh'.

Unaware of the uninvited houseguest, the Mutsuki heir stretches his arms, moving towards the kitchen area to check the fridge's stock. It had been some time since he last had the opportunity to be fully off-duty, so his own provisions may infact be running quite low.

Of course, any trips to a store are firmly put out of his mind. There's always ramen delivery, or even pizza delivery if he decides to go that route. Plus with an ample tip to places he normally frequents, the delivery of favored drinks could be obtained without his having to leave his house for a single moment.

As he opens the fridge, a cold can of beer is retreived and quickly opened, the PSSST of the tab puncturing the lid heard all throughout the quiet house.

Sliding open one of the second story windows, Moondyne is in. However, once she is, she isn't quite sure what she's gotten herself into... her tail sliding the window closed behind her... until it's far, far too late. Her footsteps were soft, as if she was wearing carpet on the soles of her senaker-boots. Given that she commanded the use of a solid hologram projector, she basically was. However when her eyes flicked to low-light mode and she started to electronically scan and record the room around her, well, she was in for a surprise.

Moondyne had seen things like this before--but she'd never been in for the complete inundation of it that she had found in Kagura's room. Posters of women, videos, manga and DVDs all stacked alphabetically--it was like a library of adult material, the stuff was everywhere--even gashapon and sculpted figurines.

"What the--buh--" Moondyne felt like her brain was being /assaulted/ by the pure mass of it. The stuff was everywhere--stepping forward toward the doorway in an attempt to get away--she winds up slipping on a magazine--winding flat on her ass--ass over teakettle would be a better way to describe it.

"Oh no--" she landed right next to a shelf, bumping it in the process--with a large portion of it tumbling down ontop of her!

"Oh shiii--" WHUMPF.

As the can of beer is drained, the sounds of the robo-mouse panicking like any sane person would if they had just wandered into what could only be described as an ADULTS ONLY section of a store on accident can easily be heard all through-out the house. Of course, this manages to put Kagura on alert. Normally, Hibiki would have that reaction upon sneaking in to try and clean the house, the poor man's senses being assaulted by the fact that no matter what he does, Kagura just manages to replace what ever is thrown away in an even greater fashion.

The voice however does not belong to Hibiki, and this is something that does concearn Kagura. His right hand reaches behind him, grabbing ahold of the hilt of the massive blade that he is skilled with as he makes his way upstairs. The scene however is one that does amuse him, even if the fact that he has an intruder is one that does anger him.

He stares down at the mostly buried Moondyne, a slight smirk crossing his face. "It looks like I need to purchase some mouse traps next time I go to the hardware store." The blade is now pointed down at the Mouse-bot, a look of annoyance now finally starting to grow upon the Colonel's face.

"Care to tell me why you think breaking and entering is likely to get me to agree to accepting your services?"

Mouse is found, trembling, still on her back--half-buried by a pile of pure H manga and light novels, as well as likely an assorted amount of DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Her eyes, covered by her red-tinted visor, roll in their sockets as they look up at Kagura as he enters, her lips drawn back in a perpetual cringe, large buck teeth visible.

"N-Needed to speak.... wi-with you..." Mouse manages, not even paying attention to the weapon pointed at her, at this point she was used to that, anyway--she was still in recoiling horror at the sheer amount of perverse material that Kagura's bedroom had been /filled/ with.

Her tail, whipping about behind her, attempted, along with her arms to push herself back away from the pile of hot books and videos, trembling like she was going to curl up into a ball.

"H-How... how is there... so m-much of it..." Moondyne had made the mistake of actually /scanning/ the room, you see--now it was like a picture one couldn't look away from--the electronic data of the films emblazoned into her mind.

There is a loud sigh from Kagura as he watches Moondyne continue to freak out about the sheer size of the Mutsuki collection. "If you needed to talk, you could have just knocked on the front door." He reaches down, and grabs ahold of the mouse's arm, dragging her from his bedroom.

It doesn't take long for him to drag the Mouse-bot down the stairs, giving her a solid shove forward into what could be considered his living room. There isn't much in the way of furniture, the room mostly empty as if it were used for exercise instead of recreation.

"So. Just what exactly is it you want? I warned you. I would have a very hard time working with you due to your creators. I try to keep an open mind, however there are times where it's far to much. You've broken into my home, made a mess of my spare bedroom, and then you freak out about some dirty magazines. So give me a good reason to not toss you out and make a call to NOL Headquarters about someone stalking me and breaking into my private residence."

Moondyne is relatively light, given that she's a robot. Truth was, she was a lot of lightweight parts and polymer construction. She might have felt a little hefty for what otherwise looked like a 5'0" tall girl, course. Her tail flicked beneath her as the man carried her out of the room, and into one of his spare rooms.

"Ah--what? How--" she is shoved hard, barely regaining her balance. She looks like she's still somewhat confused, but slowly recovering.

"Black Dragons, in Sunshine, they..." she looked up at Kagura again, almost not seeing him as the NOL member she had run into--at the same time trying to come up with some kind of cover story. "Can you help me...?" she reached out a hand for him, fingers lined with white-fur and pale purple nails.

"Black Dragons?" The syndicate's name is one that Kagura has heard of, and there is an audible groan as he starts to piece things together. "Of course. The recent events in Sunshine City have been an annoyance for everyone. I understand that some people tried to make a move on Sunshine, and it didn't go over well at all.. Which would make sense.."

Kagura isn't dumb, and he can tell when someone is trying to play him. Unfortunately for him however, if there is a woman requesting help... He's bound by his own creed of 'All women are my allies!' to assist. Even if Moondyne isn't a real female.. she's still presented as one. Which makes it even harder for him to just outright tell the Mouse to kick rocks and get out of town.

"This sounds like it's going to take a while... I suppose I'll order some food and then you can explain it to me over dinner?"

"T-thank..." Moondyne, at that moment when her hand touched Kagura's, initiated a different sort of scan--this one of the NOL member's mind. It was unclear if she had intended for this or not--maybe her systems were actually going hayware by the sheer force of Kagura's perversity--or maybe she had wanted to gain more information out of him. Her eyes widen and she convulses for a moment--the mental dive having taken place and she is again overloaded--this time falling backwards again as the different scraps of Kagura race into her mind.

No pile of books and DVDs are there to cushion her fall alas this time, and she makes an appropriate series of thuds as she hit's the floor. What is apparent is that Kagura is not a good influence on what was otherwise a 'healthy' mind. Comparatively.


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