SNF 2019.05 - Red Hot American Nightmare

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Description: Abigail has a King of Fighters team, business is booming for him, and he is an international fighting star. For him, everything is up. Imagine his surprise when a massive metal man comes ride up on a motorcycle. The Iron Canadian arrived busted and broken,holding a mysterious package. Maxima is in bad need of repair, and has very good reason to suspect trouble in the King of Fighters tournament Abigail was part of. He is willing to help Abigail, if ABigail helps him.

For Abigail things have been great it would seem. Everything just seems to be going his way in both the fighting world and with his business. There is no denying he has made quite a mark on the world the past few years and it doesn't look like he has found his limit just yet. Even now it looks like he is ready to show the world his might once more in the upcoming King of Fighters tournament where he gathered he already had a team that would include the equally large and powerful Marduk.

But sometimes life throws a wrench into things. Sometimes it can be bad and others? Well they can be downright interesting. It is late at night and it would be no surprise if Abigail and his crew were sleeping when the loud roar of an approaching motorcycle can be heard. To the ears of the gearhead it sounds like a Triumph. A Rocket III Roadster to be exact as the bright headlight also flashes through the windows of scrapyard.

It looks like the big man has a visitor and he apparently doesn't want to show up during open hours. He either has a real good reason or he is just a fool looking to be crushed for interrupting Abigail's beauty sleep possibly.

Fortune - or perhaps misfortune - has favored the bold as Abigail is indeed present..holed up in his office with his chair bending woefully under his vast bulk and his legs kicked up atop his desk as he doozes with the rumbling sound of one of his car engines on idle emitting from the mouth and nostrils.

He can be a bear at times, sleeping through anything short of a nuclear explosion and perhaps that as well..but when it comes to interesting automotive sounds, something on the level of a pin drop can get his attention and his ears twitch and his brow furrows as the sound of teh motorcycle invades whatever chaotic jumble of images his dreamscape consists off. Probably something, something, monster truck, something, something, heavy metal.

At any case, when he reaches up and snatches the latest work order off of his face - courtesy of Roxy or Axl probably, it's a deep sneering frown that's on his pit bull esque features. One does not simply 'wake' Abigail.

A few moments later, the ground is shaking from his pounding steps, alerting the visitor to his kaiju-esque approach, and then the main garage doors of Abigail's Scrap Metal are flung upwards by the behemoth as he lurches out into the tire and oil drum filled exterior of his shop in search of the intruder. The gaudy neon lights of his signage flicker rapidly as he bellows, "GO AWAY, WE'RE CLOSED!!"

The headlights of the motorcycle still shine bright giving the image of a rather large man sitting on it, but making it hard to make out his features. He is big in his own right even if not the same size as Abigail. That much can be made out. Then the headlights shut off and the figure moves.

First there is something that hits the ground. Hard to tell what, but Abigail soon realizes it seems to be part of an arm. Given the figure's left arm is missing from the elbow down it is easy to put two and two together. The sparks coming off the stump also seem to give way the man on the motorcycle isn't human.

There is another heavy thud as a heavy chest of some sort is pulled off the bike and dropped on the ground before the arm is retrieved and put back on the bike. The figure removes the helmet to set it on the bike and he steps forward. The face finally a familiar one. A man Abigail faced awhile back in a hard hitting bout. One that isn't looking in the best of shape as he has several gashes torn into his torso too along with what looks like bullet holes. Oil and other fluids are leaking from him and he just gives a bit of a smirk to raise his one good hand. "Not hear for typical business. I came here to talk with you."

"You!" is Abigail's non descript response as he reaches a hand up and points a tree branch thick finger at the wrecked figure. "...I remember YOU.. Uh.." he snaps his fingers, struggling to recall the name from the haze of his memories. ".Maximum..Maxi.." he grunts out..and then eventually dismisses the effort as he takes full stock of the other mans condition.

"..You lookin' like a jacked up Teriminator... What happened to you?? I keep writing those idiots at City Hall about printin' new tourist guides! Keep folk from wandering into the wrong parts of Metro City! Was it the Skull Cross gang?" As he speaks, he takes a few steps closer, striding past a pile of tires and crushing an overturned oil drum undr foot with a loud wrenching screech. He peers at the damages, eyes flickering rapidly over the bullet wounds as if assessing the damage of a car's chassis.


He gives a smirk and even when being examined Abigail is sharp enough to see the strangeness of the body seeming to be repairing itself. Albeit perhaps not as fast as the cyborg wants given how damaged he still is. "You think they would give me trouble? I would hope you give me more credit than that." Now that it seems Abigail is calmed enough he isn't looking like he will attempt to turn Maxima into a pile of scrap he turns about to move back towards the chest he set down. "I won't expect you to be familiar. There is a group called NESTS that is very dangerous. It is their technology that created the body I have today. They also aren't very happy about me and a friend going rogue. They got me with a pretty good ambush."

Turning about he eyes Abigail again and kicks the chest forward a bit given it is easier to do than move it since he is lacking part of an arm right now. "I need a place to lay low. A place where I can come to and repair myself when this sort of thing happens. A place NESTS would think twice about attacking. Not asking for a freebie as well."

Leaning down he flips open the locks on the case and lifts the top up to reveal contents. Metal plates and some pistons, but the make isn't like anything Abigail has seen. The material seems strange too. "Some toys I got from my last raid. Special alloy made by NESTS that is stronger than your usual stuff. Can be more in the future if we can come to some sort of agreement."

"Naw, Skull Cross' aint much to worry about. And hurh? What am I, some girl at the mall? You tryin' to buy my love?" quips Abigail with mild irritation in his voice, "I don't impress easy--Ooooh!"

His tune rapidly changes as he reaches down and pulls up one of the pistons and coils and begins turning it over in his meaty hand - and then squeezing it lightly. When it doesn't give, even when he begins to apply slightly more pressure - he grins rather broadly. Seems it passed the test of not letting his fingers indent it from his casual handling of it. "Not bad!" he states rather emphatically before reaching down to haul up some more to get a closer look at it.

"This stuff aint gonna bring these NESTS people down on my shop though, is it? Nothin' being tracked or missing that they're gonna want back?"

He holds another piston up to eye level to look it over and then mutters, "Course...if I could build some sorta self repairin' mod...I'd rake in a fortune!"

Maxima settles down on the bike and looks to be working at attaching his other arm back to the body. It looks like there is popping noises of things locking in place. It needs some more work and things don't seem to be working too well, but hey. Baby steps.

"Maybe. But I doubt it. Waste of resources I figure as you would make them regret it. And well they would want to strike when I was here which seems like an even worse idea." There is a pause and lets Abigail ooh and ahh at the items that were presented to him. "As I said not looking for a freebie. Just a place to work out of when need be and perhaps a place for my buddy to lay low too if need be. Well....and one other small thing."

He gives a glance around and it seems the rest of the crew are either not there or sleeping still and it is just the two big men. "Also doing some other investigation. King of Fighters and all that. Something isn't right and been hearing some rumors. Not sure if NESTS is involved, but I want to be damn sure they aren't." His expression gets serious and he just looks up to the larger man. "I know you are entering. Drop that Marduk guy and allow me and my buddy to team with you. The guy is all brawn and no brains. He obviously doesn't realize your worth and look at the last tournament. He didn't even have what it takes to make it through qualifiers."

The monstrous mechanic grimaces as Maxima shoves his arm back into place. His fingers twitch as he watches but Maxima's words distract him from any consideration of intervening in his repair efforts and his frowns now.

"Hey well..yeah Marduk aint exactly the brightest bulb around.." He pauses to examine the pistons again, "Kinda funny cause he calls -me- a retard. Just cause he can't understand the vroom..."

He considers the rest of Maxima's words but continues to frown just a touch as he considers the implications, "Marduk aint exactly the type to be very 'understanding' of change..I mean I did say yeah, and all.."

But then.

"..He didn't make it through the qualifiers? Hrm..I didnt' know -that-.. I thought he was tougher then that.. But why you busy tryin' to rile the hornets ..hahha. NEST..haha..I'm funny. Uh.. why you busy trying to rile them up if they coming after you? What're you gonna do if they -are- involved?"

That last question just brings a grin across Maxima's face. Beaten up and damaged he may be, but it certainly doesn't seem like he is in bad spirits. Makes one wonder just how much pain the cyborg actually feels. "Me and my buddy make them pay. That is kind of our thing." he says. "And if we smash up some of their fancy machines I don't see why a certain mechanic can't help himself to the remains."

Maxima isn't dumb, nor does he think Abigail is. Abigail is just simple minded in the fact he knows what he likes and wants. Not a bad trait to have and in this end Maxima is leaning heavily on the promise of fancy parts being enough to sway him.

"In the end this is your decision. You have seen what I can do. My buddy? He isn't big like us, but he packs just as much power. Worst case scenario? We make some waves in the tournament and nothing bad is going down. I certainly don't need any of the prizes being offered nor do I think K' will care either. So any sort of prize probably will all go to you."

It's not as easy as one-two-three here. Abigail didn't become a Mad Gear enforcer and long standing Chief of an area of the city through disloyalty and dishonesty. Okay he did by being the biggest and strongest creature anyone had laid eyes on at the time but still - he's one that sticks by his word and people he associates with. Even if yells at them and at times has rage tantrums where he lays hands on them..they're all still friends!!

But...this is a little different now. Business is business and Marduk -is- abit of a handful. Not to mention the fact that he didnt' qualify is now suddenly a thought. Abigail is a champion! Would he have to carry the weight. Plus at this point he's fought Mxxima as well..

"Right..right.." he rumbles as he turns over the equipment in his massive hands, spinning it about like a baton. "..I'm gonna have to deal with Marduk somehow though.." he grumbles, "But this is good for Abigail's Scrap Metal.." he then points the piston at Maxima, "But I'll be Chief, yeah? Plus that'll probably make yer undercover work go over more smoothly if you don't gotta worry about that part..."

There is a nod. That grin doesn't go away from Maxima's face at all when he listens. "I am sure we can make something work with Marduk. In the end he isn't probably bright enough to remember to sign up on his own so it won't be a problem." he points out in response. As for being the chief. "By all means. Neither of us want the title. Just more busy work that we don't need to be doing.

It seems he must have some sort of internal repair systems because he isn't leaking anywhere at this point and he even seems to have some movement with the arm that was detached now as he tries flexing his fingers on that hand. "Do be warned. K' is a good kid, but he is a bit abrasive. Not Marduk level, but don't take it personal. You just got to get to know him." He thinks his partner in crime should be able to work with Abigail well enough. He can't imagine it being any worse than Marduk being on the same team at least.

"I just need a bit to let my body repair itself and maybe use some of your tools to finish fixing myself up. I'll be gone by morning if that is okay. I'll leave a way to get in contact and if I don't see K' I will see about sending him your way so he can meet the 'Chief' all proper like."

The irony here is that K' has met Abigail before - and blown him up and part of the junk yard.. and this led to Abigail getting blown up -again- by Chizuru when she came looking for K'. So..this sould be interesting..

"Right, right. Let's consider it a done deal. Now then..since you're all teamed up with me and junk, feel free to use the tools, yeah. Cause I'm about to lose my mind watching you jam yourself back together like that.."

With that he turns towards the garage and beckons, expecting Maxima to follow, "Yeah..can't go any worse then if Marduk was here." he echoes aloud.

There is a nod and the cyborg goes to follow. He wasn't too sure how any of this will go, but it is amazing what a small gift can do when kicking off a conversation with a gear head like Abigail. "Sorry, I would let you help, but there are some things I have to keep a secret." He doesn't want to be giving away possible weak points and such at least even if Abigail is an ally for the time being.

Sadly he also has no idea that Abi and K' have met before and the results of said meeting. He will probably find out soon enough from one or the other. Either way he will have to get in touch with K' and let him know what the plan is going into the tournament.

For now he is going to focus getting back into fighting shape and well....while he is around maybe scour the yard in the future for anything he might be able to use to improve his cybernetic body. All in all he can complain about tonight's results. Marduk can be a problem later, but for now everything is just fine.

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