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Description: Felicia meets up with Maki to form a KOF team!

Metro city streets are not always the safest after dark. Of course it depends on the area you're in. Felicia at the moment is not terribly minding this fact of nature at the moment, because she's here on a mission. To draw less attention, the catgirl has garbed herself in a full-length long coat and a pair of boots--actually wrestling boots, since those were the largest and easiest thing she had at home to put on! She was in her full on catwoman form after all, she wanted to move quick, and she was basically on a mission. On a mission to find a certain ninja, that is.

"Lets see now, if I was her, where might I be..." Felicia sighed a little as the map she had of the area fluttered in the wind as she unfolded it, peering through the sunglasses and scarf she'd wrapped about her head to keep at least some of her unruly long blue hair at bay.

Civilians in Metro City tend to live in fear at night, because that's when the bad people tend to come out and cause trouble. The police do the best they can, but sometimes even they are overwhelmed by the gangs who hang around trying to cause trouble. Fortunately, Mayor Mike Haggar has friends who have helped him deal with the gangs in Metro City time and again, and to this day they still help out whenever they can. One of those is none other than Maki Genryuusai, a master of Bushin-ryuu Martial Arts who catches gangs off-guard with her fighting skills and leaves them regretting the day they messed with her. Sometimes, though, they just never learn.

Nevertheless, it's thanks to Maki and the others that things aren't as bad as they used to be, but there is still trouble here and there. Which is why it's advised that you stay off the streets at night, and if you have to go, travel in groups and have an emergency plan if need be. For Maki, it's just a matter of introducing punks to her tonfa that she keeps herself safe.

Tonight, the blonde-haired ninja woman is walking down the street, albeit dressed in her standard ninja attire instead of civilian clothes. This is because when gangs see her in her standard attire, they know it's not someone to mess with. Her reason for being out might appear to be that she's doing an impromptu street patrol to make sure nobody's causing any trouble, but there's another reason.

"I haven't had tapioca in a while," Maki mutters to herself as she crosses a somewhat empty street with a blinking traffic signal. "Can't believe I forgot to pick some up. Still, my favorite place is open late, so maybe I'll drop in for some fresh tapioca." As she walks down the street, her eyes dart from side to side occasionally, glancing at the people who are walking by. They may look like ordinary civilians, but you never know...

Further on down the street, Felicia is busy speaking on her cellphone--it's the same one she's had for a while now, even since Violet Systems--when a gangly street tough appears from the shadows and snatches a lady's purse as before breaking into a run, just about 10 paces from Felicia.

"Hello? Hello? Damnit, I hate the reception out here with all these tall buildings, one second--" Felicia lifts a massive furred hand, one with red claw-like nails tipping the fingers and pink pads along the fingertips and palms, and briskly clotheslines the man as he runs by, sending teeth flying! Ouch.

"Anyway... wait, are you there? shit," Felicia stops, the old lady still yelling down the street a piece and looking up.

"Looks like he dropped his chiclets--oh wait, those aren't... whoops," Felicia grins a bit sheepishly, holding the purse back out for the distressed old woman.

Maki isn't too far from where the whole incident is happening, and she's also developed a sense for detecting trouble when she's out on the streets. Meaning when she hears the old woman crying out after her purse is snatched, Maki's head snaps in that direction and she takes off running down the street towards the sound of the situation. She actually darts across the street without looking, pulling off a glorious triple somersault as she leaps over an incoming car that could've easily made her into road pizza if she wasn't careful, and then lands on the sidewalk on the other side, running towards where she heard the sound coming from.

When Maki finally arrives, she sees that the punk is lying on the ground missing a few teeth, and the old woman getting her purse back from... wait, who or what is that? Their hands are rather big and they're dressed rather unusually. It's almost like things have gone from bad to weird. Nevertheless, Maki takes a moment to stand over the injured punk and point at him with a rather fierce scowl.

"Picking on old women like that?" She asks in a gruff tone. "Now you're gonna feel what it's like to be elderly after your visit to the dentist!" She hmmphs as she shakes her head in disbelief before approaching the mysterious person and saying with uncertainty, "You... did a good job with that punk. How did you manage to do it?"

"I /was/ wondering why it felt like someone bit my arm, human teeth are so blunt," Felicia shrugs a little, still with that dopey, sheepish grin. "Sorry about that," she says in a quick, clipped fashion, sounding like Don Adams on Get Smart. She reaches up to undo the scarf around her hair and Maki can see the large mane of bright blue hair unveiled.

"And gosh, it's a ninja! You don't make it that subtle, I take it," Felicia steps aside so the poor lady can move along, extending one of her very large and white furred hands to Maki. "Oh, him? I put my arm out and he ran into it," she winked.

"I'm Felicia, the Catwoman--y'know, the Darkstalker, I'm sure you've heard of me," Felicia announces, speaking quickly as if this is common knowledge. (Hint, might not actually be!)

"I was curious about having a word with you, since I heard you're looking for someone to team with for that King of Fighters tournament," she nods.

At first, Maki is still a little confused about what's going on here. She doesn't entirely understand what just happened here, or if it's even for real. She's starting to wonder if this is some kind of a joke or something. But then the person takes off her scarf and the blue hair comes out, and Maki's eyes widen, wondering just what the hell is going on here. "W-who are you? What the hell is going on here?"

Then Felicia starts to speak some more about Maki being a ninja, and the blonde haired woman simply shakes her head. "Here in Metro City, my clear presence is enough to ward off troublemakers. You don't know what kind of jerks roam around at night until you've lived here long enough." She looks at her tonfa which she's still gripping tightly. "I've gotten plenty of blood on this over the years, so it's nothing new to me."

When Maki sees that huge arm and how inhuman it looks, her eyes widen even more. "A Darkstalker? Wait, those are for real?" Maki steps back a little, starting to hyperventilate. Then she remembers she's a ninja and she shouldn't be scared. She approaches with caution before extending her hand to Felicia's 'paw.' "I never believed that Darkstalkers actually existed, but it goes to show what I know I guess."

Still approaching on the edge of caution, she says, "Yeah, I am looking for a team in the King of Fighters tournament. Did you want to team up with me?" She seemed a bit uncertain since this isn't the type of person (if person applies here) she was thinking of teaming up with.

Well, blue hair /and/ cat ears, should have mentioned those. For Felicia, they rest on the sides of her head, about where a human's might be, but they are quite large. "Well hey, if that's just how you like to dress up, more power to ya--but I hear you're a pretty good combatant, so..." Felicia waggles a large white furred digit. "Sure am, I'm one of the good ones, however, don't worry--I've actually been looking to start a foundation that will help get orphaned kids kids off the streets, as well as those taken from unfit homes into better ones, an orphanage if you will," Felicia tries to fall in alongside Maki to walk and talk.

"Except uh, need a bit of money, you know, gotta hire lawyers, get permits, get construction underway, all tha tgood stuff," she nodded.

"Correctamundo, I do indeed want to know if you'd like to form a team, I have some contacts that might be able to get us some backups, too," she grinned.

So she's one of the good ones, huh? Well, that makes Maki feel a little better about this whole thing. Then again, the whole thing about Darkstalkers actually being real and not something that children made up as a fad or something is something that makes her even more uneasy than she should've been, so it seems kind of like a contradiction. Nonetheless, Maki seems to take some interest in this whole thing, especially about the orphanage and helping kids get off the streets and into a better place. It actually sounds like a good idea, and Maki seems to ease up a little.

"Oh yes, legal stuff and things like that. Even Mayor Haggar has to deal with crap like that all the time. So the money would be helpful I bet."

A pause, then Maki's expression seems to become more stern. "But I'm not after the prize money. It's about a chance to take on other fighters and improve my skills as a ninja." She closes her eyes a little. "Most of all, it's to prove that I am truly capable of becoming the successor to the Bushin-ryuu style of martial arts!"

"Right, and we're gonna need a bit of money, so if we can at least get into the semi-finals, I think I'll have made some progress," Felicia reaches out with a hand, giving it to Maki to shake.

"If you're interested, lets do it, I think it'd be a good opportunity for both of us, you can be team captain, as well, if you wish," Felicia tilted her head. "You're not looking for the prize money, eh? Well either way, here's your chance, hon!" Felicia is giddy with excitement now, looking like she could pop!

"Sooo.. how about we seal the deal with dinner...? Drinks? Maybe a trip to Cinnabun?" she tilted her head this way and that, trying to see what the young lady might be more into.

"Well, I guess you have a point," Maki replies, shaking Felicia's 'paw' firmly before nodding a little. "We can definitely do that, I suppose. It can't hutr to try at least." She smiles a little. "Besides, this should prove for a great story to tell Guy the next time I see him!" At that, Maki chuckles. "Imagine, Maki improving her overall recognition as a ninja with a Darkstalker. Guy would never expect it!"

While Felicia looks like she could pop, Maki's simply satisfied with things. "There's a place like Cinnabun nearby that has stuff like that. It also has some great tapioca which I was going to get. You're welcome to come with me." She blushes a little. "Although, you might want to disguise yourself again, since I don't know how the locals might react to seeing someone like you."

Felicia's paw-like hand is large, but soft--though it does seem like she's got some power in it. It is however five-fingered, so she's capable of a normal hand-shake. "Well see, there ya go--stick with me kid, you'll make it big," Felicia grinned, apparently quite happy with how things are going. "Oh yeah? You're into pudding? And right, good idea--" Felicia pulls her hair back and down, tying her scarf around it again.

"Well then, lets go, I'm buyin'," she flips the collar of her coat up too, just to be sure. It pays to be careful, after all.

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