KOF 2019 - Master and Servant

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Description: Kim Kaphwan is approached by an old mentor at his dojo in Seoul. There, he is given an offer that he could refuse... if he didn't have a concern for his countless students.

The Kim Dojo was the shining jewel of the family.

Situated in the heart of Seoul, the dojo was not actually the largest of the Kim family dojos (the Yok Chong Market Dojo in Southtown was technically larger, due in part to the lack of competition balanced by the high demand). The Kim Dojo, however, was the first. Only opened within a first generation, Kim Kaphwan earned his start having sufficiently mastered Tae Kwon Do. Having lead his training there, he had since expanded his mastery while accepting students. With a wife, two wonderful boys, and multiple dojos opened across internationally, Kim Kaphwan had truly found success in his martial art.

Of course, that was no reason to slack off.

"Ya Ta! Ya Ta!" Was the cry from Kim Kaphwan, as he leads a class of a clean dozen in their kiai exercises. Most were local delinquints; when given a choice of reform school of Tae Kwon Do, these were the ones who chose to stay in their neighborhoods and train. It was not easy. But the brown-haired Tae Kwon Do master never allowed it to be easy. For Tae Kwon Do wasn't simply a weapon. It was a tool to vanquish evil, both within and without. "YA TA! YA TA! And now, we FINISH! YA TA TA TA TA TA TA TA TA TA"


Kim Kaphwan ceases, not even sweat on his brow. "Well done! You are all getting better day by day! I am very proud of you, but you still have a long way before I sign off on your mastery! Remember to do good, and avoid evil!" Kim Kaphwan bows to his students, who return the favor, and the class breaks to the lockers to get ready to clean the dojo grounds. And then, only then, were they free to spend the rest of the evening as they see fit. Kim Kaphwan grabs a towel, and a bottle of water. With a gulp, he takes a sip, heading to the entrance of the dojo. His family, his dojo, his art. All his pride and joy. And yet, there was always more.

"There cannot be peace without justice." He states to himself, firmly.

"Still obsessed with justice I see."

The voice is gruff and familiar to Kim. It is hard to forget the voice of the man that help set Kim on the path he finds himself on. A man that is no slouch when it comes to the art of Tae Kwon Do well. Gang-Il just has a bit of a wry grin as he leans back against a wall near the entrance of the dojo. He is wearing slacks and a simple white dress shirt that has a few buttons undone as he pushes up off the wall and approaches his student.

"Whatever floats your boat and helps you keep focused. I always thought you would outgrow it. I guess even I can be wrong sometime." he says before letting out a low chuckle. "A lot of rough edges you got there in that group, but I am sure you will get them all properly polished. How you doing, kiddo?"

Kim Kaphwan's smile boils across his face.

There was a surprise, yes, but not a shock. After all, it was less of an old teacher coming over, but practically family. "Justice isn't just an obsession, Master Gang-Il, but the very foundation of Tae Kwon Do." Kim Kaphwan's reaction is almost like hitting a button, as he turns towards his former teacher. "I shall be a champion of justice and freedom, and I shall build a better and more peaceful world. Those are the oaths of Tae Kwon Do. You trained me well in them." One of the students emerges with a push broom, quickly sweeping the floor. Kim gives a look towards him, arms crossed, a smirk across his lips. "Remember when I was like that? When I was a young punk with no future." Kim shakes his head. "Then you polished me up enough to get married and have a family. I owe my entire fortune to your discipline, kindness, and patience." And Kim snaps out of it.

"Ah, but I am so rude, I am so sorry master."

Kim gives a quick bow, before walking over, ready to shake his teacher's hand. "What has graced you to come to visit our Dojo? Are you making your tours around here? As you well know, the Kim Dojo is now renowned as the best in Korea! If the Federation needs confirmation..." Kim Kaphwan gives an eye glint.

"I would be happy to be tested!"

There is a smirk the entire time Gang-Il listens and says nothing until it seems like Kim is done speaking. "I just gave you a few gentle nudges to put you on the right path, Kim. The rest you did yourself, but appreciate the praise. It isn't often I get that kind these days." He waves a hand some when askedd if he was here to test his prize student. "Nothing like that. I am here on my own business and was in town for some time. Just stopped by before going out for a night on the town."

He finds a place to sit down and rests his hands on his knees. "You have been doing a lot for the art and I feel Tae Kwon Do is garnering more popularity due to your efforts. Yet...." he trails off for a moment and he gets a rather large grin. "I feel I need to make sure you yourself are improving. Even an old man like myself is finding ways to improve and I have been thinking on a way to challenge myself as well as you."

His face grows serious as he just eyes Kim. "King of Fighters."

Kim takes a pause.

It wasn't unusual for Gang-Il to have 'nights around towns.' That was practically his day job in his 'retirement'. And yet, Kim suspected there was something else he was up to. And yet, wha that thing is revealed to him. Gang-Il was looking at a tournament, and if he was here... that meant this was no conicidence.

"The King of Fighters?"

Kim Kaphwan makes a hesitation. "Isn't that the one hosted by that..." He makes a glowering scowl. "That -Lightning Spangles?-" The aura of righteous erupts around him. "I once caught one of my boys watching one of her movies on his phone. He was no longer allowed to have a phone. That woman is -evil- and -intolerable!-" Kim Kaphwan balls a fist, instinctively falling into his fighting stance. "I heard the grand prize is even to meet that foul woman. If I was there-" He begins to shake a finger, at an imaginary Spangles. "I would give her a proper lecturing on how to be a PROPER Tae Kwon Do fighter, instead of what she is now! But..." Kim shrugs, relaxing out of his stance. "Who were you thinking of including on your team, Master? One of my finest students?" He winces a bit.

"... One of the boys?"

The reaction he gets was not one he was expecting. At the same time Gang-Il really doesn't know much about Lightning Spangles himself. He was busy with other things and only knows she does use a variation of Tae Kwon Do as well. "Well if we win you can give her that lecture. And I thought it might be nice for master and student to team up on a grand stage to show the might of Tae Kwon Do."

He gets up once more and he slams a fist into his open hand and flexes. No one can escape aging, but Gang-Il is certainly aging gracefully. But has he lost a step? It has been some time since the old man has been seen in action. "Do you have others that would be interested in the cause? How about your boys? Are they ready?" He does give a bit of a smile. "Worst case I know someone." The look he is giving Kim has grown to know. Usually Gang-Il is smitten by a woman when he has that big of a dopey grin. It fades quickly though as focuses on his student once more.

"We got a bit of time. I know you won't say no. It is too good to pass up. What we need to decide is just who will join us on this journey to the top."

And Kim knows what that look means.

His teacher was going to try and hook him in. Kim Kaphwan knew that if he handed off -any- of his students, the old man would take them. But who would he offer? His boys? He could imagine Dong Hwan getting introduced to drinking and gambling and women by Gang-Il, to say the least his poor innocent Jae Hoon. "My boys are certainly NOT ready." He muses. What about his own students? There was Choi and CHang. He then promptly imagines how -they- would react to Kim being under Gang-Il's mentorship. How his authority would be undermined. Who else did that leav-

The girls.

Kim actually goes pale. May Lee. Chae Lim. He- he would -never- let them join without his supervision, to make sure Gang-Il wouldn't lure them with his incredible charm and womanizing nature. No no no, it couldn't be. That only left- that only left one other person in mind. Kim Kaphwan's paleness becomes a scowl. Jhun Hoon. He could imagine the pair sharing pictures of AThena while they- while they. There is a pause. What if -he- already asked Jhun.

"Wh-who did you have in mind yourself?"

Could it just be Kim's imagination getting the better of him? Possibly so. Yes, Gang-Il is a man with a few vices, but he also didn't drag Kim about on his 'adventures' so is there worry he would do differently with others?

"Hmm, someone I met in my travels. Like me she uses a very unique version of our style." The only plus side to how he put it that at least he can't be talking about Lightning Spangles. Did he meet May Lee or Chae Lim already and was suggesting them?

"Her name is Luong and I am sure she would be more than willing to join us if we were in need of someone else." he grins. "Don't worry. She knows you are married so she won't tease you too much, my boy."

Well, considering that Kim never heard of Luong, only made it worse.

However, Kim did not ask any further questions. After all, Gang-Il had his vices, but there was one thing he was certain of: he -did- have an eye for talent. After all, Kim was picked by him. While Luong was... probably not homely. At all. If Gang-Il was suggesting that she was worthy of joining a team, then well, she probably was at the very least a competent fighter. There was only one question Kim did not have an answer to, nor he would ask.

Obviously, the secondary assets.

Still, Kim Kaphwan knew in his heart that you needed at least three teammates for a KOF tournament. Kim knew what it meant, if Gang-Il came to him. Either all others rejected him... or he was about to ask them next. Kim Kaphwan drew in a heavy breath, and exhaled. "Well, considering all the other options, I must bring it upon myself to join you in the King of Fighters tournament. I will... inquire on my own circle on some details; after all, there is plenty of room in the Korean team for Tae Kwon Do experts!" Kim pounds a fist in his palm, before extending his hand to his teacher.

"That is, if you think I am good enough!"

Had he been rejected or did he go to someone he for sure could rely on. Gang-Il knows his students well over the years and Kim has turned out to be his finest. More importantly like Gang-Il he figures that Kim can't say no to a good chance at showing the world the might of Tae Kwon Do.

The older man steps forward and extends a hand and clasps it firmly. Well Kim finds out Gang-Il has a firm, strong grip. Can he still go when it comes to fighting? It seems like that mystery will be solved soon enough.

"You got my number and you got an eye for talent. I know you won't disappoint in finding others to join us. I'm going to have some fun tonight and then it is time to get back in the old training regime. Don't want to show my mage afterall." he says with a laugh and releases the hand.

With that he turns about to leave. He has felt invigorated from all of this. To get back out there and compete himself against other well known fighters. What is there not to like about that? And Kim.....well either it will prove how strong he has gotten or known his work ethic a loss will just make him feel like he needs to train harder. A win-win for everyone the old man thinks to himself.

To be honest, he couldn't say no to showing off the pure power of Tae Kwon Do.

To be the greatest in Korea was an honor of honors. And yet, the shadows of ambition cast over Kim Kaphwan. Why stop Korea? Why not show the world the sheer greatness of Tae Kwon Do? Why not prove that it wasn't the dimestore martial art of drunkards and psychopaths. But in fact, it was the art of great justice?

Plus, Kim owed it to the rest of Tae Kwan Do.

Kim Kaphwan wouldn't be frank with the others. Let Luong join in, as need be. But the others would be explained the situation, and Kim would judge them. And then? Then he would judge. He frees Gang-Il's grasp, and gives one last nod. "You enjoy the town, and I will get my affairs in order. I... might be joining you at the kareoke bar nearby. After I finish this place up." Kim gives a wink, and moves to join the rest of the boys in finishing cleaning up to dojo.

After all, he used to be one of them.

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