Naerose - Playing Fetch with Witches

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Description: When a Witch is involved it's usually best to get uninvolved. Blue Velvet tries to warn Salem, but sadly the only way out of the situation is to toss her only protein bar into the distance. A worthy sacrifice for an unfortunate meeting.

Today isn't a beach day. It isn't a day for swimming it isn't really even a great day for the long walks. Sure it is getting to that season and maybe if the weather was a little better, but for the time being it was, well still bleh. Still a bit on the dreary side, still a bit muggy and just not really idea for the swimming or sun bathing. The beach was a little messy too, vagrants tossing their trash on it and all sorts of seedy happenings. One such vagrant was even checking wrappers and containers to see if they were empty or not.

Actually hang on, she looks like she's a cosplayer. The woman clad in red, totally out of place on the beach, or anywhere that isn't a boardwalk, halloween or maybe New Orleans? She's one of the few people wandering the beach, at the moment.

Shortly a radio comes to life and it takes the witchy dressed person a moment to fumble and speak into it.

"Ah, Grrssh (she makes static sounds with her mouth) Naerose here, Over?"

"God damnit, would you stop screwing around. Listen, I need to know if you're close to your quota, if you keep missing you'll have to repeat the entire community service."

"Gzzzt, sorry ah, sir, you're like, totally breaking up." She turns off her radio just as she finds a not finished bag of chips. "Oh man, score!" she exclaims and remedies the not eaten problem.

Salem best liked the beach when it was deserted. Normally picking days when there was no one around given the fact that it was easiest that way to avoid unwanted stares and attention. With the sort of odd characters that were around simply due to the prominent fighter scene her appearance wasn't quite so strange in the city, but on the beach? A place where people usually wore as little as possible for the very sake of enjoying the sun, air, and water? She was perhaps a bit more out of place.

Dressed in dark clothing, combat boots and a jacket that undoubtedly had to be hot in the muggy weather it was all finished with the mask she always wore. Half white, half black and covering the entirety of her face. Even so, the figure which she saw as she continued her walk caused a brow to raise hidden beneath the mask. It seemed the beach wasn't so deserted as she thought, and the colorful individual seemed to be busy.

"That's a disgusting habit." Salem said, tone carrying just how unimpressed she was. "Do you eat everything you find?"

The weather has actually been fairly nice around Metro area, truth be told--though it still tends toward the cool side at night. Right now there is nothing cool about the beach though, what with how muggy and off it seems to be. That doesn't mean it hasn't attracted a certain performer--probably also realizing there is someone literally going through trash and eating whatever they could find.

"She does," Velvet intones, voice soft as they come closer. They were in a pair of knee high boots, shorts and a V-neck shirt covered by an open denim jacket. Despite the half-darkstalker looked a bit out of place with their tail and funny ears, most 'normal' folks didn't seem to pay it much notice. Some kind of tricksy magical obfuscating going on? Perhaps.

"Please don't be alarmed, I'm Velvet, and this is Naerose, she's always hungry," the performer offered to Salem, bowing his head, long dark hair falling over his face.

There comes that voice again. Sigh, Naerose tosses her radio up and with her broom stick (she totally has a broom stick) she does a baseball swing and sends it into the ocean. Littering achievement umm achieved. It's only after doing that when she realizes the voice was coming from a person and not the radio.

"Oh wow, opps I guess, so much for community service." She drops the trash bag she was carrying but failing to actually fill then turns fully toward Salem. She adjusts her shades a bit and then replies.

"No way, that would be totally gross, I mean like who eats everything, they might pick up something that isn't food and then what." She leans on her broomstick having apparently let one end sink into the sand.

"Say, you're not with the popo are you cause like, I'm probably going to get into trouble for getting rid of that radio, I think it might have been city property or something." She looks reluctantly in the direction she sent it flying. "Probably shouldn't of done that." She remarks, more to herself maybe.

Her shades slide slowly down her nose and she coughs into her hand then looks at Velvet and insists, "I do not." She pouts and then looks back at Salem before a thought crosses her mind and she turns quickly to Velvet, "Wait, you're not with the popo are you or like community standards are you or with the city? Aww man, community service is the worst!"

One gloved hand slowly reached up to pinch at where the bridge of Salem's nose was beneath the mask. She supposed she'd gone this long without running into the standard fare lunatic it was her time to meet some sort of universal quota. A deep sigh left from the woman as she let her hand drop again to instead rest on one hip. Her whole figure screamed unassuming between the dark color choice and general lack of flashiness that the other two seemed to have by way of appearance.

"I'm not with the police. I think I'm just about the opposite of that. Your secret--" she held up her other hand to indicate air quotes "--is safe with me." Glancing from Naerose and back to Velvet, expression hidden, she shrugged and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Do either of you come around often? I don't suppose I should find a new place to walk?"

"I didn't know you were such a good shot with that thing," Velvet gestures towards Naerose and her broomstick, since she just slugged that poor radio out into the ocean. He almost felt bad for the poor thing. It was a raw deal to be nibbled on by sea microbes and whatnot. Then again bodies of water were thought to be portals to the underworld to the ancient Celtic people. Maybe it wound up somewhere else after this.

"Police? I don't even like the band, honey," Velvet rolls his eyes a little, shaking his head. "No, not at all," he looks at Salem. "I am not here to mess with anyone, I just came by and found this one here--" he points to Naerose, "Up to her old tricks," he smiled a little, looking the red-clad witch girl over.

"You know if you wanted food you could have just asked--then again I didn't expect to find you here, either," a look back at Salem. "New around here?"

If there was an insult there. . It is entirely lost on Naerose who considers the question Salem asks at face value. She seems to really think about it and says a long "Welll.." And of course now comes the explanation no one asked for.

"I was supposed to meet a girl, Lily, in a I think Arizona and she even I think got be a ticket for a plane but it turns out I'm on this list where I'm not allowed to fly and then I got arrested and I hadn't even done anything wrong." She sounds like she is complaining.

This is all forgotten though when Velvet suggests she justs asks, "Wait hang on, are you telling me you'll just give me food? For like, free?"

Meanwhile somewhere in Arizona there might be a really annoyed demon currently being stood up.

"I'm getting established." Salem replied, avoiding any sort of direct answer to the question at hand simple though it may be. So far she'd been keeping to herself since arriving, so this little meeting might not hurt all that much. It never hurt to learn more about potential competition.

Soon enough her attention is brought back to Naerose, however, as the explanation spills forth. It comes out in such a whirlwind that it takes a moment for her to fully process what exactly had lead to the three being in the same place by happenstance. A tip of the head is the most expression that can be garnered, though the tone that soon follows is dry.

"People usually aren't arrested for no reason."

"Well, to an extent," Velvet folded his arms, looking over at the girl. "It's a custom among my kind to try to provide for friends when they are in need," he nodded a little, "We all try to take care of eachother, and lets be fair, Naerose is probably as strange as I am," he winks with a smile.

"She's right, Nae, though you might be charged with littering unless you clean up after you're done here," Velvet nodded. "Anyway, it's nice to meet you, miss, Metro can be a bit of a rough and tumble place," he offers a hand. The half-darkstalker's skin is a bit pale, and the nails are dark and tapering to points.

After a moment Salem accepted the offered hand and shook it. "I think I can handle myself." She commented, shrugging a bit and withdrawing her hand as though genuinely confident enough to not feel threatened by whatever might cause trouble. "…I'm Salem." She finally offered, the name having yet to come forth nor did it seem something that was shared with any sort of enthusiasm. All the same it was in the open now.

The beach is littered Naerose seems to be thinking this as she looks around with a brow raised pointedly up. She turns back to the pair and then decides to pretend that conversation never happened. "So like.. you buy me food and I help you by telling you if it's any good?" She seems really hung up on this idea.

The conversation seems to be shifted and though she has the look of an expectant toddler who just can't get an idea out of her head, she doesn't prod Velvet anymore, instead she bides her time. Bide bide bide. Also she grumbles a little.

"I mean if no one tells them how will they know if I was the one littering and like, it isn't until after they catch me that I'm told that I was being bad." She adjusts her hat, her shades and continues, "I mean all I have to do is outrun the slowest person who could be the person who littered and running on sand is hard." She looks at both Velvet and Salem's feet. "And I kind of have an advantage here I think.."

Oh an introduction! She knows how to do those. "I'm Naerose Delphine. I'm totally a witch." If the outfit didn't give her away, complete with witches hat.

Another tilt of the head as Salem glanced back in the direction of the 'witch'. She looked the other up and down as if assessing her before another sigh escaped. "If that's what you want to call it, sure."

Taking a moment to slide one hand into a pocket she dug around before withdrawing what looked to be some sort of energy bar. The wrapper was intact and untouched. The slight jangle of something else hidden away could be heard, though it was probably unimportant. She tossed up the bar and caught it again as if considering.

"If I give you this will you stay away from me for the rest of the time I'm here."

"There we go," Velvet gently but firmly shakes Salem's hand, giving her three shakes before letting go, looking over at Nae. "It's nice to meet you Salem, I know we look a little weird, but we're friendly, honest," he grins sheepishly, his blue spaded tail flicking behind him. "But maybe slightly demonic, considering who you ask," he grins, giving Nae a pat on the shoulder.

"True, I probably can't keep up with you in party boots, but I could take them off," he says, looking at the girl with a weary expression. "Just make sure there's no mess, hmm?" his tail flicked around to give Naerose a *pap* on the back of her knee with the flat side of his tail tip.

"Oh no--don't give her food, she'll never leave you alone!" Velvet is suddenly wide-eyed.


Naerose goes for the bar without any warning what so ever, she can be remarkably fast when food is involved. It will be come a contest of who is faster, the red witch or someone who probably shouldn't offer the red witch food, especially after it's hinted that in fact she might be lying. She may, gasp, renege on the deal.

Sand flies, brooms are momentaily forgotten as it becomes a scramble to try to get the bar, as if there is nothing else in the world except that bar which is apparently unopened? What a ultra rare discovery. She even comments.

"Unopened goodeness, even the valentine heart I'm going to use to raise the bread was slightly used." By her, when she ate some of the chocolates. Oh the things she omits.

As soon as the other dives in for the bar Salem's hand opens, and just like that as if by some unseen force it goes rocketing backwards behind the woman who had been holding it. The promise of untainted, unopened food soaring through the air quite some distance down the beach surely to be plundered once discovered. With an innocent little hum Salem lowered her hand and stepped around the pair as if nothing had happened.

"It's all yours. Enjoy." She said, hands returning to her pockets as she started back on her path down the beach. In the direct opposite way that the 'gift' had been left for the witch.

"Oh god she's got that look in her eye!" Velvet has apparently seen this kind of furor out of Nae before, holding his arms and hands up in front of his face to deflect the dust and sand that's being kicked up--winding up getting the witch's broom handle across his shins as it is discarded momentarily. Ouch. Good thing he was wearing knee-high boots today.

"Ahh--damnit, Naerose--! Be careful there!" Velvet is trying to deal with the aftermath of Nae being tossed food, getting sand all over.

*Scramble Scramble* Nooo!!

But never fear! Broomstick time.

It's rare that Naerose demonstrates any ability in anything at all, seriously, anything at all. She's usually the most useless thing in the room, but the moment the snack vanishes into the distance with a twinkle light she grabs her broomstick with the expression of one who is about to rescue a DROWNING CHILD (that she's totally going to eat). She sets the broom stick "down" in midair, hops on side saddle and kicks up a cloud of sand as she zooms off after the snack.

Yes, with the right motivation, Even Naerose can be made to do things. Perhaps in another world, another time line an evil genius used this to their advantage, recruiting her to a nest of evil for nefarious means before deciding that it was too much trouble and scrapping the whole plan. But that broken fourth wall was totally in the last age.

Somewhere in the distance a young woman's voice shouts, "Got it!"

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