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Description: Under the guise of Yayoi, Shadaloo Doll Marz continues her insidious plot to worm her way into the good graces of Southtown's young superhero, Koto Mukai. The hero finds himself with a great new friend that promises to unlock and learn about the wonderous power he is capable of. Marz is looking to add to the litany of Shadaloo minions.

Tapping, ticking, tacking, typing. Marz, under the guise of Yayoi, works at her laptop in the warm outsides in a pleasant little village park not far from the various high schools of Southtown. She's managed a connection with her current observation and intelligence gathering target, Koto Mukai, and all it took was the volunteering of a handful of easily chipped Darkstalkers. Now she had the much much more difficult task ahead of her.

Socialization and being under the terrible baleful eye of the sun.

She sips from a coffee can and types away messages and missives, though she's mostly watching a stream of board game demonstrations while she waits for the first arrival of the until now unknown school club dedicated to Psychic Powers and Super Phenomenon. Different from Fighting Clubs and any sort of Chi study or martial arts program; this one was created by Marz and slipped into the school's database. The ridiculous, even to her, name was merely because she needed some set of words that weren't already taken by other clubs that actually had people in it and might get in her way.

She grumbles to herself and contemplates sending a message to some of the other Dolls, she'll eventually need more than one member to sell this ruse. But for now, she just leaves the e-mail tab open and slugs another gulp of her canned coffee.

A quick check of the time, she tries to remember if she got Koto's locker right when she did the cutesy thing of slipping the little note inviting him out here to talk about their "powers". But with a shrug, she remembers that, being her, she generally doesn't make mistakes and that Koto might just be late.

Koto had received the note, alright, and was running a bit late. At least mostly so because of his interest in some things. Like the KoF among others as he makes his way to the meeting spot.

He had at least gone out of his way to clean up after the evening gym class, with a clean uniform and a shower. No sense smelling like the gym class, after all! It's not long before he finally approaches the park and bench area with his school bag slung over one shoulder. He seems to be considering what to say before he settles on, "Hi, Yayoi. Your note said you wanted to talk about our powers?"

He looks apprehensive now that the adrenaline had worn off from fighting the DarkStalker Bee Girls. Definitely looking questionable about the club detail whenever he had been told of it. Even then, he was still in both clubs. His other one being the Tokusatsu Club that he seemed to be the sole member so far.

There are things that Marz can be grateful for. A little delay is one of them when she has so much work to do to create the fakes that she needs. This is why she prefers to handle the information and to disseminate strategic advice, it was much easier to do than field work. So when the target arrives, she's already ready and able to stammer and fidget with her glasses. "Y-yes. I'm just glad you could make it at all. I know how busy you could be with all that hero work."

She tucks her hands into her lap and smiles up at Koto before reaching over and gently closing the laptop so no one can overlook her work. "I want to welcome you to," a pause, her demure and excitable demeanor deflates, "the Paranormal Phenomenon club." A quick gesture around her, "You can see all of our members made it."

With a shrug, she gently pushes her glasses back up her nose. "After seeing what you did, I, um, I guess I wanted to know what you know about what you do."

Koto shakes his head, "I do not do a lot of hero work, unfortunately... not like comic books where you fight fires, fight crime, and the like. Ah..." Then he looks a bit curious. "What I can do?"

He seems to consider, "Well, you saw the whole suit bit and transformation... ah, what else... well, I can move things with my mind a bit. I think a lot of what I can do is more focused on the... uh... you know, I am not sure what to call it other than the suit?"

He scratches the back of his head, looking a bit lost on that one.

Marz nods along, looking as interested as she can. And she holds a hand up. "I still think the suit is neat," she says, "I can't do that. I can only do this." She makes a small show, an overacting of force, to bring the iridescent waves of Psycho Power to showcase and she does this only for a moment.

"I still think it's really impressive, and from what I've been researching." She opens her laptop, a thought coming to her head. She quickly minimizes the conversations between her and Shadaloo research operations so that she can bring up what looks like a meaningless stream of numerics and data running alongside FighTube footage of a pair of fighters going at it full tilt. "The energy readings here and here, are nominally different from what I could see from your SNF showings. Which tells me it's something different, that, you, and I guess me, are a little special."

Koto blinks, then moves to take a look. At least he starts to, then he pauses. "Uh... do you mind if I take a look? Because if whatever I can do is not chi or ki... well, I admit I am curious about it. A lot."

His face betrays his curiousity at it. "I mean, I knew it was different... I literally copied tokusatsu moves for a lot of what I can do... Gills's finisher for my Raijin Ryu, and the Ultras with my Aurora Burst...."

Marz grins an eager littleg rin when Koto's face betrays his interest in learning more about his capabilities. She nods quickly and scoots aside while setting her laptop down. It's a heavyweight looking thing, reenforced and built for combat use as the occasional bludgeon while still remaining functional.

More important than the laptop itself is the footage on it. A split screen, one showing Koto's efforts in the Neo-League. The numbers run along the movements Koto makes display a series of factors. His positioning vectors, data on the energy output, and how it alters various image spectrums. "So you see this is what happens when you fight, and what happens when certain other people fight."

She reaches over the screen to bring up a different series of fights. "And look how the distortion and read out from my contact's sensors. See how different they are?" She grins and pushes her glasses up, "So even if you're copying, you're not. And, and, well, my research contacts says it's connected to something special about people who can do it this way."

Settling on to the bench, Koto looks carefully at the graph. "I... see it somewhat. Even my thunder kick is different compared a normal enhanced kick by chi. That is... amazing, really. Is there any other differences that you can tell so far? I mean... um..." Well, Koto's enthusiasm is pretty easy to see there!

He blinks, then considers, "Hey... can you find footage of my Aurora Burst and compare it to... um.... well... is there anything similar to it out there?" Koto definitely looks curious on that one. He doesn't know of anyone who has massive destructive beam attacks, after all!

Marz flips the laptop back around to face herself and taps away. She chews her lip as she works, trying to see what she has on file. "I am not sure I have it fully, ah yes, yes I do," she says, grinning sharply before spinning the screen around to show Koto. Sure enough, two sets of footage run on a split screen. Two fights from Neo League where the shimmering dragon shape and beam.

"I am sorry to hear that the League overall did not turn out in your favor," she adds, leaning over the laptop and putting on a slightly overdone frown.

"If, um if you're interested, I could see what I can do about finding my research partners. I'm sure they would be very interested and could tell you so much more about your abilities."

Koto looks considerate, then nods. "I would like that, please. It woul be a great help. I mean, I know I have well... abilities like that." He motions at the screen. "But... I just worry that it might be something harmful to me."

Koto shrugs, "I do not know what else to do with it other than keep fighting those that take advantage of others or situations like where we met." He sighs.

"Of course!" Marz says with a bright smile and a nod. She knows all sorts of people that could be interested in the curious ways that Koto can exemplify Psycho Power. And especially with how eager he is to help people and to save the world. After all, without Minal Panesh, there needs to be some new blood in the Shadaloo infiltration forces.

"I think what you're doing is really special. We need more people like that," Marz suggests. She looks away, down at her laptop. "I wish I could do something like that."

Rubbing the back of his head, Koto says, "I... do not think I am that special. I mean, I just do what I can with this power. Ones like you? I would say you are more special. You can not even throw around half the things I do, but you stepped into that fight in trying to help."

"To be honest, if you can help me explain what this is... well... I probably will not look so lost half the time when I pull a win out by the skin of my teeth, you know?" He laughs.

Marz flips her laptop back around and closes it up. She smiles inwardly as she considers what she can and cannot throw. "You're right," she says, "I just wanted to help."

And help she will, she thinks, help him all the way to helping her. "I absolutely will do whatever I can to help you explain yourself. I just need to get into contact with the other club members and maybe a teacher mentor. And then we can do so many tests and you'll see just how many people you can protect!" She drums her fingertips on her laptop. "I just hope I don't slow you down."

Koto smiles. "Hey, you could never slow me down far as I can see. Just contact your club members and that mentor. Tell me where to go for these tests and let's see what we can figure out. Who knows? Maybe I can help you do better with your own. I know mine just started with that Thunder Kick I do, after all, and that looks pretty similar to it."

Marz pops up, jumping to her feet. She hugs her laptop toward her chest and nods. "I will definitely do that. I just need to set everything up. I will definitely do that. Sorry, I'm repeating myself, I'm just getting nervous." Marz looks away and takes a breath, wondering internally if she isn't just laying it on a little too thick.

She takes a step back, laughing nervously. "I'll leave another note when my friends get back to me. They'll be so happy when I tell them you're interested."

Koto nods, "Thank you." He says, smiling at her. His expression is one of both gratitude and a good deal of happiness. Perhaps he has been curious about his 'Mega Power' as some of the fight audience says he called it for a long time. But now? Well, he was happy certainly.

"Ah... you can use Fightbook as well, just so you know? The note in the locker is probably hard to do." He rises to his feet, shaking his head. "Oh, and do not worry too much if you saw that SNF with Morrigan and me versus Baiken. Crazy ronin hits hard, but I came out mostly fine."

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