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Description: A song of confusion, lewdness and baconators. Lilith meets Naerose.

It is evening in New Y--I mean, METRO CITY, and tonight there is the same sort of atmosphere as any--except if you're in time's square, which as anyone who's been to the city so grody they had to lock it into it's own frickin' state, is full of people in mascot costumes by day, tourists coming to see them and the city, as well as panhandlers and activist of many stripes.

Lilith is right at home among this exhibition of stupid and people in ridiculous costumes, especially seeing as she's not even trying to disguise herself, which for a being made of spiritual matter like a succubus is frankly pretty easy to do. She seems right at home, in fact she's celebrating, seemingly.

"Oh yeah, can you play that record 'spin me right round' again? hello? Damnit they hung up AGAIN--" she's currently speaking into a cellphone while holding what looks like a large hotdog in the other hand, apparently unheeding any of the weird looks or people gawking around at her.

Fitting right in, sort of, in maybe the best place for her to fit in, besides Halloween is Naerose. Except she's not, even now she looks oddly out of place. For one thing, her witches outfit, which really just consists of the hat and broom, is a little scuffed. The rest of what she wears is her red dress and boots and, it's either the best or worst costume. She also has shades on, though one is cracked down the middle oh and it's night so.. whats up with the shades yo.

Weaving through the crowds, she has an almost other wordly look to her, not like.. she came from another world, but rather that she's in another world. Mentally at least. Like there is something she wants to do, must do, but can't quite put her finger on it. She occasionally checks her hat for suggestions, but all it contains is a very conspicous thermas, that she puzzles over before putting back.

Still she has needs, mostly snacks and plenty of people will have those and plenty of places to get them, but the truth is she doesn't have any money. Instead the red witch stares longingly at those who do have it and even occasionally gets lucky. In this orgy of excess there is bound to be treats left unattended or unwanted that are mostly untouched. Actually she doesn't care how touched they are. She nabs some free snacks that way and munches on them without any shame.

Is Lilith weird? If she is Naerose doesn't seem to realize it or comprehend why or what that might actually mean. One thing is for sure, she doesn't have any snacks.

But Lilith totally has snacks, she has a hotdog! Unless Naerose is Orthodox Jewish, it's a bit ambiguous what Lilith is in that respect. As Lilith walks by she spots the red witch's somewhat fanservicey outfit (less so than her own, of course, but) and she has to do a double take.

"Woah! ...oh, wait, I thought you were someone else, ahh... so, what can I do for you," Lilith looks at the witch, for a small moment, perhaps sensing that she has some kind of untold SNACK LUST, looking down at her barely started hotdog, then back to Naerose.

"Jeez, I didn't think the cosplayers here were /that/ hungry, but then I've been wrong about things before..." Lilith shrugged and her boots clicked as she turned more fully toward the red witch.

"Who might you be then?" she reaches toward Naerose, though as Nae may notice, both of Lilith's hands are full, namely with the phone and the hotdog--she's actually formed one of her wings into a big red blocky hand, which right now looks like one of the foam mascot pointing hands they sell at baseball games, holding it out for her to shake.

To her credit, or rather more likely to her utter obliviousness, Naerose doesn't freak out about the wing. In fact, she doesn't realize that there is anything odd about it at all. She gives it a little shake, though to be honest it is still a little hesitant. She starse at the hotdog. That's probably what is going on. She's entraced by the food. Also she does have snack lust. The only kind of lust she probably has really, but at least there is something.

"Oh hi," Naerose replies, there was a question there even as her eyes remain on Lilith's. . . . Hot dog. "I'm Naerose Delphine, " she replies, distractedly, "And I'm totally a witch!<3" If someone could put a heart emoji into their words, then Naerose just did. Somehow.

Slowly Naerose licks her lips, it is like the thought of the hot dog has her entirely owned, completely out of her own control. She wants it, she needs it. "Say, are you going to finish that?" She asks, trying to sound cas-sh and innocent, like it's no big deal. It's a -very- big deal.

There is perhaps a sign something is up, as Lilith is grinning a little bit as she shakes Nae's hand with her wing formed into a hand. However, Lilith is in a good mood seemingly at the moment, as the strange large red hand is surprisingly gentle and gives Naerose a few good shakes before letting go of her, as if nothing amiss had happened. The hand might feel a little weird, it's not skin, that part is obvious--it feels rubbery, or like PVC, no pores or the like, very smooth.

"I'm Lilith, nice to meetcha, hon," now, being a succubus, Lilith is quite sensitive to human desires--she can tell Naerose has some kind of strong desire for something, and it obviously isn't sex. It's food.

"Hungry, little fella?" Lilith giggles, doing an impression of a certain Pet Detective.

"Me? naw, look how little I am, I couldn't eat all this," and Lilith is right, though she's not dwarf-sized--she's over 5 foot, there about, she looks teenaged girl-sized.

"But I think maybe I'll just have a bite..." Lilith lifts the hotdog and *nomf* she's holding it with her teeth, and if Naerose makes the mistake of looking into the young succubus's eyes, she'll notice the pupils have for some reason turned into... slowly rotating pink hearts?

<You know you want it, just bite it--c'mon, big hot tasty mystery meat!>

Not exactly words, more thoughts, or emotions, being broadcast into Naerose! ...But can she resist...?

The affect seems to be utterly successful, Naerose doesn't resist, or maybe she can't. She doesn't go to bite hotdog. She does however, drift a little closer, almost like pulled by a chain, she could practically float on the air. There seems to be two minds going on as she manages to respond to the greet, but very absently, "Nice to meet you.. ahh Lilith." She says and her mouth makes little chomping motions in mid air.

She probably looked in the eyes, but it is hard to tell because she has those shades on and her eyes are not visible through the black lenses, only over the top, but she seems to insist on looking throgh the shades.

So the question is, can she resist? The answer appears to be no or that she doesn't try, who would? (Lots of people).

Internally, Lilith is having way too much fun with this, that part is clear. Thankfully, the dog is rigid enough so Lilith is able to lean over... the other end of the dog coming dangerously close to Naerose's chomping maw, the succubus apparently intending to 'feed' her it, like some kind of provocative parody of a momma and baby bird! Of course, as she does so, the gap between their faces begins to shorten--and it is going to get even harder for Naerose to ignore the scent of the street food, as well as avert her eyes from Lilith~

<Don't you want it...? Don't you want it? Don't you want it?>

The thought keeps getting stronger, more insistent.

Welp! If you put a hot dog close enough to a dog's maw it's eventually just going to try biting it and taking it. Naerose isn't a dog, but there are some striking similarities. One could argue that there is more in common than not. She goes for the chomp, but she does it a lot like a dog, if a dog was completely incapable of shame. The Red Witch tries to bite and yank the hotdog away, which if succcessful will vanish almost instantly down her maw. Weirdly, eating doesn't seem to satiate her in the least, it's almost like her tummy is like a black hole. The memory of food is forgotten as soon as it is consumed and then she is hungry again. Or was she ever hungry in the first place?

There are no words, only the attempt to snag the food for herself. Sure she's been pushed, but she doesn't seem to realize that, or that anything might be 'wrong'.

When Naerose finally goes for it and CHOMPS the dog Lilith bites off the small chunk that was in her mouth and lets Nae have it, horfing it down at her leisure.

"Mmm, mm--you know, you gotta be careful with these things, too many and..." she's well aware that Naerose isn't likely listening to a damn thing she said, and that's okay--Lilith got to bask in that witch cosplaying girl's intense sensation of LUST, in this case being for snacks--and she's currently reveling in the contact high from it.

"Whoo--how as that hon? Was it good?" Lilith grins, offering Naerose a napkin if she had gotten any of the ketchup and mustard on herself. She probably has gotten it all over herself, for a little extra humiliation, not that Lilith wasn't amused by that as well.

Maybe Naerose got a little messy. Maybe she needs the napkin. Maybe she loved the hotdog (she did) but the feeling quickly passes. What could have happened is something historians will fight over in decades to come, but one thing that is sure is that she eats the napkin. It's like that dog part of her brain or animal part or .. whatever it is, she doesn't seem to have come back to herself yet enough to realize the napkin isn't food. Or maybe she does realize and doesn't care. At any rate, it's gone.

"Huh? Oh yeah, um thanks." She says and adjusts her hat, scratches her head and then looking around. That strange lost air returns to her, like there is something weird she is looking for but she can't figure out what it is or where it is. She peers into her hat again at the thermas she has hidden in there before fixing it more on her head.

The Red Witch looks confused.

"Ooh boy, looks like someone's still hungry there," Lilith is still having too much fun with this, as she scarfs down the napkin she probably won't even notice Lilith slipping in closer, her small back against Naerose's front, her arms splaying behind her around the witch.

"Looks like you got a little on your cheek~" Liiiick. Yes, she just swiped away a spot of ketchup and mustard away from the corner of Nae's mouth with her tongue. From the look on Lilith's face however, she's enjoying feeding off the emotion almost as much as Nae enjoyed that snack. She's practically drunk off it.

"AHEM, mmm, sorry about that--" the succubit detaches herself from the red-clad witch, before turning and wiping her own mouth and hands.

"So, what can I do for you, tonight? this is a bad place to get lost in, y'know," given that it's Metro and well after nightfall, well... She still ignores the people that have been staring at them this entire time.

If it were at all possibly to be oblivious to what just happened, then Naerose pulled it off. If you thought it was impossible you would be wrong, improbable? Maybe, but for Naerose it is the only thing she is capable of doing in this case. She just doesn't seem to understand or even frankly notice what Lilith is doing at all. It's kind of weird, like she has a black box that covered her like a fog. Until she gets licked and is like, "Heh, woah," And uses her wrist to wipe herself off, like a child might. She smiled for the selfie though, call it a reflex.

"Do for me?" She asks, looking confused again. Then a mystery of the universe is revealed. Just how does Naerose function when she's hungry apparently all the time with an endless foodlust? Well, distraction. That's how.

"Well, umm right, I have this thing and I am trying to figure out just what a spangle is, a lightening spangle, to be exact. Like I think some girl named like Jezebel or something was into spangles and I never could figure out what a spangle is. Especially a lightening one." She adjusts her hat again.

The hunger isn't gone, per say, but Naerose seems to be small minded enough to not be able to focus on too many things at once. Maybe she's capable of more lucidity, but at the moment she's demonstrating an inability to multitask much.

Lilith is indeed holding up her phone displaying a picture of that timeless moment. Lilith's eyes glazed over and tongue extended to Narose's stupified, confused mug. She had likely not noticed--but the succubit had taken the moment to take a selfie that will last the ages.

Lilith is looking through the photo and others among her phone's gallery when the words 'lightning spangles' is uttered by Naerose, which makes Lilith's reddish-brown eyes slowly peer over at the girl, as if this has struck a particular chord with her.

"Oh, her? Now what would you want with that one, hon? I heard she was missing for a long time--maybe she had a car accident, or something," Lilith says quite casually, as if it doesn't phase her. There really isn't much that could happen to Jezebel that /could/ rightly make Lilith concerned, to be exact.

At least however Lilith's eyes have returned to normal, though she's currently scanning Naerose's face, wondering just what her angle was here. Good thing Naerose is so one-track minded, it makes her easy to read.

"Was she a friend of yours, or?" Lilith is carefully trying to figure out what Nae wants, but is fairly subtle about it.

Car accident. Naerose mulls that over but then concludes, "I'm not sure what you could possibly mean by that." And listens to Lilith a little longer by saying, "Oh you mean like be my friend, sure, I'm sure she was my friend. We should all be friends." She sounds rather happy with the concept and then continues, "I guess I havn't seen her for a while, and I think she used to give me food..." She looks to be thinking really hard about that. "But I don't let little things like that bother me, I mean who has time to count days or anything like that, I'm sure it's all fine." She sounds like she believes it too. Could it be something as stupidly simple as Jezebel gave her food?

"So like, I dunno, I guess I should find her or something." She finishes as if that makes sense and is all that she needs to say. Oddly, she doesn't seem to be phazed or concerned either. Unlike Lilith who is probably a demon, Naerose seems like she's just not understanding or registering the notion of something bad having happened. Perhaps she's in denial.

"Of course," Lilith nods a little, grinning in return. She doesn't seem to think how Naerose comes off as weird at all, or strange--as a darkstalker she seems to see things through a different lens. "Did you run into her, or something?" Lilith is a bit less on guard now, apparently she had just met Jez, at some point. So had Lilith, of course--though Lilith hadn't been looking for food when that happened.

"Well if you wanna find her, why not just go check out where she used to live...?" Lilith says the obvious thing in response to her notion of wanting to find Lightning Spangles. She's also trying to ferret out info on just what she knows about El Jezerino.

"Right, That makes like perfect sense," Naerose exclaims, as if it was the most brilliant idea ever. She stands there a moment just sort of like twiddling her thumbs or something but not actually moving or saying anything until she finally asks, in a perfectly serious seeming way (at least as serious as Naerose ever seems) "So where is that exactly?"

Of course there would be questions, like where did you meet with her or how but, for whatever reason Naerose doesn't seem to have any answer for that and instead simply says, "I just, guess we used to sort of run into each other places." She looks around as if this might be one of them.

"Oh but I like totally have a lead." She pulls out the thermas and shows Lilith, "Like I'm pretty sure this used to be hers. I can't get it opened though." At this poind the producers would like to point out that it is a good thing that Naerose has thus far failed to get the thermas opened, as it is filled with deadly Sarin gas.

Lilith makes a face, it's obviously one of trying to restrain herself with replying with 'trailer park' or, 'the bathroom at Applebees' or the like.

"I... dunno, exactly," Lilith says after a few moments, shaking her head. Lilith's speech check odds here is probably meh, but then it is Naerose she's speaking to.

"What's that?" Lilith reaches over and takes the metal canister from Naerose, realizing pretty quickly that it's not a thermos, just from the construction of it.

"The hell? Where did you find this?" Lilith turns the canister over in her hands--using her wings formed into hands to help cradle the device and look it over.

"Oh that?" Naerose replies easily, not minding as it is snatched away. "Just some graveyard or something, there was like this news story later that I guess they found something of Jezebel's there and I thought maybe like I dunno a clue? But I'm totally a witch, so I guess I could try like magic or something, because I'm like totally magical." She shifts her weight and then says, "Like I bet I could like comminicate with spirits or like make some sort of cool voodoo doll to put her in or something. " She looks back at Lilith expectantly.

The expectant look is the sort of look a child might give, like not even remotely aware of how someone might properly act or that she could be imposing or gosh even annoying. She's just waiting to see if Lilith has anything useful to impart on her, like woah wisdom of this random person she met.

It's as if none of that matters to Naerose at all, or more like none of that even crosses her mind for a second.

Lilith levels an almost... 'really?' sort of gaze at Naerose. At the same time, the thought is dawning on her--oh shit, it was found along with Jezebel's shit in a shallow grave somewhere??! What if Lilith actually drove her to suicide?! How awesome would that be!?

"It would seem..." Lilith said carefully and slowly, "That Miss Faiblesse might have met with foul play," or as humans called it, murder.

"For the meantime this... thing, this uh, what did you call it? Thermos? I think..." Lilith turned the object around, eyeing the biohazard or other warning signs that were likely all over it.

"Is dangerous. Can you... show me where you found it?" Lilith asks, now soberly and serious for perhaps the first time this evening.

"Oh sure." Naerose exclaims and then turns like she's about to lead Lilith somewhere and then turns in another direction and then another still. Finally she settles on turning back to Lilith and admitting, "Yeah I tottally forgot how to get there." She scratches her jaw and says, "I mean it was a graveyard and.. I wonder where my scooter is." She looks at her broom like she's considering doing something. She even holds it and sort of side saddle sits on it and then tells Lilith, "I'm sure I can find it eventually." If it were possible to have an aura that perfectly conveys something than right now right here Naerose is conveying something that would be unmistakable to any but the most utterly oblivious. That something is unreliability. Though she says she can find it she couldn't be less reliable if she tried.

Just then, mercifully, a thought occurs to her. She fumbles in her hat and pulls out a smart phone, "Oh so hey, check this thing out, it's nifty and like has the interwebs on it, you can totally look stuff up." She starts deftly typing on the keyboard, if by deft one means, having to constantly fix typos. "I can just do this little web search, cause there was totally a news article about it, that should have the address." She shows the screen to Lilith. "In a place called Arizona. Oh there is a map feature too, directions says..." Her eyes widen large enough to see around the rims of her circular shades. "Well that's going to be quite a trip on my scooter."

"I... see," Lilith blinks a little bit. Okay, maybe that few moments of emotional bliss that she siphoned off the girl may not have been worth it?? Well, it still was, but still! She can tell from the girl's outward actions and what she's reading off her emotional state that she seems... less than reliable.

"But you are a sorceress, of... some kind," Lilith takes a few steps closer, her 3" cherry red heeled boots clicking. She approaches the girl sitting side-saddle on her broom, reaching over to test if it was really giving lift by nudging it, before nodding.

"Here I thought that was just, uh... an outfit," Lilith grins a little, still clutching the dangerous capsule of sarin gas in one of her large wing hands, not letting go of it just yet.

"Yes, I know of them, I have one myself," she slips her own phone down the front of her leotard. That is... it's not like Lilith has much else down the front of her leotard, d'ohoho.

"Dry, arid, full of rednecks, yeah, that sounds like a place Jezebel might be," Lilith intoned, then tilted her head. "You know she is probably dead right? You seemed to think she was still alive earlier."

"Huh? Oh hmm," Naerose responds and then thinks for a moment before she says, "Sounds like bread, I heard of that once, unbread, I'm sure there is something that I can like do like seancey and something and fix that. Unbread. " She's pretty sure, she looks pretty sure. She's utterly not grasping concepts here.

The broom is.. Just an ordinary broom. It's the most authentic looking part of her outfit too, like it looks like she made it herself out of a stick, but it also looks like it would be right at home in a ren fair. Maybe she has some skills after all, but does it provide lift?

For a moment the broom really does seem to be held by some force all it's own, but only a moment. Almost like the moment that Naerose isn't paying attention to what Lilith is doing or whatever the broom seems to be in fact, enchanted somehow, but then it's an ordinary broom affected by ordinary gravity.

"We'll totally need to like, take a plane to get there." Maybe she can't fly that far, or maybe she's just lazy, but the witch no longer looks ready to side saddle her broom. "I've totally snuck aboard a plane in luggage before."

"Something like that... aw man, what if we have zombie Jezebel wandering around the desert down there, hungering for Baconators in the night," even Lilith has to shiver a little. "Something, or a train--or an automobile, not sure--I fly myself, and if you can't get there on this," Lilith gestures to the broom, "Then we'll have to think of something else," she looks down at the stainless steel canister held in her wing hand.

"Do you mind if I... hold onto this for the time being? I think it contains something bad, but I don't know what, exactly," she nods. "I wonder what Jezebel was doing wth it, but who knows with her," she shrugs.

A moment passes when Lilith is just stared at. Naerose looks at her phone, looks at the demon, back at the phone. "Do you.. " She starts, "Like realize how far this is?" She looks back at her phone, "I mean, like totally it would be the -worst- going there on your own. " Apparently just because Naerose can fly on a broom (probably) doesn't mean it's easy or ideal for long distance travel, just to drive the point home though.

"First, if you want to go fast, it gets real windy and cold and you need something for your eyes," She taps her shades, holy cow, do they actually make logical sense?! "And then there is just like the being all tired out from maintaining control that long.." Is she actually making good points? Maybe from her prospective, "And then like I mean if you can go as fast as a plane it's probably like a lot of work and doing it for a lot of distance is like,. woah, lots of really really big work." She doesn't look remotely interested in flying long distances on her broom, "So I mean umm, if you want to like not hide in luggage, that's fine.. but I'm totally going to hide in luggage." Then as an afterthought she says, "Sure you can hold onto that but like, umm, meet me at the cemetary with it? I thinks it's totally important."

"I'm a succubus dear, I can fly," Lilith leans over and pats Naerose gently on the shoulder. "Well, you do speak the truth, though I assume you get a lot of bugs in your teeth flying on that thing," the succubit teases the witch, before walking around her. "I'll see about a plane ticket for you, won't take me long to rustle one up--and I will meet you there with it. I think I need an airtight cooler and some styrofoam peanuts for this thing..." Lilith doesn't want it going off, despite her usual disdain for humans. Plus, it might be useful for some fun later~

"I'm gonna be off then, don't get hypnotized by too many footlongs out there, Nae Nae~" the succubus teases, skipping off.

And so the Red Witch is left standing there puzzling over, "Whats a such you bit?" And then shortly there after forgets all about the encounter and finds a bag of half eaten carmal coated peanuts. Somehow she'll end up on the flight, but how is a story for another day.

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