Kagura - One for you, two for me!

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Description: After being tormented by a certain Vampire, Kagura decides to sneak out once again to drown his frustrations.

The Genhanten is a great place to go for a quiet drink or fifty after having one's mind completely and utterly screwed with for two hours. It's also a great place to go cruising for possible company. The Black Knight of the Novus Orbis Librarium could use that as well. He could also use a swift kick in the rear to actually do the work he's supposed to on a daily basis without the complaints and whining of an angry five year old throwing a true temper tantrum.

Already the table the Duodecim heir occupies is covered with empty glasses and bottles. It hasn't taken him as long as one would expect to drain a good amount of the topshelf of the Genhanten's copious stocks, and the waitstaff stare in apprehension before carefully coming to clear it, and possibly see if maybe, just maybe, the Commander of Asian Operations of NOL would like something other than alcohol this visit..

Library people. When Moondyne Mouse wasn't heisting around Sunshine City she was more abroad, in Europe, and at times Asia. She had traded the city of oranges for the land of the Rising Sun, or 'The Bitter Orange', as it's people at times likened it. The sun was a constant, unlike people, or fate. The one known as Kagura had started showing their face again recently, and Mouse had just happened to cross paths with him during one of her snooping sojourns. Unlike most she didn't need slow or move more cautiously when traveling. Then again most didn't possess military grade hologram tech, either.

As Kagura sat there, drinking a shitton of alcohol, he might slowly become aware of a lady sitting across from him. She was clad in a black pinstripe suit jacket and trousers with gray stripes, dress shoes and even a matching men's hat--a trilby or panama, hard to tell, they all looked the same. She was also wearing sunglasses. And were those... mouse ears?

"Rough night at the office?" she inquired lightly.

There's a brief moment where Kagura takes a long swig from a glass, staring in disbelief at the suit-wearing lady before him. Of course, even if they had mouse ears... This is far from the strangest thing he's managed to even see today. A cautious eye is given towards the woman, especially as they're wearing sunglasses. Indoors. At night.

Nothing sets off the 'Clandestine Encounter!' alarms in the back of the Black Knight's head then the dead give aways such as these.

Yet, almost every part of him doesn't even care about it. Irregardless of how they're dressed, this is still a woman who stands before him. Which of course means that for him, his victory is already assured.

He exhales slowly as he pulls the cup of alcohol away from his mouth, tendrils of almost dragon-like steam escaping forward as he smiles at the woman, motioning for her to join him. "You could say something like that." He motions towards a chair at the table, "Please, join me, Miss...?"

"Mouse, as if that part needs introduction," Putting her elbow against the table, Moondyne leans her cheek into her palm, leaning against the table, legs folded. She grinned and reached up to take the sunglasses off, putting them in her suit pocket. Her eyes were a reddish brown, but quite human. Though down the side of her chair Kag's would notice something /not quite/ human, that being Moondyne's long cylinder-tipped tail. It idly hung there, flicking once in a while.

"Or you could call me Moondyne, most everyone that knows me does, I understand your group is of the... magical persuasion?" she tilted her head, light blue hair falling over one eye.

"Nah. No magic here!" Kagura flexes slightly, winking at the mouse-woman as he pulls another sip from his glass. The not quite human is an obvious thing for the Duodecim heir to see, but he makes no issue of it. Of the NOL, he seems to be the most progressive if the lot.

Which is why he's got warnings coming from all sides to be careful. Being a real progressive can do that!

"Well Miss Moondyne, I am Kagura Mutsuki, Chief of the Duodecim, Commander of the Novus Orbis Librarium's Japan Branch, my sign is Capricorn, and I'm still quite single at this moment in time."

"Really?" Moondyne looked surprised at his current relationship status, eyes widening a little. She looked like she was entertaining him, at least. "I'll have to keep that in mind," she grins, showing off buck mouse teeth up front. They overlapped her lower lip, even. Her ears twitch as she sat back, leaving her legs crossed.

"I understand our allegiances might have some... incompatibilities, though in the past I think we've been neutral. I'm looking to make in-roads, looking to... cooperate? Perhaps?" Moondyne raised a brow at the man.

"From what I understand your chief interest are... mutants, cryptids, strange creatures like that--there's no need to worry about me, you see, I'm wholly mechanical," she smiles again, gesturing to herself.

"My chief interests are long walks on the beach, reading, and showing a lady the time of her life."

Kagura smirks at Moondyne as he settles back into his seat some, staring at the mouse-bot. The way it, no, she speaks is something that jogs a memory in the back of his head.

"Technically speaking Miss Moondyne, I personally don't have an interest in hunting down things that go bump in the night, unless they're an actual threat. If they want to live peacefully, then I'm fully content to leave it that way."

The Black Knight motions to the table, indicating that he's actually far more content in drinking the night away then being out hunting down a possible boogey-man who may or may not be up to no good.

Though, once Moondyne mentions being entirely mechanical, there's a pause. There is only a few groups capable of that sort of thing. NESTS, Shadaloo, ULTRATECH, and the Mishima Zaibatsu are the only ones he really knows of that have ventured into that realm, and would be capable of actually pulling it off as successfully as this.

"Miss Moondyne. Depending on your point of origin.. there may be an misconception in the incompatibilities. Two of the groups I know of that are capable of producing something like you are considered wanted criminals by the world as a whole..."

"So you're not a holy roller type out to hunt people down and exterminate them, eh? Interesting..." Moondyne thought about this in silence for a time, her eyes drifting off to some other sights of the bar before she returns to Kagura and his more pressing question.

"Criminal? like what, stealing? Moi?" Moondyne smiled again, gesturing to herself. The hint of a French accent was in her speech, though she seemed capable of subduing it.

"Misconception, eh? Am I wrong then to assume you have some difficulties with the cartel, then? NESTS?" she tilted her head again, brow raised. "Moral issues?"

And there it is. There's the magic words Kagura did not really want to hear. He has a responsibility to follow the declarations of those who are above him. Yet, he also does have a real bad habit of ignoring them when they don't suit him.

"..More like, NESTS is an evil that should be wiped out. People deserve a lot better then what they're given, and groups like Shadaloo and NESTS take advantage of that to further themselves. And don't give me any quips about how 'Well, what about NOL and other groups?'"

The glass is raised to his mouth again, this time he drains the rest of the liquid in it with one quick pull. "I've heard those arguements a million times. Fact of the matter is NESTS and Shadaloo are criminals. They're war criminals. They've commited crimes against humanity. Those are the sorts I take issue with. So it's far more then a moral issue. It's a moral responsibility to take them down. Unfortunately, there's a time and place to strike."

"Well, it's a good thing that, as a machine, moral issues are immaterial to me," Moondyne grins again, blinking a bit. "What? I thought humans were supposed to appreciate honesty," she said coyly, not moving and inch or shifting in any way from her spot. "I could have just as easily lied to you, you realize, but that's not how good business is made, I don't think, anyway," she shakes her head. Beside her, further down along the chair legs, her tail continues to flick here and there.

"Are you certain there's nothing for which you wouldn't need any kind of help...? perhaps this could be a fair and equitable cooperation after all," she leaned forward. "Talk to me."

"The road to Hell is paved with excellent intentions..."

Kagura muses to himself for a few moments before he motions towards the hostess for his check. Obviously with as much as he's managed to put away, the bar may be able to finally afford that new Kagura Mutsuki wing.

"The thing is, I'm not quite sure what business you and I could have. While you could be used to track down your creators, I'm fairly certain there may be something implanted in you that would go kaboom the moment you were used in that fashion. Which leads me to think, that you've come to me, trying to profer something for 'mutual' gain, when in reality you're the one who needs something."

"Why? what would you want from them?" Moondyne tilts her head, trying to figure him. "And you say that like I'd not be aware of or allow such a thing," she was just smiling now. "Please sir, if I wasn't sentient and aware of these things I'd be no different than Chaolan's combats, as amusing as they are," she shifted to move to get up from the chair, straightening her suit jacket, red cravat and hat.

"It pays to have friends in low places," she removed a small card from her hat, sliding it across the table to him. "If you require my services call that, and I'll find you," she nodded, putting her sunglasses back on. "Unless there's something else...?"

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