Neo League 0120 - NL: Abigail vs B.B. Hood

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Description: Abigail and B.B. Hood meet in Metro City to determine who will move on to the Neo-League Finals! While B.B. Hood tries to find a way around Abigail's impossible size and strength, Abigail has to contend with a hostile crowd and tactically deployed guilt.


Bulleta watches a nearly 350 pound man fly into a car so hard that the car flips over.

The man responsible is her next Neo-League opponent.

"Fuuuuck," she exhales, pinching the bridge of her nose.


She'd gotten started on research early, because she knew before Bob and Abigail touched gloves where she'd have put her money. Bob is his own can of worms, a shockingly fast karate expert to whom a title shot is still owed. She split her focus some, at least - two harpies, one slug - but she's already got a meticulously sorted collection of Abigail study materials she's making headway through, at this point.

Right now, she's watching him slam Duke Burkhoff's head into a lamppost, then use him as a speed bag. She has watched this one a lot; it tells her a lot about how strong /and/ tough - he walked through tons of gravitational force just to get his hands on the Syndicate leader - Abigail is, and Duke gets electrocuted and pummeled into a bloody heap.

"/Fuck/..." she mutters, flicking her eyes between a legal pad and the screen. He's so /stubborn/-- not to mention /confident/...



Zangief's crawling out of a crater because he tried to stand there while Abigail punched him.


A cyborg dropkicks Abigail in the chest-- his smoking, atomic laser-scorched chest. The chest that is /substantially/ denser now than it was at the beginning of the fight.

Abigail does not move.


Frowning, Bulleta draws a line through 'NUCLEAR PICNIC??'.


"... ah, fuck it."

Bulleta places a burning cigarette between her teeth and opens her laptop.

>> 0/5 Stars
>>> Just got back from Abigail's Scrap Metal and saw the owner's that giant lunatic who used to terrorrize the Bay Area! Did anyone know about this?? Do the police?? Someone should really...


>>> ... son got beaten up by a Mad Gear, and I'm supposed to let one touch my car????!! What if he chops it...

In the background, Abigail intercepts last season's champion before he can throw an elephant-killing uppercut, SLAMS him into the concrete, then sends him flying with a series of earth-shattering blows.



Bulleta draws back and shakes her wrists out with a sigh. The cigarette smoldering away on the ash tray's snagged for a puff, but only a quick one; there's not much time left.

>>> ... eigth grade class HOOKED on dope and now one of them's suposed to be a big time celebrity fihgter well I say b******* that's b*******...


>>> abigail's scrap metal is bringing crime into our community and i hope it burns to the ground in a drug fire...

Bulleta stretches her arms above her head with a languid yawn. Once they drop, she turns contemplative eyes towards her stationary drawer.


A triple-digit percentage increase in reviews for Abigail's Scrap Metal in just four days, and all it took was a young woman with a job to do, a random name generator, a shit-load of proxies, and even more free time.

Normally, B.B. Hood might lurk in the crowd, too shy, too nervous to stand in the ring and face her opponent until she /must/; not today. Today, she's posted in her corner, in a light cobalt hoodie, a cobalt and gold half-face mask, and black jeans. A few locks of blonde hair poke out of the hood; between them and the angle of her head, it's tough to see her eyes. She's certainly not looking at Abigail if he's in the ring already. Her hands are jammed in her front pocket, fingers nervously tracing over the envelope stashed with a selection of other weapons. Her breathing is slow, deep. Controlled, as if anything less would summon a flood.

Since the Majigen Invasion, public fights have become more commonplace. Metro City's long been a hub of professional fighting, but outdoor charity exhibitions weren't always so fashionable, and there was less of an imperative to 'draw attention to the aftermath'. Even though today's match has nothing to do with charity, arranging for a four-poster ring, proper lighting, and crowd safety measures in a park across from Belger's skyscraper was as smooth as could be. There's a short entrance 'ramp' leading from a free-standing backstage tent to the ring, complete with pyro; all the better to give the audience a good show.

B.B. Hood didn't indulge in pyro, of course. She's not really that kind of girl.

Once upon a time, Abigail was visited by a psychic who told him that his business would do well and to go forth with it and not worry. Not that he..puts much stocks in such things but his car modding/junkyard/auto repair shop has done much for putting him on the map and refocusing his attention on striving to be more then just the biggest enforcer for the worst Metro City's criminal underworld had to offer. It's been a bit of a journey, languishing in the Bay Area that used to be his region of control, trying to follow laws and codes and business requirements, discovering he was actually pretty good at such things..but eventually one could say that he made it. And then the Fighting World discovered that Metro City was hiding a tank top wearing kaiju in its depths. One several degrees bigger then the already famous Hugo and more prone to wild rampages and earth shaking antics. The world watched as he got dragged into security work at the United Nations with other Mad Gear and then they watched again as he qualifies for World Warrior and fought his way up hill against far more seasoned and powerful fighters then he, by brute strength alone.

Now today, Abigail's story is paired up with other 'rags to riches' stories and few would question his him overly much about his motivations and purpose. Other former Mad Gear members look up to him, and he's a few in his employ, earning a legit paycheck and getting other perks in exchange for the occasional weathering of the brutes tantrums when things aren't going well.

They aren't going well right now.

"J!!?!" Abigail roars, clicking refresh on the YELP page for Abigail's Scrap Metal so often that the special Mouse that was made for him crushes underneath his massive finger. "What's going on here?! Who serviced these people!?"

"What the--?" says the blond mohawked Mad Gear who is arguably far more computer savvy then the looming confused and furious gorilla dwarfing man glaring at the screen. "Chief..I don't' know.. lemme read..oh... Oh boy.."

The next day, "ROXY!?!" yelps Abigail, "Look at our rating! Do something!!"

"What am I supposed to do?!" complains the Mad Gear flower as she scrolls rapidly through screen after screen of review on her tablet, "I'm not answering these!"

"Two P?? TWO-P!!! What happened to my four o'clock??" Abigail roars, storming through the warehouse. "

"Sorry chief, they cancelled!"

"What? WHY??"

"Something about a protest?"

The next day, M.A.A (Mad About Abigail) has the shop surrounded with the worst the community has to offer. Angry middle aged mothers, furious about their children copying Abigail's face paint and Death Metal habits. "I'm ashamed to be named Abigail." An elderly white haired woman states emphatically to a reporter desperate for a news story.

Abigail sullenly sneaks out the back of the warehouse, down an blocked off alley and makes his way on foot towards the site of the Neo League Match, make up smeared, eyes tired and a deep frown on his face as sad music plays in his head. Axl and Roxy watch as the brute make his way off.

"You know he's just being trolled, right?" says Axl.

"Eh. " replies Roxy, "The big gorilla needs a lesson."

When he -finally- arrives he eyes the ring without much interest and then lurches into it, "Let's get this over with. I got books to balance." Not quite recognizing who his opponent is yet.

M.A.A. and its anti-Death Metal/hot rodding signs litter the first few rows, and are woven less liberally through the rest of the audience. As a CWA promoter lost to the mists of history once said, controversy creates cash, and the Neo-League's raking it in today: the seats and stands beyond the reinforced steel safety barricades are /packed/.

"... I'd like to read you something first," is B.B. Hood's softly-voiced response, delivered after a handful of seconds spent just-- breathing.


"My aunt and uncle live here. They don't really keep up with fighting; violence makes him uncomfortable, especially after Majigen. He was in the Army, and..."

She releases a shuddering breath.

"Not important." The front of her hoodie gentle rustles. "They heard about your fight a few days ago, and then they found out that I'd be fighting you, and... ... they sent me a letter, they-- they asked if I'd read it out loud. To you, because they knew they'd never get another chance to just... /tell/ you what's been on their mind, these last few years."

The envelope's a bit wrinkled, and ripped open along the top. B.B. Hood slides a sheet of paper free and shakes it out while tucking the envelope back into its place.

"'Colin was going to be a city planner when he grew up. It's not a glamorous job, and he knew that. He didn't care. 'I want to help the city grow,' he'd always say. 'I want to give back to it.' When he smiled, you felt like it was just for you, even if he was in a group... and he ALWAYS smiled. Always.

"'The last time he left our house, Colin was fifteen. It was a Saturday, 6:17 PM. He was dressed so... COLORFULLY. Big hair, buckles and zippers, ripped up shirt. He and his friends were going to a concert, though, and that's how the dressed. That was the style. That was HIS style.

"'But the concert was in the Bay Area, Abigail--'"

B.B. Hood's pace is measured, her tone is flat, and she still has to give herself a moment when she chokes up. Beneath the mask, she bites her lip.

A tear slowly rolls until it hits the page.

"'... the concert was in the Bay Area, Abigail, and some of your friends didn't like sharing the boardwalk with loud teenagers.' He-- '/Colin/-- never woke up. Multiple sk-skull fractures... punctured lungs, subcranial he-- hemorr-- h-hemo...'"

B.B. briskly dries her eyes, then they narrow in a defiant little scowl.

"'... time I drive by your garage,'" she picks up, "'on my way to work, I wonder: did they laugh about it with you afterwards? Did they even bother to /tell/ you? Is that sort of thing just another day for you people...? Would you have remembered if they HAD told you? Would you have CARED?

"'I've seen your fights, now, Abigail. My husband refuses, but I had to see you, see the animal THUG whose cronies murdered my baby... I had to know what Bea got herself into. She isn't much older than Colin was...'"

B.B. Hood lifts her eyes... ... ... ... ... to Abigail's. She crumples the letter with a sharp breath through her nostrils.

"Did you ever even say you were sorry, Abigail?" she quietly wonders. "To-- to anyone? Ever? For ANY of it...? DO you care what Mad Gear-- what YOU did to this city, for YEARS, or are you just... just..." The little fighter in blue clenches her jaw, balls and unballs her hands, and shudders. "... worried," she sputters, "...about your /books/?!"

COMBATSYS: Bulleta has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bulleta          0/-------/-======|

Now Abigail isn't dumb. Single minded. An idiot savant perhaps. A guy that likes to make car noises to communicate with others but he's not so out there that he can't normally tell when something's being laid on a tad to thick. And then there's the reality that his activity in Metro City isn't exactly new or news.

..And then there's the fact that Haggar is still Mayor. So certainly if people wanted to come after him or the Mad Gear lists of wrong doings, even with corruption like Edi E. in places of power in the police department....why now?

But he's also a bit sleep deprived as more then this sob story.. more then the angry people who have found something to band wagon on without really thinking it through..his garage has been review bombed.

It's all about the Vroom. Always.

"Wha??" he rumbles while peering at Bulleta, "Huh?" he repeats again, clearly not 'getting it' until it finally dawns on him, "I'm fighting -you-??"

There's a pause as he considers her and then finally the full weight of the letter dawns on him. Now Mad Gear has done some pretty awful things and Metro City has its reputation. Could something like this have happened? It's -possible-.. but Abigail also well knows the personalities of some of those involved and the instructions Belger would have had regarding dealing with the populace.. And so his nose wrinkles up a little bit..and abit of his old annoyance snaps back briefly.

"You blaming me for something like that?? Go write a letter to Haggar! Like I'm going to do to GET YOU OFF MY PROPERTY!" this he thunders at the M.A.A. folk present.

There -could- be a slight miscalculation here. It's Abigail's rage. He's got an anger problem.

"You aint about to stick that stuff on me. I did my job an I've gone legit now. But when I find out whose been leaving those reviews.. my VROOOM is being tarnished!" tears begin to well up in his eyes.

"Let's make this quick little girl. I don't like flattening kids usually.." He sniffs sadly, "I'm feelin' flat..."

COMBATSYS: Abigail has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Bulleta          0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0          Abigail

M.A.A. thunders right back at Abigail, filling the park with a storm of hisses and catcalls. Signs seem to positively /infest/ the crowd:


"So you /aren't/ sorry," B.B. Hood - 'Bea' - lowly confirms. "You--"


"-- you /don't/ care."

*snf*s and swiftly rolling tears aside, she regards the giant with a mixture of astonishment and dismay rather than abject sadness.

"You want people to give you their money-- to trust you with their /things/-- and you can't even be bothered to feel something about the way you treated them," she continues in a flattening tone. The balled letter's hurled towards laser and dropkick-resistant pecs, then she jerks both hands to the satchel strap dangling from her shoulder and clenches tight.

"You-- you don't care about anyone but yourself, do you, Abigail...? You don't care about anything but making yourself rich and happy at Metro City's expense-- oh. No, I'm--" She releases a shaky, mirthless chuckle while shaking her head. "-- sorry, it's-- now it's /everyone's/, isn't it...? Now you've got people who don't /know/ you, who are eager to watch you HURT other people-- now you can just... you can spend the rest of your life being flown around the world, getting paid to do what you spent /years/ doing to Metro City's citizens for /free/."

The shuddering young woman sniffles again, then swallows and finally lets her eyes fall from Abigail's.

"What you're probably just gonna do to /me/," she coldly whispers, "god knows HOW many times over for daring to say something about it, I-- let's-- let's just /do/ this, okay? Just-- just /hurt/ me and get it /over with/, so you can go back to playing pretend-- sorry. /Doing your books/."

The titan actually recoils in confusion for the first time here. This is..different. It's not that he hasn't been exposed to people disliking him or even local problems but the intensity here is becoming unnerving. Are these..paid actors? He squints his eyes at the cat calling and then slowly reads over the signs before looking back to B.B. Hood as her crying becomes more intense.

"Who set this up! I thought this was Neo League, not some Fake Talk Show! This aint even right..or accurate!"

He waves his hands frantically, trying to get someone's attention but..ratings are rating and people just love to see someone they think deserves it get their come-uppance.

"I'm not punching some crying little girl whose bought into some sorta twitter storm!"

He probably picked up on that from Roxy.

"If you want to get this over with then just forfeit!"

He see's an opening, but..he doesn't take it? Instead he holds his ground, clenching his fists and trying to steel his nerves and gaze again as he glares at B.B. Hood.

COMBATSYS: Abigail takes no action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Bulleta          0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0          Abigail

B.B. Hood's tears run as hot as the howling crowd on the other side of the barricades. Her jaw clenches and her eyes widen when he accuses her of buying into lies, and when he tells her to /forfeit/--!

"YOU did, Abigail! YOU set this up-- YOU were part of Mad Gear-- you RAN part of this city for them!" she blurts while snapping her incredulous gaze all the way up to him. "They're here because of YOU-- because you're rubbing their NOSES in all the misery Mad Gear's caused them for YEARS, just by BEING here-- by threatening to call the COPS on them just for PROTESTING you! You just told them that you don't give a SHIT about them, Abigail," a little hand flies out to indicate a swath of crowd, "of COURSE they're angry! They're-- they--"

She has to take a beat to breathe-- to hyperventilate, just about, shivering throughout.

"Aunt Jane and my dead cousin aren't a 'twitter storm', Abigail," comes afterwards, each word delivered with a terrible gravity.

"All you had to do was say 'I'm sorry'... but you /aren't/."

And with that, she /explodes/ into action, crossing the canvas in a matter of heartbeats. Already giving up roughly three and a half feet, she goes lower still as she draws within his massive reach, hoping to evade it long enough to dart between his legs. If she makes it behind him, she'll cut her momentum on a dime, pivot back towards him, dart back in and--

-- stumble...?

It /looks/ like a stumble, anyway, the abrupt stutter-step she takes while her hand slips into her front pocket. Whatever it is, she manages to recover from it enough to slash at his achilles with a boxcutter.

COMBATSYS: Abigail just-defends Bulleta's Stumble & Blade!

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Bulleta          0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0          Abigail

Abigail's eyes widen and his mouth slacks just abit as he works rapidly to try and process all of this. This is the type of stuff Poison or Edi E or Rolento would be better suited to deal with. He just wants to work on cars, design monster trucks and occasionally fight. He never asked to be a candidate for biggest and strongest man alive where raw strength and power is concerned. But since he's got it, why not use it? He spent much of his young life restraining himself and suffering for it after all.

"No, listen..I. Look.. THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!"

And so he leaves himself open and in a flash B.B. Hood is on him, dashing at him and then out of sight and for an instant, Abigail looks like he's going to be a tree that needs to be rightfully cut down. But then something snaps on the inside..

He didn't' spend years building a business, legitimately cutting ties from the criminal underworld and then getting pummeled as a World Warrior underdog for this.

The sudden flash of clarity sends his body into motion and he turns, his impossibly hard physique taking the box cutter to the leg and repelling it with his dense muscle as he lunges around and reaches a massive hand down for B.B. Hood. Attempting to literally engulf her entire head into his palm. His fingers curling about her head like a tarantual's legs over a small seed.

" aint like that. I'm not some sociopath. That stuff that Mad Gear did was awful. Why do you think I'm trying to do things like a -normal- person now? I built my garage from the ground up and give back to the community!"

He moves to lift her up should the grasp maintain and aims a fist at her, "But right now? I'm here to fight and WIN. If they want an apology they can see me and make an appointment like everyone else in Metro City who comes by! But right now! It's time for VROOOOM!"

Abigail's massive finger flicks out like a battering ram. A simple finger flick albiet from a behemoth so strong even the biggest fighters are like playthings.

COMBATSYS: Bulleta blocks Abigail's Red Leaf.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Bulleta          0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0          Abigail

A simple finger flick leaves B.B. Hood arching from turnbuckles in sheer agony thanks to the deadly steel rope connectors that are only /so/ padded. The resultant shockwave buffets a portion of the audience, sending drinks and signs flying in the first row.

The satchel his finger collided with - the one she swing into position in the nick of time, thanks to a quick switch of her hips - is unmarred, but the impact went off like a bomb, and now it's crashing to the canvas as she settles in the corner, panting.

That /hand/, closing around her /entire skull/ like a manticore's jaws...

And she's still alive, aching but unbroken.

Thank god for the mask. Wild, toothy grins would be entirely out of character right now.

"Normal-- hh--" She peels herself free and stumbles forward a step. "Normal people say 'I'm sorry', don't they?"

Simply trying to run around him is--

-- it's not an /entirely/ invalid strategy /yet/, but she decides to put a pin in it for now, in favor of hauling the satchel up from the mat and twisting just so, orienting one of its sides towards him.

"No appointments required."

Her fingers graze over wicker-hued leather until they find a zipper. Gently, she nudges it along its track.

"Maybe you AREN'T a monster-- maybe you ARE what you say you are... but how's anyone supposed to believe that when you swagger around like...?"

Her eyes pointedly roam down his body. As they're on their way up, the zipper catches on something, prompting a forceful push along the track.

This in turn opens an aperture in the satchel large enough for a missile with Mayor Haggar painted along its length, right down to a handsome smile and a bristling mustache on the nosecone. As soon as the missile's clear, the satchel seals itself up with nary a seam left behind.

COMBATSYS: Abigail endures Bulleta's Smiling Missile.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Bulleta          0/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0          Abigail

"Uuh.." is all Abigail has to say when he realizes that some sort of missile has just been launched at him. At least..he thinks it is? It's admittedly a little disorientating to see Haggars face rapidly rushing in with a gout of flame behind it. Everything flashes white after that and his massive frame is rocked by the impact and resulting explosion which teeters him ever so slightly, causing his torso to lean backwards and then to hold itself in place and return back straight again as if he were a tree bending against a gust of a wind and then returning upright.

Her taunt has been heard as well and he grimaces in mild annoyance before he suddenly springs forward and leaps. His massive body goes hurtling into the air and he actually manages a full rotation, flipping and then descending down towards the girl with both of his massive arms up raised and then pounding downward in a full on 'Hulk Smash' type of action that's sure to trigger seismometers elsewhere in the city.

"No swagger, girl! Just the KABOOM!!"

COMBATSYS: Bulleta full-parries Abigail's Giant Flip!!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Bulleta          1/------=/=======|==-----\-------\0          Abigail

KABOOM!! indeed.

B.B. Hood races out of the corner as a massive shadow threatens to swallow the ring and her with it, but he's /so/ big--! When he crashes to the mat, there's no sign of her; just a cloud of smoke spreading out from the impact point and the feeling of something soft and squishy being pulverized beneath Abigail's bulk.

All things considered, this is probably not a surprise. Even Abigail's hecklers are more deflated than /angry/ as white puffs fill the ring: B.B. Hood was willing to /do/ something with her outrage, but her initiative didn't make her any /less/ half his size, half his weight-- any less vulnerable to annihilation than any one of /them/ would've been.

They, unlike Abigail, aren't privy to what happens next, beneath billowing smoke. /They/ can't feel powerful little hands scrabbling up diesel-fueled quads, lats, and traps--

"Why won't you just say it, Abigail?" B.B. Hood wonders once she's close enough to whisper.

"Is it because you know, deep down, that you wouldn't /mean/ it...?"

She attempts to punctuate the question by seizing part of his head for support while the other attempts to draw a vicious line across his throat with a carbon steel ka-bar.

COMBATSYS: Abigail interrupts Smile & Slice EX from Bulleta with Abi Lift.
- Power hit! -

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Bulleta          1/---====/=======|===----\-------\0          Abigail


Now it's Abigail's turn to have a moment of fear ripple across his features as he feels B.B. Hood scrambling up and around his body like some sort of terrifying re-enactment of Child's Play come to life.

That movie terrified him.

The knife against his neck isn't helping either. His body twists around like a raging bull, trying to hurtle her free and then at the last second his opposite arm comes crashing upward, swinging like a dislodged wrecking ball for the girl just as the knife scores damage across his tree trunk of a neck.

"Dammit! Are you some sort of lunatic!" he roars, furious now. "What's the matter with you!?" His frustration doesn't even give him the presence of mind to consider how to answer her question. -Would- he be sorry or is the past just the past?

Cracked ribs.

Numbness rippling through her right arm.

A badly bruised hip...

There are all /kinds/ of things wrong with B.B. Hood because she's a groaning, shallowly breathing heap against the barricade, a section of which is bowed in towards the crowd because she hit it /that/ hard. The satchel's wedged the shallow crater it formed after hitting the ground at the end of her journey.

This is-- it's the point where she'd drag her trembling body out of whatever wreckage her opponent's hurled her into, clearly battered but bravely clinging on in spite of it-- on the ropes, but miraculously together enough to fight for another round, if not more.

And she /does/, eventually, grip a handful of soil and grass to pull herself out of the her-shaped dent in reinforced steel. When she eventually forces herself up on trembling legs, her knees buckle and she almost hits them before she manages to cling to the barricade for support; her eyes are glassy until they flutter, then refocus upon Abigail, as ready as she possibly /could/ be to press forward.

But she has never in her life been hit like /that/, by /any/thing. She doesn't have to try very hard at all to look like she's just had her bell rung.

"I-- I-- just--"

Rapid panting's swallowed back hard, then she marches-- staggers, really-- towards the ring.

"I want to /win/, Abigail," she whispers. "I /need/ it-- you're not the only one with /sins/, but if I get that money, I-- at least /I'll/ take working them off /seriously/--!"

Staggering becomes a wobbling sprint, then a /leap/ that leaves her perched on the top rope-- at least, after a moment of nervously tottering up there, she's perched.

"At least I'll say 'I'm sorry' to the people who deserve it," she hisses before jumping-- /twisting/ from the turnbuckle, towards Abigail. The satchel whirls around her for a couple revolutions, angled to catch him across the jaw with something hard enough, /heavy/ enough to withstand a blow from his mighty finger without crumpling.

COMBATSYS: Abigail blocks Bulleta's Crushing Strike.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Bulleta          1/=======/=======|===----\-------\0          Abigail

Again, Abigail recoils abit. His usual slasher grin hasn't been present this fight and his mouth seals shut into a deeply rooted frown as he hears the girl, sees her determination and is forced to let her words sink in. She needs to win. Perhaps she -should- win. Perhaps she deserves to win!

He then abruptly shakes his head, like a pit bull waking up. He wants to win to. He wants to be seen as more then just some former thug for some would be mobster. He wants more.

"Listen girl.." he rumbles as the satchel slams into his face, barely moving it as his neck thickens and his sheer bulk and strength holds him in place like some sort of sequoia with his head attached to it.

"Listen girl.." he repeats, unperturbed, "..If....if you want to win..then WIN!"

With that he lunges forward, slamming his huge palm at her to try and grasp hold of her and then slam her down to the mat itself and pin her there momentarily.

"But the fighting ring aint a place for apologies. It's a place to put the pedal to the floor..until you cross the finish line!!"

COMBATSYS: Bulleta blocks Abigail's Grasp And Pound.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Bulleta          1/=======/=======|===----\-------\0          Abigail

Christ, he didn't even /move/--!

B.B. Hood is /full/ of surprises, from '... Her? I'm fighting her?' to 'where did that missile come from?'. Those hands of hers hide perhaps the biggest surprise of all, though:

At four feet, eleven and a half inches (/she's checked/), B.B. Hood isn't just strong for her size, her age-- she's /strong/, period. The satchel alone must weigh nearly as much as she does, but she walks-- runs-- /jumps/-- with it dangling from her shoulder like it's nothing.

And Abigail doesn't even flinch.


And as soon as she lands, a five-fingered shadow falls upon her.



The long trip up was enough of a lull to wriggle, to fight-- and then to prepare herself, for all the good tucking and rolling through being crushed by a giant does. The wriggling at least means she's released from his grasp /slightly/ sooner than he might've liked, almost literally slipping through his fingers when he adjusts his grip to keep her pinned down. Wriggling, then rolling through the collision brings her up to her feet in short enough order, but she keeps on stumbling towards the corner she was already oriented towards until her back hits the turnbuckle and she slumps to a seated position, panting desperately through it all.

The ring creaks...

"E-- even-- even if you"

... and creeeeeeaaaaaaks...

"run a few people"

... and crrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa


A wide-eyed B.B. Hood's pitched out of the corner when Abigail's side of the ring collapses to the grass. Hers is just a second behind it, tossing her right back into the corner, where she'd drape against the ropes for stability, if only they were still attached to the post rather than flailing wildly through the air as violent tension snaps them free.

So she just ducks and covers, because if there's one thing she's very obviously built for, it's making herself a small target. The posts on Abigail's side collapse inwards while the other two sag at less severe, still wholly worthless angles.


A few peals of quaking, incredulous laughter slip from her throat before she manages to swallow it back. She's-- she's /alive/, still.

In-- 'the ring'-- with Abigail, /still/.

"I--" comes in a trembling but determined voice afterwards. "I /will/."

"I /WILL/ win!"

She doesn't straighten up before darting back in. Hunched low, almost crawling across the mat, the satchel thuds heavily against canvas and tortured boards as she bee-lines towards him. Hot lights glint off of a steel blade as she draws near-- near enough to try plunging it straight /down/, towards the top of his foot, to see if she can pin him to the ring /that/ way.

Another thing to wonder about B.B. Hood:

'Where the hell does she keep getting these things??'

COMBATSYS: Abigail just-defends Bulleta's Fierce Strike!

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Bulleta          1/=======/=======|===----\-------\0          Abigail

This is why he hates fighting in rings. They never hold up. How the heck does Hugo manage it? Granted Abigail has a few hundred pounds on Hugo but still.. How's he make this work?

it's to lae to ponder it now. The collapse of the ring sends him tumbling backwards like an out of control boulder, that manages to right itself -just- in time to look up and see the girl..this crazy, determined..unnaturally tough girl..come hurtling at him once again.

And jus where does she keep getting those wonderful toys? They'll have to talk later, that's for sure.

A few things flash through his mind but at the end of the day his only option is to just be tough. Be unbearably tough. His body steels itself, muscles bulking up and inflating as his adrenaline surges..and then he lunges forward and down, crouching low towards his knees to try and actually get her to misjudge the distance of her attack just as he thrusts his chest out at her, sending it blasting forward like the front end of a semi-truck cab. A wall of muscled flesh with pectoral masses individually wider then some people are at the shoulders.

"This race isn't done yet!" he roars as his huge body blunts the impact of her attack while at the same time slamming forward for her body in a chest bump capable of causing the ground to shake.

COMBATSYS: Bulleta full-parries Abigail's Hungabee!!

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Bulleta          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|==-----\-------\0          Abigail

Boot leather's no problem for B.B. Hood and her knife, but after penetrating it the blade just-- stops.

And Abigail does not.

Given less than a second to figure out how she's gonna not die, B.B. flings the satchel directly into those pecs and springs /towards/ him-- towards the satchel. The heartbeat after it hits him, her feet hit /it/ and Abigail's momentum does the rest: thanks to a timely strap-snatch, she and it go /flying/ away from him, relatively unharmed save for the renewed protessts of her hip thanks to the sheer shock of slamming into two hard, swiftly moving objects stacked together. Lengthening out of her protective tuck, she tumbles through the air until her feet hit one of those awkwardly tilted ring posts; pushing off of it to launch herself back to him leaves it gradually, inevitably listing towards the grass.

All the while, the satchel whirls by her side, each revolution just a little quicker than the last.

"I'm NOT giving up!" B.B. Hood agrees.

More fighting spirit-- more determination! Sponsors eat this shit /up/, Bulleta reminds herself.

"I'll cross the finish line if it KILLS me!"

To punctuate her promise, she twists her frame through the air to bring the satchel hammering towards the top of Abigail's skull. His head's /phenomenally/ hard, just like the rest of him is... but there's still a brain in there.

And she's /still/ a powerful little thing, even if his strength vastly outstrips hers.

If she does it enough, a concussion or worse just may be in the cards-- or so she /hopes/.

COMBATSYS: Abigail blocks Bulleta's Shyness & Strike EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Bulleta          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0          Abigail

"GGOOD! It's a dead heat! But you need more horsepower if you want to get past me!"

Abigail begins eating this all up. The wild determination in B.B. Hood is getting to him now and as she rebounds backwards from his assault, he looks on with wide and wild eyes and brings his own momentum to a stop just as she returns with that bizarrely heavy satchel leading the way like some sort of out of control sledge hammer. At the last possible second, a massive arm is raised and the force of the blow is taken and blunted by a forarm the size of B.B. Hood's body.

The impact is still resounding and shockwave crafting. Like an industrial piledriver plying the support structures of a skyscraper into the ground. Abigail doesn't yield however and instead pushes back against her..but he doesn't follow through with an attack right away either.

"It's time for MAX POWER!!" he roars, body turning beet red. His tee shirt shreds, giving way to his enlarging physique as his muscles pile on sinew after sinew, turning him into a true mountain of flesh. The tire arm bands strain and then shred apart as his biceps surge. Steam billows out from his nostrils and ears like some sort of engine about to explode.

"Let's push it to the Redline!" he bellows while pounding both fists against his chest like a gorilla. "Show me somma that nitro!"


[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Bulleta          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0          Abigail

Bulleta did her homework, so she knows full well that this is even worse than it /looks/.

He's still growing when B.B. Hood hits the ground in front of him-- still running near 'F' after everything she's thrown at him. Would he even /care/ about a slug to the face? An AP round to the knee? An anti-personnel mine deposited between his feet...?

Probably not.

Maybe she /should/ have gone with the basket idea.

Blue eyes bounce frantically over his swelling physique as raw excitement makes room for panic-- she's /so/ much smaller than him, and as bravely as she's TRIED... it's just physics, isn't it? Her breathing grows steadily more erratic, which brings one of her arms across her midsection as her ribs remind her of what they've suffered so far--

-- her eyes briefly lock to the nearest camera lens so the people at home can get a good glimpse of terror setting in--

-- and then with a momentary grimace and a final, bracing breath, she marks her target.

"I-- I'll TRY, I'll--"

Her eyes narrow.

"-- I'll do whatever it takes--!"

Drawing her right knee up, she leaps into the air--

"I can't let Aunt Jane down-- I can't let MYSELF down--!"

-- and does her level best to drive sharply angled bone between his legs, into what she's betting is a vulnerable area, even for him.

COMBATSYS: Abigail blocks Bulleta's Strong Kick.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Bulleta          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1          Abigail

He's got something there. That's for sure. The details of which are probably joked about lewdly in taverns and Mad Gear hang outs and certainly are of no particular consequence here save that he's got enough presence of mind to not let B.B. Hood plant her attack firmly there and instead reaches down with his massive palms to block her leg and then attempt to wrap his sewer plate dwarfing palm around her leg.

Truth be told, Abigail has been pulling his blows slightly and not going all out. It turns out he -has- been rattled somewhat here and despite his last display is not fighting as aggressively as B.B. Hood has witnessed in videos. That, however, doesn't mean that he doesn't hurt. For a brute whose very finger flicks can send someone as strong as Zangief or Hugo flying back - 'pulling punches' is more like ..saying you got hit by an SUV instead of a Semi Truck.

Still, be thankful for small favors. "It's time for the finish line, girl!" he declares before hauling back and literally flicking his wrist to send B.B. Hood skywards, up and up and up. He'll let gravity do the rest, assuming she doesn't pull off some sort of last minute escape.

COMBATSYS: Abigail successfully hits Bulleta with Bay Area Sunrise.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Bulleta          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1          Abigail

B.B. Hood screams when her leg is seized -- /crushed/ -- in an engulfing palm. She twists, thrashes, and writhes in search of freedom as best as she can without leverage, but she doesn't panic anymore than she /must/, to maintain a degree of sympathy.

Exactly one thing has had a noticeable effect on Abigail so far, and it was the missile.

"-- rrrggh--- ahh-- aaaah--!" she whimpers and groans while swiftly unzipping a satchel pocket and shoving her hand inside. There's only a little rummaging, and afterwards it just-- stays, because while its contents are a vital piece of her arsenal, they're most certainly not meant for exposure.

"-- let-- let go," she pleads while nudging a hidden dial as far right as it'll go. "Let"

He lets go.

It takes all of a second to determine that she's got no real chance of breaking this fall /safely/, but that's alright: safety isn't a requirement when what she cares about most is bringing the Itano Circus to town.

Her fingers curl around a pressure toggle and squeeze. The satchel whirrs open, but this time there's a smiling Cody spiraling towards the ring.

Another squeeze, and it's Guy, complete with a little blue belt fluttering in the breeze.

And then Maki; Carlos;

Lucia; Dean;

Hugo; Poison; Damnd;

Katana; Rolento...

One after another, the sky's filled with Metro City luminaries rocketing towards a meeting with Abigail, smoke and fire spiraling from their tails, and by the time she's down to Bred and J... she's only just coming out of the apex of her ascent. Black smoke begins pouring out of the satchel after the grinning J; loud clicking and grinding emanates from within for a couple seconds further, then it seals itself shut.

The only thing left for B.B. Hood to do then is close her eyes and brace for--





A tilted ring post jolts off of the ring and hits the grass when B.B. Hood hits the mat, bounces, and tumbles out of what's left of the ring.

She's still breathing - barely - and given an eight count or so, she even begins to stir.

COMBATSYS: Bulleta successfully hits Abigail with #The Killing Time#.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Bulleta          0/-------/------<|=======\====---\1          Abigail

"Stop whimpering! What're you? Made of glass??" Abigail sends B.B. hurtling skywards and then steps back while clenching a fist, preparing for a follow up move..and then that's when the rain of fire begins.

"WHAT THE---" he manages to get out before his world flashes white and then full of fire and the entire ring finds itself engulfed in a pluming explosion that rolls out into a rising mushroom cloud of dirty smoke and falling debris.

The display shatters windows up and down the fighting area and sends car alarms into a berserk symphony of honking horns and robotic and celeberity voice warnings to back away from the cars..added to this mix is the noise of the panicing spectators and it's pretty noisy and chaotic.

And it gets even more so when Abigail emerges, seemingly..well he's not unscathed. His body is a smouldering scorched visage with his Canadian mohawk on fire - but he's walking out of the mushroom cloud as if he just stepped out of the shower. "ABI-GAAIIIIIL!" he thundes while raising both of his mountainous arms skyward. He then leaps forward from the ruined ring, trailing a burning cloud of smoke behind him..and landing thunderously infront of the recovering B.B. Hood.

"NOT BAD! I've had explosions almost that bad when rigging some trucks... But that was INTENSE!"

Abigail suddenly lunges forward, spinning into a roll that sends his massive body thundering across the ground the rest of the way towards B.B. Hood and then his gigantic legs falling towards her like a pair of sequioa in a type of rolling drop kick, "But it's time to take your car keys from you!" he finishes, cheekily just before the legs come thundering down.

COMBATSYS: Abigail knocks away Bulleta with Ontario Drop.

[                                < >  /////////////                 ]
Bulleta          0/-------/------<|=======\=====--\1          Abigail

B.B. Hood gets three, maybe four before an increasingly familiar shadow begins to fall across her body.

Try as she might - her trembling hand clutches the apron and she /fights/ to pull herself upright - she can't make it to her feet in time; she can't even roll away.

Boots in a singular size crash against her spine, and-- she's /still/ breathing afterwards, but there won't be anymore stirring.

Not for a /while/.

COMBATSYS: Bulleta takes no action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abigail          1/--=====/=======|

COMBATSYS: Bulleta can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abigail          1/--=====/=======|

Like the monster truck he's famous for, Abigail rolls thunderously across the landscape and then presses up to his full height.

He turns, shaking the ground as he looms over B>B. Hood and just glares down at her prone body before whirling on his feet towards the remaining hecklers and members of M.A.A. He's not pleased looking either.

He glancs back to B.B. Hood and then over to the dismayed crowd, before he finally takes a deep breath and spreads his huge arms wide.

"...FREE SETS OF TIRES FOR ALL MEMBERS OF MAW!" he thunders, "Come on down to ABIGAIL'S SCRAP METAL and with an added purchase GET YOUR CAR DETAILED!"

He lets his heavy arms drop back to his sides after that, glaring over the crowd and then ..he turns, not waiting for a reaction.

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