Cody - Job Hunting

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Description: After released into the civilian world, Cody pays a visit to an old enemy...for a job.

That's two .. count them .. TWO wins for team Heavy Metal (Burnin'!) for the King of Fighters Tournament. The Coachella of Melee. The Met Gala of Fisticuffs. The Academy Awards of being stomped into the curb! The Monster Truck Paloooza of the Fighting World and don't you dare tell Abigail otherwise. The mammoth brute is practically euphoric over his teams progress and yes it's -his- team as far as he's concerned. He's the Chief after all. The Boss Man. He's managed to raise Abigail's Scrap Metal out of the dumps into a respectable business so certainly he can manage a fighting team, right? Well as far as he's concerned the results speak for themselves..even if really he's just honestly letting Maxima and K' mostly do as they please.

At any rate it's a good enough thing for him that he's taking the time off of his busy tour schedule to check in on the shop and handle some overdue orders. Being that he's a KOF contender and a notable public menace, er we mean presence, his arrival back to the Bay Area isn't without some fan fare of photo taking and and crowd navigating but he ignores most of them as he stides forward like Godzilla through a Tokyo suburb. The Bay Area is as junky as usual but some added color of local spectators and fighter-watchers looking for a quick scoop and a photo of the KOF participants has added some additional flavor. Abigail pays them no attention despite the occasional flash illuminating his monstrous body as he thunders his way along the side walks and approaches his Junkyard. "ROXY!!! J!! I'M BAAAAAACK!! WHERE Y'ALL AT??"

Cody can't even believe he's coming here, of all places.

But ever since he was released from prison, finding a job he doesn't hate has been something of an ordeal. Beating up goons for pocket change is fun, sure, but he wants to have a stable income now. No more three square meals a day and a box to live in. Now he has to cope with civilian life after a long prison sentence, and all the crap that entails. It was a real pain.

Cody is the only one in view as Abigail approaches his place of business. Specifically, he's on the roof of a sedan apparently napping with a newspaper over his face, wearing his old outfit of a t-shirt and jeans. He stirs and pulls the paper off when the giant man's thunderous voice rings out. Slowly he slides off the roof and dusts his hands off. "Geez, you gotta be so LOUD all the time? Chrissake..." he remarks.


Abigail's response is abit of a non-answer-answer as he bellows that grunt of confusion and practically rattles the windows of the sedan with the thrumming sub woofer buried somewhere in his massive chest. He squints his eyes as he takes in Cody and though it takes him a second or two, he's none two happy when he finally registers who it is.

"Hey...It's CODY!!"

At this point he does take it down a notch as his surprise gives way to irritation and a rumbling low menace that sounds vaguely like a pit bull trying to articulate it's thoughts, "What the hell you doing here?" he grunts out as he walks closer, looming over the Sedan and his massive hands tensing as if he intends to grab it from both sides and crush it into a cube with Cody still laying atop it. "I"ve been having a great day and you gotta show up to my place of business and ruin my mood!"

There's a pause as something clicks inside of him though and he pauses and relaxes abit, actually restraining himself, "Hey waittasec. Didn't you just get sprung? Released from jail or somethin'?" He rests both hands on his waist now, trying to suss this visit out, "..What, you working for The Mayor again? Here to cause trouble??"

"Would you relax? I ain't here for Haggar, just me. Yeah, I got outta jail, as you can tell. I'm a free man now, motorhead." Cody puts his hands in his pockets and walks about the front of the garage, kicking over a tire. He seems to be nonplussed by Abigail's irritation. "...and as much as it pains me to say this, but I'm looking for work. I know you had a business here now, so I figured, why not? Shouldn't be too hard, and I can keep an eye on you."

"Keep an eye on -me-??"

Abigail sputters a little bit at that, letting out a few sounds like a car trying to start before he stomps on the ground a few times and rumbles with a half laugh, half choke, "This is a place of legit business! I don't need a baby sitter! You come here to my place of work, asking me for a favor and then in the same ten second simply you're here tryin' to watch me as if I'm some common thug!?" Which, he is in many ways but that point is lost on him.

"Maybe you aint noticed but I'm a World Warrior now and a King of Fighters participant and The Neo League Champion! I aint that cheap or easy."

Still..the idea of Cody working for him is so bafflingly ironic he can't help but let the notion sink in a little further. He places both hands on his hips and then rumbles, "What're you good for anyway. You know anything about cars?"

"Oh, heard about that stuff. Good for you," Cody says, not sounding too impressed by all those titles. "As for cars, sure, I know a lot about 'em. I used to destroy cars for fun back in the day, y'know, see how fast I can take one apart in a certain time. Ask Bred about it. I just got my driver's license renewed too." He taps his chin. "I'm pretty sure I can change a tire. Pretty sure."

Abigail's eye twitches at the dismissal of his accomplishments but it's the seeming lack of reverence for all things automotive that really sets him off.

"What!? VROOOOOM!! Vroooomm-vrooom!! If you're gonna work at a car moddin', junk yard gotta be more interested in cars then -that-!? What am I supposed to use you for!?"

Of course, Roxy, Two-P, J and the others don't know much either and are just there to support Abigail can be easy to be self deluded.

"Hrmm..I suppose Two-P and J aint much for security around here and I aint been around often lately..."

"Come onnnn, Abigail! You're lookin' at it all wrong. I'm a fresh mind, ready to be molded in all the ways of the automotive," Cody says, spreading both arms. "Besides, can't be too hard, I figure. Always need a heavy lifter. Like you say, security could do some tightening up around here too, considering the uh, 'talent' you hired."

Abigail scoffs, doing his best Yoda impression from Empires. "Teach you the ways of modding?! You're to old..and to stuck in your ways!"

he grumbles a little bit as he considers factors though. That -would- be q2uite the notch on his belt though, to have turned Cody of all people into a gear head..if such a thing is possible. "You'll need to un learn what you've learned.." he grunts and then blinks a few times, realizing he is actually quoting Empires.

He pounds a massive fist against his chest, "It comes from in -here-! Maybe you got the brains but do you got the heart! Anyway..I got to much on my mind to make it up for sure. I'll tell you what.. I'll drop a message to Roxy and the others. You pop by tomorrow when the shop opens and they'll get you started and then..after KOF is over..I'll read up on how you did and make my mind up then. You got that!?"

He nods his head in satisfaction, "Yeah..that's it. Don't say I never did nothing for ya.. You tell Haggar5 about -that-.."

Cody smirks. "Appreciate it, 'boss man'. Good luck with your tournament thing or whatever. I'll drop by tomorrow." Cody starts to walk away, then turns. "And be sure to be good, or else I might have to brawl with you again."

"Whatever!" roars Abigail, sounding furious again, "We'll see about that when it's all said and done!"

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