Eve - NESTs Mission : capturing the fugitive

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Description: The NESTs cartel has managed to locate one of its fugitive : the cyborg Maxima. They sent a dozens of soldiers, along with one of their super soldier, Eve, to try and retrieve him.

The Slums of Metro City is the kind of place you only wander into if you are laying low and also can hold your own in case troubles comes calling. Tha is the exact reason why Maxima has been spending some time among the dregs. He had some things to take care of and being in a place where no one would come looking for him is perfect. That and Abigail's scrap yard isn't too far away. It has been awhile since the cyborg has dealt with the big man and it was about time to go looking for help when it came to upgrading his battle systems.

It isn't exactly easy to find good quality parts now that he has left NESTS, but if anyone could possibly help him find something worth while to use it would be Abigail. The man has a keen eye for such a thing it would seem and well if he is willing to help Maxima might just let the big man know where he can get his hands on some interesting tech. Such as a NESTS base that is known to be lax on keeping a good amount of guards around.

At the moment the cyborg just wanders the slums keeping a low profile. Or at least as much as one as he can given his size. His ride needed some repairs and he was heading off to pick up some parts he ordered which meant going more into Metro City proper before returning to fix up the motorcycle.

It had been a while since NESTs had poked its nose in Maxima's existence... Perhaps they had moved on and left the cyborg on his own? His treachery would never be forgiven but perhaps it was time for them to use their energy and ressources to better things than hunting him down?

If only that could be true... He could almost believe it...

Or perhaps this lull was merely caused by his excession caution and wariness. Truth be told, it was only a matter of time before their technology would allow them to find him.

What betrayed him? He might never know, but one thing was certain : he could hear the tires screeching of a dozens of vans in the distance, more than enough that would be natural to hear around here in the slums. He was slowly being surrounded by NESTs soldiers who were attempting to set up a barricade around him and cut his escape routes.

He was the technology they wanted back... They had to capture him with mininal damage done to him, hopefully, but a cyborg's body could always be rebuilt.

The sound of several vehicles on the move and frantic footsteps of people piling out to quickly get into position. Maxima already knows he was walking forward towards an attempt at an ambush. It hasn't been the first one and it certainly won't be the last. Nameless had come for him not long ago. afight that left Maxima rather badly damaged, but in the end he manages to repair himself and recover. Since then he had mostly been under the the care of both SNF and Neo League officials.

It was a nice little deal, but Maxima had other things to do. Things he couldn't get done while under their watchful eye. That is why he slipped away and fell off the map again. That is why he has still kept himself from contacting K' just yet. It is best they keep seperate because it will be harder to keep track of both. They can both handle themselves well enough.

The NESTS agents in charge of this little attack are about to find that out.

He continues forward. His pace slow as he just glances about. He'll come upon them soon enough. He already starts redirect power and ready himself for battle. He isn't sure how many he is going to have to deal with, but they didn't send enough. That is for sure.

COMBATSYS: Maxima brings his battle systems online.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Maxima           0/-------/-------|

The armed force was dispatched swiftly and efficiently. Maxima could see the blurry shadows of the dark clad NESTs soldiers spreading around of him behind the slums and rubbish, getting in position to surround him. If the encounter with their assassin Nameless had taught NESTs anything it's that Maxima was a force to be retcon with and they would need to use proper force to seize him.

Obviously all of them were armed with rifles and other high technology weapons most likely meant to stop the powerful cyborg. Using a megaphone, one of the soldiers finally speaks out to Maxima, "You are surrounded! Surrender immediately or we will use..." The signal is distorted for a moment, statics can be heard followed with a high-pitched screech from the megaphone as if something went horribly wrong with it.

Then someone finally steps in and approaches the Cyborg.. A petite and frail looking teenager, clad in a tight leather outfit. Her uniform and silhouette had a strikign ressemblance to another one of the NESTs agent, Kula Diamond, one that is almost impossible to ignore due to the provenance of both girls. However, the short and blonde hair was a strong enough distinction between the two of them.

The teenager had a cruel smile on her lips, "You can do it the hard way or easy way..." She says, lifting her hand up, letting a few arcs of lightning dances between her fingers.

COMBATSYS: Eve has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Eve

This is it? Just some regular NESTS grunts? Maxima was starting to think Igniz was starting to slip when it looks like the real threat decides to show herself.

It is a new face to him. A new experiment that must have been created once he and K' had left. One that looks similar enough to Kula, with slight physical differences and an obvious different personality.

That smile and the way Eve presents herself. She is the real threat here. Even then she has never encountered Maxima in person and watching tape or reading files on him can only help her learn so much. "Hmm."

The cyborg looks to his left an right before looking back to Eve. He remains silent for a few moments before his lips quirk slightly into a smirk. There is then a hiss as his vapor cannons release steam and he turns about to launch forward into one of the groups of soldiers. A mighty impact to suddenly have the usually quiet slums erupt into chaos. "I'll take the easy way."

No matter how much briefing elite soldiers can receive for this sort of mission, nothing could have prepared them to face an augmented human that possess such a strong arsenal at his disposal. The soft buzzing of the cyborg's canon a warning of what was to come but the soldiers don't have the time to react fast enough to counter Maxima.

The blast from his cannon hits right into the custom made barricades of rubbish in the slums, the force of the impact enough to blast it away and leave a shower of debris to rain down behind all of them. Loud shouts can be heard from the soldiers who ends up knocked away from the explosion even though it didn't hit them right on.

The young woman grins at Maxima's reaction, as if she took pleasure in his current course of action. It might appear almost a sadistic grin that curls on her lips, but to Eve it was an opportunity to prove her worth and please those above of her. The girl merely laughs, her euphory causing electricity to spark from her body as if the charges were building up insice of her, the girl's hair rising up from all the static in the air. "Get him!" She shouts to the soldiers who were still able to fight.

Using special guns, the soldiers fire at Maxima -- their weapons were more like harpoons, designed to pierce his armor and hook themselves into him in an attempt to hook the Cyborg's body or limp and restrain his movements.

COMBATSYS: Eve gathers her will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Maxima           0/-------/-------|=======\====---\1              Eve

It is bad enough that Maxima is built like a human tank, but he is more than just power. He is very smart and while he looks like an easy target he seems to know how to move just right to mostly deflect many of the harpoon like projectiles to keep them from sinking into skin or his metallic frame.

With that attack he at least cleared away one side from attacking him. An old beaten down car is soon hefted and thrown in the direction of another wall of soldiers to send them scurrying off and taking them out of the equation at least for a few moments. "Sloppy."

His attention turns towards Eve finally. He has reduced the amount of opponents enough he can at least focus more on Eve who is the big threat here. Not to mention probably taking her down would make the rest flee. Afterall what chance do they have if one of NESTS elite experiments falls to him?

He starts moving forward, his pace picking up as he clenches his right hand into a fist and surges forward looking to slam it right into the chest of Eve and push forward to drive her not only back into a wall, but into a group of the soldiers. A solid impact he is looking to make followed up by a point blank blast of his vapor cannon.

COMBATSYS: Eve blocks Maxima's Maxima Press.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Maxima           0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Eve

If they could at least hinder the hulking Cyborg and distract him enough for Eve to do her job, then the elite soldiers' job was a success. Their presence alone would not be alone to stop someone who had been blessed with NESTs technology, but they could certainly buy Eve a few precious seconds. Maxima was no fool and he knew she was the real threat here.

Their attempts with the special hooks had failed, deflected by the cyborg who proved to be more agile than they expected. The soldiers barely have the time to dive for cover, their formation broken by the car that was thrown in their direction. Someone with such an herculean strength was too much of a menace for them to dare to approach him. The soldiers shouts warnings to one another, diving for cover for cover.

The young teenager didn't flinch when Maxima lunged for him, reacting just in time to move her arms to shield herself against the ramming fist. However the lithe girl was easily driven off and pushed straight into the wall, the soldiers moving away to avoid direct confrontation.

The point blank blast of the vapor cannon blasts Eve away through the wall and might have been enough to kill a normal person...

But Eve was not a normal person. The electricity around her had been able to dismiss a part of the vapor blast, enough to weaken the explosion and allow her to absorb a part of it...

Still Eve slowly rises from underneath a pile of debris, dust covering her body, lighting surging through her body. The electricity charges up into her arm and Eve unleashes all of the charges accumlated in her body, causing a large arc of lightning crack through the air straight at the cyborg with booms like thunder.

COMBATSYS: Maxima auto-guards Eve's Lightning Bolt EX.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Maxima           0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\-------\0              Eve

The soldiers aren't completely ignored, but Maxima obviously has his focus shifted now. His hit lands solidly enough and the blast puts Eve through a wall and under a pile of rubble. It may slow her for a moment, but Maxima knows better in thinking she would be so easily taken down.

She proves this moments later by rises out of the debris and looking non too happy. Lightning also crackles and comes to life which makes the cyborg raise s brow. Well it seems like that makes sense. There is plenty of manipulation with flames and Kula has command over ice. It seems that NESTS is expanding in other uses of energy. "Interesting."

That lightly is unleashed and Maxima has little time to move out of the way. Instead he thrusts his arms forward letting his arm mounted cannons come to life once more and emit another blast of steam. This time powerful enough to somehow stop the lightning from ever reaching him and leaving the cyborg unscathed for the time being at least.

This is the first time seeing her in action and while Maxima could try to overwhelm her he decides to be a bit more methodical in his approach and let his battle systems analyze the woman's movements and attacks for future use.

COMBATSYS: Maxima calculates his next move.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Maxima           0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\-------\0              Eve

After the discharge of electricity that came out of her arm, Eve's floating hair falls back straight on her. The teenager is panting softly from the exertion of throwing off such an intense attack from her own reserve of energy. The lightning blast and the vaporous blast colliding in each other resulted in a temporary smoke screen between the two. When it finally dissipates and Eve realizes her attack was not able to get through the canon blast, she barely manages to conceal her surprise and shock, her eyes widening and her mouth opening agape. "Wh.. What..." She mutters under her breath.

This startled expression fades away a few seconds later, Eve attempting to regain her composure. "... Impressive," She finally calls out loud, lifting her hand up and letting more electricity cracks through her fingers as if she was charging up once more, "But there's plenty more from where that came from," She says, gritting her teeth, her intonation betraying the lack of confidence to back up her words, obviously less cocky then she first appeared.

A sudden guts of wind blows around Eve's feet, wind swirling for a moment to create a reverse vaccum that she uses to propel herself forward, a quick and swift lunge in Maxima's direction. The young girl dives into him, her body surging with electricity. She uses the force of the wind that blew her in his direction to her advantage when she reaches out to him, attempting to spin around his thick neck and squeeze it between her thighs when she swirls around him, discharging a bit of electricity to weaken him and hopefully make him easier to manipulate as she tries to flip him over and throw him off with her legs.

Meanwhile, the NESTs soldier just let the 'elite' soldier take care of the threat, waiting for a proper opening to barge in.

COMBATSYS: Maxima interrupts Power Throw from Eve with M19 Model Blitz Cannon EX.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Maxima           1/-------/=======|=======\====---\1              Eve

The briefing was probably not fair. Eve was probably told this mission would be easy for her. It was ust one man against one of NESTS's creations backed by a troop of well trained men. The problem is if it was that easy why hadn't Maxima been brought back yet? Why has he been on the lamb for so long and even the likes of Nameless had failed previously. Maybe one day NESTS will learn to leave the cyborg alone. That day is probably a very long one away.

The big man cricks his neck slightly as he keeps his ground and lets Eve make the next move. She has a speed advantage so he isn't even going to try to compete in that area. He just lets her come at him and lets himself decide the best way to handle things once she is closer.

She looks for his neck, but lunching in she only finds a fist impacting hard into her torso. A blow as powerful as the last before there is another hiss and another blast of his vapour cannon blasts her away. He shakes his arm a bit. Even if she didn't strike home it seems he got a bit of a jolt just by macking contact with her, but it didn't seem to do him too much harm. If anything the soldiers are questioning if they want to charge in and help even more. "I try. So what were you promised? What do you get when you bring me in?"

Who knows what was Igniz thinking by sending troops yet again after Maxima? This time with a new weapon to try and stop him... Perhaps Eve was designed to stop him and bring him back to the cartel? If that was the case, the cyborg seems to find a way to dispose of her with relative ease...

The moment the girl reaches into the towering man, his torso flares up and another before blast erupts from his chest, this time hitting the teenage right in her torso at point blank range before she could cling into him. It all happened so fast no one is really sure just what happened to Eve but the girl is knocked away at much greater velocity than the one she had when she lunged at Maxima.

The blast sends her flying into a pile of junk, blasting through it and causing the rubbles to collapse into her. It felt like it had been enough to stop her, but it was hard to know exactly what had happened to her after that.

Contrarily to what Maxima had thought, the soldiers don't disband right away. With Eve more or less out of the picture, they get ready to deal with the cyborg using automatic rifles instead, taking cover behind various rubbles and other things. "Fire!" One of the soldier orders to a few soldiers who were in position, each one unleashing a barrage of fire in the cyborg's direction.

The soldiers were buying Eve just enough time to get out from her grave of rubbish. A loud scream echoing from underneath as powerful blast of winds cause the junk to be thrown off everywhere. In the end, this little stunt to break free from the debris seemed to have exhausted Eve more than anything else, the teenager angered by the turns of events, a crimson trail of blood going from her temple and down to her neck, her leather outfit torn and scorched from the blast.

The question from the cyborg seems to surprise Eve but she shakes it off, "The orders are to take you back, I won't disappoint them..." The girl staggers a bit, still dazed from the blow, ".. What are you, but a man-machine..." She says, staring at him, her words almost meant for herself to convince herself she could do it.

Eve lunges foward once more, blast of air from her hands causing her to glide rapidly toward Maxima, using her ressources like she was some endless pit of energy. She spins around the cyborg, as if attempting to find an opening, though just enough to let her chi lingers in a swirling vaccum. She then lunges into Maxima, her small hands reaching out to him and trying to send her blast of electricy to grapple him. She spins him around with him and uses the wind around them to propel and send the cyborg flying.

COMBATSYS: Maxima barely endures Eve's Power Surge EX.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Maxima           1/---====/=======|-------\-------\0              Eve

The soldiers open fire, but perhaps they should have looked more into the proper ammo to use. Or is it Maxima has upgraded himself since the last time NESTS had encountered him? There is the clangs of bullets ricocheting and Maxima at best does move and keep the bits of Exposed flesh protected from the errant fire.

It pins him in place and buys Even time as intended. It keeps him in place and Eve manages to use her quickness to close in. "Man-machine? I am just a guy trying to do a bit of good in the world." he manages to say while doing his best to keep his focus on Eve as she moves about.

She swirls about him quickly as that energy builds up and shocks the cyborg and eventually gets a grip on him. She then uses her momentum to take him off his feet and send him flying!

Or that was the intention. She had some momentum, but Maxima isn't exactly a light person and he lands on the ground heavily not far from Eve. He is hoping it catches her of guard as he quickly raises his hands up to clap them together before bringing them down in a heavy chopping motion on the left shoulder of Eve.

COMBATSYS: Eve endures Maxima's Mongolian!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Maxima           1/--=====/=======|====---\-------\0              Eve

The soldier's salvo was ineffective against the cyborg's battle armor, or at least their bullets seemed to riccochet on his metallic plate. It had been a vain attempt to slow him down, but enough to allow their trump card to get back on her feet... Even if she seemed to be far from handling the situation.

Perhaps she had more raw power than the cyborg and if she was meant to defeat him she lacked cruelly the battle experience the cyborg had. Even as Eve draws into her energy to hasten herself, her agility seemed to be lacking in front of the cyborg's reflexes and the teenager doesn't even bulge out of the way when Maxima's massive hands come down into her shoulder.

Her knees buckle weakly underneath the strength of his large hands on her shoulder and Eve bites her lips, barely able to stand still. She raises her hands quickly to try and latch on Maxima's hands before he moves them away.

"TRying to do good? Ah, if you were you wouldn't have left in the first place!" Eve spites back with a naive sincerity. The young girl charges up dangerously as she speaks, the massive voltage that courses through her arms burning her flesh in the process as she attempts to discharge the electricity into the cyborg. As she screams louder, so does the discharge or so it feels as Eve turns on her back and attempts to throw the imposing man off from her back and slam him into the ground.

COMBATSYS: Eve successfully hits Maxima with Thunderstorm.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Maxima           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=------\-------\0              Eve

Another poor soul taught the wrong way. Is it someone he could get through to one day? Hard to tell at this stage. He still knows little of Eve and what makes her tick fully. So far she is just another weapon to be careful of. One he will have to at least warn K' about if he hasn't already dealt with the young woman himself. She hasn't mentioned capturing his partner in crime so that is a good thing.

She grips onto his large arms before he can step away. That charge of electric surging as it rushes through him. If he were human it might be enough to kill him, but given his unique situation it is painful, but something he will survive.

His internal systems are screaming at being overloaded as he is lifted up and swung about to slam into the ground hard. Already they were working to redirect power to help keep him up and running. Her power is raw and unrefined, but very dangerous. Something he is fully taking into account right now as he rolls to the side and manages to get to his feet. "So you like to play with power.....very well.

There is the sound of something powering up once again. It isn't the arm mounted cannons this time though and instead his chest opens up. A metal plate slides downwards as another cannon emerges. One much larger and glowing as it gathers more power. A blast of blue energy erupts from it looking not to just mow Eve down, but he turns about to let it destroy the area around him and take out any NESTS soldiers not fast enough to get out of the way of this beam of destruction.

COMBATSYS: Maxima successfully hits Eve with M24 Atomic Laser.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Maxima           1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0              Eve

The destructive wave of Maxima's cannon had been enough to disperse any remaining NESTs forces in the chaos that follows the beam of energy that causes various piles of junk to explode and get blown in the process. The flames, fires and smokes enough to leave them staggered : the organized troops were spread all around and the display of strength was enough for them to evacuate... After all, they were more than overwhelmed by Maxima's arsenal it would seem.

As for Eve, she was probably worse off than the soldiers -- unlike them she got hit by the brunt of the blast which sent her flying a good distance before she finally falls on her back, rolling and spinning even further before she finally stops.

Were it not for the leather armor that covered her body, made by NESTs to resist such powerful impact, Eve might have been far worse off. Yet that was enough to deal with the girl it seems... Or at least, she wasn't too far off from done, barely managing to get on her knees, her whole body trembling from the pain and agony she felt, bleeding from various cuts that got through the armor. Her hand fills with electricity but it seems to dissolve just as her strength fades. She coughs up a bit of blood and she manages to punch the air weakly, no electricity left in her, but she has enough force to cause blast of winds to come out from the feeble punches she manages to throw out, each blast of wind oscilliating dangerously like invisible blades thrown at Maxima.

And then Eve collapses on the ground.

COMBATSYS: Eve can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Maxima           1/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Maxima interrupts Zephyr's Fury EX from Eve with M4 Remodel Missile Cannon EX.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Maxima           1/-------/=======|

If it were any other place the cops would probably be swarming the area by now, but this is the slums of Metro. It will probably be quite some time before the carnage is ever really noted by the news if at all. The laser finally dies down and his chest closes back up. Maxima still stands, but he is obviously having some problems. There is a twitch here and there as his cybernetic body is still feeling shocks from all the energy that has been siphoned into him.

It also seems Eve isn't done. His brow furrows and he starts to walk towards her before she gets too much time to think of what to do. He can tell she doesn't have much left in her and he wants to end this before too much more damage can be done to him. He can still walk away at this point. If he takes another hit? That is a different matter.

Bursts of electric energy come from her and Maxima has to use the power of his vapour cannons to stop them before connecting. He quickly surges forward and delivers one more big punch to Eve even as she is collapsing. A bit cruel, but he needs to make sure she stays down so he can leave here without her knowing what direction he went. "You're tough, kid. You just got in over your head." He says while leaning down and patting the unconcious girl on the head a few times.

He gets up and turns to leave. Maybe one day they can meet in a non violent fashion. One day maybe he can make her see who the real enemy is, but that isn't anything to worry about right now. Right now it is all about finding a new hiding spot and to repair himself once again.

COMBATSYS: Maxima takes his battle systems offline.

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