Koto - Cheerleader Meets Superhero

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Description: While being a bit down after his recent losses as well as having a detention of cleaning the bleachers, Koto has a run in with Tiffany who was doing cheerleading practice. Sparring hijinks ensue with Koto's mind not being in the game at all it seems!

After his recent Neo-League loss, Koto had perhaps a reason to be well... down in the dumps. Really, he should be. But the teen student isn't at all! That is the part that has perhaps a few Pacific High students just talking about him. Despite his Neo League fights being a lot of losses, and perhaps more than a few being for his own growth rather than any sort of school pride.

Still, he was at least something of an up and comer in that regards. And even a few of the jocks had said he was pretty tough for taking on some of the guys he did. Others, mostly more nerdy types have even said he was cool with his 'mega power' as he called it. But... seriously, the fact remains? Koto was still at least partially giving a bad name to any sort of fighting reputation for the school.

Literally, most of his record in the SNF and the Neo League so far was in losses. Loss, loss, loss. And even worse was a few times when he did not have matches and came back looking well... injured.

Still, it was a nice, if overcast evening that found him wandering the athletic fields at the moment. As part of a bit of punishment for not doing so well in an assignment, he had a bit of detention. Namely in cleaning up some of the bleachers at the moment as he wandered along, idly just... well, not quite picking up trash, but rather floating it into a garbage can down near the base of the bleachers themselves. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't be caught dead here except for good old physical education.

Tiffany, meanwhile, has had a pretty *good* run of fighting experiences, in what we'll call a nebulous 'a while back.' More importantly, though, she considers it important that *everyone* in Pacific who fights has a good experience.

Tiffany's also at the athletic fields, but it's to practice her routine -- cheer, not fighting, of course. Trying to balance both means spending more time practicing than *anyone* -- sometimes even alone, like now. A piece of trash floats through her field of vision, though, and it gives her pause -- at which point her gaze turns to Koto.

Almost immediately, she jogs over to her fellow fighter. "HEY!" she calls, brightly. "It's good to see you!" She hasn't actually... seen Koto face to face before, but *everyone* at Pacific is a friend, as far as Tiffany's concerned -- doubly so if they fight. "What's GOTCHA lookin' so down in the dumps?"

Her Japanese is... not bad, but her stress patterns are *weird.*

"Eh... detention, oh and losses." Koto says in reply, floating another piece of trash which looks like someone ate a hot dog or something off to the garbage can. He looks over, blinking a few times. He peers at her. "Ah... sorry, if I hit you or anything. I'm practicing my powers a bit. The whole... well, moving things is a bit hard." And noticeable! He actually is moving his hands to grab something and move it. Even with the slight prism-looking glow that surrounds the trash.

"Being a student is not all it is cracked up to be these days. So many good fighters out there, and then you have the ones who just... well... do it for their own demented pleasure. Oh, and DarkStalkers. I swear I keep running across them even when I try not to." The Japanese born teen says.

"So what brings you up here? Don't tell me some of the Sentai club tried to peek or something." He asks her finally.

Tiffany snickers, waving the comment off. "Nah, you didn't hit me! I just saw some trash flying around and thought I'd SEE what's up!" She grins -- though she moves on to a slightly more serious expression at the mention of 'losses.' "Oh, right... yeah, I saw THAT," she says, chewing at her lower lip briefly.

Before deciding to address that in earnest, she adds, "Huh? Nope, no one's peeking that I know of! I just needed space to practice. It's a lot EASIER when you have the space to yourself, right?" Granted, there are some things you can't exactly *do* where cheer practice is concerned.

Looping back, she reflects, "There ARE a lot of good fighters out there, though... which means we just gotta be even better!" She stretches out a little. It looks slightly ridiculous in the Pacific High cheer outfit. "... Want to try a SPAR? What I said about it being easier to practice when no one's around sometimes is true for fighters, too, y'know!"

The idea of a spar has Koto looking thoughtful, then he nods. "Sure. I can finish picking this stuff up afterwards, I guess." The teen hero shrugs, then moves his hands near his sides before sticking one out. Seriously, the rumors that he did the whole transformation pose? Right on.

His left hand swings in front of him, "Heeeenshin!" And a somewhat bright prismatic aura just covers him. It's unclear where it even starts, but it just covers him and leaves him in a costume right out of some of the Saturday morning live action shows that are in Japan. Even if it's slightly a mash up of one concept or another.

Then he leaps literally, gliding it seems almost as he lands on the field below. Obviously if she had watched his fights so far, he would be doing some sort of pose or the like, but he doesn't even do that. "Ready when you are!" He calls up towards her.

The only plus side is that at least she isn't the only one in a ridiculious outfit now. Mostly.

COMBATSYS: Koto has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Koto             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Tiffany has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Tiffany          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Koto

Tiffany watches, slightly gobsmacked, as her putative sparring partner abruptly transforms -- just full-on pulls a costume out of seemingly thin air. Her mouth hangs open loosely, and she blinks. After a second, she reaches up, pushes her hair back a bit, and lets herself just nod. "... well, uh, jeez. Okay then. Wow," she declares, rocking back and forth slightly on the balls of her heels as she tries to get herself back in the game.

It's been a while since she's actually fought anyone, and while she's seen some of Koto's fights, it's been more of a 'had the TV on while doing homework' kind of seen -- she is *not* a tape-studier, and a little out of practice, besides... but that just means she'll need to try even harder!

After a few seconds' consideration, she decides to start with the basics. She takse a quick, half-hop back, then leaps straight up into the air; a moment later, her whole body aims down toward Koto, coming down in a drilling kick. "Show me what YOU'VE got!" she calls, as she descends, clearly excited.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany successfully hits Koto with Exciting Kick.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Tiffany          0/-------/------<|===----\-------\0             Koto

Koto had moved to a looser stance, but the incoming kick actually knocks him back a few steps as if his mind wasn't quite in the fight yet. The excitement is definitely there for her, and it shows as he does end up on his back before flipping back to his feet into a more sturdy, closer stance with his fists closed. "Alright..."

Crouching down a bit, Koto takes off suddenly at a full sprint to make up for the distance he was just literally kicked away. "Flying Dragon!" He calls out even as what seems like a set of dragon's wings spread behind him from his back, and his hands glow as he tries to plant a hand into Tiffany's midsection and carry her along, then toss her with a burst of the prism colored energy he uses.

"Not a bad kick!" He says afterwards, probably caught off guard by that first attack. Probably. Or she is a lot more skilled than him. Who's to say?

COMBATSYS: Tiffany interrupts Flying Dragon from Koto with Groovy Knuckle.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Tiffany          0/-------/---<<<<|=======\-------\0             Koto

As Koto comes in with those huge, swooping wings, Tiffany makes a split-second decision. She doesn't think she can get out of the way -- which means instead, she has to meet him. Her intuition pays off; she steps forward with a quick spin, then introduces Koto's arm to her fist. It's not a *perfect* defense -- she still gets struck in the midsection by that glowing hand, but it stops her from getting carried along.

"Oof -- I can definitely see why people would be SCARED of you!" she says, as she shakes out her arm, starting to put herself back in stance and gaining a tiny bit of separation. "You've got really imp... impet... GOOD offense! If I tried to get away instead of meeting you, I'd be cooked!"

She rolls her shoulders a little bit, bouncing back and forth on her heels again as she waits for Koto's next maneuver.

Koto's sudden stop has him at least with a bit of a jarring to the arm at least. He backs away to shake his arm at the impact afterwards. With her having stepped back, Koto huhs. "Boxing or kickboxing?" He asks in conversation.

With it being just a simple spar, Koto feels at least that he can step back, and start to circle around since they have such a wide open area, keeping the same stance as he seems to be focusing on what was done to his arm, moving it around a bit to make sure nothing is broken before his hands move back to their ready stance, almost martial art seeming and definitely something like kickboxing, but at the same time uniquely different as he seems to take a moment to get his composure back rather than going on the offense like he has been.

COMBATSYS: Koto gains composure.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Tiffany          0/-------/---<<<<|======-\-------\0             Koto

"Both!" Tiffany says, brightly. "Or, well -- mostly boxing, but, YOU KNOW, cheerleading! Got those good legs, might as well use 'em!" The cheerleader thinks a little, letting Koto take the time to put himself back together a bit. That's fine with her -- she likes to chat during a fight anyway, especially if it's a spar.

"I think to fight GOOD," Tiffany notes, slightly more seriously, "you have to know all your best assets!" She springs forward, full of boundless energy, as she adds, "You need to think about how even non-fighting stuff, sometimes... is fighting stuff!"

Case in point, apparently: Tiffany springs forward into a full-on cartwheel, at *just* the distance necessary to introduce Koto's face to her feet mid-cartwheel. ... Of course, even if her depth perception proves a little off, or he steps back, that's still a whole lot of Tiffany to contend with.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany successfully hits Koto with Groovy Wheel EX.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Tiffany          0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\==-----\1             Koto

The incoming cartwheel is definitely not something that Koto expects. And he ends up with a pair of feet connecting to his face alright. Ow. Well, helmeted face. At least it's not all some fancy costume from the feel of the kicks. Definitely some sort of protective material there as he ends up kicked back a few feet again.

Backflipping back to his feet, the teen superhero shakes his head, "Yeah... I'm definitely not on my game here... alright..." A large prismatic glow appears underneath him, stylizing itself into some sort of shape that's probably more visible to the air before all of that glow goes straight to his lower legs. Then he leaps upwards himself, rightfully higher than most should be able to as he brings one of his legs up. "RAIJIN--" He comes downwards with an axe kick, "RYU!" The incoming kick is like a bolt of lightning coming down at least from the looks, not to mention the follow up backflip he tries afterwards. Apparently he has some kicking game of his own rather than just whatever that flying charge was.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany dodges Koto's Raijin Ryu.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Tiffany          0/-------/<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0             Koto

"Whoa!" Tiffany visibly startles as that glow forms around Koto; it puts her instantly on her guard, and while her first instinct is to throw up her hands and protect her face, she has a split-second realization as that leg comes down. Tucking into a roll, Tiffany narrowly evades the axe kick, feeling it just barely whizz past her skirt as she retreats.

As she pulls herself back up to her full height, she breathes a small sigh of relief. "I think either I'm in your head or you're in your own head," Tiffany says, after a little thought. "HARD to tell which! I've been there too, though!" She recalls a couple of extremely missed opportunities from early in her own fighting career -- most of which came from that same place of 'oh, I'm not on my game.'

Tiffany takes a moment to watch Koto, instead of pushing in to strike. "Hrrrm... you do have a really good style, though... I'm really glad you're my classmate!"

COMBATSYS: Tiffany focuses on her next action.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Tiffany          0/-------/<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0             Koto

Considering that, Koto shrugs, "Thanks." He says, then seems to focus a bit more. The helmet at least makes it impossible to see his face, which might be a good thing.

Instead of trying to focus, however, he steps in, circling around to one side and bringing his back leg up. Which is already glowing again as he swings out with a roundhouse kick aimed at her side.

"THUNDER KICK!" Even if it misses, that kick is definitely well worth the flashy name he has given it. Especially as it seems to move with a bit of enhanced speed, and give off a crack like thunder once his leg completes the roundhouse movement.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany blocks Koto's Thunder Kick.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Tiffany          1/------</<<<<<<<|====---\-------\0             Koto

This time, Tiffany *does* focus on defending herself; she doesn't want to take too many big, flashy risks, even if that is sort of the core of her whole style. She brings up her arms as that roundhouse kick comes in, in a boxer's block; she then turns to meet the kick head-on with those arms, starting to wobble on her feet a little bit.

"... Phew! Talk about a KICK!" she declares, as she starts to assess her situation again; she's momentarily at a loss for how to approach, and her arms are *stinging*...

... so she doesn't use them. Instead, she steps straight in, still ducking low -- and then abruptly explodes out of that duck, doing a backflip. The kick element almost seems incidental -- but it's very, *very* fast, and brings the full force of Tiffany's body to bear.

COMBATSYS: Tiffany successfully hits Koto with Beautiful Spin.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Tiffany          1/-----<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1             Koto

Koto responds, "One of the specialities of Tenrairyu--" And then he ends up kicked again. This time almost lifted off of his feet and that helmet probably nailed his jaw. Probably. Ow.

Instead of waiting, he responds with an attack of his own as he sweeps his back leg out again while Tiffany is coming down for a landing. At least it isn't glowing this time, but as evidenced by the Thunder Kick, this one at least is going to hit hard and maybe throw her for a loop. "Tsunami Sweep!" It definitely comes out a bit funny when he says the attack, though. Almost a slurring just a bit. Cartwheel kicks hurt, after all!

Afterwards, Koto rubs at his chin. "Ow..."

COMBATSYS: Tiffany interrupts Tsunami Sweep from Koto with Wonderful Kick EX.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Tiffany          0/-------/------<|=======\=====--\1             Koto

Tiffany locks eyes with Koto, still low from landing from her previous flip, as he comes in for that vicious throw; he gets his hands on her in short order -- but that's when she springs into action. She bursts free of his grasp, torn at a little bit -- but goes into a forward flip-kick similar to the one that she managed a moment ago.

Then she does it again, barely grazing the ground as she pushes herself into a second flip -- and then a third, even. There's a moment in there, for just a second, when that seems like that's it.

Then she launches herself off the ground with her hands, flying feet-first in a near-perfect upside-down mirror of the diving kick she managed at the start. When at last she hits the ground, she looks a little worn out -- but still confident, and smiling as always.

And that definitely ends the sparring for Koto as he ends up kicked a few times and on his back as he lays there for a moment. Then his costume disappears into sparks of the prism like energy. "Ow... good shar..." He winces, then rubs his jaw a few times while laying on the grass of the field.

He actually takes a few minutes before sitting up into an indian style position and still rubbing his chin, even working his jaw as if to get feeling back into it.

When he finally gets his jaw back working, he asks, "So all the kicks were cheerleading routines or something?"

COMBATSYS: Koto can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tiffany          0/-------/------<|

"Kind of! They come from that, but I adapted bits and pieces -- I've got a whole rep... repor... THING of boxing stuff, too, but the way you fight the kicks just kinda matched up better!" Tiffany says, helping Koto get into a more comfortable position. Despite herself, she can't *quite* stop herself from being helpful and gentle about the whole thing.

"Like, the flip was a thing freshman year," she adds, by way of further explanation, "and the kick is something newer -- originally I was gonna' use it to make a big entrance over a human pyramid, and then I was like, 'I could fight with this, too!'"

Still all smiles, she asks, "What's with the get-up? It looks really cool, and I can tell it's padded, or, something -- but it definitely stands out big-time, too!"

Koto shrugs, "It's the way my powers work. I can't do more than just lift small things with them unless I have it on. Oh, and well... glide, I guess you could call it? It's how I made the jump down to here."

He looks slightly annoyed. "To be honest, I have two styles... my Space Pakua might have been a better one against all the kicks, I guess. A lot more movement, and more focused on my abilities than Tenrairyu is. I just tend to shift between them when I can."

He gives a grin, "So, wait, you can actually leap that high to go over a human pyramid?"

"Yep! I've got *really* powerful legs -- even when I'm punching, a lot of the strength comes from that," Tiffany says, brightly. "And, you know -- it's hard for me to tell what other people are up to, a lot, beyond the most basic stuff, FIGHTING-wise. What's Space Pakua?"

There's definite, sincere enthusiasm in her expression -- she really wants to know, it sounds like! "I really kind of envy people who are that, like, FLUID, though? Like, it's good to be able to switch stuff up! I'm not *quite* like that..."

She takes a long, deep breath through her nose, then sighs it out, starting to come down from the rush of fighting.

"Oh, it is basically pakua. A lot of movement in it. Most of it is centered around circle walking, with movements designed to block and strike back, or in my case I use them to focus my powers. It's why I call it Space Pakua because a lot of what I do seems to be based on... well, space?"

The teen seems to consider, "I'm starting to wonder if I need to work on my leg and arm speed... I swear between you, B.B. Hood, Abigail, and even Fumiko I feel like my speed is lacking more than anything."

Koto sighs, then flops back on the grass. No other word for that one. Just flat out lets himself fall back on the grass. "Probably why I enjoy fighting in the League. It lets me get a good deal of practice in, push myself to get better... I swear, though, it gets boring with all the losses despite how many I took on."

"Oh! ... Round movements makes it *feel* very space, now that I think about it," Tiffany reflects aloud, looking her fellow student over once. "I definitely think you're onto something with speed though! If you've got those circular motions, you need the speed to get more power!" That, at least, is something Tiffany *totally* understands. Her fighting style is *also* shaped like a friend, after all.

She likewise lets herself fall back, saying, "I should start up in the league again, too... I took a break for a while to FOCUS on studying but it's BORING!" She sounds more bothered by it than she looks. ... It's the mediocre Japanese again. "Losses are just the building blocks for wins, though! You've gotta keep TRYING or you'll never get there!"

Laughing, Koto shakes his head. "Speed's something I tend to be pretty poor at.... maybe I can do like that one Ultraman they came out with recently... Geed, I think? Use my powers to boost my arm speed for more force?"

The teen shrugs, "I think my head just wasn't in the game at the moment... I'm normally more ready to block than I was. I think the loss in the semi-finals got to me a little... that, and the whole thing that Hood showed me." He looks slightly annoyed by that.

Tiffany's eyes light up at the mention of using the new Ultraman as inspiration. "Yes! See? That's exactly the kind of thinking that'll push you ahead!" When he starts dissecting his performance in a little more detail, though, Tiffany waves it off a bit. "You gotta commit to some offense, and a lot of what I put out was when you were ATTACKING," she points out. "Sometimes your opponent just gets lucky! Life's like that."

She gives Koto a winning smile. "Do you want any help getting to the nurse's office?" There's a pause, before she appends, "Do you want to... *go* to the nurse's office?"

Koto seems to consider. "Huh... yeah, I'll see what I can do there. Might be fun, you know?" He shrugs, "I will have to see what I can do in that at least."

At the mention of the nurse's office, Koto seems to consider. He rubs his jaw, "Naah... Abigail hit harder than that. I should be fine, I think... besides, I still have to clean up the rest of the bleachers... miss one day 'cause you were cut up pretty bad and you get sent to clean bleachers... at least it's not raining, right?"

Tiffany grins, and says, "Well, if you're sure! I'm gonna' head home before too long, myself. Good luck with the bleachers!" She adds, with a wry grin, "And nope -- at least you've got THAT one off the list. Rain is *mega*-gross."

Tiffany starts to collect herself, and before too long, she's heading out -- with one last grin to Koto.

Koto shakes his head slowly, laughing, "Good spar at least... I'll have to try again whenever my head is more in the game, right?" He waves to Tiffany.

Afterwards, Koto gets back up and moves back to the bleachers, beginning to use his powers to move things around again with his hands playing the medium. Trash pickup for a detention is always messy, right?

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