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Description: Velvet Blue learns of Masami's injuries and travels to Gedo High Dormitory to heal his wounds. Granola is awarded.

Masami is definitely getting better. He's able to go to classes now, though he's still limping a bit. But he's not going to complain. Getting one's shit pushed in generally isn't a big deal -- and it's usually nothing to brag about -- but it's not every day that one gets one's shit pushed in by Kazuya Mishima.

So... well, yeah. He's still pretty sore. He's been favoring an arm, as well as a leg. If he could limp on both of them he would, just one hurts less to put his weight on. At the moment it's late, so he's in his dorm room -- he doesn't want to get detention again. The place isn't really as messy as one might expect, actually. The desk is a bit of a mess, but that's about it. The covers have been turned down, but he's not in bed quite yet.

He's in sleeping clothes, a tank top and light, loose blue pants. But instead of sleeping, he's actually sitting on the floor next to his bed, stretching. It hurts. A lot. But he's not going to let himself lose flexibility just because he got knocked around.

While Velvet would know nothing of the fight in the forested area Vs Kazuya, word would get to Velvet before long once the performer went looking for his wayward Gedo Student.

"A really bad fight?? He hasn't been seen out of his room for /days/??!"

You better know that Velvet would be all over that shit the moment he heard about it. He could probably go a bit easier on the scare or creep factor, though, as climbing up the side of the dorm till he located Masami by scent while invisible might have been misconstrued by some.

Indeed, the only thing visible of Velvet at the moment is his yellow eyes, plus teeth when he parts his lips, very Cheshire Cat-like. In fact, it's a lot like that. He opens the bathroom window from outside and slips in, boots making light clicks on the interior floor.

To be fair, this is canonically how Darkstalker-kind enters the dwellings of mortals, however Velvet is here for less... nefarious business.

(Jeez, is this even a teenager's dorm room? It's too /clean/--oh thank god, the desk is a mess, okay...) Velvet thought with some relief as he peered around, now just a pair of eyes hovering in the darkened air as he looks about. Suddenly he stumbles in on Masami, who he assumes would be sleeping, instead sitting on the floor next to his bed... stretching? Well, Masami /wasn't/ a normal teenager, after all.

"Looks like we're all mad here, eh Masa-chan?~" Velvet began in a playful, low voice.

Creeped out? Maybe. But he's definitely startled by the voice. He kicks quickly to his feet... and winces. Belvet can see the mottling of the bruising that's still present on his exposed arms and what can be seen of his back. "Ow," he comments. Though as soon as he realizes who it is, he relaxes.

"Be careful sneaking up on people," he offers, not sounding upset at Velvet at all. "A lot of the students here are... pretty rough sorts. I'm not really that strong, but there are stronger people here." He sighs. "Still, it's good to see you. Sorry I haven't been by. I've been recovering from... well, I won't call it a mistake, but... perhaps I bit off more than I could chew, that's all."

"Poor thing," Velvet gestures and he soon fades into view, clad in what looks like his long jacket over him, black tights and his violet shiny boots are visible beneath it.

"I heard you got roughed up, I came here to offer my aid if you would like, if this is a bad time I could come back... or if you just don't want me coming in here, it's your choice, honey," Velvet shrugs and reaches up to brush his long black hair back. It had been mussed up a bit via climbing in the window.

"I am a darkstalker and all that, kind of what people would guard against... but there's nothing really stopping me from just coming into someone's house unnannounced. That's vampires," Velvet winks.

Once Velvet becomes visible, Masami offers a nod. "Hello," he greets more properly, since he can actually SEE who he's greeting. As for getting roughed up? "I did. Though I wouldn't blame the person who did it. I did ask for it. More or less literally. Someone very strong issued an open challenge, and I answered."

The mention of aid gets a tilt of his head. He isn't really sure what the capabilities of most Darkstalkers are. "I don't mind you coming in," he notes. "If it takes a lot of energy for you to do something about these injuries, you don't have to. I'll recover soon enough. Though if you CAN do something for them and it won't put you out too much, I would very much appreciate it."

"You already got me sneaking into a teenaged boy's dorm room at night, please, I didn't come all this way to turn back now," Velvet grins a little before making a 'eh' gesture, looking back down at the boy sitting on the floor. "Lets get you horizontal, and at least hope that /all/ the neighbors didn't hear our exchange just now~" Velvet bent down and offered the boy a hand, the nails long and given a dark purple coat of gel polish which looked like it had glitter in it, ontop of that. He'd help Masami up and try to sit him on his bed before going further.

"Oof, looks like you got beat like an 8-year old at K-mart, hon, what happened exactly?"

Masami does sit down on the edge of the bed without further complaint. Realizing that Velvet's going to do something about the injuries, he nods. "Thank you. I don't like leaving off from training for too long. My body gets stiff, and then it takes time to work the flexibility back up."

Velvet's particular phrasing gets a quiet snort of laughter. "As I said, someone issues an open challenge, and I answered," he explains. "He was incredibly strong. But I think I held my own. I must have impressed him, since he left most of his other opponents unconscious and strewn around the area. But he made sure I got back here."

"You'll get all out of shape too, ew, can't have that, come, come--" Velvet's hands would find the boy's shoulders, slowly leading him to lay back on the bed. It's a little... forceful, but, then again Velvet wasn't kidding, he wasn't going to stop after coming all this way. Especially with how this looked.

"Relax now, Masa-chan, listen to the sound of my voice," rather than serious, he sounded more playful, and toying again--undoing his jacket and hanging it on the edge of Masami's bed. Beneath the jacket Velvet had on what looked like a tank top and a pair of cut-off jean shorts, the tights underneath that.

"In my boots, walking sleep--in my youth I pray to keep--heaven send hell away..." Velvet's hands briefly radiated a warm prismatic light, and he swiftly hovered them over the boy's wounded boy--life energy flowing into his body. Masami's wounds would go from the sting and aching of a more immediate, fresh injury to the strangely not quite amicable itching and dullness of a wound that's had quite a fair bit of time to mend.

It's a bit embarrassing to suddenly have Velvet leaning over him like that, but Masami does dutifully lie back properly on the bed. He nods as Velvet directs him to relax, and takes a few breaths to get the residual tension -- mostly from the discomfort of moving around -- fade from his body.

Though he does watch, and listen, as Velvet does... whatever it is that he's doing, but he doesn't interfere. Masami winces a bit at the sting, but stays quiet. And he's rewarded for his trust when the sting starts to fade, to the itchy sensation that he'd have expected of a week or more of recovery.

He's visibly surprised and impressed at this, though he'll wait until Velvet seems done with his transfusion to first test the movement of his arms. They don't hurt nearly as much. "That's amazing," he notes.

"Phew, you do take a lot out of me, Masa-chan," Velvet did look somewhat winded after he performed the transfusion of energy, reaching up to brush his forehead with the back of his hand. He'd given the boy's body a good once over, no innuendo intended, rearing back up and taking a few deep breaths. It seems the act takes something out of him, but at the same time he's not too weary from it.

"Again, lets hope none of the neighbors heard that," he winked. The bat-eared queen then seems to become distracted momentarily, looking around the dorm.

"What do you got to eat around here, Masa-chan, hmm?" he grins a little, traipsing off for a moment to see what Masami had lying around.

Masami actually blushes a bit at the light tease. Fortunately it seems that the injuries have progressed about as far as Velvet figured they would. When Velvet stands up, Masami sits up, now testing the degree of movement in his legs before pain becomes a thing, and how much pain. "Thank you," he offers earnestly. "I appreciate this very much."

As for food? "Well, er... the cafeteria handles most of our food needs," he notes. "Though... hm..." He stands up, heading over to a desk and starts to quietly rifle around in it. And in a moment he produces a couple of granola bars. "It isn't much, but it might help a little," he notes, offering the bars to Velvet.

"Oof, Masami-babe, you're kidding? Makes me feel you're telling me I need to go on a diet," Velvet looks flushed a little. "How embarrassing," Velvet is of course, tearing the wrappers off the proferred granola treats and gnawing on one already, vigorously chewing. Guess infusing people with life energy really takes it out of ya, or Velvet is just that shameless about food. Probably both. In a way, the transaction was complete--that is, doing a favor for a mortal in exchange for food or shelter, that sort of thing. A fairy had to keep to traditions, and all that. Especially his kind.

"So this guy that beat you, nom--mmph, sorry--he was a big guy, I heard?"

Masami looks a little sheepish at the mention of the possible message of the granola bars. "No, it's not that. You look fine as you are," he assures Velvet. "I'll buy something more substantial for you later, I promise. Right now this is all I have, and if I sneak out I'm going to get in trouble again." Because 'ass beaten by bruiser' is NOT an appropriate excuse for missing curfew! He does offer, "I generally eat them when I have late-night studying or training."

Speaking of the bruiser that beat him up, he tilts his head at the question. "He wasn't exactly huge, but he was pretty well-built," Masami replies. "He didn't have to be huge; he still hit like a freight train. I'd say I was lucky the ground didn't get a coat of paint suspiciously me-colored."

"Mm... eh? Oh no, I didn't mean you had to go out now, actually I'm not even supposed to be here--I assume there's policy against having a boy in your room after hours, eh?" Velvet brushes his mouth after feasting on that first low-fat treat, uttering a little belch after that and covering their mouths embarrassed.

"Pretty well built, huh? wonder if it's anyone I know," Velvet might talk a little haughty there, but he's pretty sure the beefiest guy he's run into lately has been a freaking werewolf of some sort. Not quite underwear model territory, unless you're into furry guys.

"So you didn't know him, eh?" Like Velvet learns any guys names, to be fair.

Masami shakes his head. "No, I didn't mean now," he contirms. "But I do owe you a proper dinner. I think it's the least I can do, seeing as how you did help me so much." Oops, is he indebting himself to one of the Fae folk? Bad idea, that~.

He pays no mind to the belch -- he's in a school for delinquents, belching is the least of the infractions of manners that happen here! He nods at the comment of the fellow beig well-built. "He was. Well, by human standards." He pauses, thinks about it a moment, and then finally offers, "It was Kazuya Mishima, actually. I think he wanted to test his strength. I hope he found a worthy opponent after I left."

"D'aww, well getting someone to invite me to dinner is a plus, I was honestly more worried about you when I heard you were beat up--figured that was why you hadn't been around the club or around town," Velvet shrugs. "Is that getting a little too attached or personal, ya think?" Velvet didn't seem bothered by it, though he still had to admit there was a bit of an age gap between the two. Still, that didn't mean he wasn't going to come to the boy's aid if he needed it.

"Mishima? of the Mishima Zaibatsu? Woah, that means he's related to the big man that runs that company, Heihachi, I think they call him," Velvet's eyes went a bit wide there, before he looked over Masami.

"Shit, no wonder your ass was busted for that long, he probably could have done way worse than that if he really wanted to," he sounded surprised, at that.

"No, it's all right," Masami offers. "That was why I hadn't been seen around -- there are certain places around the city I don't want to be seen not at full strength. A lot of so-called 'predators' are more like scavengers, and pick the weakest prey. Showing any sign of weakness is just inviting trouble sometimes."

And he nods at the realization Velvet has about who exactly put him in that condition. "He could have done worse, if he had wanted to," Masami confirms. "But it was as close to a typical spar as it could have been with such a huge difference in strength. I knew he was strong, but I didn't realize he was quite that powerful."

"That's true, like the kinds of rough spots around town, they're not good, I was recently at a place in Germany where a werewolf lived... needless to say the place was creepy at night, to boot, and that's coming from me!" Velvet reached up and brushed one of those long batty ears of his, flicking it a little.

"Well now you know, but if you need me to come do this again, you best order a pizza for me, alright?" Velvet grinned at Masami, winking at him a little.

Masami blinks at the mention of a werewolf. Then he shakes his head. "After being at the club as much as I have, you'd think things like that wouldn't surprise me. But I suppose I'm still in that stage where I'm not quite sure it's not some kind of dream..." A pause. "I'm glad you seem to have come out of it in one piece."

He chuckles at the second statement. "I will definitely keep that in mind," he promises. "As it is, I'm going to see if I can figure out some way to compensat you a little better than just a cheap granola bar."

"Trust me hon, the guys and gals there are kittens compared to some of the rough customers out there, you gotta be careful, now... it's probably way paste your curfew here, and I can't use the door without getting you in hot water, I figure, so..." Velvet collected his coat, throwing it back on and buttoning and zipping it up.

"I'd rather use your front door, believe me, but you know," he made a shrug-like motion and grinned, heading toward the boy's bathroom.

"But don't worry, no one will see me..." and as he stood in the doorway to the boy's bathroom, he faded from view--gradually, and subtly, until just the outline of his eyes were visible--the window opened and shut of it's own accord, seemingly, afterwards.

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